May every day be for you the day to remember the Passion of Your Lord; a day to retreat into His Arms and His Heart; a day to be in the presence of His blood and His eternal surrender; a day to learn how to love as He has loved, and loves forever.

May every day be for you the ascent to Calvary, where you should look at the obstacles as opportunities to love, the falls as opportunities to renew yourself, the humiliations as opportunities to be in emptiness, and to there be fulfilled by God.

May every day be for you the day to overcome yourself in order for your consciousness to approach the Love of Christ, more and more.

May every day be for you the day of your surrender, your yielding, your offering, because eternity will come soon if you follow in the footsteps of Christ, and your steps must never stop.

Therefore, child, remember today, and relive the Passion of your Lord, so that your consciousness understands that every day is a day to follow in the footsteps of Christ. Every day is a day to see a new Christ be born.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


My Heart's feeling of Love during the Birth of Jesus

Since My first years of life and before them, I was prepared by God to fulfill His Will and to manifest His promises, those that were kept in the words of the Prophets in the sacred books of our people.

My Heart loved the Lord with fervor and this same Love allowed that, in My prayers, My Consciousness could cross dimensions in order to be before God.

Thus, I contemplated this eternal Source of life and silence; I observed how all of life was renewed through the rays, sounds, and colors that came from the Heart of God and were led by the angels and archangels to the different Universes.

My Heart only aspired to be in silence with God, to be there, in that dimension of consciousness, where all was stillness and peace.

It was like this that, contemplating the Divine Consciousness, the Creator revealed to Me the mysteries of His Creation, He showed Me the moment in which His Love expanded and gave origin to life, manifested through dimensions, He showed Me the moment in which the first Mirrors of the Cosmos were created and how they served to take Love and Divine Will to all that was created.

In His silence, the Lord revealed to Me the grace of the expression of the Divine Trinity and how, from His Heart, His Divine Spirit and His Son were born and, finally, through Archangel Gabriel, the Creator revealed to Me that His Love would manifest in life as a human body, soul and spirit, hiding all of this mystery which had been revealed before.

Before Archangel Gabriel, My Heart expanded and all the Cosmos and the sublime realities that I had been contemplating before, with my eyes, through the portals of light that opened in Heaven, I was now beginning to enter within Myself, into My womb, which kept all of this divine mystery.

First, the Creator dwelled in My Heart, then in My Consciousness and also in My body, making all the levels of My Being experience His divine presence.

The more I lived God, the more silent I became, because His Love flooded My Being in a way that there was no place for My expressions, but only for God's.

Each day that passed and the Little Child God was growing in My womb, it was like contemplating, once more, the creation of the Universes, the manifestation of the Aspects of God, the birth of the angels and archangels through the purest feeling of the Father. But now, My children, this was happening inside My womb.

An inner Cosmos was awakening in My physical body and all that I was, as part of human life, transformed into a Mirror of the Divine Consciousness. The Spirit of God mirrored in Me and, as He gave life to all that inhabited the Universe, now He was gestating a new life in My maternal womb.

Today I express with words what was lived in silence so that your hearts may participate in the mysteries of life and love them in order to seek the truth about yourselves.

Each day of My gestation was accompanied by a Divine Revelation and My Spirit rejoiced in God, in the eternal presence of the angels, as if My feet did not touch the Earth anymore but constantly lived in the renewal of life, in the divine dimensions.

My Chaste Spouse Joseph accompanied My silence and, also silenced, this allowed Him to commune with the mysteries, although He did not understand them, He lived them with the same depth.

On the Road to Bethlehem I accompanied with love every test that He lived and, in My silence, I allowed humanity to be transformed and converted through His Chaste Heart. Now the moment would come for the Spirit of God to flood His Heart and, knowing that everything has its time, I only remained silent and let the Love of God, which pulsated in My Womb, expand to His humble and faithful Heart.

The Birth of Christ was felt by Me as a new creation, a new divine expansion. My Consciousness was transferred to the Cosmos and, seeing the Unique God multiply Himself, I felt His Son being born and expressing Himself in matter.

The angels sang glory and hallelujah and emanated sounds never heard before on Earth; the Silence of God expanded as waves of Love and I felt all of this in My Heart.

Having My Son in My arms made Me share the Love of God while He multiplied Himself; the first feeling of motherhood of all life came from His Heart. And, like something sublime and indescribable, a renewed feeling of Love, a Love that did not live on Earth, My Heart lived a new expansion of light.

Feel, My children, this Love that is kept in the memory of My words and, on this day of glory, allow this expansion of Love to be lived, in some degree, within you. 

Today I revealed to you the most profound feelings of My Heart and, with simple words, I let you know that which cannot be explained, but only lived.

To truly understand what I am telling you, you must allow My words to enter into your hearts and give origin to a new state within each one of you.

I thank you for trusting in the impulses that come from Heaven and for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Series – Divine Revelations of these times

In the Humble Cave of Bethlehem - Part I

And it was through the powerful Light of the Star of Bethlehem that your Mother and Lady, in the humble Company of Her Spouse, Saint Joseph, after having sought a simple place for the Birth of the Child King, We accepted a gift from God, which We did not expect but, at the same time, We perceived it as a visible sign during the Birth of the Child God.

It was the supreme decision that the Living God, made man and consciousness, wanted to be born in a humble manger within the caves near the village of Bethlehem.

This was so the Sacred Family, through the inner guidance of Archangel Saint Gabriel, could settle and prepare for the expected Birth of Who, throughout the times and generations, would free humankind from a possible self-destruction and a total loss of attributes and the Commandments that, as a people, in that time, united them to God.

It was for that reason that the Birth of the Messiah, the King of Israel and of the entire Earth, was prophesized and announced by the wisest contact-beings who understood, on an internal level, the cosmic vision of the local space of this Universe and, through angelic intercession, deciphered the estimated day and hour of the arrival and Birth of the Child Jesus in Bethlehem, even without previously knowing the Sacred Family.

My Husband, Saint Joseph, touched and internalized by the Birth of Christ, and by the fulfillment of the Sacred Prophecies, testified that all of His great effort and striving for the preparation of the arrival of the Little Child would be small.

Behind the Birth of Jesus, the Most Holy Mary, your Divine Mother, already knew, from the thirteen annunciations of Archangel Gabriel, that the arrival of the Child King would mean a most important Celestial, Divine and Cosmic intervention, a situation that would change and transcend all past human errors, from Eden, with Adam and Eve, up until the end of times, until the fulfillment of His second return to humanity.

This intervention, which took place in the humble and simple scenery of the cave of Bethlehem, represented the restoration of the Alliance that had been lost between humanity and God; but it also meant the re-establishment of the codes of Love-Wisdom which, from the spiritual plane, would help the material plane of the entire human race.

The first Source of Creation, which arises in the immaterial plane, lived a process of materialization of its forms and matrixes in order to contribute to the Birth of Jesus on Earth.

This movement of very high vibratory-spiritual science also meant a strong movement of cosmic and solar currents, of emanations and divine impulses which assisted so that, through the Birth of Christ, not only one of the Divine Aspects of the Trinity could descend onto the Earth, but also a state of contact between all beings who, at that time of the Birth of Christ, had total confidence about the arrival of their savior. 

For this reason, the annunciation of the angels to the shepherds and the wise interpretation and attunement of the Kings of the East generated, in all of the spiritual consciousness of the planet, the possibility of placing the Earth, once again, in a rescuable disposition.

When Jesus was born in the manger of Bethlehem many other spiritual, internal and even physical events occurred, since the descent of the immaterial energy of God embraced and encompassed many planetary events.

All of those who, with sincerity and devotion, remember the Birth of Christ, year after year, re-enter into the same cosmic and divine currents from which, more than two thousand years ago, the process of rescue and redemption of humanity was originated.

To celebrate the Birth of Christ every year is not living the past or returning to a true story, but rather it means to return to the Origin of the Origin, not only as a  planet, but also as a being, through the Birth of Christ, in order to have access to a state of spiritual atonement and to be able to regain the purpose that brought each being to the Earth, in spite of all the mistakes lived.

It is this impulse that until today enables the continuity, on the planet, of the existence of Christic beings who will generate, step by step, the fulfillment of the Plan.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A special gala night

Dear sweet singers of My Heart,

Today is a special gala night because the Almighty and all of His angels will be attentive to the offerings that will be made during this musical encounter.

For this reason, My children, I come today not only to encourage you to keep singing and composing for the healing and upliftment of all of humanity, but also, in this special gala night, I invite you, through your hearts and most sincere devotion, that the spark of Christic Light may awaken and spring from all of you; an energy of Superior Love that urgently needs to be radiated to the world and, in consequence, to all of humanity.

May your souls, through your sacred offering for today's encounter, be ignited by the singing and upliftment so that all of the inner Christs on the planet may be able to reign and honor a process of change and transformation, in all of the human consciousness.

Beloved children, know that today's gala will also reach the spirit and consciousness of the families which, in these times, need immense spiritual aid, as they are the focus of division and wars among nations and peoples.

Before the advent of the Rebirth of Christ, My children, may all the families, beyond their condition, culture, people or religion, be able to receive today, through the musical encounter, the aid from the celestial spheres, which will descend to conceive peace and inner unity, so longed for by those who suffer the most.

I hope, dear children, that today your hearts and voices may flourish and show the essence of Christic Love, of that Love that is capable of giving everything for love, regardless of consequences or results.

In this gala night, may the Love of God be reborn, a Love that will be the preamble for the upcoming return of Christ to humanity.

I thank all of the choralists, instrument players and collaborators who, in this year, made the awakening of healing and spiritual upliftment of humanity possible. 

United to the Celestial Father, kindred in Christic Love, we make vows for the Plan of God to be fulfilled in humanity next year.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

We are now close to Bethlehem and the sacred location is being prepared, where the inner Christ will again be born.

May His spirit of peace and sovereignty fill you. May His Grace, which is infinite and merciful, keep you in deep and reverent unity with God so that His Plan, which is broad and unknown, will come close to your lives in order to carry out His Divine Will.

In preparing the sacred inner space where the Christic light will be reborn for the times of darkness, may this powerful Light that comes from the Source of Supreme Love bring for all the opportunity to reintegrate into the path of redemption and forgiveness.

My children, this is no longer the time to look to the past, but to place your gaze upon the future, on the divine encounter with the inner Christ who needs to be active and victorious through the inner lives of each being.

I give you, My children, the opportunity to live this time of grace so that your lives, finally, may become a part of the miraculous Grace of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Walk toward the birth of Christ within you, recognizing the Grace that God grants you, every day, of not being alone on this path of transformation and healing.

Walk toward the birth of Christ within you, recognizing that each one of your brothers and sisters and companions on this path are chosen by the Father so that they could be with you, because, through their presence in your life, you will be able to learn to love more each day.

My child, open to know how to thank God every day for what He manifests in your life. Give thanks for the challenges, give thanks for the difficulties, give thanks for the moments of frustration and the moments of weariness.

Give thanks for moments such as this, in which Heaven opens before you to listen to your pleas, and God, in spite of being in all things, at this moment places His eyes upon you and attentively receives your prayers.

Give thanks because, in a time so difficult for the planet, the Creator granted you a spiritual family so that, like the Sacred Family, you may be able to walk together toward Bethlehem. Give thanks because your brothers and sisters and companions made themselves available to overcome the difficulties of this time with you.

Perfect days will not come, and the time that has past will not return so that you can again experience what your personality already knows and wants to continue living.

In Bethlehem, everything will be unknown, and after the birth of Christ within you, nothing will be as it was. Each day will surprise you, not because they will be days like what you want them to be. The events will surprise you because, if you give permission, this New Child within you will overcome all the challenges through love, one after another, and each day, the love will be renewed within you. This will be the difference between that which will be experienced by those who allow Christ to be born within them, and that which will be experienced by those who do not allow it.

It will not be outside of yourself where love will reign. The time will come in which this world will unite with what is real, with the Time of God. But until then, it is within you that this Kingdom must dwell, just as it dwelled within Christ, from His birth until His Holy Cross.

The cycles are renewed, until humanity is able to achieve the Will of God. For this reason, today, child, I come to call you to a spirit of gratitude so that, through it, you may allow yourself to be surprised, again and again, not by the life of the world, but rather by the love that is renewed within you and overcomes all things.

That same love lives within your brothers and sisters, because the Father granted you the Grace of walking with a spiritual family, so that whenever you lack love, you are able to look toward your brothers and sisters, and a simple smile may renew you.

So, open yourself to live this that I tell you, and so it will be. This is what God builds in your life through days such as this.*

I leave you My blessing and My peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

*Message transmitted during the Saint Joseph Group Effort, in the Light-Community of Figueira.


I am the Mother of the New Humanity, the Mother of the New Being, of the New Human, which gestated within the Womb of the Servant of God, just as His Firstborn Son expresses perfection and likeness with the Father.

I come, My children, to place each one of your essences in My Heart and in My spiritual and divine Womb, so that you may be reborn and that, from your victorious redemption, the New Being and the New Life on Earth may arise.

Fruit of the redemption and rehabilitation of beings, fruit of the reconciliation between men and God, fruit of the awakening of hearts, in order to remember their Origin and purpose: this is the New Life on Earth; this is the Life that I come to establish through you, by Divine Will and Purpose.

With My Love united to the love of your hearts, I come to remove the power of illusion, of indifference, of human will and of the wickedness that permeates the hearts of humans. And making you free from all evil and clean from all stain, I come to give you the Grace of being worthy children of God, worthy representatives of Your Creator Father on the Earth.

I come to awaken ambassadors of peace and good, precursors of a New Time, in which duality will be overcome by the power of Love and Unity, which will reach the Earth through the sincere prayers of the children of God.

I come to demystify the celestial mysteries so that illusion may cease to be the truth in your lives and that, awakened to the true meaning of human existence, you may get to know the divine mysteries, the universal life and the celestial dimensions, which have always been hidden from your hearts, and now they must express themselves.

Pray, my children, for a redeemed America, for nations that lay their faces on the ground and, in humility, cry out for peace and for forgiveness.

Pray for a planet that awakens to Unity among beings, and pray for Love to be a necessity within each being. A necessity that makes you overcome arrogance, pride and vanities, which until today have led you to perdition and deception.

Pray for the Americas and also for the planet. Pray that, until the end, all nations may have an opportunity to know peace and Truth, and knowing the Truth, they may choose between the old and the New Human.

Pray for ignorance to be dissipated from the hearts of beings. And pray so that the Truth may reveal to you that Love must prevail beyond all human understanding and science, beyond religions and cultures, beyond differences and borders, and even dimensions, so that nothing else may separate you from each other, and nothing may separate you from God.

Today I pray with you before God, and I cry out to the Father for a New Life. I cry out so that the Being that is being gestated within Me be born in your essences and, as mysterious as the birth of My Son Jesus, you may express the New Life and the New Human.

I love you and bless you, and with My Heart full of Love, I thank you for making My words and My divine aspirations a reality.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the New Humanity


Through the Mysteries of Joy, what does the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel represent to you? What does the visit of the Servant of God to Her cousin Elizabeth represent to you?

What does the blessed Birth of Christ and the presentation of the little Child in the temple represent to you?

What does the first preaching of Jesus in the temple mean to you?

In the Mysteries of Joy we find the opportunity and the Grace to please God, listening with the heart to His divine Call .

The Mysteries of Joy are the first impulse of the revelation of God through the selfless service of the Mother of God.

In the Mysteries of Joy we find the first sign of the Presence of the Celestial Father and also the silent acting of the Holy Spirit.

The joy of serving God is the primordial impulse to be able to concretize the divine works.

That is why the Mysteries of Joy invite souls to go through the same experience of love and service that the Sacred Hearts had lived.

In the Mysteries of Joy, the soul finds, as a reference, the spiritual model that the Celestial Universe needs to awaken the depths of the essence of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The return of the Musical Kingdom of Peace

That, on this day of Glory, the voices of My children rise to the Heaven and may the angels of the sacred melodies announce, with their trumpets, the upcoming birth of the inner Christ.

May the Sacred Star of Bethlehem radiate its divine attributes over souls and may the singing hearts feel motivated to express gratitude for the immense Love of God.

May the ears of all the participants of this Meeting open up and hear the offering of love that the singers of Christ will impart.

May all the melodies that will be offered today be the great inner offertory of the believing souls for this Christmas.

The music that cures the hearts returns today.

Today will return the melodies which will uplift the consciousness of humanity in ardent faith and unwavering trust.

May the purpose of cure for this planet, and for this humanity, be lived today and may the hearts be reborn in the Divine Fire of Christ.

May the doors of the inner worlds open and may the essences receive the sacred impulses of redemption and of compassion.

All the fallen stars shine today because the melodies offered raise the essences in redemption.

That is why I order that the angels of harmony and of song impregnate, at this moment, the offertory stage so that subtle liberations can be realized in the hearts that need healing and forgiveness.

The Musical Kingdom of Peace comes back and returns today, and the Universe opens its gates to receive from the simplest and the most humble all the gratitude and the love of their heart, on the eve of this next Christmas.

The Meeting of singing souls and of the essences of devotion returns today, and a ray of Grace and of Mercy enters in all the spaces to consecrate and bless, on this day, all those who have responded to the call of the music of Love in order to heal the aching humanity.

May all My children feel participants of this moment and may faith confirm, in all hearts and lives, their union with the Plan of God.

I bless you and may this day be the beginning of new and enriching experiences of love and of healing that must be sown in this humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May each day of your lives bring you new opportunities for experiencing peace.

May each test bring with the gift of overcoming, and the blessing of transcendence.

As humanity, you are walking towards Bethlehem, having to experience efforts, sacrifices, the overcoming of limits and trusting in the protection of God. You are faced with the mystery of the New Humanity, which you know to be a reality, for it is already being gestated and at the point of being born within the womb of Divine Creation, which expresses within all creatures. However, you do not know what that New Humanity will bring to the world, how it will grow, how it will develop or how it will fulfill its mission.

You are on the road to Bethlehem, looking for the cradle of humility so that God may return alive to His Creation. As human consciousnesses, you always want the best for God and for His Plan, but the Creator will surprise you, bringing His Son into that which is simple, small, poor of self, humble. Christ will be reborn in the hearts of those who do not fear giving the kingdom of their own inner self so that a Universal Sovereign King may establish His Reign. He will come to dwell within the hearts of those who do not fear being defeated and that, out of love, become eternal servants of that beloved King of the Stars.

You are on the road to Bethlehem: you are no longer what you were as a race or as a human consciousness, because God has already begun to descend towards the earthly spheres. However, you are still before the mystery, that for you is the rebirth of Christ, of the multiplication of His existence, which will be renewed in the hearts and in the flesh of many.

I come to the world as a guardian of this divine principles, which is the Christ within you, because I have already walked towards Bethlehem, I have already experienced the anguish of not knowing what the world would become after the birth of Christ, and the fear of not being worthy to hold such a King, hidden in such a small creature; the fear of not being a good guardian for the Child God and of not managing to let Him grow and manifest as the Lord expected.

But that fear was defeated by Faith and by the Love emanated by Christ, Who even though being so small and fragile, He never hid His Glory and His Filiation with God. The fear vanished when I perceived that God is the real operator of His Will, and it is enough to flow in it for His Plan to be accomplished.

I tell you all of this because you are on the road to Bethlehem, faced with a great event, marked by difficult tests and severe lessons, which lose their severity in the greatness of the return of Christ.

After some time, those hearts that have opened will begin to understand what the Will of God is, on Its own; that He not only "commands" but He also sends the means and fosters the fulfillment of His Works. It is only necessary to trust and let the Lord make of your lives simple instruments for the concretization of His Plan, which is already a truth and a reality that needs to manifest.

Do not stop walking towards Bethlehem and, now that you already know where God wants to be born, do not seek comfort, luxury, nor the refinement of good dwellings, according to human concepts; follow the path that leads you towards simplicity, peace and true humility, for it is there that God will manifest His Glory.

Praise be the Lord, Who returns to the hearts of humankind, to one day return, not just in Spirit and Divinity, but also in perfect likeness to His creatures, in sanctified and resplendent flesh and humanity, showing humankind the path of their evolution.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, who prepares for the birth, the rebirth and the return of Christ, Our Savior.



Sister Lucía de Jesús: When Saint Joseph appeared, He was showing us how the majority of people in the world were preparing for the Christmas festivities just for pleasure and for the material celebration of this day. He told us that for God, it is very important that aware human beings prepare for Christmas from a spiritual point of view and open the way with singing for the coming of the Spirit of Christ to the hearts of the world.

Saint Joseph dedicated this message to the meeting of Music for the Healing and Elevation of Humanity(1), because today He wanted to disseminate a different way of life for everyone, a quest for higher life through the singing done in the Light-Communities, so that the brothers and sisters who are at home looking for a light to follow the Path are able to be inspired by this moment of singing.

He said:


On the day before the celebration of the greatest universal event, when God became man and decided to live among His creatures so that He Himself could be the example of how to concretize His Supreme Will, I will ask you to rejoice your hearts and that you announce to the world the Grace of experiencing the full consecration of your soul to the Heart of God.

This evening, while you sing, fill your hearts with humility, the same humility God had on being born in a poor manger in Bethlehem. It is the humility experienced by the human heart that prepares the path for a Greater Light to make your hearts Its dwelling place.

Not only on this day, but on all the days of your lives, allow peace and joy to prevail; let it be a true joy, that transcends that which you know as happiness, because humanity is very confused and has already lost the sense of seeking an inner joy and only tries to complete its existence with pleasure and comfort; in this way, it experiences permanent dissatisfaction, because what comes from God is only completed in Him.

Demonstrate to the world that it is possible to find true joy, a joy that comes from the union with the Father and the Grace that it is to live for Him.

With actions, prayers, and songs, fill the emptiness in which the human heart is to be found.

Through the word, bring spiritual meaning to life on Earth and allow the light that emanates from your hearts, when they are devoted and simple, joyful and whole, to illuminate the eyes of those who are blind and walk in darkness, looking for a way out of the gloom of their lives.

I bless you and with joy I tell you I will sing at your side to alleviate the world and the wounded Heart of the Most High God.

Your friend and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


1. Program created at the request of the Virgin Mary, transmitted by Misericordia María TV on the 23rd of each month.

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, trasmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I come on this day to continue preparing the new flocks of My Son on the eve of this coming Nativity, when together, as one heart and one soul, we will celebrate the memory of the Birth of Christ.

For this reason, dear children, may your hearts represent this call of redemption and may it also be ignited in the hearts of non-believers.

It is in this way, dear children, that your hearts today will be participants of this long-awaited advent of the Redeemer Child, who will expect to find the door open so that His Heart can enter into each of the human beings that aspire to be with the Holy Child.

Dear children, may this Christmas be one of reconciliation and peace, may no differences separate you from My Heart, so that I may take you by the hand toward the Sacred Manger of the Lord.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who elevates you to the Heart of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To all the groups of prayer and to the dearest families of the praying groups

Dear children,

On the eve of the birth of Christ in your hearts and in the new cycle that has already begun for all, I would like to ask you, for this Christmas that is arriving, that each one of the groups of prayer and their respective families send a greeting of peace and of hope to the next nativity of the Lord.  Through the offering of your greeting of peace, My Heart will be able to attract new principles of love and of fraternity for all of the families of the world.

For that, dear children, on the 24th and 25th of December you will be participants among many children of Mine of the delivery of this greeting of peace and of brotherhood so that love be sown in the human consciousness again.

You shall send your Greetings, those that may be recorded and filmed, to Mercy Mary TV, which will organize and later on will transmit them on the 24th and 25th of December.

This work and greeting of peace shall be made in a simple and loving way, really radiating the hope that many need in this time.  This greeting of peace is meant to reach those children who on those dates will be alone, sick in the hospitals and in the nursing homes, and those who need much the power of faith.  In this way, dear children, I will be congregating all around the sacred manger that will bring Light to this world in these times of tribulation.

Dear children, I ask that you prepare this work with great care but with simplicity so that it will promote the renovation of faith and of love in the souls of the world.

Children of Mine, on this Christmas Aurora will be dressed very beautifully in order to receive the Spirit of Christ in each praying or not praying heart.

For that, all of the pilgrims and consecrated children of Mary that will be in Aurora are also called by Your Mother of Heaven to prepare the stage where this holy and simple celebration will take place.  The auditorium will be covered with all of the Christmas symbols as to create the inner environment needed for all of the families to feel welcome, and in this way the Sacred Spirit of Christianity will be sown in each consciousness.

All of My children, those who lovingly and under a spirit of peace are willing to collaborate in the preparation of the Christmas setting in Aurora, are invited to participate.  This Marian Center works with healing through simplicity and beauty, which allows for attracting the souls that need redemption and forgiveness.

In union with each child of Mine, I wish a good Christmas task of peace to all!

I thank you for answering to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Message of the Virgin and Mother of Divine Mercy, the Most Holy Mary, transmitted in the city of Asunción, Paraguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

As Mother of Divine Mercy, I come to the world, with the Light of My Son, to heal and redeem all those who are so in need of forgiveness, redemption and peace, and who are on Earth, lost from God and forsaken of heart.

I am the Holy Mother of all peoples, of all races.

I am the same One who is hidden in the mountains, Caacupé, as the One who was found in the waters, Aparecida.

I am the One who delivers freedom to the 33, I am the One who comes to those who need to take a new step, and I give the world the fruits of a Figueira of love.

I am the One who brings to souls the Spirit of God and conceives the Divine Trinity in hearts.

I am the Queen of Peace, I am the Mother of the Divine Verb.

I am the Mother of the world, the universe and of all of you.

Those who decide to be under My Mantle recognize My Countenance in all the manifestations of the world and know I am the same one in Heaven as on Earth, and that I come to teach you that nothing should be separate, not in this world, nor in others.

My beloveds, I travel through the nations to unite the peoples, even if it be through their representatives. I come to build that network of light, which must light up the planet through prayer, when the sun no longer shines in the sky of this world.

I want to see in My children the light that illumines the paths of those who walk in darkness. I want to form you, so that the Holy Spirit may find a dwelling place in your consciousnesses, and others who did not have the Grace of being in My Presence may find Me in their hearts.

My dear children, blessed are they who take the risk of responding to the call of God. Now I ask you to allow that call to become a fertile seed in your essences, and little by little, be a life that testifies to conversion and faith for those who have forgotten God.

In the simplicity of your hearts, may the door be found through which My Son will return to the world. May your hearts be humble, so that they may became the cradle of the poor but blessed inner Bethlehem, which will receive the New Child, so that for the second and last time, He may remove the evil that torments the heart of humankind and the Kingdoms of Nature.

Beloved of My Heart, begin today through your little lives to prepare the path of the Lord. Once and for all, remove from your lives all that which does not belong in this humble manger of Bethlehem.

Once again, the Birth of Christ is announced to the world, and now, He will be born in many hearts, and others He will cause to be reborn in life, for redemption and the institution of Peace.

I am the bearer of Mercy, Who asks of you: be merciful, so that the Kingdom of God may descend to the world.

I bless you and thank you, because Divine Grace descended upon this place and your lives were filled by the divine presence.

I love you.

Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of Divine Mercy

Special message for the Vigil of Prayer of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Bethlehem, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Fray Elías

Dear children,

My maternal voice is unmistakable among the universes. For this reason, I always come from Heaven to announce the eternal state of My Peace.

With joy and blessings, today I want the bells and bowls to ring for three minutes of your time and before the beginning of the vigil of prayer, because this gesture of celebration will announce the coming of the inner Christ to your little hearts.

Today My Immaculate Heart comes back to Her second house of prayer in the world, because the first house of prayer in the world is the Kingdom of Medjugorje.

In truth, My beloveds, in My Heart there are no differences, there is only a great mission to fulfill, a mission that I lovingly share with some of the self-summoned for the planetary service, for by this sacred answer the world is still able to sustain itself.

Dear children, today I come to your encounter as the Lady of Bethlehem, I want that all My beloved children, during this night, return interiorly in heart and soul to the great moment of the birth of Christ.

If you are able to experience this mystery as true and important, your souls will open the doors of the heart so that the Christic codes may be preciously cultivated in your hearts.

God wants to rescue the day of the Birth of His favorite Child within the spiritual heart of humanity, for the enemy has not been able to destroy the true love that He created through good actions, for some attributes, which a part of humanity expresses nowadays on Earth, allowed to safeguard the world from its self-destruction.

Dear children, I wish for My message to reach the heart of all of those who listen. My Son hopes that today you can live it as something sacred and devout.

Each time in the world a date is celebrated fraternally about some event of the Sacred Family, opportunities for special Graces are opened in Heaven to be poured upon the world as a source.

May this night be of Peace for all and may you offer to God this unusual peace of the end times for those who do not live in peace and for those who experience great suffering in their lives.

I thank you for this gesture of love and reverence before the Manger of Bethlehem.

I am grateful for the good inner response of the pilgrims for being able to concretize the mission of the pilgrim omnibus of Divine Mother a reality, for behind every heavenly request, there is the holy Will of the Father.

Rejoice and sing lovingly to Christ, because He will hear you today throughout the world. Let us thus reverse the evil upon Earth through the love of the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you on this special day,

Your Holy Mother Mary, Queen of the Star of Bethlehem


Monthly Message of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to Mother María Shimani de Montserrat

My beloved pilgrims,

You are here today to prepare your hearts for the birth of the Redeemer in your consciousnesses. You will enter, unintentionally into the school of the Will of God, that Will which unites all things in the love to the Supreme, that which teaches essences to return to the House of the Father.

My little beloved ones, when Christ is definitely reborn in your lives and resides in the inner temple that for so long you have prepared for Him, nothing within yourselves will prevent the Superior Law of God from being fulfilled in this world.

If each one of My little children surrenders their resistances and their life to the perfect Will of the Creator, My Son, the Christ King, will reside in your dwelling and the miracles of Heaven will descend through your beings; My Son will work in this world and through you will change the destiny of this race.

My precious souls, the universe awaits for your destinies, those destinies thought of by the Creator for you, to begin to be a reality in your lives and that through you, they become a reality in this world. When the Will of the Creator embraces a consciousness, when children trustingly give of themselves to Their Father, a Light that will never go out begins to awaken to embrace salvation.

My son, My daughter, God patiently waits for you so that, as once occurred with Jesus, He may be able to work through you in this universal cycle in which humanity will enter. It will be Christ the Redeemer that will unite with the consciousnesses that accept Him, and thus the Divinity will work through those apostles that, one day, will be the Christs of the New Time.

Dear son, dear daughter, open your consciousnesses, open your hearts, open your arms, open your hands and let go of the reins of your lives. Let them walk by means of My Mantle of Light toward the Heart of Christ, the Redeemer, so that He may instruct you and help you prepare His Abode, that He will eternally dwell within you.

My beloved children, let fear be left behind, because I, Your Universal Mother, after My Son is born in you, will lead you in My arms and will present you before the Throne of My Father so that He may seal within your essences your destinies.

Praise be Christ in your lives.

I thank you for accepting My maternal words and for accepting to be with Me today.

Mary, Queen of Peace


On this day, dear children, I invite you to withdraw within My Maternal Manger. Today I call you to remain close to the warmth of My Immaculate Heart, of My Maternal Love, just as Jesus was from His birth.

Today I ask you to unite your essences to My Maternal Essence so that the True Love for the Creator may awaken in your lives.

Dear children, today I invite you to remain within the power of prayer so that your souls may awaken the spiritual gifts that prayer offers as fruit for the souls.

My children, when I call you to remain within My maternal manger I am calling you to be humble and simple so that God may find your dwellings crystalline and pure. For this, your hearts must be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.

The world still has not changed, therefore your prayer of the heart will permit that many situations may find the Light of My Son.

Little children, today I am not only calling you to awaken your consciousness, but also to find, through Me, Jesus the Redeemer. My call is announced so that My soldiers may find the path towards My Immaculate Peace.

My children, today I call you to mature the heart and to rec- ognize God in each thing because the Father waits to baptize you with His Spirit of Peace. Trust in the priesthood of My Son, commune of His Merciful Heart.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

Praised be Jesus in your hearts and in the hearts of all of My children in the world!

My little children, today I call you to practice the humility of the heart, the humility that may be exercised through daily prayer and which will bring you to find the peace and the meekness that is necessary to live in the end of this present time.

Therefore, united to My Immaculate Heart, you will be able to find the Light of My Son for the path that I invite you to go through from now on: the path of humility. A humble heart is a meek heart, open and receptive to all the requests of service and of giving that may come into its life.

Live by the examples that the little Jesus once manifested in each one of His passages here on Earth. Today I invite you to remember, My little ones, the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem; the presentation to the Father, of the child Jesus in My arms, as well as the finding of Jesus in the temple.

Dear children, I want to train you on the path of humility, and that each one of these living examples that Jesus transmitted to all of humanity may be a valuable spiritual instrument of conversion.

Dear children, you know that humanity is still not humble before God. This is why He sends Me to you through Jesus so that you may remember that the moment to renounce oneself, to transcend oneself and to find the true Kingdom of God has now arrived.

I welcome you all in My arms of motherhood.

Know, My children, that My Immaculate Heart was consecrated to God by all of you. Therefore I love you and I guide you towards the new time of Eternal Peace, Peace that the world must live to be able to be in the Eternal Kingdom of God.

In Jesus, praised be the King of the Universe!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Rejoice your hearts for the rebirth of Christ within each being. Allow, My little ones, the divine flame to transfigure the life and settle in each heart.

Today I am with each one of your hearts, keeping vigil in prayer for the next encounter on this day of Grace. Some hearts have already reconciled themselves with the Lord, but others will have to deepen in the sense of faith and of adoration to Our Sacred Lord of the Heavens. Faith and adoration, by means of the exercise of prayer, permeate each being, uplifting the heart towards the Kingdom of God.

May your hearts, My dear children, live this reconciliation with the Most High on these dates on which I am appearing, with total joy and humility. I wait for you day by day in a state of adoration through prayer so that it may simply collaborate with the reconciliation of many hearts with God.

A celestial key for your lives will be to drink from the True Love that My Son is radiating to you today from His Heart of Shepherd and Master. Thus, with this living and pure Love, you will be able, My little ones, to travel the path that each day you must discover by means of prayer.

This path, which My Immaculate Heart invites you and calls you to live, is the path of consecration of the soul to My Immaculate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of Christ. Through this pathway of love and trust, that your lives must cultivate, your souls will come to witness the gifts and the talents that each one of you will give and offer with humility to the Lord of the Heights. He wants to see you happy, persevering and pure of heart. This will help you to overcome the evil on the path and to find the Divine Light in the face of each test.

Remember, My children: practice faith and adoration through prayer. This will strengthen the spirit and the heart in face of everything that the world will live. I call you to the unification of your lives with Christ.

Who adores you in the silence of the Immaculate Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

With joy and bliss in the name of all the children of the world, let us pray for the salvation of the little souls that need Mercy and Love.

Today I invite you to prepare with Me the inner arrival of Christ to the Earth. From the Heavens, the coming of the Holy Spirit will be pouring Graces to the world in this final time of humanity. I invite you, My little hearts, to prepare My coming on the 24th of December. I call you to prayer with the purpose that your hearts may remember My pilgrimage to the ancient Bethlehem.

May your prayers and hearts be converted into the Great Guiding Star during the night so that My Heart may illuminate the world with peace. For this, My little ones, I summon you to prepare the heart during the days that precede the 24th of December. Prior to the arrival of Christ, the Immaculate Heart of the Lady of the Divine Conception will arrive to be before your lives once more.

I will bring the Holy Spirit with the mission of renewing the life of many hearts. I only ask, for this merit and for this special Grace of Forgiveness and Redemption, that you, My dear children, may raise the voice of prayer to the Heavens so that the Lord God may respond to the call of all of His children.

The Bird of the Sun, ignited by the Holy Spirit, will alight Its gaze of love and peace upon the hearts that open, in order to thus renew the present life. I want, My little ones, that your hearts prepare themselves for this advent on the 23rd of December, by means of the vigil of the eve.

There, your beings in prayer will meet Me and, in the bliss of receiving Me in your hearts, you will be traveling the path towards the rebirth and return of Christ, as it was in the manger of Bethlehem. It will be necessary that your hearts prepare themselves so that the other children may receive the Grace that My Immaculate Heart will radiate to many lives.

I invite all My children, those who will be in their homes with their families, to the reconciliation and the forgiveness of all the faults that are committed against the Heart of God. For this reason, My little ones, the exercise of reconciliation must be emanated first within your families so that all the hearts that still do not respond to My call may receive the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

I am preparing souls and hearts for constant prayer. The Lord needs to pour His Mercy over the evil of the world. Thus your hearts, in the vigil of the eve, will await the arrival of the Lady Clothed with the Sun, of the Virgin Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, on the 24th of December. Celebrate the presence of the Kingdom of Peace in your lives.

The world awaits its redemption. Humanity must reconcile itself with God to be able to return to the Kingdom in the Heart of the Lord.

Who loves you eternally,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


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