Sunday, October 6 of 2013

Daily messages

This Third Marathon of Mercy has awakened a special joy in My Sacred Heart because from the beginning I wanted to demonstrate to all of My disciples that it is possible to do greater things than those that I realized in other times.

In truth today I thank you because this offer of your prayers has spiritually helped in the following points, those that I want to share with all:

First, the Marathon in Argentina has congregated souls that are thirsty for Me and this helped all of them to find the path of faith and of renovation.

Second, this merciful prayer collaborated so that all of the celestial plans in Argentina would be guided by the light of God and not by the will of men and women.

Third, My primary gratefulness is for your fraternal and ecumenical union with the Holy Father Francis. I assure you that Argentina, on the 13th day of October of this year will be the first nation consecrated in Heaven to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I invite you to discover the results of each marathon in your hearts. My Shepherd Hope is to unite you each day more until you may be finally one among the others and one with Me. It will be necessary that the law be accomplished in all of humanity but it will always be your faith in My Infinite Mercy that which will allow you to see the light in the horizon of life in each inner situation.

Dear sheep of My new flock,

I want to have near Me those who have separated themselves from My Love. For this I will receive day and night the simple offer of your hearts so that My Redeeming Plan may be able to be fulfilled.

This Third Marathon managed to unite the essences with the Sacred Kingdom of My Father. Serious problems will be solved, confusing matters in your lives will be dissipated, because you have trusted in My Mercy.

As good apostles I ask you to pray for those who never listen to My Voice of Love so that on the day of tomorrow these children of My Father may find a path of light and of hope.

I would like to return to Argentina if you allow Me because My Purpose is to consecrate the nation to My Sacred Heart. If it were like this, in the same way as Uruguay and Brazil, these three nations would work as shelter and protection for souls of other nations when they come to the time of confirmation.

I hope that you deposit your faith in My Purpose. In this way the Lord will bless you every day. It is time to unite the hearts and to carry them to the ocean of My Divine Mercy.

I wait in silence for your permanent answer. May this encounter with Me today be the reason of living in the joy of God. Be joyful; go ahead seeing in your paths My Sacred Footprints of light. I want sinner hearts to be converted into merciful souls.

Thank you for having encouraged yourselves during these days to enter into My Ocean of Pity and Mercy.

Under the Infinite Light of God, be all blessed.

Thank you for remaining every day in My Heart!

Christ Jesus