Monday, March 12 of 2018

Daily messages

The Time to confirm the Commitment

Dear children,

The time has come to confirm to the Father your unconditional commitment of service, giving, willingness and more time to serve God.

The time has come, after these ten last years of Graces and blessings, for the Children of Mary to confirm themselves before the Plan of God, which is supposed to be accomplished through their lives.

Children, the time has come for the old servers of the Work to confirm themselves before the Plan of God and to give their time even more, as only some have already fully given, without hours, without sleep and without conditions.

Dear children, the time has come to confirm your commitment to the different aspects of the Work and, above all, to the spiritual foundations, the ones that are expressed through the Light-COmmunities and its group life.

Children, the time has come for you to confirm and assume your commitment before the Father within this Work, which was conceived years ago, and that you are no longer halfway, but that you decide for the definitive awakening and evolution.

Dear children, the time has come to live spirituality and the Purpose entirely and not only on the weekends or in the free hours of the day.

The time has come to assume what you really came to assume in this life, to assume an integral and definitive service for a planet and for a sick and asleep humanity.

Dear children, the time has come for you to live what you say that you must live, and not for you to stay halfway or to be searching to satiate your needs or incomprehension in other places.

This Work of love and unconditional redemption is the one My Son offers to you for millions of other souls, the ones that someday will have to awaken, as you have awakened.

My children, the time has come to take the step and not to think anymore, the Father waits for you to be able to manifest His Rescue Plan and, above all, He waits for your total adhesiveness to all His requests within this Work of love that you live.

The time has come, children, for you to perceive by yourselves and realize what you are doing, what you are sacrificing or offering for a larger goal.

My children, the time has come for you to place your feet on only one path, on only one pathway.

I tell you this, children, because time goes by and you will not be able to wait thirty years more to be able to define your paths.

You can no longer only look for personal benefits within the Work, you can no longer only aspire for the Graces of Heaven and not make sacrifices or efforts that must be immediate.

You can no longer, children, only be present when all is about to begin in the meetings of prayer or instruction.

Where is this fire that used to ignite you before with love for the Communities, the inner fire that before used to lead you to give everything for love, to prepare each space, to be present with anticipation to celebrate with the brothers and sisters?

Children, there is no time left, this is the truth.

 You are no longer children spoiled by your Heavenly Mother, you are already servers and disciples consecrated by My Son. What are you waiting for to take the step?

I ask you, children, that these next meetings that will come may help you to confirm yourselves and not to take refuge in your homes and ways of life, since there is much to be done and the nations destabilize themselves, day by day.

Children, I am your Celestial Mother and I need you beside Me in an unconditional way.

I am saddened by the personal conveniences or tastes. I want you available, immediate, vigilant and guardians of My Work, this will allow, before the Universe, for Me to stay longer amongst you.

My soldiers of always are now tired of fighting alone, and a day will come when they will not be able to get up from the ground from being exhausted from working so hard.

Really offer yourselves to the Plan. Do not take on light tasks, the Work demands more hands, but especially more unconditional hearts.

I thank you for listening to Me with your hearts and without resistances!

Who blesses you for your prompt definition,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace