Dear children consecrated as Children of Mary, 

May the peace, love and goodness of My Most Beloved Son, Jesus, be in you and guide you to the fulfillment of the Holy Will of God.

In these previous days, in which your hearts must prepare once again to be able to profess your vows of consecration to your Heavenly Mother's plans of peace, today I would like to renew the important mission with the Pilgrim Virgins, so that in this time the Graces of the Mother of God, so needed by the souls of the world, may reach those who cry out.

Therefore, dear children, through your House "Our Lady of the Poor," you will prepare a new cycle of the journey of the Pilgrim Virgins. And when there are places where social or conflict situations prevent Their pilgrimage, you will take the pilgrim image to another nation that, in the name of that sister nation that cannot fulfill this mission of the pilgrim image, can assume it so that the Graces may be poured out.

There must be more than one guardian for each Pilgrim Virgin. The pilgrim images must follow a new road map.

Dear children, there can be no pilgrim images without going on a pilgrimage. Therefore, this will be a mission and a commitment of all the consecrated Children of Mary, because in a time of chaos is when souls most need the closeness of the Mother of God.

Therefore, take the Pilgrim Virgins with you and go out to the streets, to the neighborhoods, to the nursing homes, to the hospitals and to any place, because I assure you that you will always find a soul thirsty for the Love of God.

It will be the commitment of the hundreds of already consecrated Children of Mary to bring, on mission, the Presence of Mary to all possible places. I will be attentive to the response of My consecrated Children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you in this new mission,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


When times become confusing and your heart is disturbed, become silent, child, contemplate nature in the solitude of the heart, and allow the silence to lead you to the Heart of God.

When chaos spreads throughout the Earth and the hearts of humankind, and sometimes within you no harmony can be found, then go, child, and become silent, contemplate the sky and its stars, breathe in the Divine Breath with awareness and seek the Heart of God.

When you cannot find examples, neither around you nor even within yourself, when the most deep-rooted energies of the human condition are exposed, being expunged from the depths of beings, go and become silent, focus your gaze on the horizon and let the silence lead you to the Heart of God.

The key to enter the Heart of the Celestial Father will always be within you. The link of creatures with the Creator is immutable, and it will always be latent within His Children.

The Father will never withdraw from you, but the confusion of the world and the transformation of human beings can cause you to feel distant from God. For this reason, I leave you this key: silence and contemplation, breath and the constant search for the Heart of the Creator within you.

In silence, enter into a dialogue with God, a dialogue in which you listen and He makes Himself heard, a dialogue in which you only say: "Lord, here I am. Guide me!", and He leads your spirit to His Dwelling Place, where wisdom and inner fortitude will be given to you through the Grace that has been upon you since the beginning of life, since the first moment when the Father sent His Children to the material dimensions with the promise that one day they would return to His Heart.

God's promise is alive and immutable. There should your hope be.

The silence will lead you to an encounter with this mystery, and the peace revealed in it will allow you to love and renew the love in all the circumstances of the end of times.

Thus, hold My Words in your heart and experience what I tell you; in this way, you will never be lost, but will always find God, and He will find you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the most arid deserts or in the deepest abysses, the Love of God will always find you, child. When you are able to go beyond an inner aridity, sufferings and anguish, doubts and afflictions, and are able to pray to your Father Who is in Heaven, He will always hear you.

And like a starry sky in the desert or like a powerful light in the abyss, His Love will be revealed to your heart and will make you feel that not even deserts or abysses will limit the Presence of God in the life of His Creatures, because union with the Creator happens from the inside out, it is something that is experienced within you.

And the circumstances in life do not matter, where and how you are. If your heart is willing to go beyond that, the Creator will be guiding your steps and sustaining your spirit.

For this reason, do not be afraid and do not suffer because of the times of chaos and  conflict on the planet and in creatures. Concentrate your consciousness on the power of the Light and, in the face of the shouts of the deceiver, let your silence open the doors to a higher reality.

The enemy will shout and seek to confuse consciousnesses in many ways; its expression is an appearance, and its deception lies in superficiality.

Thus, the battle you must fight is in silence, constantly placing your heart in God and not allowing your eyes to focus on appearances, but rather that the focus of you heart be on the Truth, and that the shouts of the enemy echo without any strength in your ears, for they will not find any room in your heart.

Let your goal be Love, despite seeing resentment, wars and chaos in the world.

Let your goal be the Light, despite seeing confusion and darkness in the world.

Let your heart remain in the certainty that strengthens it, which is the Divine Purpose, that is beyond everything that is confusing and apparent. It is in this way, child, that in spite of everything that happens on the planet, you will find peace and will transmit peace to the world.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My dear children,

While the world, and especially some nations, face the evil and chaos of these times, I call upon you to be bearers of My Peace.

While wars provoke fearful profits to those who promote arms and generate inexplicable suffering to the majority of My children, I call upon you to be ambassadors of My Peace.

While impunity blinds many ambitious minds and hearts, and causes pain and anguish to numerous peoples and families, I call upon you to be instruments of My Peace.

While abortion and the discarding of the newborn and the unborn become normal, indifferent and dark habits, I call upon you to be the Light of Christ's Mercy.

While entire regions dry up overnight, and cities and towns are destroyed by the fury of climate change, I call upon you to be ambassadors and protectors of Creation.

While indignation, hunger and misery undermine the gift of human and spiritual dignity, I call upon you to be representatives and guardians of the Values of God on Earth.

While souls face harsh trials and many discover their weaknesses, miseries and illnesses, I call upon you to be bridges of love and healing for this suffering humanity.

While roads, borders and oceans are closed for refugees and exiles, making the world insensitive and indifferent to the suffering of your neighbor, I call upon you to be intercessors of Peace and Mercy; because without instruments in My Hands, your Heavenly Mother will not be able to intercede.

May all voices and hearts unite in a single prayer, saying: "Lord, have Pity and Mercy."

I will always pray for you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

Due to the delicate and crucial planetary situation, due to the growing situation of immigrants and refugees, due to the evident reasons of serious situations concerning climate effects, and due to peoples and nations that are in chaos and in spiritual disorder, and for many more reasons that couldn’t be reported in a single Message, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Maternal Heart of Mary, comes today to announce that:

From the first Friday of January 2023 onward, and through each Friday of 2023, the Most Chaste and Humble Heart of Saint Joseph will deliver His final weekly instructions so that souls may not only feel the closeness of the Chaste Paternal Heart of Saint Joseph, but also the human heart can be prepared to face the end of these times with courage and under the spirit of affiliation with Saint Joseph.

Through the final weekly Message series of Saint Joseph, which will conclude on the last Friday of 2023, the Hierarchy, united to the Supreme Will of the Father, will try to spiritually aid and assist those who need it most.

Thus, this Grace is offered by Saint Joseph himself, granted by the Eternal Father, and every week the souls devoted to Saint Joseph will receive the final Instructions that they will need for this last stage.

In this way, the Legacy of the Divine Messengers will be concluded, through the final Messages of Saint Joseph, as 2023 will indicate the beginning of the cycle's end from the last 15 years of Apparitions.

For this reason, My children, we invite you to avail yourselves of this final impulse so that as many souls as possible may come to God, the Eternal Father.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.


Dear children,

On this day of Mercy, may your deepest prayers keep being elevated to Heaven so that the world and, above all, the nations that are most oppressed and chastised by war and conflicts may recover peace, because no human being is capable of living without peace, as peace is to be in contact with God and the universe.

My children, on this day of merciful prayer, I call upon you to pray for those places in the world where there is no peace and where chaos reigns, because, as the Queen of Peace, I need, through your prayers, to reach the spaces in this world where hundreds of My children suffer hopelessness and lack of love.

Just as, in this month of August, you will be able to feel the Heart of My Son, I would like many more children to feel My Heart, and your true prayers are the bridge that will allow Me to find My most suffering and desperate children.

For this reason, My beloveds, recognize the Rays of My Grace, the Grace that, being inexhaustible and justifiable before God, has been filling you for more than fifteen years.

It is My wish that My Graces, the Graces granted to My Maternal Heart, may reach all, especially those who have condemned themselves to hell.

I am thankful to you in advance for the bravery and effort that you might dedicate to Me through the prayer of the heart, because prayer must permeate the world.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children, may the Peace of My Son be within you.

When the Divinity recovers the spiritual spaces that up until now had been subjected by the enemy, and especially when the Plan of God recovers innocent souls, that had once been subjected to suffering, hopelessness and material perdition, this means and represents a visible victory of the Redeeming Love of Christ over all darkness, it means that His servers of the final times, that is, His apostles, will surrender in the face of any condition so as to give their lives and their service for those who suffer and are most vulnerable.

Inevitably, the triumph and conquest of these spaces, through Love, represent a challenge in the face of those conditions of adversity and chaos. This is why the servers of Christ offer to be instruments of the Lord regardless of the consequences and without measuring the possible risks.

This is not an expression of fantasy or an act of fanaticism, rather it is an action moved and conferred by the Holy Spirit which, in its inalterable aspect and through committed servers, can bestow Graces, miracles and solutions that had once seemed impossible.

I speak of this in the example of the Angola Mission which today in its first stage reaches the end of a cycle,  and from today onward reaches a new stage, which is entirely free from spiritual, moral and inner knots. A new stage that promises more rapid and efficient concretions for a region of the planet such as Africa, conditioned and buried by the lack of social and political transparency, and interfered with by the interminable vice of corruption.

This is where My Son is entering, through His Spiritual Consciousness, because it is in these spaces, seemingly lost and lacking a material solution, where all will start from scratch, where the poorest souls among the poor will see light, love and faith be reborn in their marginalized lives.

For this reason, all spiritual movement has a material repercussion that is a part of those anonymous sacrifices that may be offered to Christ for the triumph of His Love and His Mercy in Humanity.

This is why I am deeply grateful for all that which in such a short time was built in Africa, because it is something indelible that will remain in the Heart of God, and nothing will ever be able to dissolve it, because it was an action of Love that healed the pain.

I thank you for this humanitarian mission and for having responded to the call of My Son!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



My dear children,

In spite of the conflicts and wars throughout the world, which divide and disturb families, My Center of Light of Medjugorje today lights up to internally transmit to you My Message of Peace.

I Am the Queen of Peace and I want all My children in the Kingdom of God so that the world may no longer keep losing the innocence and the light that God once deposited in each human heart.

For this reason, Medjugorje gleams in light and hope today, because I wish to deter the chaos and vengeance that many hearts are experiencing in these times, forgetting that all are brothers and sisters, children of the same Father.

For this reason, He sends Me once again as His Messenger of Peace, to tell the world that, if the war does not end, something worse will be unleashed.

To prevent more innocent blood from being shed in the world, at this moment, I count on the fervent prayers of all My children. This prevents the wrath of the Angel of God from precipitating upon the world, and humanity from losing its state of being rescuable.

For this reason, this is the great moment for all in which, despite the tests or the difficulties, My children must hold on to My Mantle and take Me by the hand so that I, as the Mother of all, may keep guiding and leading you toward My Beloved Son.

From Medjugorje, may hearts today feel the peace that brings them hope and faith, which everyone needs at this moment.

Remember that I Am here and that I Am your Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

May the Sacred Protective Mantle of My Son, at this moment, heal and protect all those who continue to go through this pandemic.

My consolation and love of a Mother are within each heart that, at this moment, experiences disease and suffering.

This is why I ask, in a special way, that the Sacred Mantle of Christ may heal and relieve those who need spiritual and physical help, because souls must come out strengthened after this experience with the pandemic.

My Heart and My Life pray for you at every moment, asking and begging the Father to send His healing angels so that they may be by the side of the sick people and so that, through the angelic help, souls may have enough strength to go through this new school that all of humanity, since two years ago, has been facing.

As a Mother, I also pray for other causes that aggravate the situation of the planet and humanity. I pray for all the movement that nature fiercely carries out so that, in the inner planes, order and peace may be established, for climate change to no longer be the reason or cause for thousands of this who are displaced and underprivileged.

I also beg God for the most vulnerable and I ask for the Blessed Protective Mantle of Christ to protect and safeguard those who violently experience the end of times.

This moment, dear children, leads everyone to consider and think of others, not as a problem, but rather as the need to bring them love, support and, not only spiritual, but also material refuge.

When a fraternal consciousness really exists in this humanity, I assure you that many situations will be solved, meanwhile, the most vulnerable are subjected by those who take advantage of the chaos and disseminate it throughout the world.

Let us pray with greater fervor. May God hear the prayers of all His children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Unexpectedly, I meet you in Germany, after you visited Me recently in Medjugorje. The Mother of God returns your visit at a crucial moment for humanity, in which misinformation, chaos and fear overwhelm millions of My children.

For this reason, I come from Heaven, not only for a Germany that I love with all My Heart and for which I pray, so that it recovers the Purpose of God, but I also come for all of Europe and all of Asia, for the souls subjected and persecuted in war and by the conflicts invented by humankind of the surface.

I want to tell all My children that I am the Queen of Peace, that you seek My Heart, because My Heart is for you. 

Germany, throughout the last years, has been a host country for the most helpless, but this is not enough, My children, it is necessary that the other nations of Europe and the world be host countries so that everyone may live as a more inclusive, fraternal and charitable humanity.

I pray every day that the most hardened hearts may be opened so that they may feel the most helpless and poor, just as your Heavenly Mother feels for them.

If this step of fraternity is taken by the great nations of the world, humanity will not experience more pandemics, it will no longer know pain.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

With bells of joy, I was received in Europe, as the time has come to again congregate My disciples. Those who were with Me in the past, who were part of My trajectory on Earth, who lived My Word, who practiced My Commandments, who surrendered their lives at the service of others.

I come here today, to Europe and to the whole world, so that each consciousness may look inwards and through their interior, and not through their minds, they may feel and understand how in truth the world is a planet in chaos, confusion and suffering.

But I do not come to again repeat to you all these things, because I know that you are already aware of them.

What you must know, companions, is that it is time to seek a solution.

It will not be an external solution, but rather an inner solution, a deep and true conviction, that you must be definitively united to God.

Thus, you will allow My sidereal Priesthood to be fulfilled on this planet through all those who serve Me in this lineage, in this office, in this sacred task.

I need you to look within, not to see the imperfection of things, but rather to recognize the Grace of God, the Grace that guides you and that has sustained you up to these current times.

In this way, all adversity that is around you will become small; because a true disciple is forged through the challenges, the goals, the fulfillment of the Sacred Purpose.

I need Europe to awaken from the sleep of its comfort and live the immediate action of these times, the service that will encompass and meet the needs of nations, especially the poorest nations, as those of Africa.

In this way, with your willingness and surrender, with your true self-giving, you will impel other souls to also do the same exercise, so that this debt that Europe has, especially with South America, can be paid once and for all; and so that there no longer be sequels, wounds or marks that remind your brothers and sisters of all you did in other times.

By means of the Sanctuary of the Kingdom of Lys, I come to grant you the opportunity of forgiveness so that you may achieve the opportunity of redemption.

For this reason, prepare yourselves with bravery and determination. The emergency will only tend to increase, the demand will only tend to grow. It is time to forge the true disciple, the self-given soul that will sacrifice itself for Me. Thus, I will have no obstacles to intercede for you and for your nations.

From the heart of Europe, the change of consciousness must emerge; from a selfless, unconditional, available, mature, wise and surrendered consciousness, from a consciousness that can mold charity, the good, peace, fraternity and cooperation, and not the subjection of the poorest countries.

All are responsible for what happens today throughout the world, each one in their degree, each one in their school. But the destiny is one, the path is one, the truth is one, and it is the one that I bring you today to open your eyes, the eyes of consciousness, so that your heart may feel all that I am telling you today. Thus, I will be able to deposit My Plans within you, in trust and fidelity, in readiness and response, something that must emerge from yourselves so that the Hierarchy can intervene and help.

Through My Hands, I illuminate the Plans of My Father, and I present them to all of Europe and the whole world.

We have chosen to return here, although there are greater needs in other parts of the world, because if the change does not take place from the root of consciousness within this place, there will be no change in the rest of humanity. With this, you will be able to understand where everything began, where the deviation began.

Through Love, I come to deposit My Light and My Wisdom so that the New Christs may awaken and prepare themselves to serve.

Unity among the praying groups and the pilgrims of Europe will always be very important. Now that the consequences and chaos have separated you from one another, you must be more united than ever; but united from the heart, in truth, with a deep feeling of brotherhood and fraternity towards your fellow being. Thus, you will maintain the doors open to My Mercy and Europe will not be hit so hard due to all that it has not done well.

You know, companions, that the door of Divine Justice is opening. I want, through your sacrifices, surrenders and renunciations, to sustain this door so that it does not open, and, thus, the flow of the Mercy of My Heart can be poured out upon Europe and the whole world, as it once was in Poland, when I revealed to the world My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

I want your souls to be victims of My Love. I want your souls to justify the errors that the world commits, day by day, because the scales of this planet are ill-adjusted, uneven and unbalanced.

You must be precious pieces within My Hands, you must be instruments through which I can impel peace and the fulfillment of the Plan. Thus, companions, many, many will cease to suffer and to have to endure.

May your European nations be shelter and sustenance for the refugees, because I am the one who is knocking at the door of your nations, your governments and your homes, so that you can receive Me.

I have walked many times on the grounds of this continent, Europe. I was rejected many times within a child, within the mother who suffers, within the sick elderly person, within those who are not accepted, because they are foreigners.

Now that you have greater awareness, through the impulse of My Love, I invite you to renew yourselves with bravery and not with guilt. I invite you to feel the joy of being able to do the right things and cease to do incorrect things; that which no longer belongs to the Law or to the Plan, that which no longer belongs to brotherhood or fraternity.

May your hearts become sensitive, may your minds calm, may your spirits open up to be depositories of My Projects for this very important cycle in Europe.

Thus, many inner centers will benefit the consciousness of this continent and of the whole world, because with the consistency of My disciples, the intervention will be deeper and more immediate.

I come to bring you a Message of awareness and not a Message of punishment. I come to speak to you while there is still time, before time runs out. The Brotherhood of this region of the planet awaits your ‘yes.’

This is why it is important that you change your ways and even procedures. To follow and accompany the Hierarchy is not just to be united to It. To follow and accompany the Hierarchy is to live the Hierarchy, it is to respond to it, it is to work.

I have brought here to Europe a part of the group of the Grace Mercy Order that was in South America so that you may feel supported, so that you may know that Our Sacred Hearts, with predilection, will be in the Kingdom of Fatima, and while being in the Kingdom of Fatima, they will be with all of Europe, accompanying all the needs, situations, intentions and supplications, even in the Far East.

For this reason, you have to prepare for the last cycle of the end of times, this is the moment and this is the time.

I open to you the door of My Heart so that you can enter the Temple of My Spirit and commune with the Source of My Wisdom and Love.

I come to make you brave. I come to impel you to live the fire of determination so that that which must be built can be built, once and for all.

I come to bring My blessing to Europe because My Heart loves this continent, which has such precious roots and traditions, which have been gradually lost due to modernity.

The European is a hard-working people and they have shared and transmitted this to their descendants, to many of their descendants who are in South America and in other parts of the world. May this hard-working spirit continue impelling the concretion of the Plan.

Therefore, I come to leave this Message to you for this new Marathon, so that you may know that I am here, under the unconditional Spirit of My Father, who is your Father, Our Father, who is in the Heavens.

I come to this inner Sanctuary to celebrate this renewing Communion, this Communion in which you will be able to confirm the vows for My Plan of Love and Redemption to be fulfilled.

Celebrate this moment for those who cannot celebrate it. Praise this moment for those who cannot praise it, because they are under subjection and slavery, exile and war, annihilation and chaos.

Recognize that you are not alone and that, just as My Hand extends to you, My Heart expands to the world, so that all can be under the Rays of My Peace.

Offer this Marathon of Divine Mercy for all the Plans of your Master and Lord for Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

No matter what, the Work must now expand, not only the Work of My Mercy, but also the Work of the humanitarian missions, because My Love must keep relieving the suffering of the innocent.

I give you My Peace and I ask you to go in My Peace, trusting that a new time will come. This is the coming time of the Kingdom of the Heavens, the New Humanity, of the one thousand years of peace.

I bless you, under My spiritual Priesthood, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If you are desperate or distressed, come to Me and follow Me.

If you cannot find clarity about what you should decide, and if you are confused, come to Me and follow Me.

Now, it does not matter how you feel or how you are, come to Me and follow Me.

I know the very depths of your being and I know the Will of my Father for you. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

Your cross is not the same as the cross of your brothers and sisters. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

I have My Crown of thorns to offer you; come to Me and follow Me.

I come to give you My whole Being, what are you waiting for? Come to Me and follow Me.

If your feet have stumbled over many stones in these recent times, do not worry, get up, come to Me and follow Me.

Because what is written for your life is not the same as what is written for your fellow being. If you truly want to know and have knowledge of it, come to Me and follow Me.

If you decide to come to Me, you will be able to enter My Heart and have a new life. You will know how to cross your deserts, how to go through your tests and your uncertainties; but keep in mind that My Love is above all things. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me, because I need decided soldiers, tempered by humility and bathed by My Grace so that they may serve the Plan of My Father and accomplish It.

My celestial promises will be accomplished in the next life. For this reason, come to Me and follow Me.

I contemplate a wounded and hurt world submerged in suffering and in chaos. Come to Me and follow Me so that the new Christs may awaken. While this does not happen, I will continue to come to the world because My Heart can be in you and you can be in My Heart. Come to Me and follow Me, for there is still much to do and to work on.

The deepest wounds of the planet must be healed and your life must be the balm for these wounds. Come to Me and be transformed into what I so wait for. In the silence of My Heart, I will cause you to be ready to live these times and these challenges.

I offer Myself in eternal communion for those who suffer and endure and for those who every day lose their inner light and allow the flame of their faith to go out.

I Am that Higher Power that allows you to carry the cross of these times and to not say 'no' to My Will, because what is written is very important.

I bring you the new life. Thus, come to Me and follow Me. While this does not happen, I will wait so as to be able to take the next steps in the redemption of this humanity and this planet. 

Open your inner senses and let My Light bring you Truth; for purification is eternal; it is an impulse towards ascension and transcendence until the very core of your spirits someday achieves union with the Father, just as the Son achieved union with the Father up to the Cross.

Was it really necessary that God Himself experienced all that agony, that whole Passion and Death, through His Son in this humanity? It is a mystery not yet unveiled, but you have the Grace of already not being so far from the unveiling of this mystery.

The master key of all this is to surrender to the Love of God for His creatures, for their salvation. This is what must move your inner universe so that you come to Me and follow Me; for in these times, I need to establish the pillars of the New Humanity and the New Earth, through the conversion of your hearts and consciousnesses.

My pillars are not energies, My pillars are you.

In the same way that clay has to be transformed into something beautiful, so must your lives, as a precious crystal, be polished, time and again. When your lives are polished, they are transformed, and they will feel the positive friction of My Christic energy.

But do not be afraid if your cells fear the transformation or the uncertainty of not being able to take steps. In truth, I tell you: "Who comes to Me and follows Me will be in My Heart, and I will be in them until the end of times; because the Spirit of Wisdom, the Holy Spirit, will guide you, just as I guide My apostles and many more throughout the ages."

Your inner strength must be in the conviction of accomplishing My Plan, My Plan of rescue and salvation.

You already know how the state of the world is and how the main cell of the family has been destroyed, not only by the pandemic but also by the lack of love.

Today, My Heart sustains and contemplates those who have died alone through this current illness.

The pleas of the good and of those who are consistent with My merciful prayer, no matter what the cost, have permitted this Grace of salvation and of relief.

Thus, I tell you that your vision cannot only be upon that which is material; your vision must be beyond that which is spiritual, beyond that which is truly profound and eternal; where love triumphs above all evil and adversity.

There are many souls throughout the world that, in this time, cry out for help. There are many sinning souls, souls that are ignorant and even cold because their hearts have hardened.

For this reason, My pillars, the pillars of Christ, the apostles of the end of times must be clear about this moment and this conjuncture, which is not the same as other times.

I need you to understand that to be My companion is not only to be at My side or to only follow Me. To be My companion is to everyday risk being more a part of Me, of My Mystical Body, of My spiritual and divine Government.

Just like more than two thousand years ago, humanity is at a similar conjuncture, but more delicate, more serious. This is the most important hour, when the prayer of the heart will work mysteriously in the inner worlds. Thus, your beings, your families and your homes must be rooms and spaces of prayer in the current planetary field of battle.

In this way, you will ignite the light in this sea of worldwide darkness and the sincere prayer will be a small spark of the light of the Love of God that, in trust and faith, will be placed where it is most needed, where nobody can see it.

I need your lives to be the very testimony of a prayer carried out and concretized so that you may aspire to someday be the living sacrament itself, redeemed and converted by My Codes of Light and Mercy. In this way, the world will no longer suffer, because with very few there will be a struggle in these hells of the world, of persecution, of war and of hunger.

The hour of My Return is already registered. It is an hour that is approaching as time goes by. When I return, and you, where will you be? You, how will you be?

The signs of My arrival are within because it is there where I am present, just like with those who experience the Eucharist or Adoration with faith; In this way, they will be ready to receive Me, in spite of how they will be or where they will be.

Today, I want to anoint the world with the luminous Sign of the Cross so that, in light of this current planetary Calvary, you may see the Cross of Redemption of your Lord Jesus Christ  illuminated, the Cross of Emmanuel, that comes to free you from the chains of evil forever.

May your hearts not become cold. May your charity not dissipate. May your faith of being in Me be strengthened so that, someday, the saints of the end times, the saints of the last days, may be present in this humanity, and on the eve of My arrival, may this anointing take shape on the forehead of each of My children, of My companions, of My prayerful ones, of My servers.

Let all that which should no longer be within you, no longer be, and may I have the space to be able to live within the greater depths of everyone.

Do not be afraid of losing the power that you believe you have, or the control that you believe you exercise. I come to make of your lives something new so that the human race can be saved and thus, the thousand years of peace may be accomplished.

May this Marathon hold the keynote and the absolute trust that you can follow Me and be in Me, so that all errors and sins may be justified, and fervent souls may amend the assaults experienced by My Sacred Heart; for this time I have brought some of My apostles. They could be nowhere else but here, to wait for Me, again, as they waited for Me in the Cenacle during the days of My Resurrection.

The reappearance of Christ is being fulfilled.

Happy are those who believe without having seen. Happy are those who believe and are humble. Happy are those who are a part of My Word and drink of My Water of Life because I give, to each one of you, a part of the wood of My spiritual Cross so that we may share this moment and offer ourselves as victims of the Love of God.

I again anoint you, forgive you, and heal you under the powerful union of the Most Holy Trinity and all that which is beyond God, that which the world still does not know and which is a part of the Revelation of the end of times.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My dear children,

May the deep and immutable Peace of Jesus be within your hearts.

I know that this time is most difficult for all My children, it is the time of pain and suffering.

I call you to penetrate into the mystery of the Love of My Son in this Holy Week.

I ask you, in this coming week, to offer everything as something sacred, your acts, your thoughts and your feelings, as well as small works of Mercy so that My Son has the authority to intercede for everyone, in the face of world chaos.

Each gesture that becomes sacred, no matter how concrete it may seem, sanctifies life and makes it closer to the Kingdom of God.

I implore for My children so that, in this Holy Week, by the power of the Blood of Christ, many more situations that seem irreversible may be alleviated and contemplated by Divine Grace.

My children, I ardently desire that each one of you collect the codes of the victory of Jesus, those codes of fortitude and faith that will make your lives mirrors that will reflect the Will of the Father.

In this harsh desert that humanity is going through, I call you to seek peace within yourselves and not to expect external results.

Know that, day and night, I am in prayer with you and for you.

Christ entrusted your lives to me at the foot of the Cross, and today, I am here again.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the universe, which belongs to you and this is still unknown.

From the universe, I have come to bring you My Message of awakening, in the face of a planetary scenario that only provokes chaos, conflict and confusion; a scenario in which the human consciousness in this time must make a great effort in order to elevate and transcend itself; in which the abysses of the earthly consciousness absorb souls and make them lose track of the Christic Path.

Time and again, I approach the Earth’s orbit to contemplate the world and humanity, knowing that this moment would come, because I already knew it since the Garden of Gethsemane.

Today I come dressed with My violet garment, with the flame of the violet fire of the universe so that the waves of adversity may be transmuted and liberated from the earthly consciousness, so that My apostles and disciples are not absorbed by evil.

I have always spoken to you about the importance of entering My Heart. This is the time, this is the moment; but in order to cross the door of My Heart and be protected, you must surrender, you must yield, you must humble yourselves.

The door of My Heart is so small, that you cannot imagine. It is through the door of humility that you will be able to enter My Heart and there you will be safe from any harassment.

Although the human consciousness commits itself, day by day, to that which is not evolutionary nor spiritual, I come again to the world to make it remember what I left here more than two thousand years ago.

The Blood of the Lamb was shed upon the surface of this planet and this has incalculable value for you.

Invoke the power of My Blood and be bathed by it, receive the Christic Codes of Light that were achieved through the sacrifice of your Lord. In this way, from the consecrated consciousnesses to the consciousness of humanity, everyone will be filled by these Codes and be able to straighten their paths, until they can meet Me in the inner planes.

I know it is not easy to liberate oneself from the chains of oppression, of harassment and of darkness, but you have the tools to do it.

The power of the word of prayer will lead you to be at another point and in another state of consciousness.

The commitment to the life of the Sacraments will lead you to be protected and blessed by My Gifts.

To love the power of the Cross of Emmanuel and of the Cross of your Master and Lord will free you from sin.

A life of charity, of surrender and of service will remove you from yourselves so that you may learn to truly love.

Thus, with these simple tools that We have taught you, you will be able to survive in this fierce battle that is taking place on the planet, which many do not see and most do not want to accept.

This is the time of Armageddon, it is the first time of the book of the Apocalypse.

No longer let your eyes be covered by the blindfolds of illusion. Tear up these blindfolds and free yourselves forever from that which is superficial.

May your hearts not become points of indifference, of insensitivity nor of despise.

I have given you all that you need and a little more so that you may come to this moment. Do not fear knowing yourselves just as you are, and not what you appear to be.

Through the spirit of My Truth, become free from yourselves, and thus you will free the world from suffering.

Many of Mine throughout the whole world were assigned to live this time, they were anointed by My own Hand of Light, under the impulse of My Divinity, so that they would never forget the commitment.

Now it is not time to be busy with yourselves, but rather with My Plan. It is time to love the proposal that I gave you seven years ago.

I still wait that you can be My Word, My Message. I still wait that you can be My apostles, as many have been throughout the times. But this, companions, has a price; it is not a favor, nor is it an emotion.

To be under My Government means responsibility and discernment. To be under My Government means love and unity, transparency and truth, because evil does not know these attributes.

If your lives are these attributes, as imperfect as they may be, you will be protected and you will not suffer. For a moment, look around you, and you will realize what I tell you, it is not necessary that you go far to perceive it.

Each one of you must purify your lives during this Lent, but let this be a true purification and not a mental one.

You must feel in your own flesh the need to be different, the aspiration to fulfill My designs and at least reflecting on Earth a little love, a little light; because the world lacks this light and lacks this love, and you know this.

May this Marathon number ninety represent discernment for all, the action of love in all things and needs, the responsibility to live the commitment and not to escape the commitment; the affirmation to be My apostles, and someday be the New Christs, the Christs of the New Time.

I know that many of you have thought someday that you would not come to this moment, nor to be so aware of the responsibility of being with Me, of being by My side; but this is what God needs.

His celestial treasures cannot be kept just anywhere nor in just any consciousness. His celestial treasures must be kept in the most humble, the most simple but truest hearts.

If humanity could understand the need to live change, that which is happening in the world would not be so.

Many think that the Celestial Father does not want to dissolve everything that is happening in the world, but this is not true, companions.

Humanity generates its own sufferings, and these sufferings fall upon the most innocent and the poorest among the poor.

A true King would never be born in a palace. I need you to be humble, just as I had to be in the manger in Bethlehem.

God does not hide in material wealth. God is present in the spiritual treasures, which can be the very example of souls that are converted and redeemed.

May the sacred violet garments of Christ make you understand, in this Lent, that you are already in the time of a great transition, a transition that is more definitive and profound than it seems to be.

Open your inner senses to understand all that I tell you. Do not try to understand with your mind nor with your external senses.

In this Lent, open yourselves to be transfigured by My Light.

May My apostles hear the call of the Lord of Israel and may they prepare the spaces for His arrival.

This is the time marked for My Return. It is the time when many of Mine will have the opportunity of learning and of growing, if they so accept.

I will no longer force you to follow Me. Your feet must walk by themselves, just as I have told you, that for faith you must walk upon the waters, just as the apostle Peter.

May this Marathon invoke the Gift of Discernment of the Holy Spirit so that the consciousnesses, from the consecrated consciousnesses down to all of humanity, by irresponsibility, by indifference or by lack of common sense, not miss the opportunity that the Father has given them.

At the doors of this Sacred Week, and after so many Sacred Weeks, the moment has come for you to carry your own cross and to be brave, to learn to endure the fire of purification and to learn to transcend yourselves, to free yourselves from yourselves, forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

May the Peace of Jesus be in your lives.

Once again, I find Myself with you, to tell you that, while chaos advances upon humanity, My enemy tries to destroy the plans that I have prepared for the inner worlds of some of My children.

He tries to infiltrate himself, in order to generate a lack of self-esteem in the hearts that make the correct effort to fulfill the designs of My Son.

However, when souls begin to pray, the plans that My adversary has are dissolved because the power of the word is unknown, even in the spiritual plane.

Therefore, dear children, at this world moment, while uncertainty and lack of peace strike millions of My children, I ask you to keep sustaining yourselves through the most pure and true prayer, because it will always guide you, even in situations of adversity.

In this way, I will be able to step upon the head of the cunning serpent, and it will not attack with its poison nor will it tempt My children in unimaginable ways.

Be firm and do not allow the clashes of these times to destroy your inner dwelling.

I am here and I will always be your Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

Although Your Heavenly Mother is not present among you, I count on your unconditional collaboration and support.

This is now the end of times, it is the moment in which the preparation will come to light within your consciousnesses, and you will realize at which point of the preparation you are in order to be able to face the chaos of humanity.

Therefore, from the beginning of Our Messages, We asked you to again study and interiorize our words, because you will need them to know how to go through the end of these times with intelligence and not with fear.

When we speak of an end, it does not mean that everything will end, but rather that each one of you and your brothers and sisters will have the great opportunity to reflect on what you have been doing, which will make you see your personal reality and the world reality. You will truly know how you have caused the planet to be, in its spiritual, mental and physical aspects.

Therefore, My children, becoming aware of this reality demands inner preparation and training, an adequate use of the tools and spiritual exercises that throughout the last years we have taught you.

This will leave you at the height of the coming events, and you will be freeing yourselves from the condemnatory ignorance that blinds souls, day by day, and hypnotizes them in indifference.

Dear children, may your preparation now begin to emerge from your consciousnesses.

Now the moment has come to recognize the mission of each one of you. The moment has come to fulfill it and not to step back because there will not be another moment for long waits.

The cycle is now and it will never repeat itself.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

May the Peace of Christ be with you.

At this time, seek to strengthen your union with My Son, thus, allowing the Immaterial Laws to come into your lives, and your consciousnesses to be withdrawn from the current of chaos and attacks.

At this time, My children, you must carry forward truth and sincerity with My Son so that He may make of you souls of charity, mercy and goodness.

Continue praying the Holy Rosary daily, because in the prayer of the Rosary you will find the ladder of Light that will elevate you and remove you from any danger.

From Heaven, I have been accompanying the moment that the planet continues to go through. The more works of good and peace that are carried out, the greater will be the Graces that humanity will receive, even if it does not deserve them.

Children, use discernment, use the word correctly, may nothing be wasted.

Be people of love and kindness.

Live the message of My Son and thus the world will be safe by the presence of the holiness of souls.

Recognize My Son in your fellow beings.

Awaken your virtues and talents.

Be ambassadors of peace and no longer live hatred, revenge or discord.

Be more merciful, and Divine Mercy will reach the world.

I give you My maternal blessing so that you do not become discouraged.

If you are in Christ, in Christ you will achieve your redemption and conversion. Go ahead!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


May peace reign in the hearts of humankind so that, through this peace, you may come to know how to find the Wisdom and the Love of God, to manage each situation in life.

Children, while the world is in agony and cries out for support and real love, most of humanity loses itself in distractions and indifference, in conflicts and in the constant stimulation of technology and chaos.

May peace always reign in your hearts. Do not allow yourselves to be stimulated and influenced by the individualistic and egotistical speeches of these times, but instead always remember to serve and love unconditionally; remember to look at your neighbor with love and move beyond their errors and miseries so that, in this way, you may mutually help each other to arrive to God.

Before correcting, you must first love, so that your correction does not transform into judgment, but rather it may be an instrument for souls to resume their path to God. When looking at your brothers and sisters, before observing their defects, seek the perfection of God and ask for the Grace of feeling the Love of the Father for His creatures.

In the final test of humanity, when each being will be tested in their love and in their faith, seek always to have the Eyes of Christ within your eyes, and the Heart of the Redeemer in your hearts. Let Him live in you more each day; yield space for the Lord and fervently ask that He may live in your inner dwellings.

Remember that, with your lives, you write the Gospel of the Return of Christ, with your lives you prepare His way, with your lives you light the torch that shows the world where there is Light in the middle of darkness.

For this reason, pray, and do not tire of praying. Serve and do not tire of stepping out of yourselves for a neighbor. Love and be compassionate. With your own lives declare the power of Mercy.

You have My blessing for this. 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




The Angel of Justice holds a set of scales in their hands, and with it measures the merits and the faults of humanity so that, in this way, the fulfillment of the Laws for the coming times may be accomplished.

Chaos and evil struggle to influence beings into fulfilling their false will and manifesting their desires, placing on the scales the weight that strengthens their false laws, based upon deceit and the illusion in which humanity lives.

The Angels of Mercy and the Guardian Angels pray and inspire hearts to transform, to yield, to serve, so that, upon the scales of justice, the good may have weight, and humanity may always receive a new opportunity.

Each action of the beings are weighed on those divine scales. Each small or large act sketches the future of humanity. For this reason, children, way beyond Love and Divine Grace, each being must be responsible for humanity.

We no longer speak of the choices for your own lives, but rather, of the responsibility in front of God that each being has with regards to the destiny of this world. To be awake is therefore to be aware of each action, thought and feeling. Allow your lives to be instruments of peace and Mercy for all beings.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Messages

Take some time in your day to meditate upon who you truly are, to think about how before this life there was a Greater Life, from which the Purpose and the meaning of all existence came.

Meditate upon Creation and the deep Love of God for you, when He thought of each one of His creatures. And how great His Love was for the life that allowed essences in likeness of His Divine Essence to be born so that they could love as He loves, multiply life like He multiplies, and re-create Creation as He re-creates and renews it, with each celestial breath.

Think about it, child, that beyond all the material chaos there is a sublime reality, that Paradise is more than a heaven of eternal peace, it is the beginning and the end of life, from where creatures come and to where they must return with all the gifts achieved in their evolution beyond the dimensions.

Remember that this planet is a school and that difficulties exist to be overcome, thus leading you into going beyond yourself in love each day through a greater Love, that which in some moment of your evolution will reveal the Love of God to you.

Do not look at the world merely with human eyes, eyes that are imprisoned in a condition of ignorance, eyes of who sees life behind veils. The Love of Christ tore the veils that covered your face. So look for this Love. Look for the point in your consciousness, capable of understanding life more broadly, and focus your heart there, above the waves of the tribulations of these times, walking with your Lord through these waters, for they are nothing more than the Wind of God blowing chaos out of the world, to remove that which was rotten and make everything new.

Elevate your consciousness beyond the atrocities, the battles of chaos and evil on the stage of the Earth and be, for this world, a bridge to the Heart of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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