Dear Children:

Today, as the Mother of purification, I hold with My Hands the flag of the nation of France, so that its spiritual consciousness may be purified through the Light of My Heart, so that its soul may be purified through the Love of My Heart, so that its people may be reconciled through the Peace of My Heart.

Today, My children, I contemplate a France unrecognizable in its spiritual aspect, not only because of its society, but also because of its religion, which stained the soul of many consciousnesses through its acts. That is why, children, as the Lady of La Salette, I weep before all that this beloved country of Mine is experiencing.

I come for you to know that France has always been the cradle of important saints and enlightened by the Holy Spirit. France has always been chosen by Me to carry the message of peace and penance.

In Lourdes, I came to call souls to repentance to prevent the bloody French colonization from happening, but My call was not accepted.

Through the Message of La Salette, I came to guide My children to the Purpose of God, but it was not enough.

And today, I return once again to My beloved France so that, as a country, it may be a people of open arms and not a society of constant confrontation.

That is why I am here, as the patient Mother who cries and cries out for France to recover its spiritual and human dignity; so that what is so characteristic of all French people may help to heal the wounds of colonialism, slavery and the errors committed throughout the ages in Africa and in the world.

France needs to place its knees on the ground and implore for Mercy and Pity so that it may reach the conversion of the heart and of its innermost essence.

I will have My Mother's gaze upon this dear people of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of France.


My beloved children,

I come here today, bringing in My Hands the Bloodied Heart of Jesus, because My Son cries out for reparation in the face of war, conflict and the outrages that still exist in this world and in religions.

I come with the Bloodied Heart of My Son to ask you, in honor of His Divine and Holy Name, to accompany Me, in sacrifice, in a special, non-public spiritual task, at the Light-Nucleus of Figueira in San Carlos, the Nucleus of the Mother of the Alleviation of Suffering.

I need to arrive there to make known the importance of the realization of My request of the House of Saint Lazarus, because through this House, your Heavenly Mother and Her Healing Angels will bring spiritual relief to the human beings of this time, which everyone needs in this cycle.

I will go on a special pilgrimage to My House in San Carlos, to strengthen, in these times of emergency, the project of the manifestation of that Home, just like I will bless the families and children who are a part of the Fraternal Service Project.

My urgency is so that at least in some parts of the planet there may exist the presence of the Love of God, of the Love that heals, that cures and that redeems the suffering of these times.

Dear children, in this way, in sacrifice, your Most Holy Mother will pilgrimage in the company of a small group so that on October 25 this sacred task may be carried out, through a Special Apparition of the Virgin Mary. 

My Son gave Me His Bloodied Heart, asking the Mother of Alleviation of Suffering to intercede for souls who in this time have already condemned themselves. Therefore, the pain of My Son is indescribable.

From now on I thank all those who can collaborate in any way possible so that this reserved and special meeting may be fulfilled.

My beloved children, I would like to end by telling you that also on October 25 there will be a special live transmission shared, to transmit what happened in San Carlos.

I thank you for following My Steps!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



My dear and beloved children,

Today, with the golden Mantle and light blue Tunic of your Most Holy Mother, I come as the Mother and Lady of Ukraine.

I come to ask you that during these coming days of prayer and invocation to the Divine and unfathomable Mercy of My Son, you may place in your prayers the whole Christian religion of Ukraine so that, in the face of the tragedy of the war and destruction of peoples and families, My children of the Ukrainian Church may act in conformity with the Will of God, so that the Charity and Love of My Son not be replaced by the ideals and alliances of the war.

Unfortunately, certain political and religious pressures leave the apostles of the Universal Church of My Son vulnerable, because they are prevented from acting in a sensible way and with Mercy.

At this moment, as the Mother and Lady of Ukraine, I come to implore all Christians for fraternal unity so that the religions and beliefs may not adapt to the format of war and ideologies of vengeance. This is not what My Son has taught you all.

By the Passion and Death of Christ, may the rulers no longer use religion as a weapon of war and of mental pressure on the peoples of this humanity.

For this reason, we must pray with greater conviction and with greater awareness, because the Lady of Ukraine sees how Christianity and ecumenism are used so as to achieve personal objectives.

May the prayer of these days disarm these plans of My enemy.

As always, I am and will be close to all who unite to My Heart.

I am grateful to you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Ukraine



Unexpectedly, today I present myself to humanity, to call it to repentance.

Before now, the cup was almost full; now the cup is overflowing. Be aware of what you are doing, stop the attacks of brother against brother.

The nations and some of their leaders are already more than puppets in the hands of My enemy. A hidden and evil network subdues the innocent: children are abandoned, human beings are despised and rejected at the borders because they try to escape famine and persecution.

Do not play with nuclear weapons anymore. You, human beings of the Earth, are not aware of what a mere slip would generate upon the entire planet.

In the mid-1940s you were warned about the consequences of using nuclear energy, and you did not listen to our messengers. Now you run and compete, threaten the world and conduct hidden tests in places upon Earth that are already highly contaminated by so much radiation.

When will you realize that power does not belong to you?

Stop and listen to the Voice that comes from the Heart of the Universe.

You no longer have anything else to experiment with and to create. At this moment, recognize that you have failed at your experiments in laboratories and with humans; and that the current pandemic is the result of malpractice.

What else do you want to have?

There have been previous humanities that transgressed Creation and hurt themselves.

You are the fifth and final race. The danger is no longer in your paths; now it is in your hands, and you cannot control it.

Abandon the social and conquering arms race that you still promote in many nations. No longer attack the seas and the oceans. The planet is heading to an unexpected salinity.

The Earth cannot endure any longer, and it will reflect its agony. You cannot imagine this world without fresh-water, or in long dark days due to the spread of the ashes of all volcanoes.

What will you do if that happens?

As long as the Kingdoms of Nature remain the focus of an unlimited exploitation, blood will continue to be shed throughout the world, and it will continue to be in the news.

You have lost the intuition of your souls; you no longer have the sensitivity to listen to God within yourselves.

Your lives are darkened by ambition and injustice, while thousands of people in the world are hit by marginalization, exile and exploitation.

The same hands as always enrich themselves through global suffering, but that will end. It will be one of the first corrections that I will impose on humanity.

Today I speak to the whole world, I do not speak to just one religion. I speak to all believers and non-believers, to those who have wasted their lives for pleasures and desires of the world, I speak to those who feel satisfaction in doing evil.

There is no angel or Hierarchy that will stop the overflowing cup. You are at the edge of the great abyss.

My Heart not only sustains the suffering and agonizing world; My Soul endures the injustices and the contempt of those who abandoned me and did not believe in Me. They did not hear My message. They judged My work and My dedication, and My enemy deceived them.

Therefore, be attentive. Everything I have given you throughout these years was to prepare you for this time, and most of you let My Words pass you by and you lost them.

Now, with little time left, reconsider, correct your mistakes and ask for Mercy, because no one knows Justice and, even so, souls challenge it, out of ignorance and indifference.

In truth, I tell you that I can no longer justify before My Father everything that you do. The time has come for everything to be defined between you and God.

But if love, tolerance, respect and care are experienced in your lives, you will suffer no more; because everything that will come will be the result of pride, exploitation and the evil of those who continue to live them.

I can only tell you to repent, so that in these acute moments, you not lack peace.

Hold on to My Words. Be the New Testament so that the whole world stops suffering its own consequences.

On the twelfth anniversary, together with the Mother of God, and for an undetermined period, we will give you Our final Words, so that you may listen to them carefully, and your consciousnesses may understand the message.

For this reason, responding to the Will and Justice of the Universe, and for everything received at each new meeting, you will listen to our Messages after prayers, which will be delivered beforehand, since for an undetermined time, I will protect the visionary, so that he may help Me to sustain this moment, in prayer and in silence, so that My Graces may reach other parts of the world.

It is time for you to live My Messages, especially the last ones.

My Heart has endured offenses from very close companions, something that has opened the Wound on My Side. The offenses of those who leave hurt My Heart, because I give them life and, instead of living in Me, they let themselves die. 

May discernment and peace guide you in these difficult times.

May this Marathon be the synthesis and confirmation of your lives before the Sacred Heart of the Lord.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The month of May, children, could be known as the month of intercession for souls and the planet.

It is the month in which the Laws of Grace and Mercy are more intensely active on Earth, through the devotion of the souls that consecrate themselves and re-consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May is not just a chronological period, but rather the period of a spiritual cycle in which the Mirrors of the cosmos align with the Mirrors of the depths of the Earth, as well as with those that are within the heart and essence of those who pray. In this way, a network of spiritual, divine and planetary light manifests through the simple fact that souls expressed their devotion and love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Queen of all the Mirrors of Creation.

Through the prayers of Her children, the Mother and Celestial Governess manifests Portals of liberation and intercession between dimensions for the most sinful and lost souls. It is in this way that an opportunity for Grace is granted to those who repent from the heart and pray for redemption and peace on the planet.

The Kingdoms of Nature, the elements and the life that dwells on the planet are also touched by the deepest Graces that come from the Heart of your Celestial Mother.

In the universe, as well as on Earth, the angels and archangels remain attentive to the pleas of those who pray in all cultures and religions, those who sincerely cry out for peace, because in spite of their lack of understanding and ignorance, the love in the hearts of those who pray is transformed into merits for healing, redemption and the awakening of all souls.

For this reason, pray, children, and re-consecrate your lives to God in each instant. You are in a cycle of Graces, of Mercy and of intercession, even during the chaotic scene of the planet. Let your souls be in the correct position for your elevation so that you may always achieve peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Upon the planet, there has always existed the presence of the Hierarchy. This presence came to this civilization to guide it and accompany its learning of the expansion of consciousness.

In this way, countless beings were summoned, in the inner planes of consciousness, so that these Hierarchies could offer to participate in the evolutionary and redeeming process of the whole human race.

In turn, this call and summoning allowed for the expansion of the field of service and self-giving of the souls, so that they could also live the advancement of their state of consciousness towards a higher and unconditional consciousness.

The lineage or virtue of the master was something that was applied since earlier times because true guidance and instruction were necessary for humanity, to prevent it from constantly straying.

So, these great summoned consciousnesses would act and help the human project in an imperceptible and silent way, bringing to the planet all the impulses needed in order for humanity to be able to perceive the continuous need for ascension.

For this, the summoned Masters were assigned to intervene spiritually and internally in certain cultures, races and peoples who could understand them and, above all, understand the message and instruction received.

With this purpose, the Masters concentrated in important and solitary spaces, such as the mountains of the Himalayas, the Alps, the Pyrenees, and even in the grand mountainous chain of the American Andes. From there, within the Sacred Enclaves of retreat, silence and contemplation, they began to work spiritually for the various needs that humanity had.

All this work of the Hierarchy was internal, but, in many cases, the process of materialization took place, which means bringing an inner level toward a physical and concrete level, without losing the acquired principles and teachings.

This movement, in accordance with the necessity or emergency of the inner nuclei, collaborated with the quick awakening of consciousnesses toward a reality that is not of matter. That is to say, of becoming aware of the life of the spirit and of the divine essence of each being.

These apparitions of the Masters fostered, both in the East and in the West, the necessary balance to encompass the expansion of consciousness and, above all, the responsibility for the evolutionary and cosmic path.

Today, I reveal this history and reality to you because it is important to understand the inner meaning of the existence of various religions that, in ancient times, were impelled by the intention of the Divinity through the Hierarchy. 

This is the moment to carry out a vaster synthesis, to understand the reason for the existence of so many religions that in the time to come must walk together towards a definite union with the Divine, leaving behind that which each one represents or teaches, and allowing for the matrix of all of them to merge with the Love of God.

Therefore, you must pray so that your Divine Mother, who has this mission for the religions of humanity, may carry forward that which God needs, with the help and collaboration of all My children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today your Heavenly Mother emits profound thanksgiving and love to all those who made possible this new edition of the Festival in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

This loving thanksgiving also reaches all groups of young souls that make up the Board of this Festival who, throughout time, have made great and true efforts to keep concretizing this aspiration of your Divine Mother.

I thank you for the sincere and balanced ecumenism attained through fraternization with other spiritual movements that in some way seek a connection and contact with God.

In this way, I have been able to witness the growth and maturity of the youth, to assume this task and mission throughout the different cities of the world, knowing what this means, not only on a material level but also on a spiritual level.

In this way, the adults must keep supporting and helping the younger ones so that they can direct and conduct their potentials, talents and virtues along the correct path.

Throughout the latest Festivals, your Heavenly Mother has been able to work in the awakening of the youth, so that all may be protected and not confounded by all that the world offers them today.

Therefore, dear children, the Festival must keep reaching not only its spiritual but also its material scope, until it represents one of the most important events of consciousness, love and respect for humanity, so that the culture of discard and indifference for the Kingdoms of Nature and for the most marginalized beings may be uprooted from human consciousness.

All that was offered today by the Festival of Santa Fe will prepare you for the next stage.

May today all good beings, beyond their beliefs, religion or culture, be blessed, because in essence, all are children of the same Father and Creator.

I thank all the youth for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May peace reign in your hearts today, My children, so that you may approach God and thus your inquietudes and fears, your abysses and anguishes may dissolve.

May faith reign in your souls and love reign in your spirits today, so that you may know that when you respond to the celestial call, in spite of all battles, all miseries, doubts and fears, the Love of God will always triumph.

Today, I come, with the rosary in My hands, to ask you to keep praying for this world. My eyes see things that you cannot imagine, that you would not accept nor believe that they exist in humanity. But your hearts and your prayers can actually reach, My children, not only the lost souls, but the deep and unknown situations that have their spiritual roots in the innermost core of the consciousnesses of the nations.

Now that you have learned to be in My Heart, to love Me and to recognize Me as your Mother and Protector, as the One who accompanies, not only the cross of Christ but the cross of each child of God, now, My beloveds, be more aware of your mission with Me.

May each day lead you to deepen, not only into the transformation and the surrender of your lives, but also in your service to this wounded planet and to its sick humanity that lacks love. This takes place by means of increasingly deeper prayer, of increasingly more sincere singing, of more selfless service, of a more complete surrender of yourselves, each day.

Pick up your rosaries, every day, and pray with Me. Pray, pleading to the Father for this world, for that which your eyes cannot see.

The Time of God now draws near toward the Earth, and the promises of a new world now approach their manifestation, in which the Kingdom of your Father is expressed. The promises now approach their manifestation and will soon become alive, the promises that together unite all true religions and allow them to become fulfilled, in one truth.

But before that, beloved children, the Book of the Apocalypse and everything that was taken out of it, by the hands of humanity, will also be fulfilled.

Many hard and deep trials will touch the consciousness of nations, like that of humanity, and in order to make of each one of these moments true triumphs of God, and not of chaos, you must be in permanent prayer.

It is possible, children, to experience the cross and allow a new Love and Divine Mercy to triumph within it, just as it is possible to live the Apocalypse and the Armageddon and make of this a confirmation of your souls before God, of the potential that is in your hearts, as His children.

You were created to love and to renew Love, and this happens beyond all circumstances of the world. It is just necessary, children, to pray from the heart, to serve with love, to surrender, to be in God, to seek the Father, each day, in each instant.

My Heart inspires you in silence, guides you to this purpose and accompanies your steps. My Love sustains your cross, My Grace helps you in your falls, My Peace renews you and makes you discover who you truly are.

Therefore, on this path, pray, My children. Pray for the world, pray for peace.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The legions of the end times

In each point of the Earth, the legions of the end times will be born and will have Universal Love as their religion.

These legions will be made up of adolescents and youths who will impel the world into living the change of consciousness.

The legions will have nothing to gain nor lose. They will awaken awareness in the care and love for the Kingdoms of Nature and the planet.

The legions of the end times will be the cry and the voice of those who suffer poverty, marginalization, exploitation and mistreatment to life, as well as to the Kingdoms of Nature.

These legions will move thousands of people throughout the entire world and they will be who, at the most important moment for humanity, will testify to the respect for Creation in the face of the literate, the scientists and governors.

The legions of the end times will reach the end consequences; they will not allow planet Earth to be shaken nor moved because of everything that the humankind of the surface has done throughout the past decades.

The legions of the end times will have a single motto and they will respect it. They will lead a large part of humanity to perceive the planetary risk that the world is going through and they will help to awaken the interest and motivation for all that was created, to the point of defending the whole ecosystem of the Earth before any person or nation.

The young people are the legions of the end times and they must be clear about the spiritual mission that they will accomplish in this definitive stage of the human race.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Search for the science of illumination within you, and know that it is nothing more than the living of the Purpose of human creation.

Illumination is the act of finding the Creator again within yourself and to discover the path and the doorway to Divine Consciousness within your own self.

By living union with God, you will understand His Presence in all things; you will know what the essence of life is, of learning on Earth, and the reason why each being inhabits it.

To illuminate the consciousness is to find the Creator and know yourself to be a part of Him and this, children, is achieved through experience, with the constant search to find God.

Sacred books will guide you; philosophies and true religions will help you find the path for this; but nothing has any meaning if each one of you does not search within yourself for the experience of unity with your Creator.

To pray is to seek the path of communication with God. To communicate with the Father is to create the link of your souls with Him so that you may be able to gradually enter into His Truth and receive the revelation of His Presence.

Seek for the Light of God so that He, in you, may illuminate the abysses of this world. The time has now come in which the little lamps must be on the table, and this is done, children, not with the light of humankind, but with the Light of God in human beings.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

By the infinite Mercy of My Heart, I descend to the lowest places of the Earth, to bring the Light of God to the world, that Divine Light which will redeem all consciousnesses and all spaces, the powerful Light of God that will redeem all times and all epochs, all facts and all events, so that the humanity of the surface may have a new opportunity and may know how to benefit from it.

Therefore, your Lord and Redeemer visits the most complex nations of the Earth where apparently nothing happens but, within the inner planes, they suffer much the consequence of their acts and errors. Errors that have not been forgiven yet, acts that have not been redeemed yet, and that only in this current time and within this final time will they begin to be liberated by the prayer of those who cry for God, by those who build toward Heaven the nonmaterial Churches through their profession of faith and through their daily prayer, their mantralization with the Heights, with infinity, with the Universe.

Only My merciful Heart can deposit here in Hungary a new opportunity, like also in the other nations that are witnesses of past errors that still have not converted, nor been forgiven.

But My intention is not to step back, it is not to remember the past nor the history. My intention is to liberate you from the chains, from the oppressions, from everything that makes you follow an involutionary course, from everything that makes you lose peace and hope in God.

Only the Son of God and no other consciousness, not even an angelic one, can take charge of this situation, however much the angels of the Universe may participate in this within the inner planes, and are removing the hells of the Earth so that they may be finally closed before the Second Coming of your Master and Redeemer. It will be the Son of the Supreme, the Son of the Creator, the one who is at the right side of the Father who will come to unite the religions into one belief, the belief of love and of compassion.

Therefore, companions, everything that will happen here in Hungary, everything that happens in Romania with the Holy Father, at this moment, everything has a sense and a spiritual reason that impels the Divine Fount of Creation to try to recover the planet at least through faith, faith in the celestial, faith in the divine, in the nonmaterial.

God sends His Son as a means of salvation for humanity, and the Son announces the Word of the Father that is Holy and Sacred so that the inner ears may listen to the good news of the time of liberation and of the time of peace.

But it will be necessary to yield and to humble, to surrender and to trust, so that what is in the Universe can descend to the Earth and make of the new nations a new Eden with redeemed creatures, forgiven and reconciled by the Spirit of the Love of God.

By means of the next Marathon of the Divine Mercy, you will offer to the Father your prayers for the nations of the world, especially for those nations that still keep deep inner wounds, which no one has manged to heal, not even through charity nor through love.

Therefore, this message must become conscious within each one of you, knowing that you not only take care of your homes, of your groups or of your works, but now you must take care for those who do not take care of themselves, who do not love themselves and who do not reconcile with God, and in millions of cases die without seeing the Light, the Light of God, and remain in the dark.

I want to put anend to the darkness of the world, which humanity itself generates with its actions and acts, with its feelings and thoughts. The psychic and mental plane of the Earth must be transmuted by all, through the collaboration of all, although the situations accelerate more each day.

You must not lose peace, nor the certainty that you are building the Plan of the Return of Christ to the Earth. You must always be within My Heart to be in the Divine Protection and in the fortitude of My spiritual Temple, of My Celestial Church, which congregates everyone so that you may drink of the Water of Life, of the Fount of Love and of the renewal that I bring to you, time and again.

My Heart contemplates all necessities of the Earth and My Spirit elevates all intentions of the children of God, including those intentions that are not pure and that you have as conveniences, but I purify all intentions because I know that the inner worlds need an opportunity in order to be able to reconsider and truly love.

Therefore, I welcome all needs, I receive all requests, I hear all supplications. This is the time when the Heart of God is attentive and open to feel the voice of your supplications, because no one on the surface of this Earth will be able to miss the opportunity of awakening and of truly uniting to God.

Therefore, everything you do will be for something that must happen after and before I return to the world, under the Glory of God and the splendor of all the Universe. On the surface of the Earth there are still many fallen stars that must find again the path of redemption, and these fallen stars are within the nations and also within the religions.

Fraternity will be this basis that will build the Temple of Redemption for all these fallen stars that must resume their commitment with God and recover their faith in the Light of Christ. For this reason, I offer Myself directly to you and to the world as a Door to the House of God, our Father, so that His Divine Attributes may be among you and may fill you.

I make you apostles of the times of tribulation so that you may learn to win as I won in the silence of the Cross and in the true and deep Love that exorcised all the hells of the Earth at that time.

The world needs a high and incalculable Love and you can be instruments so that this Love may come here and build new things in the world, for peace to reign in all spaces.

Eastern Europe must be a people renewed in faith and in the trust in God. And this work has just begun through the self-summoned, those who are internally called by Christ, your Master and Lord, to serve Him in His Plan of Redemption and of Love.

Celebrate this Marathon as an opportunity of living the apostleship of these times, regardless of the place or of the necessity, intention or cause, because I will place you where I need you, however it may be or however much it takes. I will place you in the place where love, healing and forgiveness is most needed. I will put you where the Light has never descended.

The work of the apostleship will prepare the Return of Christ. For this reason, union among religions will be important; the union in love, in human fraternity, in faith and in charity will impel the world to become aware that it must make a great change before the last day of the final transition comes, when your King Himself, the Christ, and the Archangel Gabriel will judge that fallen angel that has caused everything throughout the times and the centuries.

Everything that is done now is for these times that will come. The Fount of My Mercy is still open to the whole world, just place yourselves under My Light with the intention of the heart and the consciousness to be able to be purified and transmuted, to be able to be consecrated as My Apostle of Peace.

I thank you for your reception and response to My call!

My Mercy still springs as an infinite Fount from My Heart to the most lost and suffering souls of the whole world.

I bless you,



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Sacred Scriptures announce the coming of your Redeemer to the world for the second time, and all are called to participate in this event. Therefore, I am here today with you and in this place blessed by God, which was touched by His Holy Hand, to call souls to the conversion of their faults and to the reparation of His offended Heart.

These Scriptures, which I bring today between My Hands, reveal that the moment is coming. Not only you, but the whole world is also called to experience this. The moment is approaching, each day more, and the signs will show before the believing or unbelieving world. Therefore, be humble and meek, obedient and receptive, and you will be able to be on My path and within My Heart.

But so that this very important moment may come to humanity, many other things will happen, within and outside of you. Inexplicable inner battles will present themselves. Tests and challenges will show. But you must not lose meekness and peace because, if I have chosen you, it is because there is a project to fulfill and accomplish that you still do not know.

Therefore, liberate yourselves from conceit, from arrogance and from pride, from division, from the lack of unity, from the absence of love, from the absence of charity and of fraternity.

I silently accompany you, as at this moment I accompany the world and each one of My servers, regardless of their religion or belief, regardless of their form of filiation with God, the Celestial Father.

This is the time for the essences to unite within one purpose. Therefore, I will have you meet people similar to you who, although they live their own schools, seek the Path of Christ. Therefore, you must be attentive not to let My signs and My inner announcements pass.

In this time and during these days, not all the Sacred Hearts could be present here in Medjugorje, but your King is here, in the name of all of them, of the Messengers of God, of those who will give the impulse to humanity for the change and the transformation of consciousness.

I again tell you all these things because you must remember and practice them. If you live, day by day, the Attributes that I give to you, you will not suffer; but if you do not live them, you will resist, and the transformation will be painful and no one will be causing all this, because it will only depend on you.

In My patience, I wait for your steps. In My contemplation, I envision your transformation. But I not only talk to you, but also to the world, to those who listen to Me and to those who do not listen to Me.

Sometimes I cannot tell you all the things that I feel and see, because everything has a time and a moment, but rejoice your hearts because they know that you are on the path of redemption and of peace, and I need you totally with Me to be able to work and accomplish the Prodigies of God on Earth, in the nations and in the peoples, in those who live profound spiritual loneliness, in those who do not have love like you have every day.

It is now time to be able to express My Attributes, it is time to go beyond yourselves, and if I ask you this it is because you can do it, although it might not seem so.

Obedience will protect you until the end of times, not only you, consecrated beings, but also My servers, the collaborators of the Work that My Mother has founded in the Heart of Aurora.

Now, the times have changed and the responsibility has also changed. It is no longer mere words written in messages in order to motivate your hearts to make some change, it is a reality, it is a truth, it is a necessity.

There is still much to do and the path of surrender will be able to deepen, each day more, to the point that you resemble Me in the surrender that I made on the Cross for each one of you and your brothers and sisters. Within a great desolation and emptiness, God was there, because My Heart trusted in Him as the Father trusted in His Son, until the last moment.

What I ask of you in this time will move your structures, but I need it this way. I will ask you this, once and again, and I will wait, as I have waited for many others in other times.

The step that this Work has taken has been very important for My Celestial Mother and the Creator to support, once again, this Mission in Europe which needs so much Mercy, more than South-America. But from you, the Gift of Compassion must always be born so that it can emerge in your brothers and sisters who are here and who lived the terrible wars due to their terrible errors committed in the past.

Everything is a consequence, everything is a cause and an effect. Humanity distances itself from the Love of God, often out of fear of mistrust.

But, once again, I come to offer My Heart to the world as a fire of transforming love that can transfigure your cells and atoms, your inner worlds and souls, so that the Plan of Redemption can be fulfilled in humanity and on the whole planet.

We could not be here in public because silence and non-exposure makes the path of the apostle, so that it may be possible to rekindle the spiritual impulse that was left here in Medjugorje, so many years ago, by your Heavenly Mother. And so that this impulse can renew spiritually, time and again, in order for Eastern Europe to also receive Mercy, as you receive it, every day, when you pray and invoke the Mercy of My Heart.

You have gathered today, in My Name, where the great Portal of Light opens in the Heart of the Universe, so that you can take on more responsibilities in the name of your Master and Lord, in spite of your purifications and trials, in spite of your decisive and definitive time, for the world to receive more help and more Mercy in order that the Work may expand on Earth, and unite to other Works that come from the Lord, the Almighty.

In this way, the world will recognize that all of us are One in God.

I bring this message not only for you, but also for all of your brothers and sisters that support this moment and who are part of the Confraternity of My Heart, carrying on their chest the print of the perfect alliance with the Father by means of the Star of the Divine Brotherhood, the Star that the King David once visualized.

Thus today, once again, a principle is fulfilled. The spiritual Universe unites with the material Universe so that the Will of God may be fulfilled.

This passage through Medjugorje has been important for your Master and Lord because it is the time to also be here, in Eastern Europe, to make the Mercy of My Heart known, and the power of the transforming prayer which, for those who believe in it, opens the doors to the Heavens.

I encourage you to keep walking with Me and for Me. There is nothing that is missing for you. My Mother protects you and looks after you as She also protects this holy place, where Her kingdom of Peace made itself known to the world, just as Her Immaculate Heart in Fatima.

Celebrate this moment and this opportunity of reflection, of expansion of consciousness, this Grace of giving more of oneself to God, in surrender and in trust.

I leave here with relief in My Heart, knowing that in some part of the world, I am listened to, and My Projects, which are still unknown and come from Heaven, are fulfilled with hope.

I bless you all, in the name of Celestial Peace and in the name of Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Monthly Messages

Dear children,

My Heart of Mother returns to Italy, as in previous times, to bring to all of its people the Love and the Light of God. Love and infinite Light that you need as a society and religion in order to be able to live a transparent and true redemption.

For this reason, My children, I have asked the pilgrim group to come to Italy to bring this message from Heaven. Not only because your people must mend the faults committed against hundreds of immigrants, but also because you, having been people of immigration, should consciously work with forgiveness so that peace does not disappear within this nation.

I Am your intercessor and mediator Mother. I Am the Light that wants to take you to My Son so that, repented in your heart, you may profess your love for Christ and attain reconciliation. 

But first, My children, this act of true repentance must begin within the Church of My Son. It can no longer keep hiding its acts and mistreatment because, otherwise, it will also lose the Peace and the Mercy of God.

No religious person has spiritual immortality. This is the time of massive spiritual illness in which My adversary infiltrates to destroy and tempt many priests.

In Akita, La Salette and in Fatima, I announced about the need for all to return to God as soon as possible, so that you could see His Face of immense Mercy and Forgiveness. But many did not listen to Me.

I returned once again to the world, through Medjugorje, to announce to you that through the donation of My Heart you would attain peace and less than a quarter of humanity put into practice what I had said.

In order not to lose My children, I returned once again to the world, but this time on a key date, August 8, 2007, a day in which I brought to humanity the revelation of the Universe and of its mysteries, and ardently asked for My Voice, Soul and Heart to be taken to the entire world by means of the Pilgrimage of Peace.

Many have welcomed me and keep doing so, and the consciousness of hundreds of souls in the world keep awakening. But the Church sacrificed Me completely, judging My presence and closing the doors to My universal message of peace.

This was the test for this religion, that of recognizing the ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of the Most High, or of denying Her with defamation and lies. 

But the perpetual and maternal Light of My Heart has prevented My aspiration from being interfered with. Because behind the chaotic and grave scenarios in the Church and in the world, Your Heavenly Mother has created a powerful network of planetary prayer formed by all the praying beings of the Earth. A network of prayer that, until today, sustains and maintains, by means of the heart of each child of Mine, the spiritual and divine mission of the Mother of God in humanity.

The ecumenical movement of prayer that I Myself have founded on the surface of the Earth, through the prayer groups, is the one which allows the pilgrimage for the nations of the world and for the Voice of the Heavenly Messengers to be spread in all languages and to all peoples, so that no child of Mine remains without hearing Me.

For this reason, My children, I am returning once again to Italy to grant it the Grace of reconciliation and of the imminent forgiveness that it needs.

Everything that will happen in the meeting of prayer today will be the result of an immense love for God and for His Divine Lady.

There is still time to reconsider and amend yourselves. Do it, My children!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Weekly Messages
Weekly Message received in the Commune of Castle Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús


The spiritual Blood of My beloved Son shall still be poured out as a powerful spring upon humanity.

This precious Blood, which holds the luminous codes of the sorrowful Passion of Jesus, shall be that which will finish completely purifying all following believers, servers and the consecrated of Christ.

The Divine Blood of Jesus shall be poured out as a powerful Light in the world and, in that moment, all will be unleashed, everything will be defined, and the promise of His Second Return will be fulfilled.

For this reason, the precious spiritual Blood of My Son may be recognized and all of His sacrifice shall not have been in vain, in spite of the perversion in which present humanity is to be found.

When the powerful Blood of Jesus is once again poured out by the angels at the request of Christ, religions will know the true and only Face of Christ.

The moment will come when the blood of the martyrs of the end of times will also be recognized, and such a sacrifice or surrender shall no longer be experienced anywhere on Earth, for the powerful Blood of Jesus, in Its divine and spiritual state, will free all those who at some time felt like prisoners of themselves and of their human condition.

The Divine Blood of Christ, which will be offered in hundreds of chalices, shall grant those who persevere in Christ many wonders, revelations and miracles. And a new Earth will begin after everything has been purified and redeemed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



I surrender, time after time, so that souls may learn someday to love Me, to revere Me and to recognize Me.

If I had not surrendered in the Passion and on the Cross for you, you would never have had the possibility of living a life dedicated to union with Me and to the professing of faith.

For this reason, I continue to surrender to the world in different ways, and although the majority does not recognize Me, Your Master and Lord continues to surrender because someday all will awaken and become aware that the Son of God was Who surrendered out of real love for each one of you.

Meanwhile, in the meekness of My Heart, I wait for those who will be consistent with Me, so that they may learn to serve the Divine and the Supreme.

I wait for those who at some moment will become aware of what it means to be in Me, and the opportunity represented in living through the mystery of My Love.

Someday all will recognize Me, no matter the religion or the faith, because the Love that I pour out is for all.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


My Sacred Land

My Land, which was Holy, is being attacked. The price of the blood spilled is not valued or appreciated and this provokes the Wrath of God and His Justice.

Brothers and sisters still hurt one another and amongst them is the war between religions, something that, since the Garden of Gethsemane, was already foreseen.

But now there are no values, because the attributes no longer exist, and as there are no attributes, there is no peace.

How will the offenses against the Heart of the Father, brought about by these events of today, be amended?

Not even God Himself, who shed His Blood and surrendered His Love, managed to calm the anger and the disorder of His children of the past.

This is the moment in which everything will be destroyed again, and when everything is destroyed, only then, those who wounded their brothers and sisters will perceive that hate and resentment distanced themselves from God.

For this reason, I will not expose the few and good sheep that I have, because the fierce wolf, the beast of war, will want to hurt them, and these are not just words, they could be facts.

I must protect with My commands that which is most precious and simple that I have.

Again, I will be able to send My Peace to that place from another point of the Earth.

O Israel, the Day of Judgement will come and all will testify to your failure!

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


A special gala night

Dear sweet singers of My Heart,

Today is a special gala night because the Almighty and all of His angels will be attentive to the offerings that will be made during this musical encounter.

For this reason, My children, I come today not only to encourage you to keep singing and composing for the healing and upliftment of all of humanity, but also, in this special gala night, I invite you, through your hearts and most sincere devotion, that the spark of Christic Light may awaken and spring from all of you; an energy of Superior Love that urgently needs to be radiated to the world and, in consequence, to all of humanity.

May your souls, through your sacred offering for today's encounter, be ignited by the singing and upliftment so that all of the inner Christs on the planet may be able to reign and honor a process of change and transformation, in all of the human consciousness.

Beloved children, know that today's gala will also reach the spirit and consciousness of the families which, in these times, need immense spiritual aid, as they are the focus of division and wars among nations and peoples.

Before the advent of the Rebirth of Christ, My children, may all the families, beyond their condition, culture, people or religion, be able to receive today, through the musical encounter, the aid from the celestial spheres, which will descend to conceive peace and inner unity, so longed for by those who suffer the most.

I hope, dear children, that today your hearts and voices may flourish and show the essence of Christic Love, of that Love that is capable of giving everything for love, regardless of consequences or results.

In this gala night, may the Love of God be reborn, a Love that will be the preamble for the upcoming return of Christ to humanity.

I thank all of the choralists, instrument players and collaborators who, in this year, made the awakening of healing and spiritual upliftment of humanity possible. 

United to the Celestial Father, kindred in Christic Love, we make vows for the Plan of God to be fulfilled in humanity next year.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May peace reign today in all hearts and among all peoples.

May, through your prayers, love and respect for all nations and cultures be gestated in the human consciousness.

Joyfully express gratitude for the diversity of this planet, which makes it unique in the Universe for the ample possibility that beings have to learn how to love.

United with Our Lady of Guadalupe, may your hearts learn to give due importance to all peoples and may you love and cherish the pure expression of each one of them.

Each people, as well as each culture, has a higher purpose to manifest. Today, children, pray for this purpose so that nations may recover their purity and find the perfect principle of Divine Will for themselves.

Pray so that each nation may express their best in this world. Cease to judge cultures and religions but rather pray that they all find the Will of God and that this Will leads beings into expressing, experiencing and being the Love of God, constantly renewed in His creatures.

Today is a day to be thankful for the existence of peoples, cultures, and nations.

Today is a day to cry out to the Father so that, in His Heart of Love, He may unite all the paths that lead to Him.

Today is a day to place the heart within the Sacred Heart of Our Lady of Guadalupe and learn with Her to establish peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Pray and unite your heart with the Heart of God, because there is no longer anything to be said for the planet, other than to go deeper in your prayers and union with the Father.

Souls still have not perceived the times in which they are living, and their eyes still have not opened to see the agony of the world and, above all, the agony of the Heart of the Father in the face of everything that is experienced on Earth.

Beings continue imprisoned in their problems and needs; they still clutch to their plans, as if time flowed according to their will.

Child, I know that you do not hear, but the Earth screams and groans, and its cry is manifested in the hearts that suffer wars and conflicts and in the souls that are imprisoned in their illusions.

I know that you do not perceive it, but in the face of all that, the Heart of God becomes silent, and in His Silence, He prays so that beings may find peace in His Heart.

How little the planet needs in order to find peace! If all beings discovered that in true prayer the beginning of all transformation and all good are to be found, there would be peace.

If each being prayed to God, the One Creator, present in all life, even if according to the understanding of each religion and true spiritual path, they could understand and respect the schools that beings experience in order to find peace; they would know that, as each being is at a different evolutionary degree, many paths that lead to the Father are necessary. But one day, Child, all of those paths will meet at the apex of human evolution, which is Love.

When the heart prays, it enters into the Wisdom of God and understands these and many other things. Through human ignorance, there are wars, disrespect and lack of love.

Pray, and you will find wisdom. Pray, and you will find peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


At these times, you will not find an answer to your questionings neither in science nor in the sacred books, nor in religions. Everything that man has manifested up until today, even if it was inspired by God in other times, will not manifest the answer and the understanding for what humanity will experience in this world and that, as a consequence, will be experienced by the whole Universe.

Just as nobody was able to explain the actions of the Son of Man, from His predication up until His Cross, in these times, child, nobody will know how to explain what you will live as humanity.

It is in the Heart of God that you will find the answer and the refuge. It is in the Heart of God that you will find encouragement and breath. It is in the Heart of God that you will live in peace, which will be incomprehensible for the majority of men. And you will transform, into love, what for many will be "divine injustice."

Those who never addressed God, and who only worshiped and proclaimed the things of the world, will late cry out, demanding Heaven for an opportunity that has always been given to them. Those who limited Divine Wisdom to the human mind will search in books, written by the hands of men, and will not know how to explain, understand or accept what they will live, and they will shout: "My God! My God!", when seeing manifested what they always denied existed.

Those who were humble of heart and only certain of their own ignorance, will not fear to cross the Portals that will open upon the world and they will marvel at the Sublime Existence that will manifest on Earth, feeling within themselves the relief and aid that they so waited for. Their heart, united to the Heart of the Father, will know how to recognize the presence of the Son of God in His return to the world, and everything that they had to live and surrender in order to be in that moment, will seem very little. Their humility will grant them the grace to recognize the greatness of Christ.,

Now clean and purify your heart, My child. Do not spend time in vanities and indifferences, but know that the greatest treasure you can have is an empty heart, available for God, and united to Him. Build this unity within you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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Association Mary
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