Weekly Message received in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

My children, I love you very much and only want good for everyone.

My children, I have you in My arms, I put you upon My chest for you to feel the beating of the Heart of your Heavenly Mother.

My beloved children, do not fear, do not become disturbed, do not be afraid. My Heart will triumph, and it will triumph within you, bringing you peace and the strength that you need so much.

My children, these are difficult times in which real and few soldiers of Christ give their life for their fellow being, for humanity and for the planet.

Dear children. God contemplates all you offer to Him. He gives you His Treasures and places them inside of the Heavenly Kingdom of His protection.

My children, these moments are very hard, but they are times to take great strides towards My Son, His Heart, His Truth.

Sustain yourselves in Me. I repair and take care of you from the fierce wolves of these times.

Continue praying with Me. Follow My steps of service and humility.

In the end, My Son will return. And He will return among you.

I thank you for your effort!

I bless you in the powerful Light of God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I come to this part of Argentina to institute again the Principles of God that the souls of this place of the nation must live.

I come to banish certain capital powers that have made so many consciousnesses objects of evil.

Because of that, as Co-Redeemer I come to this part of Argentina and return to My beloved Marian Center of the Holy Spirit to be close to My children and to give them what they need to keep taking the steps of faith towards Christ.

I wish by all means, spiritual and divine, that my sons of this region of Argentina, came out of spiritual mysticism, that they opened their eyes and feel in their hearts the true and only Brotherhood, the one that comes from the Universe and permeates with Its Light this part of Argentina.

I come to gather the lost ones, to the searchers of something greater, the ones that have forgotten God within their inner self.

With all of them I will make a new flock so that, recognizing on their paths the footprints of Christ, they may consecrate again to the Plan of the Creator.

This mission that God has commissioned Me has just begun.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today I invite you to be living receptacles of God. I invite you to be receptacles of Christ. I invite you to be simple dwelling places for My Maternal Heart.

Today I invite you to be receptacles of the Gifts of Heaven and of the treasures that are spiritually given to humanity, through your acts, through fraternal gestures and through charitable actions; in this way, you will keep these treasures within you and you will not lose the celestial relics that the Universe gives you today through Instruction.

Dear children, may your souls, as receptacles of the Divine, be mediating essences so that the Plan may be fulfilled on Earth.

I wish is that many more souls be encouraged, in these times, to be living receptacles of the Divine through an inner consecration and a life of prayer and of service to current humanity; thus, you will allow Divine Grace to come to the planet and to everything that will be in need of conversion and of redemption.

Never tire of being receptacles of the Divine, because in this way you will recreate this Creation, through your living example of redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

When the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is near, it seems that everything precipitates, to the point that new changes turn up for you. The important thing at this moment is that you have the assurance that while by My side, nothing will happen to you, because I always place you inside My Heart so that nothing can perceive or observe you.

Thus, at this time, I am finishing forming up the last praying armies so that they may accompany the Heavenly Mother in this imminent battle of Armageddon. I wish that you, dear children, could feel the confidence that everything is in its place, even when it sometimes does not seem to be. Each signal that you receive within you is important because they will place you nearer to or further away from Divine Will.

For this reason, on this day I come to tell you that the stages of My Plan of Peace are taking place and that all of you, in due course, will be benefited by the results of this pilgrimage. It is thus that after so much time, your Heavenly Mother has managed to come and address matters of humanity that seemed impossible to resolve. In this way, I teach you to have faith and to practice it above all tests and difficulties.

May the Mirrors of your hearts shine before Mine today, so that all of this may be a precious offering of love and of reconciliation with your Father God. On this day I leave you an open path so that you can again find your essential purity, a key that will easily open the doors to the Brotherhood, just as happened today.

Remain in My arms during this day so that I may keep contemplating you, and My gaze be able to protect you and distance you from all evil. Be brave and keep being so, for the total triumph of My Most Pure Heart.

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

Today I present Myself before your hearts as the Mother of Guadalupe and Mother of all your Aztec spirits.

I come on this day to Mexico to bless it again and to remind you about your essential purity, because in spite of all you have experienced over the centuries, that purity has not yet been dissipated by My enemy.

By opening your hearts to Mine, My children, I wish you to feel that in this moment your nation must be protected from the influences of other nations.

With this I want to tell you that, for your hearts and lives to be protected from all things, you must keep alive the devotion and the love that characterize you as a nation and as a people.

In the simplicity of your heart, I wanted all of you to recover the values of faith and of purity, so that all the descendants of the Aztecs who live today in Mexico may be able to express the inner love that you achieved in times past.

It is through the spiritual union that your original peoples had with the Universe that the key is to be found which will open the new doors to the future, and where all of your souls will recover the sense of being present and collaborating in this planetary cycle.

I have come as Guadalupe to unite what the white man was decimating in the indigenous consciousness.

For this reason, children, today is the day in which your Aztec consciousnesses, in the name of that incalculable love that you have built inside of yourselves as a people, must forgive the consciousness of the Europeans for having destroyed an entire millenary culture.

In you, My children of Mexico, is the potential for being able to live and express the Mercy of God.

It is in this way that your Mother of Guadalupe, surrounded by all the stars of the Universe, returns to your nation to establish this definite act of forgiveness and of reconciliation as an important moment for liberating all of the past.

Your devotion to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe has generated an intimate and beautiful filiation of all your people in the Mexican nation with the Mother of God.

Because of this, My children, thanks to the Celestial Father and to all of My children that have collaborated so that this sacred mission could be fulfilled, I was able to return today to your land to fill it again with the codes of love and of pity.


My beloved children from Brazil and from the whole world:

Today My arms open and My Mantle expands over the Americas, announcing that the triumph of My Heart is near.

Today I thank you and, with joy in My Gaze, I ask you to keep working with Me for the awakening of souls and for the redemption of hearts.

My children, since the beginning, the Creator entrusted each soul of the Earth to Me, as the most precious thing He had as a project and creation. From Heaven He pointed Me this world and asked Me, with love, that I took care and supported each of His children; that I did not look at their faults with sorrow, but rather with compassion and hope; that My Faith in His creatures were that which would eternally support their opportunities of taking steps and of rehabilitating them in the path that leads to God. And so I did it, children, since the beginning of this world.

When I came to Earth as the Mother of Jesus and the wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, it was to consummate My surrender and maternity. It was to materialize, along with My Son and the Most Chaste Joseph, the deep Love of God for humankind. It was for all to come to know and recognize the maternity of your beloved Celestial Mother, because in this way, beloved children, you would be able to find the path that brings you to My Heart, you would be able to feel that My Mantle is near and always open to welcome you.

Not all recognized My Divine Maternity, but it does not mean that I am not the Mother of those who deny Me and of those who do not know Me. I am the Mother of all. I am the Mother of those who proclaim Me and the Mother of those who ignore Me. I am the Mother of those who love Me and know Me and the Mother of those who are indifferent with Me.

Children, I do not love more or any less those who respond to My Call or those who do not help Me to manifest this Plan. The love of My Heart comes from God, comes from the Source. It is a love that descends from the Truth and that recognizes the Truth in the hearts; that is why it loves you all equally.

I do not see, My children, the indifference of humankind, because I know your essences. My great sorrow is that you do not recognize the Truth and believe that you are your imperfections and indifferences, without ever knowing your own essence.


Dear children,

On this day I come to announce to you a special request from the Celestial Father.

With My Heart bloodstained, I come to tell you, My little ones, that the pilgrimage to Central America and Mexico will be postponed for two important reasons: first, children of Mine, for the lack of resources, which up to this date have not been completed.

It is not My intention as a Mother that My children in mission go on a pilgrimage through these nations without the manifestation being completed.

You know, dear children, that the Celestial Father expects all of His children in the world to deeply yearn to help in the plans of peace of your Heavenly Mother.

The second cause, dear children, is that it is not in the consciousness of everyone the feeling of what the Celestial Hierarchy is realizing with the purpose of avoiding harmful catastrophes in humanity and in the world.

The Plan of the Universal Father is to save all of His children, regardless of their mistakes and faults committed.

It is in this way that as a Kind and Merciful Mother I will wait during all the month of October until I will be able to see with My own celestial eyes that your help for the materialization of My work is sincere and real.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother will carry out a new attempt, the third at this time, to be able to reach Central America and Mexico during all the month of November.

I would like to feel from your hearts not only your beautiful prayers, but also your donations to My work of salvation.

We are in an unusual and definitive time when awakening, redemption and salvation are at stake between chaos and the Kingdom of Light. The triumph of My Heart will occur through the awareness of everyone.

With this purpose, I invite all of My children to renew the Campaign for Peace through the diffusion of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that in the month of October all of My children may daily offer a mystery of the Holy Rosary, which must be prayed at the feet of My holy image.

I would like to be in every home shining as the Mother of all the people and all the nations.

It is in this way that, in October, Your Heavenly Mother will go on a pilgrimage through Brazil, ardently expecting the Marian mission to Central America and Mexico to be fulfilled during the month of November.


I will send all My angels so that after each battle the Healers of Heaven may radiate Their states of healing over the servant humanity.

This is how your Heavenly Mother sends all Her Hosts of Light so that They may reconstruct all that has been damaged after a hard confrontation.

Know, dear children, that the angels of healing dedicate Their divine service to restore and balance what My adversary tries to destroy.

Thus, the Love of God in them allows to seal the doors of evil, and everything that is involutionary is expelled because at this moment, My beloved ones, the Light of God, the Light of the Creator, triumphs before any adversity.

It is in this school that all the servers are entering to be able to learn to love whatever the Father sends you as an instruction or for inner growth.

As your Mother I will not cease to accompany you in this trajectory that will lead you to serve for the liberation of many souls that are trapped in ignorance and in the temptation of My enemy.

When a liberation and a global awakening happens in the consciousnesses, it is a sign, dear children, that the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is getting closer each day; this will be inevitable at these times that will come for humanity. 

Know, My beloved warriors, that I will be close to you sustaining the scepter of My maternal government.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who protects you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Praised be God of the Universe! Honored be His Holy Name because His Presence and His Mercy will save you.

While the Father sends Me every day to remove you from the illusion and to patiently teach you to accept the transformation and to live it, on the other hand, My adversary tries to destroy the nuclei of Light that I have built in the consciousnesses that have already defined themselves, for life, to follow My call and My path to Jesus.

So it is, dear children, that the perversion, the obstinacy and the lack of control of the human desires will knock at the door of all the disciples, but do not open it and only recognize that the time has come of the intense purification.

While the hearts define their spiritual life and their evolution, ask the Universe for the powers of Grace, of Mercy and of the blessed gifts that made the Sacred Family a unique project for humanity.

While the values of spirituality and family get lost by being substituted by impulsive actions and decisions, the adversary takes advantage of the moment to weaken in the consciousnesses the importance of living holiness and thus change it for a liberal life.

In this state is humanity and the majority of souls that still have to define their steps towards Christ. Therefore, a first and great battle will take place within each being, to confirm themselves or to lose the possibility of following the Project of God before the Apocalypse.

Dear children, with all the legions of Archangel Miguel, we are in prayer, asking for the souls to perceive that the whole planet is in a hard and constant battle.


The triumph of My Heart will happen in those who listen to Me…

The triumph of My Heart will happen in the children of the world who listen to Me and accept My call as something primordial for their lives; thus, little by little Your Mother of Heaven, when She is invoked in prayer, will be able to dissipate the darkness of the nations and establish the Kingdom of God in the world, a Kingdom that is awaited by the innocents.

Through the spiritual exercise of the Mystery of the Rosary for all the nations of the Americas, the one that started in these last days, the universal Divinity has placed all Its attention on the response, inner and soulish, that the hearts have given before the call for prayer that has been made by Your Heavenly Mother.

In this way, through the response of the different nations of the Americas, the adversary started to lose the power of regional and worldwide action, weakening all its malign networks, the ones that previously interfered in the consciousness and in the awakening of the peoples.

The answers manifested by all those who consider themselves in this moment children of Mary, allowed that the foreseen events in the Apocalypse of John were transformed by the intercession of Mary and by the simple prayers of the open hearts.

In this week that ends today, the angels of some of the nations of the Americas recovered the spiritual strength to be able to act, and the guardian angels of the praying people implored for the presence of fourteen of the principal choirs of the ultraterrestrial Heaven, thus Your Heavenly Mother, being in charge and in command of this whole divine summoning, received celestial permission to expel certain malign creations that would compromise even more the debts of the consciousness of the nations.

Due to the prompt response of the self-summoned to this task of prayer for the different nations of the Americas, from this day on, the praying people will obtain the celestial merit of becoming mediators together with the voice of Mary by means of the unbreakable column of prayer of the Holy Rosary.


​​​Dear children,

On this day that the missionaries are returning to Brazil after an intense experience of fraternal charity, I would like to ask everyone to prepare their hearts and their inner beings from now on to receive their account of all this last missionary experience.

Each of the missionaries who went to Turkey will bring back engraved in their memory a stage of their life; a stage that will remain indelible and that will help them to strengthen their surrender to the arms of the Celestial Father.

My dear children, a door of light and of mercy stayed opened in the Middle East so that the new missionaries will be able to serve in the main migratory crisis of the 21st century.

Dear children, beyond everything the missionaries experienced in name of everyone who with their prayers and donations supported the mission, the possibility to learn to love the human condition and above all, to give love to the hearts that live day and night in the terror of wars, will be kept as a spiritual wealth.

At this time in which My missionaries have already left Turkey to return to the Americas with all this life experience, I once more ask that you prepare your hearts to know the truth about what is nowadays a demoralized humanity, lost and blinded by the actions of the adversary. But I will not get tired to tell you, dear children, that My Heart triumphed through each small sacrifice performed by each missionary when they opened their heart to receive the great pain of the world.

Dear children, tonight I bring to your consciousness the importance to perceive the planetary reality.

Your Mother is today with all the missionaries.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Maria, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children:

Today we have accomplished, by the Will of God, one uninterrupted year of daily Apparitions and of the daily Messages of love.

For this reason dear children, today I tell you that the always Blessed Virgin Mary will announce Her words of Love and of Redemption for all of Her children for some time more.

Dear children, in this day I announce to you that God has asked me that, after today, I communicate My instructions to you on the days of Saturday and on the days of the Apparitions.

My children, after one continuous year of received Graces, My Maternal Heart asks that you look inside your hearts and that you grow from within through My Redeemer Peace.

For this, dear children, may this day for you be a day of synthesis, so that you can keep in your hearts all that God has delivered to you through My Immaculate Heart. Now after today we will meet daily through the prayer of the heart because the world is waiting to receive the Mercy of My Son.

To My children, those who one year ago accompanied me to Medjugorje, I thank you for having peregrinated with devotion and love, because this state of love irradiated from your hearts before God in Medjugorje allowed that He send me to you to guide you during all this year of great changes.

Dear children, on this day you have as a task for all the groups of prayer and for all the souls, to pray week to week so that in this way you wait for Saturdays for My weekly message, each one also to be accompanied by an apparition to My clairvoyants.

My children, now has arrived the time to grow and mature from the heart so that the soldiers of My Son will be prepared for the time that will come to humanity.

Dear children, once again I place all of you between My arms to offer to God the voice of your prayers, those that have helped in the conversion of humanity.

For this next year of 2013 I will visit you with My Maternity and from the Heavens two times a month, during the days of the 13th and the 25th of each month, so that together we will accompany the descent of the Holy Spirit that will help humanity.

Little children, may your day today be happy because during one year My Immaculate Heart triumphed because of your answer to My Maternal call. The Celestial Choirs together with your hearts are praising the One God during all of these days.

I thank you for answering during this year to My call for Peace.

In my arms I take the world. In My Heart I keep humanity. In My Prayer I help humanity and so I aid all souls. With My eyes I contemplate the happiness of the hearts and the pain of the wounded hearts.

For this My Mission is to bring the Heaven to the Earth through prayers from My soldiers. My Graces are spilled hour by hour, second by second over this needed world. My hands pray perpetually for you. My Immaculate Heart elevates itself to the Celestial Throne of God to ask as the mediator for all humanity.

Meanwhile the time, the changes and the events pass so quickly in the life of all souls, My Heart wants to take you to a deeper state of peace. I want to reveal to My little ones the essence of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. I want that My little ones learn to be with My Son without fearing anything and then walk with happiness towards the encounter with His Compassionate Heart.

As a Mother I guard hearts, I awake the power and the faith for life. As the morning I bring the hope, the renovation in Jesus, the beginning of a new path to God.

Day by day I contemplate more the needs of humanity, for this the Heavens of God, the Highest sends Me to My children to help them to encounter the Love of Creator.

Dear souls of God Father,

Today as a Mother of the Divine Mercy I spill one more time the ray of forgiveness and of reparation for your hearts. But so that your lives feel unfathomable fountain of reconciliation, you must say Yes to God, the Father of Love and of Compassion.

Dear children, today I am calling you to convert your lives in forgiveness, in peace, in eternal mercy for all.

Today I am calling you to do something for humanity, because humanity for its own actions is separating itself from the peace of God.

Today I am calling you to reinforce the power of prayer in your lives.

Today I am calling you to fast, to meditate into the mysteries of the Saint Rosary.

Today I ask you to have a compassionate and humble hearts, so that Jesus manifest Himself in each one of His disciples.

Today I am calling you to be active servers of God for your neighbor, for your families, for your most dear friends,  for all humanity.

Because today My Heart calls you to be in Christ, the Savior so that the Grace of God aid the world.

Today I call you to open your eyes to reality in humanity and to put yourself in perpetual prayer for all causes that need Mercy from the Redeemer.

Today I want you to follow God above all things and all causes. May your hearts live in the absolute trust of the coming of His Higher Kingdom. May you be in constant prayer with My Son because in this way, dear children, you will honor My Immaculate Maternal Heart.

I want you as good worshipers and vigilantes of the heart, that you pray always for all those who at the end of this time quickly separate themselves from the purpose of God.  I want you, as souls that walk to My Virginal Purity and that in constancy, to transform life into a temple of prayer and that in restoring communion with My Son you offer it for the conversion of humanity.

Today I come to ask you that in the divine commitment with Me, to make My Immaculate Heart triumph in all the hearts that are empty of God and even more those who, subjugated by the modern world, lose the light of the spirit.

For this dear children, I want that, as you have been called by Me, the other children of Christ may be called to the Venerable House of the Father, to the eternal refuge of the love of God. We are already at the time of elevating all the souls towards the Kingdom of Heaven and this will start when all the praying groups, favorite to My Immaculate Heart offer and surrender the prayers for each of the children that are in the world and for those they do not know and who need the Mercy of My Son.

Today I want you, living from the gift and the source of life that is presented by Jesus Christ, as faithful servers to My Immaculate Heart, to build towers of light on Earth through the sincere act of the prayer of the heart. With this little act of surrender to the life of prayer many causes written in the hands of the justice of God may be restored. Unite, only unite the love in your hearts with the Great and Immense Love of God!

Now is the time to light the Divine light of the Heart and to pronounce only peace for everyone.

I thank you!

My children,

By the great and immense love of God the Father today let us celebrate the memory and the anniversary of My Apparitions in Fatima. May Peace be the principle for each one of your lives so that through the presence of My Immaculate Love your hearts may be rekindled.

Dear children, today I bring you the memory of Fatima because there was where My Maternal Heart triumphed for all Europe. With this I want to tell you that there My Heart founded, for the world, the school of prayer, an exercise that for a long time I have been inviting you to contemplate and pass through with the heart.

My children, through Fatima you may find the merciful love of My Heart because today I remind you of how important it is to live in the prayer of the heart. Through this path you are now passing through My Universal Light may help many of My children that must reach the state of peace.

In the praying answers of each one of you, God the Father may pour His prodigies and His gifts over those children that do not live the One God. In this exercise of prayer, you will be strengthening your lives for the total consecration to My Immaculate Heart, but also the prayers will come to all those who, in emergency, are in need of salvation through My intercession.

Dear children, the path to Fatima is a path towards the depth of the heart, it is where, through the exercise of prayer, you may find purity and devotion, necessary instruments for the redemption of humanity.

In My Son you will find the fire that may illuminate and sustain you in the face of everything. Collect your hearts into My Heart and live with Me and in joy this victorious memory of My Heart in Fatima for the whole world.

Pray, pray, only pray.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The triumph of My Immaculate Heart may happen through the immediate answer of all My blessed children in the world.

The triumph of My Heart is the presence of God the Father in the life of each soul. It is the reunion promised by My Son, it is the coming Kingdom on the face of the Earth.

My Immaculate Heart, dear children, is the Fountain of Graces that, through time, I have poured for love of My children.

Now, My children, I invite you to make My Immaculate Heart triumph through the constant exercise of the prayer from the heart, as in all works of charity and service to your neighbor.

Dear children, the purpose of God for each one of His little creatures is immense; for this, I call you all to witness the presence and the coming of Christ upon the hearts. And this will happen when each soul of this humanity accepts to enter the true and only Kingdom of God.

Because of this, dear children, the task in the groups of prayer will be more constant, because each one of you must be, in prayer, as a sentinel, who guards and protects God’s calling.

For all this and for the aid of humanity, the presence of My Immaculate Heart is here, because through the triumph of God’s Divine Heart in Mary, I may bring you to My Son’s arms, the beloved Sheppard of Forgiveness who awaits you in prayer and in communion from the Heavens.

Dear children, to be a Marian soldier of prayer, it is enough to say yes and keep accompanying in the purpose of answering the Divine call. In this path of service and donation to God’s Will, your hearts will consecrate themselves to My Heart and the triumph of the Plan of Peace will be unique for the world.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace, only Peace for this time.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The daily Apparition of Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, in the National Sanctuary of Aparecida, São Paulo, Brazil.

As Lady Aparecida (i.e. “the one who appears”) I give you My Peace and My blessing from the Merciful Heart of My Resurrected Son.

Today I call you dear children, to live the flame of redemption through this day of prayer and peace that is necessary for these times in order to live a true conversion. Today also My little children, I thank you for having answered My call, because God Omnipotent, through the presence of My Immaculate Heart, sends you the fullness of Forgiveness and Grace for finding the path once more, through the call of the Faithful Servant of God.

I want to tell you My children, that the Lord Christ, through the answers of all of you, is pouring His Infinite and Divine Mercy over some nations that need absolute forgiveness. Through the yes of all My dear children and through the intercession of My Immaculate Heart, I have received a faithful permission before God, so that millions of souls that have been lost during this last time, may be touched by the light of My Maternal Heart.

Once more dear children, and because of the answer of this part of humanity, My plans of Peace are descending on the world. This means My children, that the sincere prayer of all of you and of all those faithful to My Immaculate Heart has allowed once more the victory of My Immaculate Heart and the triumph of God’s Plan in this cycle of tribulation.

Because of all this, dearest children, I call you to visit from time to time and according to the possibilities of each heart, this Sanctuary of Aparecida, dedicated to the humble honor of My Immaculate Heart.

Come to Me through the Sanctuary of Aparecida, because in this path you will be collaborating in the salvation of those who are most lost and far away from God.

Unite yourselves to the consoling principle of My Heart so that in the renewal of faith of all My children, the hearts may come to the same Kingdom of the Father that is the same and humble for everybody, it is where My Son’s Love reigns.

Carry in your lives the strength of My Heart and may this attribute give you the opportunity to live the eternal state of forgiveness.

Thank you little children, for answering My call.

I thank you in the Peace of My Heart for your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

If humanity lived God’s precepts, in other words the Commandments, the world would be different.  For this dear children, My Heart is always present in each one of you, because as a humanity, you need the Graces and the Love of My Maternal Heart.

My children, today I call you to renew the devotion to My Immaculate Heart and in this way, little children, God, the Fountain of Love, will act through My Son who has already resuscitated, and through Me, the Universal Mother.

Today I want to bring you all to the true feeling of prayer, which must be primary and important for each of your lives and for this time of change that you are living in the world.

Also today, as My Son has done, I extend My arms of Peace for those who accept to live My call as a group and as an individual mission for each one of your hearts.

Know, dear children, that My Voice proclaims Itself to the world for this time of purification. For this I invite you to gather the strength of your hearts in unity and in peace.  Because then, these attributes will elevate humanity towards the Kingdom of God and you as souls will be united with Me.

When I tell you: “Thank you for answering My call” it is so you may know that My Maternal and Immaculate Heart is embracing many souls unknown to you and who live in this world, souls that need My Heart, because if My Heart were not among you as a humanity many plans of Peace that My Heart disseminates would not be fulfilled.

For this reason My children, I bring you daily in My Heart and today I tell you again:

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace, Peace, Peace for all!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, this is how I want to see all of your hearts, in vigil and in prayer for all the souls. Thus you will be confirming your lives to a life of prayer and of salvation. Your hearts will be guided to My Immaculate Heart.

Little children, the humanity of today suffers for being distant from the eyes of God; for this, My children, it is necessary to establish columns of Peace in each place on the Earth as well as in each hour of the day. The Merciful Lord utilizes the praying call of all His children to be able to alleviate the world of the justice that shall arrive for the entire humanity. It is necessary to strengthen and confirm oneself to prayer, to be able in this way to consecrate oneself to My Immaculate Heart.

I want to bring from the Heavens the Hosts of Angels, so that together with prayer, may begin the hour of salvation of all hearts. There is much left to be done, My little ones, by means of your hands. For this, by kindling the Universal Flame of Prayer you will be helping to alleviate the pain of the world, that each day is destroying itself.

I call upon all the wayfarers of the heart so that together with My Immaculate Heart they may tread the path of prayer. We are at the time of the final call for the salvation of souls. My merciful eyes want to pour the purity and the goodness of the Lord, thus calling to conversion the last hearts, to those to whom My Heart and My Voice will be announced.

The day of Grace will happen for all the souls, for those that will know to recognize the mercy that the Lord of the Heavens has for each heart. The world must restore itself anew and for this we must affirm in the life of each heart a prayer that will repair the deeds committed throughout the centuries.

The soul that vigils in prayer will be in the Kingdom of My Heart.

Dear children: today is special because we have prepared the ministry of My coming to your hearts, for the 12th and 13th of this month. Let us sow in the hearts the message of the Good News, because My call will spring again as a fountain to the hearts.

I wait for you as on every day, invaded by the light of the restoring prayer.

My little ones:

Each encounter and each Apparition in each one of your hearts signifies a unique moment of rescue of souls that are forgotten, in desperation and in suffering. For this, My dears, I count on your prayers, so that they may fill the Earth with peace, and open the Heavens where is found the Most Beloved and Merciful Redeemer of all the creatures.

For the days of the 12th and 13th of this month permit that My Maternal Love may invade you to the depths, so that you may recognize in this way My universal presence. Especially My dears, allow yourselves to feel in your hearts the victorious coming of My Celestial Light.

Reunited in prayer and in peace I shall find you, listening from the Heavens to the call of all My children. I trust that each one of your little hearts will accompany the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Who adores you in the Glorified Christ,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.