Monday, October 7 of 2013

Daily messages

My Heart speaks through the signs of some disciples. For this I ask you that out of love you be attentive because in some moment My Wise Spirit will make Itself strongly present in the heart of some of My servers.

But My Words will always be simple in order to be able to communicate to you My Supreme Truth. My dialogue with your beings will be through My Infinite Omnipresence. I will always want to bring you to the peace of the heart because this will be the perfect way in which your lives may be able to understand all things.

I only ask you for an exercise of attention by means of constant prayer, prayer that builds peace and good for all of the beings. In this way you will see in your brothers and sisters of the path My Mastery of humility and of simplicity.

The moment has already arrived and the time for you to recognize Me as your morning star amongst the darkness, as your gentleness in the face of any rivalry. The prayer to My Divine Mercy will strengthen and nourish your souls for the moments of tests and of definitions.

I Am and I will be in all of the places when you only call Me. I want you with Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message of Truth and with Love!

Christ Jesus, the Lord of the Sacred Celestial Clouds