In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I return to a world in which violence, slavery and annihilation are still lived.

Today I transmit this Message from a place where thought can be elevated through devotion, through the deepest and truest prayer.

Today I transmit this Message from the French Pyrenees, where your Lord is now trying to help France in its process of purification and chaos.

In this way, I also internally help the other European nations that, in these recent times, are living and suffering what they once did in other times.

This is not punishment. Violence, slavery and annihilation is an act of the human being itself.

God thought of very good works for the humanity of the surface of the Earth, but few managed to follow them and fulfill them.

The aspiration of the Heavens is that you live in peace, it is that you practice good, it is that you propagate Mercy and fraternity.

We are at a time when unimaginable things are happening in the world and, as the pandemic advances, humanity is placed, day by day, before the portal of definition, not only of an inner definition, but also of an external definition, of whether or not being adhered to the Plan of God and, above all, to the moment of the Return of your Master and Lord.

Because this moment is approaching, as the end of times is unleashed, also the Consciousness of your Master and Lord, His Solar Consciousness, approaches.

Many will open their eyes when everything has already been already concluded. Many will realize the essence of this Message and of the other Messages when everything has already been concluded. And overnight they will see the Son of God come with His true Face, with His Glorified, Divine and Cosmic Face.

Due to all this, everything you live in these times is not only a definition but also a strengthening of your faith and of your trust in the Eternal Father. Because now I can tell you, companions, that there is no other place where you can look. You can only look toward God and supplicate to Him. Supplicate to Him for this humanity, supplicate for this planet, supplicate for those who are becoming lost, for those who do not believe, for those who suffer, for those who live violence, slavery and annihilation throughout the whole world.

Last month I talked to you about the refugees, it is something you must not forget.

Humanity must be aware that it has to mutually help, because while this does not happen, while there is no inner movement from any of you to serve the other, the fellow being, many situations will not be able to be avoided because the scales of humanity are very imbalanced. Its imbalance is ever greater because greater are the errors, the faults and the omissions, and fewer are the Graces and the Mercies that you can receive at this moment.

My Heart is the Portal for you to be able to reach the Source of God.

France must have resignation and ask for forgiveness for all it has done in other times, just as other European nations. Because still after 500 years, the same consequences are experienced, but with other faces, with other movements that are not just nor evolutionary.

So that blood is no longer shed throughout the cities of the world, they must redeem themselves, they must seek true repentance to be able to find peace and the re-establishment of the balance of humanity.

Each nation in the world knows what it must improve and, again, it is the peoples who pay the consequences of those who decide their future. This is neither a spiritual government nor a material government. We do not speak of justice nor of Mercy.

But you, companions, must not enter this dimension of conflict, of wrath nor of dissatisfaction. Because the destiny of humanity predicts many more events. Humanity wants to force normality, living a common life without responsibilities nor commitments.

Spirituality will never be far from the truth because the truth is spirituality. And when human beings understand they must turn towards the life of the spirit, they will help their higher life and enter the great circuit of cosmic life, where the Laws, the Attributes and the currents of the universe wait to be able to help them.

However, if this resignation of heart and soul does not exist, how will help come? How will blood cease to be shed? How will there be an end to the slavery of people, to the trafficking of children, to the living of social injustice among the peoples and among the nations?

Your hearts only must be united to Mine, at this moment, in order to survive. You must not stay anguished, disturbed nor desperate for what will happen. It is time, companions, for My words to become flesh within you and for you to be able to live them because it is in My Word where you will find the strength for overcoming these critical times.

Although the outlook of humanity is hostile, the doors of transmutation of the universe are open to help you.

At this moment, souls fear to cross their deserts, to live the void of self, and they especially fear to be nothing.

But what I promised you, more than 2,000 years ago, is My Love, and in order to be in My Love and to live in My Love, you have to be empty.

You have to attain being nothing and wanting nothing, because it will be the only way, companions, that the Archangels, in the greatest times of tribulation, will recognize you as instruments and not as personal wills.

And if you are empty instruments, you will be depositaries of the Supreme Source and I, as your Commander and Lord, will be able to avail Myself of your consciousnesses to bring relief to the world, to diffuse peace, although you may undergo purification and transformation.

You should not fear to cross the deserts that I offer to you, certain groups of souls are destined to live and go through this path for all of humanity.

It is the only way that I find, companions, to justify the errors and omissions that many companions of yours have made toward me in these latest months, turning their backs to My Plan without even knowing it in depth.

I am the great intercessor between souls and God, but I am still a being in evolution, and you must surpass Me, you must represent Me, you must definitively be a part of Me, of My Mystical Consciousness.

To follow My steps means determination in these times, discipline, transparency, obedience and solidarity. It will be the only way that I will find, through the instruments of God, through My companions, a way to help the world at this crucial moment. Because My shed Blood must not lose the price it has had since it was deposited upon the soil of this planet.

The blood of the innocent and of the martyrs must not keep on being shed, because humanity will enter more each day into that which is uncertain and hostile, the diversity of uncertain doors that the humanity of this time opens are many. If for a moment you think how many human beings live in this world, you will be able to perceive how many doors are open in a matter of seconds, day by day.

Who transmutes this situation? Have you asked yourselves?

The planet must be your true sacred home, not only your common home, but rather your sacred home.

The human being loses the sensitivity for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the dawn, even for the sound of the sea, because it is hypnotized by technologies, by what is artificial.

The scientific robotics of these times is leading the humans of the surface to be operated by machines, in place of them operating the machines.

You have to know how to discern, you have to know how to think in order to have wisdom in these times and not be confounded nor deceived.

You must be propagators of peace, of Mercy and, above all, of simplicity, because in simplicity you will not lose God nor the connection with the Divine Source, which is what humanity loses, day by day, because of its submerging into technological conquest, and in a conquest of the universe that is not real.

And you still want to reach other planets? To do what? The same that you have done to this world and this Creation that God gave you?

But the true time is now descending, the Real Time is uniting to your chronological time and with the passing of the coming months and of the coming years, those who have not believed anything, they will see. And what will they do when they see and feel?

Love is what will give you the strength to understand all that you will see, which will come from the universe and enter the planet. The doors of mystery will open so that everyone can recognize knowledge and that which, in spite of all this, will be arriving as a gift in these critical times, for all of humanity.

I am in prayer in the French Pyrenees, to help the consciousness of this nation that has not yet understood its path of redemption and penitence.

I come to give you inner strength so that you can sustain these times; so that My disciples, apostles and servers can sustain these times.

I will not impede upon the departure of those who do not want to be by My side. Christic Love does not retain nor control anything. Christic Love transcends, elevates, transmutes and liberates those who are just and true before My Heart.

Therefore, do not make hasty decisions. Do not let your human impulses deceive you. Be intelligent and do not let yourselves be dragged by those who do not want to follow Me and who judge My Works, because I will also return for them, to separate the wheat from the straw. And this will not be symbolic, it will be the moment when great Consciousnesses of the universe will appear to rebuild humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the High Pyrenees, France, to Avila, Castilla y León, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Through the visits to the different nations of the world, your Heavenly Mother, throughout Her pilgrimage, gradually erases the past and opens the doors to a new future.

When She crosses the borders between the nations, your Heavenly Mother gradually closes a cycle and opens a path for new inner opportunities for all Her children.

Little by little, through each pilgrimage that is completed, I establish the Plan of the Creator in humanity. In this way, on the inner planes, I bring souls closer to the essence of the Divine Purpose so that more hearts are encouraged to take a step towards a life of greater and unconditional service.

Through each pilgrimage, your Heavenly Mother, with much effort, is able to accomplish the steps of Divine Will, and thus not only the nations are spiritually benefitted, but also the souls that inhabit them.

During this last pilgrimage, your Heavenly Mother concretized all the stages that the Eternal Father had announced to Her, and, in this way, many situations were avoided.

All this has taken place because of the loving help of those who pray and collaborate in this Sacred Mission.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The world will be wondering why would I have to come to a place where I had already been, where faith is alive and souls seek My Immaculate Heart? 

Here I am, My children, to renew the hearts of humankind and redirect their goals, reignite their faith and bring them a healing that goes beyond the body. 

My Immaculate Heart comes to institute a universal, celestial and divine healing, which reaches the depths of beings and is reflected in their souls and hearts as an awakening to higher life. 

Humanity still is very imprisoned in itself, children, and the things of God only interest humankind if they bring them some benefit. 

I come because France needs to wake up. The water that I brought forth here comes from God, to wash your spirits and hearts, and not only your bodies.

The greatest healing that I allowed to be born here is the healing of consciousness, of humanity that was blind to the Divine Presence. And here I return, because once again humankind have put blindfolds on their eyes and closed the doors to God. 

Contemplate the God that is beyond human actions and is found within your own heart; a God that shows Himself to the eyes of His children in the strength of the mountains, in the purity of the waters, in the mirror of the heart. 

Contemplate the God that speaks to your spirit and that awakens within you the potential for true love; a God that is beyond institutions and beliefs, and  unites all of them when they open to the Truth and to Divine Unity. 

Contemplate the God that is beyond this world and even beyond the stars; a God that is at the same time on High and within His creatures. In this way, He demonstrates that the infinity He is, is held within His children. 

Contemplate the God of Truth, which is not limited to the human mind and its understanding; a God that is in the sacred books, but is not confined to them, for He encompasses all of life and what is unknown to you of it.  

Contemplate an infinite God, single and powerful, that because of His goodness has made Himself small, in order to dwell within creatures; a God that rejoices with little and that is silent at the great errors of His children, without losing the hope that they will be able to return one day to His Heart. 

My children, with the soul, contemplate the real God, your Heavenly Father, from Whom all things come, and not only this world. 

See on the horizon the firmament in which He hopes that, one day, you may walk with your spirits redeemed and awake to universal life. 

Contemplate God as full of mysteries as the human consciousness. What you know about Him is as little as what you know about yourselves. Uncover the Divine Presence and in It, find the truth about your own being. Allow the heart to rise up beyond the spiritual boundaries, and that in a true prayer, it may feel and know what it is unable to explain, but can experience. This truth is the healing for the world. This awakening to a union with God is what will bring you to know peace.

My children are sick in spirit, in mind and in body because they do not know God and thus, they do not know themselves, their own destiny and the true potential that is hidden within them. 

Here I am, beloved children, to reveal to you that the truth is found in the simple and sincere things of the heart. I came to ask you to learn to forgive and understand others, so that they do not alienate the Creator from their lives because of being empty of love and of meaning. 

I come for the youngest, who cannot find God because they came to the world to bring the new, and cannot express themselves when faith is not renewed and does not show them the door to a true path. I come to show you this path, which is not a new religion, but rather a renewal of faith in the human heart, so you may find the Truth and universal life. 

My children, above all, I am here for your essences, because a nation without God is a nation without life and without spiritual meaning. Open your eyes, because the Creator has not withdrawn from your lives; it is humankind who closes their eyes in order not to see Him.

Open your hearts and discover the Divine Presence in the depths of these mountains, and in the purity of its waters, hear God Who calls you to return to His Heart. 

If you listen to My Call, there will be a time of peace so that hearts may be strengthened in light of Justice.

I love you and bless you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and the Immaculate Conception

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Community of Luz-Saint-Saveur, High Pyrenees, France to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Signs in the Sky

The world will wake up one morning and will see the sign in the Sky that will indicate the moment of the return of Christ.

Many eyes will open and hearts will be redeemed before this visible sign of the universe.

While the sun rises on the highest peak of the hill, the sign of the universe will become more and more visible and it will not be erased. It will be the moment in which all will be transformed, and that which had remained hidden, out of nowhere, will be seen.

This sign will leave three more signs, visible throughout the world. They will not be able to be mistaken nor interpreted as natural phenomena, because they will have such a high degree of splendor that they will resemble nothing of this world.

In the meantime, a star, similar to the great Star of Bethlehem, will announce the opening of the portals of the universe.

When you see this great and unknown Star shine so bright in the sky, kneel down upon the ground and make penance, manifest deep repentance in the name of humanity because this will be the sign that Christ is now returning.

Similar things to what happened at the Birth of Jesus will occur at the final hour, because when the Child of God was born, He was Alfa, now, at His Return, He will be Omega.

Prepare your hearts with time for this moment.

Allow purification to take place so that you will be free of yourselves.

In total, four signs will be shown throughout this universe so that humanity may understand it is time to awaken and abandon illusion and inertia.

These signs will bring with them something new and innovative. But, at the same time, they will move all that is obscure, unjust and unloyal from East to West and from North to South.

It is thus that, because they are the signs of the universe upon the planet, they cannot be erased, altered nor hidden.

These signs will have the strength of hundreds of horses and an expansion greater than all the oceans.

This will be the moment in which you should be praying without distraction because the impulses will remain and that which is in vain will be transmuted.

The signs will reveal unknown mysteries, open inexplicable doors and allow the sleeping humanity to awaken and finally turn its attention toward God, as it will be unable to escape anywhere.

This way, regardless of how human beings become conscious of all their sins, all will be revealed in this world.

So, the great world lie, created by the beings of the surface, will be removed, and all will become conscious of the illusion that has been created for centuries.

When Christ returns many things will move, even the most incredible ones. Because as Christ is the living Law, where this Law is present, there will not be anything unfair or hidden.

Therefore, purify your hearts with time so that these events may not surpass your expectations nor surprise you from night to morning.

Keep watch, just as the guard does, who takes care of the house during the night.

Enter into vigil and prayer because this way you can be guided, step by step, until the end.

The signs of the universe will allow the planetary reality to become clearer and more evident in the face of all lies, frauds and injustices that will be revealed.

May the hearts be merciful as God is merciful because, this way, you will not fall into temptation.

I come to ask you, in essence, the same that Jesus asked His Apostles while He agonized in the Garden of Getsemani, because, at this time, your full correspondence, attunement and unconditionality will be necessary.

The most humble will help the most asleep.

The wisest, who will be moved by the Holy Spirit, will help the most ignorant.

The simplest will show all the way out towards the new and future cycle of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Commune of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the High Pyrenees, France to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Raise your consciousness up like the mountains and feel part of a great mystery.

Before your eyes all the secrets of the Universe are being unveiled.

The safest keys are given into the hands of the humble.

The Portals into infinity open so that the most simple are able to pass into the innermost spaces of universal life.

In a cyclic and harmonious way, the most sacred treasures are shown to those who want to see them so they can recognize within themselves the greatest treasure of Creation, Love.

The sojourners in faith light their torches in the Great Fire of the whole of existence and illuminate the dark paths of those who still cannot recognize their own inner light. They never separate, because, in their depths, they know a purpose must be fulfilled.

Because of this, little by little, the veils of consciousness fall away so that each spirit, as well as each heart, may become aware of the effect of its deeds and experiences of yesteryear.

But, in the face of the sign of Truth, the travelers bow down because they know that upon their path there has always been the infinite hand of Love that guided and safeguarded everything.

The eyes of those who have not surrendered fill with intense tears, at last, they can feel that it is only love that transforms, elevates and heals all things.

The time has come for the seekers of the path to place all swords at the foot of the Temple so that the surrender of all mistakes may be accomplished.

While the mirrors light up before the gaze of the pure, the first moments of an unforgettable peace are reflected within the scenario of life.

Each step the pilgrim takes is a step that the sleeping humanity takes.

Each unconditional surrender is the Cross of the redeeming victory that is shaped on some part of the surface.

Thus, what is far from hearts begins to draw closer, and the Source of Love returns with an unknown momentum.

The Work is done in the name of the indifference of the majority, and the arches of light open, beyond everything, to those who did not deserve to see them.

The apostles feel within themselves the action of Mercy, and nobody remains without knowing that the time of redemption approaches.

The gardens of souls are prepared, a place where the Master, among masters and sages, will place His humble Feet.

In the meantime, everything is purified within and outside of consciousnesses in order that the majority may be free from old mistakes.

A light of renewed hope emerges on the horizon and everyone can see it.

Thus, you are again called to the living of true love.

Those fallen into darkness are removed from those spaces.

Love becomes Mercy to save whoever wants to be saved.

The time of the clock is showing the promised hour.

May the followers of the Light and of the storms wash their feet in the Fount so that, cleansed, they may sit at the table, awaiting the Great Master.

An inexplicable wisdom descends into even the most foolish minds. The purpose is that the hardest of heart may open to the coming of the universal Truth.

The paths of old and heavy histories are modified.

Justice and its severity are changed by the action of Love and its eternal power.

Everyone is gathered together, in spite of their differences and histories. All, without exception, are placed for a moment in the Arms of the Divine Father.

All perceive that there have never been winners or losers, but rather souls that experienced various paths of redemption.

Thus, the new sun rises in the universe of those who were in the shadows, and the Light begins to blossom like the roses in a winter garden.

Everything is transformed. Grace, as a greater principle, makes everything possible.

The soldiers, holding hands, unite to concretize the last phase of the Plan of Redemption.

In the Books of the Universe these moments are written.

May the inner ears be attentive to hear the sacred word of the Light that transfigures all things.

In unity, the banner of redemption is raised.

In love, the Return of Christ is fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


So that there is always protection in certain spaces of the consciousness, and that this protection be maintained, not only in it but also around it, prayer and peace are needed.

When this protection is altered by situations of the external life, or for lack of a true life of prayer, situations begin to emerge that were not foreseen by the consciousness itself or by its surroundings.

It is essential, in these times, to assume an ardent life of prayer, so that, thus, protection can exist in everything.

In present times, to not truly assume the life of prayer, means to leave behind the possibility of receiving certain Gifts, that will help to neutralize or to keep in balance all the currents that are contrary to what is evolutionary and elevated.

By remaining on the path of prayer, realities and experiences will be others.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While the sacred beauty of Creation expresses itself with love, abundance and devotion, all those who contemplate it are internally helped by the immaterial Laws that act in these sacred spaces of the planet.

Thus, the human consciousness, in silence and in prayer, is worked and the deeper levels of the being are carried, with reverence and love, to the summits or to the inner places where the essence of regeneration and of healing are silently expressed for humanity.

In this way, corrupted states of the human consciousness, which lead to precariousness of the material and spiritual life, are deactivated.

That is why, the sacred places, as are the mountains, allow to enter widely, deep levels of the consciousness where redemption, healing, and forgiveness are necessary.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Commune of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the High Pyrenees, France, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

If everyone knew what these sacred mountains of the Pyrenees hold, humanity could already be different in knowledge, divine science, and inner healing.

It is for this reason that your Heavenly Mother has called on you to go on pilgrimage and to end this journey of long work at the foot of the Pyrenees, so that a prompt regeneration may be established and that it encourages the union of your essences with the sacred Mission of Our Lord.

I have also asked you to come here to help me generate an important current of spiritual regeneration in the souls that need it the most because if they do not receive this divine help, these consciousnesses will not be in the inner condition to face the final time.

Thus, your Heavenly Mother has you reach the Pyrenees so that this source of regeneration and healing for humanity may be able to emerge once more, as it happened a long time ago, in the grotto of Lourdes.

Thus, your Universal Mother will try to reactivate in this region a monastic task of prayer and spirituality that will help the French consciousness to inwardly recover certain codes it has lost. Know that all this work will be preventive and will help many consciousnesses on the inner planes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

And now, your Heavenly Mother is going to Lourdes, taking firm steps on this mission of redemption of the planet.

Her children also follow Her with firm steps until She arrives and places Her feet on the heights of the Pyrenees, where once again, as in 1858, She will give the needed blessing for a very asleep French nation, hypnotized by the worldwide reality.

Once again, your Heavenly Mother will arrive in Lourdes, Her special home, so that from there, the French people may receive a little more Mercy, and that all they experience today may be more balanced and fair.

That is why your Heavenly Mother will only use the great mirror of prayer to radiate new things from Her simple hands that will allow this moment to be an opportunity for a greater awakening.

The time has come for My children of France to have the Grace of receiving the same impulses as Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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