Thursday, April 12 of 2018

Daily messages

The internal counterpart of the Pilgrimages, what not all eyes can see

Dear children:

When a Pilgrimage is materialized, and, through the resources and donations of everyone, this Pilgrimage is carried out, when the whole purpose of the Pilgrimage is fulfilled and there are no material debts pending, when the adhesion, the consideration and the support are true, such a Pilgrimage acquires an indescribable result little considered by the world.

Since materializing a Pilgrimage for Peace in humanity means, for these times, facing and overcoming many obstacles; and the first obstacles are those of its very manifestation and of the patient waiting that the Pilgrimage will be fulfilled as it was thought from Above.

The Pilgrimages do not mean nor represent only the prayer encounters that are realized in the different nations of the world; the Pilgrimage itself, in the spiritual and mental planes of the planet, mobilizes many events, which take place in the inner planes.

Among these, the closing of an innumerable hells, the reunion and the congregation of new souls to respond to the call, the awakening of the sleeping consciousness, as the Discovery of the Truth within the inner being of each being, as well as the liberation of negative bonds of the souls that had been spiritually imprisoned.

A Pilgrimage, which can be projected to develop at some moment, will never be equal or similar to the previous one, although the same prayer encounters are realized.

The Pilgrimage is under the command of your Heavenly Mother and this means many things for the planet and its humanity.

Each Pilgrimage is a great planetary rescue operation that embraces not only the planet as a whole, its humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature. But also each Pilgrimage for Peace, lovingly concretized with the help and the donation of humanity, not only represents an evolutionary response on the part of souls, but also the possibility that the Spiritual Universe has to be able to penetrate certain human projects that, permeated by a great ambition and ignorance, intend to conquer the world.

Each Pilgrimage for Peace that is concretized is a new plan that is strategically carried out, overcoming and facing a sea of difficulties during its development.

When collaborating souls place themselves as available to donate and concretize the next Pilgrimage, this is a mature response of a consciousness that loves the Plan of God, beyond its difficulties and its tests, and which will always do the impossible for this planetary rescue Plan that the Pilgrimage will carry out to be fulfilled, absolutely trusting in its principles and the objectives that must be realized.

For this reason, the possibility of greater or lesser help that the planet and humanity could receive in this critical time, will depend on the awakened consciousness that the souls that will donate for the mission to be fulfilled may have; and this will always be so, because humanity throughout the centuries has wasted the resources, from every point of view, and in this cycle, for humanity be worthy of a Greater Grace that is intangible, it will need to learn to donate what it has always kept for itself, as personal profit.

In this time, the spiritual expansion of the Pilgrimages and the divine assistance that humanity can receive will depend on the love and the donation that the beings of the Earth will place, in order to keep this beloved and wounded planet standing.

For this reason, in this cycle, the non-concretization of the Pilgrimages for lack of resources will not be an act of disregard or lack of interest on the part of the souls for the Mother of God, but it will be a reflection of great indifference and of unconsciousness for the Plan of God.

In your hands and above all in your hearts, My children, is the decision of the continuity of this humanity and of the next one that will come.

Today, and after ten years of being beside each child of Mine, I must tell you the truth: the decision is in you.

I thank you for listening with the heart and for responding to My heavenly call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace