Dear children:

May the Prince of the Celestial Militia, the Archangel Saint Michael, be devoutly honored today so that on this, His day of Glory, He may bury His powerful Sword of Light in the unredeemed essences of evil and thus, the Light of the Heavens may triumph.

Let us honor the Archangel Saint Michael because His celestial armies work on this day to send to the abysses all the perverse spirits that cause grave faults in humanity and in their spiritual counterpart.

Let us raise the Banner of Peace in the Presence of the Archangel Saint Michael so that He may grant the defeat of all the hells and the souls of the world may be freed from the spiritual prisons of these times.

May the hearts be consecrated to the Heavenly Father, the Archangel Saint Michael, so that their deepest nuclei and, above all, their essences may be protected from the codes of evil.

Blessed be, Archangel Saint Michael because, with the power of Your angelic Heart and the powerful scale of Your Sword, You defeat evil in the name of the Love of God.

Blessed Archangel Saint Michael, faithful protector of the Plan of God, protect all those who invoke the power of Your Most High Name, now and forever. Amen.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


On the eve of the great meeting of prayer in San Francisco, California, your Heavenly Mother is preparing to go into a nation where many things will be deactivated so that they do not affect the souls that reside there.

It is in this way that, through each prayerful soul, your Mother of Heaven will aid and help consciousnesses so that they may abandon the illusion and the abysses in which many have placed themselves.

In this way, some deeply sleeping souls will awaken, to then become part of My Marian armies of Light.

Thus, each effort that will be made will be indispensable in support of the spiritual benefit for all those who, for decades, have been waiting to find the path of Light.

Now that My feet will step firmly upon this nation, your Heavenly Mother will be entrusting certain angelic armies to accompany and to guard each step that consciousnesses will take after having received spiritual redemption, repercussions that, perhaps, will be seen in the next existence.

For this reason, each positive action that may be carried out in the United States will have a greater impact in the face of all that is not positive and that has been implemented in the nation.

What is real will be to take consciousnesses into the Love of the Father so that they may regain a deeper filiation.

For this reason, your Heavenly Mother prepares Herself to carry out a mission that nobody will be able to stop, since the seas in this cycle will be calmed and what Heaven will carry out will not be perceived.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

When the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is near, it seems that everything precipitates, to the point that new changes turn up for you. The important thing at this moment is that you have the assurance that while by My side, nothing will happen to you, because I always place you inside My Heart so that nothing can perceive or observe you.

Thus, at this time, I am finishing forming up the last praying armies so that they may accompany the Heavenly Mother in this imminent battle of Armageddon. I wish that you, dear children, could feel the confidence that everything is in its place, even when it sometimes does not seem to be. Each signal that you receive within you is important because they will place you nearer to or further away from Divine Will.

For this reason, on this day I come to tell you that the stages of My Plan of Peace are taking place and that all of you, in due course, will be benefited by the results of this pilgrimage. It is thus that after so much time, your Heavenly Mother has managed to come and address matters of humanity that seemed impossible to resolve. In this way, I teach you to have faith and to practice it above all tests and difficulties.

May the Mirrors of your hearts shine before Mine today, so that all of this may be a precious offering of love and of reconciliation with your Father God. On this day I leave you an open path so that you can again find your essential purity, a key that will easily open the doors to the Brotherhood, just as happened today.

Remain in My arms during this day so that I may keep contemplating you, and My gaze be able to protect you and distance you from all evil. Be brave and keep being so, for the total triumph of My Most Pure Heart.

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



While My eyes look at the world, My Immaculate Heart contemplates all My children from Brazil and from the world, hoping that a wise and loving answer of collaboration with My plans of peace for Central America and Mexico may emerge from all hearts.

As the Mother of the World I still hope, seeing the hands of the clock ticking by, that some of My children from Brazil or from the world will open their hearts to receive My most important call for collaboration with My work in Central America.

An old and longstanding wound must be completely healed.

That is why, dear children, your Guadalupana has carried out a part of the mission, which in that long ago, Her Son had entrusted to Her to carry forward in Mexico.

Now that your Mother has formed the armies of prayer and of light in this new time, I hope that My dearest and most favorite children embrace this call to cooperate with the Plans of Heaven with the fire of their heart.

The source of the celestial and material manifestation hovers over your consciousnesses; thus I still hope, in silence and prayer, that some of My consecrated children may open the correct door, of their hearts and not of their minds, so that the material concretization of My Plan may descend on Earth. 

If this does not happen before the end of the month of October, your Celestial Father will consider that His Holy Call for redemption and for peace realized through your Heavenly Mother is being rejected absolutely by humanity and nothing more can be done. 

In this way, I invite you, My little ones, with the living charity of the Sacred Family of Nazareth, to accompany the Mother of the Most High in this precious purpose of redemption, of liberation, and of peace.

I hope that all of My beloved children from Brazil and from the world do not fall sleep once again, as has happened before, specially when your Paulista Mother calls you to the greater surrender.

The materialization of this Divine Plan to reach Central America depends on humanity as well as on you.

I thank you for responding to My call and to My divine petition!

Who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Elohim: Golden Angels

In the Essence of the Heart of God, there once arose the great Purpose of creating life and the planes of consciousness.

As I told you yesterday, dear children, the archangels, those called Resplendent Ones, were born of Divine Inspiration, an inspiration that caused archangelic and angelic beings to become concretized and manifested.

God expressed in the Mental Universe His twelve principal manifestations, which arose from the Most Pure Source. From there, the twelve Elohim, as Rays and impulses of fire, were born within the consciousness of the Higher Mental Universe.

From the moment in which the Eternal had the sacred will that, from His Most Pure Essence, the Archangels should be born, the Mental Universe was already a vital reality within the Spiritual Universe.

The Elohim were appointed by the Most High to carry out the organization and the manifestation of all the universes where, in the future, life would exist.

Thus, from the moment in which the Elohim manifested within the Mental Universe, the first legions were subtly created in reservoirs of light, which are great receptacles and conduits of divine energy that preceded the Mirrors.

Let us see then, dear children, how the divine history of Creation previous to material life was considered by God Himself to be a Project of love and of absolute unity.

It was based on love and unity that the Angelic Hierarchies, those called Elohim, developed the Project of the Eternal Father and gave continuity to the Work of Creation.

The reservoirs of light were also created through the essence of Divine Will, and the first Elohim were the ones that accompanied the manifestation of these states of consciousness, which within held the spiritual emergence of angelic life.

Each archangel, as Creator Father, deposited in the reservoirs of light a molecule of the twelve spiritual Rays that were present at the moment of the birth of the angelic beings. An angelic consciousness is born from the expression of love in the Mental Universe and through an act of profound union that the archangel establishes with the One Source.


The Communication Network of the Heavenly Mirrors, continuation

Open your heart and empty your mind in order to understand and live the mysteries of Creation.

In that opening you will be able to penetrate the essence of knowledge, and everything that is sacred in the Universe will reach you not only as information, but as codes of Light that awaken in your being to transfigure you.

This is the power of the Mirrors, heavenly generators of universal harmony that concentrate within themselves all the attributes of Creation.

We state and understand as attributes all the rays and celestial currents that the Creator Fathers used for the manifestation of the planes and of life.

It is thus that the Heavenly Mirrors hold within themselves the remembrance of our spiritual, mental, and material origin. It is these attributes that, from time to time, allow the renewal of universal life and all the cycles, bringing positive impulses that impregnate all of Creation.

In the beginning of the origin, what we would understand as the essence of the Divine Thought of God, the Source created the Archangels so that they could create the Hosts of Light in the Mental Universe; in this way, at the beginning of everything, the Mental Universe was gradually gestated by the existence of the first armies of the Elohim.

These resplendent Consciousnesses were given impulse to collaborate in the creation of the Material Universe, because in the Thought and in the Heart of the Eternal Father there existed the Will for great experiences of love to occur that would go beyond all previous ones.

In the beginning, at the request of God, the Creator Fathers created the Heavenly Mirrors, because in the Material and Mental Universe these would help in the spiritual evolution of all universal life.

The Heavenly Mirrors were also formed by twelve attributes, twelve Rays, or twelve currents of spiritual and divine energy that would allow the history of the origin of the Creation to be well-guarded and available as light-based information for all the consciousnesses that would be created in the image and likeness of God.

The twelve attributes that were expressed during the gestation of the Mental and Material Universes emanated directly from what we know as the Source of Creation, which is the pure, immaculate, and divine essence of the Eternal Father.


The Divine Power of Unity

Not even the apparently most powerful beast will be able to attack My children to the point of destroying in them what I have built with My holy hands. A fortress erected by God is eternal and there is no wind or darkness that can break it down. The basis of this fortress is the living of what I have taught you. Each one of My words consolidates in you the principle of unity with one another and with God.

Unity, children, when lived in fullness, is the greatest shield of these and of all times. Even if the ground shakes under your feet, and the forces of your body seem to weaken, if there is unity, there will be no fear and there will be no defeat.

If you are united in heart, you will keep eyes open and will not let yourselves be deceived when the adversary blind the eyes of many with fear and illusion. Those who live in unity will know the truth and will know that false is the power of those who rise over darkness; these will fall and disappear like powder, at the arising of the Christic Light.

If you live unity, you will sustain not only your own spirit, but you will be columns of a great temple that in the moment of the tempest will shelter in it, those who were lost, but who still brought within the hope of finding themselves someday.

The fortress of unity will keep you in neutrality and balance when the forthcoming happenings unbalance the unbelievers and the humankind of little faith, because they do not believe that after the night the sun will shine and that the support of God will always be over those who recognize themselves as His children.

Unity will make you understand which happenings come to you as harassment, which are tests and which are apprenticeships needed for your evolution. In the spirit of unity among all, you will be able to overcome all these instances in a correct way and with maturity.

Because of this, children, the great learning of unity must be lived in this time. This is the moment of overcoming the resistances within yourselves, which prevent you from living in fraternity, love and unity with your neighbor.

Learn that those whom you judge so much or whom you cannot love nor accept in their paths may be the pillar that will be lacking in your inner temple to sustain you firm in the times that will come.


Dear children of Porto Alegre and of the whole world,

In My presence, and recognizing My Call, I ask that you pray for those who are not here today and who wander in this city as well as across the whole world, like souls without direction and without a clear goal for their own spirit.

Each creature that comes from God, My beloveds, has a spiritual mission to fulfill, because it is in this way, with each one fulfilling their part, that the Plan of God will be manifested, not only in this world, but also in the whole universe.

We are now in a definitive time for the planet, because after centuries and centuries of learning in the school of the Earth, the time has come for you take the exam, and for you to put yourselves at the disposal of the ones who need the virtues and the gifts of your hearts the most.

My beloveds, it may seem that I ask you difficult and impossible things, because—in a world where competition, pride and vanity have been fed for centuries —I call you to be fraternal, humble and simple so that you may accomplish together, through mutual assistance, the Plans of God for this race.

My Immaculate Heart is forming an army of light in the world, not for you to stand out among the others in the evolutionary path.  My soldiers will build the path by means of which the rescuing boat will reach this world.  With your efforts and transformations you will open the doors of this boat for humanity.  With your examples and your services you will attract the beings so that they will enter the boat and you will wait at the door until the last soul be able to receive salvation.

For this I call you to put in the most effort, but to be the last ones to receive the merits for your own effort.

I invite you to follow the Christic path in which you will offer all of yourselves for love for your neighbor, even if nobody recognizes your effort and the planetary service that you are providing in the name of God.

Dears, in a world that agonizes, your Heavenly Mother calls you so that you will be the light in the path of the blind by means of your prayers and actions.

It is already time that not only you will listen to My Call, but also that you act with valor and devotion.


Stay in My arms today, child of Mine, because My mantle of light will make you invisible to the eyes of My adversary.  Stay between My hands, because My Maternal Love will make you stronger than the sorrow of the world.

Do not let the great door of purification be opened because God, Who is in the Heavens, has already counted the seconds and the minutes where each child of Mine will have to face the last battle.

Stay with Me and pray by My side.

Although the storm is greater than the very fortresses that I have constructed with My Love, the ground will not tremble because the foundations that I build are unmovable.  Stay today between My arms and do not fear anything; the cycle of surrender and of humiliation shall be lived by each child of Mine, because in order for the next time of peace to be born, all of My children will have to live their purification.

Let today, child of Mine, Your Heavenly Mother wash your body and your impurities with the divine water of My Grace; lie down and surrender yourself into My arms so that I may purify you and convert you in the model that God has asked of Me; in the model of the great redemption.

Rest today, child, between My arms and do not look that much the constant falls;  I come to raise you from the ground, and bring you to the eternal lap of the Heart of My Son.  His Mercy is as great as His Justice; for this come with confidence towards Me and do not give up before the great time.

For My children I fulfill the Works of God, for this I protect you like a lioness protects her cubs, nothing will be able to frighten you.

Open space, child of Mine, so that the impurities of the old will be banished.  In the same way that My Heart prays and implores for each one of you, My hands of a Mother undo in time the knots of egoism and of foolishness that live in each of you.  Prayer is the source of every solution, it will always rekindle the heart that is dim and without inner light.

The red dragon draws its armies closer before facing the Lady Dressed of the Sun.  In turn, the stars of My Crown are launched to the Earth in order to demarcate the spaces where the dragon will neither be able to step nor find anyone of you.

When the Lady Dressed of the Sun has thrown Her last star of salvation to the Earth, the great door will open, the great cycle will be untied and it will not have an end.


Dear Children,

May peace exists for ever in your hearts and may it be the peace of My Immaculate Heart that which may encourage you to live all the time the inner transformation that will be the mirror of a great external transformation.

For this, children, with gaze of kindness and maternal love, I am introducing you in this last stage of the redeeming path, which My Son offers you for this time.  By living the cycle of your purification, you will find inside yourselves all of which must already die so that on the day of tomorrow, My dears, you may participate in the Kingdom of God.

With your purification and service, the world will transform itself and it will no longer be necessary that the souls suffer the price for their own decisions.

In the spirit of permanent prayer you will find the master key which will allow you to transcend the end of the times and the inner time in each being.

Risk yourselves to surrender to your Celestial Mother that which attaches you the most to this material life.  Entrust to God your families because, due to your untiringly service, the Plan of the Most High is being repositioned in a higher celestial sphere.

Be for this cycle that which you have never been.  Be apostles of My Son, those who do not separate themselves from the purpose and neither deviate from the path of the inner evangelization that Christ is performing through their lives.  While the world faces the result of its decisions, your Celestial Mother comes to help you to redirect the inner dwelling of millions of hearts towards the true universal principle: towards Christ.

Unite yourselves more and more to My Immaculate Heart and do not allow, children of Mine, that the misleading ideas of the enemy enter your minds and dwellings.  So that this may not happen, affirm in your lives that you will live this time to answer to the designs of My Son Jesus.  In this way you will be true soldiers with whom My Son will count on to carry forward the purpose of guiding this outraged humanity towards the supreme school of rehabilitation.

Open the doors of the heart in order that the words of the Celestial Messengers may arrive deeper and deeper and thus, the Kingdom of God may be established in each interior.

Entrust to My care your dear ones, share the mercy that you receive every day and together, with Me, let us rebuild this decaying humanity.


 My little ones,

Keep in your hearts the whole path of love and conversion that, through the Faithful Servant of God, you have lived. For this maternal reason today I invite you to remember that it has already been eleven months of encounters and of daily messages for the world.

Today I am calling you to be the living example of My Mater- nal Message through charity and giving.

Dear children, I call you to form part of My Marian army of peace and to propagate My words by means of your prayer. You are in time to live in the Mercy of My Son, you are in time to forgive with the heart.

My children, today I also call all those who hear My urgent call for Peace and for Goodness so that you may propagate My words of support and help to all the hearts in the world.

Your goal, as is Mine, must be to alleviate the tired heart, the wounded heart and the fallen heart. To ignite, through prayer, the Flame of the Holy Spirit and to trust, in the name of My Son, in all the wisdom that you will receive to grow as consciousnesses and as hearts.

My children, today there is reason to celebrate from the heart the past eleven months in which My Maternal Love, My Hope, My Grace and My Mercy have been poured from the greatest depths of My Maternal Heart for all My beloved children.

Continue united to My Spirit of Peace and through the permanent prayer of the Rosary, be united every day to Jesus, the King of Love.

That your hearts, during these last eleven months, may have been able to be a part of My Great and Divine Son Jesus. That from now on, your lives may be surrendered to the Plan of God, as a reparation of all offenses that He receives from this world.

Be merciful and love your brothers and sisters because they are also My children.

For all this time of Mercy, I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

My little sons, My little daughters.  A soul donated to the Living God, the soul that prays is with Me. The soul that prays lives the promise of the New Kingdom.  The soul that prays frees itself from its own pain and gives relief to its brothers and sisters through its prayers.  The soul that prays transcends fear because it is a soul that is in the delight and mercy of God.

The soul that prays is working as a living heart for Peace.  The soul that prays is in the promise of the coming Heavens, which will come to the aid of humanity.  The soul that prays will know the Holy Spirit because God will protect it with His Love.

The soul that prays receives wisdom from My Son and in the prayer of the heart awakens the consciousness for the Plan of God on Earth so that this Plan of Love is fulfilled.  For this, the soul that prays may in prayer, help the world because it is a peaceful soul that accepts the Will of God.

The soul that prays has become part of the Marian army that through Christ Resurrected and Glorified aspires to be day by day in God the Father.  The soul that prays is a companion of love and is the wife of the Divine Truth because this soul is united to the Laws of the Highest.

The soul that prays will work more for this world, for all souls that do not pray, do not adore and do not await God.  Thus, dear children, the soul that prays will be in the sacrifice and in the prayer of the heart and this will be its shield and strength to be in the world.

Today, My children, I invite you to convert yourselves into a praying soul so that the Grace of God may be in each of your hearts and in the celestial horizon you may see the truth and guidance of God.

For this the souls that pray must be in My Son, the Redeemer.  The soul that prays may be in the arms of Christ.

I will be with My Immaculate Heart guiding the souls that pray to God, our eternal inner aspiration.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Will you carry the banner of Peace with Me?

Will you help Me spread My Message in the world?

Dear children, you, through the prayer of the heart, may be My messengers, those who only communicate to all what My words dictate day by day to your hearts. Many are My Marian soldiers of prayer, the armies of the Father on Earth. But to follow in this service to the Creator of the Whole, you, in the groups of prayer, must always renew yourselves in the exercise of the prayer of the heart.

Today I invite you to live in the instruction of the One and Omnipotent Lord who is in the Heavens; may He be for you the wise and kind fatherhood that many children search for in the spirit.

My Immaculate Heart wants to bring you to know and feel the greatness that exists for being in the Lord and how all of you may be invaded by His prodigies and mercies. But before this My children, each of you must repaired in the Lord so that the heart lives the forgiveness that is promised by My Son Jesus.

Know dear children, that Christ, the Redeemer of the World, is attentive to the voice of all supplications. They must be true before the eyes of My Son because in this way He will indicate to you how proceed on.

And thus you may proceed in God because your souls must remain, through prayer, in the infinite ocean of Mercy, so that your mistakes and pains are freed little by little.

You, dear children, represent precious gem for the heavens, which polished and transformed by prayer, must be near the hands of God, so that He places you as light in the Universe. Many of my children are precious gems that still are not polished and that lose the intensity of their own inner sparkle.

For this, dear children, prayer for all the children will collaborate so that all souls are also repaired by My maternal hands and by the rays that spring constantly from Jesus.

Thank you for answering My call.

While many souls need mercy for this final time, My rays of love and pity are intended to come to all My children.

For all this, dear children, today I invite you to contemplate the Face of Compassion and Love of our Eternal God the Father so that through inner prayer you may help, through love, other souls that are scattered and lost in the world. With the praying collaboration of your hearts you will enter the Merciful Plan of Salvation and in this way will be participants of My Son’s Redeeming Plan.

Only a life of prayer will prepare you for the time that will come, but for now place your eyes and your hands on the contemplative beads of prayer so that the angels of the Lord may assist the world in need of true love and inner peace.

I come to My children to give them the Peace of My Immaculate Heart and to remind them of the commitment with Christ, My Beloved Son.

Uniting your hearts in one true, pure and crystalline heart of children and of brothers and sisters, you will be providing the example for those who still do not live fraternity. Each soul will have the opportunity before God to be reborn in love and in redemption.

The praying assistance from My Marian Armies on Earth counts for this and this will provide the possibility of conversion for hearts that would be irreparable.

Because of this, the Grace of God will be the strength and the victory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in this epoch and for this humanity it will be an act as an exercise of service from all the children that accompany My Marian Spirit.

May the life that has become a new flower for the Creator be of profound beauty for your hearts. Today I only ask you to be in vigil with Me in prayer.

You may live my words when they are a prayer in your lives.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, with gratitude and love rejoice your little hearts so that My words of Peace and Conversion may be heard by your little heart’s ears.  My children, by the wonderful and victorious love of My Son today I invite you to remember the daily prayer and communion with Christ; these two inner exercises will help you to revert the great pain in this humanity.

A true act of communion with the Merciful Heart of Jesus starts with the absolute trust in each of you. This dear children, will strengthen you in the faith and in the love that you must live with My Son, the Supreme Priest and Savior.

Today allow that your lives will have more time under the rays of My Son, merciful rays that will help in the conversion and the surrender of your hearts to God.  If you in your lives count on the presence of My Son, in this act of love and from heart to heart you will be silently helping all My children and thus allowing the presence of My Immaculate Heart to be upon the world.

The true time of conversion starts with the complete surrender of yourselves to God; then the celestial greatness may descend over all My beloved children’s hearts. Continue in prayer My children, this is urgent for humanity which must awaken to the eyes of the One God.

You are little praying soldiers that in service form part of the Marian army on Earth.

I hope many more children come into My Immaculate Heart so that God may forgive and reconcile them.

Thank you for answering My call.

A good exercise of prayer by My little children!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


My legions of Light are formed by the angels from Heaven and the servers from Earth. I count on each one of them to pour out the Restoring Source of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

Time and again, I lift all the essences and the souls that serve Me unconditionally to the Kingdom of Heaven, so that for a moment they may be in My Arms; but above all, so that the souls that serve Me, and that also experience their inner purification in this time, may feel relief not only because of the Merciful Love of My Heart, but also for the affluent of My Divine Mercy.

All the praying armies of the Earth are especially strengthened during the days of the Marathon of Prayer; as happened this time when your Master and Lord, after the last Sacred Week, withdrew to Heaven and with complete confidence turned over the directing of His Work to His most valued followers.

In this way, souls gradually are spiritually braced through inner contact with the sublime Ocean of My Mercy so that in the future when it will become necessary to take care of a great part of humanity, souls may receive the same impulses of love that you are receiving today.

Trust, and the strengthening of it in these times will allow souls to make their holy virtues more real and, in this way, be above any ambiguity or opposition, overcoming through love and unity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


May no one get tired of seeking Me. May for this time My Soldier of light keep ignited the light of his or her essence.

May, united to My Mercy, you take the necessary steps to live in the redemption that I will give you.

May all of My ones be able to take the thirst away from Me through the merciful love of their prayers because in this way I will guide you towards the beginning so that afterwards you may encounter the end of every mission that I entrust to you.

It is necessary to be decided to be with Me. My Heart blossoms with joy and love when a soul decides to follow Me and to imitate in peace My Path of the Cross. If you assume the cross that I give to you, you will be able to liberate your cross, the old cross that you hold from the past and that makes difficult to you to carry the cross of redemption for humanity.

Guide your hearts towards Mine because thus My Light will illuminate you, it will liberate you from stains and you will be crystalline hearts that will serve all for love of God.

Time merits a fast maturing because the armies of Christ must be ready for the coming of the Son of God with flags of peace held High and the heart open to shelter those who have fallen and those who have believed to be in Me but that in truth have been in themselves for self-love. May compassion be endless in you for this moment.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for following My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 

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