Saturday, December 12 of 2015

Daily messages

My very dear children of Uruguay,

Once again in perseverance and faith, Your Heavenly Mother arrives in Montevideo to remind you of the important commitment to disseminate the devotion to My Immaculate and Maternal Heart throughout this whole country by means of the formation of the nineteen groups of prayer, which will represent this praying flame that will endure the purification of this entire republic.

Dear children, Your Mother has observed the care and the dedication for this to become established; I have also accompanied you and I have prayed with you, My children, so that the barriers of resistance in hearts be broken.

Most Uruguayans have always lived a cold and very mentally oriented devotion; this has caused the whole of Uruguay to halt in time and space. Here you have one of the most important spiritual and natural riches of the planet, after the Amazon. It is for this reason it has always been a stationary nation, little motivated to make a great change in consciousness and in life.

The social values and the human values have decayed a great deal, shortly after this nation, as in other nations, opened the doors to abortion and drugs in an uncontrolled way, which up to now has caused unpayable spiritual debts.

It is for this reason, dear praying children of the entire Uruguay, that the effort for instituting a true work of spirituality and of consciousness will always be important. It will be through each one of My children that the Mother of God will try to generate in the whole of this country an unparalleled opportunity in the face of so many threats that humanity and the world are living today.

Dearest children, do not be discouraged; the knowledge about the true spiritual reality of Uruguay will make you more determined and more open to collaborate and so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled.

As Your Mother and Lady of the 33, today I give you the thirty-three aspirations of the Mother of God so that the Plan of the Creator may be accomplished in Uruguay:

The unification among consciousnesses.

The manifestation of true operative groups of prayer.

The dissemination and the devotion to the Lady of the 33.

Carrying out fraternal works of charity and of awareness, which help in spiritual awakening.

The eradication of negative projects such as abortion and drugs.

The spiritual motivation of pregnant women on how to love Life.

The awareness, for younger ones, of how to love spirituality and how to leave the paths to perdition.

The concretization of communal projects related to organic orchards and the natural reforestation of Uruguay.

Awakening an interest in the talents that each brother or sister holds.

A fraternal relationship with organizations that support the care and protection of the Animal Kingdom.

Creating awareness about vegetarianism and the non-killing of the Animal Kingdom.

The valuing of the life of the Lower Kingdoms and of the spiritual knowledge about the group soul.

The balancing and the care of the ecosystem and contact with Lower Kingdoms.

The collaboration with and the assistance to needy families.

The immediate instruction for poor families about mouth, body, and environmental hygiene.

The cooperation between the associations of Fraternidad concerning the delivery of basic knowledge about the care of life and holistic health to the families of Uruguay.

The importance of protecting the Mineral Kingdom and of knowing the divine aspect of its existence.

The necessary motivation to generate sources of recycling and of conscious cooperation between the garbage recyclers.

Helping to make the hygiene and the holistic care of all those who work with wastes become important.

Collaborating with the needs that arise in the spiritual and higher education of children.

Expanding the importance of taking care of and protecting the animals.

Consciously teaching about the care of dogs.

Learning to love all of Creation.

Encouraging the awakening of awareness about the care for human life.

Fostering principles of cooperation and of fraternity among families.

Recognizing in time the basic needs of children and helping to cover them through the collaboration of all.

Make known the spiritual task of Uruguay with respect to the Center of Aurora.

Teaching each consciousness about what a Soul is and the important values it has before God.

Sharing and teaching actions of love and of peace for those who do not have

Forming groups of prayer responding to the needs for spiritual instruction of each group.

Among the groups of prayer of the different departments of Uruguay, concretizing, monthly, the pilgrim bus to Aurora.

Programming a selfless working rhythm for the experience of receiving new consciousnesses into Aurora, and infusing a love for the Lower Kingdoms and for group life.

Awakening new suns on Earth, which will cooperate with the accomplishment of the Plan of God and of all of His Works for Uruguay.

Through these activities of fraternity, Uruguay will be able to more greatly balance its spiritually generated debts. Thus it is written, for the groups of prayer, the important mission of concretizing the thirty-three principles of the Lady of the 33.

In these works of charity, I will accompany you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you under the spirit of the mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the 33