For Me, your heart is like an open book, where I can clearly read all that you experience and feel. Thus, nothing can be hidden from the eyes of the Lord, be it something lovely or not.

Everything is revealed when I visit your heart, to be able to know what you need or the step I still have to give you the impulse to take.

This is the time to leave the heart open and, without fear, allowing your Lord to know the deepest feelings or all that within you that is still to be purified.

Not all leave their heart open to Me so that I can visit it. Souls believe that I will judge them or that I will be something more than an executioner.

But nobody deeply and in silence knows the human heart like I do. For this reason, I incarnated among humankind, to have them come to know the power of repentance and Mercy.

Dare to tell the world that the Master of Love still hopes to be able to enter into repented and open hearts, in hearts that are tired of suffering on their own.

Tell the world that My infinite and unfathomable Mercy can fill all the empty spaces and can heal the misunderstandings and the greatest pain.

But there is only one condition: that you open your heart to Me, so that souls, beyond all that they purify or experience, trust that My Grace will be their fortitude in this time of indifference and of egoism.

It is repented hearts that I need in order to move forward with the Plan.

Imperfect hearts, if they believe in Me, will be transformed.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


From My Heart emerges the Blood of redemption and of life, because in My Heart the Wound still exists, that which had was once opened on the Cross. A Wound which at that moment nobody knew. Only My Mother and the Holy Women, as well as John, the Apostle; they knew about the emergence of this material and spiritual Wound.

That Wound was the last and great spiritual, mental and moral surrender of your Lord.

In truth, more than the Wounds of the hands and of the feet, it was the Wound that up until these times justifies the errors of humanity and it is the Wound that allows Me to still be here, among you, to announce and proclaim the Kingdom of God within each being and in the entire Universal Creation.

This is the Wound that testified to the Love of God for humankind, although they were mistaken or were in the greatest and most absolute darkness.

This is the Wound that is still to be alleviated, which is caused by the ignorance of those who do not experience God and by the indifference of those who turn their backs on Him and leave, abandoning the Love of the Redeemer.

This is the Wound of Your Master that is still to be healed for a long while. And what will close it someday will be the love of those who are blessed and have no preconceptions of the Universal and Divine Work of Your Lord.

This Wound will be healed through those who help and surrender to a silent transmutation.

This Wound will be healed through all those who blindly trust in Me, beyond what happens to them, what they go through or purify, because if I still carry the Wound of the pain and the ignorance of the world in My Heart, be means of those who are Mine, it will be possible for that sorrowful Wound to be alleviated, as it is in each moment of adoration, of prayer and of communion with Me.

Because when everything happens and when My Wound is healed, you will only find refuge in My Heart, in My Divine Life and in My Presence.

Never cease to be generous with others, loving with those who are unwell and suffer.

Never cease to serve and to surrender to Me, because the day will come in which, in the Glory of the Father, you will be seated at My table and I will crown each one for their efforts and inner merits.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

All those who persist and cry out for Mercy will receive My gifts and graces because, beyond everything, the Master of Love feels with sincerity the effects of that daily surrender that each disciple makes in the name of Love.

For the servers of Christ, the path of apostleship promises happenings and challenges that will place you even further into the School of Love because of this school will be born the New Christs, who will conceive the experience of redemption within themselves.

When this goal is achieved, My Plan, in part, will be accomplished.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Today, child, Not only prepare your heart to be before your Lord, Master and King. Prepare yourself to be truly His companion; prepare yourself to assume a deeper degree of commitment to Him; prepare yourself not to be a Cyrenian, but to carry your own cross, in the name of humanity.

Prepare yourself to no longer be Mary at the Feet of the Lord or purely Martha, serving Him tirelessly. Prepare yourself to take your own steps upon the Calvary of these times and renew the sacrifice of the Lord with the offer of your own life.

Prepare yourself to be another, new, to finally allow to be born within you this love that humanity hopes to feel and receive, but needs to learn to give.

Prepare yourself to be humiliated and silenced. Prepare yourself to be judged and not fear. Prepare yourself to be flagellated and to renew yourself. Prepare yourself to walk with the cross of this time and understand with love those who you find on your path. Prepare yourself to love unconditionally and forgive the unforgivable. Prepare yourself to live a Love that does not fit within you. Prepare yourself to renew the Love of God.

Then, let the Thought of God be expressed within you. Renounce your wills and plans. Renounce your wishes and aspirations, and listen deep within your heart to the Voice of God, which will guide you to this new human.  

Pray, and prayer will be your greatest strength, mainly so that you can overcome, in yourself, the temptations that come from your mind and emotions, from the old human that will shout within you in order not to lose their reign.

Pray, serve and love your brothers and sisters. There you will find your safety, your protection and, above all, there you will find the Purpose of God for you. 

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The light of the first Christs starts to dawn within the inner universe, because they are congregated for prayer and their voices proclaim the Blessings from Heaven.

The New Christs start to emerge because they have made a heartfelt commitment to witness the Love of the Redeemer and to retransmit it to the whole planetary consciousness.

These New Christs do not want anything for themselves, they only aspire to fulfill daily prayer for the Master of Love to guide their small steps.

The New Christs begin to manifest themselves and they are surprising because they will be the people you least imagine. They are witnesses and adorers of the Passion of the Lord, they are able to give all for love, under any circumstance.

The Christs of the New Time start from zero every time it is necessary until, by themselves, and by all means that the Hierarchy has given them, they are able to express the steps of the Plan, and they are also the ones who remain neutral not to get mixed up with anything from the world.

The New Christs only say "yes" and by this "yes" they live, in addition to everything they can give for the Creation to be renewed.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


Today My Merciful Heart is divided into two parts, one part is with Brazil and the other part is with Argentina.

The need for help and spiritual intervention in both nations is very large.

The Lord of the Universe, the Master of Love, has His Heart in two places to avoid the deactivation of the rescue project for South America.

Together with all the powers of My Spirit, My Soul and My Divinity, the cosmic and stellar elements are mobilized to help, from the Spiritual Universes, what is happening in the Material Universes.

Great Universal Consciousnesses are positioning themselves in different regions of the planet to carry out a great operation for safeguarding and protecting all the christic essences that have already awakened, and which will traverse the cycle of the end of times.

This is why the Celestial Brotherhood is mobilized, in order to counteract the ideals and the actions that would impact millions of people in South America, a region that, at the moment, is the focus of the imbalance of the surface of the planet.

My Spiritual Heart is divided into two parts for this reason, to give spiritual and inner assistance to those who will face one of the most difficult times of humanity.

But, in the end, My Sacred Heart will triumph in those who have believed in the Lord because, I will not abandon them.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your Heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Christ is not only your Master and Lord, King of the Universes, a living part of God manifested among men. Christ is a state of Divine Consciousness, a principle of the renovation of the Love of the Father, which awakens when beings give everything of themselves for love of the fellow being, for love of the Creator and, when they think they have drained their strength, they take one more step, and another, and another, until they surpass themselves, not in their strength; they surpass themselves in love.

God sent His Son to the world to show them a Way: christification, surrender, giving of self, love for all creatures, without distinctions.

God sent His Son to the world to show them a Truth: He, the Creator of all things, dwells hidden within all beings, and all those who decide to step out of the darkness of ignorance to enter the path of love, which is beyond any science, will not only be able to know Him, but above all, live Him. Let the Father express Himself in your dwelling places, within creatures thought by Him, in order to renew and to surpass His Love.

God sent His Son to the world to reveal Life to them. Love is Life. Where there is no Love, there is no life. And although beings may walk through the world and believe that what they experience is living, they do nothing more than go through an experience permeated by illusion, without ever having known the Truth, without ever having experienced Life.

The Creator calls you to enter this Way, to know this Truth and to live this Life, which is His Son, Who is Christ.

Give yourselves always a little more. Do not leave for later the help that is necessary now.

Love, without expecting to be loved. Serve, without expecting to be served. And when it seems you have no more strength, ask the Lord to renew you and to teach you to surpass yourselves in love.

Say to Him: "Lord, my strength has reached up to here. Now, I surrender my body, soul and spirit to You, and make room for You, so that You come and, being in me, You make me surpass myself in love."

Begin by making your being available to God so that you may surpass yourselves in love, and when you have offered all of yourselves to God, it will be Him, within you, Who will surpass Himself, and like in His Son, will raise you and awaken you, in all the levels of your consciousness, in imitation of Christ, the so-called Christs of the New Time. Those who, entering the Way offered by the Lord, will come to know His Truth and will achieve the Life He thought for His children since the beginning.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Walk and go ahead, nobody will impede the concretion of the Plan of Christ.

Walk and go ahead trusting the Major Designs.

Walk and go ahead carrying in your heart the Love Fire of Christ.

Walk and go ahead having total assurance that the Plan will triumph beyond everything.

Walk and go ahead, follow the Master of Love and all His angelic hosts towards the objective of the realization of the Plan.

Walk and go ahead knowing that, above all, the Divine Will shall be fulfilled.

Walk and go ahead having present in your heart all promises of Christ.

Walk and go ahead carrying on your shoulders the cross of redemption.

Walk and go ahead looking at the infinite, searching and feeling within you the return to the Origin.

Walk and go ahead because a lot will be done with just a few.

Walk and go ahead making the Plan of Love of the Creator triumph in you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Third Series of Poems
Twelfth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

O beloved Jesus!

How long has it been that I walk
along this pathway of the planet
in search of Your humble Footprints
in order to be able to imitate Your Path!

O my Lord, Master of Love!

How long have I been
in search of Your Heart
to be able to feel It, live It and adore It
with the honor that You deserve!

O Lord Jesus,
sweet Spouse of Truth!

Magnificent Man of Nazareth!

How I have looked for Your Spirit
in daily Communion!

How I have aspired
to carry out Your Will
to be able to concretize it!

Dear Master of Light,
finish dissipating from within me all illusions
and may I be able to share with all
the wonderful Love
of which You have so much given me.

I wish that many more hearts
would be encouraged to pass through Your healing Fire.

I wish that Heaven and Earth
knew how much I love You
and how much I need You.

Make the mystery of Your Resurrection known to me.

May each moment experienced by You in the Passion
remain kept in my essence
until I am able to renew my life within You.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


While My son prepares Himself for the planetary work of these next days, His Heavenly Mother follows Him in silence, as it was two thousand years ago.

The event of the Passion of the Son for this planet is repeated, along with the accompaniment of His Mother, in inner silence.

The whole scene is being prepared, and in the same way the present forces of chaos are being called to penitence and surrender, to witness the new triumph of Christ within the hearts of the simple.

Once more, the history of redemption of evil repeats itself, but this time, the most chaotic darkness, the darkest kingdoms are dissolved and, thus, they will witness the glorious spiritual coming of the King.

Although everything is agitated, the new triumph of the Redeemer is approaching, and nothing invisible will be able to avoid seeing this sacred victory of Jesus, He who will bring in His right Hand the Scepter of the Light of God, and in the other, the Sword of Saint Michael, the one that will dissolve all darkness into the Light of Emmanuel.

Therefore, follow My Beloved Son in this mission. Allow that His inner suns light up with the event of the celestial victory.

May every principle, as well as every visible or invisible creature, surrender to the arrival of the Master of Love, because the Kingdom of God is approaching, and once again, Love will win.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Christs of the New Time

They will come from different places and different beliefs. The New Christs will have no preferences nor material or spiritual desires.

The Christs will come from the inner worlds to help in the transition of humanity. Some will awaken unexpectedly but others will remember their spiritual commitment with the Lord.

The Master and Lord of the Universe will call them by their spiritual name and the new identity of the self-summoned will be revealed.

The Christs of the New Time will unite in love and will go beyond forms, concepts and even their own doctrines. When everything is about to happen in the world, nothing will have value, not even the great intellectual philosophies.

The Christs will find the path of the heart and will have no limits; overcoming themselves, every day, will lead them to love the Purpose and, thus, prepare the return of the Great Master.

The Christs of the New Time will synthesize within themselves all the travelled journey, they will understand that without the essence of Love-Wisdom they will be nothing, that no project or aspiration will have any value without being impregnated with the sacred flame of Love-Wisdom first.

They will come from different nations, they will speak different languages, they will bring with them different cultures, roots and even experiences of conversion and redemption.

The Christs of the New Time will be anonymous and their silent work with peace will move all events. They will be so similar to the ancient Apostles and so guided like the great saints of the last times.

The Christs of the New Time will be aware of what to do, where to be and who to deal with. Their work will be planetary and will not be limited to human forms, concepts or legislations, because they will be in the Law of Wisdom and Discernment.

The school of the New Christs will be in service and in humility; they will live their deserts, they will transcend their emptiness, and they will be filled with the Spirit of God.

The New Christs that will represent My Son for this last cycle will have nothing to gain nor nothing to lose; renunciation will be the great key in overcoming all tests.

The New Christs are the new apostles, the so-called saints of the last days or, more clearly, they will be the last witnesses of the Bible.

They will have to give their faces to defend what they believe. They will not step back before any difficulty, they will trust that each challenge or difficulty will be the perfect way to realize the Return of the Lord.

This is why the New Christs will be tested, they will have to witness their faith and defend the internal principles that Christ Himself will leave as a message in their hearts.

No one will know whence the New Christs will come or whence they will arise, but they will appear and be of help for the most acute moments of humanity.

If you feel you are on the path of being a New Christ or if you live that aspiration, meditate it in your heart first, because the time will come for the last defenders of the Divine Plan to be called to justify evolutionarily before the Church, the government or the Armed Forces that Christ, the Master and Lord of the Universe is returning.

From the mouth of the New Christs will be born the most correct and wise words and nothing and no one will be able to oppose that transforming Christic energy that will change the decaying course of present humanity.

Meanwhile, let us pray that the New Christs have the courage to carry forward the last part of the history of the old humanity, so that the New Human awakens and the Promised Land manifests before the redeemed hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Sacred Prophecy


My dear children,

On this 1st of December, at the beginning of the inner preparation for the Nativity of your Master and Lord, I would like that, through the presence of each manger in the homes of the world, the inner Christ could definitely awaken within you.

This will help that all human consciousness be redeemed and receive a Grace from the Universe in order to reverse all the mistakes committed through the division of families, the exploitation of boys and girls, of all the perversion of current youth.

Dear children, with the sweetness of your hearts and having responded to My call for the manifestation of the mangers, you have allowed your Sacred Mother to work within the family nuclei that are being corrupted due to the lack of true love and sincere peace.

Dear children, My Rays of Mercy have today penetrated the darkest layers of the black market of humanity, where My adversary laughs and plays with millions of human lives.

From that lost and dark place, your Celestial Mother, with the help of all the saints in Heaven and on Earth, rescued and prevented the essence of many human hearts from getting lost.

I would like, My dear children, that you could understand today the meaning and the victory generated through the loving and sincere adhesion of all of My children who dedicated their day to building the Sacred Manger.

The presence of the Sacred Family, in these times and in current humanity, will avoid many events, most of them by means of the intercession of the Three Sacred Hearts.

On this night of Grace, I leave you this reflection and this message for you to meditate upon so that you may believe that your lives and your hands are useful to God and for the concretion of His Divine Plan.

Lastly, I send all the Love of My Heart to My small children of Angola, telling them that My victorious visit to the African lands of Ruanda, Angola and Kenya is still valid and present.

From now on, I will be grateful that you prepare your hearts to respond to this call and to accompany your Celestial Mother.

I thank you for being with Me today!

For the triumph of the Plan of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of Mendoza, Argentina, to Santiago, Chile to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

At this time, I come to the world to give continuity to the Work of Redemption of My Son, so that souls awaken to the path of pardon and reconciliation.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother goes on pilgrimage, from nation to nation, so that more hearts in the world may reach the real consciousness of love and compassion.

My Son sends His Mother to the world every day to transform the lives of the planet, into hearts in fullness and redemption.

It is thus that My steps are not separated from those of My children because as a kind Mother, I can be near and united to each heart in need.

I encourage you, in these times, to be part of the armies of the Redeemer, so that the Sacred Master and Lord of the universe may have instruments available to take forward the Project of Love.

At this time, feel the joy of serving Him, the joy of being able to meet Him again, the deep desire to be close to Him.

May your lives, in constant redemption, receive the impulse of Our Lord so that everything may be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A youth of peace... 

A youth of peace is that spirit who brings, from the Universe, the principle of reconciliation, and it is who, through their renewal, transforms things, living within themselves the first rule among all rules: love.

A youth of peace is the one who unifies forms and the one who rearranges ideas, bringing, through their inner impulses, the possibility, from cycle to cycle, for everything to be renewed.

A youth of peace represents a new cell of light for these times, based on states of fraternity, on the principle of loving one's neighbor and on the opening to the inner steps that service can provide for them.

A youth of peace is the one who opens, unconditionally, to discover, within themselves, their own origin and their own mission.

They do not fear to know who they were and what the Universe expects them to be.

A youth of peace aspires to be able to recognize within themselves the goodness, the love, the service that they can express for the planet, for the Kingdoms of Nature and for its humanity.

A youth of peace recognizes on their path the Great and Only inner Master.

Above all their material and concrete life, the youth of peace know they will need light in order to take their steps.

A youth of peace has nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

The youth of peace represents, in these times, the expression of a new consciousness that will be corrected through good acts and good actions of all of the youth of humanity.

A youth of peace needs to feel full in their actions and free in their decisions, but they know that they will always need divine discernment and sacred wisdom to make the right decisions.

A youth of peace is like a guardian of the Kingdoms of Nature. They can feel within themselves the expression of each kingdom and, making it part of themselves, a youth of peace can feel the suffering of the planet, of Mother Earth, and does the impossible in order to relieve it.

A youth of peace builds the new bridges and elevates the consciousnesses through their acts of love, mercy and charity.

A youth of peace works, in these times, to learn to build and to take care of the divine Work of the Universe; and as much as they do not know it, because of its greatness and depth, the youth of peace never loses the hope of knowing that they will help to pave the way for the advent of Love-Wisdom.

A youth of peace is that soul and that being that gathers, under the spirit of Unity, their fellow beings, other young people, and tries, above all things, for everyone to feel that, in these times, it is important to respond to the divine call which emerges from within each inner world.

The youth of peace is that pure and simple heart who will unite East and West, who will make the syntheses of the expressed spiritual knowledge and will be who expands, inside of themselves, the borders of the human consciousness so that finally the new, the renewed and the irrefutable may be expressed.

A youth of peace knows that, through their love for the Kingdoms of Nature and their healthy actions, they will be able to follow the path of redemption, leaving behind all that could harm their inner world, and seeking, through universal prayer, the only path for the elevation of their consciousness.

A youth of peace is who, through art, music, service and prayer, will be able to attract to the world the states of regeneration and of healing that humanity needs in order to reach reconciliation.

A youth of peace believes, within themselves, that there is something infinite and greater than what this planet is.

They seek to awaken to what is invisible and to all that comes from the Only Source because in this way they will feel part of something greater.

A youth of peace is who works without borders and who loves, unconditionally, all their brothers and sisters.

A youth of peace knows that they are the ploughman or ploughwoman who, in these times, prepares the Earth and all of its consciousness to meet again, one day, the Master of Wisdom and of Love, Who will give them the keys so that the young apostle may open the doors to forgiveness, to healing and to reconciliation.

A youth of peace is who never gets tired of being infinite light in the world.

This third Youth Festival for Peace represents the closure of a cycle of preparation and of strengthening of inner bases, which has made it possible, in this time, that the Festival itself might acquire a new consciousness, and that this new consciousness might generate the condition to embrace other regions of the planet and to include more youths.

I thank you for responding to the call of attracting peace to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother Earth

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Commune of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the High Pyrenees, France to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Raise your consciousness up like the mountains and feel part of a great mystery.

Before your eyes all the secrets of the Universe are being unveiled.

The safest keys are given into the hands of the humble.

The Portals into infinity open so that the most simple are able to pass into the innermost spaces of universal life.

In a cyclic and harmonious way, the most sacred treasures are shown to those who want to see them so they can recognize within themselves the greatest treasure of Creation, Love.

The sojourners in faith light their torches in the Great Fire of the whole of existence and illuminate the dark paths of those who still cannot recognize their own inner light. They never separate, because, in their depths, they know a purpose must be fulfilled.

Because of this, little by little, the veils of consciousness fall away so that each spirit, as well as each heart, may become aware of the effect of its deeds and experiences of yesteryear.

But, in the face of the sign of Truth, the travelers bow down because they know that upon their path there has always been the infinite hand of Love that guided and safeguarded everything.

The eyes of those who have not surrendered fill with intense tears, at last, they can feel that it is only love that transforms, elevates and heals all things.

The time has come for the seekers of the path to place all swords at the foot of the Temple so that the surrender of all mistakes may be accomplished.

While the mirrors light up before the gaze of the pure, the first moments of an unforgettable peace are reflected within the scenario of life.

Each step the pilgrim takes is a step that the sleeping humanity takes.

Each unconditional surrender is the Cross of the redeeming victory that is shaped on some part of the surface.

Thus, what is far from hearts begins to draw closer, and the Source of Love returns with an unknown momentum.

The Work is done in the name of the indifference of the majority, and the arches of light open, beyond everything, to those who did not deserve to see them.

The apostles feel within themselves the action of Mercy, and nobody remains without knowing that the time of redemption approaches.

The gardens of souls are prepared, a place where the Master, among masters and sages, will place His humble Feet.

In the meantime, everything is purified within and outside of consciousnesses in order that the majority may be free from old mistakes.

A light of renewed hope emerges on the horizon and everyone can see it.

Thus, you are again called to the living of true love.

Those fallen into darkness are removed from those spaces.

Love becomes Mercy to save whoever wants to be saved.

The time of the clock is showing the promised hour.

May the followers of the Light and of the storms wash their feet in the Fount so that, cleansed, they may sit at the table, awaiting the Great Master.

An inexplicable wisdom descends into even the most foolish minds. The purpose is that the hardest of heart may open to the coming of the universal Truth.

The paths of old and heavy histories are modified.

Justice and its severity are changed by the action of Love and its eternal power.

Everyone is gathered together, in spite of their differences and histories. All, without exception, are placed for a moment in the Arms of the Divine Father.

All perceive that there have never been winners or losers, but rather souls that experienced various paths of redemption.

Thus, the new sun rises in the universe of those who were in the shadows, and the Light begins to blossom like the roses in a winter garden.

Everything is transformed. Grace, as a greater principle, makes everything possible.

The soldiers, holding hands, unite to concretize the last phase of the Plan of Redemption.

In the Books of the Universe these moments are written.

May the inner ears be attentive to hear the sacred word of the Light that transfigures all things.

In unity, the banner of redemption is raised.

In love, the Return of Christ is fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My children, day by day and without perceiving it, you distance yourselves from God. Especially those of you who renounce Heaven to enter into the life of this world.

My Immaculate Heart calls you, gathers you and cries out to all for much prayer so that the Light of the infinite Heart of the Father may be able to fill all.

For this reason, dear children, all of you in this time, and especially the most faithful devotees to My Immaculate Heart, must be in My Son igniting the flame of the heart to gather, in prayer and in vigil, with the Master of Love.

My Son calls you to prayer so that His Merciful Fire may be able to redeem you and reconcile you with the Eternal God of the Heights. While the world goes on, day by day My children must elevate their hearts to the Heights and to the Eternal in order to find the true Spirit of God.

Everything is right there, dear children, very close to you. Therefore, open the doors of your hearts so that My Son Jesus may be able to reign in you for all eternity. For this to happen, you must be in constant prayer, dialoguing with Jesus and, in Jesus, dialoguing with God. Thus your lives will correspond to the Will of God, and His Rays of Light and Pity will touch the heart of all creatures.

My children, it is time to sustain with steady hands the holy prayer and to multiply it for the good of the world. For this reason, My little ones, never forget how important it is to begin the day with the Lord so that your lives may be blessed.

Remember when you wake up that you are worthy children of God and that He awaits you from eternity so that your little hearts may merge into His Universal Light. If so, My children, the world will be able to be different and My Eternal Peace, the Peace of God, will be in the hearts of all My children for a while longer.

Live in the Mercy of Jesus and remember His precious promises for this humanity.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Little children,

Remember being as children so as to be in the Victorious Kingdom of the Lord. With your pure hearts you will find the doors to the Heavens. In the prayer of the Heart you will find a lovely refuge that I prepare for you inside My Immaculate Heart.

And if you are in My Son, the Master of Love, you will know the outpouring of His Grace and His Mercy for this new time that comes for humanity.

The harmony in your hearts together with the act of daily prayer helps to dissolve the great evils and sufferings that many souls live. So that the Light of Christ will be present in each life on Earth you must, in the prayer of the heart, give the permission so that mercy may act in the world.

The Fountain of Divine Mercy needs praying missionaries that can answer the call for peace that My Immaculate Heart pronounce to the world, an urgent call for the reparation of all people, believers and atheists, those who need the Grace of redemption to be able to be in the omnipotent reconciliation and mercy of God the Father.

For all this dear children, My Marian Voice calls you to live the time of true and constant prayer for the souls of this world and for the souls from purgatory.

Every creature of this age that was born from the Heart of God, but that has come by other paths to insurmountable trials and learnings, all of them must become able to be rescued and saved for this time.

My Maternal Heart invites you to convert yourselves into continuous prayer so that each of your lives represents a flame of prayer for this current humanity that must reach the Grace of conversion.

My Marian Spirit is with each one of your hearts that form the groups of prayer and also with those children who in solitude pray alone.

My Merciful Heart wants to touch with Its Light all creatures that are on the face of the Earth because I want to bring all to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you to all praying souls, for answering My maternal call.

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

To those that are fallen, I will raise them. To those that are sad, I will cheer them. To those who have lost hope, I will give them hope. The ones who suffer, I will relieve them. Dear children, these are promised from My Son.

For this, pray, pray with the heart so that all My children may receive this precious and merciful act from My Son.  My Heart serves you as a support, as a guard and as a salvation, so do not fear the falls of life.  Today I invite you, through the Divine Spirit of Christ, to rise from where you are and walk again, held by My Beloved Son’s Hands of Light.

You dear children must build in your hearts through prayer the promises of the Live Christ as a preparation for the new time of peace and in honor of the return of Jesus, which is awaited by all.

Today each one of My little ones must see themselves as a disciple who having received the instruction of the Master of Love, now awaits in vigil the coming of the next call.

Thus My children, My Heart of Mother in this time brings you again to the call of prayer, to forgiveness, to reconciliation and to mercy; may your hearts purify the feelings and all intention become pure and crystalline as the water of a charming river.

Open your hearts, day by day, before the Voice of My Heart because know well that God calls you so that your lives manifest the gift of peace and of meekness for this time.

The world may receive from you the prayers, but even more it may receive the effort to transform life into an instrument of My Peace.

I prepare you with love and I guide you with immense maternal love.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Open your heart and your arms so that, in your temple, you may receive the Gift of My Immaculate Dwelling. May the divine power of the Holy Spirit descend like the fleeting ray of a star over all My little hearts in the world.

Dear children, live in the Perpetual Love of Christ and cry out for the immensity of His Divine Mercy so that this humani- ty may receive the harbinger and the arrival of the new King of the Universe. For this, My little ones, your hearts must be prepared by the divine fire of the prayer that elevates the soul and ignites the Light of the spirit in each consciousness and in each being.

I promise to guide those hearts that surrender to My Maternal Love, and thus I send these missionaries of peace to give themselves to the necessity of their brothers and sisters. The trust in My Maternal Presence will strengthen your hearts, those that will need to be firm for the time that will arrive. My little soldiers will have to seek union with Christ in every moment, because in this way you will be preparing the dwelling daily for when the Master of Love returns.

Today let us pray, My children, for the salvation of all the souls in the world and especially for those souls that are forgotten and without Light. We are now in the time of inner preparation.

When a Light is ignited in prayer, a soul is ignited. Thank you for responding to My call.

Who guides you always in prayer,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more