Sunday, November 12 of 2017

Daily messages

The responsibility to love

Love, dear child, just as the Celestial Father loves you, and He will soon liberate you from the chains of separation and division.

Love, just as My Son loves you, above every error, every test and every hostility; because love will always save you when the sincere act of union with the neighbor emerges from your little heart, the unconditional acceptance of the new times, an undeniable action of good and charity.

For this, in this time, practice the school of love so that, in each new step, you encounter the path of unity and fraternity with your companions.

When this happens, I assure you, My child, that there will no longer exist any differences between your consciousness and that of your brothers and sisters because love will reign and the truth will liberate you from the prisons of life.

Therefore, seek every day to love with holy madness, living each experience as an opportunity of redemption.

May your heart feel that, without pure love, it can not live.

May your consciousness recognize, in this cycle, that without love it will be nothing and life will have no meaning.

Love a little more than you live, because if you truly love, nothing will ever happen to you in that which I ask you to do, and you will receive each new mission with immense joy.

May your little feet not tire of walking in the direction of the path of Love.

It is already your responsibility to live in Love and to be in Love at all times because in this way you will learn to be more considerate, good and merciful with the errors of others.

May your consciousness elevate you to the Plan of Love.

May your human heart, that is sometimes hard and rigid, open so that, in the deepest recesses of life, the Codes of the Love of God and of Your Lord may be deposited.

Participate, then, in the bursting current of Love.

Witness the victorious miracles of love and redemption that your brothers achieve.

No longer be miserable, now define your being as a merciful being, considerate in pity, humble in resignation and serving before any call.

It is the time to make your life a great instrument of God.

It is time to live that which is true and comes directly from the Universe of the Creator.

Before the door of Mercy shuts completely and the door of Divine Justice opens, decide to return to the school of love of the heart so that, despite your emptiness of the abysses or your human errors, you can help your Celestial Mother to make love triumph on this planet and in this humanity.

Let love tear you from within.

Let yourself be truly loved more and you will no longer place a thousand shields to defend your aspects.

Be free of yourself, once and for all, and you will achieve the Kingdom of God.

Your Mother sends this message to all the religious of this Order and to all those who seek, above themselves, to live the consecration to the Plan of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace