My dear children,

Today culminates the first cycle of work with the Divine Hierarchy in Buenos Aires.

Now is the moment in which each heart that was called to the meeting with the Sacred Hearts may have the opportunity to choose the spiritual and inner destiny of this country for the upcoming time.

For this reason, the Divinity has requested and entrusted the Three Sacred Hearts to be in Argentina, with the aim that souls could receive all the impulses necessary to be able to make great life decisions.

In this way, My beloved Son arrived first with a message of revelation for Argentina, and of reconciliation and redemption of the hearts with the Eternal Father.

Then, for August 8th, when the spiritual cycle of humanity changed, the help of the Mother of the Most High came, the one Who, until August 13th, led you to the recognition of your true and only existence.

Then, My Son returned on August 16th, and led each one to be before God through the inner and pure truth that each one is.

And today, August 18th, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will be arriving, Who will appear so that, guided by His holy hand, you may tread the path of humility. Of a humility that may grant to each Argentine the possibility of meditating and deciding upon never failing to fulfill the Divine Purpose.

Saint Joseph, a Father and Worker of God, will arrive in Argentina to give the impulse for the construction of a peace-making and humble country, resigned to God and willing to live and fulfill the Divine Will.

All this preparation has been the basis for the next steps that the Divine Hierarchy will take for humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the Youths of Peace 

Dear children,

With joy and gratitude, we offer the youth meeting of today to the Universe, so that new seeds of Light may be sown in all beings that must awaken to a new state of consciousness, as a form of inner preparation for the times that will come.

Each activity that was offered today with enthusiasm has contributed to the spiritual manifestation of this state of consciousness that the present-day humanity needs to acquire for the current times.

For this seventh Youth Festival, the city of Buenos Aires was chosen as the host of the ecumenical youth meeting; the preparation for it, with effort, love, service and dedication, has demonstrated to all youths that it is possible to carry out the Work of the Hierarchy and make it part of your lives in this cycle.

The seventh Youth Festival represents a cycle of maturity, of learnings and of experiences for the pioneering youths that gave the first impulses for the materialization of the Youth Campaign for Peace.

In this sense, the number seven means that all youths have passed by seven cycles and seven schools of learnings, which helped strengthen the commitment of love for the Hierarchy and for humanity.

Today, an internal and spiritual synthesis has happened in the inner world of each collaborating youth of this Work of love, which goes beyond the meetings of peace, of integration, of service, of prayer and of humanitarian missions.

From this seventh Youth Festival for Peace, which has preciously taken place in the city of Buenos Aires, an integration has been established among the youths of different nations, who, together with the Hierarchy, and from this new cycle onwards, will be encouraged to spiritually rebuild the consciousness of the planetary youth by living the new patterns of conduct, of co-existence, of fraternity and of service for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Youth Festivals for Peace represented for the Celestial Hierarchy an opportunity of healing, of renewal and of service for a planet that suffers and agonizes day by day.

Beloved children,

Again My Mercy is over all Argentine and especially upon Buenos Aires, this needy city of the world.

Dear children, today I call you to wake the consciousness in the end of this time trough prayer of the heart, because a new cycle is approaching, and your hearts must be prepared to receive it. This cycle for someone will be as the Good News that will change the state of consciousness, but for others will mean deepest changes that will bring them to define the path at this time.

For this, dear children, you, that live day by day in this city of Buenos Aires as do other souls in different cities of the world, must prayer with ardor and from the heart, so that the Grace of God and the Mercy of My Son will be diffused in the hearts most in need of love and redemption.

My children of Argentine:

Yesterday I have invited you to peregrinate to Lujan in a different way.  At this time, through true and abnegate service, because know that great colonies of souls also must be supported by prayer.  For this, it is necessary prayer groups that consecrate to my maternal spirit, that will persist and walk in the Faith of My Son. Each group must start to exercise fraternity, because in this way, in your nuclei of work and task will find My Universal Peace.

I want to form for this time soldiers that are awake, soldiers that leave behind all comforts of life and as sincere disciples, will be instruments in the hands of God for this end of times.

Through prayer, you will have the key for that will define the salvation of all humanity. For this, for 31 years in Medjugorje, My Maternal Heart has pronounced and claimed for prayer!, prayer! And prayer!. This is what you must take as a spiritual food for this time, permitting in this way that my heart redeem the paths that deviate millions of souls, paths of modernity and comfort.

I Am here, dear children, in the name of the Highest to open your eyes, aspiring as the Mother of Heaven, so that your consciousness may mature and then help humanity itself through prayer.

My children,

Somebody must do something for this work! Because every day it lights up in flames because of its own actions and this somebody are My loyal soldiers, the soldiers of My Heart.

Today I arrive at this world to open the Door of Heaven upon your lives, so that the hope and the mercy will be cultivated in greater number of souls.


As the Lady of the Divine Defense, today I call you to pray for the protection of the Marian Centers, especially, for My National Marian Center of Luján, that in these days that has lived defining situations.

For this, My children, with the Banner of Peace in between My hands, I invite you to pilgrim for love to the places of most need in this region, through service and donation to that which My children of the region of Luján need.

Dear children, My Marian Centers are in your hands and God contemplates the honorable grace that all My children can offer and do through service to those who mostly need help and prayer. Today I not only invite you to prayer, but also to serve in the end of these times.

My Son calls you all to be merciful and the hour has already come to surrender everything to the Lord for the salvation of souls.

Children of My Son Jesus, sheep of His loving herd:

As Universal Mother and as Mother of Perpetual Help, I am calling you all to pray for the Centers of Peace, but also to serve in abnegated and truthful form to My children, that throughout these days, have suffered the consequences of the flood in their familiar homes, but above all in the interior of the heart. In reverence, I call you all to be conscious and collaborate in My universal task of salvation.

Dear children, My Protective Mantle of Mercy and Love is above you all. I pray for you all perpetually. I pray for you all asking God for your salvation and His Mercy. The time runs fast and humanity should pray more to impede irreparable happenings.

For this, My children, I am with you all walking as Mother step by step beside you and as Guardian of the Faith for your hearts.

Dear children, we are in time for the purification of the mind and of heart, for this I invite you to pray sincerely because this way you will be protected beneath My Maternal Light.

Dear children, opening My arms to save all the souls, but especially, of the Sanctuary of Luján, I ask you in this day, to pilgrim serving God and donate your love to your brothers and sisters, faithful devotees in My Immaculate Heart.

For this I ask you to go in these days to Luján, to bring the love of My Resurrected Son and also so that your hands donate charity and humility for the ones that have been affected by the storm that happened in the whole region of Luján.

Dear children, two tasks have to be accomplished before God:

As Mother of all My children in the world, today I contemplate the new time in My hands. For this, dear children, I only ask you to raise your arms to My Peace, since many suffering souls need to relieve their pain. You, dear children, the ones who have heard My call, must spread the power of the Grace which I am pouring over this city of Buenos Aires.

This is how it happens dear children, so that you know that Jesus, the Redeeming King of the Universe, loves you and contemplates you through My Maternal Love. It is time for all the groups of prayer that are consecrated to My Immaculate Heart to pray more for Peace, for true Peace which comes from My Son to all of you in this new time I am announcing,

Dear children, leave the past behind, be born again today in My arms because My Immaculate Heart loves you and knows you, It knows how much you need inner peace.

Today I invite you, My children, to be active founders of My Peace in the world and this task may be real when the groups of prayer have this celestial goal in each of their hearts.

My Son awaits you day by day so that in this new time that is coming, all your hearts adore and contemplate God through the merciful rays of Jesus, My Glorified Son. With all this, My little ones, I want to tell you that the world needs God’s forgiveness for all causes that it generates, causes that hurt Our Hearts, the Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart.

To you who are more conscious of everything, I ask you to exercise as a priority the task of the prayer of the heart so that more Celestial Graces may descend from My Heart of Peace over many of My children in the world.

After all, it corresponds to that part of humanity which is more dedicated to prayer, to lovingly intervene before God so that in this way My Heart and the Merciful Heart of My Son may guide and help for the time that is about to come to this world.

Open to My call in spirit, you should only place your lives in the hands of the Only God of the Universe so that My Son starts to guide you again as He did once in this world, as a humble Shepard of Nazareth.

Dear children, may today the Light of the Face of the Father reflect in each of your lives so that in devotion you are always in His Restoring Love.

My Maternal Light to all Buenos Aires!

I thank you for everything!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


At the beginning, during the first Meeting of Prayer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, within the first days of the month of August and after the spiritual practice of the Sacraments, the inner and spiritual condition will then be prepared for your Redeemer to return to South America and from Argentina to carry forward, not only the task of liberation and of forgiveness, but also the great moment of the Eucharistic Celebration with souls.

It is in this way, companions, that in the first days of August, the Spiritual Universe of God will be granting a reprieve to Argentina and also to the region which, in an inexplicable way, will open the door to redemption and to forgiveness for those souls that did not deserve them.

Through the sublime action of Divine Mercy, through the songs and prayers that will be offered, a period of inner peace will be able to be established in the spiritual consciousness of Argentina so that, filled by the Fire of the Holy Spirit, the Argentines may make their great and last decision, which will place their people and nation in Eternal Mercy or in Divine Justice.

It will be the faith of the heart of the Argentines that will allow Your Master and Lord to be able to intercede and work miracles in many souls. In this way, there will be built the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


This Third Marathon of Mercy has awakened a special joy in My Sacred Heart because from the beginning I wanted to demonstrate to all of My disciples that it is possible to do greater things than those that I realized in other times.

In truth today I thank you because this offer of your prayers has spiritually helped in the following points, those that I want to share with all:

First, the Marathon in Argentina has congregated souls that are thirsty for Me and this helped all of them to find the path of faith and of renovation.

Second, this merciful prayer collaborated so that all of the celestial plans in Argentina would be guided by the light of God and not by the will of men and women.

Third, My primary gratefulness is for your fraternal and ecumenical union with the Holy Father Francis. I assure you that Argentina, on the 13th day of October of this year will be the first nation consecrated in Heaven to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I invite you to discover the results of each marathon in your hearts. My Shepherd Hope is to unite you each day more until you may be finally one among the others and one with Me. It will be necessary that the law be accomplished in all of humanity but it will always be your faith in My Infinite Mercy that which will allow you to see the light in the horizon of life in each inner situation.

Dear sheep of My new flock,

I want to have near Me those who have separated themselves from My Love. For this I will receive day and night the simple offer of your hearts so that My Redeeming Plan may be able to be fulfilled.

This Third Marathon managed to unite the essences with the Sacred Kingdom of My Father. Serious problems will be solved, confusing matters in your lives will be dissipated, because you have trusted in My Mercy.

As good apostles I ask you to pray for those who never listen to My Voice of Love so that on the day of tomorrow these children of My Father may find a path of light and of hope.

I would like to return to Argentina if you allow Me because My Purpose is to consecrate the nation to My Sacred Heart. If it were like this, in the same way as Uruguay and Brazil, these three nations would work as shelter and protection for souls of other nations when they come to the time of confirmation.


INFINITE PEACE, will be the new baptism of your beings because only through Infinite Peace will your souls fulfill the mission that God has entrusted you in this time.

Dear companions,

This is the love that I want to reveal to you, that through My Infinite Peace your lives will be able to be united to the universe, and the Earth and the Heaven will be one, as it was predicted from the beginning.

For this to happen you must first incarnate Infinite Peace in your hearts because it will be the perfect path so that you may be able to truly love one another as I have taught you from the beginning, when My Life was among you.

Only through Infinite Peace will you find the chosen pathway of humility and in this way your souls will shine before My Kingdom because they will be fulfilling the precious gift of living in peace.

The world fades away from the lack of the true peace. Search for this Infinite Peace in your origin, in nature, in the heart of each peace maker brother and sister. Today I ask you to be an example of peace so that at least the great events of the Law of God may not weigh upon those who are not peace makers.

That through this Third Marathon of prayer to My Infinite Mercy you, as soldiers of the prayer of peace, may be able to go out strengthened and sheltered, ready to realize the missionary and apostolic task that I invite you to in this time.

Brothers and sisters, I feel a profound joy by seeing Argentinian hearts a little more mature and open to the collaboration of the Plan of My Father. That in this meeting your beings may be able to be reborn and to acquire the Spirit of God to work with your neighbors, united with the heart and with the soul.

Have a good merciful journey for the day of tomorrow. My Heart accompanies your pleas of love.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus of Argentina

Who are we?

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A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.