Tuesday, June 25 of 2013

Daily messages

The one who lives through My Sacred Word will know the celestial wonders that I pour in those hearts that day by day say yes to Me.

For this I return to the world to banish from each essence the seed of pride and of vanity that has sown, with its actions, the enemy. With My Power I defeat the plans contrary to the ones of My Father. Through My Merciful Love I save those who have fallen down and by My Grace I redeem what is still immature in the consciousnesses.

To hold My Redeeming and Savior Flag between the hands is only for the brave ones who love the unknown and who live faith as a flame that illuminates  when everything is dark.

I come to ignite again the Divine Fire of My Love that has dried up in many hearts and for this I form the disciples as soldiers and as lives in constant prayer for the world. In this way, by means of this constancy in the devoted hearts, I will be able to establish again the Kingdom of My Father, that Kingdom of Love and Redemption that I made descend through the Sacred Cross.

In My Hands are marked the sins of those who were lost and were liberated. In My Feet were marked the faults of those who, out of ignorance, submerged the entire world. And in My Side was opened the Source of Mercy that, until your present, continues to spring from the Center of My Being for the whole world.

I hope that you never be too tired to seek this inexhaustible source that nourishes you, redeems you and liberates you from your own selves. I open My Arms so that those who have fallen down may return with confidence towards Me. I love you and this you must know very well. I wait for you because there is a place guarded for each disciple of Mine.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.