Monthly Messages

When the Creator sent His children to the Earth with veils over their eyes, so that they would not remember their origin, He also created the Centers of Love and of Light, which would someday awaken in aid of humanity, to allow them to remember and return to the Heart of the Father.

The Centers of Love reveal the mysteries of God and His Love for humanity; they reveal the fondness of the Father for His children of the Earth, in spite of the vastness of the Creation.

The Centers of Love reveal that the Creator not only placed the best of Himself hidden in the hearts of humanity but also, children, in the depths and hidden layers of the planetary consciousness. Just as the Creator delivered a part of His Essence to animate human consciousness, He also deposited, throughout the entire planet, a part of the most sacred that exists in His Creation, in this and in other Universes. These are the Centers of Love.

Just as you look at the sky and see only the stars, in spite of the infinite life that dwells within them, on Earth, children, your eyes often cannot perceive the mysteries that hide, the life that offers itself, the Grace that develops and renews, time and again. But the moment has come to know it, the moment has come to experience this higher life, more than knowing about its existence. The hour has come to live the Centers of Love, just as the hour has come to experience what you truly are as children of God.

The Time of your Father, of His higher reality, now approaches the Earth, and for this moment you must be prepared. Let the revelations manifest and let them go beyond the planetary events.

For a long time, I have come to meet you to reveal prophecies that speak of the reality of the planet and about the future of the nations not only so that you, My children, could awaken to what was to come upon humanity, but also so that your consciousnesses could believe in Me, and thus could at least wonder about the celestial reality from which I come, and that, like so many other mysteries, hide from humanity.

In this cycle, I come to reveal to you something deeper, more spiritual and unknown and, just like the prophecies that I delivered to you in other times, that which I reveal to you today will also manifest.

Open your hearts, My children, to perceive the reality of the Sacred Centers, of the Centers of Love. Open your hearts for a truth that has not been unveiled by humanity.

Open your hearts to know who you are. Let the veils tear asunder. Let the Hands of God open your eyes and your consciousness because it is no longer the time to be in ignorance. But it is rather time to be strengthened by the truth, because it will not only make you worthy and noble, but it will be your only sustenance for the trials that will come.

In My Marian Centers, discover the Centers of Love. Perceive the reality that dwells beyond the churches raised by humanity. Discover the Celestial Church of God on Earth. Perceive the Founts of His Creation manifesting amidst humanity. Perceive the living silent God in everything that was created by Him.

I bless you and lead you to this celestial reality, because the moment to find it has come.

I love you and hold you in My Heart.


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Just as the light of Aurora must emerge again on the surface to carry its purpose forward and to fulfill its mission, in the same way the light of Mirna Jad must emerge on the surface to fulfill its purpose and to carry forward the essence of its existence.

This is the time of the integration and the union of the inner bases among brothers and sisters so that the planetary need may be attended to, given the emergency of these times.

It is this sacred union between the Centers of Love that will allow the task to expand and respond to all needs.

The time has come to open to changes so that everyone may experience the transformation and redemption that is offered to you by the Universe in these times.

It will be in this exercise of integration that everything will be accomplished according to Divine Thought, and that the immaterial treasures will come to light to fill hearts and heal wounded souls.

Watch over this fraternal union among brothers and sisters and become this pillar that the Spiritual Hierarchy needs to carry forward the Divine Plan of the Creator.

Receive this announcement with joy. It is time to confirm this inner brotherhood among beings so that you may be capable of placing the love for the Plan first, before the love for yourselves.

You have the keys to be guided towards this goal. In this inner union, you will build the bridges of light for the coming of the Great Brotherhood.

You have My maternal blessing for this.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part VI

Today, from My Merciful Heart, emanates a Green ray of healing, for My wish, amidst many aspirations, is to be able to manifest the counterpart of healing on the surface at Aurora, that is to say, that part of the external and inner healing that the bodies of people need to recuperate and heal.

For this reason, this part of the project of the manifestation of Aurora is very important to Me because its aspiration is that in the area of Redención 1 the House of Healing and of Restoration be built, completely consecrated to Brother Pio; for finally it will be his place, within Aurora, where his presence will be able to heal souls.

The House of Healing and of Restoration in Redención 1 will be of very great support for the subsequent stage of spiritual healing that Aurora offers. That House, which will have Brother Pio himself as a guardian, will receive the hearts that have gone through a process of spiritual liberation.

This simple but harmonious House will fulfill one of the most important tasks within the spiritual task of the Kingdom of Aurora. It will be in charge of the external and internal phases of purification and of rehabilitation, having as a basis the knowledge received by Friar Ameinó through the external therapies; as well as having an outpatient area to attend to the local community and the collaborators who may be in Aurora.

The House of Healing and of Restoration will be the first headquarters of the health and healing sector in Uruguay, and this House must have six consulting rooms, two hydrotherapy rooms, an outpatient area, an infirmary area, and an area for the making of natural remedies, as well as for the processing of all medicinal herbs. It will also have a smaller external infrastructure that will house four rooms with a little kitchen, a few bathrooms and a laundry room for the patients who will be in treatment for some days in Aurora.

If this building can be concretized, I could tell you that fifty percent of the task of the Kingdom of Aurora would already be accomplished.

The House of Healing and of Restoration will not only weekly attend hearts that arrive for the healing process, but will also serve for treating the members of the Light Community of Aurora and the local community.

I will await with joy for the concretization of the House of Healing and of Restoration of Aurora. This impulse will also permit for the repair and reconstruction of the buildings that already exist, and which need immediate maintenance so that the brothers and sisters who live there are able to carry out the assigned tasks.

I will count on the honorary help of architects, engineers, builders, workers and collaborators who may want to spend a period of time in Aurora to evaluate, together with the coordination of the Light-Community of Aurora, this project of your Lord.

I thank you for striving to fulfill the task of Aurora for Uruguay and for the planet!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part V

At the highest points of the House of Redemption, within the three areas constituted as Redemption 1, 2, and 3, systems must be installed to obtain alternative solar and wind energies.

For this reason, some of the consecrated and residents of the Light-Community must know how to work with these resources through an academic formation about renewable and alternative energies.

This experience in Aurora, after a while, will also allow us to perceive the different alternative energies that can be developed in the other Light-Communities.

It will be an indispensable and essential resource for the Light-Communities, in the long term, to be able to count on these means which nature and the climate offer within each region of the planet.

In this sense, the academic formation of the residents and of the consecrated, focused upon the alternative energies, will allow for further development in the field of knowledge and of intelligence, with the objective of seeking the resources to cover the needs of each Marian Center, as well as of each Light-Community.

For these coming times, it will also be necessary to have an awareness about the correct use of electric power, which supplies about 98.9% of the needs of humanity since its exacerbated consumption harms the Kingdoms of Nature and all of the ecosystems.

Bringing to conscious awareness the fact that everything necessary for living is within the Kingdoms of Nature, the human being will awaken their sleeping senses, which will help them to perceive reality without the need to harm nature.

It is time for human beings to learn to respect Creation and all its components through a more equitable and harmonious way of life.

To develop alternative energies in Aurora will require the formation of a group of brothers and sisters dedicated to academically instructing themselves, as well as for developing the necessary projects.

Aurora has the potential for the utilization of alternative energies through the Sun, the wind, and water.

I thank you for considering all of the Projects of God!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part I

Companions and brothers and sisters of Mine:

It is not by preference nor any other reason, but it is necessary that you do not forget that Aurora still has not finished materializing on its surface and, in order for this to become possible, you must be aware and collaborate with this sacred space which, with humility, receives you to shelter your spirits in the essence of healing and of love.

This was one of My main reasons for coming to Aurora and to carry out the next Marathon of Divine Mercy in this beloved Marian Center, if it had happened.

My reason and spiritual motive was to tell all of you who have come to Aurora about the importance that this manifestation has to Me, since Uruguay as a country has already lost its spiritual character, and this principle has so far been sustained by My faithful companions who live in this village and who, day after day, with effort and hope, pray for the triumph of love in this homeland.

After the first few years, in which Aurora made itself visible to all on the physical plane, it stopped its manifestation; from there, pending needs remained for the permanance of Aurora.

The first need is the finalizing of its Marian Center which, as it does not have its physical bases finished and its needs supplied, will not be able to mirror nor receive certain treasures of the Hierarchy that will help the liberation of souls.

Within the communal area of Redención 1, the construction is still pending, with the help of all, of a large kitchen and a dining hall to welcome all who need to eat; this is also a part of the manifestation of Aurora.

It is still necessary, in Redención 2, to improve and build a set of lodgings that can be available for the moments of large meetings; as well as improving the bathrooms, given the requirements for visitors.

The areas of Redención 2 and Redención 1 need to develop a sustainable system for the maintenance of the plantations and the alternative collection of water for irrigation.

In Redención 3, it is necessary to improve the spaces for co-existence with the Animal Kingdom since this is one of Auroras tasks for the future; also needed is fraternal and supportive maintenance and labor for repairing and rebuilding the houses which already exist.

The presence of people for longer periods of time in Aurora is necessary in order for everything previously described to take place. There must be servers who understand, beyond the material aspect, what the spiritual and physical presence of Aurora means in a country that has already condemned itself to a violent purification.

I wish to avoid the chastisement that Uruguay deserves, before the Universe, by means of the offer of Aurora on the surface because, if these needs are not met, souls will not awaken nor be healed of the past and, even further, Uruguay will not be able to have a new opportunity.

I leave everything that the Kingdom of Aurora needs for 2019, not only for the Uruguayans, but also for the whole world. 

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart and for considering Aurora as a door to your redemption!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

From the deepest Love of God, emanated the Fount of Healing.

From His purest aspiration that each being may attain Perfection, the Fount of Redemption was born.

From His purest aspiration, that beings may be liberated from their errors and from the duality that they live on this planet and in this Universe, the Fount of Liberation was born.

And as the union of this Divine Purpose, for all beings, the Consciousness of Aurora was born in the Heart of God, as an emanation of His Feminine Principle.

Aurora was born as a state of consciousness, which concentrates within itself the maternal energy which comes from God, united with His profound Love for creatures. Because it was thus, within this consciousness of maternity and of Love, that the Principles could gather: the Principle of Healing for all spiritual and material infirmities; the Principle of Redemption for all errors and mistakes lived by beings; and the Principle of Liberation, so that, regardless of the degree of the bonds to which a consciousness was submitted, everything could be liberated.

This state of consciousness, called Aurora, brought new hope for the Universe. Aurora is the Light that emerges resplendent after a cycle of darkness. Aurora is the possibility, that all beings receive, of returning to God in this Universe and in all others. Aurora is the expression of the Love of God for life.

So incommensurate is the Love of the Father, that He, placing His Eyes over the planet and contemplating the human errors and deviations, delivered to humanity one of His most beloved treasures: the Consciousness of Aurora.

This cosmic and universal Principle of God, created to help Him in the evolution of all beings, was projected and placed within the planet, in spaces that safeguarded its presence and that became sacred by Aurora.

This Aurora, sometimes explosive, sometimes silent, has never been understood by human beings.

This state of divine consciousness, after welcoming within it the principles that emerged from the Heart of God, also concentrated in itself rays and emanations that came from the heart of the Archangels, called Elohim, and the Sublime Mirrors of God, called Emerald Mirrors, because they concentrated within themselves the necessary vibrations of Healing so that all beings, born of the Divine Source, could return to it.

The Emerald Mirrors that concentrated within the Consciousness of Aurora hold in themselves the registers of the Origin of each being, of each race, of each essence, of each planet, of each star, of each Kingdom of Nature. They hold within themselves the records of the Origin of Life. Because it is through them that Healing takes place: when those who have deviated from Divine Purpose receive, from the emanations of the Emerald Mirrors, the purest Thought of God for themselves, the original vibration of His creation. And thus, they can convert their errors and return to the Father.

Aurora is not only the Healing for the planet, but Aurora is also the Healing for all Life; however, so great is the Love of the Father, that part of this Consciousness was given to the Earth, as a symbol of the importance of the planet for all universal and cosmic evolution.

The time has come for Aurora to be profoundly known and revered by the beings who recognize the Truth in the divine revelations, and who understand with the heart the grace of being within the Consciousness of Aurora.

Live in Aurora, My children, with the reverence of the archangels. Feel yourselves within the Divine Consciousness and as participants of God's purest Love for life. Because this is Aurora.

May all beings recognize in Aurora this Divine Grace because, through gratitude, they will cross its portals and receive Its Healing.

Aurora is the manifested Love of God. And today you are invited, My children, to awaken to this Love.

Through you, may the Graces of Aurora finally arrive in this wounded world because the planet needs it and, more than that, the Creation needs it.

I bless you and thank you for loving the Divine and Cosmic Consciousness of Aurora. Its mystery is revealed so that you can awaken.

I love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Gladden your hearts in the Fount of Peace that comes from the Heart of God and permeates the depths of the Earth like the sap that nourishes the trees and gives them life.

The Peace of God is the sublime force that comes from Heaven and nourishes the consciousness of the planet, creating smaller fountains in the depth of the Earth, in sacred places called Centers of Love.

Commune with the Gifts of God that enter the planet and are available for those who open in gratitude to receive them.

Communing and living the Gifts of God is more simple than what you might imagine. It is enough for your hearts to be available for transformation and sometimes distracted from themselves so that, in an act of service to the fellow being, to the Plan, to life, your beings may be permeated by the Graces that come from the Father.

I gather you in the spirit of service not only for you to repair something or for service itself. I gather you in service so that, by forgetting yourselves, you may let the Love and Joy that come from the Father transform you, renew you and make you worthy of being called children of God, companions of Christ.

When you serve in a sacred place, however simple your service may be, the Love that comes from God and finds its dwelling place can also permeate your hearts and, beyond them, reach all human consciousness.

Today, children, I give you the key to healing, to transformation and to fraternal life. Serve in joy, knowing that, in these moments, God is observing you.

No longer look at Heaven to ask for healing, transformation or graces, because everything has been given to you in the form of opportunities to serve and to discover that superior life is within you and manifests when you distract yourselves from what you think you are and you open to become what you are, in truth.

Within you dwells the sacred, the divine. And if you do not see it, you must seek it, but not only within yourselves, but in service, in union with your brothers and sisters.

I have congregated you here because I want to lead you to a new school of love, even if you think and feel that nothing you do is new. Renew yourselves in this request of Mine of being together serving, building and maintaining this, which is your house and the house of God.

Let the joy, that children feel, arise in your hearts and in a little while you will see that everything you were crying out to God for has already manifested in you without you perceiving it.

My grace is in your lives. I just call you to find it.

Today, I bless you, I thank you for responding to My call for unity and I ask you not to lower your arms because you will see the fruits of your own effort be born.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

Today, in a special and extraordinary way, two important meetings will be carried out, the special meeting with Christ and the Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations.

This demonstrates to your hearts that there are no borders nor distances, and that, when the souls are united in Christ, everything is possible.

These two celebrations will not only have impact in Europe, but also in the whole world.

Two epicenters of light and of prayer will be acting today on the planet: from the city of Cologne, in Germany, and from the Marian Center of Figueira, in Brazil.

This way, and by these means, the Spiritual Hierarchy will be able to work in a more profound realm of the consciousness of the nation of Germany, and of its regent angel.

Through the Marian Center of Figueira, the Divine Hierarchy will make use of the impulse of prayer for the nations of the world so that a powerful current of love may permeate and embrace the hearts that need the most.

The meetings of today will promote an uncommon conjuncture in these times. Thus, the Celestial Universe will descend again to work with humanity and, by means of both epicenters of light that will open in Germany and in Brazil, the Divinity will be able to intercede again for the planet.

All of those who on this day are truly connected with the development of both meetings will receive the necessary spiritual impulse that will prepare you for the next stage.

I will be very attentive to the offerings that My children make from the heart today.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Hear within your heart the voice of Aurora and feel how its subtle vibrations resound in the depths of your being.

This is the regenerating love of Aurora that shelters souls of untiring service, that with its healing Light embraces tired bodies.

Hear in your heart the greater melody of Aurora and how it transforms all that it encompasses in the consciousness of the being.

This is the powerful current of Aurora that emerges from the depths of your spirit to give of itself as a Principle of Love and as a Source of Healing.

May this current be recognized in the inner worlds which, after a long journey, re-engage with the original principles of the Greater Healing Source of the inner Aurora. Its lights illumine the spaces and everything receives an impulse of upliftment and of harmony.

Let this meeting with Aurora be the moment of awakening again and of re-encountering the foundational bases of the healing for souls.

Let the melody of love resound within!

Let Aurora be a reencounter with the true being, at the core of the spirit!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace.


Some Treasures of the Eternal Father, which are still kept in the inner worlds of humanity, need a timing so that they may be revealed.

When the time of the revelation of these Treasures approaches and contrary forces mobilize to prevent this, the great strategy of the Light is reclusion, in order to wait for the due time for this spiritual revelation to be carried out.

This does not mean to go back in time, nor to set a need or spiritual evolution aside.

Each divine strategy proposed by the Eternal Father Himself has a significant victory and when a withdrawal is established in this final stage of the battle, it is the way in which, in a next instance, there will be a greater impulse, much more than what is expected.

Certain Treasures of the Eternal Father, which are kept in the inner worlds of the planet, awaken powerful universal currents of transformation and of transmutation of the spiritual precariousness of the majority of souls.

In order to generate this opportunity for liberation, these Treasures must be activated in the proper moment, so that contrary effects in humanity are not generated.

The mission of awakening these Treasures must be done in harmony, so that everything flows as foreseen.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Your Celestial Mother, together with Her children on mission, enters another nation already consecrated to My Son, to be blessed by God for a second time.

The first blessing was received from the Holy Father, who opened the inner doors for the arrival of the Sacred Hearts.

The second blessing will be given by My Beloved Son in the capital of this country, and also your Celestial Mother, in service and love for the souls, will expand that divine blessing to the rest of Ecuador.

It is thus, children, that the Sacred Hearts prepare themselves, just like you, to enter into a town also very hurt and discriminated against by the inhabitants of the first world nations.

But Ecuador holds one of the most important spiritual treasures for the Plan of God. It was the land spiritually chosen to shelter the Essence of the Love of the Source, inner Essence that pulsates within the Sacred Enclosures that are protected in the ranges of the Andes.

That is why, children, this second stage of the Pilgrimage for Peace will start in the city of Cuenca, where My missionaries will go into retreat for some days to meditate and contemplate inwardly on the reason for arriving in Ecuador at this end of the cycle and the importance of the manifestation of new Light-Communities that are to be guardians of the Treasures of the Father that will emerge for the new humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While Aurora, as a Center of Love, opens the doors to inner healing, the most oppressed souls receive the opportunity of redemption and forgiveness.

For this reason, Aurora, as a Sacred Center, offers to hearts the Grace of liberation from the prisons and the chains of evil.

Aurora opens like a great Mirror of Light and shows humanity its potent Principle of Planetary Healing.

In this sense, a soul present in Aurora is a soul that accelerates the steps of its purification, and Aurora, as a Kingdom of Superior Love, sees to it that this deep healing can be made concrete and become conscious for the beings.

Aurora is this healing Mirror capable of dissolving the debts that the soul has acquired. 

For this, Aurora carries forward, as its mission, the task of redemption of souls by means of its Ray of Liberation and of its Ray of Love. This allows for the hearts that contact Aurora to feel renewed and, thus, everything begins to regenerate from the beginning.

The human consciousness that joins to Aurora lives a before and an after, to attain, at last, its inner freedom from the chains that are contrary to life.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Let the healing and redeeming current of Aurora enter into the depths of your being, so that unknown after-effects of the consciousness may be erased by the stream of the Aurora of love and of forgiveness.

When you open your heart to this mystery, it must first enter within you, so that it can then be revealed, and this knowledge may become a part of you.

Thus, when you are in Aurora, Aurora is within you, and there is nothing or anybody that can break this inner communion with the Essence of Healing for souls.

Always be grateful for being in Aurora, because it can make of you a new being, filled with the principles of redemption and of forgiveness.

Let the unknown Aurora always be in you, even if you believe it is not possible. It is active when the human heart and soul simply open to receive this powerful divine energy.

Receive, then, this balm of the Aurora of Love, and may all the spiritual unredeemed after-effects dissipate in order that the Principle which is Aurora be able to cause the principle of your conception to be reborn.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Before the Light of the Sacred Centers of the planet, humanity receives the keys that open the doors to ancient knowledge, and the mysteries are unveiled for everyone.

The consciousness sets aside ignorance and the inner worlds of the creatures of God awaken under the principles of new codes.

All the secrets of yore are unveiled so that the terrestrial consciousness is able to take the step, and in this way, achieve freedom from its spiritual captivity.

The Sacred Centers of the planet, places in which Divine Wisdom circles and dwells, unconditionally offer themselves so that this surface humanity may abandon its precarious lifestyle and awaken to its true inner reality.

For this, all the tools of God manifest themselves from the invisible Creative Universe, in order that open hearts may perceive that the time has changed.

The most critical moment of purification is approaching in order that this humanity abandon the path that has always led to its downfall.

The Light of the Sacred Centers is ignited and souls feel themselves called to enter into a greater experience.

Thus, the consciousness, which before was imprisoned in its forms, finds the sense in being here, on this planet and in this humanity.

What before was hidden from the arrogant, is now revealed to the simple of heart, and in this way, the Plan of the Creator fulfills all its stages.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother.

I am She Whose authority does not come from this Earth, but simply from the Heart of God.

I am the Lady of all times, She Who leads creatures from the beginning to the end, not only in their lives in this world, but in all of their evolution, from origin to origin.

I am the Lady of the Universe and also the Celestial Mother, a living part of the Divine Consciousness, Who comes to Earth in these times to allow you to wake up.

Today I brought you to the desert so that you could enter the desert of your hearts and there, find the essence of the Brotherhood.

This new cycle, My children, will mark a definitive stage, in which hearts must unite with the Cosmos and discover the universal mysteries, like those mysteries that are held within the planet.

Today I brought you to the desert because this is the refuge where I take My children when they most need it.

It is in the inner desert where consciousnesses can experience the synthesis for these times, can assimilate the lessons of the past and build the new foundations for the future.

It is in the desert, in apparent solitude, where it seems as if nothing exists, that your hearts unite with the Brotherhood, with Heaven and with the Earth, with the true time that exists beyond the illusions of this world.

It is by finding the void within you that you will turn to God if you are open to that.

Today the Universe stops and places its eyes on the Earth, on the four corners of this world, in the invisible of the planet.

Those who came from the beginning to serve in this human Project are today in prayer, because the time has come, My children, for humanity to grow and find its true origin in the Universe as well as in the Heart of God.

Today the Portals of the Cosmos open to the Earth, and the invisible worlds are shown to the human heart.

Heaven dresses up to celebrate, in spiritual rejoicing, to impel creatures to find the purpose of their evolution in the fulfillment of this Plan.

Today your Celestial Mother, in the desert, ignites all the Mirrors of Heaven as well as of Earth, ignites the Mirrors of the hearts of Her children, to thus build the path, the bridge that connects the whole expression of Life.

My Heart comes to the world to open a new cycle, in which I want to see My children living in fellowship among themselves and with the Universe.

I want to see the Mirrors of your hearts radiating the new life that emerges from within you and is reflected in the human consciousness.

I bring you to the desert so that you may find the truth about yourselves and live based on that truth, rather than on the illusions of the world.

Let My Greater Mirror be reflected in your hearts.

Children, let what is purest in you be able to emerge and that in this meeting with the Universe, you not look at your errors, do not think about the deviations you experienced so long ago, but rather that you find again that universal Reservoir, that purest vibration that, like a sweet sound, I heard echo in My Immaculate Heart at the moment when your essences were created.

Enter the desert of your inner world, where you will be able to demystify the human condition so as to reach the void and there, find the All from which you apparently came so long ago.

Today I call you to an inner maturity, to an awakening and union with My Immaculate Heart, so that in Me you may find the essence of life.

Today, in this desert, a mystery is being revealed: the real life that exists on Earth and hides in the simplest, purest, most humble places.

It is within this planet, invisible to human eyes, that the Will of God expresses. It is where silent nature and the communion between all the Kingdoms exists, that the Will of God expresses.

It is in the humility of those that no longer look to be known by humanity, who serve this planet in silence, that the Will of God expresses.

It is in the unconditional surrender of consciousness that could be evolving throughout the dimensions, but that meanwhile, continue on Earth to guide and lead humanity, even though many do not know it; that is where the Will of God expresses.

It is in the perseverance of those who do not look at human wretchedness, but rather the potential for love that exists in the essences, that the Will of God expresses.

Today, children, contemplate within yourselves all of the Beings of Light who came to the Earth since the beginning, all the Centers of Love that hide within the planet, with the hope that human eyes may one day see them.

In the sacrifice of those Centers of Love, in their humility and in their silence, find the true meaning of your lives, and when everything seems difficult to you, remember that there are those who serve untiringly and surrender their evolution so that humanity may take a small step in this world.

Today, the Mirror of My Heart reflects the sacrifice of the Cosmos in you, those that responded to the call of God, beyond the dimensions, so that in this new cycle, you feel inspired to experience this same sacrifice out of love for others, to forget yourselves and in humility, experience renunciation, surrender, in the depths of your being.

Feel inspired by the desert, so that in this state, you experience the times that will come.

The fortitude of the Centers of Love is held in silence, and it is there where the fortitude of My children must be found.

Be like this desert, silent yet full of the Power of God; humble and empty, yet holding within itself the Greatest treasure of this planet.

In these ten years, My children, when I have been at your side, let your consciousness walk on.

On this anniversary, may you commit yourselves to continue with Me, reflecting My humility within yourselves, loving this planet as I love you and serving humanity as I serve you.

I am the untiring Servant of God and I call on you to be untiring together with Me.

On this day of celebration, on this day of glory, I invite you to build a path of hope for the new time, where reflected in you, My children, souls see My Sacred Presence.

Let the Heart of God find a hope in human evolution through your steps.

Let the whole Universe feel the pain of the sacrifice experienced since the Origin be worth it for the triumph of the human Project and, as a result, the triumph of universal Life, the unity of every creature with the Heart of God.

With these words, I give you an impulse and I bless you.

I thank you infinitely for responding to My call and I hope, children, that not just ten more years go by, but rather that all eternity may come and that you will be at My side.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Eagle of Light bus during the journey from the city of São Paulo to the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Today I come as a ray of Light to the world to reignite it with love and with peace.

In order for this to happen, children, the help of all of you is indispensable. That illumination of peace and of love victoriously took place during this last pilgrimage, and the seeds will be able to sprout in those souls that in some way were touched by the Mercy of God.

That is how, after having gone through all of this last pilgrimage, your hearts will already have matured in consciousness, which means to live in the Universal Laws and to fulfill them. All have seen how the souls of the world are lost and do not fulfill the basic laws; because of this, they need to be rescued by Our hands.

On this day, the synthesis of what has taken place on this last pilgrimage must be available for all of your brothers and sisters; because it will be fundamental for those who remain in the Centers of Love to learn and to know what is experienced in the world and how necessary it is to step out of oneself in order to solve the spiritual needs that are experienced by millions of inner worlds.

For all the efforts experienced, I thank you for having accompanied me.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose and Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

I am the One who, on the hilltop, opened the Heavens and the eyes of seven children, so as to awaken humanity.

I am the One whose love is endless and who, by Her celestial maternity, has been returning to the world every day for 35 years.

I am the One whose humility does not belong to this world; the One who, being Mother and Queen of Creation, makes Herself the smallest of the servants and who, being in all things, expresses Herself in a human body to speak to humanity.

My humanity was already transcended in divinity at the moment of the Assumption, but My Love for you, children, is so immense that the Creator allowed Me to continue with this human aspect and appearance in My divine Consciousness to speak to your hearts and to awaken you.

Beloved children, I would like to build in the Marian Center an imitation of My Kingdom, which is invisible to the eyes of the body, but palpable to the heart.

On the subtle levels of each Marian Center is the essence and the archetype of that Center, that which it should become to truly fulfill its mission on the surface of the Earth and even beyond.

Children, the Marian Centers that I founded, on the ground that I chose, were not raised by chance. My house of peace and redemption is first built on the levels of the spirit and then in matter, so that matter imitates the spiritual construction, not only in its appearance, but in its divine principles and expressions.

Each Marian Center represents a powerhouse of transmutation, salvation, awakening, redemption and peace for the souls, for the Kingdoms of Nature and for the Universe.

A real Marian Center, raised and sustained by your Celestial Mother, does not begin nor end in this world. What you see in the material plane is only a door to something more sublime; it is the beginning of a path of awakening and of redemption.

Those who approach a Marian Center, in reverence and with open heart, will feel that the sacred dwells there and that divine Laws and sublime beings share the Dwelling of their Celestial Mother.

To dissipate the darkness of ignorance from the consciousness itself and to know how to correctly be in a Marian Center, recognizing the truth about it, it is necessary, My children, to be willing to do so with the heart.

Go to the Marian Centers not only to pray and find peace, but also to provide planetary service, to deepen your own the spiritual awakening and, therefore, the awakening and human evolution.

Do not limit, My beloved ones, the action of your Celestial Mother. Know that I am in Omnipresence in each Marian Center, waiting for you to approach My Heart and to unveil for yourselves the mysteries what you should recognize at this time.

Children, My Presence in the Marian Centers is permanent and unchangeable; I am not only present when I come to speak to you. The Marian Centers are My homes on Earth, they are the epicenters of peace that allow Me to be in the world.

It is from the Marian Centers that I care for and protect the souls, that I shelter and guide them to the Kingdom of the Heavens. The Marian Centers are the entryways of the angels and archangels to this world. It is through these Centers of love that the Creator can liberate and transmute the suffering of the Earth.

Therefore, children, it is important that you understand that the life of the Marian Centers must be permanent; there is not a set date to liberate the chaos and the evil of the planet, because the evil does not have a time to act. While those who pray work at a specific time of the day and often only donate to the Marian Centers some days of the month, the enemy does not sleep and works without rest.

Do you understand the anguish of your Celestial Mother?

While the enemy outrages souls and the Kingdoms of Nature without asking for permission, I, children, depend on the adhesion of your spirits and of your hearts to act. My eyes also do not close to sleep and My arms do not search for sleep or rest, but I need you, My children, awake and active, building and renewing My Centers of love and redemption for Me to be able to rescue the souls from the darkness of the planet.

Today I will thank you for listening to My call for 35 years and I will ask you, My children, not to accommodate yourselves with the passing of the years and that you put your hands to work for the planetary redemption because, the more time goes by, while the human beings get used to the Presence of God and accommodate themselves in their homes, without going to the Marian Centers to work actively for peace, the adversary of the Creator multiplies his armies.

Wake up, My beloved ones! Leave your comfortable homes and discover the Grace of becoming a consecrated server to the Divine Plan. When you take a true step in your awakening, you will not regret it and will not look back, because the goal of a new race and of a New Earth will illuminate the eyes of your hearts and will give you the impulse you to go forward.

I love you and give you My Peace.

Our Mother, Rose and Queen of Peace

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