Hear within your heart the voice of Aurora and feel how its subtle vibrations resound in the depths of your being.

This is the regenerating love of Aurora that shelters souls of untiring service, that with its healing Light embraces tired bodies.

Hear in your heart the greater melody of Aurora and how it transforms all that it encompasses in the consciousness of the being.

This is the powerful current of Aurora that emerges from the depths of your spirit to give of itself as a Principle of Love and as a Source of Healing.

May this current be recognized in the inner worlds which, after a long journey, re-engage with the original principles of the Greater Healing Source of the inner Aurora. Its lights illumine the spaces and everything receives an impulse of upliftment and of harmony.

Let this meeting with Aurora be the moment of awakening again and of re-encountering the foundational bases of the healing for souls.

Let the melody of love resound within!

Let Aurora be a reencounter with the true being, at the core of the spirit!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace.


While the world does not listen to the Voice of God through the Celestial Messengers, on the other hand, an important opportunity presents itself to one part of the planetary consciousness that consciously or unconsciously participates of this moment.

Here I speak to you, dear children, of an indescribable atonement, able to modify the destiny of millions of consciousnesses when touched by a Grace that they would not deserve as a nation or as a people. But prayer has opened the correct doors so that in an unexpected way this event could take place.

It is so that all the angels of the Universe prepare themselves for this moment in which the Mercy of God will be poured out for the humanity that needs redemption and true Light the most. In this way, dear children, the Celestial Messengers will open the path to be able to concretize in the spiritual consciousness of some nations a project that previously was impossible to be carried out.

Once more I invite all My praying children to continue accompanying their Heavenly Mother in this unique and extraordinary mission for peace in the world. I lovingly invite you to continue collaborating in all possible forms and with all the possible campaigns. Because thus, My children, more nations and peoples will benefit in the spirit through this divine cause and no longer it will be necessary for them to live the path of suffering.

For all the efforts, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses and heals you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Peace! Peace! Peace in the hearts of all My children! Come to My Kingdom because in this place of love and peace My Immaculate Heart will heal you. Open your arms and receive the flame from My Heart that will illuminate you to travel the new path with My Son, a path called redemption.

Dear children may your hearts rejoice because My Immaculate Peace is with each of you. Know well that all your prayers count in the Universe, especially the prayers that come from the essence of the heart.

Today I ask you that each day you await Me because in prayer My merciful eyes will contemplate you thus preparing the salvation of all the essences of God.

The world waits for your prayers and so do all My children; for this contemplate in mercy because each of the Kingdoms created by the wise hands of God need all My children who are on Earth.

Dear children you have the primary key of the prayer of the heart which will open the fountains in Heaven so that more mercy may descend.

My children you have in your hands the possibility of making a decision for a new life and My Son Jesus, the Great Guardian of all the hearts, waits for you so that, united in vigil and in prayer you help the hearts of all the souls who are deaf and do not hear the Voice of My Heart.

I thank you for your persistence. Walk to the light, forgetting the past with love so that your spirit can be born.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As flowers at the feet of the Creator, today I invite you to consecrate your lives as a gift to God.  Carry in your faces the joy of serving God and, in harmony, manifest the love of My Son.  Live under the Fountain of the Love of the Savior and, as good and humble instruments, irradiate the peace of the heart.

Dear children, know that despite the way the world behaves before God, my Immaculate Heart makes you participants in the new Path I want to reveal to you, the Path of Love and Forgiveness.

Remember that you serve out of absolute love for God and that My Son calls you to drink from the Fountain of Mercy for all those who easily forget the importance of being in God.  For this, My children, each action of life must be consecrated to God and under this spirit of peace you must work.

Many will receive a calling from God, the Father of the Universe, at the right time and one of His warnings is through the Voice of My Immaculate Heart that comes to the world to elevate it as a consciousness and as a heart.

Be good disciples of My Son, be true messengers of His Divine Mercy.  The Divine Hour marks the moment of helping oneself to the Forgiveness of God and reconciling with your dear ones.  Each act of forgiveness attracts the original purity to your hearts.  The life becomes luminous before the Throne of the Father because in it there is a new home, a home visited by the Compassionate Love of My Son.

Search for purity to start to live the Immaculate Peace of My Heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As Lady of the Graces, I visit you daily to quench the thirst of My Son for good souls.  Dear children, with My hands on the Heart of Peace I give you graces to awaken gratitude in your hearts.

I ask you little children, that you persist day by day in the path of prayer.  Now, go away with joy and pray, pray, pray for this humanity for whom the time of change has arrived.

The merciful forgiveness of My Son is being poured and delivered so that the souls may live the penitence of the heart.  I call penitence a deep prayer that restores the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  In this path of restoration through prayer you will be united with My Son, who waits for you with intense delight and joy.

Dear children, My Maternal Heart is donated to each one of My children, especially those who live without God.  I invite you to accompany Me in this task of peace and salvation of hearts.

Today I leave you My words of love, because as Mother and Queen of Peace, I wait so that today you are united with My Immaculate Heart in prayer.  I only want to tell you something more, that My Voice talks to many children in the world but especially to those that must help Me in the mission of conversion and in the simple path of prayer.

My Loving Heart loves you and waits for you whole in each act of prayer.  Know, dear children, that every prayer made with the heart is a prayer for the salvation of humanity, which is asleep.

Today I leave you the love of My Immaculate Heart, as an inner strength for the hearts. My Heart of Peace pulsates in your little hearts.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Songs of Figueira – “The Call

This song invokes the flame of awakening for each person of the Earth because, having this consciousness of awakening, the human being will be able to abandon the atavistic forms that tie them to the past and to continuous errors.

That is why the Voice of the Hierarchy resounds more than a trumpet. Its Voice circles sidereal spaces so that, beyond the unreal alternate time, all humanities may hear the call for the great convocation.

Hearing this call, the soul is molded and formed as an instrument capable of receiving the luminous impulses that will allow it to transcend matter and the planetary psychism.

The call of the Hierarchy appeals to the awakening of consciousness because behind this important awakening is to be found the impulse, that the spirit needs, to begin to become part of the inner commands of the Hierarchy.

This call invites human beings to have compassion for their own planet and for its humanity.

It is a call for becoming conscious in order to be able to modify the tragic destiny of an Earth warped and colonized by error.

In this context, and even with these events, the song reveals the emergence of the New Christs, those who, amidst struggle, dissociation and besieging, will overcome in the name of the Greater Love that can and does transcend everything.

Thus, the Hierarchy, which is a single operative Consciousness, awakens the spirits, present on the surface of the Earth, so that in their inner worlds they may hear the call of the higher Light.

From sidereal space, the emergence of this group of consciousnesses will be seen that will immediately respond to the Voice of the Hierarchy and that, beyond everything, will fulfill the requests of Divinity, in order to eradicate ignorance and dissolve the pain that leads souls to perdition.

This song reveals that everything is thought of and planned, and it is the time of the great awakening.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


In simple places and with simple hearts, I will always be here, in silence and in peace, attracting the Kingdom of God to the world.

With those who effort, in spite of their imperfections, and give the best of themselves in small and large things, I will always be here, because it is their effort that will open the doors to Heaven, and not the perfection of their hearts.

With those who aspire to build a new life and find the new time, I will always be there, for this is My Mission: to lead you by the hand to this encounter with the Truth. And even though My voice goes silent, even though My presence seems to hide, do not be deceived, for I will always be here, whispering the Designs of God into your hearts, inspiring you to continue upon the correct path, alerting you when you deviate, and bringing you peace when it seems that you have lost it.

I will always be here, with My hands in yours, raising the bricks to construct the new dwelling places and rebuilding that which is real and pure, when it breaks through the struggles of these times.

Pray with Me always, even if it be in the silence of your hearts, and you will discover, children, how My silence echoes more than My voice, and what I will allow you to understand within your hearts will be clearer than all the words that I have spoken.

Through this inner, profound and true contact with Me, you will consolidate the union with God and will mature as His children and as His companions.

I have told you: I am merely His Servant, a Servant of the Divine, His Messenger, His Laborer. Through a request of His, I have come to meet with you and now that you are before His Sacred Heart, the time has come for each one of you to live this encounter with Him.

I will accompany you always, with love, with joy. I will adore God for your triumphs and will plead with God in the face of your defeats. Together, children, we will arrive to the New Time, when nothing more will be hidden, when everything will be revealed; when all eyes will see, all ears will hear and all hearts will know the truth about themselves and about life.


The Words of God are like impulses that are born in His Heart and manifest in the word of His Messengers. This impulse transforms into the Word, because speaking is sacred, it creates and manifests life and forms. But the Word of God, manifested through His Messengers, must be heard with the heart and understood with the consciousness.

There is no use wanting to reach with the mind that which comes from God, because you will never reach the essence of His Truth and you will remain in the superficialities of life.

Place, in your heart, the words of the Divine Messengers, always as a dialogue between you and God. Receive what comes from Heaven, as if Heaven always opened before your eyes and it was you who received and heard His Divine Words.

Child, God speaks to your heart, not only for you to grow but so that you awaken, again and again, and understand where you are and what the purpose of life on Earth is.

Humanity is numb to the planetary reality and more so to the universal reality. And your consciousness is also inserted in this numbness; all beings are, in different degrees and proportions.

I will tell you, over and over again, deepen into your spiritual life, into your individual contact with God. In the silence of your heart, enter into dialogue with the Father and only this way will you be able to awaken from the sleep in which you live, as a part of humanity.

You were called to do a little more for the Plan of God.

You were called to surrender everything for love, and renew the love in the Heart of the Father.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



God will not always speak to your ear and heart because there will come a moment in which His Voice will become silence and life within you.

You will no longer hear from the Lord His Words, as you hear them now, and this will dictate the moment of being One with the Father and that His Voice may not be pronounced from the outside inward, but within you for the whole world.

When the Creator silences and only observes the world, will be the time for the voices of His creatures to resound. It will be the moment to live the unity with God, so that from the being itself emerges the guidance for humanity.

The last test of the human heart will be the absolute solitude, solitude in which it will find itself spiritually as race and as consciousness. It will be the solitude of humanity with itself. And, in this moment, child, it will be only up to the human heart to find the exit to live love and truth.

Those who build unity with the Father will not hesitate or fear because their thought, feeling and action will be One with the Thought, Felling and Action of God. And those who do not know the Creator and never searched for Him will live the test of trusting their brothers and sisters in order not to get lost.

Those who claimed to be self-assured will see themselves facing an abyss and will want to turn back, without having where to go. The brave and trustful of God – and not of themselves – will launch themselves without fear and will enter the portals that lead to a new time, to the real time.

Child, among symbols and literalities, I make you know a part of truth. The only certainty you can have, before My words, is that whoever builds now a unity with the Father in their spirit will not get lost – but only from themselves.

Therefore, before wanting to know exactly what I say to you, search for the essence of My teaching and unite yourself, without delay, to the Creator, so that when your time comes of experiencing solitude, God will be with you, because He will be in you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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