Wednesday, January 3 of 2018

Monthly messages

First Message

My Silence also speaks for God, and tonight I reveal My Five main Wounds to pour out My Blood upon the righteous, upon those who persevere and make My Name worthy while some of Mine put on their sandals to follow their own paths and set themselves apart from Me.

Today I offer My Agony for those who are still here, and by My side.

And if you have trusted in Me until now, I can only tell you, companions, that someday you will find Me and on that day, you will remember that everything I have said has not been in vain.

Do not suffer for those who defeat themselves.

Love for those who do not love, have charity for those who do not serve and
be merciful for those who outrage My Sacred Heart.

Everything that I have given to Mine, will someday return to the Father and nothing will be wasted.

Therefore, who does not know how to take care of My Treasures must ask Me for sincere and open help, so that I can intercede; while that does not happen, there will be no way to convert the impure into pure, there will be no way to transform what is resistant into flexible.

Everything is part of a Law, and if the world comes out of the Law to live its own will, it will suffer the Law, because the Law is for generating justice, equality and sovereignty.

No one can transgress the Laws of My Father as if nothing had happened.

I have the permission to forgive and to absolve, but I do not have the permission to allow injustices or rebelliousness.

Because, who has not been worthy of carrying My Treasures, where will he end up? Who will lead him? And how will he survive?

The divine energy that I pour out is never wasted nor is it used in vain.

Human beings believe they know everything and laugh, perhaps, at My Words and at My Requests, but remember, My companions, that everything that I tell you from time to time has already been thought by God.

That is why a large part of humanity does not accept to live My Will, because it knows that it must die to its own will someday and that will be the great moment to take the great step in love and in evolution.

Today I have not come to dedicate this message for those who have been unrighteous or rebellious.

Today I came here to be with you and with those who without understanding anything at all, live My Call and trust blindly.

If Judas once betrayed Me, couldn’t human beings by any chance betray Me for the second time?

History repeats itself again and it is painful to be able to see it.

No one can hide from this truth, I only ask you to learn how to die to yourselves, so that your inner enemies do not condemn you, as some have already been condemned before entering the eternal life, remaining without it.

But nothing will remain without being solved, companions, because, just as I Am a God of Mercy, I Am a God of Justice. And the Justice of God is full of the Love of the Father; but it cannot be judged nor can it be tempted by any creature of this planet.

Today I carry over My Head the Crown of Thorns to represent, on this day, the flagellation that I live for the ungrateful and for the proud of heart.

If My Love has not yet been able to reach them, teach to all of them, My children, that they may reach My Love, before it is too late for souls to repent.

Today I come as the God of Justice and of Sovereignty, without ceasing to pour out My Divine Mercy.

So that I can renew you, you must die to yourselves, and this is achieved with the obedience and the trust that many do not want to live today; that is why they suffer, that is why they become disturbed and do not find the way out.

But those to whom I have given everything, because I have chosen them, must report to the Celestial Father someday.

I repeat, companions, the celestial energy is not to be wasted, nor is it to be outraged.

I want you to repair My Heart for those who lie, for those who distance themselves from Me and reject Me, for those who are ignorant and are blind, for those who do not believe in the love of the heart nor in the regeneration of life, for those who turn their backs on Me, for those who make Me suffer and embarrass Me by wearing their sandals to abandon Me.

But today I tell you that I already knew all of this, from the Gethsemane Garden to the Cross.

Judas handed Me over so that I could love the world in its most mortal and human condition.

Today I revive My Celestial Church in those who are blessed, in those who honor My Name and My Gospel, living it every day, despite imperfections and doubts.

Today I would like that an unconditional love arose within your hearts, able to overcome all tests, all indifferences and all obstacles.

I do not want you to be better than the others, but more humble than those who are humble and do not know it.

God pours out His Grace for those who are the most miserable, this is why I choose the most imperfect ones to be able to serve Me and fulfill My Work, to the point that My Presence and My Heart forge the liberation of resistances and of everything that is archaic.

When that moment comes, companions, do not give up, and repeat as many times as necessary: “Jesus, I trust in You”.

And thus, an inexplicable door of liberation will open, and your hearts will be relieved and there will no longer exist fear because you will have trusted in the Name of the Lord.

I come here to celebrate this reencounter with Aurora and leave behind those who have profaned My Name and have dirtied It with their examples and their words.

I come here, to Aurora, to give honor to My Father, Emmanuel, so that He descends again with His Ray of Liberation and of Healing on all the souls that participate in the blessing of the Blue Cross.

I will especially come to bless it on the 5th, at night, when you have already prayed during all day to My Merciful Heart.

And I have called seven regent angels, so that they may deposit in the Holy Cross the seven powers of the Redemption for the souls:

First, repentance.

Second, introspection.

Third, forgiveness.

Fourth, inner healing.

Fifth, reconciliation.

Sixth, inner transformation.

Seventh, inner transfiguration.

These seven powers will descend upon the Blue Cross when it is contemplated as the Victory of Emmanuel on Earth and for the re-consecration of the Marian Centers to the Plan of the Creator.

Emmanuel will come to see the union and the congregation of His children during this day, and thus, He will grant an expiation to Uruguay and to the Southern Cone.

And those who prostrate themselves before the Cross will be forgiven because the Father, who is in Heaven, waits for the great love of His children, for the great trust of His creatures, for the reparation of all the sinners.

Rejoice your hearts, because a new cycle will begin under the universal banner of the Cross of Emmanuel.

Blessed will be those who believe in His Power because they will defeat the sieges, and the adversary will lose the millions of souls it has conquered, because the Holy Cross, once it is lit up, will call to the essences in Aurora and at the other Marian Centers where the Cross of Our Eternal Father is raised.

Unhappy will be those who are not here today for this great event, because if only they had trusted, their ties would have been liberated and their debts would have been forgiven.

The Trust of God is conquered with the love from the heart and not from the mind.

The mind is a means to carry forward the Plan of God, but not to direct it nor to concretize it.

If the love is not in your hearts you cannot live the Plan of God; do not try to, because you will fail, as some have failed.

Those who have put on their sandals and have moved away from Me are written on the last page of My Sacred Book; there will not remain stone over stone, this is no longer a theory.

May the souls repent before the time of great tribulation!

Woe to those who turn their backs on Me! because they will remember, vividly, all that they no longer have, because they have lost the state of Grace and have come out of the guidance of My Hand.

But, trust, because everything will be redirected and those who can no longer be here, will be in other dwelling places to learn how to love, from the beginning.

Those who have denied Me will know the Gift of the Fear of God and when this Gift descends, in a short time, everything will be consummated.

Celebrate for those who are alive of heart and pray for those who are dead of spirit.

Because the legacy I give to those whom I have called cannot be wasted nor altered.

Meanwhile, hold onto the Blue Cross of Emmanuel, because this way you will not only help Me carry with the world and humanity, but your hearts and lives will rise by the wings that It expresses in union to the Father.

May this Marathon be dedicated as a greater surrender for those who offended Me, for those who hurt Me, for those who dirty My Name.

And with all your prayers and supplications, I will be able to say to the Father, as I said on the Cross before expiring:

“Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.
Forgive them, Father, because they do not live You nor feel You;
because they do not call You nor beg You, with humiliation and renunciation.
Forgive them, Father, and place them in Your Kingdom so that, someday, they may be Your worthy children.

While My Wounds hurt by the nails of the ungrateful, My Heart is relieved with the cry of the righteous.

And thus, everything is recreated, everything is transformed, and the souls participate of the communion with My Spirit.

May in this Marathon be revived the commitment of My soldiers with My Sacred Heart; may their heads, feet and hands, be washed and purified by the Water of Life, so that the unconditional donation of self, and the service to the fellow human beings and to the Kingdoms of this planet sprout in their hearts.

Father of Humility and of Love,
Lord of Mercy and of Justice,
I offer Your this Sacrament in the name of those who still follow Me and persist,
so that, by the means of Your Grace and Your Wisdom,
My armies, My soldiers and My companions fulfill the future of a new and fraternal humanity.

So be it. Amen.

Like all the times I meet with you so that you revive Me, feel Me and listen to the vibration and the power of My message, in this spirit of reparation and of consolation, I wish to listen to a song, so that My Wounds of the Feet, of the Hands and of My Side can close and I too, as an apprentice of the Work of the Creator, revive what the Father once showed Me at the Gethsemane Garden, when the future generations, when all My followers, would make My Project worthy on this planet.

“Christ is You”. (Song requested by our Lord).

This is My request for your inner Christs and for those who are not here today among us.

I bless you and prepare you for a Marathon of internalization and reconfirmation of vows; so that you may have the world know that there exists a Blue Cross that descends as a Project on Earth to save the most lost souls.

Blessed are those who cry because they will be comforted.

Blessed are those who persist because they will be strengthened.

Blessed are those who trust because they will have wisdom.

Blessed are those who love because they will know the Kingdom of God.


In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.