My dear children,

Due to the delicate and crucial planetary situation, due to the growing situation of immigrants and refugees, due to the evident reasons of serious situations concerning climate effects, and due to peoples and nations that are in chaos and in spiritual disorder, and for many more reasons that couldn’t be reported in a single Message, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Maternal Heart of Mary, comes today to announce that:

From the first Friday of January 2023 onward, and through each Friday of 2023, the Most Chaste and Humble Heart of Saint Joseph will deliver His final weekly instructions so that souls may not only feel the closeness of the Chaste Paternal Heart of Saint Joseph, but also the human heart can be prepared to face the end of these times with courage and under the spirit of affiliation with Saint Joseph.

Through the final weekly Message series of Saint Joseph, which will conclude on the last Friday of 2023, the Hierarchy, united to the Supreme Will of the Father, will try to spiritually aid and assist those who need it most.

Thus, this Grace is offered by Saint Joseph himself, granted by the Eternal Father, and every week the souls devoted to Saint Joseph will receive the final Instructions that they will need for this last stage.

In this way, the Legacy of the Divine Messengers will be concluded, through the final Messages of Saint Joseph, as 2023 will indicate the beginning of the cycle's end from the last 15 years of Apparitions.

For this reason, My children, we invite you to avail yourselves of this final impulse so that as many souls as possible may come to God, the Eternal Father.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.


Dear children,

My feet again touch the blessed land of Fatima to dispel the darkness that reigns in distant Europe.

I come to be with you once again so that you may listen to the voice of the Sorrowful Mother who claims for peace and the end of war.

I bring, in My Heart, the sacred flame of the Divine Purpose, so that souls who are asleep may awaken to the reality of doing something for the one who suffers and for the one who is unprotected.

I am the Light of Aurora. I am the One Who can dawn in the hearts that opens to recognize Me as their Celestial Mother.

Dear children, the stage of the great service will now begin as well as the greater effort in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East so that the scales of inequality may be balanced and the poorest among the poor may receive the Grace of the dignity that they deserve.

For this reason, the Divinity will enter the neediest spaces; but the Divinity, through the Holy Spirit, will also dialogue with those hearts that must awaken to the truth and to kindness.

I, as Mother of the refugees and of the abandoned, will be praying by the side of each missionary heart that offers, in the name of My Son, to attract justice and human dignity to the world.

For this reason, I ask for the awareness of all those who will be accompanying from a distance the works of charity and of peaceful dialogue that will take place in the Northern hemisphere, because the time has come when each prayerful being must feel responsible for the Plan of the Return of Christ to be fulfilled in this humanity, no matter what.

Let us pray every day, placing these intentions in our hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, with the wind and the ocean waves, I come here, crossing the portals of the universe so that I may penetrate in the human consciousness its spiritual aspect..

Today, I bring to all the deep pain of My Heart before the situation of the planet and humanity.

Although I Am in the universe and the Hierarchy is working to relieve the situation of the world, My Eyes do not cease to look at what is happening, what no one can yet see in-depth, to understand the meaning of why it happens.

On this day, I come from Heaven to ask you again to pray for the refugees, especially for those who try to survive and find a destiny, a promised land, crossing many oceans. Many of them do not reach the end goal, they do not reach the destiny that they seek with hope, although their faces reflect the suffering of abandonment and non-acceptance.

Beyond everything that happens in humanity, and by means of this Marathon of Divine Mercy, in which your prayers are elevated to God, in attunement and love, I share with you this pain of Your Master and Lord; because everything could be different, but it is not. And as it is not different, with no response nor relief toward the situation of brothers and sisters like yourselves,  destiny modifies the events.

For an instant, think of what it would be like to hear, in the middle of the ocean, a boat adrift, children, women, elders, men, all seeking a safe harbor amidst a spiritual and material tempest reflected within their nations of origin.

The spirit of welcoming is something humanity owes to the universe, the spirit of receptivity and solidarity for the suffering of a fellow being.

I know that this does not depend only on humanity, but also on those who create and generate these situations of instability in all senses, within the poorest among the poor nations, as it is in Africa.

Therefore, I still keep waiting for the most opportune moment to arrive upon African lands, where My task and the task of the Mother of the World will not only be centered in the nations where we will arrive, but also throughout the whole African continent.

If the humanitarian response is not efficient in the nations of the world, in the face of these events, greater will be the consequences that the different human peoples will keep living in their nations of origin; because today we do not speak only of famine, of war or of social or political indifference, we speak of something that goes beyond what it seems and what is superficial.

Within your refugee brothers and sisters, see God Himself suffering shipwreck, the shipwreck that His children generate when they do not fulfill His Plan. Place your gaze and your heart before this meaning that I am bringing to you today.

Try to go beyond appearances, beyond what is superficial, beyond all that is known or material.

Penetrate the universe of mystery and you will understand the spiritual meaning of all that I say to you.

I only hope that more beings may be conscious of what happens because what happens to some human beings, like the refugees, happens to the whole world.

In this situation, there are no material nor mental borders. There must not be indifference nor omission in the face of the great need of the end of these times. If today this situation happens in the world, it is because it is a mirror of humanity.

You cannot aspire to the higher spheres or to the levels of contact if this situation, the situation of the refugees, of your brothers and sisters, is not placed within your hearts.

All are brothers and sisters, beyond your race, your language or your condition. In essence, all are equal before the Celestial Father, and this will not change.

What is material is transitory, what is spiritual is eternal. Service is the great key of the times to relieve humanity from the conditions of chaos and suffering that it generates towards itself, time and again.

But the Primordial Source is there, at the service of the Children of God. You must call upon It correctly, you must invoke It correctly, you must unite to It correctly so that the Primordial Source can help you.

Thus, your talents will awaken, your virtues will become visible and you will be guided and led through the path of service and prayer for the urgent causes of the planet.

Today I come, with the wind and the ocean waves, so that you can hear within yourselves and feel the Feeling of God, His silent Feeling that speaks about this reality to the inner worlds.

You are already at the moment of understanding many things that are not material, but immaterial.

If your inner world and your gaze are before knowledge with reverence and humility, you will be guided by the Law, and the Law will act through you to correct this increasingly chaotic and difficult planetary situation.

Since the Garden of Gethsemane, I knew this would come. This is the reason for the cost of My Blood, for each drop of My Blood shed upon the soil of this world for humanity.

Through you, My merciful Heart needs to reach those who suffer, the refugees.

During these days of merciful prayer, pray with fervor, and fervor will renew you, will always place you in the correct vibration in the planetary emergency.

The world will see situations that are more indescribable than those ever seen before. I invite you to become conscious of this and to turn your lives towards solidarity and the good.

Build with Me, in the inner planes, the renewal of forms, so that those retrograde forces that oppress the consciousness of the planet and subdue humanity may be expelled and liberated from the surface of the Earth, and everything can be renewed.

While the interest of humanity for spiritual life and prayer is cloudy or indifferent, the doors of My Mercy will not open; the response to this great help will be proportional to your prayers with Me.

Humanity is not ready to face the end of times and see unimaginable things, not only of this planet but also of the universe. It would be like waking up in the morning and finding the world totally changed, under a reality you have never known nor lived.

What would you do? What would be your first thought and your first action?

Humanity has allied with the retrograde forces and this leads it to constant suffering.

The prayer of the consequent ones sustain balance in that which is unthinkable to you. This means, companions, that prayer, at the moment, maintains in harmony that which is about to break.

I know that many do not want to accept the end of times because it would lead them to change definitively. But as the Lord and King of the Universe, I tell you, “There is no other way out.”

If you are incarnated, at this moment and in this time, it is for a greater reason, it is for a greater duty, it is for an undeniable commitment.

While souls and consciousnesses continue to force doing what is different from what they came to do, they will suffer. Resistance can no longer be in your spiritual paths and, above all, in your inner contact with the Heights.

You must not challenge your destinies, because you do not know them.

Be worthy, in this time, of the supreme Grace that descends upon a transgressing and indifferent humanity, upon a sick and chaotic humanity.

Beneath your feet you have the most sacred places, the most unrecognizable to the world, those places known as Sacred Precincts. They are there to help you and for you to venerate them.

Avail yourselves of what is real and divine. Leave behind that which seems to be and that which is illusory.

The world wants to remain in illusion and feed it, day by day. If this continues on like this, how will the world find the portal towards the Real Time?

Everything begins in your inner world, in the living practice of your faith, in merciful actions.

In this attitude, the nations will understand that the refugees are not human waste nor are they an international plague.

Have pity on those who suffer and you will see beyond what is happening.

Relieve the pain of those who sail the seas and the oceans of the world, seeking a safe land to live in family and in unity.

If the world and the nations do not do anything, a test will come that is harder than the one you are now experiencing. God does not punish humanity, it is humanity that punishes itself through its actions and ideals.

The oceans today speak of the pain of the refugees in the seas and, especially, of those who did not leave the sea alive. Therefore, today I convert these oceans into the Ocean of My Mercy so that all can be salved and rescued.

Appeal to Divine Mercy and do not allow Justice to act in this time, because the world would live a great correction it has not yet lived.

Be consequent with our words. Live My Message and do not just listen to them. It is time for the awakening of the New Christs.

“Celestial Father, who has untiringly given all of Yourself for the creation of the universe and life, sustain Your servers who have decided to follow the Path of Christ.

Have Your Light and Your Mercy descend into the dark spaces of this world.

Welcome into Your Arms, Adonai, those who are without a nation or land.

May the cry of pain in the oceans be soothed by the descent of the powerful Blood of Christ, and may all be converted according to Your Will, Adonai, so that humanity may be responsible and conscious of all that it does.

Send Your Light, Lord, to the inner worlds. Nourish the deepest layers of human ignorance so that it may be dissipated.

Heal all of Your creatures with Your Love so that all may have the joy of participating in Your Celestial Kingdom. Amen.”


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

United, at this moment, to the Lord of the Oceans, before His merciful and spiritual Presence, we place ourselves before Him in prayer and supplication, offering the prayer of the Angel of Peace so that Christ may emerge as a Divine Tabernacle in each human heart and all may awaken to the call of His Voice and of His Presence.


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly.
I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood,
Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ
present in all the tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges
and indifferences by which He is offended.

And by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

(repeated three times)


We thank God for His immense Mercy and Pity and we renew our vows in Christ and for Christ as soldiers of Light.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You have come to Me, barefoot, to the Temple of My Heart.

Behold My Temple that welcomes you, just as it welcomes the world and its needs.

I Am the Lord of the refugees and of the innocent, of those who have no land, of those who have no home, of those who have lost everything and tread the path of this world, seeking an opportunity and hope.

I will again return to multiply the bread and the fish, to give manna of eternal life to those who are hungry, to those who have lost hope, to those who are in exile. 

I want you to know that, through this Work, the missionary hearts, the eternal volunteering of serving others in an unconditional way, will always be renewed.

This will be a source that will always be open to give an impulse to other consciousnesses for humanitarian service, for extending their arms and hands to help those in need, the millions of the needy throughout the world who keep being punished by a system of adversity and control.

The Temple of My Heart, which is the very Eucharist, contemplates all these needs, in the end of times: the crises that the world experiences, the disturbance of the men and women of the Earth, the despair of the innocent hearts, who only hope to eat and drink water in order to survive.

For you here, and for your brothers and sisters who listen to this Message and have everything, it is time to give thanks, but also to share. It is time to revere and glorify the Grace that you have received throughout the times, and it is your spirit of volunteering and selflessness that will mend and heal the wounds of the refugee hearts.

It is not only food and water that will save lives, not only protection and refuge will support the innocent and the children, but also the Love of My Heart that you can mirror into the world will redeem humanity.

Upon seeing the suffering of the world and the refugee camps, the pain of My Heart is indescribable, and this goes beyond life in matter or the organizations that carry it forward.

The world has still now known the true Celestial Government, the one that was thought of from the beginning so that all of you could be happy in the Holy Land. But humanity has gone astray and, as it has been throughout the generations, the most innocent suffer the marginalization and slavery of these times.

Who will deter this perpetual agony?

Who will relieve the suffering hearts?

Who will step out of themselves to see the need, the great need that the world experiences?

On this day, I come in a special way, because you cannot be without guidance and without instruction.

All that you have received throughout the times must not be considered only as the expansion of your consciousness, but also as your response, your generosity and service.

The souls that do not truly understand Me and do not truly listen to Me, have to go out to the world to see the reality, and face this reality until it hurts.

I chose you for a reason, that still today you do not know, for a reason that is written in the Sacred Books of God, which is a part of the recovery and spiritual integrity of the old People of Israel, which, spread throughout the world, has become lost, even though I died for you on the Cross.

It is time for you to place before your eyes the planetary situation, the need. When you serve and welcome those who suffer, your inner situations or your problems will dissolve.

Because the true universal family must be constituted by the emergence of a small group that will carry forward this Aspiration of God, so that, in this way, the New Humanity can arise.

The Plan of God is written through your actions and your adherence to the Most High; there is no other way that allows the Plan to be fulfilled, but through the readiness of your hearts and lives, for what is necessary.

If I had not come to the world, in what situation would your consciousnesses and your civilization be?

You could not imagine, companions, because it would be something more serious than what you live today as humanity.

Being able to acknowledge the Grace that fills you and blesses you, divesting yourselves and coming towards Me barefoot, towards the Temple of My Heart, is a sign that you can understand My Message and that you accept to live humility, so urgent and necessary in these times.

Humility must not a lack in humanity, because it would be the victory of chaos over humankind.

To few souls of the world, I come to ask for what might seem impossible, that which will spiritually lead My Plan towards triumph in the inner planes, and will lead them to experience the Christic path.

I do not need great movements to carry forward My Work, I only need you to accept to live My Will, as much as you do not understand it, because in My Will lies your protection and your support.

I know it is not easy to obey the commands of the Lord and the guidelines of the Most High.

There is no being on the surface of the Earth that has not undergone this experience, but it will be after they fulfill My Will that they will understand the Plan and the meaning of having received the Call that comes to converted hearts.

As the Lord of the refugees and the innocents, I come to ask the world to open its eyes to this need. It is not enough for a few to help, neither for the wealthy minorities to take advantage of the world crisis.

If you open your eyes to the necessity, although they are not Christian or spiritual, you will comply with the attribute of charity, and many serious situations that the world keeps generating today will be forgiven by My Mercy, and will not be corrected by My Justice.

But you must first believe in what I am telling you and in what I am proposing to you because the opportunities are unique and will not be repeated.

If you open your eyes to the necessity of the humanitarian crises, at least those who are within this Work and follow My Call will leave their homes and families to serve Me, and help those who suffer.

Those who cannot serve me from anywhere, due to a disability or any other reason, let them pray with Me and adore the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, so that the Grace of My infinite Mercy may permeate the Earth and the souls that suffer, so that the traumas of these souls and hearts can be healed, in the opportunity of a new hope.

As long as nations do not repent from their acts, peace will not come; and only those who fulfill My ardent aspiration will be bearers of peace, and able to bring the Peace and Love of My Heart to the great refuges of the world, where there is no longer Light or hope, only agony and hell.

Just as I told the twelve apostles, today I tell you: “Go, two by two, or go in group and serve, so that someday you may live your redemption by means of service, for those who suffer and become desperate.” 

The triumph of the Love of God will take place through your surrender and service, through your total and unconditional 'yes'. Thus, you will be before the doors of My Mercy, and the infinite ocean of My Compassion will fill you so that, in service and in silence, you may reach those who suffer.

This critical time is the beginning of something more difficult, but, through prayers and the surrender of hearts that are sincere with Me, many situations and events will be deviated, by the power of Mercy.

Thus, My sorrowful Blood will cease to be shed upon the world so that My Rays of Mercy may illuminate the souls and grant them peace.

No longer be tempted or deceived by yourselves or by My adversary. You have the tools to overcome it.

I have given you the Sacraments so that you would live them, so that you would be sanctified in My Name and be under the protection of the Holy Spirit, which is this Divine Spirit that speaks to you today, just as it speaks to the world, for it to awaken.

I sanctify you with My Light, and invite you to the renewal of the missionary heart in the most difficult times of the world and of humanity.

Trust My Words, and the bridges of hope will be built so that the most innocent and the refugees can cross them towards the New Earth.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-ninth Poem

on this day, we would like
to stay in Your arms,
so that we may be filled
with Your Love and Your Mercy.

We would like the most innocent children
who are in danger
to be in Your arms today
so that they may be sheltered by Your Divine Pity.

we would like the unborn
to be in a safe place, under Your protection,
so that they may have the Grace
of again finding the path of Light
that will lead them to the Eternal Father.

we would like the women and men of the world
who sell their bodies for the pleasure of others
to be in Your arms,
so that they may be safe and see,
at some moment, the doorway out
to abandon darkness.

we would like the poorest among the poor
and the elderly, abandoned by their families,
to be in Your arms today,
so that they may feel deserving of receiving
Your warm and affectionate Love
that will heal them internally.

we would like all refugees
and those exiled from their countries
to be in Your arms,
so that they may feel the joy of rebuilding their lives
and find hope
in this time of definition.

we would like the planet
to be in Your arms today
so that the consciousness of the Earth may be relieved
and no longer feel that it is alone.

today, more than ever,
we would like to learn to truly love
as You love us, unconditionally.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Messages

I am the Lady of the Tears of Syracuse. I come on this day to tell you, My children, that no one has calmed My cry for these people of Sicily, and that I still wait for the great moment of conversion of the sinners who are on this island.

Thus, I present Myself to you today as the Lady of Tears because, through My Tears, I leave the message for this place that these people of South Italy do not yet accept redemption and that, by means of appearances, they believe everything is well and that it will continue to be so.

I call My children of Sicily to repent from the heart so that you may ask for forgiveness to the Celestial Father because thus, He will grant you His Mercy and not His divine and powerful Justice.

Thus, My children, with the prayer of everyone, the people of Sicily will attain a special grace, and this grace will also have reprecussions within the members of the Church of My Son.

I come to Sicily for the people of the South of Italy not to forget that the Lady of Tears cried and that She is still crying because Her children most in need of love do not want to hear Her.

I come to remove you from the power that you believe you have in your hands.

I come to offer you My maternal Heart as a path for your final conversion.

But I also come to the South of Italy, as the Lady of Tears, for one of the most serious crises of this twenty-first century, which is the migration of My children of Africa and of the Middle-East to Europe, through the Mediterranean Sea.

It is thus, My children, that the Lady of Tears also cries for the great indifference of all Europeans before the lack of welcome and of love for the refugees.

This is the time and the opportunity that not only Italy but also all of Europe has the grace of being able to reverse its debts through service to the refugees.

I, as the Mother of all, call you to fraternity and to step away from yourselves so that the one who suffers the most and escapes the conflicts and wars may occupy the first place within your lives. Thus, you will learn to know Divine Mercy.

Italy has always been a very blessed land by the saints and by the Eucharistic miracles because it is the nation that most needs Pity and Mercy for the end of these times.

All the praying beings, in this moment, can be important intermediaries before the Divine Justice so that, united to your Heavenly Mother, you may collaborate for all the important stages of the Pilgrimage to be fulfilled, according to the way God wishes and feels.

Let us continue, My children, allowing the unfathomable Mercy to descend upon the nations of the Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


"Humanitarian Colombia" is a mission that promotes peace and humanitarian service for those who are most in need. In this instance, for all who are exiled from their nation and take refuge in other countries, in search of a new life, far from the horror and conflicts that these certain nations live.

"Humanitarian Colombia" is one more hand that extends towards the humanity of the Earth, so that, as a bridge of service and fraternity, souls may reencounter the meaning and hope of being part of a new race.

This mission constitutes the synthesis of all the humanitarian missions that were done in the last times.

Given the important service intervention and social aid that Fraternidade performs through its body of original missionaries and of missionaries in training, this new mission will attend to the other part of one of the many social and humanitarian imbalances that exist.

Fraternidade, as a missionary essence of service of unconditional love for the one who suffers, is called by the Consciousness of the Spiritual and Instructing Hierarchy to reunite its humanitarian and spiritual efforts with the aim of relieving human and inner suffering.

The fraternal foundations that Fraternidade has already manifested, attending to the migratory crisis in Roraima, Brazil, opened the doors of consciousness so that the true missionary and selfless spirit could come, this time, to Colombia, so that this network of light, of service and, especially, of love among brothers and sisters, may reach those who wait and cry out for it.

For the new mission "Humanitarian Colombia" the Hierarchy will broaden the action of its planetary work and Fraternidade, which will be united to the UN through UNHCR and UNICEF, will try to rebuild the human and voluntary spirit through works of service and social assistance.

With the presence of the monastic Grace Mercy Order, the missionary life will count on the arm of spiritual assistance of union and contact with the Hierarchy, so that everything that will be removed and worked from the psyche, and the inner world of consciousnesses, may find a path where it can be led and released.

Fraternidade, by assuming the two fronts of planetary work through the mission "Humanitarian Roraima" and now through "Humanitarian Colombia", from the next cycle and in the course of the year 2019, will begin to embrace, with the missionary life and together with the Hierarchy, other humanitarian works in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The formation, actualization and training for emergency cases of the new volunteer missionaries will help in the future of a new consciousness, based on the protection and safety of the fellow being and of the one that suffers the most.

For this initial mission of "Humanitarian Colombia" the Youth Campaign for Peace and some of its members will be summoned to participate and establish the first foundations so as to relieve pain through love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The new humanitarian mission in Colombia, in its spiritual counterpart and also through the Hierarchy, will try to establish peace in the inner worlds of that region of the planet, which for decades has experienced armed conflicts.

In this sense, the Divine Lady of Chiquinquirá will be the Patroness of that mission; She will be the aspect that will spiritually intercede for the entire humanitarian mission and for its first steps.

"Colombia Humanitaria" will be the first mission that, on the inner planes, will work with the various situations of life that have caused that nation, as well as the different peoples of that region, to experience a spiritual numbness.

The humanitarian mission will not only awaken in the Colombians the importance of helping their fellow beings, the one who suffers, the refugee, but also will give an impulse to My children from Colombia so that, on taking on that humanitarian service, they take up their mission and their purpose for these times.

Through the devotion of the Colombian people, the Lady of Chiquinquirá and Mother of Guatavita will be able to intercede for the souls that are escaping from the social and humanitarian crisis of Venezuela.

The fundamental purpose through the Humanitarian Colombia Mission will be that thousands of essences, which are in the nature of refugee consciousnesses, do not  lose the codes of love, of trust in God, and especially of faith, even though certain nations, in these times, are being used as a laboratory for improper beneficial interests use of the natural resources and to generate major social crisis with certain non-evolutionary objectives.

The Humanitarian Colombia Mission will carry the impulse of building a consciousness of cooperation and of service, so that love heals the pain.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Maternal Exhortation

My beloved and dear children, servers of Christ,

On this day, I descend from Heaven to give you a special petition, which will try to attend the migratory crisis that is happening in My beloved Colombia.

It is for this reason that, in the name of My Son, I come to ask for humanitarian aid on the border between Colombia and Venezuela by means of an extraordinary humanitarian mission, which I call "Humanitarian Colombia."

This mission must arrive as soon as possible with the aim of attending, at the other side of the Andes, to My poor and suffering children of Venezuela, who are going through a social and humanitarian crisis.

In Colombia, the Fraternidade will establish a permanent space, in the same way it did in the beginning in the State of Roraima, in Brazil.

For this special cause that today My Maternal Heart presents to you, I wish the Light-Network and brothers and sisters with medical, dental and psychological specialties to be summoned for this first mission.

Colombia, in a short time, has been converted into a scenario of the end of times and My purpose, as in Roraima, will be to contain the wave of spiritual energies that are starting to infiltrate, more and more, in South America.

I ask, especially, that the Fraternidade, through the ONU, presents itself before the authorities of Colombia to announce that in an honorary manner it will, out of love, provide this humanitarian service.

Thus, with the inner strength that I will give each missionary who self-summons themselves for this "Humanitarian Colombia" mission, you will help your Heavenly Mother to succor and relieve the grave suffering.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Equality among Peoples

Dear children,

My goal in coming to Switzerland, in the name of My Son, is to ask the representatives of this country for an act of equality among the richest nations and the poorest nations.

For this reason, I come to donate My Mirror-Heart so that in Switzerland may be reflected the Will of God and not the excessive use of power and superstition of the proud.

I come to ask for a true spirit of charity and of equality, in order to be able to save these people from the path it treads for excessive wealth and the material disorder of life.

Here, and inside this nation, there are souls that have the duty of promoting equality without conditions and a balance for those who do not even have a home to take refuge. 

I come as Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt to ask for consideration and attention to My words, before the time comes when no stone will be left upon another stone, just as My Beloved Son has said.

I want to awaken in Switzerland the spirit of self-forgetfulness, so that the souls may learn to see and to contemplate the needs in their fellow beings, in the poorest among the poor.

I wish to leave Switzerland with a hope in My Heart capable of having faith that My children will make the necessary effort to step out of the perverted convenience and comfort.

I need you, children of Switzerland, to make use of the spirit of poverty and of selflessness that the Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt offers you, so that beyond your people and your “own world”, you can contemplate the suffering, the hunger and the need of millions of souls in the world, as it happens in Africa and in the Americas.

I know that it will not be born from the leaders, this necessary feeling to perceive and recognize that the Law of God is not being lived here, and even less what My Son taught you.

For this reason, before everything is unleashed, within and outside your consciousnesses, I invite you to live a life of prayer and of dialog with God, so that you can step out of the prevailing illusion of these times, and perceive that it is urgent to change, first stepping out of yourselves to give space and place in your hearts to those who suffer the most, and have nothing.

With this message I call you to reflection, as there is still a little time left to transform what the Universe needs to transform from your people.

I give you thanks for listening to Me, because, as Mother, I love you and I wish the good and the equality for all My children.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstatt


The Cathedral of Peace – Part II

And elevate all of humanity with your prayer. By means of your prayer, lead specially all refugees to the Greater Altar of the Cathedral of Peace.

Pave the way so that those most in need of spiritual and inner help may receive the maternal embrace of the Mother of God, and the divine consolation of the Immaculate Heart. 

Elevate the souls of the world to the Cathedral of Peace, so that they may awaken to their true purpose and may thus enter in communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Inside the Cathedral of Peace, the neediest souls are sacramented by the imperious action of the Holy Spirit, they receive the spiritual baptism, the inner confirmation and the communion with the Immolated Lamb, the Redeemer. 

In the Cathedral of Peace the souls find, by means of the spiritual Sacraments, the Gifts of God and they can see within themselves the virtues that Heaven needs to awaken in each being, so that the creatures may learn to live the Divine Will. 

For this reason, those who participate in the Sacred Cathedral of Peace are inspired and motivated by the guardian angels to live their inner mission and, at the same time, to be participants in the spiritual communion that is manifested in its Greater Altar. 

The Cathedral of Peace infuses in souls the spiritual power of the divine Sacraments, so that each being can find its Gift and thus offer themselves for the unconditional service for humanity and for the planet. 

The Cathedral of Peace helps us recognize our inner universe, that is, the truth that we are inside the divine existence and inside the spiritual Source whence we come, inside the vast universality of the Creation. 

For this reason, the Mother of the World is the intercessor of the souls inside the Cathedral of Peace, so that more hearts may know the power of Grace, of Mercy and of Forgiveness, and thus everything may be reversed and once again conducted to the path of the Greater Purpose.

Human consciousness can keep in its heart the sublime Cathedral of Peace, so that it may always remember its filiation with the High, and may specially live the Attributes of God, which will make of this planet a redeemed humanity, forgiven by the most potent flow of the Love of God.

May every being on the surface of the planet feel motivated to enter the Cathedral of Peace, so that, together with the Heavenly Mother, they may be led to the union with the Celestial Father, granting to the souls the experience of the Kingdom of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Cathedral of Peace


The agony of those who suffer from wars is also part of My agony. Therefore I come with all My Mercy to relieve the sorrowful souls and all those who escape from desperation in these times.

Let My Mercy be the Fountain of healing and of restoration for all those who must be healed and supported by Me.

In Divine Mercy find the water to quench the thirst and the fire to warm the cold of these times.

Always call upon My powerful Mercy so that, even more, My Merciful Rays may touch everything that will need forgiveness and redemption.

In My Mercy may you commune with God so that, from now on, many more situations may be stopped in the nations of the world by all those who invoke Divine Mercy.

In the hour of greatest agony, may all be offered as penitence and prayer to draw to the planet the same codes that all of My apostles are called to live, the codes of Ascension.

I thank you for holding My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus 


It is the Will of God, dear children, that the Work of Love and Redemption of the Divine Messengers reach, in an ecumenical, fraternal and serviceable way to the youngest ones in the world: to all the children.

After establishing the international agreement of cooperation between all the nations  with the different refugees of the world, and on the eve of the special meeting of Mercy, God is asking you to take one more step, as Work, and this step will now, be planetary.

It is thus that through your mission and humanitarian services, without religion or creed, but yes of a loving and open heart, your Heavenly Mother needs to reach through you, the most unprotected children in the world, those who suffer the wars, the conflicts between nations, poverty, illness and persecution.

Until now, the Planetary Missionary Network was in an ambit of training and preparation. From today, the Planetary Missionary Network will be integrated by the contribution and service of one part of the Work, which is the Planetary Light Network.

In that way, dear children, it is the Aspiration of God that, by means of union and brotherhood with the international organizations, this Work attend, on an international level, to the children of the world in situations of war, of conflicts and disintegration of their families, so that My Maternal and Immaculate Heart intervenes in the rescue of those essences.

From this new cycle, after the last 8th of August, the situation of the service and assistance to humanity by the Whole Work hás changed and has expanded on a world level.

I would like you to understood that, through your hands and your hearts, your Heavenly Mother will try to reach all those suffering souls, the ones that for different circumstances have lost contact with love and hope.

In this phase, the Order founded by My Beloved Son will also perform specific functions within this humanitarian service.

That is why you must be available, because through the international organizations you will be able to attend and serve, for Christ, in nations of the world never concurred or visited by your group, where situations of risk or malnutrition of innocent children unchain.

My Mission with you is that someday you learn to place the planet and its humanity in your hearts, since all the impulses given to you in the last thirty years, have been a preparation for this cycle of planetary emergency.   

Remember that these humanitarian services prepare the Second Coming of Christ.

I add, My children, that servant souls of different ages could present themselves that Will come to you moved by the impulse to help dissolve the conflicts in humanity.

Let us go forward!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My very dear children,

In this next to last day of daily messages, I would like to express My maternal and sublime gratitude to all the hearts which united in prayer in the four corners of the Earth, and those who lovingly made the humanitarian mission to Turkey possible, where exiled brothers and sisters were helped.

Dear children, around the month of July of 2016, a second mission will take place in Turkey, but this time the mission will have Greece as its main entry point and as the doorway that receives the shipwrecked refugees from the Mediterranean Sea.

It will be through the new mission to the Middle East and Greece that the missionaries of peace will come to know the deep pain of the hearts that through the seas seek a way out of the terror of the impending war.

The first mission in Turkey brought very positive results from a spiritual point of view, and the most outstanding was that your brothers and sisters in the Middle East were able to remember that there are hearts that still love and believe in God. This has meant that the doors are open so that new humanitarian missions can be carried out.

The whole group consciousness that is part of the Work of the Divine Messengers was called to take a step, far from comfort, to make a sacrifice, so that this last mission in Turkey could bear fruit on the Sacred Tree of the Mother of the World. That step was taken by all, but I still know, as Your Mother Who loves you, that all the prayer groups have yet more to give and to offer to Heaven.

It seems promising that the second humanitarian mission to Turkey and Greece will be able to establish a possible base for humanitarian work and permanent service in Turkey through the international assistance of the Turkish association that supported the first mission. In order to reach this level of service, the Divine Messengers expect that in the next meeting of the Children of Mary, the impulses are sown that will again cause the group consciousness of the Planetary Network-of-Light to take a step towards the global assistance of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children,

Today I wish to ask you to pay attention to an important point in the humanitarian missions, about something that has produced special spiritual results between the missionaries of peace and the refugees. That is to say that in spite of the cultures, in spite of the languages or even the nations, an inner bridge of fraternity and love has positively been created in the middle of a crisis that does not seem to stop because it is so serious.

On the subject of fraternity and love, today I wish you all to pay attention and see how the inner ties between souls are established spontaneously when everything is real and humble.

It is at this stage of the mission where each one of the refugees that came under the humanitarian and spiritual care of the missionaries of peace is able to remember and recognize that love and peace still exist, and that it is not solely the war and darkness created by the adversary that endure. It is in this way, dear children, that this spiritual and intimate recognition of each child of the Middle East makes it possible for that part of humanity to not lose the hope to carry on.

Through the humanitarian mission in Turkey, not only the refugees but also the servers of the Turkish association are waking with the inner impulse that the missionaries of peace are giving through service, in listening to each refugee, and above all, through the fraternal love that is being expressed.

Today I reveal to you that between the missionaries of peace, the servers of Turkey, and the refugees from the Middle East will remain an inner and true tie of brotherhood that will help in the manifestation of the New Humanity.

These are the new patterns that the New Humanity will gestate in its consciousness after the whole planet has been purified.

Dear children, it is in this way that the inner work of the Hierarchy expanded spiritually, from the moment in which the missionaries of peace responded to the call of remaining more days at the service of the humanitarian needs in Turkey, and at the service of the refugees.

The wounded hearts must be heard, that is the important task that the missionaries have fulfilled under the guidance of the Celestial Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the Heart of the Redeemer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Refugees


My dear children,

At this stage of the humanitarian mission in Turkey, in which you come to know the inner sorrows and the deepest sufferings of the souls, it is time to place all your missionary experience in your heart, and thus confirm within each one of you that the presence of the suffering Christ in your fellow beings is real and authentic.

Dear children, My Son also shows Himself in the faces of the brothers and sisters who have experienced atrocities and tests that carried them into exile from their country of origin.

My children, at this stage of the mission, in which armed conflicts are escalating, I only ask that you feel God and think of God. The Universe will shelter you in this last part of the mission, where a result will become defined in each one of you, an inner experience that will help to mature within you the next steps.

My Immaculate and Maternal Heart gives shelter to each of your refugee brothers and sisters, so that at least one drop of hope can be placed in the spirits terrified and martyred by the wars.

Dear children, all will come to an end, but we cannot say what it will be. The time points to a profound union with God, so that Divine Will may manifest in the life of each one. This will lead you to live the path that, after this humanitarian mission, will be proposed for the life of each one of My missionaries.

With joy, promptness and love the brothers and sisters of the Figueira Community will be waiting for you to begin the cycle of your recovery after this mission.

In the month of March, dear children, you will enter into the spirit of the General Meeting where new opportunities will be presented for all.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who blesses you from Heaven,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees


As the smoke of the sacred incense that exorcises darkness, the clouds of Heaven on which My feet alight exorcise the creations of evil and I establish the Kingdom of Light where it did not exist before.

In this war of end of time, dear children, there is nothing that can oppose the light of the Mother of the Sun, because if it did it would burn due to the intensity of the solar impulse which the divine fire holds.

My children, the angelic tools will always be available to the missionaries and the soldiers of peace so that, seeming nothingness, they emerge and are able to defend themselves from all evil.

The Armageddon already surrounds the planet and very few are willing to accept that the times have changed; resistance to change, even if in part, affects the whole which is the present world, and delays the steps that the majority must take.

Once more I tell you, in this final battle for the spiritual conquest of the next kingdom there can be no interference of any kind because if it were like this the consciousnesses would not be prepared to endure the expected purification of the planet.

Through the humanitarian service and the donation of love, may the false kingdoms created in the great regions continue being deactivated, kingdoms that exist to terrorize the consciousnesses and separate them from God.

True victory will be in those who persevere with the heart. My Son will never leave you alone when among the hearts there is certainty and absolute faith that Jesus dwells and lives in each human heart. This cannot be taken away by anyone or any weapon of physical or spiritual extermination.

The Love of Christ that lives in the hearts is the Love of the Father that embraces you and guides you to the final goal. Today I speak to you of the refugees, your brothers and sisters, who persevere until the end in the sacred hope that someday they will find the Promised Land, after a long exile.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who unites you to the Heart of the Celestial Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children on mission,

Turkey has shown itself to you as an organized nation, from the humanitarian point of view, to be able to help in the great immigrant crisis that has still not ended.

While the disagreements and immigrations continue, the world will not have peace. For this reason, your Heavenly Mother implores the Eternal Father to establish His Justice in the face of so much cruelty and annihilation of good souls.

My children, the time is indicating that we must continue to pray without ceasing to open in the Heavens the extremely powerful stream of Divine Mercy that will be able to lead to Heaven the souls that were imprisoned and decapitated by the adversary.

The board of the Armageddon is still at stake to define who will win the last battle in the coming time.

While chaos manifests in the world, and above all in the lives of the refugees, dear missionary children, may your main purpose be maintaining inner peace wherever you go and the warm smile of love and of fraternity that My children of the Middle East need. It is in this way, My children, that your Heavenly Mother is able to embrace everybody and place them under Her protective Mantle.

Dear children, the Turkish nation has been a school of maturity and of inner definition for each of you, just as it was for your Heavenly Mother when She was in this region to finalize the synthesis of Her existence.

May your synthesis be to define yourselves as a missionary group for the end of times, available to accomplish the call of the Celestial Hierarchy, just as you have done until now.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and guides you, together with you on mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


My dear missionary children,

After your hearts and consciousnesses came to know the serious reality of the refugees, of those escaping by boat to Greece in search of a better life, now, your Heavenly Mother will lead you to meet new and profound needs of spiritual and internal service.

I mean by this, dear children, that all the refugees, as well as the children that you met in this mission, reflect in their eyes the result of a total spiritual, moral and physical abandonment in each of their lives.

Thus, missionary children, you are before a spiritual situation of the refugees that will not only be solved with service and with words of affection, you are before a sea of internal and external complications; you are before the visible result of what the human being on the surface, without consciousness and without love, can do with the life of others.

It is at this point and in this non-evolutionary step that humanity finds itself today, very insensitive to the suffering of others and quickly forgetting humanitarian needs; a situation that humanity only sees as world news.

At this moment the insensitivity to the migratory crisis of millions of refugees can no longer be hidden; it is a situation that becomes more extreme every day and because it is so serious, the end of it is not known.

Dear children, that is why I have brought you to Turkey, so that with your eyes and hearts, you could see and feel something human, something of your fellow human beings that is unexplainable.

At this moment the humanitarian mission in Turkey will experience a spiritual deepening, and even though some of My missionaries face, with their pains, the pain of millions of Syrian refugees, My hand will not cease to be upon you to radiate and help you until the end of the mission.

Dear missionary children, I beg you to ask God for forgiveness every time you find a situation of suffering, which is the result of this civil war.

Ask for Mercy and do not tire of asking, so that I may also relieve the lonely hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to the Greater Consciousness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted in the locality of San Esteban, Córdoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

May the Divine Conception of My Original Purity be of spiritual help for those souls that aspire to reach God and be in His Fatherly Arms.

Service to humanity, dear children, detaches the incapacity to love from the consciousness, and holds the doors of the heart open to God.

Every day, when missionaries serve, they must bear in mind that they are doing so for the Plan of God, for the fulfillment of this highest Work for peace in the world.

It is My Original Purity, the Purity of God, that will help you find the eternal path of elevation and of love for the world.

Dear children, the service in Turkey has the inner intention of opening doors even further so that hearts, on some plane of consciousness, may reencounter God.

The gifts that favor peace, love and fraternity can become unforgettable for the souls that receive not only humanitarian help, but also the love from heart to heart.

My dear children, in these times I need you to learn to serve spiritually, seeking in this moment to fulfill the Purpose of the Creator in all of humanity.

The missionaries in Turkey, together with the humanitarian associations that take care of the refugees, established an ecumenical bond of service for peace, with no conditions and in favor of no one. This fraternal act of cooperation and charity demonstrates to the universe the possibility that the paths of service may expand even more and that other consciousnesses may be able to serve in order to forget themselves and put their attention on the needs of the other.

The Divinity is relieved by the voluntary work; this shows an open path for new opportunities. Service to others will take you to find inner purity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to eternal service,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


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