Tuesday, January 8 of 2019

Daily messages

Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part VI

Today, from My Merciful Heart, emanates a Green ray of healing, for My wish, amidst many aspirations, is to be able to manifest the counterpart of healing on the surface at Aurora, that is to say, that part of the external and inner healing that the bodies of people need to recuperate and heal.

For this reason, this part of the project of the manifestation of Aurora is very important to Me because its aspiration is that in the area of Redención 1 the House of Healing and of Restoration be built, completely consecrated to Brother Pio; for finally it will be his place, within Aurora, where his presence will be able to heal souls.

The House of Healing and of Restoration in Redención 1 will be of very great support for the subsequent stage of spiritual healing that Aurora offers. That House, which will have Brother Pio himself as a guardian, will receive the hearts that have gone through a process of spiritual liberation.

This simple but harmonious House will fulfill one of the most important tasks within the spiritual task of the Kingdom of Aurora. It will be in charge of the external and internal phases of purification and of rehabilitation, having as a basis the knowledge received by Friar Ameinó through the external therapies; as well as having an outpatient area to attend to the local community and the collaborators who may be in Aurora.

The House of Healing and of Restoration will be the first headquarters of the health and healing sector in Uruguay, and this House must have six consulting rooms, two hydrotherapy rooms, an outpatient area, an infirmary area, and an area for the making of natural remedies, as well as for the processing of all medicinal herbs. It will also have a smaller external infrastructure that will house four rooms with a little kitchen, a few bathrooms and a laundry room for the patients who will be in treatment for some days in Aurora.

If this building can be concretized, I could tell you that fifty percent of the task of the Kingdom of Aurora would already be accomplished.

The House of Healing and of Restoration will not only weekly attend hearts that arrive for the healing process, but will also serve for treating the members of the Light Community of Aurora and the local community.

I will await with joy for the concretization of the House of Healing and of Restoration of Aurora. This impulse will also permit for the repair and reconstruction of the buildings that already exist, and which need immediate maintenance so that the brothers and sisters who live there are able to carry out the assigned tasks.

I will count on the honorary help of architects, engineers, builders, workers and collaborators who may want to spend a period of time in Aurora to evaluate, together with the coordination of the Light-Community of Aurora, this project of your Lord.

I thank you for striving to fulfill the task of Aurora for Uruguay and for the planet!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus