In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, with the wind and the ocean waves, I come here, crossing the portals of the universe so that I may penetrate in the human consciousness its spiritual aspect..

Today, I bring to all the deep pain of My Heart before the situation of the planet and humanity.

Although I Am in the universe and the Hierarchy is working to relieve the situation of the world, My Eyes do not cease to look at what is happening, what no one can yet see in-depth, to understand the meaning of why it happens.

On this day, I come from Heaven to ask you again to pray for the refugees, especially for those who try to survive and find a destiny, a promised land, crossing many oceans. Many of them do not reach the end goal, they do not reach the destiny that they seek with hope, although their faces reflect the suffering of abandonment and non-acceptance.

Beyond everything that happens in humanity, and by means of this Marathon of Divine Mercy, in which your prayers are elevated to God, in attunement and love, I share with you this pain of Your Master and Lord; because everything could be different, but it is not. And as it is not different, with no response nor relief toward the situation of brothers and sisters like yourselves,  destiny modifies the events.

For an instant, think of what it would be like to hear, in the middle of the ocean, a boat adrift, children, women, elders, men, all seeking a safe harbor amidst a spiritual and material tempest reflected within their nations of origin.

The spirit of welcoming is something humanity owes to the universe, the spirit of receptivity and solidarity for the suffering of a fellow being.

I know that this does not depend only on humanity, but also on those who create and generate these situations of instability in all senses, within the poorest among the poor nations, as it is in Africa.

Therefore, I still keep waiting for the most opportune moment to arrive upon African lands, where My task and the task of the Mother of the World will not only be centered in the nations where we will arrive, but also throughout the whole African continent.

If the humanitarian response is not efficient in the nations of the world, in the face of these events, greater will be the consequences that the different human peoples will keep living in their nations of origin; because today we do not speak only of famine, of war or of social or political indifference, we speak of something that goes beyond what it seems and what is superficial.

Within your refugee brothers and sisters, see God Himself suffering shipwreck, the shipwreck that His children generate when they do not fulfill His Plan. Place your gaze and your heart before this meaning that I am bringing to you today.

Try to go beyond appearances, beyond what is superficial, beyond all that is known or material.

Penetrate the universe of mystery and you will understand the spiritual meaning of all that I say to you.

I only hope that more beings may be conscious of what happens because what happens to some human beings, like the refugees, happens to the whole world.

In this situation, there are no material nor mental borders. There must not be indifference nor omission in the face of the great need of the end of these times. If today this situation happens in the world, it is because it is a mirror of humanity.

You cannot aspire to the higher spheres or to the levels of contact if this situation, the situation of the refugees, of your brothers and sisters, is not placed within your hearts.

All are brothers and sisters, beyond your race, your language or your condition. In essence, all are equal before the Celestial Father, and this will not change.

What is material is transitory, what is spiritual is eternal. Service is the great key of the times to relieve humanity from the conditions of chaos and suffering that it generates towards itself, time and again.

But the Primordial Source is there, at the service of the Children of God. You must call upon It correctly, you must invoke It correctly, you must unite to It correctly so that the Primordial Source can help you.

Thus, your talents will awaken, your virtues will become visible and you will be guided and led through the path of service and prayer for the urgent causes of the planet.

Today I come, with the wind and the ocean waves, so that you can hear within yourselves and feel the Feeling of God, His silent Feeling that speaks about this reality to the inner worlds.

You are already at the moment of understanding many things that are not material, but immaterial.

If your inner world and your gaze are before knowledge with reverence and humility, you will be guided by the Law, and the Law will act through you to correct this increasingly chaotic and difficult planetary situation.

Since the Garden of Gethsemane, I knew this would come. This is the reason for the cost of My Blood, for each drop of My Blood shed upon the soil of this world for humanity.

Through you, My merciful Heart needs to reach those who suffer, the refugees.

During these days of merciful prayer, pray with fervor, and fervor will renew you, will always place you in the correct vibration in the planetary emergency.

The world will see situations that are more indescribable than those ever seen before. I invite you to become conscious of this and to turn your lives towards solidarity and the good.

Build with Me, in the inner planes, the renewal of forms, so that those retrograde forces that oppress the consciousness of the planet and subdue humanity may be expelled and liberated from the surface of the Earth, and everything can be renewed.

While the interest of humanity for spiritual life and prayer is cloudy or indifferent, the doors of My Mercy will not open; the response to this great help will be proportional to your prayers with Me.

Humanity is not ready to face the end of times and see unimaginable things, not only of this planet but also of the universe. It would be like waking up in the morning and finding the world totally changed, under a reality you have never known nor lived.

What would you do? What would be your first thought and your first action?

Humanity has allied with the retrograde forces and this leads it to constant suffering.

The prayer of the consequent ones sustain balance in that which is unthinkable to you. This means, companions, that prayer, at the moment, maintains in harmony that which is about to break.

I know that many do not want to accept the end of times because it would lead them to change definitively. But as the Lord and King of the Universe, I tell you, “There is no other way out.”

If you are incarnated, at this moment and in this time, it is for a greater reason, it is for a greater duty, it is for an undeniable commitment.

While souls and consciousnesses continue to force doing what is different from what they came to do, they will suffer. Resistance can no longer be in your spiritual paths and, above all, in your inner contact with the Heights.

You must not challenge your destinies, because you do not know them.

Be worthy, in this time, of the supreme Grace that descends upon a transgressing and indifferent humanity, upon a sick and chaotic humanity.

Beneath your feet you have the most sacred places, the most unrecognizable to the world, those places known as Sacred Precincts. They are there to help you and for you to venerate them.

Avail yourselves of what is real and divine. Leave behind that which seems to be and that which is illusory.

The world wants to remain in illusion and feed it, day by day. If this continues on like this, how will the world find the portal towards the Real Time?

Everything begins in your inner world, in the living practice of your faith, in merciful actions.

In this attitude, the nations will understand that the refugees are not human waste nor are they an international plague.

Have pity on those who suffer and you will see beyond what is happening.

Relieve the pain of those who sail the seas and the oceans of the world, seeking a safe land to live in family and in unity.

If the world and the nations do not do anything, a test will come that is harder than the one you are now experiencing. God does not punish humanity, it is humanity that punishes itself through its actions and ideals.

The oceans today speak of the pain of the refugees in the seas and, especially, of those who did not leave the sea alive. Therefore, today I convert these oceans into the Ocean of My Mercy so that all can be salved and rescued.

Appeal to Divine Mercy and do not allow Justice to act in this time, because the world would live a great correction it has not yet lived.

Be consequent with our words. Live My Message and do not just listen to them. It is time for the awakening of the New Christs.

“Celestial Father, who has untiringly given all of Yourself for the creation of the universe and life, sustain Your servers who have decided to follow the Path of Christ.

Have Your Light and Your Mercy descend into the dark spaces of this world.

Welcome into Your Arms, Adonai, those who are without a nation or land.

May the cry of pain in the oceans be soothed by the descent of the powerful Blood of Christ, and may all be converted according to Your Will, Adonai, so that humanity may be responsible and conscious of all that it does.

Send Your Light, Lord, to the inner worlds. Nourish the deepest layers of human ignorance so that it may be dissipated.

Heal all of Your creatures with Your Love so that all may have the joy of participating in Your Celestial Kingdom. Amen.”


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

United, at this moment, to the Lord of the Oceans, before His merciful and spiritual Presence, we place ourselves before Him in prayer and supplication, offering the prayer of the Angel of Peace so that Christ may emerge as a Divine Tabernacle in each human heart and all may awaken to the call of His Voice and of His Presence.


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly.
I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood,
Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ
present in all the tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges
and indifferences by which He is offended.

And by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

(repeated three times)


We thank God for His immense Mercy and Pity and we renew our vows in Christ and for Christ as soldiers of Light.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Silence is capable of transcending and elevating the whole human condition.

Silence is the mirror that shows us the condition of our inner self.

In silence, we achieve union with the divine, and thus, we bring more wisdom to our souls.

Noise is the opposite of silence, because, in noise, the soul is more prone to distraction and lack of attention.

In silence we communicate with our inner self, we clearly know what it is that it needs and what moment it is facing.

In silence we concentrate better, we elevate the concrete thought and open the way so that the divine may approach our consciousness.

Silence is the great seed of peace because in silence there is no struggle when the mind is calm and obedient to commands.

In silence, the consciousness is vitalized, it finds, again and again, the path that strengthens it: faith.

In silence, there is more awareness of reality than in more than hundreds of words.

Silence is healing, it is alignment and it is overcoming illusions and desires.

A fast of silence ennobles the spirit and frees the soul from its oppressions because silence is and will be the bridge that will unite us to the primordial Source of God.

Silence is not indifferent, it is not mutism, it is not omission.

Silence is capable of speaking and of proceeding in any emergency, but in these cases, silence in itself will already be more mature.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Within the Superior Universes, the so-called Source of the Creation acts, universally, regenerating the principles and the spaces of manifestation that form part of the spiritual development of the constellations and the planets.

In this current time, the struggle and the effort to be connected with the High will demand dedication, striving and dynamism so that the currents contrary to the Light, which circulate around the planetary life, do not affect nor deliberately deviate the servers.

If some form of deviation or personal abandonment of the purpose takes place in this time, it is a consequence of the lack of inner and spiritual connection with the Source.

On the other hand, the cycle of self-purification is leading the human consciousnesses on the surface of the Earth to face itself and know that which was before unknown and hidden to it. 

We refer to having consciousness and clarity concerning who each being of the surface truly is on a spiritual, mental, soul and material level.

Knowledge of the spiritual, mental and material aspects of the human being is something that used to be overlooked, because it acted in an unconscious way. 

Now, due to the universal crossing of time and space, these aspects, which beforehand acted alone and with great occult power over the consciousnesses, are coming into evidence so that the human being may face them, purify them and liberate themselves from this constant oppression.

What happens nowadays is that the majority of humanity does not know, nor have the consciousness about how to solve a situation that, during long periods of time, has been compromising the possibility of their awakening and their surrender.

So, however much a minority is aligned with the Divine Purpose and has the inner tools it needs to carry forward the manifestation of the Plan, this part, which is the more conscious minority, does not know how to proceed nor act to solve its intensive process of purification.

For this reason, the Supreme Source of the Creation has, at its disposal, great re-transmitters of attributes and codes of light, the so-called "Mirrors".

The Mirrors are the support and fundamental bridge of union for the current planetary transition because the most sublime Mirrors of the Creation will be the indispensable support for the evolution of love within the terrestrial consciousness; just as they will be the pillars that will sustain the bridge that humanity itself must build through prayer, liturgy, Sacraments and service for the neediest.

Without these attributes widely applied in daily life, the human being will not be able to sustain itself.

Up to now, the Kingdoms of Nature, just as the vast oceans and seas, were the spiritual and internal consciousnesses that sustained the human being of the surface. 

However, this cycle has changed, as the degradation, the mistreat and the lack of care for Nature have generated debts that are unpayable by the human race. And this has consequences, again and again, on the planet, reflecting on the changing climatic phenomena, the accelerated melting of the poles, the terrestrial and aerial contaminations and the collapse of all the environments generated by noise and visual contamination.

All of this planetary context drowns the Earth, as consciousness, the Lesser Kingdoms and all of humanity.

The moment has come for each being of the surface to counteract this evil caused to the planet and the Creation.

The moment has come for each soul to assume its own purification and transition, and to not feed on nor depend on anything or anyone.

The instruments to know how to create the spiritual condition have been taught; now it will only depend on the entire human race to be able to reverse and transmute what has been generated.

The Mirrors will be, in these times, the primary spiritual support of alignment and of balance.

The Mirrors will be able to unite with the mirror of the heart of each being so that, little by little, and with determination and consciousness, they may change the vibrations of the planet and the human race.

Within the Mirrors, you will find greater support for the end of times and the key that will open the right door for you to reach the Celestial Brotherhood.

It is time to work consciously.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

May the Grace and Mercy of God be within you so that Mercy and Grace may be withn the world.

Receive the Maternal Love from My Heart so that your consciousnesses strengthen in Christ during this cycle of transition.

May you never lack the momentum and joy of serving the Lord so that His Work of Mercy may continue to be fulfilled within humanity.

Never stop seeking the Lord, to call him, to implore His Sacred Name, because this way you will be in contact and in union with the essence of His Purpose.

May the Works of God be fulfilled in humanity and in all beings so that souls may be more aware of that which, in truth, it is necessary to change, heal and redeem.

Praise God and all His Sacred Names.

May Heaven descend to Earth and may the Earth be reconsecrated to the principles of the Primordial Source.

May the presence of the Love of God be in everything so that humanity may be rebuilt.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Pray for Brazil, its people, its Kingdoms, for the life that inhabits it and must become sacred.

Pray so that there may be love in the hearts, unity among beings and mutual respect among brothers and sisters that are placed in the same nation by God to fulfill the Divine Purpose.

Pray so that love may not be lost within the beings and they may be able to turn the tests that will come into opportunities of overcoming in love and peace.

Pray for the cultures and the races so that they may find unity in their essences, in the certainty that all life came from a single Source and to It, it must return.

Children, I tell you again that the world is agonizing and the nations are going deeper into the intense cycle of its purification. For this reason, pray for the nations and its peoples, pray for the Kingdoms of Nature and the cultures. Fill your hearts with the certainty that a sincere prayer makes the strength, which transforms the tests of these times into a renewal of God's Love, descend from the Heavens, just as His Son transformed the sacrifice of the Cross into the overcoming of Love.

Pray, children, to keep Heaven united to the Earth and hearts united to God.

Many times you pray to stop events, you pray for this or that thing not to happen to you, and you get frustrated for not seeing the results of your prayers. But in times of purification, your prayers will not be able to stop events because many times what the planet is living is part of the election of humanity and it is manifested through the Divine Justice.

Your prayers must be to strengthen hearts in love so that nations and souls may not lose their union with God, so that whatever happens in this world may lead them to overcome the Love of God and of His Son. Because this is the cross of these times and, through it, you must unite dimensions and enter into a new time and a new life.

Therefore, pray. Pray so that the Purpose and the Will of God may be established. Pray so that the strength of the hearts may be in God and not in the world. Pray so that love may grow in the hearts. Pray for a new time, for a new race and for a new life. Pray, all in all, for peace.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received during the journey from Santa María to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children,

True prayer has a greater effect than hundreds of weapons of war.

The power of prayer stops serious processes of planetary self-destruction. It fosters the expansion of love as a universal current and draws those who pray closer to the Source of the Grace of God.

True prayer is that which is born from the heart, it is free of personal intentions and the search for immediate results.

True prayer ignites the mirror of the soul and prevents corrosive spiritual illnesses, frees those who are imprisoned from captivity, and calms the human heart.

The power of prayer dissolves illusions, clarifies mental discernment, and attracts ideas that are formed in Heaven so that these may be concretized through the assistance of the servants of God.

Prayer offers a transmuting, purifying and elevating stage for aspects of the being. It places us in the correct coordinate and dissolves any nearby interference; it helps transcend fears and creates a powerful and protective spiritual wall against the main capital sins.

True prayer awakens peace, the equilibrium of emotions, and neutralizes darkness until it is overcome.

It connects us with the Primordial Source of God and opens the doors so that the angels may protect us and intervene in cases impossible to solve through human action alone.

Prayer unites us with spirit to be in communion with the Heights. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Your inner world is crystalline and visible before the Gaze of God; in it is kept the story that God created before the origin of your existence.

The inner world is capable of recognizing and capturing the luminous impulses that come from the Creator Source that manifested it.

For this reason, the inner world can reacquire the principles and attributes that it may have lost through influences of the material world and its tendencies.

At this critical time, in which everything is being defined within the inner worlds of beings, it will be necessary to turn inward to connect with the Origin and thus be able to recover the impulses that, for different reasons, may have disappeared from the spiritual consciousness of the being.

The inner world, which is that space where the sacred treasure of each soul is found, serves as a bridge of contact with higher realities, and this allows that, the surface being, through it, can be in contact with higher levels of consciousness.

In this way, the inner world can reintegrate a being who may have lost the path of love and of light and have them live a great change that, being strong and radical, will cause them to transform their life forever.

In this time, the inner world waits for a conscious connection from the creatures so that inner contact may be established, that which will surpass all limits and tests.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Gladden your hearts in the Fount of Peace that comes from the Heart of God and permeates the depths of the Earth like the sap that nourishes the trees and gives them life.

The Peace of God is the sublime force that comes from Heaven and nourishes the consciousness of the planet, creating smaller fountains in the depth of the Earth, in sacred places called Centers of Love.

Commune with the Gifts of God that enter the planet and are available for those who open in gratitude to receive them.

Communing and living the Gifts of God is more simple than what you might imagine. It is enough for your hearts to be available for transformation and sometimes distracted from themselves so that, in an act of service to the fellow being, to the Plan, to life, your beings may be permeated by the Graces that come from the Father.

I gather you in the spirit of service not only for you to repair something or for service itself. I gather you in service so that, by forgetting yourselves, you may let the Love and Joy that come from the Father transform you, renew you and make you worthy of being called children of God, companions of Christ.

When you serve in a sacred place, however simple your service may be, the Love that comes from God and finds its dwelling place can also permeate your hearts and, beyond them, reach all human consciousness.

Today, children, I give you the key to healing, to transformation and to fraternal life. Serve in joy, knowing that, in these moments, God is observing you.

No longer look at Heaven to ask for healing, transformation or graces, because everything has been given to you in the form of opportunities to serve and to discover that superior life is within you and manifests when you distract yourselves from what you think you are and you open to become what you are, in truth.

Within you dwells the sacred, the divine. And if you do not see it, you must seek it, but not only within yourselves, but in service, in union with your brothers and sisters.

I have congregated you here because I want to lead you to a new school of love, even if you think and feel that nothing you do is new. Renew yourselves in this request of Mine of being together serving, building and maintaining this, which is your house and the house of God.

Let the joy, that children feel, arise in your hearts and in a little while you will see that everything you were crying out to God for has already manifested in you without you perceiving it.

My grace is in your lives. I just call you to find it.

Today, I bless you, I thank you for responding to My call for unity and I ask you not to lower your arms because you will see the fruits of your own effort be born.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate, in the center of the Universe, in the heart of Creation, the Creator Father in His silence. Source of all sources, Light that generated all the Lights, silence from where all sounds are born. The Heart of the Father observes the Earth, waiting for the awakening of humanity, which in majority lives indifferent to God.

The Heart of the Father silences with Love, a Love that you do not know in this world but that you are called to live.

In order to find the Love of God you need to seek It beyond your human lives; you need to stop and look within for the bridge to the Heart of Life, which is God.

Know that His silence has more meaning than all words because, even if they were uttered altogether, they would not express what the Father is.

Know that the silence of God expresses something unique for each being. It is not enough that God speaks to your brothers; He aspires to utter His silence to each heart so that they feel Him, live Him and know the existence of God and His Love through their own experience with Him.

To live God transforms you, heals you and renews you in the true sense of your existence. Therefore, children, rather than seeking philosophies and sciences, above all, seek God. In the humility of prayer and in the truth of inner silence, you will find Him. And thus, Face to face, you will fulfil with His Will and you will receive from Him the Love that you must express on Earth.

Who inspires you to seek God,

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Do not let failure invade your heart, because it does not exist.

Cleanse your consciousness and purify your heart in the Restoring Fountain of My Grace.

Allow the Love of God to reign in you so that the doorways to change may be opened.

Sustain yourself through the faith that My Heart can express to you, and do not forget that I Am Your Mother and that I love you.

Rejoice in My Son, again and again, because the hour of your redemption will come and you will remember all the experiences you had; thus, you will be transcending your human and terrestrial story.

Believe, above all, in the healing power of love, so that the Holy Spirit may always fill you and in this way, you may be able to surrender to God more each day.

The time will come for duality to be overcome and the human being will set aside suffering and start living the true happiness of being in God.

Participate every day in the powerful current of Mercy and be part of the great moment of redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While souls pilgrimage within the Marian Centers, they comfort the Heart of God and relieve the wounds that human indifference causes in the depth of this Sacred Heart.

The souls that peregrinate at the Marian Centers are also restorative because they are not only healing and repairing their own being and spirit, but they are healing and repairing human consciousness, so often distant from the Heart of the Father.

To peregrinate to the Marian Centers is like walking to the House of the Lord, climbing the steps to His Celestial Church and being before His Divine Altar, to live redemption and thus open the doors for others to also be able to live it.

In these times of chaos and of indifference in the world, the Heart of God finds His encouragement and joy in the souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers, because, in spite of their lives and responsibilities, they recognize the importance and urgency to create a real bond with God withinin their interior.

This world, children, needs restorative souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers not only to find Peace, but also to open the Fountain of Peace to the world.

The souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers are also seeding beings because, like birds of light, they seek the seeds of the new life in the Source and take them to their homes, cities, nations, fertilizing this principle of newness in the human consciousness.

The pilgrims who arrive in the Marian Centers receive from the Father His Grace and bring it to multiply in the world, wherever they are.

The importance of peregrinating to the Marian Center is still unknown to many, because the mysteries that are kept as spiritual treasures in the inner counterpart of the Marian Centers have not yet been revealed to the human beings.

Happy are those who pilgrimage to the Marian Centers because they become instruments of the Lord and bearers of the new life over the Earth, even though they do not know it.

Today, children, I thank you for being pilgrims and for having come to the Marian Centers in search of peace.

Joyous are those who receive with love and shelter in their hearts, the Love of the Hierarchy. Multiply what you have received. Be peace-makers in this world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Do not affirm in your life how imperfect you are, but rather believe in what you are in essence; because you know that you come from a Primordial Source that, making you arise as spirit, sent you through the Universe to learn to love and to forgive.

Concentrate your consciousness in everything that the Father deposited within the depth of your being, from there, allow the impulse of your essence to make you remember who you are and where you come from so that, once and for all, you can redeem the past and dissolve every sequel of inner pain.

Rejoice, because being before the Mother of the Most High, your inner consciousness will be purified and everything will be transfigured.

Have faith that someday you will be worthy of the Grace of God because, in truth, the Grace of God has touched your consciousness many times.

I would like you to remember the value of your essence because there will be kept your entire experience of faith, love and forgiveness; experiences that will help you to reach new steps in the School of unconditional love.

Affirm that you are before a unique opportunity and everything is conducted.

Love will overcome.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Contemplate Creation and allow the divine science to reveal itself within you.

Life is made with the Breath of the Spirit of God and manifested through the vibration of His Word, but also a broad science developed from the Creator. Universal and divine Rays, Mirrors of light, Sources of energy, sound and color all helped in the creation of the Universes, the dimensions, and consciousnesses.

Everything in life manifests perfection and, just as the Creator sent His children out for evolution into the vast Cosmos, He also created the path of return to His Heart, to the Source of Unity, to the principle of Love.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos are this path of return to the Heart of God; through them, the Father manifested, animated, and nurtured Life. His Sources are eternal and are fed by the very existence of God. Sources that manifest sources, from which essences and souls emerge. These are the Mirrors of the Cosmos and, just as the Father carries within Himself the Mirrors that manifest life, HIs children, like Him in essence and in love, also carry in themselves the inner mirrors which create through love and build, within the invisible, the Plan of the Creator.

Be aware of the mirrors that pulse in your hearts and feel yourselves a part of a divine and universal science. Just as the Mirrors of the Cosmos create in light, and manifest life and perfection, you too, children, should create through prayer and loving actions. Manifest a new life and, with the mirrors of your hearts, attract the new patterns of behavior for humanity. Manifest love, peace, and grace. Be worthy children of God and, through the mirrors of your hearts, recreate and renew this life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May the mirror of your heart be the guide and the light in the darkness of the world.

May the mirror of your heart be the bridge for the Primordial Source of Love and of Peace.

May the mirror of your heart be the sacred receptacle of the divine Gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that you may know how to discern, console, shelter, and bring peace, not only to your own heart, but also to those around you.

Raise your eyes, child, to the Heavens, so that you do not lose sight of the Divine Purpose. Do not let the things of the Earth confuse you, nor the mental confusion of man influence you, and regain, once and again, your unity with what is High.

Pray and let the mirror within you always be active, alive, and luminous, to guide you and protect you in these times.

Be, your heart, always in God, and your consciousness always in the Cosmos. Recognize the need for the planet to be purified and bear with love the weight of the last cross of the world. In your heart you have everything that you need to overcome these tests that will come.

Multiply, with prayer, the graces that you received; consolidate with consciousness, your union with universal life. Remember your origin, your purpose, and your destiny; remember that the objective of the cross is the universal triumph, as long as you live it with love and gratitude, overcoming and renewing yourself in adherence to the Divine Purpose.

Know, child, that you received everything to live this moment. Contemplate the mirror within you and find there your fortitude.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Stand before the spiritual scene of the Garden of Gethsemane and now witness the Garden of Resurrection.

Contemplate the moment of the Resurrection of the Divine Son and trust that you too will resurrect in essence and in spirit.

May everything be transformed and may the chains break to give place to the expression of the spirit.

Contemplate the Sacred Garden of Resurrection and elevate yourself as consciousness, just as Christ elevated Himself to the Kingdom of God.

Live this inner transfiguration, step by step, die to the world and be born in the splendorous Primordial Source.

May your sacrifice and your effort be a part of the legacy of the transformation of humanity.

May your heart beat in the elevation of spirit and consciousness.

Contemplate the Garden of Resurrection and affirm that everything will be possible, that you will reach the goal and that you will purify the senses so that your whole being may contact and unite to the Divine Consciousness.

Contemplate the Garden of Resurrection as an opportunity of renewal and faith.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Mercy is poured like rain on a spring afternoon and it brings the Source of renewal and the presence of the eternal to the planetary life.

Thus, Divine Mercy reaches the hearts most in need of love and of light, but is also poured on all those who respond to My convocation.

On this afternoon, Divine Mercy restores inner worlds, pacifies troubled hearts, and unifies the souls that live the Divine Purpose in My Name, which will continue its trajectory beyond the stars.

For this reason, always remember that My Love is immutable, and My Compassion, eternal; thus I will take you with Me towards new spheres and in those dwellings you will encounter your true origin, the story written in the Mirrors.

Remain united with Me, because from today a new and unique cycle began, to expand the foundations of the Divine Purpose in the entire planetary sphere.

In My Celestial House today I have a new dweller and I have received him rejoicing because his mission was fulfilled, just as My Celestial Father thought it.

This is reason for happiness and for joy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Cry out for peace in the world, but also live peace within your own heart. Unite to the Source of Peace of the Universe, to the Consciousness of your God and Lord, to the Heart of your Mother and Lady.

Unite to Those whose peace is unalterable and not even the greatest of the indifferences or the gravest assaults can extinguish the peace within Them.

Peace is the certainty of the triumph of God beyond the appearances and beyond the possible defeats along the path.

Peace is the wisdom and the knowledge of God. Who knows God and lives in Him does not lose peace, because they recognize that His Will is beyond all Life; everything that has been created belongs to His Heart. To renew Himself and to allow His children to grow, the Creator observes and respects the workings of the Laws; however, with a breath of His, Life is made and unmade.

Unite to this unalterable Source of Peace, not to be indifferent to what happens around you, in the world or within you, but so that you may grow and be able to remove from your eyes the clouds and obscurities that the lack of peace brings and, thus, you may be able to see the events with eyes of Truth and contemplate them with understanding and wisdom.

Unite your heart to the unalterable Source of Peace so that you can look to your own inner world and know where to begin. If your heart is at peace, you will be able to take one step at a time, without hurrying and without fear, along this great stairway that takes you to Heaven, which is the school on Earth.

Seek, child, to sincerely be in the Peace of God.

 When you see your heart disturbed and your consciousness entering the abyss of human incomprehension, which begins small and rapidly becomes big, pray to God and ask:


Lord, place my heart into Your Source of Peace.
Make me feel a little bit of Your Peace within me.
I, who am Your Fruit, a living part of Your Creation,
Your cell, seeking the renewal and overcoming in Your Love.
Help me to be in You, so that, in You, I may overcome these times.
Bring Your Peace to My Heart, and, through me, radiate Your Peace to the world.


Thus, simply and sincerely, speak to God and create a bond of Love with the Heart of the Father so that, without knowing it, you may finally abandon what you are and allow your Creator to transform you and convert you into an instrument of His in this world.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



The Origin of the Sacred Feminine Source

Beloved children,

Who in these last eleven years spoke and shared with you the Love of God, comes from a peculiar Source that was created by the Ultraterrestrial Universe before the Material Universe existed.

In that Source, the Divine Essence, of Who later would be Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was gestated, conditioned and lovingly prepared to carry forward the great mission in the humanity.

This Ultraterrestrial Source of the Spiritual Universe, was characterized by its highest level of purity, of love and for its immaculate essence.

The Father, after the fall of the Project of His first children, Adam and Eve, He thought to create a way and a sufficiently pure, immaculate and humble Consciousness, which with Her invincible Love could embrace all human error and convert it through forgiveness and the sublime Maternity.

It was thus that the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, received the request of God and, in the elevated Celestial Universes, each Archangel began to contribute with the best of Themselves, so that the Feminine Essence, which would emerge from the Creative Source, would come to Earth to begin as soul and divinity with Her special mission.

The Sacred Source of the Feminine Energy was translucent by means of the Principle of Maternity.

In past times, the Eternal Father thought that it was necessary that His children  have a Mother capable to receive them, understand them, help them and guide them on the right path of good and of peace.

Thus, from two human beings, from Anne and Joachim, the Consciousness of Mary was born, the One who from a young age would carry forward the mission of gestating in Her Most Pure and Immaculate Womb the Child Jesus, the Redeemer.

A special universal conjuncture, cosmic and spiritual, happened during the gestation of Mary, as during the gestation of Jesus.

The Archangels achieved to manifest, and attract to the Material Universe, creator currents of energy which contained high voltages of Love-Wisdom, as of essential and virginal purity.

At that time, the Idea of God was fulfilled and again, by the Presence of the Mother of God and of the Divine Son, evil was defeated, just as the fallen angel was once defeated by the Archangel Michael in the Universe.

The existence of the Consciousness of Mary, a simple mother of Nazareth, was the result of a divine and angelic experience that overcame all times.

The Eternal Father, through Mary, has shown us His Consoler Love, taught us how great is His Mercy and how infinite is His Forgiveness for His lost children.

God has taught us, through Mary, the universality of His Love and the presence of His Paternal Heart at all times.

From this special Divine Conception comes Mary, the Mother of Christ and Mother of everybody.

She is the unconditional and eternal advocate between humankind and God.

She is who waits in the silence and who prays for Her children in the stillness of Her Immaculate Heart.

She is the one that comes to the help of those who sincerely repent and She reaches to all the poor and humble of heart.

Mary is the Mother who consoles all, who repairs all and who heals all.

Her Heart suffers when Her children are separated from the Truth and submerge themselves into the lie.

She is the Mother who will never say "no", who will always say "yes" to whoever calls Her.

God gave us a Mother that we many times offend, hurt and omit with our indifference and ignorance.

She is the patient Mother who always expects us to reach beyond appearances, that we can feel the heart of the brethren who searches for peace and comprehension.

Mary teaches us how to truly love so that, in Christ, we may walk towards the goal of being in God, forever.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace Rose and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Beyond the Universes – Part 1

Through the Names of God, the creatures of this material Universe find the possibility of connecting and of accessing higher and unknown states of consciousness.

The unknown for the souls of the Earth could seem a mystery, but behind this higher and cosmic mystery, lies a revelation.

Through the Names of God we access the revelation of a knowledge, that is, of an aspect or form which was projected to contribute as an idea with all Creation.

The different Names of the Eternal Father allow the creatures, which He created, to contact sublime and positive Sources of information, which help the awakening of the virtues of soul and the fulfillment of the mission of the different spirits of the Earth.

In the case of this local Universe, the different keys facilitated by the Names of God build in the Material, Mental and Spiritual Universes, this interrelationship between the planes of consciousness and the creatures.

In the Names of God we find divine aspects of the Creation, and we unite ourselves to them to attract to terrestrial life the principle of everything God has thought, which is what we know as the Purpose.

In each Name of God there is kept, not only one code, but also a key of access to Principles of the Creation, which still wait to show and reveal themselves to current humanity.

When we unite to one of the Names of God, we are spiritually communicating with a Virtue of God represented in a creative aspect.

A creative aspect is one of the many Principles of the Source that is revealed in high voltages of energy, vibration and spaces. It is as if we entered the fundamental epicenter of the Creative Energy, which feeds itself through the cosmic impulses that the Primordial Source constantly emanates from the Spiritual Universe.

In this sense, by contacting just one of the various Names of God, the creatures manage, by their own means, to unite essentially with a supreme network of spiritual energy that is emanated from the Source of the Creation, which at all times generates the evolution and the re-creation of life by means of experiences, schools and learnings.

By means of the revelation of the Names of God, humanity could again conceive, in the bosom of its race, the fundamental attributes that, once established in human consciousness, will allow to gestate the future bases of a new civilization, which will be mainly based on the life of the spirit and not on life of matter.

This transition, which the current humanity is going through, will awaken a great inner definition in the whole planet and this will take place in the most culminating moment, when the race defines itself to remain in love, or in indifference.

If the human beings would take this cosmic leap toward the divine conception of love that exists within each being, the Earth would be repopulated by new Laws of the Source, which to this day have not been able to descend in order to transfigure and sublimate the human consciousness.

From this definition of being in God and of evoking His sacred Names, the necessary condition will be created in order to learn to overcome the final and definitive times.

The choice will lie in the human beings, creatures that hold within themselves the infinite potential of knowing and of communicating with God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Second Message

I would like that the world could comprehend what I live and what I feel, but I know that it is too unknown for most of My companions to be able to comprehend what I truly need for this cycle, in which humanity agonizes hour after hour, time after time.

I have come here to share what I Am and all that I have.

I do not come to ask what the world can not give Me, but rather I come to ask what the world can give Me.

When you are emptied, I can do everything and My Mercy can pour even more on those that listen to My Voice and to My Word, and make it part of them in each moment of life, as in each opportunity to serve expanding the consciousness in the grades of love and forgiveness.

What God has sent us to do here, in Portugal and in Europe, is too big, something that will not be tangible to the sight of many, but it will be known by those who open their heart to be able to comprehend the Work of the Hierarchy, and how the Spiritual Hierarchy builds it, from cycle to cycle and through the servers.

May the desire to know My Mysteries not be lacking in you.

May the motivation to fulfill My designs not be lacking in you.

May the encouragement to carry forward My Will not be lacking in you.

Because everything I have thought, Thought which comes from the Divine Mind of the Father, should be fulfilled, so that, through the love for the cross, which so many live, humanity can truly redeem itself and without prejudices.

Thus, My Mercy is the Source that grants and realizes everything. 

Remember that you can not come to the Father except through Me.

And to come to the Father through Me, you shall pass through the Source of My Divine Mercy, to what you realize and perceive that you shall forgive yourselves and shall forgive others.

You must forgive the past and the present.

You must forgive everything that is internal and also external.

You must forgive that which you do not accept and you must forgive that which hurts you.

Thus the world will be able to change and it will not be necessary to suffer anymore, it will not be necessary that some souls offer themselves to suffering and to this state so unknown by the world.

To cross the door of suffering for the world is to cross the Door to My Heart, to a space where many, in these times, do not want to see the reality for fear of knowing it deeply.

But if I offered Myselt to the cross for you, there will be nothing to fear.

I offer you tirelessly to help me carry that cross, which is the cross of the World, the cross of Redemption and Mercy, the cross of awakening and the uplift of consciousness.

But that cross which I offer to each one of your lives is a cross that must be released; and this begins in yourselves, so that after it can be given to the world and especially to humanity.

To release humanity of their suffering is something very big and unknown.

Because of this, very few are the summoned to this task, to this special mission, where you do not have conscience of what it means and what it represents; but you have conscience by feeling and realizing what you live, step by step.

Through My Mercy I need to repair the world and replace the negative streams that imprison humanity more and more.

With your "yes" I will be able to do many more things.

With your surrender, I will be able to grant much more Graces.

With your unconditionality, I will be able to help and assist the world and those who give Me their backs, those who deny Me, those who offend God through their examples and ways of life.

Until humanity does not learn to truly love, it should pass through the Law of Suffering. I came to the world to be able to teach you how to release yourselves of it and to enter into the Law of My Grace and of My Mercy.

Still from My Side, continues sprouting the Precious Blood of your Master and Lord. That Blood spills over the world and over the consciousness of humanity, in order to justify, by means of all the prayers that invoke My Divine Mercy, the serious mistakes and outrages that the world commits today,  in these critical times.

Through the Blood that sprouts from My Side, I come to justify the mistakes of the nations, the peoples and of all humanity, and of each one of the beings that live on the surface of this planet.

Through My Blood, I come to justify and to repair the things before God; the facts that submit and condemn the heart of men and the lives of all creatures.

Because from the Garden of Gethsemane, at that moment so acute for the Life of your Lord, I already knew that this moment would come and that I should be present to testify what My Father once showed Me there.

But I also come to testify the Work of My Mercy that transcends the times and forms, the ways of life and the customs.

I come to testify to those who in these times follow Me and congregate around your Lord, to confirm His Presence in the world and especially in the hearts, in the divine essence of each being; In spite of the corruption of these times and the injuries of many, of many children of God.

I come, through the Blood that sprouts from My Side in this moment, to repair My Church, which as you see is crumbling.

That is why, you are called to be joined to this moment with your Master and Lord; to do something for the others, something more real and deep, that can bring healing to the wounded souls and hearts which once believed in My Church and have rejected it because of its actions and experiences.

I come to renew, on this day, the sacrifice of the Lamb of God so that there are no longer immolated lambs in this final time.

Because the Blood that your Lord poured from His Side has been enough, in order that this testimony of love will remain through the times and until the moment of His Return for the second time to humanity.

Renew the sacrifice of the Lamb of God every day.

Do not forget that the bread and wine should always be on the table of your Redeemer, so that day after day, moment after moment, you commune of My Body and my Blood; and so the life will be renewed in spite of the events and the cruelties of this final time.

I would like that you understand, My companions, in a universal way and in a deeper and more open manner, that the legacy that testified your Master and Lord together with His apostles at the Last Supper cannot be lost; it will not be able to disappear nor fade itself from the heart of men.

Until now I did not reveal what truly happened in the Last Supper on the level of Consciousness of the Spirit and the Celestial Universe, but that moment is approaching, that hour is coming; it is the last Gift I will give to the world for the true expression of priestly and Christic life in souls.

You know that this legacy should always be your treasure, your inspiration and your life. May the communion with Christ not be forgotten, not a single day, even if your bodies can no longer endure.

Refuge yourselves in My Heart and everything will pass.

The Flame of My Love is stronger than all the evils of the world and all grievances.

I can transform what you can not, if you permit Me. But, while you do not permit Me, as the world, in its most part, does not permit Me, my thirst will still be very big and bitter.

I will feel the bitterness, in this time, greater than when they gave Me gall to drink on the cross. That is the symbol of the indifference of humanity that should be extirpated from the consciousness of the men and women of the Earth; so that exists an extraordinary Grace of awakening and of having consciousness of what it is to really live the Plan of God on Earth. So your bravery will be indispensable for these times. 

That your inner fire never extinguishes and your inner flame illuminates the darkness that permeates the Earth by its insecurity and its offense.

That is why I said that this will be the Marathon of sacrifice, the moment of surrendering the heart into My Hands, so that I can offer it as a justifiable testimony to My Father and His Kingdom for the grievances of the world and indifference.

That nobody misses the opportunity to understand what I am saying and expressing.

That nobody misses the opportunity to remember My Words and to make them part of you, because they are the last words that I Am saying to the world before everything happens.

That is the reason why I come with My Divine Mercy, trying to expand it and extend it in time, despite if there is no time; so that the souls enter into the Ocean of My Love and reparation, so that the cure be granted in all spirits.

Do not stop helping me on this Pilgrimage for Peace, because it will not only be the peace that We will give you, but also the conscience of knowing that it is time to change and live the Commandments of God, as it were written in the beginning. 

That will renew My Church, that will grant souls the Grace of living me fully again.

May the Blood of My Side wash your inner worlds.

May the Blood of My Side wash your souls.

May the Blood of My Side pour completely over you, so that the Sacrifice of the Lamb be even more justifiable in front of Creation.

In the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more