My dear children, may the Peace of My Son be within you.

When the Divinity recovers the spiritual spaces that up until now had been subjected by the enemy, and especially when the Plan of God recovers innocent souls, that had once been subjected to suffering, hopelessness and material perdition, this means and represents a visible victory of the Redeeming Love of Christ over all darkness, it means that His servers of the final times, that is, His apostles, will surrender in the face of any condition so as to give their lives and their service for those who suffer and are most vulnerable.

Inevitably, the triumph and conquest of these spaces, through Love, represent a challenge in the face of those conditions of adversity and chaos. This is why the servers of Christ offer to be instruments of the Lord regardless of the consequences and without measuring the possible risks.

This is not an expression of fantasy or an act of fanaticism, rather it is an action moved and conferred by the Holy Spirit which, in its inalterable aspect and through committed servers, can bestow Graces, miracles and solutions that had once seemed impossible.

I speak of this in the example of the Angola Mission which today in its first stage reaches the end of a cycle,  and from today onward reaches a new stage, which is entirely free from spiritual, moral and inner knots. A new stage that promises more rapid and efficient concretions for a region of the planet such as Africa, conditioned and buried by the lack of social and political transparency, and interfered with by the interminable vice of corruption.

This is where My Son is entering, through His Spiritual Consciousness, because it is in these spaces, seemingly lost and lacking a material solution, where all will start from scratch, where the poorest souls among the poor will see light, love and faith be reborn in their marginalized lives.

For this reason, all spiritual movement has a material repercussion that is a part of those anonymous sacrifices that may be offered to Christ for the triumph of His Love and His Mercy in Humanity.

This is why I am deeply grateful for all that which in such a short time was built in Africa, because it is something indelible that will remain in the Heart of God, and nothing will ever be able to dissolve it, because it was an action of Love that healed the pain.

I thank you for this humanitarian mission and for having responded to the call of My Son!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



My dear and beloved children,

Today, with the golden Mantle and light blue Tunic of your Most Holy Mother, I come as the Mother and Lady of Ukraine.

I come to ask you that during these coming days of prayer and invocation to the Divine and unfathomable Mercy of My Son, you may place in your prayers the whole Christian religion of Ukraine so that, in the face of the tragedy of the war and destruction of peoples and families, My children of the Ukrainian Church may act in conformity with the Will of God, so that the Charity and Love of My Son not be replaced by the ideals and alliances of the war.

Unfortunately, certain political and religious pressures leave the apostles of the Universal Church of My Son vulnerable, because they are prevented from acting in a sensible way and with Mercy.

At this moment, as the Mother and Lady of Ukraine, I come to implore all Christians for fraternal unity so that the religions and beliefs may not adapt to the format of war and ideologies of vengeance. This is not what My Son has taught you all.

By the Passion and Death of Christ, may the rulers no longer use religion as a weapon of war and of mental pressure on the peoples of this humanity.

For this reason, we must pray with greater conviction and with greater awareness, because the Lady of Ukraine sees how Christianity and ecumenism are used so as to achieve personal objectives.

May the prayer of these days disarm these plans of My enemy.

As always, I am and will be close to all who unite to My Heart.

I am grateful to you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Ukraine



The priestly spiritual force is like a mirror that concentrates and attracts the Divine Energy.

My enemy always wants to destroy that unknown spiritual force that comes from the Source of God.

For this reason, My priest sons are placed under an interior pressure, also unknown, through which My enemy projects and mirrors uncertain realities that, in many cases, are capable of confusing and diverting the aspirations of the priests of Christ.

At this time, My favorite children, the priests, cannot let themselves be taken nor influenced by the harassments that do not belong to them, because they are only stones on the path that try to make them fall, over and over again. 

But, My Son, who loves you deeply, has given you the strength of spiritual resurrection, the possibility of rising again, as many times as necessary.

The spiritual and inner mission that the priests of the world have cannot be valued or appreciated with physical eyes, it can only be contemplated by those souls that are capable of praying fervently for My favorite children so that, at each new fall, they may rise from the ground for a single purpose, for the people of God that await them, and that aspire, through the priests, to see the apostles of Christ.

I ask all priests not to be fooled by what does not belong to them, to be brave and always remember that, through the power of the Sacraments, you will find the service so necessary and fundamental to redeem yourselves.

Let us pray every day for the priests. I will be immensely grateful to you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

 Who bless you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Unexpectedly, today I present myself to humanity, to call it to repentance.

Before now, the cup was almost full; now the cup is overflowing. Be aware of what you are doing, stop the attacks of brother against brother.

The nations and some of their leaders are already more than puppets in the hands of My enemy. A hidden and evil network subdues the innocent: children are abandoned, human beings are despised and rejected at the borders because they try to escape famine and persecution.

Do not play with nuclear weapons anymore. You, human beings of the Earth, are not aware of what a mere slip would generate upon the entire planet.

In the mid-1940s you were warned about the consequences of using nuclear energy, and you did not listen to our messengers. Now you run and compete, threaten the world and conduct hidden tests in places upon Earth that are already highly contaminated by so much radiation.

When will you realize that power does not belong to you?

Stop and listen to the Voice that comes from the Heart of the Universe.

You no longer have anything else to experiment with and to create. At this moment, recognize that you have failed at your experiments in laboratories and with humans; and that the current pandemic is the result of malpractice.

What else do you want to have?

There have been previous humanities that transgressed Creation and hurt themselves.

You are the fifth and final race. The danger is no longer in your paths; now it is in your hands, and you cannot control it.

Abandon the social and conquering arms race that you still promote in many nations. No longer attack the seas and the oceans. The planet is heading to an unexpected salinity.

The Earth cannot endure any longer, and it will reflect its agony. You cannot imagine this world without fresh-water, or in long dark days due to the spread of the ashes of all volcanoes.

What will you do if that happens?

As long as the Kingdoms of Nature remain the focus of an unlimited exploitation, blood will continue to be shed throughout the world, and it will continue to be in the news.

You have lost the intuition of your souls; you no longer have the sensitivity to listen to God within yourselves.

Your lives are darkened by ambition and injustice, while thousands of people in the world are hit by marginalization, exile and exploitation.

The same hands as always enrich themselves through global suffering, but that will end. It will be one of the first corrections that I will impose on humanity.

Today I speak to the whole world, I do not speak to just one religion. I speak to all believers and non-believers, to those who have wasted their lives for pleasures and desires of the world, I speak to those who feel satisfaction in doing evil.

There is no angel or Hierarchy that will stop the overflowing cup. You are at the edge of the great abyss.

My Heart not only sustains the suffering and agonizing world; My Soul endures the injustices and the contempt of those who abandoned me and did not believe in Me. They did not hear My message. They judged My work and My dedication, and My enemy deceived them.

Therefore, be attentive. Everything I have given you throughout these years was to prepare you for this time, and most of you let My Words pass you by and you lost them.

Now, with little time left, reconsider, correct your mistakes and ask for Mercy, because no one knows Justice and, even so, souls challenge it, out of ignorance and indifference.

In truth, I tell you that I can no longer justify before My Father everything that you do. The time has come for everything to be defined between you and God.

But if love, tolerance, respect and care are experienced in your lives, you will suffer no more; because everything that will come will be the result of pride, exploitation and the evil of those who continue to live them.

I can only tell you to repent, so that in these acute moments, you not lack peace.

Hold on to My Words. Be the New Testament so that the whole world stops suffering its own consequences.

On the twelfth anniversary, together with the Mother of God, and for an undetermined period, we will give you Our final Words, so that you may listen to them carefully, and your consciousnesses may understand the message.

For this reason, responding to the Will and Justice of the Universe, and for everything received at each new meeting, you will listen to our Messages after prayers, which will be delivered beforehand, since for an undetermined time, I will protect the visionary, so that he may help Me to sustain this moment, in prayer and in silence, so that My Graces may reach other parts of the world.

It is time for you to live My Messages, especially the last ones.

My Heart has endured offenses from very close companions, something that has opened the Wound on My Side. The offenses of those who leave hurt My Heart, because I give them life and, instead of living in Me, they let themselves die. 

May discernment and peace guide you in these difficult times.

May this Marathon be the synthesis and confirmation of your lives before the Sacred Heart of the Lord.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Vigil in prayer so that your heart is willing to embrace the mysteries of the Celestial Kingdom as never before experienced by humanity.

Vigil in prayer so that your consciousness may know how to recognize the visible signs of the Presence of God, and It may transform you inside and out.

Vigil in prayer so that, with an empty heart, you may be able to receive all the divine gifts that, as a last impulse, are being delivered to humanity. Let these gifts become life, becoming fruit within you, that which will take you to participate in a new Earth, a new time.

Vigil in prayer so that the many traps of the enemy do not confuse you and do not make you perish before you reach within yourself the renewal of the Love of God.

Just pray, child, and vigil in prayer, because the time has come for the  definition of each being, and every instant must be a moment for you to confirm your vows with God.

Vigil in prayer and do not allow it to be you who becomes taken off of the path.

Vigil in prayer to know how to ask for help in the right moment, to know how to cry out to God for His Grace. 

Vigil in prayer to see when the other needs you, even in silence.

Vigil in prayer, to understand that your life, as small as it may seem, can transform other lives, when you know how to be an instrument of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When you feel the weight of your past mistakes which, like harassment, the enemy uses as attempts to deter your steps, just place your eyes upon the Cross, upon the Eucharist, upon the Heart of Christ, and stay there.

On the Cross, child, your deepest sins have been forgiven. On the Cross, your biggest mistakes have been justified.

Not only the memory of forgiveness is on the cross, but also the living and eternal forgiveness, which is renewed, time and again, each time a sincere heart is able to repent for the merits of the Cross of Christ.

However, on the Cross there is not only forgiveness for your sins; your path is also found on the Cross.  The guide for your next steps is written on it so that you will not sin again, so that you will know where to go.

On the Cross, you discover God's forgiveness, but also the way that your Creator grants it to you in order to make that forgiveness fruitful. It is through surrender, humility, sacrifice and, above all, unconditional love, so that you may imitate the steps of the Christ of Calvary, so that you may drink from the Chalice that His Father offered to restore the Covenant between God and humans.

It is there, child, at the foot of the Cross, where your path begins. But it is when your Lord descends from it and ascends to Heaven that you are called to multiply the gifts of your redemption, bearing witness to the Love that has healed you and that is constantly being poured out upon the world, from the Heart of Christ to all those who know how to seek and find the merits of the Cross.

Therefore, when the enemy places your mistakes and sins before you, may your eyes turn to the Cross, may your heart remember that you have already been forgiven and that it is now a matter of following the footsteps of your Lord, Christ Jesus.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

To be in the Heart of the Hierarchy and remain there, you must, above all things, live unity. A unity that is built with transparency and with love; a unity that is built knowing to first listen, and then speak; a unity that is built by being capable of perceiving the real value of each being and how others are an indispensable piece in the Work that God is carrying out in the human consciousness.

To be in unity is to know how to relate to others, aware of the Divine Presence in this relationship; to know that, while you speak, think, feel, act, the Eyes of God are upon you, His Presence blesses you, His Laws guide you.

To consciously place oneself in the Presence of God, in each instant of life, will be that which will distance you from the stimuli of the enemy and stop the most human aspects of yourself from being that which governs your lives. In the Presence of God, those aspects will gradually transform and be sublimated, and it is your souls and your spirits that can guide the expression of your beings.

Being in the Presence of God, you will have your heart in His Kingdom, and that Kingdom will enfold you, protect you and always safeguard you. For this reason, children, this is the great secret for remaining upon the path of the Hierarchy: to always be in the Presence of God, under His Gaze and within His Heart. 

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Seek the Source of the Purity of God through prayer and defeat the innermost assaults through silence and the constant offering of your struggles to God.

The mind will always fall into sin and human feelings will always be fragile but your soul, child, must gain space in your consciousness, to calm the human frailties of your more material bodies.

Do not let your heart grieve over the assaults that you experience; do not allow the enemy to defeat you through emphasizing your feelings of weakness. Find refuge in the Heart of God, let Him with His own Blood wash away your shame and your fears so that you may feel pure and clean in the Heart of your Lord.

Do not fear to contemplate His Body in the Eucharist; do not fear to place your heart on His Cross, for it is there that your most human miseries yield, it is there that your soul seizes the weakness of your bodies, to remind you that the surrender of the Lord for you is perpetual. and in the surrender of the Lord there will always be Mercy and purity to cleanse your heart.

Do not allow yourself to be defeated, except by Him Who has already conquered your life on a Cross.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When God allows humanity to suffer in the face of the plans of His enemy so that the foundations of sand may break, child, you must let the fragile and false dwellings fall down and surrender your heart to God so that He may build your fortress upon rock.

When God allows weak souls to succumb to their more human temptations and weaknesses, letting themselves be defeated by the enemy, child, you must repair in your life everything that distances you from God and close the doors to the darkness that exists in the depths of your human consciousness.

When you see that the world is fragile and the inner world of humankind does not find support in what once kept them on their feet, look within where your fortitude lies, upon that which your poor soul is supported by, and place your heart in the correct place of union with Christ.

Do not let the weaknesses of souls or the world make you feel better than others so that you may point your finger to the errors of others and place yourself somewhere that you have not yet reached of holiness, surrender and inner maturity.

Let human frailties always be a mirror for you, in which you must look every day to transform that which you see, to heal that which is sick, to throw out that which has rotted and to strengthen that which is truly pure.

Enter the Heart of Christ more and more. Seek the sure path to be in God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


There is no one else like Me who can feel, see and understand what it means to lose an apostle, a warrior or a friend.

For this reason, with My back, I bore the heavy wood of the Cross, so that all My friends, who were few, could receive an opportunity.

Beyond the martyrdoms, the transmutations or even the humiliations and sufferings endured by your Lord, none of that was similar to the anguish that I felt on the Cross when My companions abandoned Me. Nobody could explain that or compare it.

In this same way, I feel the loss or the abandonment due to all those that I have called to My path and that, for some reason, decided to move away from Me.

Within My Heart, I carry all these souls, beyond the pain that is caused Me and that which your Master experiences in silence, all the time.

Could all this be better?

Yes, it could be, and it could bring about wonderful results, but the flesh of humankind is weak. I know this because I incarnated in this world to be able to understand and encompass the human condition.

It is in these moments, in which a sort of emptiness can be seen and makes itself felt in My Heart because of the loss of some of My dear friends, that, in solitude, I focus My gaze upon Heaven to pray to the Celestial Father and, in that intimate conversation, I ask for each one of you, so that His Will may be done as He did it with Me.

My enemy is carrying those whom I most want by My side. But that only happens through free choice. At this point, I can only observe what happens.

In My Heart, I carry all My friends, those who are with Me today and also those who today no longer are.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your Hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


We have reached the last month of the alternate year for humanity, a month in which hearts are called to be in Christ and so that the inner Christ may emerge, purify you and renew you for another year, so that you may continue to serve the Most High.

But it is also a month in which inattention and distraction will be the premises for the life of hundreds of people of this humanity.

And to not fall into that trap, idealized by My enemy, you must be attentive, vigilant and with your consciousness elevated toward the Universe, because for the human race a chronological year ends, but for the spiritual Hierarchy a change of cycle occurs again, and this new cycle will be full of challenges because it will be an important duty to be able to concretize many projects.

Thus, I invite you to remember the Hierarchy and all that the Hierarchy will give impulse to in this new stage. Because in the same way that the clock time runs, the cycles also change and the opportunities will only come around once.

December of 2019 is the preamble to the last times with the Hierarchy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The Cross and the Sword

It is in this time that there are children of Mine who fight with the cross and others that fight with swords.

There are children that carry the cross of the world, while other children fight with their swords, generating world chaos.

Those children who fight with swords will receive the blow of the swords. Those who fight with the Cross, with intelligence, will receive the Grace of Peace.

Evil tries to awaken within the hearts of the innocent ones and lead them into the rebellion and protests of these times.

There is indignation in all that there is to see and experience in the nations of the world, but My Son has told you once that the one who fights by the sword will be wounded by the sword.

There must not be opposition or confrontation in these times. My enemy wants to generate the most severe and saddest war in the heart of humanity, but you must have the prayer of the heart as a defense weapon so that the light of Grace may descend upon all events.

This is the time in which everyone will be able to build their own strength based upon the values of faith, solidarity and good; of ones own contact with the Divine Laws, beyond the laws that human beings impose, which are not clean laws.

I call you to fight by means of the Cross of My Son, so that His Blood that was shed may have the value and the power that everyone should give to it. A Blood that was shed to justify your errors, the errors of all generations, all cultures, all religions, the errors of all times.

If you value the powerful Cross of Christ, the human consciousness will allow for its expansion and will, someday, recognize that the way out is not in the fight, the way out to find true justice, because the justice of the Earth is also corrupt due to the lack of transparency and compassion.

There is no other way than the one that My Son has taught you, even while seeing, day by day, the conflicts of the nations and the events that are created, always by the same ones, in order to disrupt the planetary psyche and the emotional plane of the people.

This is the time for each one to live the Cross, the Cross of spiritual and material freedom that Christ attained for each one of His companions and for each one of His enemies.

Receive this Cross instead of the swords so that the essence of peace and love may build, among beings, that which up to now was inwardly destroyed, due to the absence of compassion, understanding and consideration.

The Cross will no longer be heavy for you. The Cross of Christ will bring you the Light of truth and the meeting with universal Peace, a Peace that will awaken confidence in you and, above all, awaken wisdom for you to be able to act according to the principles of Christic Love, a Love that in this time will protect and conduct you to the Promised Land.

I thank you for responding to My call, to the call for praying for Peace in the Nations.

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Indifference embraces the planet too much. May there be no trace of indifference in you, so that My Plan may not be interfered with nor hindered by anything indifferent coming from you.

To some degree, you must consciously work to banish indifference from your consciousnesses because through indifference My enemy nurtures in humankind the lack of love and of attention for others, for the brother or sister they have beside them, day by day.

A disciple of Christ works every day to banish from themselves any degree of indifference because if something indifferent is within the disciple, they will have great difficulties to go beyond themselves, in spite of being right in something.

Therefore, I invite you once again to reflect so that within yourselves you only seek the truth, which will forever free you from the chains of indifference and lack of love.

I have already taught you how to experience My Love, do not forget it.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Offer every difficult moment as a sacrifice and as reparation to the offended Heart of God and of His Beloved Son, for the indifference of those human beings of the Earth and the religious who secretly outrage the Laws of Creation and life.

Although the internal and external pain may be unbearable, offer yourself in sacrifice, reparation and prayer for those who, having received everything, demean the Name of Christ with their outrages, falsehoods, and their insults.

Offer yourself in sacrifice and reparation for those who will deny the Glory of the Father and His descent into the holy places chosen by Heaven.

May nothing surprise you or bother you. Offer yourself for those who will betray the truth behind one's back and for those who will join the essence of lie and show their puppet faces, moved and manipulated by the hands of My enemy.

Offer yourself for those who will not be able to offer themselves, for those who will not manage to forgive; have at least a little pity for those who are miserable of spirit and for those who do not live poverty of heart.

Offer yourself without conditions, again and again, for those who will betray the Heart of Christ and His Work.

Even if you do not understand it or do not accept it, offer yourself, because when the time of your dark night comes, you will ask for someone to offer himself or herself, out of mercy, for you and, at that moment, you will receive consolation, because the Father never forgets the sacrifices and renunciations of His children. He rewards them all with His Comforting Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Behold, My children, the dark night of this world will begin within humankind who, separated from God, offer themselves to be instruments of the enemy of the Creator.

Behold, this night will be long and will seem eternal to those who do not have their strength anchored in the faith of the heart.

Behold, the world will tremble and will experience the consequences of a life empty of spirit and of spiritual meaning.

From Heaven the Celestial Mother will observe Her children who, as they can, will try to disseminate  Her  Words, which at that moment will be echoed by the word of Her little ones.

Behold, this time has already begun, because souls increasingly distance themselves from God and fall into the abysses of this world.

The fortitude of the children of Mary will take root in obedience to all God asks of you through His Messengers, and it is through learning to obey God today that you will know how to obey Him tomorrow, when His voice will be like a whisper within your own heart.

God will always speak to humankind, even if it is as a feeling or an intuition, but for that, today you must build the path of unity with the Father, so that neither chaos nor evil, in battle in the coming times, are able to disturb and destroy that union, which will allow you to hear God.

Behold, My children, the world must face its purification, and many will not want to see that what they experience are the consequences of their own actions and deviations, and they will place the blame for their sufferings on God.

I tell you today to have your spirits be firm in faith and unity with the Heart of the Father. Build in the consciousness a safe space in which you will be able to hear the Voice of God, which will inspire you.

Peace must be a state of consciousness, the result of a spirit of neutrality, which is born in hearts matured by prayer and by divine knowledge. And it is there, in that state of peace, that you will be able to understand the coming events in a different and true way, knowing how to move through the obstacles without becoming lost, and what is most important, being capable of guiding others so that they do not become lost.

Behold, in the dark night of the world, I will call on you to be the torches that will guide humanity. And I do not speak only of a symbol, My children; I speak of a spiritual reality, because if today humanity is already cold and lost, what will happen to everyone in the most critical moments of the purification of the planet?

The faith I build within you will guide the world, and will be the true testimony of the authenticity of My Presence among humankind. I will be alive in the hearts of My children, and My Words, which are eternal, will find the way to perpetuate themselves, echoing in the Word that will come out of your mouths when souls may need encouragement and support.

My Son called on you to be the Light of the world and to be visible, on the table, so as to illuminate this home which is the Earth. Make this prophecy and this divine intention come alive, and allow yourselves to be shaped today by what God expects of you, so that tomorrow you see My Words manifested in your lives.

Understand, beloved children, that everything I build within you today is for the salvation of all My children, who tomorrow will need to find encouragement through each one of you, because God will be silent and His Messengers will be silent with Him, emitting only the eternal hope and the infinite Love of Their Hearts to sustain the hearts of those who were united with Them from the beginning.

Everything I tell you and everything I call on you to experience is so that you build a new time and a new life. Allow yourselves to be molded, and if today you do not understand My words, tomorrow you will understand them. 

The One Who loves you, blesses you and guides you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Sphere of Light of the consciousness

Each human being, as a created spiritual essence, carries a Sphere of Light within the consciousness, which holds the Love the Creator gave them from the moment in which they were created.

We call this sphere the Essence or Sphere of Light of the consciousness. It is as important as the life, for it will respond in the future as an experience in each one of you.

This Sphere of Light of the consciousness holds the most positive memories of your existence, as well as the memories of the acts of Love and of Mercy experienced in the school of this planet.

It is this Sphere of Light of the consciousness that your Heavenly Mother comes to care for and protect from Her eternal enemy.

The Sphere of Light of the consciousness is capable of providing an experience of Love that the soul may have lost because of suffering or error.

This Sphere of Light is capable of bringing to spiritual life the gifts held in the Source of Creation, and of radiating them to all the deep nuclei of a being.

The Sphere of Light of the consciousness is the only living memory of what we once were, of what we are and of what we will be, for it can grasp Divine Will, and in this way, provide the human consciousness with the necessary impulses to live a more evolutionary life within the different Laws of the Universe.

This Sphere can unblock a spiritual or inner process which the mind sometimes generates.

The Sphere of Light of the consciousness is capable of reminding us of our origin and our beginning in Creation.

It can do all things.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


While the new springtime of the Lord enters into the planetary life to announce new subjects, on the other hand, the enemies who are closed to My Plan seem to tremble and perceive the damage they have caused to My worldly work.

It is so that that with the rosary in My hands, I pray for all the priests for them to be a living example of Christ on Earth and not an example of spiritual and public disorder.

Therefore, I ask all My dear ones who pray to strengthen their faith and the charisma of living love above all things.

Dear children, I invite you to be in Christ so that Christ will be able to be with you and with all the sick humanity.

I invite all the believers to live one only religion, the religion of love and of unity, the one that will be able to mirror itself as truth in the pure and simple hearts.

I invite you to search among the religions the essence of love and of unity, the one that manifests itself in the second person of God: in Christ.

Dear children, do not forget that we are in final times, when everything is at stake inside and outside the souls.

With courage and much prayer, be what My Son expects you to be every day, ambassadors of peace and goodness, without bothering what your fellow beings say, because whoever attracts peace and goodness is an apostle of My Son at the end of these times.

Encourage yourselves to unite what is separate between consciousnesses.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Today the Sacred Hearts of Mary and Saint Joseph come to you with the wooden scepter in Their hands to tell you with this that the humble Justice of God will descend upon the world to purify it completely and thus be able to bring peace.

Dear children, the human heart causes much evil and much harm because it lives in pain and has forgotten to feel loved; its repudiation and blasphemy are generated by having closed its spirit to God, by not knowing what Mercy is.

At this time, in which the enemies and the persecutors strengthen their plans against My Plans in the world, you live in love, because in love you will know peace, and they will be touched at some point by the Love of God, a Love that they have not experienced for a long time because they live a mental and imaginary love.

Just as My Son has asked you to pray for those who persecute you so that, at this crucial moment for humanity, all those who promote public and social slander, within and outside My Holy Church, be considered by the Mercy of God.

With eyes of compassion and consolation, see beyond everything, see how these souls suffer their captivity within a church subdued by the power and the relics of the past.

Dear children, let us pray so that the spirit of My Peace may protect you all, especially the priests of Christ who have under their care millions of souls and their good faith and credibility.

My beloved Son contemplates you and silently speaks to His Father because He already knew from the moment of His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane that this perverse time would come to His dear apostles in redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In continuous prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



The Divine Power of Unity

Not even the most seemingly powerful beast will be able to attack My children to the point of destroying in them what I have built with My holy hands. A fortress erected by God is eternal and there is no wind or darkness that can break it down. The basis of this fortress is the living of what I have taught you. Each one of My words consolidates in you the principle of unity with one another and with God.

Children, when lived in fullness, unity is the greatest shield of these and of all times. Even if the ground shakes under your feet, and the forces of your body seem to weaken, if there is unity, there will be no fear and there will be no defeat.

If you are united in heart, you will keep your eyes open and not allow yourselves to be deceived when the adversary blinds the eyes of many with fear and illusion. Those who live in unity will know the truth and will know that false is the power of those who rise with darkness; they will fall and disappear like dust, at the arising of the Christic Light.

If you live unity, you will sustain not only your own spirit, but you will be columns of a great temple which, in the moment of the tempest, will shelter within those who were lost but who still held the hope of someday finding themselves.

The fortress of unity will keep you in neutrality and balance when the coming events cause imbalance in the disbelievers and the humanity of little faith because they did not believe that after the night the sun will shine and that the support of God will always be upon those who recognize themselves as His children.

Unity will make you understand that which happens to you as harassment, that which are the tests and the apprenticeships needed for your evolution. In the spirit of unity among all, you will be able to overcome all these instances in a correct way and with maturity.

Because of this, children, the great learning of unity must be experienced in this time. This is the moment of overcoming the resistances within yourselves, which prevent you from living in fraternity, love and unity with your neighbor.

Learn that those whom you so judge or whom you cannot love nor accept in their paths may be the pillar that will be lacking in your inner temple in order to sustain you firm in the times that will come.

These are no longer times of solitude or individuality; in the past, this was a learning of interiorization of humanity, which prepared you today to live unity, with all who surround you.

Those who are summoned to My army of Light and Peace must be always united. Do not let My adversary bring you down through the corrosive poison of criticism, judgment and separateness, the pillars of the fortress that I am building by means of your constant permission.

Children, when you let the enemy speak through your mouths and separate you from your brothers, sisters and companions of the path, it is not only My Work that you are destroying but, above all, your own possibility of evolving and of keeping firm in the moments of the greatest tribulation.

Because of this, when you feel that your mouths move through the cunning of the adversary, keep silence and ask for My help; cut the chain of evil and invoke the Divine Power of Unity.

Where there is true unity there will be no darkness, and all the battles will be marked by the triumph of Light. Where there is unity, there will be Truth and there will be the Consciousness of God expressing through His children.

I tell you all this so that you may recognize that the triumph of the Eternal Father does not depend on anyone’s own strength, but on the Divine Power of Unity which, together, My soldiers can attract and manifest.

Children, day by day, struggle to make My Heart triumph and for the fortress of unity to grow and support within itself many souls that are seeking refuge in this world of such little fraternity and love.

Where there is unity, a light will be ignited, indicating the path for those who must still awaken in these times.

The seed of unity is already sprouting and growing in many of My children, and it must expand throughout all who listen to Me; because of this, today I make you listen to these words.

I bless you and lead you to the Divine Power of Unity. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Beast of the End Times and the Woman of All Times

An imminent sign will precipitate over the world and it will clearly reveal to all that the end times have come.

This sign that will arrive in the world will open the last and great abyss, and the raging beast, which was imprisoned in its hells, will come to the surface. The world will not see a material beast because, with its cunning, it is already conquering many innocent hearts.

This sign, that will come to the world from the Universe, will reveal to all who pray how much the beast has reigned in the main consciousnesses of this planet. Its great ostentation is to lead hearts into constant sin, this is why the beast, which is still in its abyss, is strengthened by the desires that all humankind experiences in this material life.

But the beast does not desire souls that are more aware, but rather, with its cunning, it sows indifference and omission.

It does not give up seeking the bravest, its claws are on the great governments of the world, which, as a result, defeats the dignity of souls and their evolution.

When the beast emerges from its abyss, all capital sins will be greatly and decadently exacerbated. As many know, everything will be allowed, even debauchery and superstition.

The beast feeds upon the failure of its fellow beings, but it does not know that prayer makes souls invisible and disengages them from its claws. The beast develops its fury through conflicts, and all that live in conflict draw to themselves the fury of the beast itself.

On the other hand, the soul that prays builds and elevates itself, it knows how to sustain itself and the planet, and is freed from decay. But the beast already knows it must go in search of the children of the Sun.

Because of this, at this hour, the Woman Clothed of the Sun is running to the desert and signaling to Her beloved children that it is time to work intelligently.

The beast will not only try to keep any Christ from being born, but, with its false power, it will try to destroy everything that a consciousness of the Light has inwardly built. To be protected from these clashes of the beast, you must be attentive and vigilant about all the external stimuli that will cause you to lose true Christic codes.

From where it reigns, the beast manipulates the nations, and, at the same time, their governors. One who is truly not in God will not manage to escape these sharp claws, because the beast creates and recreates itself in the capital sins that, in truth, are the roots of evil and the damnation of millions of souls throughout the world.

Each time a consciousness opens the door of its being to these temptations, even if sporadically, the beast is satisfied by these energies, and this consciousness enters the kingdom of the beast consciously.

The beast that subjugates the world is generated time and again by humankind, and humankind itself receives all its punishment from the beast. But a hopeful Light descends from the universe and the Mother of God, the Woman of all times, battles with the beast in another way in order to dispel it more and more from the consciousness of the planet.

The beast knows that it has little time left, but in the time it has left, it will want to carry to its abyss the greatest number of fallen and non-fallen stars. Because of this, the children of the Blessed Woman must not sleep, because in the face of any sly movement of the beast, the battle could be lost.

May the intelligence of the soldiers be vigilant over their desires and expectations as the beast wallows like a pig within superficial and mediocre things.

To weaken the beast, which humanity itself has created and which is now uncontrollable, it will be necessary to love the Plan of God and live it as if it were the main thing in your lives because the beast does not know the inner love of creatures, it does not know the love that Christ teaches, that love that makes the beast weak and sickens it to the point of making it oftentimes immobile.

If this love were always sufficiently great and true, the beast would no longer have its reign in the Middle East.

May the school of the Love of Christ motivate consciousnesses to abandon illusion because while your consciousnesses are on two paths, you will be opening the door for the beast to enter. Be wise and, by your prayer, may the beast be deactivated.

The Woman of all times again points out and marks the path for you so that the majority of souls do not deviate from the path of Light.

But to defeat the beast, the Woman will have to physically and spiritually count on consecrated soldiers so that, at a universal level, this act of consecration will testify and confirm that the beast will be expelled from the planet.

Humanity itself must generate the conditions for everything to be reversed. While uncontrolled desire and capital sins continue to feed the beast, the planet will have no peace.

Therefore, with more awareness and intelligence than the beast itself, help me defeat it through love and unity, which humanity has not yet experienced.

Take refuge every day in the desert of the Holy Woman in order to be protected, because the beast does not know the emptiness of self, it does not even know what that is.

Because of this, without outer motivations, which are the things that attract the beast to the surface of this planet, work in this time to create evolutionary conditions that are the opposite of the conditions that you have always experienced in this humanity.

May My children at this hour perceive that we are now in another time, and that it is urgent to truly change your behavior, for, in this way, the mask of illusion and blindness will fall from many faces that are still asleep and not able to see the Light of Divine Mercy.

I would like to see My soldiers wide awake and not inert because the beast feeds on and also becomes stationed within convenience and minimal effort; it is repelled by sacrifice.

The beast fears the New Christs.

I thank you for accompanying in consciousness the end and awaited times!

Who guides you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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