My dear children,

Today My gaze of a Mother turns towards Argentina at a moment in which all My Argentine children face their own individual and group calvary.

As the Lady of Luján, today I come to tell My children from Argentina not to allow faith to fade from their hearts.

I carry the heavy cross of inequality and injustice with you.

I walk by your side, as a tireless and hardworking people who, time and again, gets up from the ground to continue walking.

I pray for all families of Argentina that have lost their loved ones in this time of pandemic and of deep pain.

Dear children, may your example of persistence in prayer become like a great mirror that can reflect, for all your brothers and sisters, the attributes that souls will need at this time in order to face this feared and unknown combat.

Through the opening of the abortion law, Argentina compromised its paths. As Mother of life and of the innocent, I ask you to repent for those who do not repent. This is not because of religion, but because of discernment and wisdom.

Children of Mine, I pray day and night with you; in your homes and with your families.

I am the Mother who will never abandon you because this is the time of purification.

May your faith in Christ never end. Now, the time has come for each of you to take up your own cross and follow Him. 

This is the hour when My Son will know with whom He will truly count on until the end.

My beloved children of Argentina, My Peace is with you and with your entire country.

I am here, and I listen to you. This is the cycle of the great end. Prepare yourselves.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace




In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I descend to the Earth, and through my consciousness, I ignite the Mirrors of the Cosmos so that the Mirrors and the doors of the Universe may bring the help that humanity urgently needs in this cycle. 

By igniting the Mirrors and opening the doors of the Universe, I bring to all the Attributes of God, althought the majority of humanity at the moment is unconscious of what this means for this time. 

By igniting the Mirrors, I bring the powerful current of peace, so that the spiritual planes of this planet and of human consciousness may be transmuted and liberated so that, from the most invisible planes to the most material planes, the interferences do not keep descending, those that My enemy imposes in nations and among souls.

This is the time to understand the movement of the Universe and of the Hierarchy so that, being more conscious and more available, you may accompany the Divinity in all that there is to be done in this cycle.

All the necessary help will be delivered by the Universe to humanity, but it will be up to the human consciousness, no matter what, to give a conscious and true response in order to receive all the help it needs, so that souls may not only be freed, but also the chains of oppression, exploitation and conquest that many human beings carry forward, at this moment. Serious actions, for which Universal Justice has a price, a consequence and a response, that will be given at some moment.

But by means of the Mirrors of the Universe that make the Light descend upon the planet and humanity, I come to intercede as Mother of the World and Mother of the whole human race so that the possibility of Mercy and redemption may exist.

So I gather all the Commanders of the Universe, all consciousnesses that unconditionally serve God, in the Universe and on the Earth, so that in this unity and in this brotherhood, the opportunity may be established internally that many, many consciousnesses need to keep evolving in the coming cycle of the Earth or in other parts of the Universe.

Everything will be reordered. Everything will transform. Nothing will remain as it is. The Universe will intervene and will bring the new to all human consciousnesses and especially to the planet that endures the aggressions of the humanity of the surface, all the time.

The spiritual healing granted by the Univese will not only be for the beings of the surface, but also for all the Creation manifested on this blue planet, that is its house, that is its home, is its dwelling place for having the experiences of forgiveness and redemption.

The human beings have forgotten that they are passing through this planet and that afterwards they will depart toward other regions of the Universe to learn what they could not learn here.

But those who open and offer to listen to the Hierarchy, and to fulfill what it requests, will be mediators, will be intercessors, will be collaborators of those who live ignorance, in the blindness of these times, and who have lost the meaning of reality and truth.

Therefore, all the elements of the planet, all the cosmic forces of the Universe that work to establish the Plan of God gather and congregate because these times requires it. And the necessity is more urgent than what the eyes can see and than what the heart can feel.

Today I come as a Mother that governs the macrocosm, that governs the planet which, throughout the times and the infinite Apparitions, throughout all the culminating moments of humanity, has tried to help the children of God, and will keep doing so until the last soul, the most lost and submerged in darkness, receives the opportunity of being redeemed and of finding the path of Light, the path it lost toward the Celestial Father.

Therefore, all the angelical hosts also congregate and join efforts so that the spiritual planes may be within universal order and harmony, although we know that the very human consciousness itself generates many situations that disharmonize and generates chaos in the human race itself.

All human beings, believers or non-believers, atheists or devout, or even those of other religions, must keep in mind and be aware of what they are generating, of what they are producing, not only for the planet, but for their own civilization.

Meanwhile, we make all efforts, we carry out all possible operations and carry forward all the requests of the Universe to maintain the Doors of the Cosmos open, because they are the Doors that will not only liberate chaos toward other regions of the Universe, where it will be transmuted and liberated, but also these Doors that are profoundly internal, spiritual and cosmic will bring the Grace of God to all.

When the human being recognizes that they do not have power above all things and beyond God; when they bow their head down upon the ground, ask for forgiveness and do penitence, the help of the Universe will be stronger, the change of consciousness will be quicker and no one will lose the path toward the Love of God any longer.

The change of the great human situations, of the great problems of the nations and in peoples will have to begin first within each being, because if each being is not in contact with God, with the One or however you want to call or name Him, nothing will be solved.

Open the doors of your hearts, extend your arms toward those who suffer, welcome all those who are not accepted, those who are not understood, those who do not want to change.

Be merciful, be blessed, be peacemakers of My beloved Son, and the world will change in the small things of life and then will be able to change in the greater and larger things. Each one must be responsible for their redemption and for their surrender.

I once told you, beloved children, as I once told the world, not to place the responsibility upon God nor upon anyone else. Each being in this time must perceive the consequences and the responsibility in everything they do and in everything they practice.

The Universe is there to hear you, to receive you, to attend to you and to help you, it only depends on a correct and peacemaking attitude, on repentance and on true change, because if this is not present, the help will not come.

Many are the evils, the adversities and the chaos that the race itself has generated thoughits ties with My adversary. But now a time of truce will come and, in this time, it will be the only and unrepeatable opportunity in which the souls, the consciousnesses and My children will have the chance to change and reverse something for all that is taking place.

I come as a Messenger of the Universe in the name of many more Messengers who circulate and who live in this macrocosm and beyond this galaxy, to tell the world that we are attentive, that we are accompanying the gravity of these times.

But we need and plead for you to stop, to reflect, to meditate and to no longer do evil. Suffering must not be the path of the loss of hundreds of innocent consciousnesses who are mistreated, exploited and sold like animals from a barn

It is time to deter the roots of adversity, generated by My adversary in the ideals of abortion, of the exploitation of nature, of the slaughtering of animals of the sea and of the land, of the transgression and the contamination that all the large industries of the planet produce, in the ambition of power and of money, which only exists in the consciousness of humanity.

Reverse your attitude and the Apocalypse will change. Do not boast nor desire for what does not correspond to you. Be thankful for everything that surrounds you and you will not lose peace.

I thank you in the name of many consciousnesses of the Universe for having listened to Me with bravery and courage, with openness and especially with gratitude.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

Sixth day

Today, My child, remove, from the very depths of My Heart, the thorn of violence and the transgression of human life through abortion.

My Heart feels a very huge weight and an unbearable pain when in hospitals, or in secret places, hundreds of mothers surrender to violence and cruelty through abortion, causing a permanent suffering in the soul that was being gestated, a suffering that it will carry within, for the rest of its spiritual life.

If the mothers, who decide to abort the life they carry, knew the repercussions of the action they are about to commit, perhaps they would previously think of controlling their unbridled temptations, being conscious of and taking responsibility for the new life they could bring to Earth.

Humanity, even from a religious point of view, still believes that the new life that is about to incarnate in the womb of a mother only begins at gestation. 

The Creation of God is perfect and, above all, so is the Gift of Life, one of those most transgressed by human beings; this causes extremely grave debts that humanity incurs for violating the Law of Life.

Thus, with great fervor in your heart, offer your prayers to the Heavenly Father so that the inexhaustible Fountain of Mercy from the Heart of God may open and descend like a powerful current over the mothers and over those responsible who, in these times, practice, foster and spread the transgression to the unborn as a method, as a personal pleasure and even for contempt. 

May the Heavenly Father hear your supplications and, for the painful sufferings caused by this thorn in My Heart, may Mercy be able to overcome, beyond all errors, and those miserable souls that practice these barbarities be forgiven.

Hold tight, My child, to the Mercy of God and beg, with all the inner power of your heart, that the power of My Grace may act instead of Justice.

Through the petition of your heart, allow that the mothers, who are tempted by My adversary to take the life of the unborn, become aware for a moment and reconsider, in order to protect and respect the new life.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus 


Fifth day of the Novena

By immersing into My Mercy, the souls who are deceived by the projects of the world through genetic and human plans not only receive My Grace, but also My consolation.

The Source of My Mercy repairs the entire consciousness on a deep level and especially on a spiritual level.

The Mercy of My Heart can especially reach the souls that, through absolute ignorance and blindness, fall into temptation and destroy by their own means what God conceived within them.

When the most innocent souls are aborted, it means that the decision taken by their own mothers represents a total deviation from the Law of Love and Compassion.

All those souls who do not live on Earth today because they have been removed from the wombs of their mothers are in suffering and agony for not having been able to continue their human and spiritual evolution.

In this sense, the main Law of Creation is altered and a great debt is generated which must be resolved through the Mercy that the praying souls invoke to My Heart.

In these times, the transgression of the Law of Life generates regional and even worldwide catastrophes. When the Kingdoms of Nature are transgressed, in their cycle of life and evolution, they react by means of phenomena that harm humanity.

The importance of invoking Mercy for the unborn will help to dissolve the invasive human projects that alter the evolution of the human being and the planet.

The souls of the unborn are redirected, through My Mercy, to new Sources of Light so that they may live their path and awakening in other parts of the Universe.

In truth, Mercy is the table of salvation for these times.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

This is the key that I give you today: if only all the beings on this planet offered one day of fasting, in truth I tell you that wars would cease, conflicts would disappear, diseases would be healed and there would not be any interior or exterior cause left unsolved.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain spiritual forces would be dismissed from their earthly powers and more than a thousand swords would be defeated.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain unexplainable situations would not be manifested and no one would lose their awakening and evolution.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain earthly forces would not act because they would not have a place nor way to proceed.

Imprisoned souls would be liberated, more sinners would be forgiven and the planet would be relieved of the serious outrages it receives every day.

If in truth a day of fasting was offered, the innocent souls that were aborted would be taken to limbo and, above all, the soldiers of Christ who became lost by their own will would not go to purgatory to pay for their debts.

Fasting is the second spiritual weapon against the enemy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My very dear children of Uruguay,

Once again in perseverance and faith, Your Heavenly Mother arrives in Montevideo to remind you of the important commitment to disseminate the devotion to My Immaculate and Maternal Heart throughout this whole country by means of the formation of the nineteen groups of prayer, which will represent this praying flame that will endure the purification of this entire republic.

Dear children, Your Mother has observed the care and the dedication for this to become established; I have also accompanied you and I have prayed with you, My children, so that the barriers of resistance in hearts be broken.

Most Uruguayans have always lived a cold and very mentally oriented devotion; this has caused the whole of Uruguay to halt in time and space. Here you have one of the most important spiritual and natural riches of the planet, after the Amazon. It is for this reason it has always been a stationary nation, little motivated to make a great change in consciousness and in life.

The social values and the human values have decayed a great deal, shortly after this nation, as in other nations, opened the doors to abortion and drugs in an uncontrolled way, which up to now has caused unpayable spiritual debts.

It is for this reason, dear praying children of the entire Uruguay, that the effort for instituting a true work of spirituality and of consciousness will always be important. It will be through each one of My children that the Mother of God will try to generate in the whole of this country an unparalleled opportunity in the face of so many threats that humanity and the world are living today.

Dearest children, do not be discouraged; the knowledge about the true spiritual reality of Uruguay will make you more determined and more open to collaborate and so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled.

As Your Mother and Lady of the 33, today I give you the thirty-three aspirations of the Mother of God so that the Plan of the Creator may be accomplished in Uruguay:

The unification among consciousnesses.

The manifestation of true operative groups of prayer.

The dissemination and the devotion to the Lady of the 33.

Carrying out fraternal works of charity and of awareness, which help in spiritual awakening.

The eradication of negative projects such as abortion and drugs.

The spiritual motivation of pregnant women on how to love Life.

The awareness, for younger ones, of how to love spirituality and how to leave the paths to perdition.

The concretization of communal projects related to organic orchards and the natural reforestation of Uruguay.

Awakening an interest in the talents that each brother or sister holds.

A fraternal relationship with organizations that support the care and protection of the Animal Kingdom.

Creating awareness about vegetarianism and the non-killing of the Animal Kingdom.

The valuing of the life of the Lower Kingdoms and of the spiritual knowledge about the group soul.

The balancing and the care of the ecosystem and contact with Lower Kingdoms.

The collaboration with and the assistance to needy families.

The immediate instruction for poor families about mouth, body, and environmental hygiene.

The cooperation between the associations of Fraternidad concerning the delivery of basic knowledge about the care of life and holistic health to the families of Uruguay.

The importance of protecting the Mineral Kingdom and of knowing the divine aspect of its existence.

The necessary motivation to generate sources of recycling and of conscious cooperation between the garbage recyclers.

Helping to make the hygiene and the holistic care of all those who work with wastes become important.

Collaborating with the needs that arise in the spiritual and higher education of children.

Expanding the importance of taking care of and protecting the animals.

Consciously teaching about the care of dogs.

Learning to love all of Creation.

Encouraging the awakening of awareness about the care for human life.

Fostering principles of cooperation and of fraternity among families.

Recognizing in time the basic needs of children and helping to cover them through the collaboration of all.

Make known the spiritual task of Uruguay with respect to the Center of Aurora.

Teaching each consciousness about what a Soul is and the important values it has before God.

Sharing and teaching actions of love and of peace for those who do not have

Forming groups of prayer responding to the needs for spiritual instruction of each group.

Among the groups of prayer of the different departments of Uruguay, concretizing, monthly, the pilgrim bus to Aurora.

Programming a selfless working rhythm for the experience of receiving new consciousnesses into Aurora, and infusing a love for the Lower Kingdoms and for group life.

Awakening new suns on Earth, which will cooperate with the accomplishment of the Plan of God and of all of His Works for Uruguay.

Through these activities of fraternity, Uruguay will be able to more greatly balance its spiritually generated debts. Thus it is written, for the groups of prayer, the important mission of concretizing the thirty-three principles of the Lady of the 33.

In these works of charity, I will accompany you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you under the spirit of the mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the 33

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Queen of Peace and Reconciliation, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

Once again I beg you to follow all My Messages with your heart, because it is now the time for you to live My Words; they have tried to build something unbreakable within your beings. Now, God has requested that, after all I have given My dear children, I give Him the fruits of what I placed in each one of your hearts.

For this reason, My maternal consciousness manifests itself through spiritual impulses to all those who open to receive the knowledge of other Laws, Laws that are not present in your beings, but Laws to which you can be united.

My Work is a work of peace, of fraternity, and of brotherhood.

All the pieces that I shape day after day are then given to My Son, so that He may direct them toward their final mission. But some of these pieces, which are part of the All, are difficult to polish. For this reason, My Love is profound and true for all of you; it tries to banish that which should now die so that the new spirit may be born.

Throughout the centuries, I have always warned humanity that if it did not change its attitude, difficult times would come to the door of the life of each being. Now, these times have come, times of wrong actions in abortions, suicide, lies, power, and dishonor, which in some hearts overflow more than a river.

But My Heart, which is patient and meek, wants to lead you into finding the Truth, the Truth of God for your lives, because it will be through your transparency and your prayer that you will transform into that which God so expects, and in this way, you as part of all this unique humanity, will help it to quickly change.

Do not forget, My dear children, that what was written in the Sacred Bible is being fulfilled, in a way that many do not perceive because of being full of other things instead of holding tight to the powers of prayer.

If the world truly wanted to be in the Kingdom of God, it would no longer commit certain actions that always harm the most helpless and the poor.

Thus, My Love enters the world as a new Law so that My children react; these are no longer times for experiencing small insignificant matters, but rather it is time to acquire a greater strength through the Holy Spirit so as to help the Plans of God.

Through Grace and Mercy, I know that you will be able to accompany Me and will take the mature steps toward the change that will cause you to live freedom. Today, more than ever, the flocks of Christ must be a single one, so that through prayer, you create a protective wall that separates you from evil and unites you more with the Almighty God.

Dear children, I have wanted to be faithful to you in light of the planetary situation, for it is time to live life from another inner posture; because your inner universe in this time must collaborate with the Plan of the universe. You must be carriers of the new Christic codes that My Son is pouring into those that said 'yes' to Him.

Thus, it is time to remove the old from you, that which hurts in the depths of your hearts, so that in prayer, you may achieve the precious strength that radiates forgiveness.

Dear children, I want to prepare you and instruct you, because the Woman Clothed with the Sun is announcing Herself to the world for the last time before the birth of the New Humanity.

I thank you for maturing in faith and trust in God!

Who blesses you always,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace and of Reconciliation


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