Thursday, October 11 of 2018

Daily messages

At these times, you will not find an answer to your questionings neither in science nor in the sacred books, nor in religions. Everything that man has manifested up until today, even if it was inspired by God in other times, will not manifest the answer and the understanding for what humanity will experience in this world and that, as a consequence, will be experienced by the whole Universe.

Just as nobody was able to explain the actions of the Son of Man, from His predication up until His Cross, in these times, child, nobody will know how to explain what you will live as humanity.

It is in the Heart of God that you will find the answer and the refuge. It is in the Heart of God that you will find encouragement and breath. It is in the Heart of God that you will live in peace, which will be incomprehensible for the majority of men. And you will transform, into love, what for many will be "divine injustice."

Those who never addressed God, and who only worshiped and proclaimed the things of the world, will late cry out, demanding Heaven for an opportunity that has always been given to them. Those who limited Divine Wisdom to the human mind will search in books, written by the hands of men, and will not know how to explain, understand or accept what they will live, and they will shout: "My God! My God!", when seeing manifested what they always denied existed.

Those who were humble of heart and only certain of their own ignorance, will not fear to cross the Portals that will open upon the world and they will marvel at the Sublime Existence that will manifest on Earth, feeling within themselves the relief and aid that they so waited for. Their heart, united to the Heart of the Father, will know how to recognize the presence of the Son of God in His return to the world, and everything that they had to live and surrender in order to be in that moment, will seem very little. Their humility will grant them the grace to recognize the greatness of Christ.,

Now clean and purify your heart, My child. Do not spend time in vanities and indifferences, but know that the greatest treasure you can have is an empty heart, available for God, and united to Him. Build this unity within you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph