Wednesday, April 25 of 2018

Monthly messages

As in scrolls of light, God's Designs descend to the world and are delivered to the hands of men, through His Messengers.

The Creator Father told them: "Go and fulfill My Plan, without understanding, without analyzing, without resisting, go and fulfill My Plan with love, with courage, with the gratitude that is born of the spirit and manifests itself in human works and actions.”

The Creator, children, invites you, at this time, to manifest a truly fraternal Work renewed by His Spirit, where the sacred can dwell and all souls find their space, their place, unique and irreplaceable.

Contemplate the Will of God for this world, as well as for each being and you will understand that I come in this time to teach you to love and to transform this world of chaos and war.

Beloved children, with the portals open to Heaven, I come to invite you to allow this Celestial Kingdom, still hidden to the human heart today, to manifest itself on Earth.

I come to call you not only to prayer and to the awakening of a superior life that for many is still invisible; I come so that you to may learn to manifest on Earth what you seek in the highest of Heavens, and so that you thus no longer spend your lives seeking something that you will never reach, but so that you may be builders of what humanity is seeking to find, and so that you, children, may be the hands that are extended before the souls so that they may see and feel that what they have so much been looking for is palpable for them.

I come to invite you to be the ones who concretize My Plans, manifesting the superior life, and so that it may not only be spiritual but also palpable and be part of your humanity, and compose the spirit of what man manifests in matter.

In a world of wars, in a world of abysses inside and outside of beings, I come to call you to be the new, and to always be willing to be others, accompanying the flow of transformation of the Universe so that in all stages of the planet souls may find in you what they need.

I ask you, My children, to observe the celestial Designs, to understand how the Will of God moves because I won’t always be here to dictate the way to you, and for that moment your hearts should be one with the Divine Will and Wisdom, because you love it, respect and revere it, because you live and know it and experience it every day.

The time has come for the islands of salvation to fulfill their role. The world is agonizing and the life of the spirit must no longer be selective, everyone must be able to find their place and the door open to discover their way of serving God.

This cycle is a cycle of last opportunities for many spirits. Understand that your evolution and that of many of your brothers and sisters are defined at this time, in this cycle of the planet. That's why, everything that you can do for others to find God is little.

My children are lost in this world and I come to find them. For that, I must make of those, who already hear Me, My Feet that walk in the world, My Arms that guard the souls, My Hands that extend to help, My Eyes that find the lost, My Heart that welcomes those who feel abandoned and forgotten by God, and by the world.

Therefore, children, today accept ,more than the life of prayer, the life that leads you to be instruments of God in the world, and be part of My Heart and an extension of My Presence.

May this Work be the embassy of My Peace on Earth, and all of you proclaimers of My Presence.

I love and thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace