Sunday, January 13 of 2019

Daily messages

Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part XI

Aurora cries out from within and the voices of the inner Brothers and Sisters proclaim for help.

Aurora needs to express its purpose and must manifest its power.

Aurora can no longer be left behind; it can never be forgotten or be part of a beautiful memory. Many came for its roots of love and of healing and, for different reasons, left and never came back.

Aurora expects to have a communal population big enough to be able to mirror its mission and its task. Because Aurora can no longer just count on a few instruments. Everything, absolutely everything, even what is material must already be enough to carry forward the primordial function of Aurora.

What happened today with some of My disciples is a sign of that lack of consciousness that there is about what in truth Aurora has to mirror on the surface.

Some of Mine had their lives at risk but others risked their own lives to save the others.

Many think that the Hierarchy would never ask for something material but this is not right because everything is part of a perfect Law; as above, so below.

A Communal Center like Aurora can no longer fulfill a global mission with broken or fragile tools; the Universe gave the first impulse so that Aurora could manifest on the surface for a second time but now, it is the commitment of the rest of My servers that Aurora exists for a longer time on the surface.

If Aurora is not truly helped through the effort of everyone, and all that I have said is not complied with according to the Law of love for manifestation, through where will the great forces of planetary chaos be evacuated?

Who else will be able to reach Aurora to receive healing and be freed from evil?

Who will open the doors of liberation to drain the most critical regions of the planet? Or through where will the Archangel Saint Michael enter to defeat the plans of evil?

Do you understand now what Aurora is?

It is more than something physical or spiritual. To exist and express, Aurora must resonate in the heart of each being; otherwise, Aurora does not show itself.

Collaborate from the heart and place before your lives the true needs of the Center of Love of Aurora and then you will tell Me that everything is just and necessary.

Concentrate on the purpose that I gave you within all of these last messages because the longer you delay in thinking about whether or not you will collaborate in Aurora,  greater areas encompass evil and Aurora can still not express itself.

Be aware of all that I tell you; remember that it is the Lord of the Universe and of Mercy that speaks to you. I deigned to choose such a poor and simple place like Aurora, not only to walk among the orange trees but also to prepare My second return; because I promised to come among the clouds but not that I would come to enter through the main door of the Church. Your Lord will be among the humble, among the peace-makers, with the pure of heart.

I thank you for having ears to hear My plea of help for Aurora.

I thank you for considering My Words!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Statement of Casa Redención Association for the Work of the Divine Messengers

Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay
January 14, 2019


The Casa Redención Association informs all the members of this Work of love that yesterday, January 13, 2019, the members of the Community Fraternity and of the Grace Mercy Order, that participate in this Light-Community, suffered a serious accident when the truck that was transporting them from one area to another fell into a river.

To make it clear to everyone, we inform you that in these last days, in the region of Aurora, there have been large rain and wind storms. As most know, between the Redención 1 area, where the Marian Center is, and the Redención 2 and Redención 3 areas, there is a small river, which we call a stream, which every time there is heavy rains, swells enormously, and its current becomes very powerful.

Yesterday at midday, the intense rain did not permit for the completion of usual tasks that the members of the community perform in the Marian Center and, for this reason, it was decided to return to the areas to which each person belongs.

When they tried to cross the precarious bridge over the stream, which contained a powerful current of water, the strength of the current pushed the truck towards the river. The truck fell and turned over in the water with sixteen people inside.

Everything was submerged iniside the water, the truck and the passengers. Some of those brothers and sisters did not know how to swim. It was very difficult for all of them to get out of the truck and they were assisted by a group of monks who ran to the location from other areas. 

The current swept them several metres; some came out of the water and the current itself dragged them to one of the banks. Others were aided by the monks, who threw themselves into the water to try to get them out of where they were submerged.

It was a very difficult moment for all, especially when there was a count to see if everybody had been able to get out of the truck, which was totally submerged within the water. 

This statement which Casa Redención expresses, at the request of the Hierarchy, is so that everyone in the Work may understand the reason why Our Lord, Christ Jesus, is making an exhortation, requesting the assistance of everyone to collaborate in the renovation of the community of Aurora, which is in a dire condition of precariousness, in all senses.

Due to the lack of appropriate vehicles for the transportation of the members of the community, these daily situations become extremely risky for everyone.

We will publish this statement on the webpage of the Divine Messengers, together with the daily messages of Christ, that are related to the requests made for the Community of Aurora, as well as on the webpage of Fraternity - International Humanitarian Federation, in a special highlighted place with all of the requests of Christ and the indications for collaborating.

Thank you all for your fraternal adherence!
Community Fraternity of Aurora
Marian Center of Aurora
Casa Redención