Since the birth of your Lord, up to His ascension to Heaven, as it was the moment for manifesting His Redeeming Work and awakening souls to love and truth, the Creator sent all those consciousnesses to the world that needed to learn with His Son.

And so it was that, year after year, souls shared with Christ His life on Earth.

Some experiences were quicker, others longer; some found Him only once, others many times, because God Himself, profound knower of the souls He created, was Who knew the real need of each being.

And so it was that, since the childhood of Christ, there were souls that shared in his fragility, the awakening and the manifestation of His childhood purity, the growth of His humanity and the expansion of His Divinity within that fragile body.

Each being learned something with God through His Son; something that the Creator, with His own Hands, built within souls, through Christ.

There were those souls that needed to live the glory of Christ, the revelation of the Kingdom of God in His miracles, in His Words, in His Presence. Others needed to awaken a deep, fertile and eternal love through His Passion, to carry to the world the legacy of His Love, not only in that time, but through the centuries to come. Other souls, in spite of not having looked into the Eyes of Christ, experienced His spiritual Presence and, in the silence, they were able to find Him within themselves.

I tell you this because this is the moment for turning inward and remembering.

Remembering the Child full of God that awakened purity within your hearts.

Remembering the silent and humble Youth that learned with His father in a carpentry shop while teaching him about the transformation of souls.

Remembering the Prophet of Nazareth, the one called the Nazarene, Who walked upon the hills and, with the same simplicity, did so on the waters, revealing the mysteries of God held within His Heart, as well as in the heart of each being.

The moment has come to remember the Gaze that redeemed you, the Hands that reached out toward you, to lead you into a new life, a new human being, with a simple phrase: follow Me.

To remember He who called you to leave the ship of human desires and aspirations in the sea in order to go with Him to rescue souls.

To remember He who forgave your sins and, seeing the truth within you, called you by name so that you never again turn away from His Love.

To remember each drop of Blood that spilled from His Face and His Gaze always fixed on God.

To remember His Heart, elevated above the suffering, pleading for humanity and for each being with the same love.

To remember the empty sepulcher.

To remember His Words and His Face in resplendent vestments.

To remember His body rising up among the incandescent brilliance of the clouds and, in the light, the power of His Voice promising you He would bring the Kingdom of God to the world.

To see the promises of Christ fulfilled, you need to remember; and to remember, you need to enter into yourself and lovingly contemplate what He left in your hearts, because His impulses are eternal.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


One of the important aspects of God, within His Trine Source, is the Holy Spirit, an aspect that acted within humanity during certain occurrences with the aim of giving an impulse, of guiding and of helping the consciousnesses that were invoking it.

Until recent days, the Holy Spirit has not been a revealed mystery of God, which after having fulfilled Its mission, more than two thousand years ago, in this time Its manifestation, presence and action happens through the Mother of God, as the Lady of the Holy Spirit.

It is in this time that the Holy Spirit of God will work through the souls that offer to receive Its divine impulses and Its Gifts.

It would be of great importance if the human being were filled by at least one of Its Gifts, and this will help for the real task of each being to manifest, according to the necessity of the Divine Will.

The Holy Spirit accompanied specific events of humanity and, at the same time, It helped with Its science and wisdom in the culminating moments when only the Holy Spirit of God could deviate or reverse a fact that would happen.

Without the action of the Holy Spirit throughout the history of the human race, the planet, as a consciousness, that evolves and experiences, would have lost its spiritual dignity and its rescuable character.

For this reason, God sent His Spirit, in certain moments of humanity, to help His creatures, similar to Him.

God sent His Spirit to the patriarchs so that, from the peoples, the Gifts of the Father and His Virtues might arise, so that they could awaken the prophets and announcers of the Divine Truth.

God sent His Spirit so that His creatures, through Christ, might be baptized by the most potent non-material Fount, which is the Holy Spirit itself.

God sent His Spirit so that, from the main cell of His Project: the family, might arise the knowers and seekers of the Truth, so that the gifts and virtues of the healers, the governors, the mirrors, the hermits, the guardians and of the servers might awaken.

God sent His Spirit to repopulate the Earth with His infinite Love so that His creatures might learn to feel that the only guidance comes from the Eternal Father and that all Sources of manifestation emerge from the Father.

After two thousand years, during which the Spirit of God worked and became flesh among His children, through Christ, today the Holy Spirit will come by means of the Sacred Word to fill the sleeping and darkened hearts with the same gifts that the apostles and martyrs received, with a confirmation and an absolute trust that, through the Holy Spirit of God, the Project will be fulfilled and nothing nor nobody will prevent It from acting through the children of God, and the Spirit of the Father Itself will allow that, for all participants in His work of Pity and of Mercy,  the Holy Virtues of the Spirit of God can awaken and incarnate in the essence of His children, so that all talents and lineages may be at the service for this current crucial time of humanity. Because the one who opens and welcomes the coming of the Holy Spirit will have the inner force to represent the redeeming Work of Christ upon the surface of the Earth; will have the strength to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of Peace and of the end of the planetary captivity; will have the impulse of faith to keep transforming their life completely according to this same spiritual model that the Celestial Father realized in the patriarchs and in the prophets. 

God comes to give you His Spirit through the Divine Body and Blood of His Son and through the message that is announced by His Divine Messengers.

May the Holy Spirit help you face the end of times, within and outside of you; and may you be able to sustain yourselves, in this definitive cycle, through the action of the Holy Spirit of God.

May the Holy Spirit bring you the force of renewal and of changes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Those who have nothing, those who want nothing, those who are poor of spirit and pure of heart will be the pillars of the redemptive work of My Mercy.

In those who aspire for nothing, in those who expect nothing, in those who are empty of themselves establish the pillars of the work of My Mercy and through them I can do more than with hundreds of workers in a vineyard.

By your fruits, you will be recognized, because all that you unite to in Heaven will be united on Earth, and all that you disunite with in Heaven will be disunited on Earth.

This is the time to recognize the virtues and gifts that I make flourish within the hearts of the simple. But it is also time to recognize My Face in the neighbor, in the one who is alone, in the one who is sick, in the thirsty and in the one in agony, because all you do for the smallest on Mine, you are doing to Me.

This is the moment to relieve the heavy cross of suffering, of indifference and of error that hundreds of souls commit, day by day, before the salvific Love of God.

It is the time that, within each one of you, you confirm your surrender to My Sacred Heart.

I bless you and thank you for keeping My Words in your heart.

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ

Monthly Messages

The Universe stops to hear the Server of God and in all the inner planes His Word is heard, His Voice emits the essence of the Truth and there is no essence in this Universe that does not recognize the Voice of the Son of God.

Because I am the One Who came to be with you, who is with you and will be until the end of times so that the Purpose of My Father may be fulfilled in the hearts that are consecrated by My Love.

From the Celestial Universe, My Word is pronounced, and It echoes in all planes of manifestation.

Not only you listen, but the Universe also listens.

And everything that is beyond it is permeated by the Word of God and the Spirit fills the hearts, vivifies them, raises them and redeems them before My Presence.

The void must be present in your hearts at this moment so that the Son of God may be able to work and act, bringing to the souls the opportunity of light and of redemption.

Today I not only speak to your physical consciousness, but also to the innermost planes because in the internal planes the opportunity is granted to souls and souls do not lose the chance to find the Truth, to approach it and to be able to live it for these hard times.

Today, the Greater Priest comes to meet you, and He brings between His Hands the Chalice of Redemption; dressed in the stole of purification; barefoot and humble as a servant of God, He is on the right hand of the Almighty and comes from Heaven to meet you, to bless you and to grant you the Love of the Creator; a Love that must multiply and expand in the world, which will heal disease, which will bring peace, which will heal all pain and incomprehension.

It is in this Love that you must live, the Love that I offer to you and the Love that I grant you; because in this Love there will be your liberation from all perdition, from all guilt, from all evil.

In Love, there is the triumph of the Work of God, because the love that you can also give Me and offer to Me is contemplated by the Almighty, as part of the Work of His Wisdom.

May Love, then, be transformed and sublimated.

A Love that is unconditional, able to go beyond limits, able to overcome any difficulty and to surrender before any necessity.

If, in this time, My Love is not in the world, humanity will perish.

I do not grant you self-love, personal or autonomous. I grant you, companions, the Love that once created you as essences. It is this Love that must be regenerated within you, every day. Because Love is the best company.

In the Love of God, the soul can be in the Truth and learn not to move away from it.

You will have to go deeper in Love for the Truth of God to be in your lives, so that you may live it and teach it to your fellow beings, knowing that in this time Love and Truth, as attributes, will be able to walk together in your lives so that you may always have guidance and wisdom.

The times that are coming announce great changes. It will be essential to live in this Love to understand beyond forms, to live beyond the events, to accept beyond the mistakes.

It is this Love that I lived in the Passion and that also raised Me, for the Sacrifice given.

It will be this Love that will always sustain you and thus, you will never lose sight of its presence.

Because the Love of God always comes from the Source and it never ends, because it is an unconditional Love, able to embrace the error, able to transform the pain, able to understand and accept the impossible.

Love can do everything.

Offer your personal love to the great infinite Love of God so that, someday, your feelings may be the Feelings of God in the spiritual life, in charity and in the unity among creatures.

Love will always transcend borders, overcome obstacles, understand and accept beyond the events.

Because Love does not take over anyone. Love liberates, Love uplifts, Love welcomes the dying in spirit.

If this Love were not in you, nothing would be possible.

This is My great Message to the whole world, on this day, in which a stage between My Heart and your hearts finishes.

This is the moment for this Love in you to be real and not theoretical; to be a living Love, which accepts, which gives itself and which surrenders to others, without anything in return.

It will be Love that will defeat evil.

It will be Love that will dissolve the chaos of the nations.

It will be Love that will strengthen the faith in the hearts.

It will be Love that will ignite in the spirits the trust in God.

Today My ceremony is in the name of this Divine and infinite Love that makes everything possible from what is impossible.

A Love that grants, that yields. The Love that surrenders all the time.

This is what I can convey to you, beyond the miracles, the phenomena or the curiosities.

The one who, in this time, does not live in the Love of God will be like in a desert, alone and empty, with a great thirst that nobody will be able to quench.

Do not lose the opportunity for this Love to bring you to the Truth every day, so that someday you may reach the same Wisdom that I reached on the Cross.

My Love for each one of you, for each being of this world, was with arms wide open on the Cross.

My Love was never closed. The Love of God expanded in each drop of blood, in each suffering, because it is a Love that is able to go beyond all adversity.

And today I bring you within this Chalice, the testimony of the Love of God represented in the Blood of Christ so that each one of your souls may drink of this commitment and remember every day, that Love is what must reign so that it may triumph over all evil.

May your hearts open for this spiritual communion with Me, in which you are called to My Table to unite to the Love of My Heart, the Love that surrenders everything and that forgives everything, at this very moment.

Empty of your faults, absolved of your debts, receive from My Heart the greatest Treasure of God manifested in the symbol of this Sacred Chalice that kept, throughout the times, the most real and alive experience of Love that the Son of the Father granted up to the top of the Cross, until His last breath, until the closing of His Eyes, when he exhaled, commending His Spirit into the Hands of the Creator.

May this Love perpetuate within you until the end of times, and may this Love be capable of making you return to My Path when you remember and perceive that you have stepped out of It for some reason.

What matters the most to God is that His children, His creatures, do not separate from Him, from the Source of Love, because Love will be what will regenerate the world and will bring healing to sick souls.

Today I deposit here what I lived on the Cross and in the inner planes, a scenario similar to the Mount Calvary manifests here to demonstrate to the world, and especially to humanity, the triumph of Love above all pain and all adversity.

Because it was Love that, from the top of the Cross, transformed the pain into Mercy and Grace so that it might reverberate until the end of times within the heart of all those who may recognize the Son of God and feel part of Him, in each moment of life, as in each communion with His Body and with His Blood.

Before the doors of Heaven, open over Aurora, may the Breath of the Spirit of God be ignited within you as a sacred flame, just like in the Apostles, so that you may spread, in this time, the power and the trust that My Love can express for all souls, for all those who are fallen, for those who have lost peace.

May those who live wars persevere.

May families that suffer chaos not lose hope.

May the children who are not born today, cease to cry in the inner planes, because the new Paradise will come for them.

And may the Kingdoms of Nature, which suffer in the silence of their essences, persist, because the day of liberation will come and evil will be defeated by the powerful Sword of Love of Saint Michael Archangel.

And in the hearts, the New Earth will be born again, the light of the last Christs will repopulate humanity and the attributes and Commandments of the Father will return to the planet to build the Plan again in all those who were self-summoned and did not respond.

With those who come with Me until the end of the days, they will lack nothing, they will be blessed by the Grace, filled by the Spirit of God, for the surrender and persistence of each believing and devout heart.

Suffering will be extinguished overnight and the light of the New Aurora will come, so that the souls may celebrate the day of their liberation. Amen.

Let us celebrate this moment with the opportunity of renewing your commitment, through the Sacrament of the Communion, before the Celestial Father.

May the doors of Heaven, at this moment, make the Divine Grace descend to the Earth. So be it.


Lord of the Universe,
giver of life,
untiring Father of Grace,
deposit over these elements,
and especially in the hearts,
the same opportunity You gave Me to love until the end, on top of the Cross. 
May each pain convert into relief, 
may each suffering convert into liberation,
so that all beings of the Earth,
gathered in the name of Your Love,
may participate in the glorious coming of Your Son.


At that time I gave you the bread and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I repeat again, companions, that this is My Body, which was given for you, for the forgiveness of the faults.

Taking the Chalice and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I tell you again, take and drink all from it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the New Covenant between the creatures and God, for all eternity.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ; blessed are those who avail themselves of this mystery of love to participate, someday, in the Eternal Glory. Amen.

I hope this Marathon is a Marathon that attracts hope to the Earth and the opportunity to live in God so that all souls may receive the Supreme Grace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In fraternity and for peace on the whole planet, you will give one another the greeting of peace.

I thank you.



Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part IX

For group co-living and the spiritual awakening of pilgrims, the area of Redención 4 must someday be expressed.

It will be an area for families who have consecrated themselves to the path of the spirit but at the same time, it will be an area that will receive the pilgrims who come to the Marian Center to share the liturgies and the meetings of prayer.

Redención 4 will also, in a part of its area, express co-living with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. That co-living of families with the Younger Kingdoms will also be an opportunity for serving them and to alleviate their suffering and give them the love of the heart. That area will gather together families who will be applying to live a different life than what is offered by the world.

Redención 4 will also be a welcoming place where children will have the alternative school, Parque Tibetano, as a foundation, an educational experience that, within other Light-Communities, has enriched and formed the spirit of the littlest ones. Redención 4 will also have an area dedicated to sports so that children and families may have a better quality of life.

In this sense, Redención 4 will offer a space more akin to the degree of evolution of each human being. The families will have the support of the activities of service to the Kingdoms of Nature, primary and secondary education through the Parque Tibetano school, as well as an area dedicated to physical education to optimize the quality of life through recreation for the children.

This area will be one of temporary residence, and as the families gradually mature and confirm their commitment to the Plan as a family, then as members of the Community they will be able to take on other areas and other sectors of the communal group life.

Redención 4 will also dedicate a section for receiving the journeying pilgrims, who, throughout all of the areas of Aurora, have no place to stay.

It would be a very clear objective for the families of the Light Network to work together with other families to manifest Redención 4, that space within the Work of Love that families need to be able to find a place where to live and also share as members of the Community.

This is another commitment and offering of the Spiritual Hierarchy for the families that have lately demonstrated inner changes and for those which are currently affected by the world as a whole and need to find a space to better serve God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part III

In this cycle, the Kingdom of Aurora must concretize the expansion of its mirror on the surface; for this reason, no one should be satisfied with what already exists, because Aurora still has to show itself in its splendor.

For this reason, companions, the collaboration and the awareness on the part of everyone for this new stage of the manifestation of Aurora will help your Sacred Center find more spaces where it may be established on the surface.

In this sense, the spiritual expansion of Aurora will depend on the efforts that all members of the Work will make in this year of 2019 so that the previously mentioned needs may be provided and carried out according to the Plan of the Hierarchy.

There is, without a doubt, a responsibility and a commitment on the part of everyone in order for this manifestation to be able to occur.

One way to motivate the concretization of the new spaces of Aurora may be to carry forward campaigns in order to raise the material and financial resources so that everything may take place; just like the inner commitment that each one can make with Aurora, to periodically be present and collaborate, will help.

For this reason, companions, the first campaign will be to concretize the bathrooms of the Marian Center of Aurora. To do this, the solidarity campaign of the 333 Uruguayan pesos will be carried out to begin to build, in the month of February of this year, the architectural bases of the bathrooms of the Marian Center.

This impulse of the 333 Uruguayan pesos will be developed by all members of the Light-Network, who will also promote the programs to gather the donations of material elements, as well as the fraternal workforce, that may help in the building of this first objective. When this need of the Marian Center of Aurora is concretized, the next stage will come about.

It should be emphasized that, if all the necessary help through the campaign of the 333 Uruguayan pesos is not concretized, the Light-Network will receive a notice to collaborate again until this objective, which is a mission for everyone, is fulfilled.

Let us together keep building the foundations for a new and fraternal humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear singing and instrument-playing children,

That, for this day, with this new meeting, your voices and instruments may rise to God in order to keep imploring and crying out for the redemption of the planet.

May the Heavens descend to Earth through the inner portal that today your hearts will be able to open.

May the Heavenly Father again hear all of your musical offerings so that, by means of this impulse of love from His children of the Earth, He may pour all of His Infinite Mercy over the humanity in need.

Children, that today, in a simple but profound way, this essential union of your souls with the Creator may be established so that, through this musical meeting, the attributes of peace, harmony, love and fraternity may be present in the consciousness of all human beings.

May, in this gala night, in which your spirits will be able to shine more than hundreds of stars, your souls unite in a single brotherhood, in the same love and in the same fraternity, so that everything, which will be humbly offered today, may radiate throughout the planet, and the spiritual and internal needs of the peoples, races and nations may be supplied.

Dear children, today, once again, I will be accompanying you in unity and in good so that, with the special aid of the angels, the fruits of this special musical meeting may be placed at the feet of the Heavenly Father and the whole world may receive Mercy and atonement.

Beloved children, may your voices vibrate and rise in love before this possibility of being able to sing to God, to life and to all souls that will need to awaken from the deep sleep of this time.

Beloved children, may everything be in your heart as it has been in current times.

May each new gala be an opportunity of renewal and confirmation of your faith for the Work of the Hierarchy.

Today I leave you My Peace, knowing that, from now on, you will wholeheartedly offer everything for the healing and the redemption of this race.

I bless you and wish you a most beautiful musical gala for this special night.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

Fourth Day

Today, remove from My Heart, the painful thorn of indifference that many of My followers left for Me, those who used to be with Me and who still think they are.

In truth, the indifference of these hearts has completely blinded them, to the point of challenging My Work and putting it to the test.

I had to carry the thorn of indifference of My old companions so that the Wrath of God would not knock at the door of each one of them.

For this reason, through your simple prayer, remove this uncomfortable and painful thorn from Me, of those who thought to win, but who have already spiritually failed.

My Silence reveals the deepest core of My Heart, because in this time I have decided to tell you the whole truth, however hard it may seem.

I have the duty of preparing for My second return in your hearts and I will need true hearts, rather than perfect hearts, because you will only find perfection in God.

When hearts are not true, they lie and are indifferent, and from that point on, these souls miss the opportunity of loving.

Also offer the Celestial Father your failures, your weaknesses, and your bitterness. Believe that, through the thorn of My Heart and by the offering of the Beloved Son, I will be able to again renew everything.

Have faith, My child, and with devotion and love, remove from My Heart the painful thorn of indifference; thus, you will help your Master so that the unending wellspring of Mercy may still remain open, healing and converting the hardened hearts.

Avoid any indifferent act, and seek to perceive where the indifference is, because it is as cunning as the serpent; it hides and emerges when least expected.

Overcome indifference by means of an unconditional service to others, thus, together with Me, you will also overcome, in the name of love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

Third day

And now, My child, by means of your prayer, remove, from the Heart of your Master, the bloody thorn of those who slander and deny My Work in these times. 

Ask the Celestial Father for Mercy and offer Him My Pain as an atonement for all those who were with Me before and today turn their backs on Me.

How painful the thorn of betrayal is, which these companions of Mine, who are blind, cause me!

But you, My child, fix your gaze upon the infinite Mercy of God and raise your prayer and your thought to Heaven so that the angels of Justice may stop the execution of the celestial mandate, that they have received, to carry out.

Feel mercy and compassion for those who slander Me and deny My final Work in various ways.

Let the Fount of the Mercy of God be poured out, like rain, over the souls that have truly become blind for having distanced themselves from the Love of God.

Accept, with humility, the rejections and the denials that the Master received on the part of those who before used to say that they would be with Him until the end.

But, in all of this, do not seek justice nor any act of revenge on the betrayers, not even in thought.

Separate yourself from this chain of evil and act intelligently, but above all, with true love, just as I acted during the Passion.

May My Pains, which My Thorned Heart feels, serve as an atonement, as forgiveness, and as consolation, so that the doors to betrayal may be closed and all may remember that the essence of My Work for these times is based on love and unity.

Just follow My example.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Open your heart and your mind to perceive the Christic signs that I could place in some of My Own, in order to physically safeguard the Redeeming Project of humanity.

Open yourself to the mystery of the Divine and of the Higher so that in your inner world the central temple of the heart is prepared, so as to be able to welcome new laws and new life principles.

Within the context of the world situation, the Celestial Universe will carry forward some movements, in order to protect and to shelter what has been planned to be concretized through the servants that I have summoned for this sacred task.

Thus, open your consciousness, even though you do not yet know or understand what will happen and what I have foreseen for each being.

The most important thing is that the Will of God be established, and that this Will be carried out where it was foreseen it would be concretized and manifested.

A place where it should be carried out is in your consciousness, because what you must go through and vividly experience in honor of My Divine Person, in honor of My Sacred Heart, is already foreseen and written.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Second Message

I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Heart of the Universe comes the Instruction for humanity.

It has always been like this, but today I am inviting you to enter with Me into one special Source of Instruction and knowledge, which until today has been inexhaustible, which has always remained alive throughout times.

Today I am talking to you especially from the Pleiades, an inner place from which much knowledge arose before the origins of the Earth, before the manifestation of the first humanity.

From this place many spirits were sent, wise consciousnesses that had their formation in knowledge and gave Instruction to the world throughout the times.

Therefore, Instruction must be considered as the first rule of life, the one which will always lead you to straighten the path and maintain your consciousnesses on High.

Today the Pleiades, as stars, make themselves present and come to meet the self-summoned so that they may feel within themselves the impulses of the Universe, impulses that will be revealed for the manifestation of the Plan of God in humanity.

For these critical times, the Pleiades keep participating in your humanity, they keep pouring out their knowledge upon the sphere of the Earth so that, in the spiritual plane, everything may be conceived and later be lived by the human consciousnesses on this surface.

May you understand today how much sacred knowledge has arisen from these great stars of the Pleiades which, time and again, emits impulses to the whole Universe so that the consciousnesses may catch the information that they need to be able to grow internally, and thus be bearers of peace.

Attract toward yourselves this superior consciousness of knowledge and Instruction, thus you will always hold in your lives this extended hand that will be the guide of Instruction, which will lead you to forge, in your true beings, that which you came to fulfill and live in these final times.

It is time to reignite this commitment within you, this sacred memory with the Universe and all its Instruction.

Instruction is like a wellspring that is never exhausted, it is like the river that never ceases to run to bathe the fields and the forests, to nourish the land with its wealth and minerals.

See, then, this sacred knowledge as something vital, because the last impulses are now coming to humanity, they are being poured out for the formation of the New Humanity.

From this place, receive all the love of Instruction. Receive in your hearts the impulse of something sacred that comes to unveil the new being and to bring Truth to the consciousness, without allowing it to become confused nor be deceived by the supposed instructions that will come from other paths.

I told you once that by your fruits you will be known. Instruction will be this key that will reveal that which is hidden and will leave in evidence in what is not true.

For this reason, each word that comes from knowledge and Instruction is vital because it will make of your beings consciousnesses free of themselves, from the constant current of errors of the race of these times.

The sacred knowledge will help you reverse the chaos of these times, it will help you to transform and vivify everything, in the plentitude that knowledge and Instruction have, because they come from the Source.

May the Sun, which can awaken in your heart, recognize this legacy.

Sacred instructions from the Pleiades are sent to humanity to form the last disciples, to make of each consciousness a teraphim of the new cycle.

I invite you to revive what is sacred in the Universe, what comes from such faraway places of the Cosmos so that you recognize your true identity and thus not be disturbed by the material life, by the human condition, by the errors and the suffering.

May you find this portal of exit to the heart of the Pleiades, in which the first rule of Instruction is the prayer of the Wise Spirits that have given of themselves throughout the times to serve humanity, to help elevate the consciousness to the true purpose and to the true meaning of existence.

See, then, companions, the importance of knowledge in these times. There are many who are still in the desert, seeking the water of life to quench their thirst, but cannot find it because they are within themselves.

Now that I have opened this Source for you, go and drink, drink of this knowledge as if it were the last water that existed on the planet, to give the most wonderful codes of the Universe and of the Brotherhood, to bring to your consciousnesses the true memory of their commitments signed in the Universe, as original essences, as part of a great Project, that has not ended yet.

Commune, then, with the wonders of the Pleiades and of its Constellation.

Feel the love of the Pleiades beat in your hearts and, in this sacred symphony, emit your ray of gratitude to that which is superior so that more keys may be given to humanity, so that more inner Christs may awaken and thus the talents in all beings may be shown; talents which will be at the service of your Master and Lord for the end of these times, and that, united, will be essential for the Work of redemption.

Emit, then, your song of gratitude to the Universe, may your spirits embrace this flame of knowledge and may it be welcomed in the depths of your beings in order to awaken the virtues that are necessary to remove the majority from spiritual drowsiness and inertia.

May the treasures of the Pleiades show themselves today to the simple hearts.

May the light of the Pleiades radiate to the humble hearts and may the consciousnesses commune with that which truly exists and has always been eternal.

This will safeguard the last Tribes of Israel, which are in the world to fulfill the great prophecy of the return of your Lord.

Be brave and say “yes” in trust.

Receive this encouragement and this hope from the Universe in these critical moments of humanity and the planet so that the true attributes and principles of evolutionary life are not erased from the memory of humanity, but are present for the most urgent times of humanity.

I embrace and hold My Heart in those who truly hear Me, in those who, above all, understand and adhere to My Purpose.

I also pray for those who do not understand Me and for those who do not follow Me, because everything will be in evidence someday, and this is not far away from happening.

For this, I pray, for this I implore, and for this I invoke My Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



After everything defines, some will think that I was never here nor will they believe that in these last years I have been talking to you directly so, in spite of your miseries and imperfections, you should let the world know that I am already returning.

For this reason, stay firm without hesitating and trust in Me, because from My Heart will come the correct words when you and some of your companions may have to testify because of My cause. But in that moment, and in that hour, everything will already have been said and the world will be at the apex of its great and last purification.

Thus, as from now, do not feel regret or distress. All who serve Me for some reason, must be tested in their faithfulness, obedience and love, so that, in My servers, in those whom I have chosen, the transformation that My Word brings about and the miracle that My Message produces, may be represented.

Keep on as you have been until now, close to Me, in simplicity and love, and tell your companions to do the same, because the time to protect the Work from the enemies will come.

Those who oppose will come to know the greater heat of My Fire.

Those who unconditionally adhere will come to know the celestial marvel of My Love.

Thus, continue forward for Me and for no one else; the world is full of personalities, and to all of them the moment to disappear for being full of fantasies and illusions will come.

But you, who are with Me and that, for My Mercy, I have taught you to be so, never cease to make Me known.

Imitate Me, even though you may not manage to do so; seek Me, even though I may not call you, because, from that spiritual communion with Me, you will receive the strength you need in order to defend My Word and My Message from those who will try to deny them.

Accept the cycles that are coming and never, not for a second, stop surpassing Me in love. Thus, for your service, you will allow Me to win over the obedience that I expect from many more hearts that are disobedient to Me.

Today I do not make you shine like gold nor diamonds; you are the most imperfect stone that has been molded by Me. Let Me continue to penetrate in the depths of your spirit, for that is where the Supreme Will will be done.

Be an example of constancy, just like some of Mine are.

Believe, above all things, in what My Love can do, in this way everything will be transformed.

I will be your breath in the times of trial. I will be your hope on the days of great planetary darkness.

I Am what I Am.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Third Series of Poems
Eighth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Relieve me from my sorrows, Lord.

Please, Master,
may Your divine Love be reborn within me.

Make me humble and simple each day
so that I may not lose the fortitude
of always sustaining myself in You.

Allow me, Lord,
to love more deeply.

May the divine Love that You teach us
help me to abandon indifference.

May my heart and my life, dear Jesus,
be true representations
of the Work of Your Redemption.

In adoration,
may I feel You and reencounter You.

Within each step that
I must take towards You, Lord,
may I have enough courage to do so,
and may I live enough humility
in order to carry it out.

My Lord, Celestial King,
visit the temple of my Soul,
consecrate it to Your Divine Spirit
so that my whole being may be an instrument
of Your magnificent Work.

Leave my feet bare of the past,
of rancor and resentments.

Wash me, Lord,
with the nonmaterial Water
of Your Fount and thus I will be renewed
because You will have granted me
Your Grace and Your Mercy.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you with the Sign of the Cross,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Third Series of Poems
Fifth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

bathe me inside and out
with the fount of Your Grace.

Purify each aspect of my being
so that I may always be able to renew myself
through You.

Purify me of my thoughts
and of my feelings.

I ask You, our Lord,
to be part of my being.

Teach me to be patient
and persevering in every moment.

Teach me to be humble
and simple before others
so that my personality
may not seek to promote itself in anything
but rather be willing to serve
when I am needed and called.

Lord of Truth,
may my feelings be ennobled,
may my word rise in vibration
and may each prayer that I offer You
be able to be received in Heaven
as a drop of light in the vast Universe
so that the Graces of God
may continue to descend.

Teach me to offer my life to service.

Teach me to offer my heart
as an instrument of healing.

Teach me, dear Jesus,
to empty me of myself day by day
so that each step that I take
may be blessed by Your consoling Love.

May my life be guided
and protected by You, Lord,
and may the Holy Spirit descend
so that I may fulfill,
within Your majestic Work,
all the Designs that You have thought of
within Your humble Heart.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Second Message

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today My Words must resound in the depths of beings, so that beings may understand what is happening.

From the Great Council of the Hierarchy, today I come to visit you and to emit My message to you for the world, for all those who follow My Steps and also for those who have stopped following me.

Today I do not come to talk about anyone in particular or about any specific situation that corresponds to the planet or to humanity.

Today I come to talk about the Project of God that must be fulfilled through all those who are self-called by the Hierarchy.

As in other moments, I come from a special place where the Great Council of the Hierarchy is gathered together at this moment and for the evolution of this planet and this humanity.

We are at the doorway of a new cycle, we are at the doorway of a next August 8th, in which Heaven, the Universe, descends to Earth and to humanity to do its synthesis again and meditate upon the next steps to be taken.

Humanity has changed the events, so meditation is necessary to perceive what is really happening.

Today I come from a place in the Desert of Chilca, in Peru, where the great Councilors of the Universe are gathered to prepare for that moment.

As Master among masters, as a Guide among guides, as a Messenger among messengers of the Hierarchy, I come to announce this  important moment to you, so that you may not only be aware, but also responsible before the Plan.

Each one knows what they can give Me. Each one knows what they can contribute for the manifestation to take place.

I do not look for the perfect, nor the imperfect. I do not look for what is advanced, or modern.

I seek the truth of every human heart, of each servant of this Earth, of each of the self-summoned who has been called through the ages to serve and unite with the Hierarchy.

You must keep on the path of the next events. You must not allow leaving the Hierarchy, because the Hierarchy needs to be in these events in order to accompany humanity and the planet.

Today's times are not the same times that took place yesterday.

Day by day events change, within and outside of beings.

Day by day you face a new definition, a new step.

The spiritual Hierarchy does not ask for what is possible. The spiritual Hierarchy asks everyone for what is simple, and what is birthed by the heart, which is what helps to manifest the Work; the pillars of that manifestation must be supported by the collaboration of all.

As in the coming 8th of August, so important and decisive, the self-summoned must be where the Hierarchy is, where the Universe has chosen, the place for giving the impulses so necessary for humanity through Instruction and Grace, through Mercy and healing for all souls.

I would like to know where the attention is of those who say they are with Me.

I would like to be able to understand, beyond all things, the feeling of the human beings of this period.

You know, companions, that My Consciousness has no limits, but still, after all I have experienced on this planet and with this humanity, I am learning with you, time and again.

You must embrace the Truth that reveals the Plan of God to you; you must be sustained by this Truth in order to be able to move forward.

You must not deceive yourselves, you must not create mirages with yourselves. You must come to know that each new cycle that begins on August 8th is an opportunity for renewal rather than inertia.

The instability of these times will be transmuted by the responsibility of all, by obedience, and especially by adherence.

These are the reflections that the Councilors of the Hierarchy are studying and meditating upon, because if the knowledge in the essence of human beings is not clear, it will not be so in the manifestation.

You must learn to live as the Hierarchy lives.

The Graces of Heaven have already been given. Undeserved merits were devised for many hearts.

Now it is time to reconsider and truly know what you are participating in together with the Hierarchy.

Purification is not just a moment of pain or discomfort.
Purification forges a definition and a constant transformation in human beings.

Remember that the scale of this planet must always be in balance, who will support it?

Do not just make the effort to seek the good. Do not make the effort to seek your own convenience or your own satisfaction.

The ministry of the New Christs should be as crystalline as water and as pure as sunlight.

You must build in yourselves what the Universe needs in order to create the new race, to be able to manifest the New Humanity.

The need for consciousness is a concern of the entire Hierarchy, on the part of the human beings of these times.

The Plan of God is not something one can use because it is convenient or only as long as one needs it.

I came to teach that to My Apostles and to all those who ever listened to Me.

The legacy of the Project of God is immaculate and sublime, and we owe everything to Him, because it was He Who created us and manifested us to be present in these times.

You must forge in yourselves the determination to persist.

Many human beings in these times are surviving, but those who are with the Hierarchy do not need to survive, they need to persist, they need to build and to sustain together with the Brotherhood.

Thus, sacred knowledge will not be lacking and divine impulses will not cease to descend; because each being receives what they need, according to their moment and their time.

For this reason, companions, we are gathered together as Counselors of the Hierarchy to reflect, learn, and meditate.

The Plan must continue to manifest as foreseen, through the adherence of all, through the constancy of all, and mainly, through the love of all.

The Plan of God cannot be lived with tepidity or coolness.

You must seek in yourselves that fire that once awaken you and called upon you to serve, and in that fire you must always renew yourselves.

After all that has happened in Europe, the time has come for you to clearly hear what I have always wanted to tell you; I have waited for sixty meetings to be able to say it, so that in you could mature that seed that I once placed there when all this began.

You must place your love in what really exists, beyond all of this, of all that is physical or material.

The Universe waits for a true response to be reflected in you that is in accordance with what you have received and experienced through the intervention of the Hierarchy.

Thus, the legacy will not be in vain and there will be simple but true receptacles that will hold the essence of the Plan within themselves.

Be supported by the words I am giving you today, fortify your faith in the vibration that I bring you today, and let your hearts live temperance, just as I lived it to carry out what My Father needed to occur, when I was once present, here on Earth, together with you and for you.

The Plan of God is not a passing emotion, nor is It something that souls can reject on their own; around you there are examples of this and see how much you are unnecessarily suffering.

The consciousnesses of this world have no notion of what the Plan is, not only because of their ignorance, but also because they do not know, even though they sometimes think they know.

The Councils of the Hierarchy need your maturity and your adherence so that many more positive events that have been foreseen can occur and will not be interfered with by anyone.

My Merciful Heart waited until now to be able to tell you.

My Merciful Heart expects reflection from you rather than chaos.

Now the time has come for each one to assume their part, with transparency and maturity, without blaming anyone.

Each of you are precious pieces within this Plan and even though you do not know what that means, believe in what I tell you, because it has value and fidelity.

Know that everything that occurs is to mature consciousnesses and souls, to have them someday experience the sovereignty that exists in the Universe and in all the Brotherhood. This causes Creation to be recreated, this always leads to awareness and responsibility in the face of events.

In this Marathon, may all think about the step that is necessary to take in this time, without waiting for this to occur a long time later, because the hour has come to take that step.

I encourage you to live the Plan with greater consciousness and responsibility.

I encourage you to be part of a Spiritual Hierarchy that up to now humanity has never been a part of because of always remaining immature.

I tell you again, I do not need perfect beings, I need conscious beings who will always dare to transform everything and experience everything out of a love for God.

That will take the Plan up another step and to another level; that will bring down to Earth the treasures that have been kept for so long in the Universe and that wait to be revealed by the Hierarchy.

From the Great Council of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the Desert of Chilca, we bless you and we await, as guides and masters, for your correspondence and loyalty; this will cause the Universe to entrust you with new things.

Take My Words as an opportunity for inner growth and not as a complaint, because My time among you is already ending, just as My time with My Apostles ended at some point.

Listen to My Words as many times as is necessary and extract from them all the impulses you need in order to be able to change, before everything is about to happen in humanity.

Be Mirrors of the Light of the Plan for these times.

Be what the Universe needs you to be in this cycle, because thus, everything will change.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


To those who have already awakened - Part 1

To those who have already awakened corresponds, within the Plan, the greater commitment, solidarity, cooperation, and the effort to always do the best.

To those who have already awakened corresponds, giving greater support to those who do not support themselves; it is up to you to do the impossible so that each stage of the Plan may be fulfilled.

To those who have already awakened corresponds, to unite and fraternize more with fellow beings; you are responsible for making a greater sacrifice for those who do not truly do so, to be able to compensate for the inequality that exists between what has been received from the Universe as a treasure and those who do not surrender sincerely to God and create conflicts.

To those who have already awakened corresponds, to always keep in mind that you are serving God and not someone in particular; that the Work is not personified in any consciousness, sympathizer, or leader, because the Work is of the Hierarchy and not of humanity.

To those who have already awakened corresponds, being conscious that everything you do, think, or express will influence in favor or against the Plan, depending on the pure or impure intention that is placed upon it.

To those who have already awakened corresponds, to safeguard, shelter, and protect those who have just awakened and yes want to live the change. They must be protected from those who have become crystalized in time and space with their forms, ideals, and projects which are not merged to the Will of the Hierarchy.

That protection of those who have just awakened will allow the renovation, in a permanent way, of the Work of the Hierarchy.

To those who have already awakened corresponds, to know that everything that is done or said, be it evolutionary or negative, will influence in favor or against the Projects of the Divinity, and that it will help or hinder the realization of the Purpose.

This attitude, in one way or another, will weigh positively or negatively in the consciousness of who emits it. Therefore, to those who have already awakened corresponds, as a discipline, to never forget that you are in a place that does not belong to you, that it was granted by Grace and Mercy, and that this place, task, or mission cannot be in vain, but rather must receive the value and the respect with the love and the reverence that the Hierarchy deserves.

To those who have already awakened will correspond, remembering that everything that happens in this cycle will be registered in the Universe and that one day everything will be evaluated by Divine Justice.

To those who have already awakened corresponds; having more humility, resignation and much gratitude, thus the Work will remain alive in time.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the Youth of Peace 

Dear children,

With joy and gratitude, we offer the youth meeting of today to the Universe, so that new seeds of Light may be sown in all beings that must awaken to a new state of consciousness, as a form of inner preparation for the times that will come.

Each activity that was offered today with enthusiasm has contributed to the spiritual manifestation of this state of consciousness that the present-day humanity needs to acquire for the current times.

For this seventh Youth Festival, the city of Buenos Aires was chosen as the host of the ecumenical youth meeting; the preparation for it, with effort, love, service and dedication, has demonstrated to all youth that it is possible to carry out the Work of the Hierarchy and make it part of their lives in this cycle.

The seventh Youth Festival represents a cycle of maturity, of learning and of experiences for the pioneering youth that gave the first impulses for the materialization of the Youth Campaign for Peace.

In this sense, the number seven means that all youth have passed by seven cycles and seven schools of learning, which helped strengthen the commitment of love for the Hierarchy and for humanity.

Today, an internal and spiritual synthesis has happened in the inner world of each youth collaborating with this Work of love, which goes beyond the meetings of peace, integration, service, prayer and humanitarian missions.

From this seventh Youth Festival for Peace, which has preciously taken place in the city of Buenos Aires, an integration has been established among the youth of different nations, who, together with the Hierarchy, and from this new cycle onwards, will be encouraged to spiritually rebuild the consciousness of the planetary youth by living the new patterns of conduct, co-existence, fraternity and service for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Youth Festivals for Peace represented for the Celestial Hierarchy an opportunity of healing, of renewal and of service for a planet that suffers and agonizes day by day.

From the Spiritual Universe, new virtues and new talents will be placed in the heart of each youth, in order to keep constructing this network of love and service so as to relieve the human and internal pain.

We encourage you all to continue working, to live each learning and each experience as an opportunity to grow internally, knowing that such old spirits, as those of the youth, must resume their places within this Plan of Love for humanity.

My dear children and youth, let us celebrate this day as part of a celestial victory in humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May this conviction always emerge from your heart, dear child, that God dwells and lives within you, because thus each human aspect of life and of personality will become small before the true impulse of the essence.

In the essence of the creatures of the Earth lies the fulfillment of the Work of God and this Divine Project must awaken within the beings, in this time.

The essence in each being is an incalculable treasure and, at the same time, the human being itself cannot conceive what the Original Essence in itself means.

In order to have at least a little contact with this reality, the school of prayer offers to you this portal that will always lead you toward the intimate and deep encounter with what you truly are.

May more and more hearts dare, in this time, to enter the most intimate core of your inner essence, so that the principles of faith and of the communion with Christ may make of each soul an instrument of peace in the Hands of God, for this planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


First Series of Poems
Ninth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Lord, although my soul
is poor and imperfect,
I beg You, beloved Jesus,
to avail Yourself of it
so that You may carry out
Your infinite and prodigious
Work of Love and Redemption.

Dear Jesus,
may this weak
and fragile soul be strengthened.

May Your Divine Fire, Lord,
lead me to some day find
the sacred Gift of Your innocence
so that,
according to the designs,
I too may be able to awaken
the Gift similar
to Your inner Purity.

Make me meek, Jesus.

Make me humble
and above all truthful
so that in these imperfect eyes
may be reflected Your loving and peaceful Gaze,
so that the most lonely and suffering Souls
may find, through my offering,
Your powerful Celestial Presence.

For this, Lord,
liberate me from my desires,
liberate me from all ostentation and want.

That my heart be as simple as Yours.

Because my only wish, dear Jesus,
is to please You and share with You
the heavy Cross that You
still carry for the world.

Hear my supplication, Lord,
and make me once again
worthy of being before You.

Because, even though
I still do not understand
the power of Your mysteries,
I accept with love
all of Your Divine Wills.

May today Your Celestial Project
be fulfilled in me, Lord,
so that some day You can testify,
through me, Your Work of Redemption
before the Celestial Father.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


I descend from Heaven on this day to bring peace to the world, especially to place it into the heart of those who need it most.

After the important mission, which My Beloved Son has accomplished, your Celestial Mother comes to conclude the final stage of the spiritual work that was realized in these last days here, in Austria.

This is the main reason why the Celestial Father granted Me the permission to descend into Austria, along with some of the celestial chorus, in order to seed in the inner worlds of the souls certain attributes that will help them in the next stage of humanity, on the spirit level.

This way the Mother of God, and the ever Virgin Mary, today will not only be working on you, as souls and essences, but also will be working in the context of all of Eastern Europe.

In this sense, the Pilgrimage for Peace, the places and cities which are visited, demonstrate the need of inner and spiritual help which thousands of souls have,  beyond them belonging to the European continent or to other regions, as for example Africa and Middle East.

The spiritual operation, carried forward by the hosts of Light of the Mother of God, manage to work and act in levels of the human consciousness, deeper each time, and this reverberates not only in the planetary life, but also in the scope of the surface of the planet, where events increasingly committed are unleashed, which could harm the next stage of current humanity.

When the Divine Messengers visit different nations and cities, in this case of Europe, it is to prevent events, and to divert the race from unexpected dangers.

Thus, each city visited by the Pilgrimage for Peace not only receives the divine impulse of prayer and music, but also very deep aspects of the past are worked by the very Spiritual Hierarchy. And in many of the current cases, these aspects are worked altogether, at the same time and under the same Law: the applied Law of Redemption, Liberation and Mercy.

Each aspect which is directly treated is united, from the consciousness, to an aspect of that nation or of the culture of the people.

As you could witness in this last month and a half of pilgrimage, the Celestial Hierarchy has intervened in places, cities and cultures that were not foreseen inside the purpose of Divinity.

But this happened from the adhesion of souls, which originally represent those nations, and participated in the Campaign for Peace. As souls from other nations that live in European countries participated, and opened a spiritual door so the operation and the divine intervention, which happens through this Pilgrimage, could arrive to these places; which is the case of Cologne, in Germany.

With all of this perspective, we aspire as Divine Messengers of Love, that the participants of this Work, who have demonstrated to be totally adhered, and also those who arrive for the first time, may understand that the Pilgrimage for Peace is more than a physical journey through places indicated by the Hierarchy and that the answer, and mainly the love, the faith and the trust of the prayerful and devoted hearts, strengthen this great operative network of spiritual and divine help, which descends directly from Heaven, to help the humanity of these times.

This immediate adhesion builds unity within the beings, and therefore in humanity.

May this divine operation, which comes from Heaven, move forward with the support of everyone, so that more nations, cities and souls are touched by the Healing Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more