Through the intra-oceanic Mirrors, the spiritual Hierarchy can intervene in humanity,  since these non-material instruments of capture of cosmic light have the capacity of dissolving or ennobling a planetary situation.

To be before a Mirror is to be before a non-material and cosmic Source originated in the beginnings of the creation of the Universes; this means that the human consciousness in these times is facing a mystery that is revealed and demonstrated through knowledge and instruction.

The intra-oceanic Mirrors are bearers of ancient and eternal knowledge, materialized by the impulses that the Divine Consciousness, the Father, or the Primordial Source once emitted, before the Mental and Material Universes existed.

The Mirrors are emanations of the Creator Source Itself that, once placed on the different planes of consciousness, act and work by means of divine intelligence in order to allow the awakening and the redemption of the Universes, as well as of the humanities that deviated essentially from the Greater Will.

The power of light expansion and retransmission of the Mirrors is still unknown to surface humankind; but the moment will come when those connected to the Spiritual Hierarchy will receive, personally, the knowledge of these tools so that, by means of the Mirrors in their various manifestations, they may support the transition of the Earth through the Mirrors of the Universe.

The formation of mirror-beings will be expanded as from the next cycle, given the need for the balancing of the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Sacred Oceans – Part I

In the deep seas of the planet, and in places close to the continents of the Earth, spiritual life projects itself as a counterpart of material life.

Thus, a communication among different states of consciousnesses is established so that the greatest possible amount of attributes may descend to the world from the nonmaterial Source.

The sacred oceans of the planet that today, that are neither respected nor loved, fulfill a very important task in the inner and emotional balance of humanity.

At the same time, the sacred oceans of the Earth save and protect, through ocean currents, all the material and especially spiritual life that is to be found in them.

The sacred oceans, within the creation of the Material Universe, constitute one of the fundamental material and spiritual resources for human evolution as the oceans act not only as axises of inner balance but also, due to the diversity of their waters, they act as one of the greatest natural mirrors within the local Universe.

These natural mirrors serve as physical receptacles to protect and save the intelligent activity of the non-material Mirrors, called great power plants of spiritual light, which radiate and emanate, towards humanity, all the divine attributes of Creation.

This specific network of Mirrors, which is to be found in the great oceans, receive the impulses of light of the Mirrors of the Cosmos, which, being intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, contributes to the expansion of consciousness and the awakening of inner senses, that today are asleep within humanity.

The sacred oceans help in the concentration of a very high spiritual energy, which, descending from the Spiritual Universe, acts through the Mirrors of the oceans, contributing with harmony, balance and peace, within the consciousness of humanity.

The restrictions that these potent Mirrors of the oceans have today are due to the invasion, destruction and manipulation that the human being produces in all sea life and to the uncontrolled contamination of seas, as well as to the exploitation of the marine corals, which fulfill the mission of keeping the balance of the Earth's axis.

For this reason, and for this time of purification, the approximation of nonmaterial Mirrors to the oceans allows the counteraction of imbalances that the human race generates, but it does not solve them. 

This is how the sacred oceans, receptacles of the Mirrors, serve as support for the intelligent and silent task of the nonmaterial Mirrors so that humanity may awaken and recover the interest in the care and protection of a biodiversity that is also spiritual.

If more human beings assumed the care and respect for the oceans, the great mirrors of water would cease to act promoting natural disasters and great purifications of the human race.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the singers of My Heart

Dear children,

Universal life, which is infinite and unknown, can reflect itself on Earth by means of its great Mirrors of Light, as well as through the mirror-souls.

In this day of a new celebration and offering, your singing souls will participate, together with the Heavenly Mother, in a planetary task that will radiate through music.

The music offered for the healing and upliftment of humanity has its own science, which allows it to contact higher universes of consciousness where powerful currents of healing and harmony flow and circulate, which are in this time, of great help and support to humanity.

By means of the offering that will be made today by the choirs of the Communities-of-Light, the Spiritual Hierarchy will attract, as a cosmic magnet, these necessary currents so that the planet and humanity may reach in some plane, a process of spiritual and inner healing.

Thus, singing children, each musical piece and each presentation that will be offered today, will contribute so that the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy, in its greatest state of Original Purity, may intercede for the consciousness of humanity, so that new attributes may awaken in the souls. 

From the higher universes, a network of Greater Mirrors will start working, so that by means of them, and of the inner attunement of each singing soul, a spiritual communication may be established, which will open an internal door for these impulses to descend from the spiritual orbit of the planet, toward humanity.

In order for souls to be able to approach Universes of this level, the channel of music will build this condition, and thus, the spiritual impulses will reach those hearts, which with sincerity, are connected with the development of the whole task. 

Therefore, the meeting of music today will be different and even deeper in its spiritual counterpart, as from these levels, non-material Laws will activate to help humanity and in consequence, the planet.

Each meeting of music that has taken place, with effort and love on the part of My children, has demonstrated to the spiritual Universe a possibility to deepen in the scope of the Plan of Rescue of the Hierarchy, as well as in the healing of humanity.

In this gala night, in which your souls will be clothed in the best attributes of love and brotherhood, may all that is offered today resound again in the spiritual level of the planet, so that more positive effects of healing and redemption continue to manifest in this race.

As Mother, I wish you a gorgeous meeting of love and of upliftment.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Communication Network of the Heavenly Mirrors, continuation

Open your heart and empty your mind in order to understand and live the mysteries of Creation.

In that opening you will be able to penetrate the essence of knowledge, and everything that is sacred in the Universe will reach you not only as information, but as codes of Light that awaken in your being to transfigure you.

This is the power of the Mirrors, heavenly generators of universal harmony that concentrate within themselves all the attributes of Creation.

We state and understand as attributes all the rays and celestial currents that the Creator Fathers used for the manifestation of the planes and of life.

It is thus that the Heavenly Mirrors hold within themselves the remembrance of our spiritual, mental, and material origin. It is these attributes that, from time to time, allow the renewal of universal life and all the cycles, bringing positive impulses that impregnate all of Creation.

In the beginning of the origin, what we would understand as the essence of the Divine Thought of God, the Source created the Archangels so that they could create the Hosts of Light in the Mental Universe; in this way, at the beginning of everything, the Mental Universe was gradually gestated by the existence of the first armies of the Elohim.

These resplendent Consciousnesses were given impulse to collaborate in the creation of the Material Universe, because in the Thought and in the Heart of the Eternal Father there existed the Will for great experiences of love to occur that would go beyond all previous ones.

In the beginning, at the request of God, the Creator Fathers created the Heavenly Mirrors, because in the Material and Mental Universe these would help in the spiritual evolution of all universal life.

The Heavenly Mirrors were also formed by twelve attributes, twelve Rays, or twelve currents of spiritual and divine energy that would allow the history of the origin of the Creation to be well-guarded and available as light-based information for all the consciousnesses that would be created in the image and likeness of God.

The twelve attributes that were expressed during the gestation of the Mental and Material Universes emanated directly from what we know as the Source of Creation, which is the pure, immaculate, and divine essence of the Eternal Father.

From that point, during twelve cycles or twelve time spans, the Mental and Material Universes that were in formation received these spiritual impulses in order that the building of evolutionary life on the different planes be completed.

The first attribute emanated from the Source was that of LIFE; in that moment, God decreed: "On all the planes may Life exist, which will be visible and invisible, but in essence full of Love."

The second attribute emanated from the Source was that of UNITY; in that moment, God decreed: "May all the Life that will manifest in My likeness know and live Unity in order to reach the Source through Love."

The third attribute that emanated from the Source was that of LOVE; in that moment, God decreed: "May Divine Love be known by all Life, and may Life express all the degrees of love so that evolution may progress."

The fourth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of KNOWLEDGE; in that moment, God decreed: "May Knowledge make all Life sacred, may spirits ennoble their consciousnesses through having knowledge of love and unity."

The fifth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of HUMILITY; in that moment, God decreed: "May all Creation be humble in spirit and constitution; may the true government and evolution be reached by the humble, and may all life imitate this sacred path."

The sixth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of COMPASSION; in that moment, God decreed: “May absolute Compassion arise in universal life so that consciousnesses remember that everything is based on Love and on Mercy”.

In this way, the seventh attribute that emanated from the Source was that of MERCY; in that moment, God decreed: “May all Creation live Mercy in essence, and may this Law vivify whomever contemplates it in devotion”.

The eighth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of POVERTY OF SPIRIT; in that moment, God decreed: “May true evolution take place in all the poor in spirit, so that nothing nor anybody will deviate them from the sacred path by means of any temptation”.

The ninth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of SERVICE; and in that moment, God decreed: “May cooperation and mutual help establish the spirit of service in the Universes; may love and service interpenetrate all life so that fraternity may arise and be the basis of universal evolution”.

The tenth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of PIETY; and in that moment, God decreed: “Happy are all consciousnesses that supplicate in My Holy Name, because I will have absolute Pity on each one of them and in this way they will know the power of the Mercy of My Heart”.

The eleventh attribute that emanated from the Source was that of ETERNITY; and in that moment, God decreed: “May all that was created, after its experience, know Eternity; may all the planes that hold universal life elevate spirits so that they may merge into infinity and thus attain immortality”.

The twelfth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of SCIENCE; and in that moment, God decreed: “May all Creation and life become aware of the Laws and may the Laws guide, lead, and realign all universal life under the spirit of harmony”.

These twelve attributes were essentially kept inside the Heavenly Mirrors, which also radiate these creative principles to the whole Material Universe.

The Heavenly Mirrors are great states of divine consciousness present on three planes: the material, the mental, and the spiritual; in this way, a powerful equilibrium is established in the whole Universe, which is underpinned by angelic consciousnesses.

Thus, the communication network of the Mirrors helps in the redemption and the rehabilitation of all life in different cycles and times. It is in this way that the Heavenly Mirrors, counting on these divine impulses, become sources of the emanation of love and unity for all life.

The existence of the Heavenly Mirrors reminds planetary life that souls must always aspire to someday become similar to a Mirror, not because of its potency, but to be able to mirror what the Father expects of each creature, just as He thought it in the beginning.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united to the Mirror of Light of each heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Communication Network of the Heavenly Mirrors

In the vast Universe, where infinite life expresses itself, there are specific areas within the material universe such as yours, where networks of Mirrors act as re-transmitters of divine energy currents, as well as of impulses generated through the first seven Rays.

In this huge communication network, evolutionary life manages to communicate within itself, and at the same time, all universal life spiritually and internally receives the impulses that such a network generates.

We understand a network to be an extensive group of spiritual instruments of the Heavenly Hierarchy that is used to keep all evolutionary life in communication with the principles of God, which in this humanity is known as Divine Will.

It is this Divine Will that comes from the Fount of Abba, which is universally re-transmitted through the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors.

Just as in the material universe there are Mirrors of light that fulfill specific tasks, the network of all Mirrors interrelates with itself, and each of these instruments brings to universal life the possibility to expand its knowledge as well as that of working in service to the Creator.

The mirrors are formed by subtle emanations of love of the Creator Fathers, of the Elohim. In the beginning, when the universes were created, the first way to keep all universal life in communication was through what we call Heavenly Mirrors.

Thus it was that the Creator Fathers asked Their angelic armies to create, with their higher mental power, great pools of light in the material universe, which later and throughout time would be converted into the so-called Heavenly Mirrors.

The Heavenly Mirrors were created from the fusion they experienced with the divine codes of love and unity; it was the essential base that would allow all beings living in the Love of the Father to enter into contact with the spiritual treasures kept in the communication network of the Mirrors.

At the request of the Archangel Uriel, the creator angelic armies generated the first network of the Heavenly Mirrors in the material universe, known as the first Heaven. Later on, when the Mirrors had already been created by the spiritual currents that the angels had brought, the same Mirrors were unfolded on six planes or six Heavens, so that they then could be present in all universes; that is to say, in the material, mental, and spiritual universe.

The communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors is present between the first seven Heavens; it is in this way that a great spiritual, mental, and material communication is established in all universal life, and each consciousness that forms part of the Creation of God is integrated into this very potent flow of knowledge and evolution.

It was the Archangel Uriel who entrusted His angels with sowing the essence of love and unity in the Heavenly Mirrors; later on, the Archangel Rafael sent His legions to pour out principles of healing and redemption in the whole material universe. After Archangel Rafael, the Archangel Gabriel sent His messenger angels to place in all the Mirrors the sacred knowledge of Creation, so that some day it may be revealed, as it is today.

Lastly, to protect this divine legacy, the Archangel Michael sent His hosts of light so that for all eternity they may be the doorkeepers of the Mirrors, who would unconditionally and in service to God protect the relics of Creation.

Thus it was that when the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors was formed by the intervention of the Creator Fathers and by Their hosts of light, Abba decided to send a potent impulse of divine and universal Love to the material universe and it was through the Sacred Feminine Energy, through the Father-Mother Essence that He would deposit the principles of Mercy and Pity over the network of the Mirrors.

The Archangel Gabriel tells us that when this event took place, all universal hosts were prostrate during three days of divine time to thank God for having made rise from within Himself the feminine aspect of Creation, today known as the Spirit of the Universal Mother or the Mother of the World.

In that time all Creation was being ordered and prepared for the first evolutionary experiences.

In that time, Abba Father universally considered that created life would need a Maternal Consciousness sufficiently loving and merciful to the point that the Father would send Her to Earth to incarnate as the Mother of the Messiah of Israel.

This act of universal mercy also allowed the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors to be supported and accompanied by the Mother Consciousness of God.

The first revelations about the Mirrors appeared in the 1970s through 1980s, when the Celestial Hierarchy decided to reveal this divine secret that has been present and living for millions of years, after humanity was at the brink of self destruction several times.

The Father granted the Grace that the human consciousness remember its mission in the Plan, and the Universe granted that humanity might awaken to the truth from which, out of ignorance, it had separated for many centuries.

The communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors has allowed this planet to continue to exist in Creation, and above all, the Mirrors have generated the equilibrium of the axis on the Earth and of the poles.

If this silent intervention had not taken place, the race would already have self-destructed, and this unconditional help from the Mirrors has come from the moment in which the aspect of the Firstborn Son of God arrived in the world to save it on all planes of consciousness.

So the awakening is being granted to all, irrespective of the degree of debts. The Plan of rescue of Christ is already active and all will have the last Grace of being able to respond to it.

May the network of the Heavenly Mirrors represent for all the opportunity to remember within themselves that they are consciousnesses created by God, and that they can learn how to love and mirror unity to the entire Universe without the overbearing need to destroy the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united to the mirror of each praying heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Cordoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Did you know that in the universe there are Mirrors of Light? What is a Mirror of Light?

It is not what humanity uses to see their faces or look for beauty, which does not exist on the outside. A true Mirror is an instrument of Light created by God so that the planets, the stars and, beyond them, the galaxies may be in communication with the same principle and energy.

But My adversary made this great design become a material and superfluous object, in which souls seek their gratification so that the search for the true mirror of the heart would disappear.

Saint Teresa of Avila had the mission, entrusted by My Son, of recovering the mirror of the heart through prayer, contemplation and the adoration of Christ. Later on, a part of humanity recovered the meaning of spirituality and, through some sanctified consciousnesses, the greater principle of communication of the Mirrors returned to the planet. Today, the Celestial Divinity is in charge of all this together with those holy consciousnesses, who from Heaven, help to send cosmic impulses to wake up humanity.

Saint Teresa of Avila is the great missionary of Heaven who is working with the awakening of the contemplative life and is the one who spiritually helps each praying soul, irrespective of their religion, their nation or continent, to be able to find the positive feeling of this inner mirror.

In this way, the race, which for the most part is asleep and hypnotized by material mirages, can receive the immediate collaboration of the Mirrors of Heaven to find the following impulses again in these times:

1. Recuperation of the spiritual and collective integrity of humanity.

2. The way of discovering the mission of each soul present on Earth.

3. The sublime descent of the Law of Mercy, of Grace and of Liberation.

4. Re-engaging with higher states of consciousness which carry humanity into divine states.

5. The awakening of the other part of the consciousness that is asleep in each being.

6. Inner communication with Universal Laws and their principal currents of balance and of healing.

7. The opportunity to redeem life on the surface of the Earth and the rehabilitation of the soul through Christic and celestial impulses.

Children, the Mirrors of Heaven are transmitters of codes and new behaviors for the life of the surface of the planet. When a consciousness truly prays from the heart, without seeking anything in exchange, simply being in a spirit of cooperation with the Plan of God, the doors of these Celestial Mirrors open to enter into spiritual regions of the planet where the Redemption and the Mercy of God are imperative.

A Mirror of Heaven can be manifested in various ways, because as it is an instrument of the Spiritual Universe, it is shown according to the urgent need in a world such as yours.

The communication between the Mirrors of Heaven is established when all creatures created by God are in prayer; it is there where these Mirrors are activated and begin to draw principles of universal life to the Earth that humanity has lost completely, such as for example: 

Reverence for the Creator.

Love for higher states.

Search for an inner union with Christ.

Hope of receiving a healing.

Rediscovering the true origin.

Fusion with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Accomplishment of the spiritual mission of humanity.

Therefore, dear children, the Mirrors of Heaven help to rediscover the spiritual meaning and reason for being present here, on this planet, with the Kingdoms of Nature, participating in the creation of this Divine Project that is humanity; a project that must be accomplished beyond anything else.

The planetary consciousness, in the last 50 years, has been helped a great deal because of the constant risk that humanity experiences of missing the opportunity of concretizing this project, that is unknown to 99% of beings.

Thus, the Work of the Celestial Hierarchy with humanity has been incalculable and urgent, with the hope that more consciousnesses wake up to the real need of an inner and planetary change that, if it does not take place, would compromise the whole world.

So that this step, which must be taken by all, may be possible amidst this initial transition the Earth is facing, many of the attitudes, the forms and the habits of life must change so that the spiritual energy, in this case that of the Celestial Mirrors, will help to transform the terrestrial consciousness.

For this to occur, the planetary life will experience its tests. Certain tendencies and habits of material life will change abruptly when the Celestial Universe of the Mirrors begins to approach the planet through the divine streams that will be acquired by praying souls.

When this becomes more conscious, the Earth will already be at the peak of its transition. Thus, your Mother is teaching you the art of praying, so that your hearts may be spokespersons and examples of these subtle principles.

I thank you for responding to My universal plans!

Who awakens you to universal life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I come to ask the world to convert itself into a true mirror of prayer that reflects peace for itself and for the lost souls.

Who will accept My offer?

Who will understand the urgency of My message?

May your lives be a mirror of Prayer, of Mercy, of Piety.  Permit that, in these times and through prayer, the celestial spheres of the mirrors of My Heart radiate those all the time.

The definitive hour approaches and I must train My praying mirrors so that they may reflect the true principle of humility, of purity, and of simplicity.

My Heart congregates you through the sacred vigils of prayer, so that after almost three years of continuous prayer you, My children, may learn to work at the planetary level.  For this, every month I ask you to gather in order to pray with the heart, more than with words; the true ability of praying is found in the art of knowing to love it, beyond knowing or not the language in which it is being prayed.

Children, a true mirror can be the soul itself, which is the first to receive the impulse of the spirit, and the spirit is filled by the celestial spheres of prayer.

Every month, as your Mother and Universal Governess, I have attempted to make you learn correctly about this school of the mirrors of prayer; a school that is based on unity, on the non-competition, and mainly, that is free from arrogance and from human pride, because these are the aspects of the superficial human life that poison the life of a praying-mirror-soul.

This school in which many participate is constituted by the most simple and surrendered in order to search all the time for the path of the prayer of the heart that is the first school for the Christic discipleship.  To be a mirror does not mean to have ability or self-impetus; to be a mirror is to be in a permanent inner emptiness, because the being’s inner strength to reflect good things is given by the Love of the Celestial Father that lives in you, since He is the Greatest Mirror of the Creator Mercy.

Dear children, why do I tell you these things?

Because in order to fulfill the mission entrusted by your Heavenly Mother it is time, through the instruction that you have received, for you to be able to reflect good principles and fraternal attitudes.  As long as your lives be under self control and your determination, in truth I tell you, dear Children, that you will not be able to reach the state of a true and pure inner mirror.

The planet needs true emanations of Mercy, and this will be possible when you let go the reins of personal power and of the pride that blinds you.

I come to guide you towards My Kingdom of the Greater Mirrors, where sources of life and of light-energy that radiate to the whole universe exist, which is the first school of your great learning.

If one day you decide to surrender to My Heart I will be able to count on you as part of My praying army of the Mirrors of God’s Mercy.  I wait for you and I ask you to reflect good actions.  Abandon the old being, and take advantage of the last Grace that I bring to you.

Peace and Redemption!

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who elevates you to the Mirror of the Inner Healing of the Kingdom of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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