Keep the Light of God in your heart. There, it will rest and silently work until it fulfills its inner purpose.

Keep the Light of God in your heart, so that it may reach the goal within you. That Light descends to bless you and renew you.

The Light of God is neutral but very compassionate. Its presence regenerates life and awakens love in the human heart.

That Light, which comes from His Source, is a most powerful Grace that comes to renew the life of the prayerful soul.

The Light of God comes to redeem your cells through the inner elevation of your being. Thus, you will open up a space for that powerful Light to act and work according to the purpose it has.

Let the Light of God transform your being and those spaces within you where light has not yet reached.

Trust in the power of the Light of God, and everything will change.

It draws souls toward the Divine Source.

It communes with the heart that lives the path of prayer.

It is the Light that illuminates the path for the pilgrim feet.

It is the Light that reveals the inner truth.

It is the Light of God that awakens the consciousness and leads it toward discernment.

The Light of God intervenes at culminating moments and in difficult situations.

The Light of God is never reduced nor does it disappear from this space-time.

The Light is omnipresent and its omnipresence allows it to help many souls that have imperative needs of this humble Light of the Creator.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the Mother of God is in silence, it is because something important is about to happen, and at this moment you must understand this meaning.

This silence leads to introspection, to reflection and to discernment.

It is a moment for humanity to understand the cycles it is going through and experiencing in these times.

For this reason, the Messengers of God come to Earth, to prepare and guide it toward the next step and toward the new time.

I have come here today to bring you My message of peace, but also My message of consciousness, dear children.

Today, in the message given by your Heavenly Mother for the apparitions, a cycle closes and a new cycle will begin; from the month of March of this year onward, a moment in which you will be able to accompany Me throughout this last cycle that draws near, which will conclude an important stage for all inner worlds and also for all of humanity.

It is a moment for you to begin to harvest the fruits of the instruction and knowledge of the Hierarchy; a moment for you to be able to learn and drink from this Fountain, so that you may only depend on God, on His Grace and on His Mercy.

Thus, your souls will be strengthened upon this path and trajectory toward the eternal service for God on behalf of souls, the Kingdoms of Nature and the planet.

Today I come here to announce the end of this cycle, the end of these messages that I have been delivering that prepare you for each new meeting with Me, whether in your hearts or before My Presence.

Thus, dear children, you will be able to understand, at this moment, the omniscience of the Mother of God. This omniscience and power that Her Son has given Her to carry forward this planetary task in the end of times, which is the last and great task for these times.

For this reason, I invite you to keep in mind all that I have said to you, from the first years in which I met you, to guide you, conduct you and make you live the Plan of God in its different manifestations and tasks.

This is the time to make the great and last synthesis. It is the time to live the knowledge of God so that you can learn to face that which will come, not only for your consciousnesses, but also for the whole planet, for the entire humanity.

Through each message, through each word and instruction, your Heavenly Mother has given you an impulse, a key, a gift, a virtue and a light so that they can be lit within your hearts and within your lives, and so that you can represent the Work of Christ upon Earth.

Thus, dear children, I call you to live the untiring apostolate, the apostolate of effort, the apostolate for love for all that God conceived from the beginning of this Creation, and so that this Creation can be regenerated, healed and redeemed.

This is the time when humanity will go through the last moments within its planetary transition. Therefore, I invite you to be conscious, but I also thank you for having responded to each call.

Having responded to My call, you have responded to the call of God. This call of God is to fulfill, at each stage, His Divine Will, His aspirations, His ardent wishes and His goals. It is in this way that He appears, reveals Himself and guides His children, so that all may follow the path of faith and trust in God, in the fulfillment of His Divine Purpose.

I need you, dear children, to help me accompany the coming cycle, because from the moment My Son visits you this year, during the Sacred Week of this year, a more definitive stage will close.

Understand, dear children, that now cycles are monthly and there are also cycles that are weekly. The Hierarchy will no longer be able to wait for twenty-five or more years for the human consciousness to be mature and be in the condition that the Plan needs in order to be fulfilled and accomplished.

Therefore, I lead you to understand the importance of knowledge and instruction, which are strongholds and principles for your lives; they are directions, paths and routes to find the Divine Purpose in its diversity, within the Law of the Hierarchy, within the Law of Love-Wisdom.

I leave you this message, dear children, this last message that prepares your inner worlds for this Apparition of today, a moment when each soul and each heart, beyond what it is going through and experiencing, will have the opportunity to make this synthesis and gather, in its inner world, all the treasures that the Hierarchy has delivered, throughout the years and the times.

Today is a culminating moment for all, from the inner planes but also from the spiritual planes, the Eternal Father will be contemplating this instance, when His children will again respond to the call of the Mother of God, by means of this meeting of prayer, which tries to strengthen all souls, all hearts and consciousnesses so that they do not fear, so that they may learn to go through the end of these times with bravery and momentum, under the impulse and company of the Great Chrsitic Consciousness.

Above all, dear children, may love always be within you, in your brothers and sisters, and everywhere. It is this love, the Love of God, that has brought you here, to live this time, to live this school, to live this learning, to serve God. There is nothing that can prevent this. There is nothing that can hinder it nor intervene.

The deserts are big, but the victories are vaster and more infinite.

Take back the inner strength that the Sacrament of the Communion gives you. Affirm your Baptism. Affirm your anointment in Christ, and all will be renewed.

I thank you for responding to My call and, under the Light of My Heart, I guide you toward the Greater Purpose, until this Purpose is fulfilled, in you and in the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


About the message:

During the ceremony of consecration of the Missionaries at the Marian Center of Figueira, there was a statue of Saint Joseph upon the altar, and at a certain point it began to shine very intensely. We watched that movement to understand what was happening, and when the Priests were approaching the altar to consecrate the Eucharist, many portals started to open above them in a rapid and intense way. At that moment, luminous as a sun, Saint Joseph appeared.

Behind Him there was a road to Africa, and He was surrounded by children, and He was also carrying an African child in His arms. He said He came so that we may understand the importance of the humanitarian missions for the Hierarchy.

With Him, He brought a Grace for each missionary being consecrated, something spiritual and inner, and He transmitted a special message. It was the first time that Saint Joseph appeared since the end of the cycle of His Apparitions, on last August 18th.

He told us:


I come in silence, by the Will of God and His Divine Love. I come because, for Me, as important as it is to welcome and serve the souls of Africa, so it is to welcome those who are being consecrated to the Plan of God and to the first mission of rescuing love in the hearts of beings, in the consciousness of all the Kingdoms of Nature.

I come to bless you, not because all the blessings you have already received were not enough, but because you must understand how important the mission that you are carrying out, and will continue to carry out in the four corners of the world, is for God.

The Creator accompanies your steps, just as I accompany you; albeit through inspiring your spirits, albeit it through observing your paths, I will always accompany you.

Today the Heavens open, as do your hearts, because in each offering that humanity makes, new merits are generated for the salvation and redemption of humanity.

Today I do not come only with a blessing; I come opening a path for your spirits so that you may come to My beloved Africa. I am there. In omnipresence and love, I indicate the direction to you where there is the greatest need. Come with Me to meet the transformation of your lives.

The humanitarian missions, children, as well is the different meetings of prayer that are carried out in the world, are the pillars of redemption for these times, they are the instruments which the Creator avails Himself of to keep His hope in the redemption and the transformation of humanity alive. This is why I am here.

I come with a Grace. I come with a door to a new step. I come as a confirmation for your souls and your lives. I come as your Father and Friend to tell you that I wait for you in silence, that Africa waits for you, and more than this, that the Africa that is within each being, waits for you, so that you may serve your fellow being as if it were your last chance to serve.

I am glad with your steps, just as God is glad, and renews His Love through your consecration.

Today and always, you have the Love of My Chaste Heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

If you have eyes to see Me in your brothers and sisters, if you have ears to hear Me in your brothers and sisters, if you feel My Love radiate through your brothers and sisters, why do you doubt I am here?

My Omnipresence is unknown to the world. My Omnipotence has not yet been fully revealed to humanity. 

I am present and silent in all places where two or more gather in My Name to recognize Me and call Me Shepherd of souls.

I contemplate, I accompany and I pray for each one of the inner situations of My apostles, in the same way that I prayed for the apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane.

I see and I observe all the needs. I take into My Heart all the situations of life.

Receive, then, My absolution on this blessed day so that, from My Love and My Compassion, you may learn to live. In this way, you will have the courage to face your own miseries without defiance, and without rejecting them or denying them. You must transform them with the patience that faith gives you and the wisdom that love gives you.

Continue, every day, to live the path of redemption for Me, your faithful Friend.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Holy Saturday was marked by silence and emptiness, in heaven as on Earth. The Heart of the Creator and Word went silent, and God Himself withdrew in the depths of His Heart. There the power of the  Resurrection of  Christ was gestated, the wisdom of eternity, the rebirth and the renewal of Love.

It would no longer be through science that the universe would know eternity and the extension of life. The spiritual resurrection was something new, never experienced in all of God's creation; and even the sages and the archangels silently followed the movement of love that, in all dimensions, made the life of Christ resurface.

His Spirit, which had given all of Itself, touched the Father with His experience and returned to Earth so that He could renew His Love.

God followed, in deep silence, the Love that was born from His Son. Even the Creator Himself learned from His surrender and from His Resurrection.

By the perfect power of Love, His Soul, Spirit, Divinity and human and material Body lit up and rebuilt. Love was the air that circulated once again within His cells. The code of Christification gave life to His Blood, His physical and spiritual organs. Life regained its meaning.

The Love of Christ continued to expand beyond the material layers. His surrender continued growing and penetrating unknown dimensions, in the cosmos as well as in the most obscure dimensions of material life, that which we know as earthly hells.

Like a wave that goes in all directions of the sea of ​​Creation, the Love of Christ traversed the universes and all the manifestations of life. At the same time that it touched all creatures, the very experience of Love made His Body become revived and renewed, in a new, imperishable life, an omnipresent and all-embracing life. A life that does not have its own dimension and that at the same time lives in all dimensions: eternal life, because it is life in God, in unity with the Creator.

Just as the Father is in all things, so is the Son. His Body could manifest itself in matter as well as in the supra-dimensions. And where there is no matter, not even colors and sounds, only the silent and invisible Existence, there is also the Son of God. Everything is united to His Love.

The Resurrection of Christ cannot be explained with words or with science, because it transcends all science, all understanding and all wisdom. The Creator Himself, on Holy Saturday, was renewed, and with Him, all of Creation.

Silence is the only explanation for what happened there. In silence, you can experience this Love that embraces everything. Fullness, omnipresence, life, everything was made new on Holy Saturday and manifested on Glory Sunday.

Meditate, feel and experience the codes of this divine experience.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the silence of the heart, your Master and Shephard is finalizing His daily journey of being with you but, in the Omnipresence of My Father, I will continue being with you until the end of times.

The moment has come for My last apostles to give testimony of My Word; that they let the power of My Love be known, that they give sacraments, confess and forgive in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The moment has come that My Church on the entire Earth will become purified and restored. For this moment and event, I have prepared you, up until now.

So go, and do all that I have taught you. Be the living Love of My Heart wherever you go. Be compassion, truth and purity. Fulfill the designs of the Lord. Build again the bases of My Heavenly Church within the hearts for the souls that were profaned and abused by My Church, not to feel pain, fear nor resistance; that all of them may recover their faith and their inner contact with Me.

Lucky will be those who at this last time will have followed and listened to My Messages daily.

Unhappy will be those who did not give importance to My Messages because they will not have the tools to cross the end of times.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is wasted. The Word of the Lord is blessed and merciful.

Now is the time to live the apostleship of the Lord.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master Jesus Christ


Revere the mysteries of God, recognizing your ignorance and love your entrance into the Divine Wisdom.

Revere the God Who hides in the Eucharist and who is revealed in a profound dialogue of love when the heart opens and is capable of hearing Him.

Revere the mysteries of God, because His Will is beyond all human comprehension and logic. The Mind and the Will of God do not move like the mind and will of humankind. For this reason, believe that the Creator Father hides in the bread and the wine and places His Divine Consciousness in the sacred elements, chosen to hold the memory of the Passion of His Son so that, thus, beings may learn to re-experience this Passion and find it reflected today in all situations of life.

God does not diminish His greatness to be in the bread and in the wine. He reveals His Omnipresence and, in this way, invites beings to deepen into the knowledge of His Spirit, of His Divine Science.

Today, child, simply revere the presence of God and let Him renew you and reveal to you the truth of your heart.

Today I come as the one who contemplates the Heart of God in the Eucharist, as in the Universe, to teach you that God is only one, present in the Cosmos as in the Eucharist, present in the Infinite as in the essence of each being.

Seek the path to find Him, create a communication with the Father, because only He will sustain you in the time that will come.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


The world will be wondering why would I have to come to a place where I had already been, where faith is alive and souls seek My Immaculate Heart? 

Here I am, My children, to renew the hearts of humankind and redirect their goals, reignite their faith and bring them a healing that goes beyond the body. 

My Immaculate Heart comes to institute a universal, celestial and divine healing, which reaches the depths of beings and is reflected in their souls and hearts as an awakening to higher life. 

Humanity still is very imprisoned in itself, children, and the things of God only interest humankind if they bring them some benefit. 

I come because France needs to wake up. The water that I brought forth here comes from God, to wash your spirits and hearts, and not only your bodies.

The greatest healing that I allowed to be born here is the healing of consciousness, of humanity that was blind to the Divine Presence. And here I return, because once again humankind have put blindfolds on their eyes and closed the doors to God. 

Contemplate the God that is beyond human actions and is found within your own heart; a God that shows Himself to the eyes of His children in the strength of the mountains, in the purity of the waters, in the mirror of the heart. 

Contemplate the God that speaks to your spirit and that awakens within you the potential for true love; a God that is beyond institutions and beliefs, and  unites all of them when they open to the Truth and to Divine Unity. 

Contemplate the God that is beyond this world and even beyond the stars; a God that is at the same time on High and within His creatures. In this way, He demonstrates that the infinity He is, is held within His children. 

Contemplate the God of Truth, which is not limited to the human mind and its understanding; a God that is in the sacred books, but is not confined to them, for He encompasses all of life and what is unknown to you of it.  

Contemplate an infinite God, single and powerful, that because of His goodness has made Himself small, in order to dwell within creatures; a God that rejoices with little and that is silent at the great errors of His children, without losing the hope that they will be able to return one day to His Heart. 

My children, with the soul, contemplate the real God, your Heavenly Father, from Whom all things come, and not only this world. 

See on the horizon the firmament in which He hopes that, one day, you may walk with your spirits redeemed and awake to universal life. 

Contemplate God as full of mysteries as the human consciousness. What you know about Him is as little as what you know about yourselves. Uncover the Divine Presence and in It, find the truth about your own being. Allow the heart to rise up beyond the spiritual boundaries, and that in a true prayer, it may feel and know what it is unable to explain, but can experience. This truth is the healing for the world. This awakening to a union with God is what will bring you to know peace.

My children are sick in spirit, in mind and in body because they do not know God and thus, they do not know themselves, their own destiny and the true potential that is hidden within them. 

Here I am, beloved children, to reveal to you that the truth is found in the simple and sincere things of the heart. I came to ask you to learn to forgive and understand others, so that they do not alienate the Creator from their lives because of being empty of love and of meaning. 

I come for the youngest, who cannot find God because they came to the world to bring the new, and cannot express themselves when faith is not renewed and does not show them the door to a true path. I come to show you this path, which is not a new religion, but rather a renewal of faith in the human heart, so you may find the Truth and universal life. 

My children, above all, I am here for your essences, because a nation without God is a nation without life and without spiritual meaning. Open your eyes, because the Creator has not withdrawn from your lives; it is humankind who closes their eyes in order not to see Him.

Open your hearts and discover the Divine Presence in the depths of these mountains, and in the purity of its waters, hear God Who calls you to return to His Heart. 

If you listen to My Call, there will be a time of peace so that hearts may be strengthened in light of Justice.

I love you and bless you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and the Immaculate Conception


Where I am called, there I am present, because I am the Mother of the Divine Omnipresence.

I am the Teacher of prayer that guides consciousnesses to a permanent remembrance of their purpose before God.

It is in this way that the Universe manifests through the presence of the Heavenly Mother, so that souls may recognize their important task in this hour.

Your Heavenly Mother gathers you together in this meeting so that all may receive the impulses that will manifest from the moment in which the servers step towards God.

From the Celestial Universe the angels of Light gather together all the spiritual impulses so that these may descend upon consciousnesses and so that you may live them on the material plane.

In this last cycle, your Heavenly Mother finds a special opening that repercussions upon consciousnesses, and also in the Universe; thus a spiritual communion is established that, little by little, they will perceive inwardly when they maintain themselves in an act of prayer.

The Holy Spirit also emanates Its Gifts so that these might manifest in simple and humble hearts, which will be able to draw towards the planet the unity and the love that are so necessary in these grave times.

It is in this way that the Holy Spirit, by means of impulses, will be able to be present in consciousnesses that open to recognize God in themselves, a fundamental occurrence so that humanity may be guided towards its last stage of redemption and of purification.

Your Heavenly Mother accompanies these moments because the Plan is in a phase of recovery and is being guided along a new path that the human consciousness does not yet know.

Thus the Divinity, the Eternal Father, is attentive to the opening of humble hearts. At this moment, a deep awakening in most consciousnesses might regenerate the creative consciousness that humanity has destroyed.

Grace is bringing an unknown atonement.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who gives you impulse into the Greater Consciousness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children:

I come on this day so that you may believe in the existence of the universal life, the principle of brotherhood and love that is lived in the whole Universe and that leads the consciousnesses to be within the Plan of God.

To live the universal life is to practice daily the attributes and the patterns of life that lead the consciousness to be united to God. These patterns we see reflected, for example, in fraternal actions of brotherhood and of service to the neighbor.

At this time, dear children, the universal life must be appreciated so that more consciousnesses feel the magnetism of being united to the Plan of the Universe.

Your world is part of a distinctive system of life, of an aspect of Creation that experiences a certain degree of Laws and Principles called sources of energy.

Omnipresence is one of the Principles or of these patterns of spiritual life in which the consciousness is internally present in several places at the same time. This is possible when it emanates the love for God and for all His Work. It is in this way that a fluent communication can be established between human consciousnesses, whenever unity between the parts predominate.

There are no coincidences in the Universe, but rather there is an internal relation with certain Laws of the Father that collaborate in the communication between the consciousnesses and the worlds.

The spiritual Hierarchy is the principal spokesperson of all the universal impulses, it is the one in charge of the whole humanity to enter, as possible, in the same state of consciousness. Prayer is the first school to contact the Plan of the Father in the inner universe and to be attuned with the Purpose above all.

The universal life is a path of permanent effort, it is to be in the Arms of the Eternal Father all the time that is possible. Therefore, at this planetary moment, humanity should be with its gaze at the Universe for major help to reach everyone without distinction.

All those who consider themselves praying people will have the mission to maintain alive the Purpose within themselves and in the planetary aura; this will lead the entire humanity to count on the fundamental assistance it needs.

Equality, the Law of balance, manifests itself in the universal life, because all are considered members of the material universe guided by Major Universes. It is in this way that the perfect harmony fills the Universe and the whole galaxy to which you belong and that lives under the Principle of Peace, even though in humanity other things happen. This is possible when there are consciousnesses open to receive the impulses of the universal life.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who comes from the Celestial Universe,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


At the beginning of Creation, only Unity existed, the Divine Consciousness that dwells where there is no time or space, where there is no matter, feelings or thoughts, where there is only Spirit.

Without ceasing to be Unity, the Spirit of God is multiplied. This is Omnipresence.

Without ceasing to be Spirit, the Mind of God is born, manifested in the Archangels. This is the work of Omniscience.

Without separating from the levels of Spirit, God manifests the Light in material creations. This is the fruit of Liberation.

God, who was One, divides into three, without ceasing to be One. His Transcendence is incomprehensible to the human mind.

God the Father became the Son and, in Transfiguration, He multiplies His Only Son into all creatures. All are One with the Father, through the Son.

The primordial principles take on a life of their own and creative power. The Rays become consciousness and dwell in all the particles that exist in the cosmos.

God never lost the Unity of the beginning. His multiplication has no end, it has no limit. His Consciousness is expanded beyond the boundaries of spirit, mind, and matter. His Divinity permeates everything.

You may ask yourselves: “How can the Creator dwell in a world so full of darkness? Where is God when chaos rushes into the world?”

God is the Life that dwells within the essence, the Consciousness that animates those who are aware, the Light that gives shape and life to that which the eyes of the not blind can see.

A person may not be blind, but if there is an absence of light in their lives, they will not be able to see. It is not that the world does not exist, that colors do not exist, that life does not exist: what is happening to that person is that they are separated from the light. They are not blind, they are simply stuck in a dark and empty room and do not find a way to open the windows or do not even know that there are windows in the room of their consciousnesses.

This is what happens with the majority of humanity. Ignorance and indifference have shut the human consciousness into a dark room and all the mysteries of life are outside, ready to be revealed at the moment the window of the consciousness is opened.

As they are not blind, they think they see everything. As they do not know the light, they do not know they are imprisoned in a dark room and they think life begins and ends within the four walls of that room.

Love, service, and prayer reach the darkness of those consciousnesses like chinks of light that come through the window, revealing that the window exists and that behind it there is a great mystery.

Some can see the light through the chink and believe they already know everything; others will dare to open the window and contemplate the view before them. The consciousness will be deeply expanded, in spite of only seeing life before their small window.

Up until today, there has been almost no one willing to leave that room, pioneering in the world outside of themselves; for this reason, the mysteries continue being mysteries.

I began this message with some words that are capable of opening a small chink in the dark room of the consciousness, but I know that many will close the window with their own hands to thus remain in absolute darkness.

Reflect upon what I tell you and, in the eyes of your hearts, try for an instant to risk feeling this mysterious ray of light, this small chink that opens in the consciousness.

If you allow your consciousnesses to expand, I will be able to lead you more truly to the union with God. You will be able to be more truthful in everything and unveil mysteries, including about yourselves and about planetary life.

For the growth and maturing of the human consciousness and its adherence to the Truth,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Seek within yourself the true union there is with Christ and, through Him, with God. The Lord has already been before you many times; some of those times, you were able to feel Him, others not, but He left a seed of the tree of Christification within you, so that you may be in likeness to the Christ that was born in His Son.

Your soul suffers and feels lonely, for it has not recognized Divine Omnipresence yet and ignores the Presence of God and of His Son in everything and everyone. For you, Omnipresence is still a theory which you know but do not fully live.

Christ was not before you and then left; Christ illuminated you with the most intense ray of His Solar Light, and you were able to feel It, but His clarity illuminates all things, within and on the outside, all the time.

It is now time for you to recognize that you are united with Christ, united with God, because a part of the Project of God must be born from you, which will seek nothing less from humankind than the Christs of the New Time.

Contemplate the Lord in the Eucharist, as well as within yourself. Contemplate Him with the eyes of your heart, in an apparition or hidden in all things, and find Him.

May the peace and unity with Christ be a reality for the human heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, who united with Christ and God for all eternity.



For these times of transition between the old and the new human being, the original human being, you must know a divine universal attribute: the Ray of Omnipresence.

The Ray of Omnipresence is the one that allows the Consciousness of God to be alive and present within all things.  The Ray of Omnipresence is the vehicle of God Himself in His Creation.

And why must you know it?

Because when humanity is very far from God and when the Divine Messengers are no longer among humanity as now, you will need to know that the Creator is in everything, and not just know it, but you will also have to experience and live this.  In this way, you will never feel alone nor helpless, because the Ray of Omnipresence will be visible and palpable to the heart.

In order to know the Omnipresence of God, you must seek it from now on, and I will tell you how.

In the concentration of the mind, of the heart, of the soul and of the spirit, silence, and only be in the present, without thinking of the past or of the future.  Feel the present moment, feel the elements of nature, such as the air for example, because regardless of where you are, the air will be present.  Feel the air as the bearer of the Ray of Omnipresence and perceive that the same God fosters life by means of the air and animates the universes with it, within the center of the entire Creation.

Discover the Presence of God within the life that sustains you, inside of your own body, giving movement to the elements that compose the being.  The God that inhabits the perfection of matter and conducts the functioning of an organism is the same one that inhabits the Cosmos, conducting the Plan to the different galaxies.

The Omnipresence of God is discovered when the same God is perceived in the small and in the great proportions of life.

The Creator is alive in all that was created by Him.  Find Him within each one of you as in the center of the Creation.  Find Him within your neighbor, as in all things.  In this way, you will be able to feel guided, even when alone and, if in a moment of need you listen to Him, the God that is in everything will be able to lead you to the fulfillment of His Will.

The Divine Messengers speak directly to you and with such human words so that you may learn, someday, to speak with the language of the heart and to listen to the voice that is pronounced in the silence of your own inner world.

I love you and I lead you to the times of transition.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Message of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

I want My Omnipresence to be demonstrated to the world and that the Power of My Heart, which is incomprehensible to many, is able to touch your lives to completely transform them.

One day, I will look down from the Kingdom of the Heavens and in the world, I will contemplate the fruits of so many impulses sent by God.

Today I want to calm your hearts, so that you may know that the steps are being taken in your spirits and that your souls are complying with the many impulses you have received. 

I tell you this, for I see many hearts that are distressed, because they believe that they are not responding to My call; but I tell you, My dears, that your souls are precious in the Eyes of God, Who does not find in the world those who open their hearts to live His Words, which descend through His Messengers.

While My Voice resounds in unison through so many hearts, it also enters into your essences and strengthens them.

I see in your lives today the fruits of prayer, because divine purity already has room in your essences, and many can confirm what I tell you.

My dears, although the times place you in many tests and the life in matter as well as the life of the spirit demand more and more attention from your beings, I want you to be firm on this path and to  count on My maternal assistance.

Many suffer because they do not truly believe in the miraculous power of divine transformation, which transforms the hardest clay into a cup to be filled by the Love of God and by His Holy Spirit.

My beloved ones, let the Gift of Hope be a reality for all the beings of this world, because it is possible to experience a special state of Grace in this time and become a sacred instrument of God, who permanently accomplishes His Plan.

My beloved ones, do not be afraid of healing your hearts and of surrendering your faults to Me. Do not be ashamed of what you once were or what you still want to be because of the impulses of the world; rather, just as you are, walk towards these arms that open to your hearts and invite them into a divine embrace.

May the power of My Immaculate Heart transform your souls and essences and give you the courage and valor to continue forward.

Do not fear, do not stop; only walk and abandon the past. I will gather up what you leave along the way and carry it to the Feet of the Creator as a sample of the transformation of humanity, so as to generate merits for others to receive redemption.

I fondly love you and I thank you, today and forever, for responding to My Divine Call.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



When you feel a great emptiness in your life and you believe that you will not have strength to surrender yourself to Me, direct your gaze to Heaven and tell Me what it is that you expect from your life.

There does not exist anything but the transformation of the consciousness and this is especially for those who consecrate themselves all of the days to My Heart.  I come in the hour of Mercy so that all of the days you may surrender to Me in trust, a little more of your lives and of your faults.

When the souls manage to identify this school of the Earth as the school of constant purification of matter and of the consciousness, from then on they will be able to take steps to find Me.

Put aside all that torments you.   You must know that I Am not only found in light, but also in darkness in order to redeem it.   I Am found in joy as in sadness and in desolation.  I accompany My friends through the desert, and in silence I go following the footprints that your steps leave in the walking.

I Am in every place and in every event.  My Heart accompanies your successes and your failures.  Nothing wrong that you may do in your lives will take away from Me patience.  Know that I was the slain lamb, I was the consciousness that knew the mistaken and condemned humanity.

That one who drives themselves to My Source will never be thirsty.  Seek Me!  Call Me!   Implore Me!  And I will leave you free from mistakes.

Know from now on that I Am Forgiveness manifested.  I Am your faithful Companion who learns together with you.  Remain in My Peace.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Light of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


My Source that is endless and prodigious for all of the souls tries every day to be poured over the hearts that do not live even in the belief that the Lord of Universe exists and that He is real in all of the spaces of the infinite cosmos.

For this, through your union with Me at three in the afternoon many doors that the souls open by their actions and attitudes are closed when the source of My Divine Mercy descends.

Now the Divine Opportunity and the Merciful Grace of My Heart is opened for all, even for those that may seem to be the greatest sin or the sinner. My Love achieved on the Cross banished the evil upon the Earth and now that the love of God is invincible it can remediate and repair the most serious offences that all of the souls commit.

Through the life of sanctity and prayer Heaven intercedes and the Divine Messengers descend to pour Graces upon those who would not deserve them. It is time to live through My Source because only by means of My Blood and of My Water will all be able to achieve the Christic transformation.

I Am everywhere at the same time. For this be attentive to My spontaneous presence among the most simple ones because My Heart will make Itself be felt.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with devotion and love!

Christ Jesus, the Master and Guide of souls


My Heart speaks through the signs of some disciples. For this I ask you that out of love you be attentive because in some moment My Wise Spirit will make Itself strongly present in the heart of some of My servers.

But My Words will always be simple in order to be able to communicate to you My Supreme Truth. My dialogue with your beings will be through My Infinite Omnipresence. I will always want to bring you to the peace of the heart because this will be the perfect way in which your lives may be able to understand all things.

I only ask you for an exercise of attention by means of constant prayer, prayer that builds peace and good for all of the beings. In this way you will see in your brothers and sisters of the path My Mastery of humility and of simplicity.

The moment has already arrived and the time for you to recognize Me as your morning star amongst the darkness, as your gentleness in the face of any rivalry. The prayer to My Divine Mercy will strengthen and nourish your souls for the moments of tests and of definitions.

I Am and I will be in all of the places when you only call Me. I want you with Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message of Truth and with Love!

Christ Jesus, the Lord of the Sacred Celestial Clouds


Special Message

The true awareness of what Life is only comes to humankind through the Spirit of God. My Immaculate Spirit and the Most Sacred Spirit of My Son comes from the Holy Spirit. But today I want to reveal to you that it is not necessary to be originally conceived by this Holy Spirit in order to experience the infinite Graces that Jesus and I experienced 2013 years ago.

The Holy Spirit transforms everything It touches, Its Fire purifies into Light everything that comes near It. The soul that has been touched by the Holy Spirit will never be the same, even during other existences in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Spirit of God even transforms the spiritual destiny of beings because the one who opens to receive a glorious touch from the Holy Spirit makes a commitment to the Creator to serve Him eternally.

The Holy Spirit is a mystery to the world because It is in everything, and everyone seeks It without knowing how to find It. The Holy Spirit manifests Itself as life-giving Fire and as a superhuman Gift; It manifests Itself as Love that illuminates everything, as Forgiveness that forgives everything, as Peace that radiates to everyone. 

The Holy Spirit comes when you least expect It, because at the moment when you least expect It, without losing the permanent aspiration to find It, that is when the heart makes room for the Holy Spirit to enter.

For the indwelling of Holy Spirit to be eternal within beings, the consecration of the soul must also be eternal, the offer of the heart must be eternal, the aspiration to serve the One and Only God must also be eternal.

The Lord deeply knows the heart of His creatures and He knows when His child confirms themselves perpetually in union with His Most Sacred Heart. And it is at this moment that the Lord sends His omnipresent Spirit to find this new home.

Since the heart of humankind is unpredictable, even to themselves, only God knows the truth about the intentions and feelings of humans, about the offers and aspirations. Therefore, the only thing that your beings must do is to be in a permanent offer and to reconsecrate yourselves daily before the Universe of God, with a pure and sincere heart. 

Seek without seeking, because this is how it will be without realizing it, and humility, which is the first Gift of the Spirit of God, will come to those who do not know it and have never known it. The Gift of humility is only known by the one who recognizes it in his neighbor because the heart that is truly full of the Holy Spirit is so close to God that it does not notice its own progress and virtues.

This is how Jesus, Mary and Joseph experienced the Holy Spirit. One recognized this Holy Spirit in the other and realized how many Gifts God had manifested in that family, full of charity and humility, but none of Us observed within ourselves the presence of this Spirit. We admired in silence and in prayer the virtues of the others, and the more we noticed the Love which the other manifested for God, the more our hearts were filled with this Spirit. And in Our simple life, but full of mysteries, the Holy Spirit was manifesting Itself.

Therefore I tell you today that a key to progress is to think only about God and strengthen the virtue of the neighbor, so that you may always grow and develop. Thus, even without realizing it, your spirits will be preparing themselves to receive the Spirit of God. 

May peace and harmony reign in each heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Weekly message of Mary, Queen of the Holy Spirit, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay to the visionary Sister Lucía

My children,

When My Heart approaches the Earth, it brings inside of it the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, because today I tell you that the Server of God is One with His Spirit.

The Holy Spirit lives and reigns in My Heart and I am within It eternally. This way, each time you invoke My Immaculate and Most Holy Heart know that you are invoking the Spirit of God, sanctified by His eternal Glory in Heaven and on Earth.

The Holy Spirit became One with Me when the Son of God lived in My womb. I was conceived by the Spirit of God and It was made flesh in My Son through My womb.

My Spirit was born in the very pure Consciousness of God with the mission of being eternally Holy and Immaculate. My Spirit was generated by the Heart of God, because from His Heart would be born in the Heart of the Son of Man, the firstborn Son of God.

It is time for all to glorify this mystery, because I have told you so often that the Holy Spirit would reach your lives and, when I said it, My Spirit was already before your hearts.

The Holy Spirit is omnipresent and wants to make a home in all the hearts of the world. This Holy Spirit was created to manifest the Love of God in all things, and, above all in all of His creatures It would sanctify matter and allow God to be reborn in the human being and the human being in God.

As it manifested in Me, the Holy Spirit should be manifested in all the children of God. Those who are loyal to God, as I was, will open the doors of the heart and the consciousness so that the Holy Spirit may be anchored.

It will not be gestated in the womb of a human being anymore, but in their hearts. It will not be born in the new being, but it will allow the old being to be reborn.

Open your hearts to this most sacred mystery, renew yourselves in the unknown, because this  Blessed Tree will grow in those who open themselves today for these seeds that are being handed to them.

I am the Holy Spirit, and It is within Me.

The Fire of transformation for the souls, the Spirit of God flies over the world, as an Immaculate and Luminous Bird, crowned with stars and clothed with the Sun, to perpetuate Its shelter within the hearts that know how to say "yes".

I bless you and keep you in the Heart of God.

I thank you for opening the doors of the heart to Me.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Contemplate the divine beauty of Creation

Dear children, may the essence of love and truth spring from you so that your hearts may be open to the essence of giving. My children, never stop contemplating the Love of God in your hearts. Embrace the essence of forgiveness in your inner worlds so that the new spirit of Love may be sown in you.

Dear children, never give up, raise your aspiration towards the Infinite, aspire to live in the Kingdom of God and also aspire to live the Reconciliation and the Mercy of My Son.

Little children, never lose the joy of being in Me and of glimpsing in yourselves the power of My Immaculate Love. Accept to be on My path. Your souls recognize where My Maternal Heart comes from, they recognize My presence before your consciousnesses do.

I am the Lady of the Heavens, I am the Mystical Rose, I am the Mother who helps the pilgrims and I am the Immaculate Heart that gives Itself to you in order to love you and to forgive you.

Dear children, My voice announces Itself to the world once more so that My children do not lose the path to salvation, to the rescue of the heart.

I am with you on this path of pilgrimage towards eternity. May pain, bitterness and desolation not be a burden in your lives. May your hearts, filled by the Holy Spirit, receive Peace, a Peace that comes from the Universe, a Peace that the suns and stars emanate, a Peace that is radiated from all galaxies, a peace that comes from the Infinite and that you do not know.

From there My Maternal Heart comes in order to show you the path that leads to a humble and peaceful life, a path towards the Universe, towards everything that the Father, Adonai, created out of love for you and for His Glory.

Dear children, glorify God! Love God! Search for God in your lives because in this way your little essences and all the essences will be in the Celestial Kingdom of the Universe.

Beyond your earthly life there is eternity, the eternal present, the Omnipresence of God in all the universes.

Therefore, My children, pray, pray and pray! May your lips not tire of praying so that the Mercy of Christ may aid humanity.

I thank all My children for the loving welcome in this nation of Paraguay.

Love and peace for all.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


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