Wednesday, March 11 of 2015

Daily messages

Stay in My arms today, child of Mine, because My mantle of light will make you invisible to the eyes of My adversary.  Stay between My hands, because My Maternal Love will make you stronger than the sorrow of the world.

Do not let the great door of purification be opened because God, Who is in the Heavens, has already counted the seconds and the minutes where each child of Mine will have to face the last battle.

Stay with Me and pray by My side.

Although the storm is greater than the very fortresses that I have constructed with My Love, the ground will not tremble because the foundations that I build are unmovable.  Stay today between My arms and do not fear anything; the cycle of surrender and of humiliation shall be lived by each child of Mine, because in order for the next time of peace to be born, all of My children will have to live their purification.

Let today, child of Mine, Your Heavenly Mother wash your body and your impurities with the divine water of My Grace; lie down and surrender yourself into My arms so that I may purify you and convert you in the model that God has asked of Me; in the model of the great redemption.

Rest today, child, between My arms and do not look that much the constant falls;  I come to raise you from the ground, and bring you to the eternal lap of the Heart of My Son.  His Mercy is as great as His Justice; for this come with confidence towards Me and do not give up before the great time.

For My children I fulfill the Works of God, for this I protect you like a lioness protects her cubs, nothing will be able to frighten you.

Open space, child of Mine, so that the impurities of the old will be banished.  In the same way that My Heart prays and implores for each one of you, My hands of a Mother undo in time the knots of egoism and of foolishness that live in each of you.  Prayer is the source of every solution, it will always rekindle the heart that is dim and without inner light.

The red dragon draws its armies closer before facing the Lady Dressed of the Sun.  In turn, the stars of My Crown are launched to the Earth in order to demarcate the spaces where the dragon will neither be able to step nor find anyone of you.

When the Lady Dressed of the Sun has thrown Her last star of salvation to the Earth, the great door will open, the great cycle will be untied and it will not have an end.

The armies of light will have to be already formed so that, through the divine word of prayer the islands of salvation, which were marked by the stars, will be manifested.

And the great sign will arrive, thus all shall be more fused than united since the dragon will not enter this space of the consciousness because it will ignore it.  This time, child of Mine, has not yet arrived, but it will not take long for this to happen.

The seals of the Apocalypses are being opened and the angels will wait for the answer of the creatures of God. The purification is the preamble of a time that is different for all; a time that humanity ignores.

May your purification be, in this immediate time, the preparation and the liberation of all of the debts, because unity and prayer will be the instruments that will defeat My adversary.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Read the messages everyday.

Who trains you in the armies of the celestial light,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace