Gladden your hearts and glorify God, Who never forsakes His children and never ceases to pour out His graces over those who, with faith, serve Him, and in trust, respond to His call.

Today I come to the world for each one of you, servants of God, who every day, with effort, try to go deeper into your own surrender and transformation.

I come for those who feel alone, inwardly forsaken sometimes, because they feel they never reach the place where God needs them to be. I come to tell you that, indeed, you are on the correct path and must not fear not reciprocating with God, because what the Father needs from you is your perseverance and not perfection.

I come so that you never stop learning to love, because the simple effort of living love is already enough for you to cross the threshold between the old and the new man.

Remember, children, that you are in a time of transition, in which you are stepping out of what you were but have not yet achieved what you should be. You are the tip of the spear of a new life, which perhaps will be fully lived by others.

Today I simply ask you for your constant effort to love and to live these times in unity with your brothers and sisters, and each time you feel disunity knocking at your door, know how to say "no" so that you may remain in love and in unity.

I want to help you take a new step toward the Heart of God and for this reason, I am here.

Receive My presence as a response of the Heart of God Who, placing His Grace within your spirits, simply tells you: "Persevere! And try to love every day."

Love His Plan, love His Purpose and love His Will for each one of your brothers and sisters. Love the existence of each human being, of each Kingdom of Nature, because all beings that live on Earth are here because, being fully loved by the Father, they have received, from Him, an opportunity to imitate His Love.

With these words, I bless you and I thank you for trying every day to take a step toward the Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


After the daily Message, Saint Joseph added:

I also come today to make a request: the Group Effort of Saint Joseph, at the Marian Center of Figueira.*

Just as this practice of unity with My Chaste Heart has brought results at the Marian Center of Aurora, it will also do so here, in which is My home.

So that hearts may be strengthened in unity with one another, and so that this very unity may make you strong in the face of the situation of chaos that the world is experiencing, I ask you to carry out this Group Effort, in which I will always be present.

As from now, on the days in which you pray to receive Me, you will experience a moment of service and of community among you, to then commune with God.

I ask you for this because the Communities of Light must become a bridge of salvation and of healing for the human consciousness and this only happens when beings learn to be united, and thus, learn to be fraternal and create a connection of love with one another, and thus, with God.

During this first period the Group Effort will be weekly, and when My channels  are not here, it must be done bi-monthly.

You will see, children, how in a short time, unity will dissolve the conflicts, and being closer to each other, you will be closer to God.

I bless you and I thank you for fulfilling this request of Mine for unity and fraternity among the servants of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


*The Marian Center of Figueira is located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.


The union between beliefs

A time will come to the planet in which all religions will have to unite in the spirit of Christic peace and love.

This prophesied union will allow souls who have walked different spiritual paths to find the Highest Source, the great Spring of the Heart of Christ.

At that time, Jesus will be recognized by all as the Redeemer not only of the Christians but also as the Liberator of the whole world through the impulses of Love that He is giving the world in these times.

This hour is approaching for the planetary consciousness.

When this prophecy of the union between beliefs can be realized among all peoples and not only among Christians, nations will oppose one another, and different human philosophies will try to tear down what others, with love, try to construct for the common good of all souls.

These types of judgments and slanders emerge as a source of human impulses that will only lead to the weakening of the union between consciousnesses and peoples.

In the most critical and acute moment of the planet, the faith of the consciousnesses will be put to the test; not because God will determine it, but because of the destructive action that the voices of the philosophers of the world carry out against everything that is considered the Work of Peace and Light.

But finally, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the world and outside the Church.

Before the eyes of those who govern the religions, I will open the great door of redemption, and all will recognize that, behind every Work of Light, Christ was present.

In this time, they will try to silence the Voice of the Heavenly Messengers, just as they tried in other times; but, at the end of everything, many will belatedly realize the just and true cause.

In this cycle, everything will be allowed, both the great errors and the great victories. It will be like this so that souls, in their freedom, can choose before the Final Judgment which path they will take, whether the path of error of the unjust or the path of peace and fraternity.

In this definitive hour, your heavenly Mother carries out Her Co-Redemptive Work outside the Church, so that in this way, the shepherds of My Son can contemplate the planetary need with Mercy and not with deep and petty indifference.

The Mother of God comes to gather what the Church could not achieve, the mission of contemplating with love the spiritual and moral need of souls, regardless of the belief which they experience at this time.

This is how your Heavenly Mother comes, in this cycle, to teach you what She taught the apostles in the past, uniting nation with nation, culture with culture, and language with language, in order to establish the principle of the sacred people of God, for which Moses worked for a long time.

Therefore, I ask all of you, regardless of your belief or your spiritual doctrine, to listen to the Mother of God, the Ambassador of Peace, who tells you to no longer waste time; do not use it to argue or slander whether or not it is true that I am working outside the Church, or whether or not your brothers and sisters are wearing  certain outfits, or are lying. This is not true, you are not seeing the truth nor feeling it with your heart.

Do not forget that you are all children of God and that the most important thing is to lead souls towards love and prayer, and not towards slander and value judgments.

Those who claim to live the truth are blind. Repent and ask for forgiveness. Open the heart and not the mind, because truly I tell you, My children, that you are trying to dissolve My Work of Peace with your evil actions.

Live peace and do not feel disturbed. Embrace the Call of God, just as He determined, and do not try to deny it only because this Call is alive and luminous outside the Church.

Thank the universe because there are souls who offer themselves to suffer for you.

Change your attitude and do it out of love, do not lose time in vain words. Do your job and thus the religions will unite through love and not through force.

Christianity is an inner state and not a formal state, it is the possibility of believing and feeling Christ within the heart.

Listen for the last time to My call.

I thank you for responding to My requests!

Who loves you and guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My adversary is determined to destroy the plans of peace that I deposit as light in the hearts of beings. But he, who is afraid of the power of Love that conquers all, comes in search of good souls to make them all the dust of his feet.

The beast will never resemble any angel from Heaven. Its posture, dryness and robustness are the ways it manages to deceive souls through lying, competition and disunion.

Its breath is of fire and sulfur, and it was manifested from having fed on the pain and suffering of others. With its claws, it keeps many hearts imprisoned, which are intoxicated by inertia, pleasure and all types and forms of appetites. In addition to these hearts, others are imprisoned innocently because the beast knows that it cannot lose its prisoners.

It is very astute but loses the power of action in all spaces where true unity, strong love and invincible prayer manifest; there it feels weak. The beast finds deep spaces in the abysses of unconsciousness, of falsehood and pride; for this reason, many of those who are in the captivity of this abyss are because they opened the door, from which they spiritually arrived there.

Its ten horns attract all the actions of the world, those which humanity performs unjustly and of which it has never repented before God. Each horn of the beast is the earthly degeneration of a capital principle, which was activated by the sins and uncontrolled debts of imprisoned souls.

Its front legs are robust, they are pillars of false power and the conquering of mankind through modernity. Its back legs are pillars of denial and constant outrages of life on Earth, which are promoted by their allies of the world.

The beast carries a cape on its back that was imposed to create a false reign over the minds of those who believe they are mature and intelligent. The blindness of many beings is caused by the beast, and it manipulates the game of gratification so that it can gain more ground.

Its gaze reflects the desperation and loneliness of all those who were submerged in the abysses of its kingdom, through execution, death and human prisons.

That is the false kingdom and that is the beast that makes humanity succumb, day after day. But it fears the Light of the Kingdom of God and it cannot approach, even if it wanted to, the Woman crowned with the twelve Stars of the tribes supported by the great Moon of inner rebirth and hope.

The Holy Woman of the Sun is now in the desert, leading all those who allow it into underground caves. There, a small kind of paradise was created, and the very golden Mantle of the Holy Woman of Heaven protects and shelters all of that place, which is impenetrable and unknown to the beast. In that small paradise, which exists in the interior of many beings, the Divine Word of prayer is proclaimed, which makes the fortress of that inner place strong and victorious.

Love is experienced in that enclosure and all the creatures are filled by the essence of the Mercy of God. They all know the beast, but none of them fear it, because the strength of all these souls is the unity and love given to the Creator.

The Woman prepares to face Her adversary and the Archangel Gabriel will join the Holy Woman. She will become strong and much more invisible, She will penetrate the dark abysses like a great universal Star. In that hour, the red dragon will have released all its rage, and many will feel it; but the armies of Light will be prepared to respond to the commands of the Holy Woman, to be able to act at the right time.

When the Woman has entered the earthly hell, the Archangels will descend through Her most powerful emanations of Light and Love; and the beast will be removed from the sphere of the Earth. This will be the moment of great liberation and thus the whole world will be illuminated for the following one thousand years.

You will see the solar Light of the King emerge on the horizon and many will be liberated from eternal shipwrecks. A new principle of life will be established and many souls, who remained in faith, will carry the codes of Christic victory. Everything will be banished from the world to make room for the new Kingdom of God.

The elders will have dreams of hope, the youth will see celestial worlds as part of their own homes and the children will teach, through love and happiness, what the universe holds.

The Holy Woman will return to raise the throne of the beloved Son and the angels will bring the offering of the pure of heart in their hands. In the end, humanity will receive its last Grace if souls respond to the call from Heaven in time; and the Sacred Hearts will triumph, at least, in the most simple and true because paradise will be in them.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who instructs you in Celestial Wisdom,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Prophet of the Savior

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