Sunday, November 18 of 2018

Daily Messages

Gladden your hearts in the Fount of Peace that comes from the Heart of God and permeates the depths of the Earth like the sap that nourishes the trees and gives them life.

The Peace of God is the sublime force that comes from Heaven and nourishes the consciousness of the planet, creating smaller fountains in the depth of the Earth, in sacred places called Centers of Love.

Commune with the Gifts of God that enter the planet and are available for those who open in gratitude to receive them.

Communing and living the Gifts of God is more simple than what you might imagine. It is enough for your hearts to be available for transformation and sometimes distracted from themselves so that, in an act of service to the fellow being, to the Plan, to life, your beings may be permeated by the Graces that come from the Father.

I gather you in the spirit of service not only for you to repair something or for service itself. I gather you in service so that, by forgetting yourselves, you may let the Love and Joy that come from the Father transform you, renew you and make you worthy of being called children of God, companions of Christ.

When you serve in a sacred place, however simple your service may be, the Love that comes from God and finds its dwelling place can also permeate your hearts and, beyond them, reach all human consciousness.

Today, children, I give you the key to healing, to transformation and to fraternal life. Serve in joy, knowing that, in these moments, God is observing you.

No longer look at Heaven to ask for healing, transformation or graces, because everything has been given to you in the form of opportunities to serve and to discover that superior life is within you and manifests when you distract yourselves from what you think you are and you open to become what you are, in truth.

Within you dwells the sacred, the divine. And if you do not see it, you must seek it, but not only within yourselves, but in service, in union with your brothers and sisters.

I have congregated you here because I want to lead you to a new school of love, even if you think and feel that nothing you do is new. Renew yourselves in this request of Mine of being together serving, building and maintaining this, which is your house and the house of God.

Let the joy, that children feel, arise in your hearts and in a little while you will see that everything you were crying out to God for has already manifested in you without you perceiving it.

My grace is in your lives. I just call you to find it.

Today, I bless you, I thank you for responding to My call for unity and I ask you not to lower your arms because you will see the fruits of your own effort be born.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph