Christ will make you pure of heart because He gave His Life for you so that the errors of humanity could be forgiven.

His Blood justified the sins of everyone and brought freedom to the prisons of planetary life.

Through the Holy Spirit, His Water purified and baptized you as bearers of His Peace.

Each of His Wounds was offered as a salvation for all the condemned of the world, and His pain and agony continue to be the path of offering for the unredeemed.

His Cross triumphed and continues triumphing up to today.

In this way, are all marked by the power of that Cross, which defeats evil and brings freedom from the chains that imprison you.

His Word came to renew you and continues to do so because the purpose of the Divine Word is to continue to free all from the captivity of these times.

Avail yourselves then of the merits of My Son so that your lives may be converted in Christ and thus, you convert the cruelty of the world into a chamber of redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Christ will make you pure of heart because He gave His Life for you so that the errors of humanity could be forgiven.

His Blood justified the sins of everyone and brought freedom to the prisons of planetary life.

Through the Holy Spirit, His Water purified and baptized you as bearers of His Peace.

Each of His Wounds was offered as a salvation for all the condemned of the world, and His pain and agony continue to be the path of offering for the unredeemed.

His Cross triumphed and continues triumphing up to today.

In this way, are all marked by the power of that Cross, which defeats evil and brings freedom from the chains that imprison you.

His Word came to renew you and continues to do so because the purpose of the Divine Word is to continue to free all from the captivity of these times.

Avail yourselves then of the merits of My Son so that your lives may be converted in Christ and thus, you convert the cruelty of the world into a chamber of redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Intercessory Novena of Padre Pio for all the Priests of the Entire World

Union bead

O Jesus! Greater Priest, King of Love,
protect, safeguard and guide all the priests of the entire world.

First decade

For the sorrowful silence experienced by Padre Pio,
may fortitude and faith overcome all weaknesses.

Second decade

For the inner and physical agony, experienced by Padre Pio,
may the priests of the entire world love their sacrifice for Christ.

Third decade

For the wounds that Padre Pio carried in his body,
may the priests be living temples of the Love of Christ.

Fourth decade

For the loving and unconditional surrender of Padre Pio,
may the priests be true and holy instruments of Christ.

Fifth decade 

For the compassionate and Christic love experienced until the end by Padre Pio,
may the priests be pure sources of self-giving and love.

Final Prayer
(repeat three times)

For all the merits, renunciations, sacrifices and surrenders of love,
experienced by Saint Pio of Pietrelcina,
may the priests of the world be protected and safeguarded
by the invincible priestly Mantle of Christ.

Today I offer you this new rosary so that the mothers, sisters, brothers and believers in Christ may pray these mysteries of love lived and experienced by Padre Pio, so that the example of his life, his surrender and his passion for Jesus, through his five painful wounds, be the means through which all priests become like the faithful model of this saint, priest and healer of souls, so the liberation granted by Padre Pio may undo the ties of the priests oppressed by the illusion of the adversary, and so that the sanctifying Grace of the Holy Spirit may bring them all the strength of renewal and the apostolate in Christ.

I thank all of you who already pray, and those who will begin to pray for My companions.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



I speak not only to you but also to the world.

I waited for time to pass and some days for this moment to come, to be able to find you truly in union with gratitude, because gratitude is an expression of the merciful Love of God. And when I saw that gratitude in you today, I could confidently approach to speak to you.

You are a part of the Plan of your Master and Lord, of a Plan that cannot break down or fail, because behind you there are many, many souls and consciousnesses that have still to come to drink of My Fount, to be nurtured by My Message.

The time is coming to an end, which is why the emergencies are so great and the commitments are also so great.

In the key of gratitude and of love you will be able to understand everything that I ask of you and thus unite with My Consciousness.

I see a world suffering because of indifference and because of error.

I need you to be amenders of My Mercy, I need that you can compensate for and bring into balance what humanity does not do well in this time, for the risks that are run, day after day.

Thus I come with the Light of My Wounds, to entrust you with a deepening of this mission, and of this task which is of the Hierarchy and yours, of your inner beings with the participation of your souls.

That is why it is necessary to correct, in order to improve and to grow. Everything said by the voice of the Hierarchy is because of love, rather than for some other cause.

Souls sometimes resist hearing and understanding because their heart is closed, but you have learned to open your heart to Me. This is why I speak so directly to you, because we can no longer waste time in what is not necessary, but rather we must invest our time in that which is urgent, and you know, by the grace you receive, that the emergencies will grow and increase.

I am here because of the responsibility that I have toward you and that you have toward Me. But it is not a commitment that comes only from the period while I was present on Earth. They are very remote commitments unknown to you.

I only come to ask you for what I need you to give Me, but I will not oblige you to do so, nor demand anything from you.

My apostles from the past went through the same school, but it was a more demanding and immediate school. It was a very great responsibility because your Master and Lord, among so few, had to achieve a very great victory, and through Grace and Divine Mercy, this occurred.

I know that the human being is fragile and sometimes tepid, but the Love that I give you and have given you for so long must ignite within you, in the fire of My Love and of My Truth.

I come to ask you to be aware of what will come in the near future, in which you will not only experience personal situations or realities of the nations. Now My Work will expand to continental situations, as is Africa.

In Africa there are those who suffer most and yet give the most to Me, because they offer Me their hearts, which is what I need from you so that you may recognize the Grace that you have received, and still receive, and the care provided to you by the Hierarchy over the course of time, without lacking anything.

For you, Africa will be a school of the love of sacrifice and of the possibility of recognizing that, in the great and extensive misery, there are souls that love God unconditionally. And it is this love that nourishes them spiritually rather than physically, that quenches their spiritual thirst and thus satiates their physical thirst.

I do not ask you to be the same as them, because everyone has their school and their lessons. I need you to inwardly be like them, that you are aware of the possibility and of the opportunity that you receive in this time.

Within a process of planetary emergency, sometimes hearts need to be straightened out, so as to not lose the path toward God, for one must never forget humility, which is the great master-key of your liberation.

Today I have seen that you have drawn even closer to gratitude, to a spontaneous and sincere gratitude that touched My Heart. Thus, I have decided to speak to you to bring you awareness and wisdom, so that each one may recognize within themselves the effort that they still have to make, not only for Me, but for your Celestial Father, which is Who placed you upon this path and in this mission so that you may accompany Me.

Thus, today I again surrender to take in your miseries and for you to know that the Light of My Mercy can transform and redeem all things when a heart sincerely opens and pleads, without letting its resistances control or dominate.

When a heart spontaneously opens, miracles can happen. Faith is the great Light that bathes the consciousness and redeems it; it has the Grace, as a group consciousness, of being able to implore to God, to help the world and humanity, to help in very serious and sorrowful situations that this race experiences at this time.

You must never forget that Our task is planetary rather than personal; that it is a task with the Hierarchy and by the Hierarchy, for the advent of the energy of Grace and compassion within the world.

Today you face the opportunity of reflecting upon many things because of love and trust in My Heart, because times of greater challenges will come and projects that will seem impossible will come, but who is united with Me will do it, as they have done many things over the course of time, through this mission of carrying Love and Peace to souls that most need it, and to the nations that most need it.

While I am here, I take care of humanity at this moment, and I carry everyone within My Heart, the most miserable and the sinners that have need of spiritual relief and healing.

Everything that is done at this moment and through this Work is for the healing of humanity and so that love may be established in the human heart, and so that this love may allow you to become free and live your spiritual mission with Me.

My Heart is full of graces and pity for all. And the support that Adoration provides you with will be the great defense weapon for the coming times and for the next missions.

I am thankful for the sincere and loving effort of everyone, because not everything is error or failure. You must raise your eyes to the horizon to contemplate the victories that I have given everyone, spiritual victories.

In the strengthening of this union and of this alliance with Me, beyond all adversity or darkness, nobody will be able to take away what I have given each one of you, and you must defend it and protect it from yourselves and from the world.

It is that same conviction, certainty and faith that the apostles experienced, as for example, Saint Peter, who up to the last second did not doubt what he felt and what he trusted in. Love caused him to believe in Me until the end, and thus he surrendered.

Today I come to read of the achievements and the Graces that I have given to everyone, that which you always must contemplate so as to gain inner strength from them in order to continue onward, for a time will come in which this mission will come to an end, and when that happens, everything will be unleashed.  And at that moment, you must be strong and firm in everything that I have given you over the course of time, not only to support yourselves, but also your brothers and sisters, who will not have been able to build that same fortitude in themselves like that of which I have given you, through love.

This is My Message for you, because it is also a message for the world, for those who enter into the service of My Merciful Heart, for those who daily seek the path of transformation and of the elevation of consciousness because, in truth, it does not matter to Me that you not achieve it, but rather that you try, and that you try every day. And without perceiving it, one day you will reach My Glory and, on that day, you will realize that I told you the truth.

This is why I am here today, and for this reason, I pray at the Feet of My Celestial Father, because I know that many more will be able to surpass Me in Love. I trust in this and I know that it is possible.

I thank you for listening to Me and for gathering My Words up into your hearts, which are now the last for the world.

May the Light that comes from Love guide you and bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


With the Light of My Wounds, I continue to illuminate the darkest spaces of the consciousness of Argentina so that more souls from this country may have the opportunity to be reborn, to awaken and to love.

With the Light of My Wounds, I justify before the Celestial Father the mistakes that humankind continues to commit and thus, the Law of Mercy and of Grace, in an extraordinary way, grants moments of forgiveness to the most lost and sleeping hearts.

With the Light of My Wounds I transmute the precarious conditions of the consciousness and move forward with the liberation of the most corrupt states of the consciousness of the nations, so that they do not miss the opportunity of seeing God.

With the Light of My Wounds I bring hearts closer to the truth so that each one may recognize it must change, even further, aspects of the consciousness that prevent the freedom of taking steps in the evolution of the being.

With the Light of My Wounds I bring healing to that which is sick and I cure the inner wounds that do not allow souls to experience renovation.

With the Light of My Wounds I open the doors for you to feel and to find God again.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


With the Light of My Wounds, I will close the inner wounds of the families of "the disappeared."

And after so many years, in spite of there being no answers of where their beloved ones are, the families of those who disappeared will feel in their hearts that all those missing are now in a safe place, that they are in the Heart of God, in the great Divine Consciousness.

In this way, Argentina will be able, in the month of August, to recover the impulse that brings forth the Gift of faith.

And in spite of the fact of what many souls have against life and evolution to gain the approval of human laws, in the hearts of many Argentines, the trust in the Lord will be recovered because Argentina will continue to be a people blessed by sacred places in nature, in which the spiritual Hierarchy is present, places from where impulses and signs of contact will continue to be sent toward humanity.

In spite of the errors of these times and the inequalities, let My children of Argentina remember that they will be witnesses to the Return of Christ, and it must be in that hour that the call to the awakening of consciousness must be heard more strongly so that more souls are able to repent of their actions and can redeem their past.

We are on the way to an important planetary event.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Through My Wounds of Light, I come to pour out upon Italy the Grace and Divine Mercy that this religious nation needs, so that someday it may reconsider, be redeemed, and finally change.

Through the Light of My Wounds, I come to pour out the spiritual and divine events that your Redeemer lived during the Passion, so that those events may remind all the religious persons and the believers of the importance of reflecting and of living a life of holiness, of service, and of love for those who suffer most. 

Through the Light of My Wounds, I come to pour out the help and inner healing that the foreigners and immigrants need, so they may feel relief and love within their hearts, knowing that the lack of love of the Italians is generated by indifference.

Thus, through the Light of My Wounds, I come to give Italy everything I was, and everything that I am, in the hope that the change of consciousness may come quickly, before everything becomes defined.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Monthly Messages


Through His Wounds, you were healed.

Through His martyrdom, you were liberated.

Through His pains, you were redeemed.

Through His agony, you were reconciled.

Through His three falls, you were converted.

Through His loneliness, you were unified.

Through His silence, you were absolved.

And through His Crucifixion, you found peace again.

On the eve of this Sacred Week, may your hearts ignite with love and devotion for Jesus, so that the merits of His Passion and Death may be the bridge toward the conversion of sinners.

Through your union with Christ, children, may the legacy of His Passion be valued. May each act of the life of My Son be contemplated as the opportunity of reconciling with life and with God.

In the face of all events that humanity goes through, and taking into account the time of perdition that souls experience today, by the merits attained by Christ, may the souls on the Earth receive the grace of reconsideration and conversion for their paths so that they may meet the Love of God.

Children, now that you will have the spiritual grace of reliving the Passion of My Son, may your lives testify the triumph of the Love of Christ in your hearts. And may this testimony help you in the elevation of consciousness and in the reparation of all that happened.

Dear children, during the next Sacred Week, may you again go through the mystery of what the surrender of the Love of My Son meant for the world. And may this mystery, filled with profound compassion, help the world to live its purification as a preparatory path to receive the Redeemer for the second time.

Make each moment of the Passion of Christ a part of yourselves, and may this reflect within your daily lives, in the sharing with brothers and sisters, in the Works of charity and of peace; thus you will be able to be witnesses of the Love of the Lord and carry it wherever you go.

I encourage you, My children, to have the Divine Passion of My Son transform you into His Instruments of Peace in these critical times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Message transmitted in the Garden of the Monastery of the Assumption of the Divine Spirit, in Uruguay, where a fountain with the image of Our Lady of the Garden was placed.

As the water that flows from the fountains consecrated to peace, may the divine blessings pour out upon the souls and hearts and, through you, reach the whole world. 

May the Blessings that God pours upon your lives multiply and reach each heart throughout the world. 

In this garden consecrated to prayer, contemplation and the rendition of souls and the Kingdoms of Nature, the Creator finds reparation and hope.  May each being that arrives here remember that he has the opportunity to pray and repair the Heart of God, just as His Son did, while in the Gethsemani Garden, and as His Divine Mother continued to do, time and time again, by going through the sacred places of the Passion of Christ in prayer. 

The Most Holy Mary arrived at the Gethsemani Garden to relive the agony of the Lord, thus keeping alive the merits of His Passion and multiplying them. Her prayer repaired the Heart of God and above all, the Heart of Christ, eternally flagellated by the great indifference of humanity.

May this garden, children, be for you as if you were entering the Garden of Gethsemani, and share with the Lord His agony, repairing His Wounds and sores, generating merits for the salvation of souls and the institution of the New Life. 

Here, always enter with gratitude and joy for being able to serve the Heart of God and in It, all the Kingdoms of Nature. Through your prayers, united to the different Kingdoms in communion, the angels of the Lord will repair the suffering and the outrage that the Kingdoms live in this world. Thus, find here a space of service that, although it is hidden and silent, it crosses borders and dimensions, and touches the Heart of God. 

He blessed you for this, blessed this fountain, this place and your lives, so that the harvest of your rendition may be of assistance to many other souls. 

I love you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Keep your heart in peace through the Source of the Divine Mercy, and become an instrument for God to shed His Graces upon the world.

Contemplate the great need of the planet, of the souls and of Creation, and strengthen your faith in the Divine Mercy, in the certainty that with it the hearts will find hope to start again.

May no sin be eternal before the Source of Divine Mercy. May no wound remain open, beyond the one from which the Grace of forgiveness and redemption flows into the world.

At this time, God hands you everything, not just for you to experience redemption, but also for you to guide humanity through this path. Be thankful, every day, because He placed you on the path of prayer and the choice of love, and fearlessly experience the leanings that lead you to this.

May each lived experience strengthen you at this time. May each moment lead you to the experience of love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The Blood which My Wounds still pour out expresses the pain that the world still causes Me by its acts, decisions and mistakes. This is proportional to the Blood poured out by My Hands, Feet and Side.

Who shall relieve Me and heal Me?

It is true that I do not need perfect souls, but good souls, no matter how many defects they may have.

What the world makes me feel everyday is very big although, in truth, there is no remedy that can heal Me.

Therefore, it is through My servants that I sustain Myself completely in order to take My Work of Love and of Redemption forward. 

I need this Blood, which My Wounds pour out today, to be collected by the container of your prayers and supplications, thus the inner relief will come to all.

I encourage you to share My suffering and to make it part of you so that, within this cycle, Mercy can descend and act in all souls.

May My Sacrifice, that which I once lived, be remembered all the time so that the world does not lose peace.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Second Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If souls believed that I am already here among you, the world would change.

If souls believed that I am already returning and that I come from the Universe with all the power of My Grace, the world would change.

For this reason, the trust of the hearts in My Presence will be fundamental to carry out the Work of Redemption.

Today I come for a world that is suffering and that, day by day, opens new wounds in the Kingdoms of Nature, in humanity and in the consciousness of the planet.

Humanity cannot see nor feel many of these wounds because they are internal. In this, the Hierarchy works untiringly so that chaos may not be reproduced nor be regenerated by the action of humankind.

I come for a Brazil that needs Me very much as well as it needs My Mother and Saint Joseph and, in spite of the ruling chaos, the internal and spiritual presence of Our Hearts allows to sustain the souls that have faith in Me.

Through the Sacraments that we will impart during these days, souls will be able to be spiritually renewed and healed; but there is a part that corresponds to each being, there is a part that the consciousness will have to assume for its transformation and redemption.

The Grace of God, through the Sacraments, comes to help you, as a spiritual basis, to generate and concede this transformation, so awaited by the Eternal Father, in each one of His children.

In the same way, through the Sacraments that we will impart these days, the legacy that I left to humanity will be renewed again.

For this reason, not only souls will benefit from them but also My Celestial Church will descend to the Earth in order to unite the souls with God, in essence and in spirit.

The Sacraments that I can impart to the souls that request them are means to reach My Celestial Church, they are paths to reach the Center of My Being, the Temple of My Spirit; of this Divine Spirit, Pure and Immaculate, created by God, that descended to the Earth in order to bring to the world an opportunity of love, an opportunity of light and an opportunity of hope.

Although My Church on Earth is very lowered, I revive the spiritual legacy once delivered to the Apostles, through the New Christs, through the last apostles of the last days that I am calling to serve Me.

Because My gaze is not placed on miseries, on imperfections or in faults.

My  gaze is placed on the transparency that each serving heart can give Me.

It is this transparency that you can give Me and this trust that you can deliver to Me that will make the Work of Mercy and of Redemption happen in Brazil and in humanity.

There is no more place on Earth that is free from evil or from sin; you know this, because you can see it.

Only in certain sacred spaces, where the Spiritual Hierarchy concentrates in its profound silence and contemplation, will you find the doors to cross towards the consciousness of the Great Universe and commune with the Supreme Fountain.

In these spaces of South America there are sacred precincts in which humanity, silently and in prayer, can find itself again, in its essence, in its origin, in its state of light and of transcendence.

But while these sacred spaces, which are not visible to physical eyes, are not protected and respected, this Fountain will close.

All souls in the world need this spiritual nourishment, although they do not know these sacred places.

But you, who are conscious of this reality, foster, through Mercy, this approximation of souls to this state of consciousness which is something internal and sublime, it is where they will be able to be in communion with the Hierarchy and find again this path that humanity has lost toward Truth.

For this reason, My Merciful Heart does not cease to pour out graces, goodness and light, although It is in silence and in reflection, just as the Eternal Father is at the moment.

The Universe contemplates this moment in which God withdraws from Creation.

A new time comes, a new revelation will be manifested.

All the Universes are concentrated on this state which God has entered a few days ago.

You, through prayer and mercy, must be part of that movement so that you can perceive what the Universe will make descend in the next cycle, when the Hierarchies of Light are in more silence, in a deeper and more internal silence.

As you know, companions, I will not carry out My Work of redemption with multitudes but with few disciples, as it was in the past.

If only eleven consciousnesses, in spite of their imperfections, managed to carry out My Plan and testify My Presence as Son of God in the world and in the four corners of the Earth, what could more than eleven consciousnesses do in this final time?

All spiritual life is congregating and uniting.

All the force from the Immaterial and Divine Universe is uniting to impel in spirits the concretion of the Plan so that at least a part of the Earth may become rescuable and may turn into an Island of Salvation.

On this afternoon, I could say many more things for your hearts, but I know that the human being still needs some time to understand the Hierarchy.

Know that Our trust, as Celestial Brotherhood, is placed in everything we do because Our Mission, in the name of the Heavenly Father, goes beyond the forms and humanity, it embraces an infinity of universal consciousnesses and spaces, because there is a Project to be fulfilled and to be manifested.

I hope that, with the consciousness and discernment of Brazil, which could someday awaken, this land may be part of the Eden of God again and, thus, the New Race may be able to express as God has wanted so much.

I invite you to live this Marathon as a step for your consciousnesses, without leaving behind any Word of the Hierarchy, knowing that everything we say has an objective, a principle and a mission, knowing that it is time to understand the Creation as God needs and not as men believe.

If humanity began to respect the Laws of Creation, many situations would not happen.

The transgressions and faults are very great before the Law of Divine Justice, but I come to place My Heart as intercessor and not as a judge, as mediator and as advocate of all souls that in truth want to repent and transform.

Because the most beautiful thing that could happen to your lives is to live in God, is to feel God and is to commune with God all the time.

May My Passion, once lived on the Cross, in Calvary, in each moment that your Master and Lord suffered, be revived as a means for the salvation and the redemption of humanity.

We have come to the south of Brazil because Brazil needs it very much. It is the country, it is the nation, it is the people that will have to keep its heart open so that it may always know how to hear God.

I bless you and invite you to the reconsecration of your homeland, on the 5th and 6th, to My Sacred Heart, during six months.

If this consecration is true, in response and adhesion, you will give Me the authority to intercede in very serious situations of your people.

I love you and bless you with the Light of My Spirit, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Never forget My Mercy, for you will always need it.

Each time you exercise and practice My Mercy, a miracle of love is generated in your soul and in the soul of the planet.

For through the Chaplet you invoke Mercy due to the merits gained during My sorrowful Passion, and the Father, Who is infinitely merciful, receives this request and, instead of applying His Holy Justice to you or the world, grants His merciful Compassion to all sinners of the world.

Remember that each time you invoke the merits of My Passion, by means of the power of the Rosary of Mercy, you will be opening the Wound on My Side, and from Me will pour out the Light of the Blood and the Water of Christ, over all that has been spiritually corrupted and destroyed.

Happy will be those who always invoke My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, because each time it is necessary, I will submerge and baptize them in the Ocean of My Mercy and I will grant them all the most immense Love of My Heart.

I thank all who present themselves as apostles of My Divine Mercy, because their sufferings will be My sufferings, their sorrows and anguishes will be My sorrows and anguishes, and through the power of My Love, I will free them.

Happy will be those who always trust in My Mercy, for I will not abandon them at the time of their death, but rather will be at their side like the Angel of Resurrection.

I thank you for invoking the Mercy of My Heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Through My Wounds, I illuminate the dark abysses of the Earth, and each time I descend here, I release the fallen prisoners, carrying a great part of souls that are lost into the deep oceans of My Mercy.

Through My Wounds, I exorcize the psychic sphere of the Earth, and the Elohim purify the crust of the planet in order to detoxify it of the perverse currents of My adversary. Once again, the Archangel Saint Michael buries his powerful non-material Sword of Light and all the shackles of perdition and of damnation are dissolved on the coming of the extremely powerful transmuting cosmic fire.

Through My Wounds, the innocent are protected, as long as someone cries out for them and pleads for Mercy. Thus, all who are exploited, at some point, will be freed from their slavery and, once again, Mercy will triumph.

Through My Wounds, I establish the beginning of the Kingdom of the Heavens and souls are freed from the spirits, that wander the world, in order to condemn consciousnesses. What is most impure on Earth is cast out and the spirits in constant sorrow are consumed by fire and in brimstone so that any vestige of malice may vanish.

May the light of the power of My Wounds and the Glory of the Archangel Michael triumph again, so that peace may be established.

Thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Teacher, Christ Jesus


During the Hour of Mercy, while the greatest flow of the Fount of My pitying Heart opens, everyone has the unique opportunity to be able to submerge in My Ocean of Love so that the most serious faults committed may be forgiven and the deepest wounds may be healed.

At the Hour of Mercy, companions, the Wound of Light of My Side opens to pour out the most potent flow of the Pity of God upon the sinners who sincerely and truthfully ask for Mercy.

At the most culminating hour of Mercy, while every day the sorrowful Death of the Lord on the Cross is remembered, souls, and the whole world, have the opportunity of purifying their heart of every spiritual stain and of being able to enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens, simply by remembering the sorrowful Passion of Jesus.

Announce to the world that the deepest depths of My Mercy are still open so that souls, during this definitive hour of humanity, may achieve spiritual salvation and universal forgiveness.

May your lives be a testimony of My Mercy.

May your examples and acts be merciful, so that in the great universe of My Mercy, souls and the world may achieve peace.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


God contemplates the world in silence and, with an unalterable Love in His Heart, receives the wounds which day after day, minute after minute, are being opened by the indifference of His children and by the outrages they cause to one another due to a lack of love and ignorance. And, even so, from His wounds, Mercy continues to spring.

As His Son, a living part of Himself among humankind, the Creator also lives His spiritual Passion, because in order to heal the evils that are lived on Earth, the Father and Lord of all things offers to Divine Law that which humanity fears the most: pain, sacrifice, and the true Love, which surpasses all those things and defeats these fears in its expression. The Creator lives, within Himself, that which humanity fears the most, in order to teach everyone that there is something higher than this, which is achieved through Love.

The Universal Laws are alive and by themselves act in all levels of Creation. Thus, even the Lord of the Law Himself respects them and lives them, so that they may be fulfilled in His children. So that creatures may continue to receive Mercy, God remedies, with His own Heart, the evils of the world.

To restore the Heart of God, you only need to live with Love what, for most human beings, is painful and difficult. And I am not talking about the death on the cross or the sores or wounds of the heart. I am talking about everything that moves a being to reach the cross and to offer the sores and wounds of their heart out of Love and Mercy.

The same Love that moved Christ to continue with the cross is what moves God to remedy human errors and it is what you are called on to live today, within yourselves and with your fellow beings, transcending the poor and immature love, which often lives within your hearts, into a true Love, the fruit of fraternity and Mercy, the fruit of the effort to understand and to love the neighbor, the fruit of surrender and wisdom, the fruit of faith.

Encourage yourselves, children, to find in your prayers, the Wounds of the Heart of God and offer Him a conscious reparation, through the effort of loving as He loves you.

Encourage yourselves to take great steps through the effort in the small daily things, in which the opportunities for choosing between Love and the human condition present themselves. Always choose Love.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Third Series of Poems
Second Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Lord of Kindness,
placate the injustice
that is shown
before Your Eyes.

Relieve the inner pain
of those who truly suffer.

Place Your consoling Love
into the sick souls
and do not cease to guide me,
not even for a moment.

Beloved Jesus,
You know we are weak
and fragile of spirit,
You know we wound Your Heart
time and again with our
indifferent acts,
You know we do not do what we could
but rather we do what we should not.

Patient and beloved Jesus,
enter deeply
into our hearts
and tear out from us
all pride and arrogance
so that, free from the prisons of life,
we may humbly learn
to console You and adore You.

Sustain us during our falls.

Protect us in our weaknesses,
and always liberate us from ourselves
so that we may be worthy
of honoring and glorifying You
as the Savior and Redeemer
of our lives.

May we not abandon You.
May we abandon ourselves in You, Lord,
so that Your Sacred Will may be fulfilled.


I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Through My Wounds, I come to heal the profound wounds within the human consciousness and pour, upon these wounds and injuries, the codes of Light of the Powerful Blood of the Lord.

Thus, in this simple and priestly exercise, your Master and Lord heals the sick souls so that, in the next phase, they may have the Grace to reencounter God and penetrate the Mystery of His trust.

Through My luminous Wounds, I come to pour more life and more spirit into all that needs to be lovingly restored.

For this reason, the Powerful Blood of Jesus grants the hearts the atonement of faults and the healing of all mistakes.

At this time, may the Powerful Blood of Jesus reach the world like a balm that grants peace and spiritual healing to humanity.

I would like souls to have infinite trust and eternal love for the Powerful Blood of Jesus so that many things may be repaired.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


First Message

My Silence also speaks for God, and tonight I reveal My Five main Wounds to pour out My Blood upon the righteous, upon those who persevere and make My Name worthy while some of Mine put on their sandals to follow their own paths and set themselves apart from Me.

Today I offer My Agony for those who are still here, and by My side.

And if you have trusted in Me until now, I can only tell you, companions, that someday you will find Me and on that day, you will remember that everything I have said has not been in vain.

Do not suffer for those who defeat themselves.

Love for those who do not love, have charity for those who do not serve and
be merciful for those who outrage My Sacred Heart.

Everything that I have given to Mine, will someday return to the Father and nothing will be wasted.

Therefore, who does not know how to take care of My Treasures must ask Me for sincere and open help, so that I can intercede; while that does not happen, there will be no way to convert the impure into pure, there will be no way to transform what is resistant into flexible.

Everything is part of a Law, and if the world comes out of the Law to live its own will, it will suffer the Law, because the Law is for generating justice, equality and sovereignty.

No one can transgress the Laws of My Father as if nothing had happened.

I have the permission to forgive and to absolve, but I do not have the permission to allow injustices or rebelliousness.

Because, who has not been worthy of carrying My Treasures, where will he end up? Who will lead him? And how will he survive?

The divine energy that I pour out is never wasted nor is it used in vain.

Human beings believe they know everything and laugh, perhaps, at My Words and at My Requests, but remember, My companions, that everything that I tell you from time to time has already been thought by God.

That is why a large part of humanity does not accept to live My Will, because it knows that it must die to its own will someday and that will be the great moment to take the great step in love and in evolution.

Today I have not come to dedicate this message for those who have been unrighteous or rebellious.

Today I came here to be with you and with those who without understanding anything at all, live My Call and trust blindly.

If Judas once betrayed Me, couldn’t human beings by any chance betray Me for the second time?

History repeats itself again and it is painful to be able to see it.

No one can hide from this truth, I only ask you to learn how to die to yourselves, so that your inner enemies do not condemn you, as some have already been condemned before entering the eternal life, remaining without it.

But nothing will remain without being solved, companions, because, just as I Am a God of Mercy, I Am a God of Justice. And the Justice of God is full of the Love of the Father; but it cannot be judged nor can it be tempted by any creature of this planet.

Today I carry over My Head the Crown of Thorns to represent, on this day, the flagellation that I live for the ungrateful and for the proud of heart.

If My Love has not yet been able to reach them, teach to all of them, My children, that they may reach My Love, before it is too late for souls to repent.

Today I come as the God of Justice and of Sovereignty, without ceasing to pour out My Divine Mercy.

So that I can renew you, you must die to yourselves, and this is achieved with the obedience and the trust that many do not want to live today; that is why they suffer, that is why they become disturbed and do not find the way out.

But those to whom I have given everything, because I have chosen them, must report to the Celestial Father someday.

I repeat, companions, the celestial energy is not to be wasted, nor is it to be outraged.

I want you to repair My Heart for those who lie, for those who distance themselves from Me and reject Me, for those who are ignorant and are blind, for those who do not believe in the love of the heart nor in the regeneration of life, for those who turn their backs on Me, for those who make Me suffer and embarrass Me by wearing their sandals to abandon Me.

But today I tell you that I already knew all of this, from the Gethsemane Garden to the Cross.

Judas handed Me over so that I could love the world in its most mortal and human condition.

Today I revive My Celestial Church in those who are blessed, in those who honor My Name and My Gospel, living it every day, despite imperfections and doubts.

Today I would like that an unconditional love arose within your hearts, able to overcome all tests, all indifferences and all obstacles.

I do not want you to be better than the others, but more humble than those who are humble and do not know it.

God pours out His Grace for those who are the most miserable, this is why I choose the most imperfect ones to be able to serve Me and fulfill My Work, to the point that My Presence and My Heart forge the liberation of resistances and of everything that is archaic.

When that moment comes, companions, do not give up, and repeat as many times as necessary: “Jesus, I trust in You”.

And thus, an inexplicable door of liberation will open, and your hearts will be relieved and there will no longer exist fear because you will have trusted in the Name of the Lord.

I come here to celebrate this reencounter with Aurora and leave behind those who have profaned My Name and have dirtied It with their examples and their words.

I come here, to Aurora, to give honor to My Father, Emmanuel, so that He descends again with His Ray of Liberation and of Healing on all the souls that participate in the blessing of the Blue Cross.

I will especially come to bless it on the 5th, at night, when you have already prayed during all day to My Merciful Heart.

And I have called seven regent angels, so that they may deposit in the Holy Cross the seven powers of the Redemption for the souls:

First, repentance.

Second, introspection.

Third, forgiveness.

Fourth, inner healing.

Fifth, reconciliation.

Sixth, inner transformation.

Seventh, inner transfiguration.

These seven powers will descend upon the Blue Cross when it is contemplated as the Victory of Emmanuel on Earth and for the re-consecration of the Marian Centers to the Plan of the Creator.

Emmanuel will come to see the union and the congregation of His children during this day, and thus, He will grant an expiation to Uruguay and to the Southern Cone.

And those who prostrate themselves before the Cross will be forgiven because the Father, who is in Heaven, waits for the great love of His children, for the great trust of His creatures, for the reparation of all the sinners.

Rejoice your hearts, because a new cycle will begin under the universal banner of the Cross of Emmanuel.

Blessed will be those who believe in His Power because they will defeat the sieges, and the adversary will lose the millions of souls it has conquered, because the Holy Cross, once it is lit up, will call to the essences in Aurora and at the other Marian Centers where the Cross of Our Eternal Father is raised.

Unhappy will be those who are not here today for this great event, because if only they had trusted, their ties would have been liberated and their debts would have been forgiven.

The Trust of God is conquered with the love from the heart and not from the mind.

The mind is a means to carry forward the Plan of God, but not to direct it nor to concretize it.

If the love is not in your hearts you cannot live the Plan of God; do not try to, because you will fail, as some have failed.

Those who have put on their sandals and have moved away from Me are written on the last page of My Sacred Book; there will not remain stone over stone, this is no longer a theory.

May the souls repent before the time of great tribulation!

Woe to those who turn their backs on Me! because they will remember, vividly, all that they no longer have, because they have lost the state of Grace and have come out of the guidance of My Hand.

But, trust, because everything will be redirected and those who can no longer be here, will be in other dwelling places to learn how to love, from the beginning.

Those who have denied Me will know the Gift of the Fear of God and when this Gift descends, in a short time, everything will be consummated.

Celebrate for those who are alive of heart and pray for those who are dead of spirit.

Because the legacy I give to those whom I have called cannot be wasted nor altered.

Meanwhile, hold onto the Blue Cross of Emmanuel, because this way you will not only help Me carry with the world and humanity, but your hearts and lives will rise by the wings that It expresses in union to the Father.

May this Marathon be dedicated as a greater surrender for those who offended Me, for those who hurt Me, for those who dirty My Name.

And with all your prayers and supplications, I will be able to say to the Father, as I said on the Cross before expiring:

“Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.
Forgive them, Father, because they do not live You nor feel You;
because they do not call You nor beg You, with humiliation and renunciation.
Forgive them, Father, and place them in Your Kingdom so that, someday, they may be Your worthy children.

While My Wounds hurt by the nails of the ungrateful, My Heart is relieved with the cry of the righteous.

And thus, everything is recreated, everything is transformed, and the souls participate of the communion with My Spirit.

May in this Marathon be revived the commitment of My soldiers with My Sacred Heart; may their heads, feet and hands, be washed and purified by the Water of Life, so that the unconditional donation of self, and the service to the fellow human beings and to the Kingdoms of this planet sprout in their hearts.

Father of Humility and of Love,
Lord of Mercy and of Justice,
I offer Your this Sacrament in the name of those who still follow Me and persist,
so that, by the means of Your Grace and Your Wisdom,
My armies, My soldiers and My companions fulfill the future of a new and fraternal humanity.

So be it. Amen.

Like all the times I meet with you so that you revive Me, feel Me and listen to the vibration and the power of My message, in this spirit of reparation and of consolation, I wish to listen to a song, so that My Wounds of the Feet, of the Hands and of My Side can close and I too, as an apprentice of the Work of the Creator, revive what the Father once showed Me at the Gethsemane Garden, when the future generations, when all My followers, would make My Project worthy on this planet.

“Christ is You”. (Song requested by our Lord).

This is My request for your inner Christs and for those who are not here today among us.

I bless you and prepare you for a Marathon of internalization and reconfirmation of vows; so that you may have the world know that there exists a Blue Cross that descends as a Project on Earth to save the most lost souls.

Blessed are those who cry because they will be comforted.

Blessed are those who persist because they will be strengthened.

Blessed are those who trust because they will have wisdom.

Blessed are those who love because they will know the Kingdom of God.


In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Special message of Jesus Christ, transmitted for the 52nd Marathon of the Divine Mercy, in the city of Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Second Message

As I come from the heart of this universe, I would like your souls to rise up to meet Me. This will allow, at this time, for you to create this perfect Communion between your souls and My Heart.

I would like you to open your innermost ears to listen to My Message and to make it part of your lives, because knowledge will not be enough, it will be necessary to apply it to your lives for My Plan to be fulfilled, step by step.

Today I come to give continuity to what I said yesterday. I come to extend this special message to all My companions, because it is still necessary that you grow in love and in truth, without leaving behind what you have to transform, all that you have to transcend, all that you have to aspire to reach in these difficult times, in which the Plan experiences many risks unknown to the souls, because, in many cases, they will not be attentive to the signs that the universe sends.

Now, I invite you to double the efforts; I invite you to be considerate with one another, as I taught the apostles in the past.

You must fulfill the basic rules of evolution because in this way, you will know the Law and not only just have knowledge of it.

This is one of the reasons why the souls of this world and, most of all, those souls that are My companions, do not know how to internalize the impulses that My Heart sends you from time to time, trying to raise the souls more each time towards the Truth and towards the Sacred Knowledge.

When you do not know how to internalize what we tell you, you get lost somewhere along the path and may be confused, without knowing where to go or what to do.

But there is a master-key, for all of this, which is trust. Trust in all that is presented. Trust in all that is proposed. Trust in all that is revealed.

Because, in essence, everything goes beyond your possibilities, knowledge, intellect.

I have not come to build My Kingdom in the concrete minds because, otherwise, it would not have made sense for me to come to this world to incarnate to witness, on this plane, the Presence of the Love of God.

It is that Love that will reveal My Kingdom to you. It is that Love that will unite you forever. It is that Love that will never separate you. For wherever Love is, I am present, throwing seeds of Light on fertile soil, which will then bear Me fruit, so that in the end, they will be Gifts that I will offer in Glory to the Creator. 

Therefore I search in the more simple hearts what is good and true. I glorify Myself in the humble hearts. I distance Myself from the resistant hearts. I distance Myself from those who do not want to listen to Me, because I know that they fear the real Love because they have never known it completely, because they have never had the courage to take a step and to let themselves be torn inside, until Love makes them hurt deeply.

Therefore, I deposit My inner Wounds in the hearts that know My Love.

I cannot give My Legacy to abstract minds. The world and its humanity would  completely lose their way because of their ambition and pride. I need to break what is still rigid and hard.

Therefore, I use My great hammer of Light and strike that which is most resistant for it to be broken one day and so that all may surrender at My Feet; not for Me, but for My Father who is just and compassionate, who deserves the goodness of your hearts and souls for all He has given you in spite of your miseries, in spite of your mistakes, in spite of your falls.

I come to elevate the consciousness of humanity to another point because, even if it does not seem so, I am here in constancy and faith to move forward.

Therefore, to those who follow Me in these times, who say they are My companions on the path and in spiritual experience, I encourage them to live the changes without resistance or restriction.

I invite you to not put a limit on your consciousnesses and to know how to recognize, with humility, the Sacred Knowledge that comes from God by means of Our Sacred Hearts, for this humanity of the surface.

Thus I will be able to bring even more My Heaven, the Heaven of My Father, His Heavenly Universe and My Angels will be following every step, every moment  as well as every trial, just as they followed Me from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Cross.

The sufferings that I offer to My companions of this world, are feared by some because they do not know them, because, before everything, they do not dare to love the Will that I bring to fulfill My Projects and My Designs in their lives.

I have chosen to be among these sacred mountains of the Andes to remind the world that it still has not raised its consciousness nor its mind. It is time to leave the atavistic. It is time to give up what is superfluous and petty.

I shall leave My Keys of Gold in the simple hearts, in those who can hold within them My Legacy, that does not come from this world but from the Universe.

For this Plan to go forward, for the Work to continue, you must, companions, reposition your places, knowing that all that you have received in these last years, will not be wasted by humanity as it was a part of My Passion, even if you do not believe it.

With Eyes of Mercy, I come to observe the world. With a compassionate Heart I come to rescue those who suffer and those who cannot give themselves entirely to My Heart.

Know, My dear souls, that there is still much to do. Therefore, I invite you to renew the unity and fraternity among your consciousness. I invite you to respect the Law of the Hierarchy so that the Universe of God can always be near you and in every detail.

Now, be My redeemed stars, coming out the abysses of error and sin, of perversion and evil. Honor your King and Lord as He deserves, in Heaven as on Earth.

Do not separate yourselves anymore. Unite yourselves through My Heart so that I may continue to come to you; to avoid My not coming anymore at this time in which humanity needs the high vibrations of love and peace.

Remove from your hearts and lives what is already old and resistant, what does not give unity and love among creatures and peoples, between races and origins.

I gave My Life to this world and for this humanity so that they would know how to do it, and thus, not fall into temptation.

I come on this day, with a second message, to open your eyes even more and, especially, to open your hearts more to what you need to hear with maturity and calmness.

I would not like to see those responsible for this Work confused, I do not want to find them like this anymore, knowing that each stage we experienced together is essential for your God, for the realization of His Will, for the manifestation of His Work on the different planes of this universe, until it reaches humanity.

If the ties of love among you break, My companions, who will take My Plan forward?

You already know that it is true that I do not find a place or shelter where I can announce My new Word, My new Message sent by God  from the Heights of this universe.

I would not want to lose sight of you, because there are souls in this world who also need Me, and I must attend to them, as I attend to your souls at these times.

Through this Marathon, raise your most sincere offering to God so that a Ray of My merciful Heart touches that space in your consciousness that is still dark and resistant to change.

Remember that I can do everything and that My Father has not set any limits for Me.

I come with My Heavenly Government to put all things in order, from the invisible to the visible, from the immaterial to the material, from the spirit to the flesh. All under the universal order.

May the souls of Chile rejoice for this moment, so that it can be repeated during these critical times, in which more of My companions must be awakened to the call of redemption.

Joyful will be those who listen and believe without having seen.

Blessed in Heaven will be those who keep the Treasures of My Heart and vivify them, from time to time.

I bless you in the name of Love and Unity.

Under the Light of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



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