Wednesday, April 25 of 2018

Daily messages

The Community of Mary - Part 2

Dear children,

The Community of the Most Holy Mary should be known in the world, because, in fraternal spirit, it will unite to all the other Christian communities already existing in the world.

What God has asked Me to conceive in the manifestation of the Community of Mary is something special for Me; therefore, children, everything that can be spiritually gestated within you will help the manifestation of this Community to happen.

The Community of Mary will shelter the pilgrim souls; thus they will have a place where they can rest after the pilgrimages to the Marian Centers manifested by the Work of your Celestial Mother.

But the most important thing, children, will be the spirit of hospitality and of cordiality; attributes that will make flourish in the souls the true feeling of belonging and of participation in the Redemptive Work of the Divine Messengers.

The welcoming of the pilgrims should be for you, children, like the reception of Christ at the doors of your houses.

The House of the Pilgrim, which must be enlarged to attend to the needs of the coming times, is the reference for everyone that the work with humanity and the world should come to emerge as main mission of everyone.

It will be in this way, children, that the Work of the Divine Messengers will be fulfilled in the life of each being, existing the loving welcome and accompaniment to the pilgrims of the world, as well as the servers beginning who will donate themselves to your Celestial Mother; thus the Designs of God will be carried forward.

The Community of Mary will be the preamble for everything that will come later.

Therefore, children, the spirit of your hospitality and love, especially on behalf of the residents of the Communities, will overcome the ways of life, the own beliefs and the ideas of what, perhaps, would be the best.

With all the love of the Universe, I come on this day of prayer to present and announce to you a new phase of the work that will take place within the Work of Peace of the Divine Messengers.

The Community will not impose orders, demands nor excessive labor for the souls that awaken. It will be the principle of order and ceremonial which will motivate the souls to abandon their habits and ways of living to begin to adopt new values, which will not be rigid, but spontaneous, and which will awaken in due time, accepting the spiritual and inner moment of each soul; because, if you, children, live these principles within you, you will be free from judgments of value.

Therefore, the Community of Mary will be a mirror of the first Christian communities, which, under the company of your Heavenly Mother, were founded in Jerusalem and in the region of Galilee, Caesarea and Capernaum, after the Ascension of Our Lord.

In this time, children, the Community of Mary will arrive as an impulse from Heaven to awaken the talents in those who sleep and, thus, rebuild the spirit of this humanity.

The Community of Mary will be guided by the Order founded by My Son, and the sacramental and prayerful life will be its pillars.

The Community of Mary will try to reflect the same attributes of life lived by the first Christian communities.

I thank you for helping Me take this project ahead with Me!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace