Do not fear, soul of Mine, to be polished as strongly as an old piece of wood in the hands of the Carpenter.  The greater is the polishing, the greater is the liberation of your soul and in consequence, dear Soul, you shall be liberated from the game of arrogance and vanity.  A good wood well-treated will last throughout the times.

Allow that I mold you according to the perfect drawing of My Plans.  Do not fear, dear soul, to be polished so arduously that you come to release from yourself the impurities of the unconsciousness.  Surrender yourself entirely in My working Hands and you will soon see, soul of Mine, how it was necessary for so long that you detach yourself from yourself.

In the new works God pours His Spirit.  In the purified hearts God pours His Infinite Grace.  Dear soul, drink from the Water that I offer you from My Side so that you, living in sacrifice, may find the way of holiness and of good.

Allow that I show you the Will of My Father, soul of Mine.  Abandon yourself in My Heart.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for humiliating yourself before My Heart!

Christ Jesus


May today your beings be covered by the brown mantle of humility in the same way as My Sacred Mother who today wears it in honor and in praise to the God of Love.

May on this 16th day of July, consecrated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, your hearts unite themselves to the power and the strength of the ray of humility that incessantly springs from the Immaculate Heart.

May today, as good children of God, your lives experience the exercise of humility so that they may be able to recognize that God is in all of the simple things as also in the reverent and in the sacred.

Also see the ray of humility in the priests, those who day by day preach the Word of Life that must always be full of the charisma of humility and of simplicity in all, because these are My True Disciples and Apostles.

Remain day by day seeking humility in your prayers as well as in your tasks. Do all in the name of the sacred humility so that it may be graced by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as it was once in the Cenacle of the Virgin Mary.

A path to enter into sacred humility is to ask the Holy Spirit to cover you with Its divine light and to show you how to live in humility, to live in this way in detachment from your own selves.

This is My current Aspiration, that each day that passes you be true disciples of humility so that competence, arrogance and vanity may disappear from your consciousnesses. When you assume to live in humility and for the humility of God you will recognize the times in which you hide under your veils.

I ask you that you do not confront them, but that you give them the order of transformation and of transcendence because in this way you will be in harmony. Walk through the same pathway of the Cross, the one that I walked for you, and feel humility as a table of salvation and of obedience to the greater laws and to your spirits.

Today I ask you that every day before three in the afternoon you always re-read the last message that has been posted, because in humility you will understand again what it is that I request from you day by day.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living through the Spirit of Humility!

Christ Jesus, the humble Shepherd.


The one who lives through My Sacred Word will know the celestial wonders that I pour in those hearts that day by day say yes to Me.

For this I return to the world to banish from each essence the seed of pride and of vanity that has sown, with its actions, the enemy. With My Power I defeat the plans contrary to the ones of My Father. Through My Merciful Love I save those who have fallen down and by My Grace I redeem what is still immature in the consciousnesses.

To hold My Redeeming and Savior Flag between the hands is only for the brave ones who love the unknown and who live faith as a flame that illuminates  when everything is dark.

I come to ignite again the Divine Fire of My Love that has dried up in many hearts and for this I form the disciples as soldiers and as lives in constant prayer for the world. In this way, by means of this constancy in the devoted hearts, I will be able to establish again the Kingdom of My Father, that Kingdom of Love and Redemption that I made descend through the Sacred Cross.

In My Hands are marked the sins of those who were lost and were liberated. In My Feet were marked the faults of those who, out of ignorance, submerged the entire world. And in My Side was opened the Source of Mercy that, until your present, continues to spring from the Center of My Being for the whole world.

I hope that you never be too tired to seek this inexhaustible source that nourishes you, redeems you and liberates you from your own selves. I open My Arms so that those who have fallen down may return with confidence towards Me. I love you and this you must know very well. I wait for you because there is a place guarded for each disciple of Mine.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


My dear brothers and sisters:

May I in this time be able to awake in you the sublime humility of the heart so that your lives may liberate themselves from the identification with the things of the world and, in this way, you may walk in consecration to My Eternal and Sacred Heart.

Dears, may the path of competition and of the recognitions amongst men and women of this world be distant from My servers. May prayer be the only path that takes them towards the encounter with Me, with My Kingdom of Love. Because the love of My Heart and the love amongst My companions will allow them to defeat the great atavisms of consciousness, as are pride and vanity. May your hearts, before these attitudes of the world, strengthen themselves by the living the spirit of fraternity and redemption.

My Blessed Heart is open so that you may adore it as a temple of prayer and devotion, a temple of the Beloved God that will protect you from the attitudes of your own selves. For this go through the path of peace and may peace be the reason to gather in the Light all of My sheep.

I wait for the awakening of new flocks. So that it may happen and all may be partakers of My Mercy My servers will be as the living bridge of love and charity. In this way the greater number of souls will cross the threshold towards My Heart.

I wait for you always in patience and in love. Love each other compassionately, in this way the world will be a little more relieved.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you, children, for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Stand before the Reliquary of My Chaste Heart so that it may silently reveal to you the love that is within you and lead you into unconditionally loving God.

Let your soul express, without fear or shame, without the fear of being new, different or unknown. Plunge into the mystery of your inner world to express what humanity does not know. Seek the reference of your evolutionary path in the depths of your essence because it is there where the Truth is held, that which you so aspire to find.

The greatest of all contacts is the one that is established with one's own inner world, and the greatest of all revelations is to discover that the Universe and its mysteries are within you. The understanding of inexplicable things, the revelation of invisible things, contact with life and eternity, knowledge and awareness of the Truth, all of this is within you.

But this world has taught humankind to not seek answers within themselves and to go through life looking for guidelines of mundane things outside of themselves. They seek for intelligence instead of wisdom; they seek vanity instead of inner beauty; they seek pleasures and happiness instead of the transcendence of all for being in the fullness of God.

Stand before the Reliquary of My Heart, in prayer, because it will silently show you the path to your own inner being, and you will know who you are, even without knowing, seeing or hearing. It will be a feeling, it will be the expression of the truth in your heart and in your life.

Stand before the Reliquary of My Heart and feel the peace and the freedom that I felt on discovering the path to be in God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order to fulfill the Plan of God every day, you only need to be sincere of heart, always seek the path of humility, and the overcoming of self.

It is in these times, child, when the purification becomes more intense within many beings and, above all, within the consciousness of the planet, that you need to elevate your heart more and seek within it the strength and the courage to persist on your path, every day.

Place your heart and your mind always on what God needs of you.

When what you want intermingles and becomes confused with the desires of the world, turn your heart toward God and offer Him your being so that He may make it clear and pure, transparent and true, before His Will.

God will call on you to surpass yourself every day, but not to surpass through pride, competitiveness or vanity; He will call on you to surpass through love, He will call on you to overcome obstacles in your inner world, experiences that will occur between your heart and the Heart of God.

Surpassing, in these times, is not just physical but, above all, it is interior. And it is not the obstacles of the planet or the external difficulties that you are going to overcome.

Within you will be your greatest challenge, where nobody sees, where nobody reaches, just you and your Father. And it is there, child, that you will fight your greatest battle, and it is through that triumph that you will overcome yourself and surpass the Love of God.

For this reason, do not place your attention so much on external things, on the defects of others, but rather on the truth and on the transparency that there should be within you, so that you may fulfill the Will of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Only through love can you overcome yourself.

Only by fasting of what makes you remember the desires and superficialities of the world are temptations defeated so that in prayer you can balance the inner world.

Only with peace can you overcome the eagerness for power.

Only with the wisdom of silence is the ignorance of pride and vanity overcome.

Only by beginning within yourself is the world transformed.

Only when you make room for the New Human and New Life to born within yourself will you see it emerge on Earth.

Only through the union with God can true peace be reached.

Only through surrender and self-donation can true love be known.

Evolution is only completed when you are able to love all types of life, with all of its Kingdoms, and thus collaborate in its evolution, in its steps towards the Infinite.

Fast of distractions and you will reach peace; fast of superficialities and you will find silence; fast of yourselves, serving others, and you will discover the sense of surrender and the principle of love.

Search within yourself for unity with God.

Everything has already been said to you. What is necessary now is not knowledge, but the experience of it, in wisdom; the internalization of it, in silence.

Only when you live what you already know will you be worthy of the revelation of greater mysteries.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


At these times, you will not find an answer to your questionings neither in science nor in the sacred books, nor in religions. Everything that man has manifested up until today, even if it was inspired by God in other times, will not manifest the answer and the understanding for what humanity will experience in this world and that, as a consequence, will be experienced by the whole Universe.

Just as nobody was able to explain the actions of the Son of Man, from His predication up until His Cross, in these times, child, nobody will know how to explain what you will live as humanity.

It is in the Heart of God that you will find the answer and the refuge. It is in the Heart of God that you will find encouragement and breath. It is in the Heart of God that you will live in peace, which will be incomprehensible for the majority of men. And you will transform, into love, what for many will be "divine injustice."

Those who never addressed God, and who only worshiped and proclaimed the things of the world, will late cry out, demanding Heaven for an opportunity that has always been given to them. Those who limited Divine Wisdom to the human mind will search in books, written by the hands of men, and will not know how to explain, understand or accept what they will live, and they will shout: "My God! My God!", when seeing manifested what they always denied existed.

Those who were humble of heart and only certain of their own ignorance, will not fear to cross the Portals that will open upon the world and they will marvel at the Sublime Existence that will manifest on Earth, feeling within themselves the relief and aid that they so waited for. Their heart, united to the Heart of the Father, will know how to recognize the presence of the Son of God in His return to the world, and everything that they had to live and surrender in order to be in that moment, will seem very little. Their humility will grant them the grace to recognize the greatness of Christ.,

Now clean and purify your heart, My child. Do not spend time in vanities and indifferences, but know that the greatest treasure you can have is an empty heart, available for God, and united to Him. Build this unity within you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,


Go and seek the Heart of God beyond the human miseries.

The errors are a way of recognising your own imperfection and seek, beyond the superficialities, that which is real, which is true.

God, child, offers you to learn through the knowledge of His Grace, awakening in your heart a profound faith in your Father and Lord Who, from the beginning of His Creation, until today, finds ways of demonstrating His Love to His children.

But it is also possible to know God through tiredness, through the constant errors, through the miseries that overflow the human condition without an apparent solution.

There the heart seeks a hope, something that is more real than its miserable condition, something that dissolves, with its truth, the illusion and the mirage of the labyrinth of vanities.

There is when the heart halts and thinks: God.

There is when the consciousness, that knows the occult meaning of life, finds a space, between the distractions of the personality, so that it descends over the being a drop of Grace, and this drop starts to transform everything it touches.

A drop of God satiates the thirst of the souls and gives them back life, but a river of the Divine Presence turns them into His instruments, living sources in a world that has thirst for Truth and that dies for not seeing the source before their eyes.

He who was thirsty and was satiated can no longer see the thirst before his eyes and do nothing, because he knows the emptiness and the illusion, and this makes him despair.

But know, child, that everything has its time and freewill gave men the election of knowing God through love or clamouring for Him in the deepest of the one own miseries.

Know, however, that the Gaze of your Father is always attentive on His children, it does not halt and it does not get distracted. A simple movement is enough for Him to respond with a river of Graces to those who deserve Justice, because the Creator of the world is the God of Mercy and His Heart is renovated and it rejoices in the awakening of each human heart.


Child, at the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, cry out for mercy and discernment, so that your steps may be right, and the path chosen by you always take you to the Heart of God.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, let yourself be flooded by the Humility that comes from the Heart of God.

Your Lord is already beginning to take the first steps towards the Earth and it will not be the gold of the world that will make you shine before the Eyes of God, for Him to find you. It will be the pearl revealed in your heart, when you clean and purify the mud of your miseries, that, for God will be the sign and the seal so that He may find the redeemed-on Earth.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, do not let the shame and fear of seeing yourself humiliated be greater than the Grace of achieving humility. Let yourself be stripped away of the things of the world and let them only belong to its vanities.

The day will come in which God will seek to receive from you the multiplication of the treasures given to you, but if you have not known them, how will you come to multiply them?

God did not give you the riches of the Earth, but rather the virtues hidden in the heart, sometimes even covered over by skills and good appearances, but those are really not what your Creator expects from you.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, search in your heart for the greater virtue of giving up, the treasure of faith, the richness of charity, the joy of surrender. Heaven and Earth will pass, but what God placed inside of you will multiply.

Give yourself up, as God gave Himself up, becoming a child in the arms of the Most Holy Mary,

Give yourself up, as the Creator did, escaping death and going to Egypt, in profound surrender in the hands of His Holy Children, made His Parents there.

Give yourself up, in the silence of God, denied on the Earth He had chosen to sanctify, walking towards distant peoples who would know how to listen to Him.

Give yourself up, as does God Who know how to forgive, who throws casts upon the ground the stones of the sins of men and does not throw but Forgiveness and Mercy at them.


In order for you to follow the steps of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all personal paths. The Lord will come and dictate your steps and they will not be those that you want to follow, because those, children, aggrandize your human condition and do not lead you to the Truth.

In order for you to follow the steps of Christ, I tell you: you must leave behind your aspirations, human “dreams” and human desires, to find in this way His Divine, Perfect and unique Will for your lives.

In order for you to find the Path of Christ, I tell you: you must close your eyes to the covetousness of the life of others, and you will no longer wish to live as “this one” or “that one”, because for each being, the Divine Thought is unique, and each of His children must seek what belongs to them and long for nothing else but the Divine Will for themselves.

In order for you to find the Truth of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all vain knowledge, all unmeasured searches to aggrandize your minds and spiritual egos with half-truths and many vanities. A large part of humanity, children, would need “the science of knowing nothing” to reach the true essence of Divine Knowledge. While they seek and seek, drink and feast at false sources, they will never give space within for what is True and Pure, and that quenches and ceases this unmeasured thirst for what is not real.

In order for you to be in the Love of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all vain love, especially of yourselves; that which you called love, and that I call vanity and zeal for ignorance and for illusion. Because that one who feeds the love of their own image and the things of this world does nothing but watch over their condition of ignorance.

In order for you to find the Silence of Christ, I tell you: you must become silent within, in the depths of the heart, and seek that union more in solitude than in appearance; more in actions than in words; more in Truth than in spiritual ignorance.

If you are tired of yourselves and want to the point at which you are at, I tell you: love and in all things seek to love. Have your actions be moved by love, corrected by love, and reflected with love when you make a mistake. Have your word and thought be born from love, and even though you feel that you do not have what to love, love God, His Plan and in Him you will love all things.


To transform the human condition, it is necessary to know it profoundly.

Since its creation, children, since you arrived on Earth with veils covering your eyes, your consciousnesses, humanity got used to live one illusion after the other, and not only ignored its past and future, but also believed to be something it was not.

Because of the present planetary situation of chaos and perdition, not finding a meaning for their own lives, many search for the truth, and the unbridled thirst makes them drink of the water from any fountain that may show up as if it were the purest and most crystalline of all.

You must take care, children, of the water you drink, of the knowledge you search for, because all waters can satiate the thirst of who was dry in spirit, but if you continue drinking of water contaminated by the power and human vanity, you might end up dying in spirit, diagnosed by ignorance, when you believed having found the truth.

Drink of the water that God sends you through His Messengers and trust that it has all you need. The once who drinks of two fountains – sinning by the desire for power and possession of new knowledge – might drown in their anxiety.

Drink of the water that washes, transforms and purifies you and not of the water that makes you greater and brings vanity to your souls, confusing them.

True knowledge nourishes the consciousness and matures the spirit and not the personality. I also tell you that often an instruction will come from God that you will understand with the soul, not with the mind. Even so, even if it is incomprehensible to you at this moment, it will transform you and lead you to new steps, in which one day you will be able to understand what has gotten you there.

Drink from the fountain of love, of sacrifice, of service, of prayer. In it you will find all sciences.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Strengthen the truth in your interior and be truthful, not only when you are alone and know that you cannot hide yourself from God in your solitude.

Consolidate your purest aspirations and keep yourself in this purity as long as you can.

Remember the greatness of the Plan of God; also remember the suffering of the world and offer your transformation, thinking about what the world should be and observing what it has become. Both in the greatness of the Plan of the Lord as well as in the abyssal planetary situation, you must find the impulses not to be what you are and walk towards what you must be.

Seek a closer contact with God in the solitude of the heart and strengthen the purity of your interior there. The more moments of union with God you have on your day, the more easily you will keep yourself in the purpose, and will resist the temptations that present themselves before you.

However, if you elect to be before all the situations you already know you cannot overcome, instead of choosing to be in solitude with God and be truthful before Him, you will never be able to come out of the permanent battle against yourself. And it will not be necessary that the enemy approaches you, because you rush yourself to the abysses of your own consciousness.

Child, you already know that you are purifying the sludge in your interior; you already know that, very intensively, the temptations and the worldly desires that you still have inside of yourself call you to fall. Therefore, do not place your consciousness in unnecessary probations when the path of peace shows itself to your eyes.


I know that the forces that emerge from your interior, in purification and transformation, sometimes are so strong that blind your eyes for love and for forgiveness.

I know that after eons of existence feeding prides and vanities, power and property, it is very difficult for the consciousness in evolution to say “yes” for a learning of humility, when it precipitates in your lives.

Many are those who say they want to be humble as the Lord in His manger in Bethlehem, but – before the tests that God sends them – they react and not only do not accept them with humility, but also feel deeply offended and seek a way to attack those who have unconsciously served as instruments for God to test them such as they always ask for.

Understand, dear companions in Christ, that the Lord cannot allow everything to be given to you without bringing to your lives the tests that consolidate the Christic purpose in your interior.

After receiving so many impulses from Heaven, when you are disregarded, humiliated, calumniated or mistreated – according to the understanding of each one -, simply receive the opportunity as a celestial gift and, without fear, let the structures of pride fall to the ground, at your feet.

I know that many realize that they have not passed the tests that God has sent them and that the resistant structures of pride were greater than their aspiration to humility, but it does not matter because we do not ask you for perfection, but for persistence. Now, get up from the abyss of ignorance and recognize your own learning; place yourselves before the Father, available to new lessons and move forward.

I want you to understand something at once and forever: humanity needs your examples of humility, which are codes that are becoming extinct from the human consciousness, because the reactions and protests are already well known by all.

When someone put you before a situation of humiliation, accept it with humility, because – no matter who is right or if this situation is fair or unfair – the Lord expects His soldiers to bend their heads and win the battle, overthrowing pride and living humility.


Today, day on which you are praying worldwide and clamoring for the energy of Mercy of Christ for the planet, I want to help you in the path of prayer.

Dears, the weight of the world will become internally, mentally and emotionally heavier and heavier, mostly for those who are trying to walk an evolutionary path.

On the current days of the planet, to be a praying consciousness is like paddling against a great current of inertia, distractions and quest for pleasure and for gratification. That is why, even more in this time of intense inner purification for all, you must be attentive to what I will tell you.

Throughout all the human existence, all the codes that humankind has generated with the quest for power, for pleasure, for gratification, with competition, vanity, wrath, were impregnating the human consciousness as a whole, and they even reached the depth of the cell consciousness of many beings, those who have never lived an experience of seeking the sacred, the evolutionary, the pure.

In different proportions, these energies, called capitals, are inside of all beings of the Earth, because they inside of the human consciousness and, in certain parts of the world, some of these energies completely control the consciousnesses.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.