Friday, January 19 of 2024

Weekly Messages

When times become confusing and your heart is disturbed, become silent, child, contemplate nature in the solitude of the heart, and allow the silence to lead you to the Heart of God.

When chaos spreads throughout the Earth and the hearts of humankind, and sometimes within you no harmony can be found, then go, child, and become silent, contemplate the sky and its stars, breathe in the Divine Breath with awareness and seek the Heart of God.

When you cannot find examples, neither around you nor even within yourself, when the most deep-rooted energies of the human condition are exposed, being expunged from the depths of beings, go and become silent, focus your gaze on the horizon and let the silence lead you to the Heart of God.

The key to enter the Heart of the Celestial Father will always be within you. The link of creatures with the Creator is immutable, and it will always be latent within His Children.

The Father will never withdraw from you, but the confusion of the world and the transformation of human beings can cause you to feel distant from God. For this reason, I leave you this key: silence and contemplation, breath and the constant search for the Heart of the Creator within you.

In silence, enter into a dialogue with God, a dialogue in which you listen and He makes Himself heard, a dialogue in which you only say: "Lord, here I am. Guide me!", and He leads your spirit to His Dwelling Place, where wisdom and inner fortitude will be given to you through the Grace that has been upon you since the beginning of life, since the first moment when the Father sent His Children to the material dimensions with the promise that one day they would return to His Heart.

God's promise is alive and immutable. There should your hope be.

The silence will lead you to an encounter with this mystery, and the peace revealed in it will allow you to love and renew the love in all the circumstances of the end of times.

Thus, hold My Words in your heart and experience what I tell you; in this way, you will never be lost, but will always find God, and He will find you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph