A soul that sought to deepen their strength in Christ, to be renewed in Him in the face of each test, asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, where does the faith of the first Christians come from? Where does the strength of those who knew and know how to surrender their lives out of love come from?"

And the Lord responded, saying: "It is not only the faith of the first Christians, beloved soul, but also the faith of all those who know how to surrender their lives out of love for God, based on the certainty of My Celestial Existence. These souls know that their testimony of love rescues and inspires those who are without hope and those who have lost their faith. They know that their example generates merits for the salvation of the greatest sinners. They know that their life is like a breath, as fragile and passing, but that during this brief breath, they must love with all their being, and all their heart.

According to the commandment left to them by My Son, there is no greater love than who gives their life for their friends. And to give your life, little soul, is not only to die but, above all, to give of yourself with all of your being and all of your heart, to be a living testimony of the surrender and the love, of the Grace and the Mercy that flowed and continues to flow from the Crucified Heart of Christ.

For this reason, My soul, allow your striving to be in loving and of more deeply entering into My Love. In this way, all the faith and all the Grace will be revealed to you."

May this dialogue, children, teach you to be strengthened in God rather than in the world, and that in the quick breath of life, you may know how to love with all that you are.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



As days go by, the special moment draws closer in which your Redeemer will place His Feet again on the sacred ground of South America and will enter one of the regions destined to be the New Earth, Argentina.

Beyond the social, political and human decadence, Argentina is a country blessed by the beauty of the Creation of God and the most precious landscapes, from Tierra del Fuego to the peaks of Jujuy, serve as immaculate and inner sites so that the Hierarchy may always be present there.

The Celestial Father knows that the majority of His children of Argentina and of all of South America are going through the first cycle of the transition of the Earth. But beyond what is done by the leaders and those responsible in the equity of the South American nations, in beloved Argentina, there are souls with great hearts that beat and are moved by the coming of the Redeemer.

It is like an inner impulse that never ends, it is a love of the Argentines that matures as time and experiences go by.

It is My ardent desire to be received once again by the love that beats in each heart of Argentina, so that the doors of Heaven may be kept open and may all be filled by the Love of the Lord, a Love that will always renew you and give you the impulse to continue forward.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Be My disciples in unity so that unity may always reign and this unity may take you to the love of the heart, because in the love of the heart you will find the way out and the answer before the circumstances of life. 

Be My disciples in unity so that unity may take you to absolute understanding and this unity may awaken goodwill in the hearts of My followers.

Be My Disciples in unity because while you live this Law you will not be subjected to the laws of the world.

The sacred unity awakens you to the knowledge of what is true and comes from God, that which no man can achieve, but onlt through divine intervention.

Be My disciples in unity because you will always find service in the life of each one, you will find the possibility to alleviate, through unity, any internal situation.

Be My disciples in unity and there will be no confrontation or contradictions. In you will exist the divine breath of unity that will lead you to live My Project.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ


Seek always the states of peace and, within them, the reverence and respect for your fellow being, for life and for the Plan of God.

Seek to transform your patterns of behavior and thus elevate them. In this way, you will be of service to this humanity, so often conflicted and unconscious before their fellow being, before life and before God.

May the peace and love achieved in your prayers remain in your days, in this way, your prayer will come alive; you will make your prayer constant and eternal.

The more in harmony your heart is, the closer you will be to the Wisdom of God for the times of chaos.

Elevate your consciousness beyond the confusion of the human mind so as to know how to discern, define, guide and lead when the moment comes.

Wisdom and discernment will be rare attributes in the times of chaos, and in spite of this, human destiny will depend on these attributes and divine gifts because each step must be meditated upon, each decision must be made with wisdom, each definition done with discernment and with love, because beings will be writing the story of humanity and of Creation with their own lives.

Therefore, pray and be at peace.

Everything starts in states of peace and of union with God, because it is from the Celestial Father that wisdom and discernment arrive for finding His Path.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



At this time, everything is allowed.

It is allowed that humanity express the imbalance that is inside of them, through excessive actions empty of love, empty of God. And at the same time, it is allowed that the spirit of unity pulsates within the pure of heart and manifests in the expression of love between races, cultures and religions.

It is allowed that families dissolve and live the laws of chaos and disharmony, generating conflicts and lack of love amongst beings who have united to learn together how to love. But, in the same way, it is allowed for families to heal themselves and express the archetype of a new life, evolving and growing as a family group, walking towards God.

It is allowed that chaos dissolve the inner peace of beings and to cause them lack of hope. In the same way, it is permitted for an unknown love to emerge from the heart of those who say yes and who believe in the miracle of the renewal of the Love of God through their essences.

Everything is allowed, but everything happens according to the choices of each being.

It is allowed that there be chaos and evil in the world, but it is also allowed that a love capable of healing all things may emerge.

Therefore, in these times of definitions, when the heavenly laws touch the Earth to battle with the false laws of the world and to institute a new life, decide and define yourselves according to the purity of your essences, following that which is within you and that which makes you similar to God.

You have my blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part IX

For group co-living and the spiritual awakening of pilgrims, the area of Redención 4 must someday be expressed.

It will be an area for families who have consecrated themselves to the path of the spirit but at the same time, it will be an area that will receive the pilgrims who come to the Marian Center to share the liturgies and the meetings of prayer.

Redención 4 will also, in a part of its area, express co-living with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. That co-living of families with the Younger Kingdoms will also be an opportunity for serving them and to alleviate their suffering and give them the love of the heart. That area will gather together families who will be applying to live a different life than what is offered by the world.

Redención 4 will also be a welcoming place where children will have the alternative school, Parque Tibetano, as a foundation, an educational experience that, within other Light-Communities, has enriched and formed the spirit of the littlest ones. Redención 4 will also have an area dedicated to sports so that children and families may have a better quality of life.

In this sense, Redención 4 will offer a space more akin to the degree of evolution of each human being. The families will have the support of the activities of service to the Kingdoms of Nature, primary and secondary education through the Parque Tibetano school, as well as an area dedicated to physical education to optimize the quality of life through recreation for the children.

This area will be one of temporary residence, and as the families gradually mature and confirm their commitment to the Plan as a family, then as members of the Community they will be able to take on other areas and other sectors of the communal group life.

Redención 4 will also dedicate a section for receiving the journeying pilgrims, who, throughout all of the areas of Aurora, have no place to stay.

It would be a very clear objective for the families of the Light Network to work together with other families to manifest Redención 4, that space within the Work of Love that families need to be able to find a place where to live and also share as members of the Community.

This is another commitment and offering of the Spiritual Hierarchy for the families that have lately demonstrated inner changes and for those which are currently affected by the world as a whole and need to find a space to better serve God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Heart of God is fulfilled within the praying souls that, with their simplicity, strive to fulfill His Plan.

The Heart of God is renewed in hope, through the hearts that cry out for the world and that, despite their imperfections and difficulties, aspire to live love and brotherhood.

The Heart of God opens the Source of Mercy for the Earth, in times of Justice, when it finds sincerity in the inner worlds and truth within the clamor of beings.

The power of prayer and of the effort to live a fraternal evolutionary life is still unknown by humanity. But today, I tell you, children, that it is because of these simple things that the world continues to exist, and that the project of life on Earth continues to be a hope for the evolution and growth, for all universal life.

Therefore, when you have no strength to pray or when you are unstimulated to do good and love your brothers as they are, remember the Father who is in the center of the universe, as well as in the center of your hearts, waiting for a response from your beings, however small.

Remember that every effort, however small and imperfect, pleases the Heart of God and renews It. As much as you cannot be and do what you wanted and thought, at least try, every day, because it is the effort that makes you worthy of a new opportunity. 

It is the effort which makes the Mercy continue to be poured upon the world. It is the effort that transforms the life on Earth. Here your efforts help to rescue the souls that are in the most lost and forgotten places of this world.

I know that it is difficult to trust in the invisible, but that is the mystery of the faith for which you are called to live in this time. Experience, within yourself, the certainty that God observes and accompanies you and that whatever you do, in the name of a new life and of a new Earth, renews the hope for all of Creation.

In the Cosmos, far beyond the Earth, there exists entire civilizations,  as many as the infinite stars that you see in the sky at night, waiting for Love to be renewed in the hearts.

Love, children, is not born alone; it emerges from the effort, it sprouts from the sacrifice, it lives through the heart that is willing to have faith and live under the principle of faith every day.

With this I renew you and I thank you for persevering, responding to the call of God.

The day will come when you will see, upon the Tree of Life, the fruits of the Christic Love which today germinates in your hearts.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Within this beginning cycle, child, deepen your vision of life so that you may move away from human superficialities and take a step toward the Truth of God.

Contemplate the world around you, the cities, the families, the lands, the Kingdoms of Nature and seek the essence of life in the depths of each.

Know that the nations exist for a purpose, the cultures exist for a purpose, beings, the Kingdoms of Nature, nothing was created by chance. Everything was manifested through a divine thought, that brought a goal with it and which collaborates in the evolution of all beings.

Each expression of life on Earth, such as the groups of consciousnesses of a specific nation, their geographic space, their culture, began with the Thought of God, which carried the Divine purpose with It.

Throughout the centuries, the deviation of beings from their evolution also caused the nations, the cultures and even the Kingdoms of Nature to deviate from their evolutionary purpose.

In this new cycle, with your thought, with your prayers and with your respect for life, begin to attract this perfect principle, manifested by God, that has remained hidden both in beings and in life.

In spite of that still being a mystery to you, and that you do not know what each being, each nation or culture is to express, simply pray, child, and ask the Father for His Thought to express inside of life, through His creatures.

Respect each being as well as each nation as bearers of the divine presence, carriers of the Thought of God. After you respect, you learn to love, and love will be the key that will open the inner worlds and reveal to the beings the truth about themselves, the truth about life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Just love one another, as I loved you, as Father and Lord, from My Birth until My Ascension.

Love one another always, and may this love of the heart never be missing from you, however poor or imperfect, may it be true and healthy love, capable of understanding and of accepting everything.

Love one another, much more than I love you, and surpass Me in love and in surrender. I have told you that you would do greater things than I did and this continues to be real and current for Me.

Love one another until you can express compassion, honesty, and transparency.

Love one another without fearing to unmask your characters and to only live for love and in love.

Love one another because it will be the love between brothers and sisters, disciples and friends, that will liberate you from yourselves.

Love without fearing to always say “yes” and to donate yourselves much more than I donated myself.

Love one another so that love may abound on Earth and so that it may be love that will defeat evil, falsehood and all pride.

Love one another in truth and you will fulfill My great Commandment.

Love one another and peace will not be lacking.

I thank all of you who made it possible to fulfill My call this year and those who will fulfill it next year so that the graces may abound on Earth.

Who blesses you always,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


In the face of the movements and events of the end of times, My Heart pacifies and neutralizes all forms so that souls may become aware and perceive what is wrong.

This is the time of the greatest challenges and of infinite tests; and there will be only one way to overcome everything, and it is through the love of the heart.

If there were enough love in the heart, and above all, in the consciousness, nothing that will happen would change the development and the awakening of the consciousness because everything would be a possibility for increasing the degrees of love and of drawing to the planet the opportunities that hundreds of souls lost through their various errors.

In this sense, the opportunity to serve and to attend to others will be expanded; sometimes it will only be necessary to listen to be able to open the inner spaces so that healing may descend.

These are times in which everything will be evaluated and nobody will be able to isolate themselves or omit this evaluation because it will be within them. This evaluation will define the next path and the next school and will not depend on the responsibility of anyone, because it will be a moment between the soul and God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


To me, children are the most perfect and beautiful manifestation of the Purity and Innocence of God, because in them is held the original essence, the perfect code that will have to evolve and advance through time.

In children, there is something that is profoundly real, and that is the love that can be born naturally from them, without having to force anything.

The love of children can dissolve conflicts between nations and even mitigate the end of time catastrophes.

If children received spiritual education on the existence of the Universe and of the Heavenly Father, they would acquire greater inner capacities in order to be able to modify and correct the times because, for the existence of God's Purity within them, their intercession before impossible situations is greater.

For the most part, children offer themselves since their origins, that is, before emerging, to serve humanity unconditionally and, in many cases, without total awareness of what they do or what they feel, their spirits are capable of offering themselves as victims of the Love of God for the salvation of the whole humanity at any given time on the planet.

When I was present on Earth children were My main consolation because I knew that in them I could find that part of God that consoles and sustains at crucial moments.

Children are the portal to My Heart because in them lies the essence of what God thought of when He created mankind.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


First Message

From the Great Star of the Universe, I greet you and send My Message of peace to the world.

Today My Words emanate from the heart of Andromeda, a place from where the Universes of this Universe are governed, and many more Universes that are ruled by the Law of the Hierarchy, and are under the care of the great universal Consciousnesses.

I have come to Argentina to correct it in its purpose, to again lead it towards the path of the light.

This is why I extend My Hand to the People of God, so that they may hold on to Me tightly and follow Me on the pathway of the true faith and of the new hope.

From Andromeda, I emit My Voice to the world and especially to Argentina, knowing that it is a people that needs to straighten its paths to be able to accomplish the Purpose of God, to be able to vivify it, to be able to fulfill it, in these critical times, in which everything is at stake.

What I ask you today is nothing new, companions, just only remember your commitment so that you can remember your origin, knowing that this material life does not end here and that after this life there is much more to learn.

The Universes offer themselves so that you can learn in its sacred Schools, where everything is written and where everything is accomplished.

Therefore, I invite you on these days to drink of My Mercy so that you can drink of the Source of Knowledge, a knowledge that reveals the Truth to you, a knowledge that will give you the peace and the wisdom that you need for these critical times.

But My coming to Argentina will not avoid many other things more that happen in these days and in these times.

Freedom is still in the hands of humankind.

Freedom is what can lead you to God or what can condemn you without you perceiving it.

For this reason, the choice is in each human heart, the choice of living in God or not being in God, of submerging in the Love of God or moving away from the Love of God.

Nobody will be forced to live a spirituality that they have not yet understood, nor felt inside.

But what I can promise to Argentina is just My Love and My Mercy. Streams that will lead you to find the Divine Purpose, to find the answer that you are looking for so much, for a long time.

Thus, I am gradually forming My new soldiers, the soldiers of the last times. I am gradually building the inner Christ in the dwellings of all beings, the inner Christ who will live the end of times, the one who will give testimony, in My Name, that I am here among you and with you.

For this reason, today My Voice is emitted from Andromeda, a place where the Universal Government dwells and complies the Divine Laws of this Material Universe; a place where great decisions are taken for the evolution and the awakening of the consciousnesses, for the infinite expression of more degrees of love, of a greater Love than the one I could conceive when I was on Earth among you, a long time ago.

At that moment, I had left you a key that would help you to transcend all times and all generations, all experiences and all learnings.

It is the love for life what will rebuild Argentina, beyond the mistakes and faults.

Love is what will heal, it is what will fill.

Love will concede you peace and thus you will live in justice.

It will be worthless to oppose one another, because even though inequalities exist, which are seen by all, what matters for God, companions, is the destiny of your nation and its people, as a Promised Land, that will no longer have injustices nor inequalities, which will be permeated by the Presence of God, in the perfect living of His Beloved Son, in the heart of humanity.

Do not fight for what is material, although it is unjust.

Build in you what is true and what comes from God, what will really make you free, someday, to reach the Kingdom of God, which is inside of you.

Living in the Kingdom of God you will be in communion with the High and it will be no longer a religion nor a doctrine, because your religion, companions, regardless of any other, will be love.

It is love that will lead you to live service and fraternity towards your brothers and sisters.

It is love that will allow you to build brotherhood and thus be able to live the new life that will repopulate Earth in the coming times.

But while you live your internal and external transition, do not fight, do not oppose to one another any longer. Seek this justice in the Gift of the Mercy of God and everything will pass.

Thus God will make justice, as the Great Divine Consciousness that He is, and His children will finally represent Him on Earth, as He so much has expected since the beginning.

Be capable of living My Words beyond the senses.

Be capable of risking to do a little bit more than you do or than what you have achieved in your lives, because everything will start again in love, and from love will begin. The rest will become dust and to dust will return.

In your spirits is the Sacred Reliquary of My Heart.

In your souls, the presence of My Soul can be, so that you may be in communion with the Divine Justice and in a perfect balance.

Therefore, from Andromeda, a Voice of equality is emitted and the Great Star of this Universe calls you to the elevation of the consciousness, to step out of forms and battles, to achieve the true meaning of your existence and of your mission on Earth as individuals, as a people and as a country.

Close the doors to chaos. Open the doors to My Divine Mercy because thus My Presence will triumph in you and My Energy will triumph in your nation.

The time has come to perceive reality and not deceits.

The time has come, companions of Argentina, of climbing one more step to approach God and to feel His Love that fills and fills you, time and again.

Be a people that deserves Divine Justice and not human justice. Thus you will learn to be in balance and in harmony with the Universe.

Andromeda emits its voice, from the Universe to your planet, so that you can listen to it and count on its great Government that is celestial and complies with the superior commands that the Eternal Father dictates.

Join this chain of prayer for peace and prevent chaos to submerge you.

Be intelligent and activate the prayer of the heart so that your own inner Mirrors may dissolve all reigning darkness.

For this reason, Andromeda comes to bless you and consecrate you so that each human heart and each soul may listen to the Voice of the Universe and receive, from Andromeda, the spirit of peace.

May your offering for this Marathon be true as you have demonstrated on these last days.

Because the Universe is contemplating all your efforts, however small they may seem. All efforts add to the descent of Divine Mercy that allow to love the enemies and forgive the unjust ones.

Encourage yourselves to surpass Me in love and you will find the Truth.

Encourage yourselves to be My testimonials and you will be free, as you expect so much.

The Kingdom of God is inside of you and it must remain there throughout the times, for the Sacred Will to be fulfilled.

I thank you for having said “yes” to Me for this meeting, because this means much to Me, as a Divine and Universal Consciousness.

Here exists very valuable souls and very important spirits for the Creation. This is why you are in Argentina and not in another place.

Everything in the Creation has a divine meaning and a superior Purpose to be manifested.

Be part of this universal current that comes from Andromeda and recognize, in these times, your mission with humanity.

May in this Marathon of springtime, the love of your hearts flourish.

May your hands, arms and feet give the fruits of service and walk to meet those who are most in need, so that Mercy may reach all, without distinction.

May the Light of the Spirit of Andromeda bless you in the name of the Sacred Brotherhood.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


And someday, you will come to Heaven to be with Me, and you will tell Me how your experience of love and forgiveness on Earth went.

You will tell Me, step by step, what you have lived for My cause, and I will bless you again in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, your wounds will be healed and you will no longer remember anything about suffering. You will enter through the main door of the Kingdom of the Heavens to unite with and join the blessed.

There, face to face, you will find those you have truly loved, and those you once loved will approach you to give you the warmth of their fraternal embrace.

You will feel unknown happiness within your spirit and you will no longer remember the struggles you once lived to be able to overcome yourselves. You will only have the memory of the true affection you once felt from those you loved wholeheartedly and with all your strength.

You will be placed in the Fount of Purification so that your head, hands and feet may be washed, and thus, right after, you will enter the House of the Heavenly Father alone, you will come to know His Seven great Golden Portals and, before you, the majestic humility of His Kingdom will be revealed.

Therefore, I tell you that it is worthwhile to continue sacrificing yourselves for Me because, after this whole story of life, which you are going through at this moment, you will find the powerful joy of having lived in God and for God.

You will help to recreate Creation with your example of renunciation and redemption, and in your spirit, you will build the result of a long trajectory of love and service for humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


In order to enter the Heart of God and to be in His dimension of Peace in these times, you will have to fight against yourselves, against the human condition that seems to expand and grow within you, so that, surrendered to Christ, you may be more meek and humble.

When God called Me to His encounter to be part of His Plan of Redemption for the Earth, He began by breaking, inside of Me, that which was most rooted in the humanity of My time. He made Me submissive to the virginal purity of My Holy Wife, Whom I learned to love, to obey and to trust. And He made Me submissive to My little Son, born from the Holy Spirit, a part of God in a little child. 

With this, God would not only break a retrograde condition within Me but would also transform laws of a humanity that, in its time, did not know how to recognize the best of the other, but only tried to submit the neighbor and stand out. Especially a man inside of his family, even if there was love in his heart, the false power was bigger.

The Creator taught Me that without meekness, peace is not reached. It is impossible to enter His Kingdom without surrendering to humility; before learning to recognize His Presence in those who, sent by His Heart, come to the world to renew His Love.

Each child of God has been sent to Earth to renew His Love, not only in this world but in all universes. While the consciousness does not open itself to this truth and prefers to remain in the illusion of its superiority and arrogance towards the others, it will believe that it is on the path of Redemption, but, within it, neither Grace nor Mercy of God will find a place. 

If you want to communicate with the Father, children, you have the path open for this. You will be able to be eternally in the dimensions of His Kingdom, even being in this life, but for this you will have to surrender yourselves, humiliate yourselves and learn not only to love the neighbor, but also to recognize them as a treasure of God in the world, a part of His Heart.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Second Message

It is the love of My friends that makes Me come to the world many times and I do not tire of doing it, because in them I will be able to find the reason to accomplish My Work in humanity, and in all nations.

While I was in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Lord revealed to Me the wonders that would happen after My Ascension, until this moment, in which we find ourselves today.

He revealed to Me the prodigies and the works that My followers would carry out, and although it would be difficult to accomplish, and to carry forward, they would never be lacking the impetus of the Divine Spirit in order to concretize them.

After so many sufferings lived during the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night of Holy Thursday, after Our Father showed Me all that would happen, not only with My Consciousness, but also with humanity and its generations, an angel of the Lord presented itself to give Me encouragement and joy, to give Me strength and motivation to keep drinking the Chalice, that the Father was offering to Me, for the redemption of all sinners, for the salvation of humanity and for the conversion of the whole Earth and of all of its races.

The angel of the Lord showed Me what would happen after I had been on Earth and ascended to the Heavens.

No one could imagine how many prodigies God can accomplish through the souls that follow Me and live Me.

I am not here for the ungrateful, I am here for those who are consistent with Me and make an effort to be so in each stage of life, at each moment of living a greater sacrifice for My Heart and for My Consciousness, in each opportunity of just saying “yes” to Me.

This “yes” of all of My servers and followers, I use it in order to come to the world and announce the Word of God, which will resonate in the faithful hearts, which will arise as a wellspring in the humble hearts, which will transform those who have not been redeemed yet, nor imagined they could be redeemed by My Presence.

Today I bring you this reality and this revelation.

In that time, the angel of the Lord came to console Me, just as I come today to console you, and all who listen to Me.

Because love is the great key that dissolves all evil.

Love is this powerful current that transforms all, and that vivifies the souls.

The Spirit of the Love of God is invincible and eternal, just as your love for My Heart and for My Consciousness can be eternal. This is what will allow Me to come to the world; it is your faithfulness that will allow Me, through you, to fulfill the Plan that the Father gave Me for this cycle, such an acute and suffering cycle in humanity.

Thus, I invite you in this afternoon to see the positive side of things, to see the fulfillment of the Plan by means of the difficulties and tests. Because what I most hope for is that you can grow internally, that you can give testimony of My Presence and of My arrival in the world in these critical times.

Those who do not respond to Me, or have ceased to respond to Me, I will take care of; because what God has delivered as purpose for these souls cannot be interfered with, nor altered. Thus, everything will have a judgment, not only within humankind, but also in the whole Earth.

I come to pour on you My Mercy, and My Grace, so that everything may purify and sublimate. 

There is still time to save and redeem yourselves, but the first rule I ask of you is your rendition.

Who does not surrender will not be able to follow Me, and in this moment you are already seeing examples.

Rendition breaks and tears resistance.

Rendition breaks the hardest rock of consciousness and the most impossible obstacle of the being.

Love will win together with the rendition of the souls who surrender in faithfulness to My Heart, so that I can build the new in each one of them.

My testimony is to tell you the Truth, because the Truth is love and it is transparency.

Transparency must be the stamp engraved in your hearts, so that you can endure the times that will come without deceptions, nor interferences.

I still need you to work on this, even if it costs you, even if you do not know how to live it, even if you have not incarnated it in yourselves yet.

Live in My inner Transparency and you will always find the Truth, and the heart of your beings will not be lonely, it will be filled by My Spirit and My Grace, in order to be renewed, from time to time.

In this afternoon I encourage you to contemplate the greatness that the angel of the Lord revealed to Me, through the last witnesses that would pronounce My Name to the world and would say that I am already returning, to definitely change this humanity.

Thus, be brave and follow the Star of the Confraternity of My Heart, which will be the emblem that will guide you when I am no longer present, and only My Words will be the testimony of My Love for you and for humanity, so you can remember that in each message delivered, I left you an important key, in order to change.

My Heart feels bliss for those who correspond to Me.

My Heart feels plenitude for those who participate in My Work and make it theirs in their lives, at each moment of prayer, at each moment of service for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature, at each moment in which you say “yes” to the Lord.

Thus, let your hearts not be mistaken, because if I am still here it is because I need something from you, and you have to give it to Me for the Plan to be fulfilled.

There is nothing more important, companions, than the Kingdom of God being fulfilled on Earth, and the souls being participants in My Celestial Church, in the confines of the world and in each inner being.

Yesterday I gave you the revelation of My pain for those who offend Me; today I give you the revelation of My joy, the joy that the angel of the Lord gave Me for those who accept Me in an unconditional and true way.

I do not need you to be perfect, I need you to be transparent and very crystalline, as the water that runs in the rivers and which encompasses great oceans.

Submerge in this potency of My living and resplendent Heart, and evil will not find you or confound you there. 

Because who is true to My Heart, will be able to be true with their brother or sister, will be able to say “yes” to Me and to their neighbor. Even when you believe you will not manage, even when you think you will not be able to donate yourselves, you will be able to do it, when you confirm your “yes” to My Heart.

The pain may be deep in the Heart of the Master, but the joy that is given to Me, from those who serve Me, is eternal and invincible.

Cling to the living Attributes of My Heart, so that I can keep working in the world, and you will see in a short time, and what I tell you is not symbolic, you will see in a short time, many more who will come, in an unthinkable way, to the Work of your Master and Lord.

May unity be established in the heart of those who want to follow My Path.

I will not stop Myself for those who deny Me.

I will not move away from those who follow Me.

I will not detain My steps for those who turn their back on Me, because My Heart will triumph, just as the Living Heart of God triumphed on the Cross, in His Son.

But now, I will not shed My Blood to demonstrate to you that God died on the Cross for you, to forgive you for your offenses and ingratitude.

Now I will demonstrate the current of My Grace and My Mercy, which will illuminate the hearts of the world, forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Upon your chest, may the Star of Confraternity shine, may it blaze light upon the spaces and open the doors toward redemption.

Upon your chest, may the Star of Confraternity shine, may it radiate all the love of your heart toward the planet.

Upon your chest, may the Star of Confraternity shine, may it may pour out the codes of redemption upon the world.

Upon your chest, may the Great Star of the Brotherhood shine, may it represent the union of souls with God upon Earth.

Upon your chest may the Great Star of the Brotherhood shine, may it be a symbol of the Love of God on Earth.

Upon your chest may the Great Star of Love shine, with its potency may it reach all essences in redemption.

Upon your chest may the Great Star of Light shine, may it circulate throughout the spaces in order to generate an awakening.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


And it will be I Who will help you to get through the dark night of the soul, to overcome and cross its coldest deserts.

And it will be I Who will fill you within and will give you the inner strength that you need to learn, in My Name, to overcome the obstacles of the consciousness.

And it will be I Who tells you the way and not any other person, because the Light that emerges from My Heart is inextinguishable.

And it will be I Who will take away the emptiness or the lack of love, because I will always fill you with new things, with radiant energies that only come from the Spiritual Universe.

It will be I Who will give you the impulse every day to be nothing and to be everything to others, knowing that, in this school of the Earth, the first lesson is the love of the heart.

It will be I Who will grant you the peace and the joy of being able to live in the Eternal Father. There will be no other path, but only the Path of the Master.

It will be I Who will dry your tears and will wash your face so you may continue forward smiling at life, at the fullness of service; knowing that at each new step, as in each new surrender, you will be learning to die inwardly for Me, as I died for you on the Cross.

I will be the new Cyrenian who will help you carry your cross, because I know your miseries, but I also know your skills. All I want is that everything be done for Me.

It will be I Who will grant you the Mercy that you need.

It will be I Who will open the door for you so that someday you may enter into the Celestial Kingdom.

I will be everything to you, if you allow me.

I thank you for holding my words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Community of Mary

Dear children:

It is with supreme joy that today your Celestial Mother announces the manifestation of Her marian community, which will be integrated within the existing Communities and will welcome all souls that have just taken their first steps towards the consecration to God and to His Divine Plan.

That is the reason why your Celestial Mother will manifest the Community of Mary so that those souls, who have just awakened, can receive the accompaniment and the love they need to continue walking in the concretion of the Plan of the Creator.

This Community will not be different from the other ones and, in its lap of love, it will receive the brothers and sisters who come from the world and that need special care and instructions.

The Community of Mary will be the central heart of your Heavenly Mother, both for the pilgrims and for the first servers, which are born in these times, to the awakening of the spiritual life.

It will be a merciful, simple, orderly and true community.

It will be a community that will accompany and will adapt to the interior and material reality of each being.

Just as your Mother has accepted humanity as Her children, the spiritual Community of Mary, in a compassionate and considerate way, will welcome, with joy and love, the heart of all souls that will be entering the primary service of the Plan of God and the Work of the Divine Messengers.

Children, it is thus that we are already in other times and it will be fundamental to perceive and see the planetary reality; this will help so that the other Communities-of-Light, already founded, can continue responding to the needs of these times and not remain stationary in their own time or understanding.

It is time to open the doors of the heart even more, just as your Mother of Heaven gives you Her Heart, so that you can live in it, all the time.

That is what I desire from all of My already formed servers, that you can welcome and receive those who arrive with great love and not with rejection.

It is time for the graceful Communities-of-Light which are already founded to fulfil their main mission which, by their existence, they came to fulfil.

If these changes are accompanied by all in confidence and without misgivings, it will greatly help so that your Celestial Mother may continue congregating souls so different from you, those who will also deserve the consolation and the Mercy of God.

The Community of Mary will make no difference; on the contrary, children, the Community of Mary will come and will manifest itself before your lives and hearts so that you may comprehend and believe that we are already in another cycle.

Blessed will be those who trust in My designs because they will never lack wisdom.

The spiritual Community of Mary is the gift of God for the planetary life, life, which in these times, by its own actions and by human errors, loses the codes of christification daily.

For this reason, the Community of Mary will come to guide and assist the souls that have never learned to serve God, but that at this time will awaken to the inner call of My Maternal Heart.

May the Community of Mary be the sincere aspiration of those who believe in God.

I thank you for listening to Me with the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

First Message

With My Light Blue Ray of Grace, I radiate to the world and I await an answer from it.

Even in the patience of My Spirit, I wait for an answer.

And I would like from My companions that, after everything that has been received during the last days, discords, doubts or contradictions among Mine and among the fellow beings do not exist.

Because what I have given you during the last days cannot be lost; it will be your responsibility to preserve it and to have this bear fruit in the future.

It is not time to think about yourselves, but about what the world and its humanity need, because you were always rewarded with the treasures of Heaven, more than many souls in the world. 

I need bonds and deep alliances among the consciousnesses that can bear what will come and that do not fear My Fire, which purifies everything and transcends everything.

But I will not be able to penetrate in those spaces of consciousness where I am not allowed. I will not be able to have more time to wait for you, as I have done it many times before.

It is time to assume what has been received and not waste it.

The Instruction that I come to leave for the world is an Instruction for the future humanity and that begins from now on, within you, with the certainty of doing good and not destroying it for anything.

The conviction to fulfill My Laws and to carry them forward in this final time must arise in you. In this way, My Light Blue Ray of Grace will be able to continue descending to the world, because I will have depository souls of My Light in this humanity.

Although everything happens and everything is unleashed, I will continue working for the world and its humanity.

I will ask the Rays of the Universe to continue descending upon the souls so that all times and all forms, structures and resistances may be unblocked.

There is still a lot to do and there is no time. This is something that many have not understood yet, but the majority have not accepted it although it has been said many times.

I do not come to the world to speak to you through theories or philosophies but rather through concrete words that announce what will happen. That is why you are in a preparation that you cannot stop living every day, at every moment, at every instant.

My Words cannot be kept in the unconscious of this world and by no means of its humanity.

My Words must be a reflection of a Work that can be realized from time to time and through the instruments that I am calling by their names.

It may seem difficult to do everything that I ask you, but if you really learn to be in Me, everything will be possible, although it does not seem so.

That is why your relationship with your brothers must be impeccable, free of conflicts, free of value judgments.

It must be a healthy relationship in the spirit so that this may reflect in the consciousness and your consciousnesses may be able to cover many more things that they still do not do.

You must reach the level that I ask you, and that is achieved with constancy and determination, with a ravishing faith; and, in this way, you will not leave behind all the needs that the Universe presents to you from time to time.

The legacy that I came to give you in this last Sacred Week is a legacy that will not be repeated. As much as it has seemed the same, I have delivered different things, new impulses, unknown currents of the Universe.

So that you can understand the Science in which I work, which is not from this Earth, you must love My Words one by one, even if you do not understand them or if you cannot make them part of yourselves in this time.

Love is what allows the Purpose to be radiated and to be literally fulfilled.

In love, things do not become distant nor unattainable.

In love, everything is understood and accepted.

There is nothing that love cannot bear; on the contrary, love, because it is alive and elevated, covers everything.

If there are discords and conflicts among My companions it is because My Love has not worked in you, at all.

You must learn to endure the fire of transformation that I bring you, because it is for a greater good that you will still get to know.

The unity among you will allow My opponents not to approach, not even to know what you are doing or what you are fulfilling in My Name.

I am not saying that you will be free from battles or from challenges, because you are learning to overcome the duality of these times, as humanity and as a planet.

But you cannot lose the Teachings that I give you, you cannot stop looking for them not even for a moment, because there is the way to be in true good and in true peace.

I need you assuming the Plan for the end of times, the Plan of God, which is this part of the Purpose that must still be fulfilled on this planet and with this humanity.

Being eight days with Me is no coincidence nor a mystery, it is a reality that you must learn to accept. 

The Father Who is All-embracing, Omnipresent and Omnipotent, still respects the freedom of His children, because He knows that they must learn in this school that the planet offers them day by day.

But you will not be able to go to My Kingdom with pending subjects in the school of spirituality and of service, of brotherhood and of good, of mercy. 

You must live that experience of redemption even in the greatest limits or even in the greatest tests.

You and many more in the world, in the name of all humanity, must witness through your own experience of redemption and forgiveness, that it is possible to realize this Project, even after the Resurrection of Christ.

You must affirm that the genetic of this humanity can be changed, transformed, transmuted and sublimated, that it is possible for Christic Love to overcome and, thus, the Plan triumphs over the forces of chaos.

But as long as duality exists in this world, which is something that will be defined in the next time, there will still be great internal and external battles and you will have to seek help in My Heart and in My Words, remembering and reliving the legacy that I gave you with an immeasurable Love, which still many have not understood.

I must be clear, precise, fair and true. I tell you again that there is no time.

While everything happens rapidly in the world and within the consciousnesses, it is necessary to learn to grow with speed, at an unknown speed that even matter cannot accompany, but the spirit and even more the disposition of the soul can.

New Laws are beginning to act on the planet for this final time, in order to define all the things that need to be resolved.

But if this does not begin first within you, it will not be able to happen in the world.

That is why the apostles of the last times are apostles who are different from those of the past, because we are facing a reality that can no longer be hidden, not even by the media and the news.

What is written is being fulfilled step by step.

For this reason, it is necessary to define yourselves with caution and surrender to a greater disposition, knowing that your imperfections will go with you until the end of your days, until the inner prison is finally opened so that the spirit may reach its freedom and may be united to the Source with all the experience lived on this planet.

We are working for a redemption that is gradual, that takes place step by step and not with great advances.

It is necessary to understand that the genetic of humanity has become imperfect because of its errors and deviations.

After 2018 years, I come, at the request of the Father, to correct humanity, so that it may learn to be free of itself and of its own illusions, as well as of its own fantasies.

And that change will be painful, nothing will be light. Remove the roots of authority, power and inertia will be painful; but I bring an inner balm in My Heart that no one has, to pour it out over those who truly accept it. It is the balm of My Mercy, which release all faults and all sufferings when you only trust in Me.

It is not time to get lost in superficial things, it is time to look on the inside and find oneself, not with pride or selfishness, but with a spirit of humility, simplicity and love, asking yourselves every day: "Lord, what else should I do to serve you?"

And so your miseries or disturbances will be small, because you will be busy in universal service, in the constant love of giving yourselves a little more every day, to make My Kingdom triumph on this planet. 

All souls will live their tests, no one will be free of them.

But have hope in what I promise you, because after this difficult time a better time will come, where it will no longer be necessary to experience pain nor suffering, nor will there exist a feeling of guilt for not being able to achieve everything.

On the contrary, you will have already learned to overcome duality, which will no longer prevail in the world nor in the consciousnesses. You will learn, through Me, to be free.

May this Marathon represent a deep reflection on everything that has been received, a constant confirmation of your spirits for My Works of peace in the world.

I would like this Marathon to be the moment for each being to find its purpose, which descends from Heaven and from the Universe to awaken souls in their mission.

I do not want you to take My Words as punishment, but rather as an opportunity of transcendence, to advance in the Light and to defeat evil.

May My greatest aspirations to see, in a short time, New Christs accomplishing their mission in humanity be fulfilled in you.

Offer this Marathon for those who are asleep, for those who are distracted, for those who have not had the Grace to be in My Presence yet, as in these last days many had.

Offer each moment to your Master and Lord as a gift of love to the King of the Universe, be it in the action of the day-to-day, in the prayer, in the Communion, as in the unity with the neighbor, so that My Spirit of Peace may always prevail in you. 

May the Lord bless you for this new cycle of awakening and of assuming with responsibility My Designs, so that they may materialize on the surface of this planet.

Under the Light of this Greater Center,

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children:

With joy, today your Celestial Mother presents Herself to demonstrate to the world the sacred Prodigies of God, which come from His Humble and Merciful Heart; Prodigies that allow His children to feel in their hearts that love and hope will always exist and reign.

Dear children, it is the driving force of hope and of love that defeats evil, that which from time to time, through lack of love in the hearts, makes all peoples succumb to error and adversity.

But today I come to speak to you about a special prodigy granted by the Eternal Father which will allow the realization of the sacred project of the Light-Families. A project felt and lived by the Heart of the Father and carried forward by the Work of the Divine Messengers on the planet.

The family is the model of perfection that must be sheltered and safeguarded in these critical times, so that it may incarnate the Gift of God's Love, which will make it worthy before the Universe and Creation.

As Mother of the families, I come with my Mantle of Light to protect all the beings that integrate a family, which one day must become spiritual and evolutionary.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more