My dear children, may the Peace of My Son be within you.

When the Divinity recovers the spiritual spaces that up until now had been subjected by the enemy, and especially when the Plan of God recovers innocent souls, that had once been subjected to suffering, hopelessness and material perdition, this means and represents a visible victory of the Redeeming Love of Christ over all darkness, it means that His servers of the final times, that is, His apostles, will surrender in the face of any condition so as to give their lives and their service for those who suffer and are most vulnerable.

Inevitably, the triumph and conquest of these spaces, through Love, represent a challenge in the face of those conditions of adversity and chaos. This is why the servers of Christ offer to be instruments of the Lord regardless of the consequences and without measuring the possible risks.

This is not an expression of fantasy or an act of fanaticism, rather it is an action moved and conferred by the Holy Spirit which, in its inalterable aspect and through committed servers, can bestow Graces, miracles and solutions that had once seemed impossible.

I speak of this in the example of the Angola Mission which today in its first stage reaches the end of a cycle,  and from today onward reaches a new stage, which is entirely free from spiritual, moral and inner knots. A new stage that promises more rapid and efficient concretions for a region of the planet such as Africa, conditioned and buried by the lack of social and political transparency, and interfered with by the interminable vice of corruption.

This is where My Son is entering, through His Spiritual Consciousness, because it is in these spaces, seemingly lost and lacking a material solution, where all will start from scratch, where the poorest souls among the poor will see light, love and faith be reborn in their marginalized lives.

For this reason, all spiritual movement has a material repercussion that is a part of those anonymous sacrifices that may be offered to Christ for the triumph of His Love and His Mercy in Humanity.

This is why I am deeply grateful for all that which in such a short time was built in Africa, because it is something indelible that will remain in the Heart of God, and nothing will ever be able to dissolve it, because it was an action of Love that healed the pain.

I thank you for this humanitarian mission and for having responded to the call of My Son!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-ninth Poem

on this day, we would like
to stay in Your arms,
so that we may be filled
with Your Love and Your Mercy.

We would like the most innocent children
who are in danger
to be in Your arms today
so that they may be sheltered by Your Divine Pity.

we would like the unborn
to be in a safe place, under Your protection,
so that they may have the Grace
of again finding the path of Light
that will lead them to the Eternal Father.

we would like the women and men of the world
who sell their bodies for the pleasure of others
to be in Your arms,
so that they may be safe and see,
at some moment, the doorway out
to abandon darkness.

we would like the poorest among the poor
and the elderly, abandoned by their families,
to be in Your arms today,
so that they may feel deserving of receiving
Your warm and affectionate Love
that will heal them internally.

we would like all refugees
and those exiled from their countries
to be in Your arms,
so that they may feel the joy of rebuilding their lives
and find hope
in this time of definition.

we would like the planet
to be in Your arms today
so that the consciousness of the Earth may be relieved
and no longer feel that it is alone.

today, more than ever,
we would like to learn to truly love
as You love us, unconditionally.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


The poorest families of Argentina are the last to receive the help they need in order to live. Thus, they will be witnesses of the spiritual treasures held in Argentina and, in this way, their consciousnesses will be enriched upon knowing the truth and upon accepting it, just as it is, with the purity of their hearts.

But others will not see these spiritual treasures because their intentions are not pure nor transparent, because their hands and their eyes have become addicted to power and authority. These, which I name, will not see anything, while the poor who have nothing, will be participants in the spiritual treasures.

So this will be the time for bringing equality to Argentina, and leaving behind the promises that are only pretty words.

Argentina will rise up with the strength of its workers and its laborers and these will be who, through constant effort, will prepare for the arrival of the Redeemer, for just as it was with the apostles, I will call the workers of Argentina to sit at My table so that we may share the bread.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

 Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


To My beloved Africa

Dear children,

Today we will dedicate this work of prayer for the innocent and poorest souls of Africa so that, after each one of them has gone through the learning of misery, of suffering and of pain, it may receive the grace of being before the celestial glory.

Now, with My first and initial monastery of consecrated nuns in Angola, the entire Work is called by the Mother of God to collaborate in some way toward this mission of charity and of service that has just begun.

Just as My beloved Son asked Mother Teresa of Calcutta to serve and be among the poorest of the poor, today I, as the Lady of the Poor and of the Holy Innocent, ask each child of Mine who listens to Me, to be in Africa with the poorest among the poorest, especially with the most innocent, with My little children, with the orphan children and those abandoned by their own families.

I wish that the entire Work, just as all those who are awakening through it, may have in their prayers My beloved Africa so that the celestial goods that will convert into help and humanitarian service can descend from Heaven to be offered in Africa.

With all of this request, My children, the ardent wish of your Heavenly Mother is to bring love to those who do not have it and relief to those who suffer.

This is the time when injustice and inequality afflict the most innocent and poor, those who have nothing. But also, My children, this is the time of miracles, miracles that your own lives can accomplish through your donation, your support and your service to My little children of Africa.

This Work, blessed by the Celestial Father, has the mission of bringing love in order to heal the pain of the world, not only with an expression of tenderness for the one who has never received it, but also through a gesture of service and love to those poorest among the poor.

Africa was and is a continent outraged and exploited by the great nations, but in a short time this will end and those who took everything, and left poverty and misery for the most innocent, will have accounts to settle with Me and with My Son on the day appointed for the Universal Judgment; because, as My Son has said, there will be no stone upon stone in those who built their power on the surface of the Earth. Everyone will live its moment of evaluation and of judgment.

Dear children, I also ask you to include in your prayers the Kingdoms of Nature of Africa, so that, although they are extinguished and commercialized, the group consciousness of each Kingdom may receive today love and forgiveness from the prayer beings.

Africa is the beginning of a greater Work that will place each one of the servers before the opportunity of taking the great step toward  the forgetting of self, without conditions, in service and in love for others.

Remember that Africa waits for love, help and redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Equality among Peoples – Part II

And a New Humanity and a new planet will be built, from the moment in which human beings fraternally share everything they possess and distribute everything they have in perfect harmony, unity and equality.

This will create the condition for the current race to build, within the beings, the New redeemed Humanity

All who manage to accompany this movement and all who carry out this goal will deserve more Mercy and forgiveness, because they will be stepping out of themselves, of all that is petty and mediocre, to begin to live a new state of consciousness.

Thus, there will no longer be the poorest among the poor, but rather a true civilization that will manage to approach the living of the Attributes of God and the manifestation of His Divine Plan.

In this sense, all those who promote in the world balance and equality among peoples will be deactivating the occult groups who instigate and promote, in a perverted way, imbalance and inequality.

The moment will come in which none of these consciousnesses will be able to go ahead by their own means, due to the immense darkness that will absorb them; for this reason, they will seek help, consolation and much aid.

Thus, those who are sovereignly working for equality among peoples will be conceding, without perceiving it, an extraordinary Grace for these souls, and they will receive, although they do not deserve it, the Mercy of God.

At this moment, and in this hour, the Mother of Heaven will intercede and all these souls, lost due to abuse of power and pleasures, will be converted by the imperious Love of the Heart of the Father.

A Divine Ray of Justice will disarm all the world system and everything will change overnight.

Thus, I come to Switzerland to ask for the restorative Communion of the first five Saturdays, so that here, and in the world, many more souls that are lost may receive the spiritual help needed to repent from their errors, and to ask for Mercy and forgiveness.

In the meanwhile, I wish to establish in Switzerland the true devotion for My Maternal and Immaculate Heart so that someday, and from here arises the imperious necessity of definitely abandoning the superficial life and the pleasures that make the souls of people die for not having God.

I need those who decide to accompany Me in this purpose to establish groups of prayer in Switzerland, in order to generate a potent column of redemption and of Light that will spiritually communicate you with Me.

I hope this request will be fulfilled, so that the ever Virgin Mary, Mother of All Peoples and Virgin of Schoenstatt, can intercede to establish the living Love of the Source in the hearts that are hardened and empty of God. 

I thank you, from now, for your cordial and loving response.

After the groups of prayer in Switzerland are created I will say, in a short time, a new request.

I thank you for listening to Me with attention!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstatt

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Nazaré, Leiria, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

God will destroy the castles of sand that have been built by humans to lead humanity towards perdition. Thus, God will build, from the inner worlds, the temples of love that the souls have made fruitful through their faith in the Lord. At that moment, Judgment will begin for all humanity.

The simple of heart will receive within their hands the Legacy of the past and those who called themselves powerful will lose all their wealth because the poor of heart will come to know all the mysteries that are written in the great vault of this universe.

It will no longer be necessary to interpret the stars because the new race will know where they come from and what their true origin is. Nobody will be left without knowing what mission they have come to perform out of love for the Universal Project.

At this time, the powerful will no longer have power and the pure of heart will be crowned by the Hands of Christ.

The twelve angelical hosts will descend and a star similar to the ones of the universe will announce the signs of a new stage.

Finally, humanity will awaken and will no longer be within evil because it will have abandoned illusion and entered into the mysteries of the universe.

Later, the obstacles will not exist, neither will what we know as ego. The souls and the consciousnesses of this world will finally become free and happy during the thousand years of peace. Thus, the Eternal Father, in His splendor, will descend and make of this Earth His luminous home throughout the universe.

Prayer to be Recited at the End of Communion to Reconcile with Jesus Christ
By His Sacrifice, we were liberated,
By His Wounds, we were healed.
By His Flagellations, we were forgiven.
By His Falls, we were elevated, 
By His Cross, we were redeemed.
And now, by His Mercy, we are transfigured
and His Spiritual Light, we receive
so that, free of all adversity, we may walk
in the aspiration to one day again find Him,
in His Celestial Glory.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, now and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Fatima, Santarém, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Each time you pray from the heart, a thorn of pain is removed from the Heart of God and a flower of light opens in His Kingdom.

Therefore, continue praying the Rosary every day so that peace and the end of wars may be established.

Continue praying with the purity of your hearts, so that the situations of the planet may reverse, and thus more souls may achieve the Mercy of God.

Continue praying with the purity of your hearts, so that the situations of the planet may reverse, and thus more souls achieve the Mercy of God.

Each prayer that is pronounced with love, opens doors so that souls may submerge in the ocean of forgiveness and thus receive reconciliation with the Universe.

On this afternoon, the prayer of the heart reached vast celestial spheres, and help came to assist the most simple.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Spirit of God will speak through humankind

When the human heart, My children, understands, through the consequences of its actions, where its arrogance and ignorance take it, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When religions realize that what is most important is to establish the Kingdom of God, rather than maintaining structures and institutions, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When governments understand that there is no government distant from the One Who created and knows all things, the Spirit of God will come and speak through humankind.

When parents teach their children to live in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, with the Universe, and with fellow beings, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

Humanity will become tired of living the consequences of their successive mistakes, the fruit of actions they carry forward without God. In that moment, My children, the simple will look to Heaven and the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When humankind no longer wants to aggrandize themselves, because they understand their human smallness and misery, they will seek the Word of Life in the Heights, and it is then that the Spirit of God will come and speak through humankind.

That moment will come when the consequences of human ignorance become visible to all the eyes of the world, and even those who longed for power will fear having it in their hands, because they will know their own frailty and inability to act without God.

The Spirit of God will speak through the simple, who at first will be heard by only a few, because they will be among the smallest, and many times, they will speak through the silence of their actions.

The Spirit of God will speak in the healthy of spirit, prepared by Him to come to the world, after having known the Universe, Creation, and the Divine Plan. They will be aware of human misery, but also of the greatness of God, which is hidden in their inner potential. That will make them humble and strong in Christ, to speak fearlessly to humanity, and through service and fraternity, proclaim the institution of the new life.

When hearts are no longer able to find consolation and many have lost faith in God for not finding guidelines in humankind where they sought them, it will be in the simplest and most hidden that the Spirit of God will emerge, will return and will live, as the prophets and patriarchs of the past. And He will speak, will announce and once more open the hearts of those who had lost their faith and hope. Humanity will find again the guidelines of love in the pure and the simple, who will shine not for themselves, but for the Spirit of God that will be with them.

When faith will seem to have vanished from the temples and churches, and love is scarce in the human beings who try to guide others on their own, rather than in God, it will be in the pure and in the simple, children, that the Spirit of God will speak, inspire, and unite religions and cultures, that on their own will not find the strength to remain in the world. Their examples will renew the faith and the hope for the return of My Son. They will speak of the Living Christ, and their word will be fire rather than only sound. They will open the paths to the Universal King and will be the first to prostrate on the ground, even before the Heavens open for the coming of the King.

The non-believers, who will still deny the Return of Christ, will see them prostrated, without anything happening, and they will slander them, mock them, and will exalt themselves. But the pure will not stand up, and until the Heavens open, they will not raise their heads. They will be humiliated in silence, so that humanity may perceive that it is through humility that the path for Christ is once again prepared. And behold, the Spirit of God in that hour will be silent through humankind. His silence will speak louder and will have more fire than any spoken verb.

When those who were speaking with the Spirit of God fall silent, and prostrated, calmly awaiting the return of Their King, when it seems that all has ended without a triumph and without hope, when humankind faces the void and the unknown, then, children, it will all begin.

The signs will emerge and will make the impure and the liars tremble. In that hour, the Spirit of God will no longer speak through humankind, but will only be silent and gaze through their eyes, so they will know how to recognize the One Who will be God Himself, resplendent over the world.

Until that moment comes, be pure, be simple, and strengthen your own faith in God, recognizing your own smallness and the Divine greatness; because the Spirit of God will come and seek the humble hearts, to announce to the world what very few want to hear.

I bless you today and always, and I leave you the Grace of My renewal and the principle of My humility, so that you may have them be fruitful in your hearts and consciousness.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

From the just and the meek peace will be born.

From the good and the peacemakers will emerge fraternity.

From the humble and the deprived, divine Providence will awaken.

From the empty of self and from the persevering will be built the inner Temple of the Church of My Son.

From the simple and loving, Divine Purity will arise.

From those who give of themselves and the selfless, the Work of God will be carried out.

From the silent and the still, all mysteries will be shown.

From those who pray and the consistent will appear the energy of Healing.

And those who always flaunted everything will have nothing more; because God will take away the kingdom from those who call themselves powerful; with His Justice, He will destroy the idolatrous and will give all the treasures to the most unprotected. 

What was misused for decades will be corrected, all assets will reach the hands of the poorest, and God will take away the satisfaction of the rich.

He will show Himself in the simplest and will preach His Sacred Words through humble hearts, for He has recognized the plea of His beloved Servant for all Her sinful children of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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Association Mary
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