Dear children,

I rejoice to see you here, in this sacred house, a favorite place of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a space that gestates relief for the suffering of souls.

I want to tell you, dear children, that My Heart prays every day for the manifestation of the House of Saint Lazarus, a house that will be consecrated in honor of this important fact lived by My Son, Jesus, in the resurrection of Lazarus, so that souls that one day enter this space may receive within themselves the power of resurrection, through the care of love for those who suffer and for those who are sick in body and in spirit.

All of you are blessed by this project of the House of Saint Lazarus. In a short while, the doors of manifestation will open, and it will be the time and the moment, dear children, to work for the relief of suffering of the hearts that will seek peace, of many hearts that will appear seeking relief because they will not find it anywhere else.

Although this Project seems unattainable, for God it is not, because it is in His Will. And today I come as your Mother of the Relief of Suffering, to remind you of this request.

However, this mission of the House of Saint Lazarus is not the only one. This Light-Nucleus will expand its dimensions and spaces. This is why I ask you to ask yourselves internally if you are ready for this moment. Because while the planet and humanity suffer in an unknown way, God will place His Presence in some places of the planet, through spaces of light, love, charity and mercy.

I come here to tell you, My children, that I am with you, that I accompany each step and each moment of the concretion of the House of Saint Lazarus, as well as of the other projects through this Light-Nucleus, projects that someday will go beyond this city of São Carlos, projects that will also renew the Nucleus in São Paulo, so that it may re-emerge through the impulse of service that the self-summoned souls have lived throughout the times, because we are at a moment of emergency.

The Light-Nuclei must not only be spaces of salvation and rescue, they must also continue to be the archetype of a life experience, of a life consecrated to the Plan of God, of a life that may express the Community of Christ on Earth.

The pillars of the Light-Nuclei are sustained by the souls that present themselves in them, to take care of each space as if it were their very own life, just as you take care of yourselves.

Here, on the inner planes of this Nucleus, an Aspect of God reigns, which is the one that impels the work of charity, service and mercy, not only through the materialization of the House of Saint Lazarus, but also through the other projects of service that are lived here and those which will be lived here someday. Because there will be other projects that will gather other souls, different from you, but who will be embraced by the same impulse of Christ to express good and peace in a disturbed world, in an unbalanced society, in a family that needs unity.

Here the Aspect of Iod He Vaud He is present, which is the Aspect that represents the Spiritual Government of God for the Earth and the whole universe. I know that this is a very great conception for you and also for inner life, but do not worry, unite to Iod He Vaud He, so that He may inspire you, so that He may give you strength, so that He may grant you the bravery and courage to achieve and express His Will on Earth and in souls.

For a moment, think and meditate with Me, through each effort that has been made in the project of the House of Saint Lazarus, and for in the Project Fraternal Serving. How many souls have benefitted from this, not only incarnated souls, but also on the inner planes? How many have already achieved relief of suffering, even though the House of Saint Lazarus still does not physically exist? Do you understand, My children, how far the Love of God wants to go?

I know that you need something material to understand it, but I invite you to internally live the expression of the House of Saint Lazarus. Live the Law of Correspondence and all will happen according to what is written. If this project were not real for God, I would not be here today. This is why I come once again to reaffirm in you this Aspiration of the Eternal Father.

Beloved children, understand, once and for all, that the Eternal Father is the One who ardently wishes for the House of Saint Lazarus. Because in the end of these times, many, really many, must resurrect in spirit and also in life, through the miraculous and authentic service that this house will express through all the hands and, above all, all the hearts that give of themselves to reflect, within the House of Saint Lazarus, the fiery bases and principles of Figueira.

This treasure of the spirituality of Figueira is an incalculable treasure, it is a still unknown treasure, it is a Treasure of God, because it comes from His Heart.

You, beloved children, are part of this Legacy. Did you know this? Feel as part of this story that is written today in the mirrors, in the Mirrors of Creation, an experience of love and redemption of each one of you, so that many more, in a state of Grace and Pity, may attain the Mercy and the opportunity for the lives of many human beings to be dignified lives in the Lord, a part of His Kingdom.

Today, I embrace this house, this work and all its service with My Mantle and, above all, with My Arms. And I ask the Holy Spirit of God to inspire, guide and lead you, through His gifts, His seven gifts, toward His Will, the Will of God that is written in the heart of each one of you.

I feel so much a part of this work, dear children, that you cannot imagine. I would never tire of saying it, because where there is true love there is God, and where there is God there is the relief of suffering for all those who serve in His name, His Most Sacred Name, which gives you the power of overcoming and of transcendence, which every day grants you the Grace to stand up again to fulfill His Will, although you may have fallen.  

These are My Words. This is also My aspiration: I will be the first to enter this House of Saint Lazarus, because I was a witness of the miracle that My Son, Jesus, worked with Saint Lazarus. Thus, once again, I will be a witness of the miracle that My Son will work in you and in your brothers and sisters.

Let us celebrate this moment through the Holy Eucharist, so that at the Altars of God may be presented the offering of each heart, each server and each collaborator who places their life into a project that continues to descend from Heaven to Earth.

Let us offer this moment.

I once again thank you for responding to My call. I bless you and encourage you to follow in the steps of Christ, His footprints of Light. I invite you to follow His Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



My beloved children,

I come here today, bringing in My Hands the Bloodied Heart of Jesus, because My Son cries out for reparation in the face of war, conflict and the outrages that still exist in this world and in religions.

I come with the Bloodied Heart of My Son to ask you, in honor of His Divine and Holy Name, to accompany Me, in sacrifice, in a special, non-public spiritual task, at the Light-Nucleus of Figueira in San Carlos, the Nucleus of the Mother of the Alleviation of Suffering.

I need to arrive there to make known the importance of the realization of My request of the House of Saint Lazarus, because through this House, your Heavenly Mother and Her Healing Angels will bring spiritual relief to the human beings of this time, which everyone needs in this cycle.

I will go on a special pilgrimage to My House in San Carlos, to strengthen, in these times of emergency, the project of the manifestation of that Home, just like I will bless the families and children who are a part of the Fraternal Service Project.

My urgency is so that at least in some parts of the planet there may exist the presence of the Love of God, of the Love that heals, that cures and that redeems the suffering of these times.

Dear children, in this way, in sacrifice, your Most Holy Mother will pilgrimage in the company of a small group so that on October 25 this sacred task may be carried out, through a Special Apparition of the Virgin Mary. 

My Son gave Me His Bloodied Heart, asking the Mother of Alleviation of Suffering to intercede for souls who in this time have already condemned themselves. Therefore, the pain of My Son is indescribable.

From now on I thank all those who can collaborate in any way possible so that this reserved and special meeting may be fulfilled.

My beloved children, I would like to end by telling you that also on October 25 there will be a special live transmission shared, to transmit what happened in San Carlos.

I thank you for following My Steps!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



When a spiritual and deep sorrow is healed, a liberation from the past and all its codes is established, thanks to the intercession of the Spiritual Laws of Healing.

Through the Immaculate House for the Alleviation of Suffering, I wish to establish a home where souls that have not yet found God within themselves are able to find Him through the charitable hands which will give of themselves to accompany that moment.

In this, My next Project, I would like a work of healing and of spiritual prayer to be experienced at the current nucleus with the souls that, in spiritual or physical convalescence, will need recovery.

For this reason, dear children, a second house for the relief of suffering and physical transition toward corporeal death must be founded.

I need, dear children, that this second house be called the House of Saint Lazarus, so that souls which will be experiencing their last days on Earth there, will be able to be resurrected to eternal life.

For this reason, My little ones, this task will gradually be gestated, with the hope that the servers of San Carlos and the surrounding cities, in prayer and in service, take on this important mission for the souls that do not know healing nor eternal life after death.

I need everybody to be trained, educated and prepared for that mission.

The purpose of the manifestation of the House of Saint Lazarus is a part of all people of São Paulo, which will be affiliated with the mother house of the Immaculate Mother  for the Alleviation of Suffering.

I also wish to be present, as the Lady of Graces, at the entryway of the House of Saint Lazarus.

This house will shelter many souls, and in the future will go through an expansion, because My design is that the Immaculate House for the Alleviation of Suffering have other houses in other cities of São Paulo, because this task will be done so that souls may feel loved and protected at the moment of their death.

Dear children, if the people of São Paulo should take on this task of healing and of the transition of souls into the Kingdom of the Heavens, I assure you that the city of São Paulo will not need to go through so many purifications.

Once again, I invite you to embrace My aspiration.

I thank you for accompanying Me!

Who brings relief to you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

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