Friday, July 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

As souls who serve lift the banner of persistence, of wisdom, of humility and of bravery of the heart, so that you may continue marching towards My Kingdom, towards the Redemption of this world.

O souls summoned by God!  To learn in this world about Love and Unity, I ask you to not lower your arms, to not tire of walking, because the trajectory of your lives will still be long.

Some will leave soon, leaving for the Earth the legacy of their learning.  Others will proceed in this world to learn a little more of everything that this planet may offer you.

I have gathered under My mantle those of My children that with bravery have surrendered all to Me and walk with faith towards the manifestation of the Great Plan of God.  And today I push them to take a step in their consciousnesses, an inner step, more than that of a physical step.

That each one may seek in My presence, the strength to transform that which until today they have not been able to do, because I bring to your lives the possibility of an intense and permanent transformation.

I want you to manifest in these fields the Kingdom of Universal Healing for the souls in search of Redemption, and that all may be healers of this world together with those who, in the planes of the spirit, work tirelessly for God.

I see many hearts that are distressed from not being able to discover the path to take the steps in their lives.  Today I say to you My little ones, that you are upon one of the most sacred areas of this world, one which makes your consciousnesses live in a permanent state of purification.  But gladden yourselves, because this purification will allow that in a future time you may serve God with perfection.

In your lives begins to emerge all that humanity as a whole must transform.  Because of this at times it becomes so difficult to walk towards the New Human.  Make use then of all the impulses that God has given you and is giving you until now so that you are not taken by the waves of imperfection that exist inside each one of you and that, once in a while, come to the surface.

My beloveds, it gladdens My Heart to see such a great family, such determined hearts that have accepted to accomplish the Greater Will.

I want you to be able to trust more in each other and that, together you may establish in these fields the Kingdom of Our Lord, of Our Heavenly Father.

Risk yourselves to live the true fraternity, to love with the heart each day a little more.  Let the virtues that you guard under seven keys emerge.  Live something new every day, renew the adventure of being surrendered to God.  Overcome the barriers of life, face the difficulties and do not hide from them.  Go towards what seems hard to you and overcome the fear of taking a new step in your consciousnesses.

Love the kingdoms of nature and discover in them a source for the transformation of your souls.  If you want to take a great step, allow yourselves to know more deeply the kingdoms that surround you.  Share your lives with them and ask the Father to open your heart, so that you may finally understand in what way you must act with these beloved kingdoms, these expressions of the Divine Love that are so reviled in this world.

My beloveds, within My words I give you many keys, take them and open the doors of your hearts.

I thank you for being at My side and for being faithful companions of the Messengers of God.

Mary, your Mother and Universal Queen