Tuesday, October 22 of 2013

Daily Messages

My Source that is endless and prodigious for all of the souls tries every day to be poured over the hearts that do not live even in the belief that the Lord of Universe exists and that He is real in all of the spaces of the infinite cosmos.

For this, through your union with Me at three in the afternoon many doors that the souls open by their actions and attitudes are closed when the source of My Divine Mercy descends.

Now the Divine Opportunity and the Merciful Grace of My Heart is opened for all, even for those that may seem to be the greatest sin or the sinner. My Love achieved on the Cross banished the evil upon the Earth and now that the love of God is invincible it can remediate and repair the most serious offences that all of the souls commit.

Through the life of sanctity and prayer Heaven intercedes and the Divine Messengers descend to pour Graces upon those who would not deserve them. It is time to live through My Source because only by means of My Blood and of My Water will all be able to achieve the Christic transformation.

I Am everywhere at the same time. For this be attentive to My spontaneous presence among the most simple ones because My Heart will make Itself be felt.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with devotion and love!

Christ Jesus, the Master and Guide of souls