Friday, November 1 of 2013

Daily messages

Sometimes I allow you to swim against the current because only in this way will you know how to confront the headwinds.  Whenever you do not find a positive answer on the part of a brother or sister, it will be the greatest moment, that in which you must become merciful.

The universe of imperfections and errors surrounds the planetary life and only through good actions of reparation and of mercy will the defects of your fellow humans be healed in the inner.  Never wait for great answers from anyone because your true answer is found only in the Love of the Lord.  

Now you are facing the time of great contrary currents.  As My light approaches to the world, greater will be the power of tribulation that will anticipate the time of the Universal Judgment.

For this dedicate time to works of charity so that at least those who sleep in the illusions may be able to wake up and recognize that it is time to live fraternity.

But something I want to tell you: Mercy will have some time to be poured upon the world because afterwards will be poured the Divine Justice.  Examine your consciousnesses day and night so that always pure thoughts and attitudes may emerge from you.  Go ahead.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message in the inner!

Christ Jesus