Tuesday, April 24 of 2018

Daily messages

The Community of Mary

Dear children:

It is with supreme joy that today your Celestial Mother announces the manifestation of Her marian community, which will be integrated within the existing Communities and will welcome all souls that have just taken their first steps towards the consecration to God and to His Divine Plan.

That is the reason why your Celestial Mother will manifest the Community of Mary so that those souls, who have just awakened, can receive the accompaniment and the love they need to continue walking in the concretion of the Plan of the Creator.

This Community will not be different from the other ones and, in its lap of love, it will receive the brothers and sisters who come from the world and that need special care and instructions.

The Community of Mary will be the central heart of your Heavenly Mother, both for the pilgrims and for the first servers, which are born in these times, to the awakening of the spiritual life.

It will be a merciful, simple, orderly and true community.

It will be a community that will accompany and will adapt to the interior and material reality of each being.

Just as your Mother has accepted humanity as Her children, the spiritual Community of Mary, in a compassionate and considerate way, will welcome, with joy and love, the heart of all souls that will be entering the primary service of the Plan of God and the Work of the Divine Messengers.

Children, it is thus that we are already in other times and it will be fundamental to perceive and see the planetary reality; this will help so that the other Communities-of-Light, already founded, can continue responding to the needs of these times and not remain stationary in their own time or understanding.

It is time to open the doors of the heart even more, just as your Mother of Heaven gives you Her Heart, so that you can live in it, all the time.

That is what I desire from all of My already formed servers, that you can welcome and receive those who arrive with great love and not with rejection.

It is time for the graceful Communities-of-Light which are already founded to fulfil their main mission which, by their existence, they came to fulfil.

If these changes are accompanied by all in confidence and without misgivings, it will greatly help so that your Celestial Mother may continue congregating souls so different from you, those who will also deserve the consolation and the Mercy of God.

The Community of Mary will make no difference; on the contrary, children, the Community of Mary will come and will manifest itself before your lives and hearts so that you may comprehend and believe that we are already in another cycle.

Blessed will be those who trust in My designs because they will never lack wisdom.

The spiritual Community of Mary is the gift of God for the planetary life, life, which in these times, by its own actions and by human errors, loses the codes of christification daily.

For this reason, the Community of Mary will come to guide and assist the souls that have never learned to serve God, but that at this time will awaken to the inner call of My Maternal Heart.

May the Community of Mary be the sincere aspiration of those who believe in God.

I thank you for listening to Me with the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace