Friday, April 13 of 2018

Monthly messages

My children,

Place your eyes and hearts on the Truth of God, because today and from this new cycle on, I come to awaken you from the dream of this world and I come to release you from the captivities of material life.

I will come to remove from inside of you what binds you to this world and I will speak to the heart and also to all the aspects of your consciousness that resist transformation. Because the time has come for you to become others and, in the face of all that you know and all that you have received, you must not continue your lives as if the times were the same as fifteen or twenty years ago.

Children, you should no longer base your surrender and donation on the lack of surrender and on the material crisis that the world lives in this time. This crisis is the annunciation of a time of trials, and the more difficult life is on Earth, the more it costs you to donate materially or spiritually something of yourself, the more you should know, my children, that it is time to do so, because the fact that the world is in crisis means that My Heart as well as the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph must reach the souls and the nations that need to awaken.

Do not measure the Plans of God according to human needs; do not think that if the nations are in crisis and the economy is scarce, the Sacred Hearts should no longer be in pilgrimage through the nations. Because these thoughts are seeds of harmful trees that are springing up in your consciousnesses to distract you and make you lose yourselves from the Plan of God.

Do not be afraid or have resistances when you listen to My Words, because I come to touch where humanity does not want to transform, I come to open your eyes to that which you do not want to see.

Yes, the world is in crisis. Yes, people in the nations are in economic difficulties, and they will be even more so, because the foundations of their lives should not be formed by material needs.

It is not to accumulate physical possessions or to take advantage of the planet that you came to the world, My children.

You came to the world to live this exact moment you are transiting today. A moment in which God calls you to transform the human condition, to not be afraid to give away what you do not have, beyond what is leftover to you. And I speak of all levels of donation, not only material but also spiritual.

The crisis of the planet will expand to all sectors of life and you are called to consecrate yourselves more and more to the Plans of God.

You will be seen as crazy and My Words will be criticized, but the Graces that the souls and the planet will receive during their biggest crisis will be priceless, when the Messengers will remain in the world and will strengthen the hearts for their greater trial.

We will still need to come to many nations of this world to embrace and reach those of My children that, in remote places, condemn their own existence, and to heal planetary wounds that otherwise could not be healed.

Because there are not many, My children, of those who have the gift of being aware of what God spiritually accomplishes in the world through His Messengers. And to these few, to whom We give all, We will also ask all, because through their consciousnesses We will transform the human concepts, and through their lives We will give testimony to the world that it is possible to surrender oneself even in times of crisis, of fear and of chaos.

Your hearts must be on the establishment of the Plans of God and, therefore, empty of human concepts and in a world full of fear, you, children, will be like torches that symbolise the dawning of a new life.

And it is on these bases, formed by your hearts, that you will replace the old man, where My Son will come to rebuild the Earth.

Believe and have faith that when I tell you these things, I am preparing in you and on this planet the expected Return of Christ to the world.

I bless you and call you to the deep reflection of the heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace