My dear children,

In the Law of Self-giving, you will find the inner strength to go through this moment, even if it seems impossible to you. For without self-giving, you will never understand God’s Will and all that He desires for your lives.

My children, self-giving is a master key that opens the door to piety and humility.

There is no way to understand or perceive what the Eternal Father traces with His Divine Thought, without first living by the Law of Self-giving.

Under that Sacred Law, you will purify yourselves. Under that Law, you will transcend yourselves. Under that Law, you will learn to be unconditional and righteous, just as Christ was until the last moment of expiring on the Cross.

Without self-giving, it is impossible to redeem the world and its sins.

Christ comes, through His Word, to awaken in you, My children, the commitment to embrace the Law of Self-giving, just as My son embraced the Cross and kissed it.

This is the moment, this is the great moment, in which Jesus will prove his fidelity to the Law of Self-giving, imperiously necessary to balance the evils of war, the impunity in nations, the indifference to those who suffer, the separatist ideologies of these times. For the Law of Self-giving will make you reunite again and again with your true essence; and in that inner communion with the essential, you will not be disturbed or intimidated. You will no longer believe, for yourselves, that the place and the moment that My Son entrusted to you to donate yourselves, does not make sense.

The opposite of self-giving is self-absorption. The opposite of self-giving is believing that you should no longer serve.

This is the exercise of the end times: self-giving without expecting anything in return, trusting that everything will be contemplated in you, even the smallest thing.

Think and meditate on all that I have told you, for My Son expects mature souls.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.


Dear children of Brazil,

As your Heavenly Mother, I hope that the humble but profound words sent by the Holy Father, to each one of you, comfort your souls and relieve your hearts of this very hard and difficult moment, that you are all going through.

In South America, Brazil is the Heart of the Heavenly Mother. A Heart tired of suffering and enduring, together with Her children, but a Heart that works and fights silently for the salvation and conversion of souls.

Dear children of Brazil, I am here, and I am your Mother, the Mother who will never abandon you. I ask that you all turn your gaze towards God and trust in the power of His Mercy.

My Son died for you, for all of you. He arrived exhausted at the Cross, and kept His promise. May each life, each child of Brazil place their forehead upon the ground for all those who stepped out of the Law and for those who were unjustly punished by the pandemic.

My children, do not forget My Heart. In this coming month of May, may your hearts enter My Heart so that God, the Eternal Father, can comfort you.

Beloved children, I need you more prayerful than ever. Brazil faces the first steps of its unknown Armageddon, but Brazil will never lose its inner seed that one day will germinate within hearts, redeemed and surrendered before Christ, Our Lord.

I pray for you. I accompany your daily events. Take My hand and I will give you My embrace of Peace.

May all innocent and non-innocent souls be raised up to Heaven.

This is the time for the life of each child of Mine to be the Rosary itself.

I bless you and thank you for listening from the heart,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the universe, which belongs to you and this is still unknown.

From the universe, I have come to bring you My Message of awakening, in the face of a planetary scenario that only provokes chaos, conflict and confusion; a scenario in which the human consciousness in this time must make a great effort in order to elevate and transcend itself; in which the abysses of the earthly consciousness absorb souls and make them lose track of the Christic Path.

Time and again, I approach the Earth’s orbit to contemplate the world and humanity, knowing that this moment would come, because I already knew it since the Garden of Gethsemane.

Today I come dressed with My violet garment, with the flame of the violet fire of the universe so that the waves of adversity may be transmuted and liberated from the earthly consciousness, so that My apostles and disciples are not absorbed by evil.

I have always spoken to you about the importance of entering My Heart. This is the time, this is the moment; but in order to cross the door of My Heart and be protected, you must surrender, you must yield, you must humble yourselves.

The door of My Heart is so small, that you cannot imagine. It is through the door of humility that you will be able to enter My Heart and there you will be safe from any harassment.

Although the human consciousness commits itself, day by day, to that which is not evolutionary nor spiritual, I come again to the world to make it remember what I left here more than two thousand years ago.

The Blood of the Lamb was shed upon the surface of this planet and this has incalculable value for you.

Invoke the power of My Blood and be bathed by it, receive the Christic Codes of Light that were achieved through the sacrifice of your Lord. In this way, from the consecrated consciousnesses to the consciousness of humanity, everyone will be filled by these Codes and be able to straighten their paths, until they can meet Me in the inner planes.

I know it is not easy to liberate oneself from the chains of oppression, of harassment and of darkness, but you have the tools to do it.

The power of the word of prayer will lead you to be at another point and in another state of consciousness.

The commitment to the life of the Sacraments will lead you to be protected and blessed by My Gifts.

To love the power of the Cross of Emmanuel and of the Cross of your Master and Lord will free you from sin.

A life of charity, of surrender and of service will remove you from yourselves so that you may learn to truly love.

Thus, with these simple tools that We have taught you, you will be able to survive in this fierce battle that is taking place on the planet, which many do not see and most do not want to accept.

This is the time of Armageddon, it is the first time of the book of the Apocalypse.

No longer let your eyes be covered by the blindfolds of illusion. Tear up these blindfolds and free yourselves forever from that which is superficial.

May your hearts not become points of indifference, of insensitivity nor of despise.

I have given you all that you need and a little more so that you may come to this moment. Do not fear knowing yourselves just as you are, and not what you appear to be.

Through the spirit of My Truth, become free from yourselves, and thus you will free the world from suffering.

Many of Mine throughout the whole world were assigned to live this time, they were anointed by My own Hand of Light, under the impulse of My Divinity, so that they would never forget the commitment.

Now it is not time to be busy with yourselves, but rather with My Plan. It is time to love the proposal that I gave you seven years ago.

I still wait that you can be My Word, My Message. I still wait that you can be My apostles, as many have been throughout the times. But this, companions, has a price; it is not a favor, nor is it an emotion.

To be under My Government means responsibility and discernment. To be under My Government means love and unity, transparency and truth, because evil does not know these attributes.

If your lives are these attributes, as imperfect as they may be, you will be protected and you will not suffer. For a moment, look around you, and you will realize what I tell you, it is not necessary that you go far to perceive it.

Each one of you must purify your lives during this Lent, but let this be a true purification and not a mental one.

You must feel in your own flesh the need to be different, the aspiration to fulfill My designs and at least reflecting on Earth a little love, a little light; because the world lacks this light and lacks this love, and you know this.

May this Marathon number ninety represent discernment for all, the action of love in all things and needs, the responsibility to live the commitment and not to escape the commitment; the affirmation to be My apostles, and someday be the New Christs, the Christs of the New Time.

I know that many of you have thought someday that you would not come to this moment, nor to be so aware of the responsibility of being with Me, of being by My side; but this is what God needs.

His celestial treasures cannot be kept just anywhere nor in just any consciousness. His celestial treasures must be kept in the most humble, the most simple but truest hearts.

If humanity could understand the need to live change, that which is happening in the world would not be so.

Many think that the Celestial Father does not want to dissolve everything that is happening in the world, but this is not true, companions.

Humanity generates its own sufferings, and these sufferings fall upon the most innocent and the poorest among the poor.

A true King would never be born in a palace. I need you to be humble, just as I had to be in the manger in Bethlehem.

God does not hide in material wealth. God is present in the spiritual treasures, which can be the very example of souls that are converted and redeemed.

May the sacred violet garments of Christ make you understand, in this Lent, that you are already in the time of a great transition, a transition that is more definitive and profound than it seems to be.

Open your inner senses to understand all that I tell you. Do not try to understand with your mind nor with your external senses.

In this Lent, open yourselves to be transfigured by My Light.

May My apostles hear the call of the Lord of Israel and may they prepare the spaces for His arrival.

This is the time marked for My Return. It is the time when many of Mine will have the opportunity of learning and of growing, if they so accept.

I will no longer force you to follow Me. Your feet must walk by themselves, just as I have told you, that for faith you must walk upon the waters, just as the apostle Peter.

May this Marathon invoke the Gift of Discernment of the Holy Spirit so that the consciousnesses, from the consecrated consciousnesses down to all of humanity, by irresponsibility, by indifference or by lack of common sense, not miss the opportunity that the Father has given them.

At the doors of this Sacred Week, and after so many Sacred Weeks, the moment has come for you to carry your own cross and to be brave, to learn to endure the fire of purification and to learn to transcend yourselves, to free yourselves from yourselves, forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Tabernacle of My Heart wishes to be present at all the Marian Centers and Monasteries of this Order.

You will be able to find Me in the Tabernacle, as well as in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

My Presence in the Tabernacle is eternal, and it is there where souls must seek Me and recognize Me to be able to feel Me within themselves.

The Light of My Tabernacle is not recognized by many souls in the world.

In the tabernacle of My Heart, I have a space prepared for each soul: a purpose.

Before departing and leaving the world, I want you to fulfill this request, because this is not only for your religiosity, but also for the souls of the world that, at this moment, need to discover the mystery held within the Tabernacle of My Heart.

In this Chapel, which has been built in My Name, I also wish to see a Tabernacle; as well as in all the religious houses of your Order and the Marian Centers, because the Tabernacle of My Heart is the visible sign of ecumenism and the peace amongst religions.

You will be able to gather in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart at the most difficult moments, as well as in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Blessed Sacrament and the Tabernacle of My Heart are the greatest legacies that I have left for humanity throughout time.

Many good souls have been converted in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, and I have communicated with them throughout time, in the presence of the Tabernacle of My Spirit and of My Divinity.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, souls will be able to be consecrated, even though they do not live a religious life, because that which is consecrated is your soul. This must be the aspiration of your lives within the universe of consecration.

Many difficult situations that the world is experiencing could be resolved if souls venerated the Tabernacle of My Heart, where I too will be able to sanctify you with My Spirit and with My Peace.

Today, through My Chest, I reveal to you the Tabernacle of My Heart, the light of the Grace that descends to the world, by the merits of the Passion of Your Lord and Redeemer.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart lies the synthesis of My experience and My life on Earth, from when I was born up until I ascended to the Heavens.

I know that souls sometimes do not place their attention upon the significance of the Tabernacle of My Heart; so today I reveal it to you and share it with you, because the Marian Centers and your religious houses will be where you will be able to find Me.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is a bridge to the Heavens, to the Universe, to Greater Life.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will not experience adversity or disturbance.

 In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, your ideas will become clear, and you will have discernment through the impulse of My Grace and My Wisdom.

I need the world to understand the significance of the Tabernacle of My Heart, because souls do not yet know what I keep within It. Within it is not only My Body and My Blood, but also there is the spiritual life of Your Lord, which is omnipresent and eternal life.

John the Apostle got to know the Tabernacle of My Heart on the Cross. My Mother allowed him to know it at the culminating moment of My agony while, in the deepest core of My Being, there was loneliness and abandonment from humankind.

In the greatest darkness and suffering on the Cross, the Tabernacle of My Heart emerged as a spiritual and divine form. And that elevated fallen souls from the abysses and many souls achieved the victory of redemption by means of My Blood. Even though this took place more than two thousand years ago, it is still alive.

Today, the Tabernacle of My Heart is here so that it may be venerated and adored by good and humble souls.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will be able to find the humility you need and the surrender you require to experience and go through these so unknown and unpredictable times.

Around the Tabernacle of My Heart, that will be able to be present at the Marian Centers and in your religious houses, just as it is present in the churches of the world, is where the angels contemplate God in His second person, the Son, Who gives souls and hearts filiation with the Eternal Father, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Whoever has faith and adores Me in the Tabernacle of My Heart will be healed spiritually and the illnesses of their bodies will inexplicably disappear.

There are souls in the world that came to serve Me through their suffering. The souls of people are afraid to have this experience because it is something similar to what I lived, from the Garden of Gethsemane until the death on the Cross.

I will not rest until you learn to surpass Me in love and in service.

Before closing My cycle with you, I leave you the greatest legacy of the spiritual universe, that is the Tabernacle of My Heart, so that the Holy Eucharist may be not only adored, but also recognized and loved by humankind.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is the refuge for your sorrows, the relief of your agony, the healing of your wounds, the love for your consciousnesses, the wisdom in your confusion, the clarity on your paths, the eternal surrender of your souls.

Within the Tabernacle of My Heart lies My whole life and My existence.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is full of Mercy for souls.

My Being is full of Light for hearts, but many do not accept it.

Let this last Marathon that you will experience with Me not only be a synthesis, but also an opportunity to remember what you have lived with Me throughout these years, from the sacred pines of Aurora, to going through all the cities that the Pilgrimage for Peace visited.

In each moment, this mystery of the Tabernacle of My Heart was present, accompanying you and serving souls most in need, especially those that seemingly did not need it.

In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, you are crystalline. I can see and recognize everything, there are no limits or appearances.

in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, your souls can govern you, and they can learn to do so in these critical times.

In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will not forget your commitment in the moments of the greatest tests, because I Myself will remind you of what you came to serve and offer Me.

It is through the Tabernacle of My Heart that I will leave My representatives on Earth, all the adorers and those that venerate My Sacred Body in the Eucharist.

Through the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will find the Celestial Kingdom, and you will be strengthened in peace for the moments of the greatest tribulations.

Now, in the Tabernacle of My Heart, I wish to have your experiences of love and forgiveness, because this will recreate both Creation in this school of Divine Love and the expansion of consciousness, through the impulse that the Love of God brings to the world.

The last thing I want to tell you, companions, is that you must value all that you have received from My Person and from My Divinity during these recent times.

Let this moment of the farewell of Your Master and Lord be an opportunity to definitely assume your commitment with Me, in the work of service and prayer, because the spiritual exercise of the prayer of Mercy will continue on.

Now the time has come to engage and become responsible as adults on the spiritual path. Up until now, everything was a preparation.

I will withdraw, not only because My Father has called Me, to prepare Me for My Return, but because you have already learned how to sustain My Plan of Love in humanity.

Definitely be the Love that I have given you in the Sacraments and through each word, each message and instruction. In this way, from the Heavens, I will have a place and space in your souls, where I can reflect Myself and refract the Light of My Mercy.

I thank those who have committed to Me during these years of merciful prayer, and those who will continue doing so, understanding beyond themselves what this means for this moment of the planet and humanity.

I can only be in what is simple, austere and humble. This is where I can return, so that souls may find Me, and live Me.

The self-giving of Your Master is eternal and unconditional; such must be your lives and consciousnesses, because today you will not understand what this means, but tomorrow you will know. This is a promise.

May your lives, experiences and prayers continue being written in the Books of the Wisdom of God, so that humanity may yet have the chance of being redeemed. So be it.

May we pray in this Marathon, as if it were the first time, knowing that I will be attentive to each one of you, and waiting for you to respond to Me in the same way as when I called you for the first time to this spiritual exercise, knowing that I will avail Myself of this moment of prayer to help the planet and the souls, so that the salvation of hearts may be fulfilled.

May My Peace be reflected within you. May you be bearers of My Peace. May My Peace multiply and expand throughout the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Monthly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Companions, today I bring you the Most Holy Body of your Lord and the Sacred Chalice of the Redeemer so that, in this month of May, you may offer a Reparative Communion every day, that God may hear the heart of His children and the supplications of those who truly pray, asking for this humanity and for this planet so that, in this end time, souls may be strengthened and learn to go through the end of these times, revealing and definitive times, times in which humanity will come to know the Truth, in this cycle of the Apocalypse.

I pour out the Rays of My Heart upon the Sacred Eucharist that I carry today in My Hand and upon the Sacred Chalice of the Redeemer so that the Body and Blood of Christ may be that divine, perpetual and eternal unity that souls need in this end time.

It is there, in that divine strength, in that essential union with the Sacrament of the Altar where you will find the strength, the courage and the bravery to overcome these times, rather than anywhere else.

For this reason, today the Light of My Spirit pours out not only upon the Most Holy Body of your Lord and the Holy Chalice, but also upon the world and, especially, upon humanity, upon those regions of the Earth where conflict, the pandemic and terror plague innocent hearts.

In this divine union that each one of you can achieve, through this special offering during the month of May, you will be truly united with Me and, as a result, you will be united with Higher and Cosmic Life.

Thus, in spite of what may happen, help will come from the universe through its powerful currents, through its sublime energies, through the sacred material and nonmaterial rays that must fill souls so that they may finally concretize the realization of their mission and their commitment to Me, so that the whole human race may learn to overcome these times and, above all, learn to go through them.

For this special offering, during the month of May, it is fundamental that the priestly life may be the one that, with the strength and the momentum of the heart and of love, will instill the help that souls need through the Sacraments that I have given you.

Now that, for millions of souls, it is impossible to commune with the sacred form of the Body of Christ or of the Precious Blood, this is the time for living a spiritual Communion, just as real as the usual Communion that you have always experienced.

It is in this spiritual union where your commitment will be strengthened, and those adversities, shadows and uncertainties will not prevail, for each day that you work with and experience this union with Me will allow Me to also act and work through you.

I especially dedicate My Message to all souls, to the silent and anonymous good hearts that pray for the priests, every day, because the spirit of prayer, the power of prayer will cause you to understand, beyond appearances, the spiritual essence of the priests in this end time, in which healing, redemption, reconciliation and Mercy for the whole world will be achieved through priestly life.

It is in this commitment and in this union that each one may be able to truly live with Me, through My spiritual Heart and the Light that emanates through the Rays of Divine Mercy, that I will be able to pour out and place in the hearts of the priests the attributes and above all, the designs that I have thought of from the beginning for each one of them.

While humanity is worried and agitated because of not knowing how the coming time will continue, I invite you to each day further deepen into this union with Me through the spiritual Sacrament with My Body and with My Blood.

In this time, I am also considering the adoration that is offered to the Holy Eucharist, because the more adorations accomplished, the more practices are spiritually made, and souls are also benefited by this spiritual practice that will allow hearts to be kept in balance, in that basic balance that humanity today does not have because of all that worries it and the uncertainty that it feels in this time.

Everything that I left, more than two thousand years ago, for the whole world, are important keys for today. That was the reason for the spiritual living of the Sacraments and for unchangeable and permanent strength that they have throughout the times.

In this way, through the Sacraments, in a spiritual way, you will find the strength of renewal and of faith and, in spite of everything that may happen in the world, souls will feel safe; because you will not become ill; your souls will rejoice and, with Me, they will celebrate the victory of My Heart within each one of them.

I need you to understand, in a broader vision, what this means to Me: that this living of the spiritual Sacrament within each one of you will be able to demonstrate to the Eternal Father that the treasures that I gave you are in safe places and that these very treasures that I gave you bring about results in redemption and in conversion.

This is the time in which, through the spiritual Communion with Me, through the Marathon of Divine Mercy that everyone will be able to experience, everyone will become strengthened and be able to understand, beyond everything, the essence of what I have done throughout the last years.

Because everything that I have done, up until now and since the beginning, has only been a preparation in your lives and spirits so that your consciousnesses would not be afraid nor doubt about being able to face these times and constantly lead humanity toward an elevation of consciousness, because as much as only a few make this effort and this surrender, all this will always benefit the rest of humanity and those who perhaps would not deserve anything, not even a Grace, will receive it.

It is thus that the Love of My Heart is multiplied in all hearts that offer to not only pray for the priestly ministry and priestly life, but also so that the Work of My Mercy and Redemption may be carried forward by the companions that I have summoned to live this life and this spiritual principle, among many others.

I want you to be attentive and have a clear vision that this is the time and the moment for living what I have so much hoped for throughout the times and generations.

I have worked and I have presented Myself with the same aim and purpose, and that will not change until I return to the world, in which your Greater Priest and Lord of lords will move forward with the institution and the advent of the new time, of the new life, of the new humanity.

If your spirits and souls are strong in the Communion with Me in this crucial time, nothing will happen to you; on the contrary, you will help those most need it, those who are weak of spirit, those who are tepid of heart, those who are not poor in life, those who have lost their faith, those who are not humble, those who do not accept Me.

All your offerings will multiply and I will accept them because I will return them in Grace and in Mercy for those who do not deserve anything.

It is in this way that, little by little, I invite you to experience the same school of overcoming, of surrender and of faith that I lived for you until the Cross, so that your last breath, in the last minute of your life, may also be an offering.

Think about and meditate upon what I tell you. I will not ask you for impossible things, but rather I will ask you for what you can really give Me, because I need to be in hearts, I need to be consoled by souls, I must have a space and a place in the temple of each heart so that you can suffer with Me, in silence, for the freeing and the transmutation of humanity for not having conformed to the Law, and not even to My Eternal Father.

You must understand what I am telling you, for these are now My last Words, in this end time. And you must not forget anything that I have told you, because I need to be living in the hearts and souls that offer to live this great surrender for My Heart and My Consciousness.

It is thus, through this path, that you will achieve Greater Life and Cosmic Life. First, you must yield so that I may triumph in the world through you.

Thus, today I bring you the Most Holy Body and the Sacred Chalice, the fruits of the surrender and the merits of the Passion of Jesus, so that the world would not forget that, before all this, there existed a man of Nazareth, Son of a carpenter and of a humble Mother, who fulfilled and carried forward an important task for humanity, pouring out His Blood for sinners, pouring out His Water for those who were lost, freeing the whole planet, to the deepest layers of this world.

Let the power of My Blood justify you before God. Let the power of My Water purify you before God, because I will wait for your great and definitive step, until it be necessary, until each one of you understands that, if I have come here to meet with you, speak with you and instruct you for such a long time, there is a reason and a purpose, because nothing is by chance.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy awaken within you the flame of healing that humanity needs and, above all, the planet that is in agony not only for this pandemic.

Humanity had to become ill to be able to understand what condition the planet has been in for so long and, even so, how the planet and its nature have responded and expressed in the face of humanity's stillness.

Through the Kingdoms of Nature, see the message that the universe leaves to you, and do not resist anymore. Dare to live the great change in consciousness so that everything may revert and be healed.

While that does not happen, the world will continue to suffer and your Master will also suffer in the hearts that open to receive the Cross that your Master lives in this current time. A Cross that wants to be shared with those who persevere, with those who are selfless, with those who are unconditional, with those who work, day and night, in humility and for peace, with one end and one goal; that Divine Will be fulfilled.

Through the Sacrament of Communion and of the Blood of Christ, I bless you so that this task of the Marathon of Divine Mercy may be profound and true, so that it is not just some time passing by, but rather an imperative and definite need to respond to God until it hurts.

I thank you for the union, the perseverance and the strength of determination in these times.

Remember the spiritual offering during this whole month of May so that, together with the consecration of your lives to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your beloved Celestial Messengers may once again carry to God the fruits of redemption.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My children,

Carry the spiritually engraved symbol of the Sacred Cross of the Redeemer upon your chests so that on this day, in which the world has much need of spiritual help, the merits of My Son may reach those who are most in need.

Carry with you the symbol of the Sacred Cross of the Redeemer, so that humanity may be transformed through all that My Son has left to you.

Today we will be at the foot of Mount Calvary to accompany the spiritual task that Christ is carrying forward. 

Carrying the symbol of the Sacred Cross of the Redeemer with, you will allow the angels to recognize the disciples of Christ so that, united through the mystery of the Cross, all may be repaired.

May the symbol of the Sacred Cross of the Redeemer remind you of the absolute Love that God gave you, a merciful Love that endures throughout time until the complete redemption of humanity occurs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


There is no one else like Me who can feel, see and understand what it means to lose an apostle, a warrior or a friend.

For this reason, with My back, I bore the heavy wood of the Cross, so that all My friends, who were few, could receive an opportunity.

Beyond the martyrdoms, the transmutations or even the humiliations and sufferings endured by your Lord, none of that was similar to the anguish that I felt on the Cross when My companions abandoned Me. Nobody could explain that or compare it.

In this same way, I feel the loss or the abandonment due to all those that I have called to My path and that, for some reason, decided to move away from Me.

Within My Heart, I carry all these souls, beyond the pain that is caused Me and that which your Master experiences in silence, all the time.

Could all this be better?

Yes, it could be, and it could bring about wonderful results, but the flesh of humankind is weak. I know this because I incarnated in this world to be able to understand and encompass the human condition.

It is in these moments, in which a sort of emptiness can be seen and makes itself felt in My Heart because of the loss of some of My dear friends, that, in solitude, I focus My gaze upon Heaven to pray to the Celestial Father and, in that intimate conversation, I ask for each one of you, so that His Will may be done as He did it with Me.

My enemy is carrying those whom I most want by My side. But that only happens through free choice. At this point, I can only observe what happens.

In My Heart, I carry all My friends, those who are with Me today and also those who today no longer are.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your Hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Today I come with the same wind that embraced Me while I was hanging on the Cross, the wind that witnessed the entire sacrifice of the Son of Man.

That powerful wind, together with Me, transmuted the human calamity, and the pride of humankind was thrown to the ground while the holy women prayed and cried for the loss of their Master, but an inner fire consoled them.

I told you once not to cry for Me but rather for your children and families, because the time would come when families would be the center of the division between beings, who seemingly love one another.

Today, the families are the result of a social and national exploitation that causes them to lose the values that it acquired for the evolution of consciousness.

For this reason, the family is the most attacked project of all. Because within the families you must awaken the awareness of one universal family among beings so different from one another, and yet so similar.

The death of your Master and Lord was for the emergence of this universal family, to be able to renew the project of the family, but at the same time, to free consciousnesses from the captivity in which they have entered.

The family must be the reflection of the Will of God upon Earth, through love and the inner union among beings.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The Cross and the Sword

It is in this time that there are children of Mine who fight with the cross and others that fight with swords.

There are children that carry the cross of the world, while other children fight with their swords, generating world chaos.

Those children who fight with swords will receive the blow of the swords. Those who fight with the Cross, with intelligence, will receive the Grace of Peace.

Evil tries to awaken within the hearts of the innocent ones and lead them into the rebellion and protests of these times.

There is indignation in all that there is to see and experience in the nations of the world, but My Son has told you once that the one who fights by the sword will be wounded by the sword.

There must not be opposition or confrontation in these times. My enemy wants to generate the most severe and saddest war in the heart of humanity, but you must have the prayer of the heart as a defense weapon so that the light of Grace may descend upon all events.

This is the time in which everyone will be able to build their own strength based upon the values of faith, solidarity and good; of ones own contact with the Divine Laws, beyond the laws that human beings impose, which are not clean laws.

I call you to fight by means of the Cross of My Son, so that His Blood that was shed may have the value and the power that everyone should give to it. A Blood that was shed to justify your errors, the errors of all generations, all cultures, all religions, the errors of all times.

If you value the powerful Cross of Christ, the human consciousness will allow for its expansion and will, someday, recognize that the way out is not in the fight, the way out to find true justice, because the justice of the Earth is also corrupt due to the lack of transparency and compassion.

There is no other way than the one that My Son has taught you, even while seeing, day by day, the conflicts of the nations and the events that are created, always by the same ones, in order to disrupt the planetary psyche and the emotional plane of the people.

This is the time for each one to live the Cross, the Cross of spiritual and material freedom that Christ attained for each one of His companions and for each one of His enemies.

Receive this Cross instead of the swords so that the essence of peace and love may build, among beings, that which up to now was inwardly destroyed, due to the absence of compassion, understanding and consideration.

The Cross will no longer be heavy for you. The Cross of Christ will bring you the Light of truth and the meeting with universal Peace, a Peace that will awaken confidence in you and, above all, awaken wisdom for you to be able to act according to the principles of Christic Love, a Love that in this time will protect and conduct you to the Promised Land.

I thank you for responding to My call, to the call for praying for Peace in the Nations.

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Heart is a Temple and a refuge of Love and Light for whoever accepts it as a perfect receptacle of God.

My Heart is a witness to the Creator Love of the Father and of all that He thought of to carry forward the project of the happiness of His children.

This is why My Heart offers Itself to the world as He offered Himself on the Cross, for each one, so that each being might have the Grace of inner rehabilitation and of redemption.

Here is My Heart which, even though being offended and hurt by the world, gives Itself, again and again, out of Love and Mercy so that planetary redemption may be established.

Stay in My Heart and nothing will remove you from It, because My Heart is the temple for the elevation of your consciousness, and is the consolation for your moments of purification.

I give you My Heart as the door of salvation and as a support in times of tribulation.

In My Heart, you will always find God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received in the city of Medjugorje, Bosnia & Herzegovina, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I do not wish you to someday feel frustration, discomfort or despair because of being tired, for I reached the cross being more exhausted and destroyed than all of you; that is why, on this day, you have the opportunity of suffering for Me.

I know that for your inner nuclei, it is sometimes too demanding, but it is time for you to see that you lack nothing, absolutely nothing, and that My Father Himself, through your Heavenly Mother, takes care of even those details.

Remember all those brothers and sisters of yours who have nothing, who receive nothing and who are in worse conditions of spiritual and material life.

I have called each one of you so that you give Me something from within you, and many have not yet given it to Me.

I do not seek your material or intellectual development. What I always seek is that your hearts, fully offered for humanity, also be with Me at this time in which perhaps your cells want or aspire to do other things.

I promised you My Kingdom through sacrifices bearable to you. Now is the time to offer yourselves completely into the Hands of your Redeemer so that miracles and greater interventions may take place.

I promised to tell you the truth; I recognize the other efforts, but today I need you to individually place yourselves before Me and ask Me: "Lord, what more should I do?".

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


At three in the afternoon, your Master and Lord turns toward the world to pour out His infinite and unfathomable Mercy.

It is the most important time for everybody, because it is the moment in which God stops to spiritually review the offering of His Son on the cross, and it is the moment in which spiritual expiation is granted and given to the most sinful amongst the sinners.

Thus, to invoke Mercy every day, and at this time, helps in the assistance and in the redemption on a global level, and in different regions of the Earth, in which Divine Mercy is necessary and urgent.

At three in the afternoon, it is when the angels, again and again, pour out the precious Blood of the Lamb of God in the form of tiny drops of light. This Grace is received by all those who invoke My Mercy.

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Messages

There are places on Earth, children, that from the beginning of the planet were designed by God so that gradually they could manifest and hold the most sacred and evolutionary experiences that every and any human being can have.

These sacred places in the invisible worlds consist of Kingdoms of Love, because all the love achieved by humankind has been kept there and, throughout human evolution, it has multiplied and transformed to assist all those who are still learning to love and discovering the truth about themselves, which is hidden in the essence of love.

When the Divine Messengers travel throughout the world, They awake these sacred places and create a link between the human consciousness and those spaces of love so that, spiritually speaking, beings may receive new opportunities for fulfilling their mission and expressing the Divine Thought.

From the degrees of purity and unity with the Kingdoms of Nature, expressed by the primitive peoples, through the love achieved by Christ on the Cross, up to the love experienced by human beings, all this is kept in the essence of those sacred places as an assistance for the different nations and continents.

But if humanity is indifferent toward this spiritual reality, it remains hidden and silent, and does not present its treasure, its legacy, to the human consciousness.

For this reason, children, each day you must be more aware of the celestial mysteries that are also held on Earth so that, in the name of humanity, you can participate in them, receive and live the love that makes all of you worthy children of God, and that which makes you express the Divine Will and Thought.

With your prayers, accompany Our steps and receive these gifts with gratitude.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I am the Lady of the Cross, and on this sacred day I remember all the important and blessed acts that My Son left as a legacy for humanity.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I remain embracing it, because the Cross is the most important spiritual reliquary of redemption and of love for souls; because in the Cross is the salvation of the world and the liberation for the lost.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and I relive the great mystery of love and of compassion that My Son expressed since when He was in My womb until His glorious resurrection.

Which is the mystery of the Cross?

It is the immeasurable and infinite love surrendered by a human heart, the same as yours, that donated itself until the last moment, up until the last breath, to grant redemption to the world.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I contemplate all of the new legacies that My Son will give you during these days so that My children may learn to go through the end of the ends, the closing of a cycle, in order to begin a new one.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I invite you, dear children, to be a living part of the testimony of the Holy Cross.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I surrender, time after time, so that souls may learn someday to love Me, to revere Me and to recognize Me.

If I had not surrendered in the Passion and on the Cross for you, you would never have had the possibility of living a life dedicated to union with Me and to the professing of faith.

For this reason, I continue to surrender to the world in different ways, and although the majority does not recognize Me, Your Master and Lord continues to surrender because someday all will awaken and become aware that the Son of God was Who surrendered out of real love for each one of you.

Meanwhile, in the meekness of My Heart, I wait for those who will be consistent with Me, so that they may learn to serve the Divine and the Supreme.

I wait for those who at some moment will become aware of what it means to be in Me, and the opportunity represented in living through the mystery of My Love.

Someday all will recognize Me, no matter the religion or the faith, because the Love that I pour out is for all.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


To see the reality of the world, day after day, and, above all, the reality in which souls that once were by My side and are now not to be found, is like having a spear once again piercing My side, or carrying a heavier cross than the one I once carried.

Human beings cannot know what spiritual life truly means without first loving, experiencing and respecting it.

It is for this reason that some souls that were with Me before did not manage to be consistent with Me because they did not manage to truly love the path that I had offered them. These souls only passed through My Path, but My Path did not pass through them.

So those souls may believe they are happy or free from fulfilling their commitment but, in truth, they remain empty like a boat without a compass, remaining at the mercy of the world, remaining open to the struggle between material life and chaos.

But for these souls to recognize the lack of faithfulness to Me is like feeling a thorn piercing the foot, because the path remained unfinished, the soul remained without the opportunity of finishing and closing what once caused it to be indebted.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The innocent blood poured out by the martyrs of the end of times has an incalculable spiritual value, since it represents an act of courage and love so similar as the one which your Lord Jesus Christ lived upon the Cross.

Therefore, the blood poured out by the martyrs of the end of times is recognized in Heaven as an act of salvation of the Project of Redemption of humanity.

At the same time, this innocent blood that is poured out for love of Christ remains impregnated with extremely potent Christic Codes which, spiritually, through the act of saving other souls, are radiated in a direct way toward the essences of humanity and, especially, to the place where that unexpected event happened.

Just as My Son in the Garden of Gethsemane saw the triumph of His Celestial Church in the hearts of the humans of the end of times, in the same way, Christ, through the vision given by the Father, witnessed the triumph that the martyrs of the last days would live for love of the Lord.

In this entire mystery, the existence of a step that consciousness gives is revealed which, being a victim of the Love of God, offers itself spontaneously in sacrifice for the others, giving its life in the hands of the Divine Will.

The martyrs of the end of times do not yet know that they will be so, they will only know it when the Universe presents them the moment of being able to live it, for love of Christ, and for the expiation of the great sinners.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Innocent Saints


Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children:

As the Mother of Jesus, I lost My son, beloved and glorified by God, during His Passion and Death.

My sorrow was the sorrow of God for seeing so much human indifference. This human indifference that My Son and I, as His Mother, had to transmute from the moment He was handed over to the Pharisees.

Thus, in a profound and heavy pain of a Mother, I had to give to God what I loved the most, and had gestated in My womb of Light.

In that moment, your Mother from Heaven, as a woman and servant of God, trusted in what was happening and at no time did God abandon us, even though the Passion of Christ was extremely harsh and difficult to bear.

When a mother loses a child, it is like losing a part of herself, something the human mother herself generated within, in her heart.

When a maternal bond is broken by the loss of a beloved child, spiritually or physically, there is a moment when the consciousness lives a deep solitude and emptiness, even more when this child is indifferent to everything. 

Thus, while still suffering the cross of the world, Christ gave Me humanity as my child, so that new consciousnesses had the Grace of being redeemed by God.

God sends new consciousnesses to the arms of a mother so that they can be attended to and from then on a new cycle is presented to the life of the souls, and the children that have not taken the step or have remained indifferent, go through another school of love and forgiveness, until they are able to achieve true unity. 

There are many children who feel forgotten and who are waiting to love and be loved; for this reason, the Father sends them to renew the time and the life of everyone.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

In prayer and faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, for the 33rd Marathon of Divine Mercy

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese).

With great gladness and joy, listen to My Voice, which comes from infinity to speak to you and all your brothers and sisters, who, in trust and faith, have walked by My side over the years, and especially in this Work that is carried out here by the Sacred Hearts.

You do not know, companions, how pleased My Soul is to be here today with you, in perpetual spiritual communion with all those that are not present, and that are lost in the tribulation in the world.

But today I come to stretch out My Hand to you so that you may see My Heart, which is luminous among you. I do not stop acting in this world so that My disciples may feel Me close and walk by My side, in this desert that a part of humanity is experiencing in this cycle of transition.

I want you to draw close to My Heart, in the same way that I offer It to you, so that you may enter into My Spirit and feel the Will of My Father showing Itself to you, for example, through this meeting.

I would not like to fail to go through here without you feeling Me, understanding what I request of you as a spiritual flock, as a purpose for this end time. 

I come to bring you My Peace and also My gratitude for having allowed new doors of Heaven to open upon this needy place in which hearts, without perceiving it, cry out for My intercession.

This Marathon will bring results for everybody; it will open new paths for the consequent, those who have made a promise to My Sacred Heart, giving a victory to My plan through service and prayer in this region of the planet where God has been able to mirror His Presence simply through the realization of His Creation and its beauty.

Today I come to invite you to be in My Cenacle, not only to commune with Me, but rather beyond Me, in the name of My Father and of all the universe that gathers especially to bless you, transfigure you, and lift you up to My Heart.

I need you to continue accomplishing My Purpose, in spite of what happens.

Today My Hands close impossible wounds, the deepest wounds, those that humankind cannot heal. This is the work of My Mercy, of My unfathomable Love and Pity, not only for you, but also for the world that grows darker and is blind because it does not recognize Me.

Now, companions, that you do recognize Me, make Me known to those who sleep, that do not vivify Me and do not adore Me.

My Heart offers Itself in this end time to all, without exception, before the Justice of My Father comes to this world and this humanity. A Justice that humanity will not understand because it does not know it nor does it feel it; but I bring you the source of My atonement, the healing for your spirits and souls, the renewal of your paths and surrender to My unfathomable Heart. 

In your lives, I only wish to institute a spirit of apostleship, of mission, and of service.

Let this Marathon represent the renewal of service to God, that which you can give Me beyond the limitations and the tests, the fears and the uncertainty.

I would like you to be able to be renewed every day and stop looking back, to the past, because if I Am your renewing and Christic sacred Presence, why are you stuck in the past?

When I am present, I bring you what is new, what you still do not know or experience. I bring you the presence of another Law that participates in other universes, and which gathers you here so that you may live and feel Me.

Your hearts are potentials in service and in prayer. Here, stronger pillars of prayer can exist that propagate that Light throughout the world with the precious prayerful word.

Your hearts should not only pray, they should be living mirrors that reflect what the rest do not experience in this time and to which many do not pay much attention because they do not deeply know Me.

I need your hands to reach others so that at the same time, you can see Me in those that suffer, in those that are lost, in the Lower Kingdoms.

The whole of Creation participated in My surrender on the Cross and continues to do so in My Glory and in My Divinity. Nothing is separated after I ascended to the Heavens, to the House of My Father.

I left you the task of being children of the Mother of the World, of being seeds of the New Humanity, spiritually speaking.

I left you the task of propagating My Gospel through acts of charity and of peace, a peace that is lacking in the world and in many hearts.

The Americas have this mission with Me and with the other Sacred Hearts; it is part of this spiritual trilogy between your Master, Holy Mary, and Saint Joseph.

You and your lost brothers and sisters are called to live this project that is still not understood, because it is a project of higher Love, of an unknown existence that is today drawing closer to you so that you may perceive and live it.

I provide you with this Grace and this Mercy so that your paths may be peaceful and non-confrontational, so that your hearts unite with Me, just as they should unite with your brothers and sisters, without differences or denials.

I open a door for you to live the experience of love and of redemption. You have already experienced these things through the Work that you have carried out here for so long, in honor of My God. It is for this reason that I come here to give you My Graces, the spirit of My infinite and universal gratitude.

I thus come to wash your feet, to baptize your heads in the name of the Holy Spirit, to anoint you and heal you in the name of Love and of Unity, something that humanity is rapidly losing; but if you go through the end of times with Me, you must fear nothing. 

I want your lives to be surrendered to Me.

I want you to embrace the Cross with Me that I carry through the world in this time.

I want you to remove the thorns from My Heart because of all the unjust and prideful.

I want you to contemplate the immensity of My love and submerge in My Spirit, living each of My Words, just as the apostles lived them in the past.

I want you to be a quill of light in My Hands so that I may write the new history in the Book of My Father, your history of redemption, of atonement, of forgiveness and of Mercy, of liberation and of peace; because the time will come, dear companions, in which you must be gathered together like today, in this sacred cenacle that you are lovingly offering Me.

Just as I gathered together the twelve, today I gather you and those that are spiritually not here.

I leave you the greetings of My Peace, the luminous sign of My victorious and resplendent Cross throughout the universe.

I leave you My sorrow for the world, the denial of hearts, the indifference of the arrogant, the poverty of the non-humble, the pride of the blind, the malice of the ungrateful, so that you may share this with Me and so that your love, together with Mine, can erase all the miseries and My Sacred Heart may triumph as it is triumphing in your lives.

Let this Marathon open the doors to those who must come, to the young people of this region that must also find the Path of Christ, not a strict path, but the path of love, of redemption, and of peace. The path of the prayerful apostleship, of the mission in service and in charity through pity.

I invite you to be renewed in the name of the Law of the Hierarchy, in the name of unity and the good.

Adonai, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,

Redemption, Redemption, Redemption for this planet.
(three times in Portuguese)

On this evening of communion with Me, I give you the blessing of these elements and My paternal embrace in perfect union with My unfathomable Heart of Love, so that, renewed by My Spirit, your paths may be on My Paths and your hearts may be In My Heart in honor and adoration of the Father.

I renew you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As I rise, accept My proclamation of Peace and confirm yourselves to Me as each one is able to live it in this offering that is lifted up.

I will return tomorrow to be with you in spiritual union and in vigil for the world.

Thank you for granting this space to Me in your hearts. The fruits will be seen in the next world, in the new humanity and in the joy of your countenances.

Remember that this is done for all of humanity, not only for you, but for those that most need it and that most suffer the tribulation.


"Lord, forgive all of humanity for its ignorant inner and moral destruction.

Forgive them because they do not know Your Love nor Mine, that only comes from and is born of You.

Forgive them, Lord, for so many denials and outrages, for taking the life of innocents and for not allowing the birth of those that should be born in this divine life.

O My Lord! Supreme and Glorious Father, let Your beloved Son, Who carried the Cross to the foot of Mount Calvary and crawled as the most despised among all, be able to offer a total reparation today for all the faults that humanity continues to commit.

Lord God Almighty, hear the prayers of those that are consequent and good; immerse yourself, My God, in the souls that only desire to seek You through sacrifice and renunciation.

No longer look, o God, Adonai!, at the fragility of Your creatures, but rather, beloved Father, allow all good essences, which please You and satisfy You, to restore this submerged and lost humanity from its decadence.

Abba, Source of all creation and origin, remember, beloved Father, all Your creatures from the origin, and let Your Love impregnate them completely until they feel the divine wholeness of only living in You and for You.

Emmanuel, Celestial Presence of Power and Truth, continue without tiring to pour out Your Graces over the innocent, so that the demolished spirit of the pure may revive in the essence of Your most pure Love.

I promise You that through Your Mercy, everything will be possible, and the last of the self-summoned will achieve Your eternity; and although the world causes Your infinite Heart to suffer, today I again offer You, Lord, the Cross I carried, the Wounds that marked My Body, and above all, Father, the precious consecrations of those that do not turn their back on you.

Today I offer you all My flocks, so that the whole world not experience Justice, but rather a constant reparation that I offer to Adonai, the gratitude of the humble and the simplicity of the pure; for the time has come, Father, that You show the world the universe of Your Love."

For this reason, today I come here to pour out the last drops of My Water and of My Blood over those that listen to My Words and truly live them.

In your hearts carry My blessing to the Celestial Father and understand that no other path but Mine exists that will give you a spiritual life and peace.

Woe to those who distance themselves from Me! How will they be able to be worthy of My Mercy? And when will they stop being thorns in My Crown?

I offer you My only Truth.  I give you My true Words so that you may incarnate them in your essences.

Let this new Marathon be dedicated to the absolute and urgent reparation of the hearts that suffered martyrdom and that today, in My Kingdom, are glorified for having been faithful unto death.

Receive My last Graces before the end time. The hands of the clock mark the time of the surrender and the emptiness of self. In this way, the world will be able to recover the innocence it lost.

Be merciful always; thus you will make My Heart happy.

I only ask that you not forget Me.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Mercy of My Heart!

The Glorified Christ Jesus



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