Daily Message received in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

While more souls enter My Universe of Light, more events from the past are dissolved by Christic Love, and thus I triumph again in the face of darkness, and souls recover their spiritual meaning of being here in order to stop being disoriented.

Souls walk towards the inner planes to have an encounter with your Master and Lord. Even though it may not seem so, this is what happened with the souls of Croatia and is also what may happen with the souls of Hungary, strategically imprisoned in a system of human self-destruction.

But My Mercy shall reach all those who wish to receive it, and even more.

My Mercy shall fill all spaces when My arrival is announced, just as the arrival of your Heavenly Mother to Croatia was announced through the diffusion of the heart, which was to share Christic Love.

This is the last time in which souls will unexpectedly receive the impulse of awakening directly from the Source so that each one may take on their commitment with the Celestial Father and be a part of the soldiers of Christ of the end of times.

But this impulse shall happen only once and will not be repeated.

Therefore, the more the diffusion group is aware of the work it performs on the inner planes, the greater will be the effects for the Work of the Hierarchy in the whole world.

I thank you for all the efforts made; I thank you for keeping My words and impulses in your heart.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

The Universe stops to hear the Server of God and in all the inner planes His Word is heard, His Voice emits the essence of the Truth and there is no essence in this Universe that does not recognize the Voice of the Son of God.

Because I am the One Who came to be with you, who is with you and will be until the end of times so that the Purpose of My Father may be fulfilled in the hearts that are consecrated by My Love.

From the Celestial Universe, My Word is pronounced, and It echoes in all planes of manifestation.

Not only you listen, but the Universe also listens.

And everything that is beyond it is permeated by the Word of God and the Spirit fills the hearts, vivifies them, raises them and redeems them before My Presence.

The void must be present in your hearts at this moment so that the Son of God may be able to work and act, bringing to the souls the opportunity of light and of redemption.

Today I not only speak to your physical consciousness, but also to the innermost planes because in the internal planes the opportunity is granted to souls and souls do not lose the chance to find the Truth, to approach it and to be able to live it for these hard times.

Today, the Greater Priest comes to meet you, and He brings between His Hands the Chalice of Redemption; dressed in the stole of purification; barefoot and humble as a servant of God, He is on the right hand of the Almighty and comes from Heaven to meet you, to bless you and to grant you the Love of the Creator; a Love that must multiply and expand in the world, which will heal disease, which will bring peace, which will heal all pain and incomprehension.

It is in this Love that you must live, the Love that I offer to you and the Love that I grant you; because in this Love there will be your liberation from all perdition, from all guilt, from all evil.

In Love, there is the triumph of the Work of God, because the love that you can also give Me and offer to Me is contemplated by the Almighty, as part of the Work of His Wisdom.

May Love, then, be transformed and sublimated.

A Love that is unconditional, able to go beyond limits, able to overcome any difficulty and to surrender before any necessity.

If, in this time, My Love is not in the world, humanity will perish.

I do not grant you self-love, personal or autonomous. I grant you, companions, the Love that once created you as essences. It is this Love that must be regenerated within you, every day. Because Love is the best company.

In the Love of God, the soul can be in the Truth and learn not to move away from it.

You will have to go deeper in Love for the Truth of God to be in your lives, so that you may live it and teach it to your fellow beings, knowing that in this time Love and Truth, as attributes, will be able to walk together in your lives so that you may always have guidance and wisdom.

The times that are coming announce great changes. It will be essential to live in this Love to understand beyond forms, to live beyond the events, to accept beyond the mistakes.

It is this Love that I lived in the Passion and that also raised Me, for the Sacrifice given.

It will be this Love that will always sustain you and thus, you will never lose sight of its presence.

Because the Love of God always comes from the Source and it never ends, because it is an unconditional Love, able to embrace the error, able to transform the pain, able to understand and accept the impossible.

Love can do everything.

Offer your personal love to the great infinite Love of God so that, someday, your feelings may be the Feelings of God in the spiritual life, in charity and in the unity among creatures.

Love will always transcend borders, overcome obstacles, understand and accept beyond the events.

Because Love does not take over anyone. Love liberates, Love uplifts, Love welcomes the dying in spirit.

If this Love were not in you, nothing would be possible.

This is My great Message to the whole world, on this day, in which a stage between My Heart and your hearts finishes.

This is the moment for this Love in you to be real and not theoretical; to be a living Love, which accepts, which gives itself and which surrenders to others, without anything in return.

It will be Love that will defeat evil.

It will be Love that will dissolve the chaos of the nations.

It will be Love that will strengthen the faith in the hearts.

It will be Love that will ignite in the spirits the trust in God.

Today My ceremony is in the name of this Divine and infinite Love that makes everything possible from what is impossible.

A Love that grants, that yields. The Love that surrenders all the time.

This is what I can convey to you, beyond the miracles, the phenomena or the curiosities.

The one who, in this time, does not live in the Love of God will be like in a desert, alone and empty, with a great thirst that nobody will be able to quench.

Do not lose the opportunity for this Love to bring you to the Truth every day, so that someday you may reach the same Wisdom that I reached on the Cross.

My Love for each one of you, for each being of this world, was with arms wide open on the Cross.

My Love was never closed. The Love of God expanded in each drop of blood, in each suffering, because it is a Love that is able to go beyond all adversity.

And today I bring you within this Chalice, the testimony of the Love of God represented in the Blood of Christ so that each one of your souls may drink of this commitment and remember every day, that Love is what must reign so that it may triumph over all evil.

May your hearts open for this spiritual communion with Me, in which you are called to My Table to unite to the Love of My Heart, the Love that surrenders everything and that forgives everything, at this very moment.

Empty of your faults, absolved of your debts, receive from My Heart the greatest Treasure of God manifested in the symbol of this Sacred Chalice that kept, throughout the times, the most real and alive experience of Love that the Son of the Father granted up to the top of the Cross, until His last breath, until the closing of His Eyes, when he exhaled, commending His Spirit into the Hands of the Creator.

May this Love perpetuate within you until the end of times, and may this Love be capable of making you return to My Path when you remember and perceive that you have stepped out of It for some reason.

What matters the most to God is that His children, His creatures, do not separate from Him, from the Source of Love, because Love will be what will regenerate the world and will bring healing to sick souls.

Today I deposit here what I lived on the Cross and in the inner planes, a scenario similar to the Mount Calvary manifests here to demonstrate to the world, and especially to humanity, the triumph of Love above all pain and all adversity.

Because it was Love that, from the top of the Cross, transformed the pain into Mercy and Grace so that it might reverberate until the end of times within the heart of all those who may recognize the Son of God and feel part of Him, in each moment of life, as in each communion with His Body and with His Blood.

Before the doors of Heaven, open over Aurora, may the Breath of the Spirit of God be ignited within you as a sacred flame, just like in the Apostles, so that you may spread, in this time, the power and the trust that My Love can express for all souls, for all those who are fallen, for those who have lost peace.

May those who live wars persevere.

May families that suffer chaos not lose hope.

May the children who are not born today, cease to cry in the inner planes, because the new Paradise will come for them.

And may the Kingdoms of Nature, which suffer in the silence of their essences, persist, because the day of liberation will come and evil will be defeated by the powerful Sword of Love of Saint Michael Archangel.

And in the hearts, the New Earth will be born again, the light of the last Christs will repopulate humanity and the attributes and Commandments of the Father will return to the planet to build the Plan again in all those who were self-summoned and did not respond.

With those who come with Me until the end of the days, they will lack nothing, they will be blessed by the Grace, filled by the Spirit of God, for the surrender and persistence of each believing and devout heart.

Suffering will be extinguished overnight and the light of the New Aurora will come, so that the souls may celebrate the day of their liberation. Amen.

Let us celebrate this moment with the opportunity of renewing your commitment, through the Sacrament of the Communion, before the Celestial Father.

May the doors of Heaven, at this moment, make the Divine Grace descend to the Earth. So be it.


Lord of the Universe,
giver of life,
untiring Father of Grace,
deposit over these elements,
and especially in the hearts,
the same opportunity You gave Me to love until the end, on top of the Cross. 
May each pain convert into relief, 
may each suffering convert into liberation,
so that all beings of the Earth,
gathered in the name of Your Love,
may participate in the glorious coming of Your Son.


At that time I gave you the bread and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I repeat again, companions, that this is My Body, which was given for you, for the forgiveness of the faults.

Taking the Chalice and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I tell you again, take and drink all from it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the New Covenant between the creatures and God, for all eternity.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ; blessed are those who avail themselves of this mystery of love to participate, someday, in the Eternal Glory. Amen.

I hope this Marathon is a Marathon that attracts hope to the Earth and the opportunity to live in God so that all souls may receive the Supreme Grace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In fraternity and for peace on the whole planet, you will give one another the greeting of peace.

I thank you.



Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part I

Companions and brothers and sisters of Mine:

It is not by preference nor any other reason, but it is necessary that you do not forget that Aurora still has not finished materializing on its surface and, in order for this to become possible, you must be aware and collaborate with this sacred space which, with humility, receives you to shelter your spirits in the essence of healing and of love.

This was one of My main reasons for coming to Aurora and to carry out the next Marathon of Divine Mercy in this beloved Marian Center, if it had happened.

My reason and spiritual motive was to tell all of you who have come to Aurora about the importance that this manifestation has to Me, since Uruguay as a country has already lost its spiritual character, and this principle has so far been sustained by My faithful companions who live in this village and who, day after day, with effort and hope, pray for the triumph of love in this homeland.

After the first few years, in which Aurora made itself visible to all on the physical plane, it stopped its manifestation; from there, pending needs remained for the permanance of Aurora.

The first need is the finalizing of its Marian Center which, as it does not have its physical bases finished and its needs supplied, will not be able to mirror nor receive certain treasures of the Hierarchy that will help the liberation of souls.

Within the communal area of Redención 1, the construction is still pending, with the help of all, of a large kitchen and a dining hall to welcome all who need to eat; this is also a part of the manifestation of Aurora.

It is still necessary, in Redención 2, to improve and build a set of lodgings that can be available for the moments of large meetings; as well as improving the bathrooms, given the requirements for visitors.

The areas of Redención 2 and Redención 1 need to develop a sustainable system for the maintenance of the plantations and the alternative collection of water for irrigation.

In Redención 3, it is necessary to improve the spaces for co-existence with the Animal Kingdom since this is one of Auroras tasks for the future; also needed is fraternal and supportive maintenance and labor for repairing and rebuilding the houses which already exist.

The presence of people for longer periods of time in Aurora is necessary in order for everything previously described to take place. There must be servers who understand, beyond the material aspect, what the spiritual and physical presence of Aurora means in a country that has already condemned itself to a violent purification.

I wish to avoid the chastisement that Uruguay deserves, before the Universe, by means of the offer of Aurora on the surface because, if these needs are not met, souls will not awaken nor be healed of the past and, even further, Uruguay will not be able to have a new opportunity.

I leave everything that the Kingdom of Aurora needs for 2019, not only for the Uruguayans, but also for the whole world. 

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart and for considering Aurora as a door to your redemption!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Your inner world is crystalline and visible before the Gaze of God; in it is kept the story that God created before the origin of your existence.

The inner world is capable of recognizing and capturing the luminous impulses that come from the Creator Source that manifested it.

For this reason, the inner world can reacquire the principles and attributes that it may have lost through influences of the material world and its tendencies.

At this critical time, in which everything is being defined within the inner worlds of beings, it will be necessary to turn inward to connect with the Origin and thus be able to recover the impulses that, for different reasons, may have disappeared from the spiritual consciousness of the being.

The inner world, which is that space where the sacred treasure of each soul is found, serves as a bridge of contact with higher realities, and this allows that, the surface being, through it, can be in contact with higher levels of consciousness.

In this way, the inner world can reintegrate a being who may have lost the path of love and of light and have them live a great change that, being strong and radical, will cause them to transform their life forever.

In this time, the inner world waits for a conscious connection from the creatures so that inner contact may be established, that which will surpass all limits and tests.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Beyond the Universes – Part 1

Through the Names of God, the creatures of this material Universe find the possibility of connecting and of accessing higher and unknown states of consciousness.

The unknown for the souls of the Earth could seem a mystery, but behind this higher and cosmic mystery, lies a revelation.

Through the Names of God we access the revelation of a knowledge, that is, of an aspect or form which was projected to contribute as an idea with all Creation.

The different Names of the Eternal Father allow the creatures, which He created, to contact sublime and positive Sources of information, which help the awakening of the virtues of soul and the fulfillment of the mission of the different spirits of the Earth.

In the case of this local Universe, the different keys facilitated by the Names of God build in the Material, Mental and Spiritual Universes, this interrelationship between the planes of consciousness and the creatures.

In the Names of God we find divine aspects of the Creation, and we unite ourselves to them to attract to terrestrial life the principle of everything God has thought, which is what we know as the Purpose.

In each Name of God there is kept, not only one code, but also a key of access to Principles of the Creation, which still wait to show and reveal themselves to current humanity.

When we unite to one of the Names of God, we are spiritually communicating with a Virtue of God represented in a creative aspect.

A creative aspect is one of the many Principles of the Source that is revealed in high voltages of energy, vibration and spaces. It is as if we entered the fundamental epicenter of the Creative Energy, which feeds itself through the cosmic impulses that the Primordial Source constantly emanates from the Spiritual Universe.

In this sense, by contacting just one of the various Names of God, the creatures manage, by their own means, to unite essentially with a supreme network of spiritual energy that is emanated from the Source of the Creation, which at all times generates the evolution and the re-creation of life by means of experiences, schools and learnings.

By means of the revelation of the Names of God, humanity could again conceive, in the bosom of its race, the fundamental attributes that, once established in human consciousness, will allow to gestate the future bases of a new civilization, which will be mainly based on the life of the spirit and not on life of matter.

This transition, which the current humanity is going through, will awaken a great inner definition in the whole planet and this will take place in the most culminating moment, when the race defines itself to remain in love, or in indifference.

If the human beings would take this cosmic leap toward the divine conception of love that exists within each being, the Earth would be repopulated by new Laws of the Source, which to this day have not been able to descend in order to transfigure and sublimate the human consciousness.

From this definition of being in God and of evoking His sacred Names, the necessary condition will be created in order to learn to overcome the final and definitive times.

The choice will lie in the human beings, creatures that hold within themselves the infinite potential of knowing and of communicating with God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


It is on the inner planes that your Master and Lord builds all that is new in souls.

On the inner planes is found your true life history and everything it represents for the sidereal universe.

It is on the inner planes where your Master carries His Work of Redemption and Mercy forward, because on the inner planes is raised the temple of the spirit, a spirit that is perpetuated and aspires one day to merge with the Lord.

On the inner planes is found the way out of the planetary purification and of all adversity.

The awakening to sublime realities begins and ends on the inner planes.

On the inner planes is gestated what is new, that which leads to learning how to not be separate from the Divine Purpose that, from time to time, comes to souls so they may be able to take the steps towards God and thus fulfill His Purpose.

It is on the inner planes where I can act and where all matter is transubstantiated, and the new light is born from it.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Beloved Children of the Most High,

During the Passion of My Lord, your Redeemer, the Archangel Gabriel showed Me, from the inner planes of My Consciousness, that at the end of time, in distant places of this world, communities of followers of My Son would meet to pray, receive Me in spirit and they would be instructed by Me.

They would prepare the second coming of the Lamb of God to the world.

Right after this vision, My Beloved Son, while He was agonizing on the Cross, announced that He was handing over humanity to Me to take care of it until His return.

Today I see manifested on the surface of this world, in lands distant from the Holy Land, in another land that is also holy, those communities, which today are Christian, prepare the second coming of Christ.

Today I see before Me those consciousnesses that the Great Announcer Gabriel showed Me and I hear His words again: these will be the faithful, those who will open the door to hundreds, thousands, millions and who will be the new companions of the Redeemer.

In that moment of so much pain, this vision and these words calmed My Heart and I was filled with hope.

Today, when you are standing before Me striving to fulfill each one of My requests, facing difficult tests, often without fully understanding the Designs of the Father, I want to thank you for the fidelity and commitment that you give us and I want to announce to you that I will be with you until the last day of your lives, accompanying and guiding you from the inner worlds.

A day will come when I will no longer appear publicly, I will not speak to you through your brothers and sisters; but within your souls, a loving place has been built for your Heavenly Mother, in which I live and I will always dwell.

In that place we will meet until God calls you to His side.

Today, which is a special day for this world, a day that God chose to give you one of His daughters, who would perform a hard and demanding work, I want to give all of My children the Gift of Fidelity, an essential gift for these times, which will be a column of light over which My Son is building His Celestial Church within your spirits.

Today, on the ground of this grand Kingdom of Aurora, I bless you and lift your souls up to the Feet of the Creator.

The promise of Archangel Gabriel has been fulfilled so far. Strive and reach the end, because that will be when Heaven will definitely descend to Earth.

I love you, bless you and revere your spirits in the name of My Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for being with Me today,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The internal counterpart of the Pilgrimages, what not all eyes can see

Dear children:

When a Pilgrimage is materialized, and, through the resources and donations of everyone, this Pilgrimage is carried out, when the whole purpose of the Pilgrimage is fulfilled and there are no material debts pending, when the adhesion, the consideration and the support are true, such a Pilgrimage acquires an indescribable result little considered by the world.

Since materializing a Pilgrimage for Peace in humanity means, for these times, facing and overcoming many obstacles; and the first obstacles are those of its very manifestation and of the patient waiting that the Pilgrimage will be fulfilled as it was thought from Above.

The Pilgrimages do not mean nor represent only the prayer encounters that are realized in the different nations of the world; the Pilgrimage itself, in the spiritual and mental planes of the planet, mobilizes many events, which take place in the inner planes.

Among these, the closing of an innumerable hells, the reunion and the congregation of new souls to respond to the call, the awakening of the sleeping consciousness, as the Discovery of the Truth within the inner being of each being, as well as the liberation of negative bonds of the souls that had been spiritually imprisoned.

A Pilgrimage, which can be projected to develop at some moment, will never be equal or similar to the previous one, although the same prayer encounters are realized.

The Pilgrimage is under the command of your Heavenly Mother and this means many things for the planet and its humanity.

Each Pilgrimage is a great planetary rescue operation that embraces not only the planet as a whole, its humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature. But also each Pilgrimage for Peace, lovingly concretized with the help and the donation of humanity, not only represents an evolutionary response on the part of souls, but also the possibility that the Spiritual Universe has to be able to penetrate certain human projects that, permeated by a great ambition and ignorance, intend to conquer the world.

Each Pilgrimage for Peace that is concretized is a new plan that is strategically carried out, overcoming and facing a sea of difficulties during its development.

When collaborating souls place themselves as available to donate and concretize the next Pilgrimage, this is a mature response of a consciousness that loves the Plan of God, beyond its difficulties and its tests, and which will always do the impossible for this planetary rescue Plan that the Pilgrimage will carry out to be fulfilled, absolutely trusting in its principles and the objectives that must be realized.

For this reason, the possibility of greater or lesser help that the planet and humanity could receive in this critical time, will depend on the awakened consciousness that the souls that will donate for the mission to be fulfilled may have; and this will always be so, because humanity throughout the centuries has wasted the resources, from every point of view, and in this cycle, for humanity be worthy of a Greater Grace that is intangible, it will need to learn to donate what it has always kept for itself, as personal profit.

In this time, the spiritual expansion of the Pilgrimages and the divine assistance that humanity can receive will depend on the love and the donation that the beings of the Earth will place, in order to keep this beloved and wounded planet standing.

For this reason, in this cycle, the non-concretization of the Pilgrimages for lack of resources will not be an act of disregard or lack of interest on the part of the souls for the Mother of God, but it will be a reflection of great indifference and of unconsciousness for the Plan of God.

In your hands and above all in your hearts, My children, is the decision of the continuity of this humanity and of the next one that will come.

Today, and after ten years of being beside each child of Mine, I must tell you the truth: the decision is in you.

I thank you for listening with the heart and for responding to My heavenly call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Just as your inner worlds, your Heavenly Mother prepares Herself on this day, as it was more than two thousand years ago, to enter the sacred spirit of the Passion of the Lord.

In this way, My children, your Heavenly Mother opens celestial doors so that the holy angels of the Universe can again infuse the sacred codes of the Passion of Christ in all hearts, open to recognize, in their inner universe, that important Christic union.

For this reason, I will be sending the holy angels from Heaven so that they may submerge in the inner planes and may carry on the new sowing of the Christic codes in the souls that in these days, will revive the events of the Passion and Death of Christ.

Each devout heart that, in truth and in praying atunement, joins the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be receiving special divine impulses that will help the strenghening of their soul in the coming times, and above all, the strengthening of their faithfulness to the Lord.

It will be important to be in atunement and union to all that My Beloved Son will be realizing during the next days through His Heavenly Presence.

Keep your hearts open to the call, to the close union with Christ and with His Redemptive Purpose.

Thus humanity will be helped in this stage of great definitions.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the region of Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

When hearts, without realizing it, invoke the power of the Mercy of God, souls that are further away from the place where the Marathon of Divine Mercy is taking place, receive important spiritual assistance that resonates in those consciousnesses for a period of five days.

In this way, dear children, souls are worked upon on several planes of consciousness until Reconciliation can be established as a Sacrament of union with God.

It is thus, My children, that the practice of the Marathon of Prayer allows dissolving the ideals from the planetary consciousness that later on, will affect nations through the great conflicts in the world.

For this reason, the true fervent prayer makes it possible to rebuild, repair, and restore not only the consciousness that prays but also the whole place where that meeting of prayer is carried forward.

In this way, humanity as a race is assisted each time that it is open to the meeting of prayer of Divine Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Sun that illumines these times is called Jesus, and He is coming to the world to save it.

His Presence consecrates all that surrounds Him and His humble Gaze vivifies all that He contemplates.

He is the Son of the Primordial Source; He was and is the One Who was among you a long time ago, but now He returns glorious, loving and victorious.

All those who follow Him understand His Message. The only living language is that of love and His disciples learn to practice it.

He is the Solar Son and I Am the Mother Moon. In all the Universe the Plan of God is realized, and many consciences participate of the evolution of the Consciousness.

Happy will be those who recognize the Lord, Jesus Christ. United to Him they will be, in spite of current circumstances.

May no one miss the opportunity of sublimating their lives.

May you all find in your inner worlds the sacred path of return to the Heart of the Creator.

He comes to renew all forms. He is returning to celebrate with His own the triumph of the Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Commune of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the High Pyrenees, France, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

If everyone knew what these sacred mountains of the Pyrenees hold, humanity could already be different in knowledge, divine science, and inner healing.

It is for this reason that your Heavenly Mother has called on you to go on pilgrimage and to end this journey of long work at the foot of the Pyrenees, so that a prompt regeneration may be established and that it encourages the union of your essences with the sacred Mission of Our Lord.

I have also asked you to come here to help me generate an important current of spiritual regeneration in the souls that need it the most because if they do not receive this divine help, these consciousnesses will not be in the inner condition to face the final time.

Thus, your Heavenly Mother has you reach the Pyrenees so that this source of regeneration and healing for humanity may be able to emerge once more, as it happened a long time ago, in the grotto of Lourdes.

Thus, your Universal Mother will try to reactivate in this region a monastic task of prayer and spirituality that will help the French consciousness to inwardly recover certain codes it has lost. Know that all this work will be preventive and will help many consciousnesses on the inner planes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the beginning of all, the Creator aspired that all of His children came to know the truth and understood the essence of His Love, the reason of why He had multiplied Himself.

The only reason of the existence of all things is the Love of God, that in a moment was so great that It could not fit in Himself, which made Him multiply in Three, while still being One. And, while still being One, He multiplied Himself in many more.

The mystery of Love is that it multiplies and gives Itself, while still belonging to the same Source. The one who loves participates in the multiplication of God and in the essence of Creation; the one who truly loves, loves with the Love of the Father and gives It to everyone, making this Divine presence infinite and at the same time unique.

The time will come when the words will give place to the knowledge of the heart, because the Divine Word is vibration and not just series of letters that form ideas, concepts and try to fit in it something that is inexplicable and understandable at the same time.

In the beginning of the human school, the beings of Earth attracted, from previous experiences, the ray of the science of God because at that moment they needed the Divine knowledge in order to evolve as a race and as a consciousness. However, humanity has limited the divine science with the concrete walls of its mind, and much of what the Creator tried to reveal got stuck in the human impossibility of receiving the impulses of God.

It was in this way that the knowledge stopped on the limitation of the human mind, and that which was infinite and sublime got limited as much as humankind, which was stuck in its matter and far from its spirit.

In this way, children, the truth has never been revealed to you, because, even though you believed you had knowledge, you have always tried to place in the human understanding a knowledge and a truth that infinitely transcend this understanding.

The ones who could contemplate or glimpse a bit of this truth have remained in silence, because they knew it could not fit in the human concepts; as I told you, the Divine Word is vibration and not words.

It is for this reason that the history of the Universe, of the Cosmos, of Creation, is written on the Mirrors and not on sheets of paper.

To understand the truth that I bring to you, you must enter in the inner universe and read on the mirrors of the heart what I transmit to you.

Many believed that the fact that I approached to this planet meant a retrogression in the evolutionary life, and, in truth, children, arrogance and human ignorance have not let you understand that I have come to put you on the right path of evolution; I have come to activate the mirrors of you hearts and teach you, rather than to think, to feel and live the teaching.

It is through My presence that you can reach the essence of the heart and understand there, without explanations, the divine mysteries.

Now that prayer has already opened the doors of your hearts and consciousness, the time has come to understand these mysteries that I have announced to you so much. I only ask you not to make the same mistakes of the past, trying to understand and scientifically explain what I will tell you. This is the age of Love and no longer of science, because science has brought you here so that now you will enter in other levels of evolution and will be able to manifest the divine will.

If you keep trying to guide yourselves by impulses or teachings of the past, you will lose the opportunity to live the new and to be transformed by the sources that this current cycle brings to you from the universe.

Listen to what I tell you, My children, lightening the mirror of the heart and not the mind. In the mirror of the heart, there is silence and wisdom and it is in this way that you must receive the new keys of these times.

The Creator wishes to approach you to the truth about your origin, not only for you to have knowledge, but so that this information may approach you to the Divine Life and you may find the path to return.

May the Truth and the magnitude of the Cosmos reveal to you the truth and the magnitude about yourselves because it is time to recognize the likeness with God – that is spiritual and essential – so that in this way will you bear the times that will come, sustained by the truth, and manifest the Plan of the Creator on Earth.

I love you and thank you for listening to Me with the mirror of the heart. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

To respond to the convocation of Christ means to unite with His Heart and concretize His Plan of Redemption on the surface of the Earth.

That convocation, which is done by Christ, embraces many purposes, in which the majority of souls are invited to participate.

In this time, in which everything is defined, the flocks of My Son are called to graze in new fields, where their consciousnesses and missions can be carried out and expanded, just as the Holy Creator thought.

Thus, dear children, those who respond to the convocation of Christ are able to discover the inner purpose they came to accomplish, for this humanity and for this planet.

The convocation made by Christ, in this time, opens the doors of Grace and of Mercy; and the consciousnesses that follow Him are able to reverse all their errors and experience a special atonement that dissolves all the previous links with evil.

Today, the Lord of Mercy knocks on the door of each soul to call His new apostles, so that they may accompany Him on this preparatory mission of His expected Return.

It is in this way, My children, that Christ comes into the life of each disciple with determination so that the inner consciousness is activated, glimpses its main mission and makes of it a torch that will illuminate its paths to the Kingdom of God.

As your Mother, I follow this moment, in which those that wake up to this truth, essentially discover that they had always been here to take a great step, a step toward the Lord.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Message of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

The celestial mysteries are so infinite and the Graces so great that you receive in this time, that the Portals of Heaven open where there is a heart willing to surrender everything out of love for God and His most great Will.

My children, when the soul cries out, the universe sends a response.

I am here to give you My final blessing for these times. I am here because your spirits call Me, and from the inner planes of this world, the blessed, who work for the Creator for the salvation of humanity, asked for My help.

My children, on this last day of the Monthly Message, I want to tell you that there are many operators of the Lord, saints and the blessed, who made themselves available to remain in this world to help all of you. These consciousnesses, greatly sacrificing, also lived on this planet with a human heart, just like what you carry at the center of your beings, but they achieved a degree of perfect love, charity and surrender, and today, they leave you their example so that you may follow in their footsteps.

My beloveds, seek to understand My Words with the heart, and those that do understand Me, I tell you that the time has come for taking an evolutionary leap and finally live what for the universe has taught you for so long.

How to do this?

My dears, within your hands, take all the instructions the Divine Messengers have left in this world, and read between the lines of each paragraph, in this way, you will see how you did not pay attention and how much you still have to understand about this life on Earth.

My beloved children, in these pages I want to leave you infinite possibilities for awakening, but for this, you must find the beginning of each impulse that I leave for each of you.

My children, while studying My Words, you will see your own spiritual growth, you will see how I was leading you toward a life that goes beyond the intellect and material life.

My Heart united all souls, from those that only fed the mind to those who only depend on the heart and on faith. I want those who studied much, learned and discovered universal mysteries, to be able to learn to merge all they learned with faith and the heart full of the Spirit of God; and those who only depend on faith in their hearts, to be able to be assisted in gradually discovering the many mysteries that are held in infinity and within this world. These are times of spiritual synthesis, times for all to contribute, on the great table of human communion, the best they hold in their beings.

My dears, I want you to know that the doors of My Marian Centers must always be open for those that left and need to return, for those who need to leave so as to learn what they have chosen, and for those who have never come here and who are being called by the Light of the Divine Spirit of the Creator.

I want to see you strong and unafraid, but meek and peaceful. I want to find you decisive, more understanding, to know how to provide what is lacking in the one beside you at this time. I want you to be the perfect complement to each other so that together you may form this great construct that the Divine Messengers are accomplishing.

This is the time for a great step in consciousness. For those who take the risk, all help will be given. I want you to know that even those that were not capable of crossing this threshold on their own, if they reach out their hands, they will be lifted up to a degree that, through Grace, can be achieved.

My dears, in spite of everything, never cease to trust in the Plans of God, because they will be able to be accomplished, even with just one soul that says 'yes' to the Creator and lives His perfect archetype with love.

I want to thank you for still today being together with My Heart and for trusting in My Presence, beyond all doubts that the world generates in your minds.

I love you, and will continue with you until the end of days.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


It has been a little more than two thousand years of your time since the Great Star of Bethlehem guided the path of the initiated Magi Kings, those that received the original blessing from the Son of God.

This special encounter in Bethlehem with the Saints and Wise Kings of the Spirit marked a before and an after in the life and in the evolution of humanity.  They prepared from the heart the glorious coming of the King of the Stars.

The kings that arrived from different parts of Middle East and the Far East were more than three.  I remember that My Beloved Mother Mary, when I was only six years, old told Me that the Holy Kings had been sent by the Spirit of God to anoint, by means of the sacred offerings, the Son of God.

It was in this way that in that time the Kings reopened the path of healing and of spiritual redemption of all the lost humanity.  In truth they were the ones that prepared the path for the Messiah together with the mission that John the Baptist fulfilled.

Many of the hearts in that time, many of the souls, were blessed by the loving action of the kings and as good and humble initiated ones, they sustained the Plan that God wanted to implant since the birth of Jesus.

Also, on that night the shepherds of Bethlehem received the visit of the Angel of Peace, the one that announced the Glory and the Salvation through the birth of the Messiah.  Mary and Joseph, rejoiced by the Holy Spirit, were taken in the inner levels before the Altars of the Creator.  Even though it had been only a few days since My Sacred Mother had given birth, She was crowned and blessed by the Spirit of God.

Today I reveal to you this mystery because in this year that begins My Merciful Heart will come to search for the new apostles.  It is already time to open the doors for inner liberation and for the path of peace.

Imitate the sacred example of the Holy Kings of the East because it will be necessary to rescue reverence and the sacred in humanity.  I thank all of those that are present for sharing with Me these days of prayer and of peace for humanity.  God is happy for your efforts.

Who loves you always and protects you,

Your Holy King, Christ Jesus

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