Sunday, December 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

My Immaculate Heart ardently aspires that the Plan of God be fulfilled in the heart of each creature of this world and, in consequence, in each nation and in each people. But My aspiration, even being divine, is not enough because the beings of the Earth need to say "yes" to Me and follow the steps which, day by day, month by month, I proclaim to all.

My beloved children, today I want My Peace to enter into your hearts and confirm My presence to your minds. I am here to transform you entirely, but if you do not open yourselves before Me, how will I be able to make Myself felt within your hearts?

Many ask Me for confirmations that I am here. Others ask Me for miracles so that their families and friends may believe in My Apparitions, but few, very few are those who make of themselves My greatest miracle in this world.

My dear ones, I have already made many miracles in other times and I keep doing it so that those most doubtful hearts may open, at least a little bit, to My Love, but humanity has not learned to value what I have given to them and has not recognized that the miracles that I have made were the last way out for those souls that would have soon completely lost their evolution.

I summon this group toward growth, to effort and to persistence. I want to see upon your faces more than the reflection of beings converted to the path of prayer, because I am not here only to give one last opportunity to the consciousnesses that have never accepted redemption, I am congregating those who have committed themselves to Me since the beginning of this Plan of Love and planetary rescue, consciousnesses that will impel others to transformation and that will be able to give their own lives, if it be necessary, so that a new humanity may be born in this world.

I ask you to develop faith in your own hearts – far beyond phenomena and miracles – and to forge, with the Fire of the Spirit of God, your own transformation, because in this way you will awaken in your hearts the Living Christ which, as a potentiality, inhabits the depths of your essences.

It is for this reason, children of Mine, that I ask you to give the most of yourselves, that I correct you and tell you the truth, so many times, despite of it being painful to those parts of your consciousnesses that have been attached to material life and that have little interest in matters of the spirit.

For this reason, make the effort of listening to Me and following Me always, even if you do not comprehend Me. If you do not resist, you will see, at the end of it all, the miracle that I will have made in your lives and that which I will transform the clay of your consciousnesses into, when you let yourselves be molded by My divine hands.

I love you and I bless you always. Who keeps you under Her mantle,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace