My dear children,

Today your Heavenly Mother comes to the world so that, through the majesty of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, humanity may for an instant feel the Attributes of God flourish so that, from now on, the coming of the New Earth may begin to be seen upon the horizon, free from human mistakes and free from the suffering that drives My Children away from God.

For this spiritual reason, your Heavenly Mother and Mother of North America is here today, opening Her Arms and offering Her Hands so you may hold them tight, trust and feel encouraged to follow this infinite path towards the unknown, because in that which is unknown you will find God and Our Sacred Hearts which, once again, present themselves to the world to remind it that it has not yet fulfilled the Will of God.

In order for the New Earth to begin to emerge upon the horizon of the human consciousness, I ask you, My children, that this New Earth, this New Humanity, may be lived first within you, protecting from yourselves the principles that unite you to the Creator and to the entire Divine Brotherhood.

Be bearers of the Sacred Love of My Son.

Be an example of constant transformation, but also be an example of perseverance, hope and, above all, of Love, of Christ's Love that allows you to accept and understand others, a compassionate love that no longer allows human beings to be selfish and autonomous.

Live the promise of this New Earth in your daily lives and create the correct condition for this moment of the New Humanity to be able to arrive, just as the Eternal Father had thought of and felt for it.

My Heart of a Mother will always be this bridge for you to feel encouraged to cross it, towards the emptiness of self.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Within the most elevated lands of Colombia, there are sacred and inner spaces that are spiritually consecrated to the intelligent and profound activity of the enclosures of the Heavenly Brotherhood.

These spaces are protected, and only the heart that is of pure intention will be able to access them, avail themselves of the spiritual and cosmic energy that these enclosures emanate, so as to collaborate in the elevation of the human consciousness.

To know the treasures that are held by Colombia of the Andes, as Colombia of the seas and of the Amazon holds, this should be a part of the interest of all seekers of the enclosures of the Brotherhood; in this way, they will come to know Colombia in its true essence rather than in its appearance.  

Colombia is still to be discovered, not by exploiters or merchants, but by all those who love and aspire for universal life, so that this greater life may be more conscious in the human being who walks toward redemption.

The sacred enclosures will take you, in attunement and in love, into discovering within yourselves the essence of the Purpose.

Colombia has been placed in a completely mistaken and dense image.

Colombia is one of the places where your Lord will appear, because I will come to meet those who are humble and who love Me.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts! 

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


A Heavenly Brotherhood is established within the proximities of Manaus, and your Master and Lord congregates, from different places of the Earth, the great angels and devas of the elements; water, earth, fire and air, as well as the ancient elementals of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica and of the Arctic so that, united to the Creation and under the Law of Love for life, the great Amazon Rainforest may be restored in three stages: spiritual, mental and material.

It will be through the powerful pillar of the divine and unfathomable Mercy that your Redeemer, together with all of the Heavenly Brotherhood, will work from spiritual planes to prevent the continuous projects of devastation as well as the ideals that are mentally against the evolution of the lower Kingdoms and of human beings.

For this reason, I am coming, and with my humble and poor feet, I will stand upon the sacred soil of the Amazon. I will also impart My Solar Grace to all the native peoples so that they can feel relief and divine protection.

In unity and in love, all the servers will gather, from all places of the Earth, to offer their simple but loving prayers for the Sacred Eden of God.

I thank you for keeping My aspirations in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Within the Superior Universes, the so-called Source of the Creation acts, universally, regenerating the principles and the spaces of manifestation that form part of the spiritual development of the constellations and the planets.

In this current time, the struggle and the effort to be connected with the High will demand dedication, striving and dynamism so that the currents contrary to the Light, which circulate around the planetary life, do not affect nor deliberately deviate the servers.

If some form of deviation or personal abandonment of the purpose takes place in this time, it is a consequence of the lack of inner and spiritual connection with the Source.

On the other hand, the cycle of self-purification is leading the human consciousnesses on the surface of the Earth to face itself and know that which was before unknown and hidden to it. 

We refer to having consciousness and clarity concerning who each being of the surface truly is on a spiritual, mental, soul and material level.

Knowledge of the spiritual, mental and material aspects of the human being is something that used to be overlooked, because it acted in an unconscious way. 

Now, due to the universal crossing of time and space, these aspects, which beforehand acted alone and with great occult power over the consciousnesses, are coming into evidence so that the human being may face them, purify them and liberate themselves from this constant oppression.

What happens nowadays is that the majority of humanity does not know, nor have the consciousness about how to solve a situation that, during long periods of time, has been compromising the possibility of their awakening and their surrender.

So, however much a minority is aligned with the Divine Purpose and has the inner tools it needs to carry forward the manifestation of the Plan, this part, which is the more conscious minority, does not know how to proceed nor act to solve its intensive process of purification.

For this reason, the Supreme Source of the Creation has, at its disposal, great re-transmitters of attributes and codes of light, the so-called "Mirrors".

The Mirrors are the support and fundamental bridge of union for the current planetary transition because the most sublime Mirrors of the Creation will be the indispensable support for the evolution of love within the terrestrial consciousness; just as they will be the pillars that will sustain the bridge that humanity itself must build through prayer, liturgy, Sacraments and service for the neediest.

Without these attributes widely applied in daily life, the human being will not be able to sustain itself.

Up to now, the Kingdoms of Nature, just as the vast oceans and seas, were the spiritual and internal consciousnesses that sustained the human being of the surface. 

However, this cycle has changed, as the degradation, the mistreat and the lack of care for Nature have generated debts that are unpayable by the human race. And this has consequences, again and again, on the planet, reflecting on the changing climatic phenomena, the accelerated melting of the poles, the terrestrial and aerial contaminations and the collapse of all the environments generated by noise and visual contamination.

All of this planetary context drowns the Earth, as consciousness, the Lesser Kingdoms and all of humanity.

The moment has come for each being of the surface to counteract this evil caused to the planet and the Creation.

The moment has come for each soul to assume its own purification and transition, and to not feed on nor depend on anything or anyone.

The instruments to know how to create the spiritual condition have been taught; now it will only depend on the entire human race to be able to reverse and transmute what has been generated.

The Mirrors will be, in these times, the primary spiritual support of alignment and of balance.

The Mirrors will be able to unite with the mirror of the heart of each being so that, little by little, and with determination and consciousness, they may change the vibrations of the planet and the human race.

Within the Mirrors, you will find greater support for the end of times and the key that will open the right door for you to reach the Celestial Brotherhood.

It is time to work consciously.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part XI

Aurora cries out from within and the voices of the inner Brothers and Sisters proclaim for help.

Aurora needs to express its purpose and must manifest its power.

Aurora can no longer be left behind; it can never be forgotten or be part of a beautiful memory. Many came for its roots of love and of healing and, for different reasons, left and never came back.

Aurora expects to have a communal population big enough to be able to mirror its mission and its task. Because Aurora can no longer just count on a few instruments. Everything, absolutely everything, even what is material must already be enough to carry forward the primordial function of Aurora.

What happened today with some of My disciples is a sign of that lack of consciousness that there is about what in truth Aurora has to mirror on the surface.

Some of Mine had their lives at risk but others risked their own lives to save the others.

Many think that the Hierarchy would never ask for something material but this is not right because everything is part of a perfect Law; as above, so below.

A Communal Center like Aurora can no longer fulfill a global mission with broken or fragile tools; the Universe gave the first impulse so that Aurora could manifest on the surface for a second time but now, it is the commitment of the rest of My servers that Aurora exists for a longer time on the surface.

If Aurora is not truly helped through the effort of everyone, and all that I have said is not complied with according to the Law of love for manifestation, through where will the great forces of planetary chaos be evacuated?

Who else will be able to reach Aurora to receive healing and be freed from evil?

Who will open the doors of liberation to drain the most critical regions of the planet? Or through where will the Archangel Saint Michael enter to defeat the plans of evil?

Do you understand now what Aurora is?

It is more than something physical or spiritual. To exist and express, Aurora must resonate in the heart of each being; otherwise, Aurora does not show itself.

Collaborate from the heart and place before your lives the true needs of the Center of Love of Aurora and then you will tell Me that everything is just and necessary.

Concentrate on the purpose that I gave you within all of these last messages because the longer you delay in thinking about whether or not you will collaborate in Aurora,  greater areas encompass evil and Aurora can still not express itself.

Be aware of all that I tell you; remember that it is the Lord of the Universe and of Mercy that speaks to you. I deigned to choose such a poor and simple place like Aurora, not only to walk among the orange trees but also to prepare My second return; because I promised to come among the clouds but not that I would come to enter through the main door of the Church. Your Lord will be among the humble, among the peace-makers, with the pure of heart.

I thank you for having ears to hear My plea of help for Aurora.

I thank you for considering My Words!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Statement of Casa Redención Association for the Work of the Divine Messengers

Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay
January 14, 2019


The Casa Redención Association informs all the members of this Work of love that yesterday, January 13, 2019, the members of the Community Fraternity and of the Grace Mercy Order, that participate in this Light-Community, suffered a serious accident when the truck that was transporting them from one area to another fell into a river.

To make it clear to everyone, we inform you that in these last days, in the region of Aurora, there have been large rain and wind storms. As most know, between the Redención 1 area, where the Marian Center is, and the Redención 2 and Redención 3 areas, there is a small river, which we call a stream, which every time there is heavy rains, swells enormously, and its current becomes very powerful.

Yesterday at midday, the intense rain did not permit for the completion of usual tasks that the members of the community perform in the Marian Center and, for this reason, it was decided to return to the areas to which each person belongs.

When they tried to cross the precarious bridge over the stream, which contained a powerful current of water, the strength of the current pushed the truck towards the river. The truck fell and turned over in the water with sixteen people inside.

Everything was submerged iniside the water, the truck and the passengers. Some of those brothers and sisters did not know how to swim. It was very difficult for all of them to get out of the truck and they were assisted by a group of monks who ran to the location from other areas. 

The current swept them several metres; some came out of the water and the current itself dragged them to one of the banks. Others were aided by the monks, who threw themselves into the water to try to get them out of where they were submerged.

It was a very difficult moment for all, especially when there was a count to see if everybody had been able to get out of the truck, which was totally submerged within the water. 

This statement which Casa Redención expresses, at the request of the Hierarchy, is so that everyone in the Work may understand the reason why Our Lord, Christ Jesus, is making an exhortation, requesting the assistance of everyone to collaborate in the renovation of the community of Aurora, which is in a dire condition of precariousness, in all senses.

Due to the lack of appropriate vehicles for the transportation of the members of the community, these daily situations become extremely risky for everyone.

We will publish this statement on the webpage of the Divine Messengers, together with the daily messages of Christ, that are related to the requests made for the Community of Aurora, as well as on the webpage of Fraternity - International Humanitarian Federation, in a special highlighted place with all of the requests of Christ and the indications for collaborating.

Thank you all for your fraternal adherence!
Community Fraternity of Aurora
Marian Center of Aurora
Casa Redención


Second Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If souls believed that I am already here among you, the world would change.

If souls believed that I am already returning and that I come from the Universe with all the power of My Grace, the world would change.

For this reason, the trust of the hearts in My Presence will be fundamental to carry out the Work of Redemption.

Today I come for a world that is suffering and that, day by day, opens new wounds in the Kingdoms of Nature, in humanity and in the consciousness of the planet.

Humanity cannot see nor feel many of these wounds because they are internal. In this, the Hierarchy works untiringly so that chaos may not be reproduced nor be regenerated by the action of humankind.

I come for a Brazil that needs Me very much as well as it needs My Mother and Saint Joseph and, in spite of the ruling chaos, the internal and spiritual presence of Our Hearts allows to sustain the souls that have faith in Me.

Through the Sacraments that we will impart during these days, souls will be able to be spiritually renewed and healed; but there is a part that corresponds to each being, there is a part that the consciousness will have to assume for its transformation and redemption.

The Grace of God, through the Sacraments, comes to help you, as a spiritual basis, to generate and concede this transformation, so awaited by the Eternal Father, in each one of His children.

In the same way, through the Sacraments that we will impart these days, the legacy that I left to humanity will be renewed again.

For this reason, not only souls will benefit from them but also My Celestial Church will descend to the Earth in order to unite the souls with God, in essence and in spirit.

The Sacraments that I can impart to the souls that request them are means to reach My Celestial Church, they are paths to reach the Center of My Being, the Temple of My Spirit; of this Divine Spirit, Pure and Immaculate, created by God, that descended to the Earth in order to bring to the world an opportunity of love, an opportunity of light and an opportunity of hope.

Although My Church on Earth is very lowered, I revive the spiritual legacy once delivered to the Apostles, through the New Christs, through the last apostles of the last days that I am calling to serve Me.

Because My gaze is not placed on miseries, on imperfections or in faults.

My  gaze is placed on the transparency that each serving heart can give Me.

It is this transparency that you can give Me and this trust that you can deliver to Me that will make the Work of Mercy and of Redemption happen in Brazil and in humanity.

There is no more place on Earth that is free from evil or from sin; you know this, because you can see it.

Only in certain sacred spaces, where the Spiritual Hierarchy concentrates in its profound silence and contemplation, will you find the doors to cross towards the consciousness of the Great Universe and commune with the Supreme Fountain.

In these spaces of South America there are sacred precincts in which humanity, silently and in prayer, can find itself again, in its essence, in its origin, in its state of light and of transcendence.

But while these sacred spaces, which are not visible to physical eyes, are not protected and respected, this Fountain will close.

All souls in the world need this spiritual nourishment, although they do not know these sacred places.

But you, who are conscious of this reality, foster, through Mercy, this approximation of souls to this state of consciousness which is something internal and sublime, it is where they will be able to be in communion with the Hierarchy and find again this path that humanity has lost toward Truth.

For this reason, My Merciful Heart does not cease to pour out graces, goodness and light, although It is in silence and in reflection, just as the Eternal Father is at the moment.

The Universe contemplates this moment in which God withdraws from Creation.

A new time comes, a new revelation will be manifested.

All the Universes are concentrated on this state which God has entered a few days ago.

You, through prayer and mercy, must be part of that movement so that you can perceive what the Universe will make descend in the next cycle, when the Hierarchies of Light are in more silence, in a deeper and more internal silence.

As you know, companions, I will not carry out My Work of redemption with multitudes but with few disciples, as it was in the past.

If only eleven consciousnesses, in spite of their imperfections, managed to carry out My Plan and testify My Presence as Son of God in the world and in the four corners of the Earth, what could more than eleven consciousnesses do in this final time?

All spiritual life is congregating and uniting.

All the force from the Immaterial and Divine Universe is uniting to impel in spirits the concretion of the Plan so that at least a part of the Earth may become rescuable and may turn into an Island of Salvation.

On this afternoon, I could say many more things for your hearts, but I know that the human being still needs some time to understand the Hierarchy.

Know that Our trust, as Celestial Brotherhood, is placed in everything we do because Our Mission, in the name of the Heavenly Father, goes beyond the forms and humanity, it embraces an infinity of universal consciousnesses and spaces, because there is a Project to be fulfilled and to be manifested.

I hope that, with the consciousness and discernment of Brazil, which could someday awaken, this land may be part of the Eden of God again and, thus, the New Race may be able to express as God has wanted so much.

I invite you to live this Marathon as a step for your consciousnesses, without leaving behind any Word of the Hierarchy, knowing that everything we say has an objective, a principle and a mission, knowing that it is time to understand the Creation as God needs and not as men believe.

If humanity began to respect the Laws of Creation, many situations would not happen.

The transgressions and faults are very great before the Law of Divine Justice, but I come to place My Heart as intercessor and not as a judge, as mediator and as advocate of all souls that in truth want to repent and transform.

Because the most beautiful thing that could happen to your lives is to live in God, is to feel God and is to commune with God all the time.

May My Passion, once lived on the Cross, in Calvary, in each moment that your Master and Lord suffered, be revived as a means for the salvation and the redemption of humanity.

We have come to the south of Brazil because Brazil needs it very much. It is the country, it is the nation, it is the people that will have to keep its heart open so that it may always know how to hear God.

I bless you and invite you to the reconsecration of your homeland, on the 5th and 6th, to My Sacred Heart, during six months.

If this consecration is true, in response and adhesion, you will give Me the authority to intercede in very serious situations of your people.

I love you and bless you with the Light of My Spirit, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


First Message 

Children, in the silence of My Heart is heard the introspection of God, a moment in which the Universe reflects upon the coming times. 

This is why My announcement is precise and cogent. My Word is clear to bring wisdom to the hearts. 

We have no time to lose, there is much more to mature and grow internally. 

I need you to know that the Universe contemplates this moment, above all, the beginning of this Pilgrimage in which the gathered Hierarchy will establish the new guidelines and the new principles for all those who want to adhere and be ruled by the Hierarchy. 

The Universe will not stop the steps of those who may want to continue to be free, because the Father has given them freedom, has given them the conception of life, has given them the opportunity and the joy of being able to live the Creation. 

The Universe contemplates the steps that the nations and all of their representatives take. This restricts the awakening of the Plan of God in the consciousness of humanity and the responsiveness of all creatures. 

It is time to see duality manifest and how everything is at stake. 

It is time to overcome this duality and to transcend it by means of love, a love that you have never lived, a love that you have never achieved, a love that you have not yet discovered and that you are on the way of being able to live. 

While I am here, I am with this part of humanity that needs much of the Mercy of God to be able to have an opportunity of redemption so that a door may open to the conversion of hearts and the transmutation of many lives. 

The Silence of My Heart represents the Silence of God, Who contemplates the whole Universe and especially this planet, which He created with so much love through the archangels and the angels as well as the great devas that today are banished by humanity through its actions and a great ignorance that corrodes the Kingdoms of Nature. 

But, although all these situations occur, the Kingdoms of Nature do not fail to express themselves and demonstrate what they truly are. 

When all of humanity values the Kingdoms of Nature, it will be able to find in them the regeneration of life and the healing for many illnesses. 

But still, the humankind of the surface has not understood the Creation nor the system of universal life; otherwise the effects would be different and the opportunities for souls would be different. 

In the meantime, the Spiritual Hierarchy tries to seek a solution that can benefit all of humanity, although in this time there are many who are present who offend God and destroy the Divine Plan with their actions, not only within the nations, but also within the societies, within everything that should be harmony and balance for humanity, order and justice, equality, solidarity and cooperation. 

But humanity has not incarnated these attributes in a just way yet. It believes it lives and understands them, but in its essence it has no foundations, because humanity must still learn to evolve and grow internally in order to be able to express the Divine Will, that goes beyond ideals and forms, constitutions and laws of the Earth.

When the human being decides to live the Will of God, everything will change. 

Who maintains their own will, will not be able to survive. 

I am being just and clear so that there are no misunderstandings. 

It is time to know that the Universe needs awakened consciousnesses that are capable of reflecting the Plan of God on Earth, that are capable of helping to correct everything that humanity has diverted throughout times and generations. 

For this, much effort, surrender and sacrifice will be necessary; something that is not seen in these times, because humanity is distracted and its attention is placed on other things. 

For this reason, love is what will help you to overcome this duality, and when this duality has been overcome within you, you will generate opportunities for other souls that also wait for a next step, for a next opportunity, for an extraordinary grace. 

As Higher Priest, I have come to the South of Brazil to be able to correct the deviations of this part of the country which are reflected in many more souls. 

For this reason, it is time to walk with the consciousness well awakened, letting yourselves be impelled by the ardent vigilance that the Hierarchy can imprint upon you through their impulses and their cosmic currents. 

I come to warn that there is still time to be able to correct the path for millions of souls; that there is time to be able to unite to the Will of God and to vivify it through the plan that corresponds to each one. 

When we are present, as Hierarchies, possibilities for souls and unique opportunities for consciousnesses are constructed; because what would take you years to transform can be simplified and solved in seconds by the presence of Our divine energy that comes directly from the Source to bring the energy of redemption and renewal to souls. 

The deep nucleus of the Truth must awaken in the human being of these times so that they can perceive that there is something which must be changed and it is urgent.

This will help so that the Celestial Brotherhood can act in souls and on the planet; this will allow the most sacred that exists, within this humanity and within the planet, to remain alive and resplendent, as it has been from the beginning of times. 

For this reason we have chosen to come to the South of Brazil, because here exists the roots of many perverted situations of the human consciousness, which only through love, and in love, will be redeemed and transformed by means of a true and sincere plea to the Kingdom of God. 

This will transform everything within the beings that have been perverted; this will also change the destiny of this nation. 

We have come to the South of Brazil to awaken the consciousness of wisdom and a profound reflection in the heart of each human being so that they may feel, in the most intimate, what the Universe is asking from them, and towards where the Universe is indicating for them to go forward. 

In the meantime, the Silence of My Heart proclaims a wait.

My Heart is waiting for a change and a response on the part of human beings; of a response that is constructive and evolutionary, of a response that is elevated and that has discernment. 

After so many impulses that the Father has given you, through so many generations and at all times, it is time to recover the treasure of the sacred that exists here so that the New Eden can manifest again as consciousness and purpose. 

This is all that I wanted to say to you today, as a first instance. 

The Divine Fire of transformation is touching all consciousnesses and no one will be able to oppose it, because it will reveal what in truth each being is, for the good and the glory of the Father. 

I encourage you to offer this Marathon as a path of spiritual reconstruction, not only of the consciousness of the youth, but of the other part of humanity that, despite being more adult, is very immature. 

That in the impulse of renewal, change may be concretized, and that in this change, life may be reconsecrated to the Greater Will. 

I thank you for opening the doors of your hearts to listen because My Words must not just pass, they must remain in the consciousness, because you will need them someday. 

I bless you with the Light of My Spirit and of the whole Universe. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


Second Message

And today I come showing My Wounds to the world, to each one of the souls, as an offering for the wounds that Argentina has today, as a spiritual and material nation.

Today I come to offer My Blood as this perfect testimony of love for you and for each nation of this planet, especially for the nations that suffer the most, which are submitted and colonized by projects that do not come from God, but rather from humanity.

But this will end. It will not last for a long time.

I have come here, to Argentina, for all of this to begin to change from now on. 

I have chosen this nation for this start to happen, just as My Father has asked.

For this reason, I offer My Wounds, not as a symbol of suffering, but rather of victory, pouring out the Light of My Spirit from each one of them, for those who want to be bathed by My Grace. 

I come here to testify that the Kingdom of God is possible, inside and outside of beings, and on the surface of the planet, which, in spite of the chaos of the end of times and of the immediate purification, the Lord invites you to prevail in peace; invites you to build inside of you a path which is still unknown. 

This path that I offer to you is toward the Universe, where the Brotherhood is found; where a purpose is lived during the entire lifetime, until it can be fulfilled.

For this reason, you must seek inside of you, companions, the essence of what you truly are and of what you have come to accomplish in these final times, where the next Kingdom of God in humanity and on the planet will be defined, where many more things will happen, things that you must live to be able to learn and to experience the degrees of love and of forgiveness, in order to achieve, finally, the so awaited redemption.

For this reason, I invite you to be consequent with Me, as you have been in all these last days, where in each detail, in each labor and service, I have seen your love and your effort for Me, with the aim of the Work of the Divine Mercy to be accomplished in humanity, and especially in Argentina.

As I told you yesterday, here there are very valuable souls that have arrived in this time to experience the great change of consciousness, by means of strong experiences and deep livings that try to lead you to the comprehension of the reconciliation and of faith, of unity and of fraternity, in this beloved people.

Here is the preamble of a new race, as is in Brazil and in another parts of South-America. 

Everything that happens in these times on the surface of the Earth is part of the objective of My adversary which is to imbalance and destabilize the humanities, peoples and nations. But do not enter in this field nor into this energy of discord and of dissociation. 

Nourish yourselves, day by day, through the word of prayer and you will be able to reach the sublime spheres, and the sublime spheres, as guiding stars, will indicate the new path to you, the new direction that you must travel through your lives and experiences.

Do not fear to face the end of times nor the purification.

Do not fear to offer yourselves to suffer for Me, because what I will give you is what you really need, beyond what you would deserve. 

Trust in My Heart, because in it lies the Sacred Temple for your spirits, so that your souls may live the communion with Me, time and again.

For this reason, today I come again from Andromeda, to emit My proclamation of peace, to make of this peace a reality that many would like to live but cannot. But if you, companions, decide to be My instruments and not the instruments of the world, I will be able to continue working through your lives and consciousnesses. 

Thus, in spite of what happens or what may present itself in these times, I will build in you an unbreakable fortitude that will have its base in spiritual life, given by the fortitude of faith and of the trust in the One, Our Celestial Father.

My Father sends Me, not only to call you to understanding and comprehension, but also to the necessary correction that is vital for these critical times; a correction that will try to lead you always along the path of the Purpose and of the Truth, so that you do not lose the objective of what God needs to build in humanity and in all peoples. 

Through My Wounds, I illuminate your lives.

Through My Consciousness, I ennoble your spirits, because they are old spirits, originating from other stars and from other universes. Spirits that have congregated to accomplish a purpose in the name of the Son of God, a purpose that has not been accomplished yet and that has not ended, which is in the apex of its transition and of its definition.

Thus, everything you do for the good of God will build the new and the eternal, which will be invincible and will not be defeated.

Over you is the Hand of Grace. A Grace that helps you, a Grace that fills you, a Grace that leads you to live peace in times without peace. 

Be builders of the New Humanity. Postulate yourselves as pillars that will be the bases for the new race by means of attributes, of examples and of an unconditional service for humanity and the planet, as well as for all its Kingdoms. 

Elevate your thought toward the High and unite your thought to the Thought of the Father-Mother Creator Emmanuel and here there will not exist interferences nor disturbances, your attention will be fixed in the Purpose and in all that must happen in the next times. 

Argentina must achieve its transparency; it must manifest its equality. For this everything will be purified. 

Do not fear to know that everything will be purified. Do not fear to find the reason for this purification and of this moment. Know that everything is already foreseen and that your land has been called to live a new state of consciousness that will first be born in the human beings who live in the Lord, who accomplish His Designs and His Divine Will.

From you the new being may be born and the old being will be left behind, because you will have accepted to live the Principles of God, which will not only constitute new consciousnesses in you, but which will form the new peoples, the new race, the New Earth.

From the heart of the Universe, I emit My Voice, so that My Voice may be heard by all.

I leave for you the Love that I have for your Motherland and for your nation, knowing that God has given you the best that He has so that your people, from its origins, might learn to express its inner and spiritual virtue. 

It is this virtue that I come to seek from the Argentinian people, and it is this virtue that will not be dissolved from the essence of all those who live here.

Therefore, everything is in a battle and in definition, just as it is in Brazil. 

In the principles of the Earth, this region was preserved from much interferences. 

Here was the Eden of God, in its exuberance and splendor, in its beauty and loveliness, through all Kingdoms of Nature. Humanity has destroyed it and keeps destroying it.

So that everything can be reversed and change, so that the Eden can flourish again and express itself, from Argentina there must born this state of consciousness of restoration and of healing which not only its people need, but also a great part of the world.

The Celestial Brotherhood is setting its instruments on a region that has been called to express an important Will of God.

Although My Message is symbolic, My Words are clear, because I talk to your hearts and not to your minds. I talk to what is beyond your physical being and what is internal, which listens and knows everything that I say. 

It is here where the new consciousness will be sown. 

It is here where the seed of the new consciousness will be sown. 

It is here where what God expects so much will sprout, so that human beings finally may know their freedom and leave behind their constant captivity.

Be similar to the People of Israel. But you must not spend forty years to find the Promised Land and your true freedom, you are more conscious about the end of times.

Just follow My steps and enter into My Heart, in faith everything will be accomplished. Because among few the greatest thing will be done, among few the planet will be led to a new state and you are invited to participate in this. 

From Andromeda, I convoke you and I call you to unite, in love, to the grand Confraternity. 

I thank you for everything you have offered to Me, because this multiplies Grace, not only for your beings, but also for your country.

May the Kingdom of God be in your hearts and in your spirits. 

May the Lord of the Universe show you His Sacred Face and may you contemplate the splendor of His Existence so that you may feel blessed by His Divine Spirit, by His powerful Current of Mercy and of Peace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Songs of Figueira - "Erstwhile Brothers"

This song implores for the approximation of universal life to humanity through the sacred knowledge revealed by Erstwhile Brothers.

In this invocation, the human consciousness that appeals for help is spiritually uplifted, on the inner planes, towards the Celestial Dwellings, where its deepest nuclei are worked upon in order to live a state of transformation.

On this path, awakening humanity can count on the unconditional support of the Erstwhile Brothers to live their process of forgiveness and redemption.

One of the keys offered by this song is the beloved attribute of silence which opens the doors to reveal in the inner world all the universal mysteries, sublime realities that can permeate the consciousness with many more inner attributes.

This silence, in which the consciousness can submerge, allows one to find the deep state of the temple of the heart, from which emerges the eternal gratitude that allows the conception of Mercy, love, and forgiveness.

It is in the temple of the heart where this sacred flame manifests itself, which the venerable Erstwhile Brothers contemplate, as Gardeners of the cosmic spaces, so that the New Human may awaken.

This song also prepares us for the inner encounter with higher realities, where we find the reason for our existence. This will cause the new being, that is being called to emerge and be born, to take on its commitment before the Divine Plan of Love.

The Erstwhile Brothers are at the service of humanity and the planet to give us the key word that we were before starting off on a journey towards universal life.

After this trajectory, the Universe allows us to return to the essence of what we were, and that is conceded by the sacred Source of Instruction, which removes us from ignorance and opens, for us, the doors of the upliftment of the consciousness.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Do not stop believing that God is within you, that you have communed and lived this internal union with His Divine Spirit and His Mercy many times.

Do not forget that the Celestial Father has the power to do everything and give you everything.

Do not stop trusting that the great miracle of Love will come into your life and that you will again be blessed by Grace.

Do not lose your faith in what is beyond yourself and is unknown; and that in the greatest deserts of the soul, the Celestial Brotherhood silently accompanies each moment and that you are never alone.

Do not stop affirming that God is with you and within you and that, one day, you will fly towards His dwellings like a bird of fire that will go to encounter the infinite.

Do not stop confirming the universal victory of Christ within you and everything that the Lord has done in your life these times. 

Do not stop aspiring to find truth, healing, and redemption; and that one day you will be sitting beside Christ to tell Him how much you cherish and love Him.

Do not stop saying yes to God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Songs of Figueira – “Stellar Regent”

In this song there is a precious invocation to the Spiritual Hierarchy, in which the terrestrial consciousness can find a revelation of its true being.

What is necessary is the intercession of a Stellar Regent, which would be the perfect and direct bridge, so that the higher aspect of the human being may attain a correct correspondence of its being through the communion with the Supreme Consciousness.

The song mentions a mountain, sacred symbol of the upliftment of consciousness. The mountain is also this pure and immaculate place where we can find the Brotherhood, so that the door of return to our origin may be opened.

The aspect that is expressed in the song “Stellar Regent”is the so-called vibration of the Spiritual Hierarchy, which, like a cosmic pole, attracts to the Earth, and all of its humanity, to the currents of the sidereal space, that are nourished by the Source of Creation.

From the Consciousness of the Hierarchy, the impulse that the terrestrial beings need is born, so that, in these definitive times, they may be able to rise in plane and vibration.

As the song says, this leads the human being, who joins the Hierarchy, to never again forget it, especially in the moments when the very being will have to face its spiritual reality.

This remembrance that the song reveals leads the spiritual human beings to be aware that they come from a universal origin and that they will have to fulfill a universal Will.

When souls have the grace of knowing all of this, and nevertheless, waste the opportunity, their spiritual life goes back and the Universe makes space for the consciousness to learn what it has decided to learn.

This song helps us not to be ungrateful, to respond adequately, according to what the spiritual Hierarchy needs, in order to eradicate the indifference and the lack of love from the planet, so that brotherhood may reign among beings.

For this reason, as the song says, the Hierarchy always emits a signal so that the consciousness may be able to awaken, and thus, reciprocate in the designs that go beyond three-dimensional life.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Fraternity of the Light - Part II

In the wind of the next Spring, will be thrown the seeds of Heaven that, holding gifts, talents and graces within, will sow the New Earth.

These seeds will germinate, and from them will sprout the first principles that will some day lead them to approach the Sun in order to feel from it the Fire of Love of the Universal Father. 

The moment has come, after the last storm, for the purifying rain to stop, which refreshed and cleansed the earth so that, afterwards, the great radiance of the Sun of God could come out again. 

Thus, the fertile soil of consciousnesses was prepared to receive the new codes.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, announced the moment of the great spiritual intervention of the Brothers of the Stars.

The Space Gardeners gathered so that, on the plane of the spirit, souls received, for this new cycle, the necessary impulses that will liberate them from indifference and stinginess.

With the awakening of consciousness to the universal life, doors of inner communication were opened in order to remove humanity from spiritual drowsiness and thus lead it to recognize the Truth from which it had distanced itself.

After so many crises, the planet is about to give birth to the New Human, to the consciousness that is responsible and consistent with the designs of the Spiritual Universe.

And although the Earth continues to be purified and exorcized from the influences that oppress it, the servers of the light prepare themselves, finally, to assume and carry out that which, for eras, had been foreseen to happen.

In this sense, the first flashes of the Fraternity of Light begin to appear and the appearances cease to be on the first plane so that the true brotherhood among beings may be established in consciousnesses.

All this comes together with the time of the revelations, time in which each soul, open to divine impulses, recognizes its origin, its existence and, above all, its duty towards Creation.

The Fraternity of Light is forged with the maturity and the responsibility of those who are consistent, thus many more are lead to live the same experience.

In the Fraternity of Light there are no differences, privileges, nor irresponsibilities towards the development of the Plan upon the surface of the Earth.

The Fraternity of Light is formed from the integration of souls with Divine Purpose and is based on principles, which are rules that allow the awakening of the Virtues of God in the servers who gather, virtues that will lead them to understand and to concretize Divine Will by means of the Plan.

Those who form the Fraternity of Light work day and night to build within themselves this spirit of fidelity and transparency with Christ. They commit themselves to live and represent the Hierarchy in every sense. They do not try to take advantages in their tasks, nor in their works. They understand that every service is a way of achieving, even more, the absolute surrender for the neighbor, and of gestating within themselves the essence of humility.

To be in the Fraternity of Light is to learn to follow and to accompany the Law of the Hierarchy, which immediately helps in the awakening of the obedience that will counteract the planetary disobedience. 

Within the Fraternity of Light there exists equality that leads to solidarity, to good and to mutual respect.

The members and the postulants of the Fraternity of Light aspire to incarnate, within themselves, the principles that will allow them to form part of the Third Order of the Brotherhood.

As it is in the Universe, the Fraternity of Light lives each principle as an attribute and a guiding star, so that the life of the server may not be an illusion, but rather, be correctly aligned with the Purpose.

The new Light-Network, a postulant of the Fraternity of Light, assumes the 33 principles that will someday lead it to be fully in the Heart of the Hierarchy.

All the postulants of the Fraternity of Light assume to:

1. Follow one God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and eliminate from their lives the "spiritual" facets that deviate souls.

2. Have as the only and true Master, the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

3. Ardently aspire to be in inner communion with the stars, so as to consciously participate in Universal Life.

4. Not allow oneself to slander or destroy the Work of the Hierarchy.

5. Maintain neutrality as a constant goal for the end of times.

6. Build a spirit of solidarity and good among the brothers and sisters upon the path.

7. Demystify any idea of power, control or command, knowing that every spiritual impulse only comes from God.

8. Accept with gratitude the necessary corrections.

9. Stop justifying oneself for wanting to escape from the Truth.

10. Be a bearer of absolute and unrestricted fidelity.

11. Manifest equality and transparency in ones own life.

12. Not fear to tell the truth. Fear to be absorbed by lie and to not be able to come out of it.

13. Believe in the coming of the New and last Christs.

14. Fraternize with humanity without comming out of the rules that protect the task.

15. Be untiring in prayer, loving in service and peaceful before difficulties.

16. Dissolve from oneself any vestige of criticism or rejection.

17. Aspire to someday know the star of origin.

18. Live the present so as not to alllow oneself to be driven by the past and its decay.

19. Sustain the torch of Christ in an unchangeable way.

20. Not vacillate because of what others may say. Sustain faith through trust in God.

21. Become kindred with the Divine. To disconnect from that which is superfluous.

22. Learn to cut the chain of evil.

23. Assume the commitment and not give up because of the force of personal conveniences.

24. Remember the inner bond with Christ.

25. Divest oneself of errors, believing in the power of the Laws of Healing.

26. Help to build the planetary rescue.

27. Not waste the graces.

28. Not waste the instruction.

29. Be humble all the time. Seek in oneself the spirit of resignation.

30. Learn not to respond in order to learn how to listen.

31. Not place the responsibility on the fellow being. Assume the errors committed.

32. So as not to be imprudent, not allow oneself to be carried away by familiarity.

33. Be a light in the darkness, relief in suffering, permanent giving of self in service.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Second Message

I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Heart of the Universe comes the Instruction for humanity.

It has always been like this, but today I am inviting you to enter with Me into one special Source of Instruction and knowledge, which until today has been inexhaustible, which has always remained alive throughout times.

Today I am talking to you especially from the Pleiades, an inner place from which much knowledge arose before the origins of the Earth, before the manifestation of the first humanity.

From this place many spirits were sent, wise consciousnesses that had their formation in knowledge and gave Instruction to the world throughout the times.

Therefore, Instruction must be considered as the first rule of life, the one which will always lead you to straighten the path and maintain your consciousnesses on High.

Today the Pleiades, as stars, make themselves present and come to meet the self-summoned so that they may feel within themselves the impulses of the Universe, impulses that will be revealed for the manifestation of the Plan of God in humanity.

For these critical times, the Pleiades keep participating in your humanity, they keep pouring out their knowledge upon the sphere of the Earth so that, in the spiritual plane, everything may be conceived and later be lived by the human consciousnesses on this surface.

May you understand today how much sacred knowledge has arisen from these great stars of the Pleiades which, time and again, emits impulses to the whole Universe so that the consciousnesses may catch the information that they need to be able to grow internally, and thus be bearers of peace.

Attract toward yourselves this superior consciousness of knowledge and Instruction, thus you will always hold in your lives this extended hand that will be the guide of Instruction, which will lead you to forge, in your true beings, that which you came to fulfill and live in these final times.

It is time to reignite this commitment within you, this sacred memory with the Universe and all its Instruction.

Instruction is like a wellspring that is never exhausted, it is like the river that never ceases to run to bathe the fields and the forests, to nourish the land with its wealth and minerals.

See, then, this sacred knowledge as something vital, because the last impulses are now coming to humanity, they are being poured out for the formation of the New Humanity.

From this place, receive all the love of Instruction. Receive in your hearts the impulse of something sacred that comes to unveil the new being and to bring Truth to the consciousness, without allowing it to become confused nor be deceived by the supposed instructions that will come from other paths.

I told you once that by your fruits you will be known. Instruction will be this key that will reveal that which is hidden and will leave in evidence in what is not true.

For this reason, each word that comes from knowledge and Instruction is vital because it will make of your beings consciousnesses free of themselves, from the constant current of errors of the race of these times.

The sacred knowledge will help you reverse the chaos of these times, it will help you to transform and vivify everything, in the plentitude that knowledge and Instruction have, because they come from the Source.

May the Sun, which can awaken in your heart, recognize this legacy.

Sacred instructions from the Pleiades are sent to humanity to form the last disciples, to make of each consciousness a teraphim of the new cycle.

I invite you to revive what is sacred in the Universe, what comes from such faraway places of the Cosmos so that you recognize your true identity and thus not be disturbed by the material life, by the human condition, by the errors and the suffering.

May you find this portal of exit to the heart of the Pleiades, in which the first rule of Instruction is the prayer of the Wise Spirits that have given of themselves throughout the times to serve humanity, to help elevate the consciousness to the true purpose and to the true meaning of existence.

See, then, companions, the importance of knowledge in these times. There are many who are still in the desert, seeking the water of life to quench their thirst, but cannot find it because they are within themselves.

Now that I have opened this Source for you, go and drink, drink of this knowledge as if it were the last water that existed on the planet, to give the most wonderful codes of the Universe and of the Brotherhood, to bring to your consciousnesses the true memory of their commitments signed in the Universe, as original essences, as part of a great Project, that has not ended yet.

Commune, then, with the wonders of the Pleiades and of its Constellation.

Feel the love of the Pleiades beat in your hearts and, in this sacred symphony, emit your ray of gratitude to that which is superior so that more keys may be given to humanity, so that more inner Christs may awaken and thus the talents in all beings may be shown; talents which will be at the service of your Master and Lord for the end of these times, and that, united, will be essential for the Work of redemption.

Emit, then, your song of gratitude to the Universe, may your spirits embrace this flame of knowledge and may it be welcomed in the depths of your beings in order to awaken the virtues that are necessary to remove the majority from spiritual drowsiness and inertia.

May the treasures of the Pleiades show themselves today to the simple hearts.

May the light of the Pleiades radiate to the humble hearts and may the consciousnesses commune with that which truly exists and has always been eternal.

This will safeguard the last Tribes of Israel, which are in the world to fulfill the great prophecy of the return of your Lord.

Be brave and say “yes” in trust.

Receive this encouragement and this hope from the Universe in these critical moments of humanity and the planet so that the true attributes and principles of evolutionary life are not erased from the memory of humanity, but are present for the most urgent times of humanity.

I embrace and hold My Heart in those who truly hear Me, in those who, above all, understand and adhere to My Purpose.

I also pray for those who do not understand Me and for those who do not follow Me, because everything will be in evidence someday, and this is not far away from happening.

For this, I pray, for this I implore, and for this I invoke My Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


May the last drop of Blood of your beloved Lord be poured out as spiritual Light over this planet so that all that was manifested in this humanity becomes completely redeemed.

May the last drop of Blood of the Chalice of the Lord be the end of a cycle and the beginning of another so that souls may perceive that the times have changed.

May the last drop of Blood of your Lord purify all that is manifested, especially what lives on Earth, so that it may receive an opportunity to love and to forgive the past.

To enter into the Time of the Lord is to enter the real time of the Brotherhood, where all the higher projects are carried forward so that consciousnesses may participate in the great moment of awakening.

The more codes that are poured out ,the greater the possibilities that will emerge for a sleeping humanity, and new virtues will awaken and express what consciousnesses in truth came to do.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus



Be part of a Celestial Brotherhood formed by Beings in eternal and unconditional service to God.

This Brotherhood created in the Universe is still a veiled mystery; it is the Brotherhood of the eternal Servant Hearts, which accompanies Me day and night in order to establish the awakening of the consciousness and of the mission of each creature.

Submerge in the Spirit of that Brotherhood because, thus, you will, some day, know the purpose of your existence and, above all, the realization of the Redemptive Work on this surface.

The Brotherhood of the Universe is a principle of Love and of service to the greater Designs.

Today I present to you this ancient Brotherhood, that silently works for the spiritual protection of this planet, that responds to My commands when their Lord and Master indicates it.

Be part of this Brotherhood of humility and service, so that the same patterns of Unity that the Brotherhood lives in the Universe are built in your inner spirit; in this way, you will find the right door to go through and commune with the Sacred Spirit of the Brotherhood.

May the Brotherhood be the main message for those who awaken and for those who have already awakened; because, through the Spirit of the Brotherhood, souls will be in contact with the Universe and, thus, will be loyal collaborators in the Plan of Love and Redemption of these times.

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Responsibility of doing Good

Do good in every moment and commit yourself to making it in each small detail, because in this way you will attract from the Universe the Current of the Brotherhood.

Do good just as Christ did, because even though He was denied, repudiated and crucified, until before He died for you on the Cross, Jesus did Good, and this Good that He emanated saved all humanity.

For this reason, child, may good impregnate your consciousness, your senses, your feelings and your thoughts.

Despite what may happen within or without you, do good and practice it with immense bliss, because with each act of good that you do for your fellow being, you will be entering in the School of Love and of Unity.

Remove from your deep entrails the roots of division and of permanent indifference.

Declare to yourself that you are part of the Current of Good and comply in this way with the divine Laws.

Each new step that you take, do it in the name of good, because in this way human evil, which has roots in the and in haughtiness, will be extirpated.

Dear child, follow the examples of the Redeemer, live good and do good at each moment. Banish from your consciousness every act of omission, because if you do so, you will see My Son reflected in the suffering of your brothers and sisters.

Help your Celestial Mother to rebuild this Earth in the Current of Good and thus the most terrible forms of evil will be dissolved.

Comply with, live and practice the Good of Christ, and be part of His Divine and Omnipotent Celestial Consciousness.

Do good with the aim of healing, within yourself, the lack of living a life of service to God.

Do good with the aim of banishing from human consciousness all form of acting pettily.

Fill your spirit and heart with the Greater Good, and confirm yourself at this time before the Celestial Father as a pacific, kind and merciful spirit and person.

Let the Current of Good of Christ move your structures, disarm your characters and establish the spirit of divine and unfathomable charity; in this way, you will be pious and considerate, selfless and helpful before every mission of love that shows on your paths.

But remember, My child, begin to live and to practice the Current of Good first in who you have around every day, thus you will allow any indifference or rejection to disappear from you.

You will allow the Fire of Good of Christ to purify your consciousness and to convert it into an unconditional consciousness.

Be encouraged to say “yes” to the Current of Good!

It is high time you assumed the responsibility of doing good in each detail just as to each brother and sister. It is time to detach yourself from competition, from judgments and from all criticism.

May your being be a being of good; in this way the planet and its sick humanity will be healed upon finding, in this long earthly trajectory, spirits, souls and apostles of good, beings that will sow the Earth with new Principles and values of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the White Mountain of Peace and whoever climbs to the top of it will achieve, through prayer and service, the elevation of their consciousness.

I am the White Mountain of Peace, which in its heart keeps the greatest treasures of the universe, the sacred knowledge of the Celestial Brotherhood.

I am the White Mountain of Peace, a mountain that radiates the Grace of God to the world and impels its children to human transcendence.

I am the White Mountain of Peace, which reveals the Mysteries of God to humble hearts, a mountain that helps in the transformation of consciousness and the whole being.

I am the White Mountain of Peace, a mountain that calls the pilgrim of the spirit to rise through it, by means of faith and constant redemption.

I am the White Mountain of Peace, a mountain that will make each heart a victory for Christ and for the Creator.

I am the White Mountain of Peace, which will show Its pilgrims the path of the Return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Declaration of the Divine Love, continuation

Oh, beloved Chilean people, who has printed on your blue and red flag, the star that must be the symbol of a celestial motherland!

Oh, sacred mountains of the Andes, which keep in in their mineral heart the greatest treasures of the original history of this humanity!

Oh, My children from Chile, who reflect on your faces the legacy of the peoples of the past!

Lift your white flags of peace and that, upon the cry that the Universe will emit, your inner stars receive the sacred call of the redemption!

May the Vigilant of the Legacy wash their faces in the Fountain of My Grace, so that they may be healed of everything!

May the Guardians of the Treasures of the Universe receive the balm of My Peace to be able to be healed!

May the Commanders of other times be forgiven and receive the spiritual Absolution from the Son of God!

Children of this ancient sacred people! Peoples of the beginning and peoples of the end! Open your hearts to be liberated!

Throw from your hands the weapons of destruction! May each radiant Sun, which dwells in this people, be erected again to the Glory of God, so that everything may be restored, so that nothing is lost. So that, from the silence of the Andes, the Sacred Word of Our Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ may be heard.

Follow your Mother of Heaven on the path that will lead you to the blessed motherland, because thus your people, wounded by the causes of yesterday, will be redeemed of everything.

Trust, children, in everything that I bring you!

Trust in the renewed hope and in the end of this national captivity!

I Am the Mother who moves the whole Universe so that Her smallest and needy children have an opportunity!

May the soldiers of the Stars gather today at the foot of the great Celestial Altar! And may the doors to the abyss of this people be closed now!

Because the inner Christ will emerge from your beings and thus you will be one with My Son, so that He, in His Celestial Glory, may be one with His beloved people!

I want the Star of My Brotherhood to now be the motto and the symbol of your people!

I want, from this country, beings redeemed by the Love of the Creator!

May the Commanders of once now raise their hearts to Heaven!

Because now, without helmets, weapons nor cloaks, you will be free to sit at the Redeeming Table of the Lord and thus commune of His Codes of Life.

May the fallen in the past, arise in this present!

May those who have not yet forgiven the errors of this homeland and of this people, forgive today, so that My Beloved Son, in His Divine Grace, may reunite you and, by means of His Word, make you commune of His Most Holy Spirit!

That today Chile can, as a people, take each other by the hand, to declare the long-awaited reconciliation and pronounce the so longed-for peace, erasing thus, from this Chilean history, the errors of yesterday!

Thus, your hearts will shine and together with Me you will be able to take the steps toward the reunion of love that will heal the greatest wounds.

Let no one else grieve his or her heart, for Christ, My Son, will put an end to this exile!

And all the soldiers and Commanders of the purple helmets will unite in Christ, to make of this nation, the concretion of the Divine Promise in the life of each being.

That today the swords be abandoned, and the meek heart of each Chilean be offered to the Creator, so that the Plan triumphs, beyond everything!

So be it.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Behold, She will come brighter than the sun, the Servant of God, to prepare the return of Her Son, as She one day prepared His sacred Birth on the Earth.

Behold, the Silent and Humble Servant became Queen and Celestial Mother, because Her silence revealed Her Majesty and Unity with God the Father and His Beloved Son.

Just as the Heavens opened to receive Her in Body, Soul and Divinity, in the Mystery of Her Assumption, the Heavens are open again for the descent of Her Divinity and the announcement of Her Sacred Word; because the Blessed Mother of the Lord can no longer remain in silence, in the face of all that happens in the world. Her silence of other times sustained the echo of the Voice of Her Son in the valleys and in the peoples of the East, and now Her Word comes to prepare the Universal Triumph of Christ, because He will no longer come to preach and teach among humankind: the power of His Presence will be conversion itself; the power of His Feet placed on the Earth will be redemption itself for the planet. From His Mouth will only come out prayers and decrees that will unite Heaven and Earth, will close the hells and the abysses, will calm the despairs and will establish Peace.

For this reason, before the Son, again His Heavenly Mother and His adoptive Father, Humble and Faithful, approach, in order for Them to be the ones to prepare the human heart.

Children, today I tell you to listen with attention to the purposes of God, brought by His Messengers. They are like the truths said by the prophets in the past, to prepare the arrival of the Messiah in the world.

Our Word not only instructs you, but it also transforms and unites to the Universal Teaching, which will come with the Son of God, as a living expression of the Reality that dwells in the Universes.

With simplicity, We open to you the doors of the heart and the eyes of the spirit, so that you recognize the Laws that dictate universal evolution and you may enter them, in obedience and love, while there is time.

All Mysteries reveal themselves in the Law of Love and of Obedience, principles that rule all Evolutionary Life, in Heaven as on Earth. Spiritual Life reveals itself to those who know how to love and every Mystery revealed becomes simple and understandable to those who know Love, because their minds become pure and their hearts are simple.

With this, beloved children, I want to tell you that the Faithful and Tireless Servant of God comes to the world with simple words, to reveal Sublime Truths. I come to awaken Love in your hearts, so that you may comprehend Me, and without difficulties, live what I tell you.

What impedes you to live My Instructions is not the human condition, is not material karma and is not ignorance; it is the lack of true Love and of true Humility.

In a world of mysticism full of vanity and false bases of true knowledge, I come to conduct you to the Truth. But before this, I must oust from your hearts, pride and ambition for power and for knowledge.

For this reason, I teach you to love and to obey, above all things, the simple purposes of God. And it is in this way that I prepare you, transform and reveal the New Life, which will emerge in the hearts without their realizing it.

It is in this way that I unite you to the true Celestial and Cosmic Brotherhood, and I make your hearts able to be true companions of your King and Universal and Divine Master, Christ.

Behold, I am here, as Queen and Celestial Mother, and in the simplicity of My words is hidden the Power of God and the Truth that I Am. In My presence is hidden the Unity with the Infinity. And in this way I tell you that, if you unite yourselves to Me, you will unite yourselves to the Whole, to the Cosmos, to Life, to the Creation of God.

Prepare along with Me the Return of My Son, and announce, children, that it is time to repent of being in vain paths, which lead to nothing but to being lost, not only from God, but also from oneself.

Behold, I come to find you and to conduct you to the encounter with yourselves, so that you may know who you are and what you have come to do in this world. Do not be lost any longer. Follow My steps and I will guide you always.

I bless you and love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I come to this part of Argentina to institute again the Principles of God that the souls of this place of the nation must live.

I come to banish certain capital powers that have made so many consciousnesses objects of evil.

Because of that, as Co-Redeemer I come to this part of Argentina and return to My beloved Marian Center of the Holy Spirit to be close to My children and to give them what they need to keep taking the steps of faith towards Christ.

I wish by all means, spiritual and divine, that my sons of this region of Argentina, came out of spiritual mysticism, that they opened their eyes and feel in their hearts the true and only Brotherhood, the one that comes from the Universe and permeates with Its Light this part of Argentina.

I come to gather the lost ones, to the searchers of something greater, the ones that have forgotten God within their inner self.

With all of them I will make a new flock so that, recognizing on their paths the footprints of Christ, they may consecrate again to the Plan of the Creator.

This mission that God has commissioned Me has just begun.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more