Monday, November 13 of 2017

Daily messages

The Responsibility of doing Good

Do good in every moment and commit yourself to making it in each small detail, because in this way you will attract from the Universe the Current of the Brotherhood.

Do good just as Christ did, because even though He was denied, repudiated and crucified, until before He died for you on the Cross, Jesus did Good, and this Good that He emanated saved all humanity.

For this reason, child, may good impregnate your consciousness, your senses, your feelings and your thoughts.

Despite what may happen within or without you, do good and practice it with immense bliss, because with each act of good that you do for your fellow being, you will be entering in the School of Love and of Unity.

Remove from your deep entrails the roots of division and of permanent indifference.

Declare to yourself that you are part of the Current of Good and comply in this way with the divine Laws.

Each new step that you take, do it in the name of good, because in this way human evil, which has roots in the and in haughtiness, will be extirpated.

Dear child, follow the examples of the Redeemer, live good and do good at each moment. Banish from your consciousness every act of omission, because if you do so, you will see My Son reflected in the suffering of your brothers and sisters.

Help your Celestial Mother to rebuild this Earth in the Current of Good and thus the most terrible forms of evil will be dissolved.

Comply with, live and practice the Good of Christ, and be part of His Divine and Omnipotent Celestial Consciousness.

Do good with the aim of healing, within yourself, the lack of living a life of service to God.

Do good with the aim of banishing from human consciousness all form of acting pettily.

Fill your spirit and heart with the Greater Good, and confirm yourself at this time before the Celestial Father as a pacific, kind and merciful spirit and person.

Let the Current of Good of Christ move your structures, disarm your characters and establish the spirit of divine and unfathomable charity; in this way, you will be pious and considerate, selfless and helpful before every mission of love that shows on your paths.

But remember, My child, begin to live and to practice the Current of Good first in who you have around every day, thus you will allow any indifference or rejection to disappear from you.

You will allow the Fire of Good of Christ to purify your consciousness and to convert it into an unconditional consciousness.

Be encouraged to say “yes” to the Current of Good!

It is high time you assumed the responsibility of doing good in each detail just as to each brother and sister. It is time to detach yourself from competition, from judgments and from all criticism.

May your being be a being of good; in this way the planet and its sick humanity will be healed upon finding, in this long earthly trajectory, spirits, souls and apostles of good, beings that will sow the Earth with new Principles and values of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace