Tuesday, March 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

When the soul finds the path of devotion and of faith in its life, it also finds the plenitude of My Kingdom.  Devotion opens one by one the doors that humanity closed and that unite it to God.  Devotion is one of the manifestations of the soul that, full of joy, finds in God courage and its refuge of Peace.

Children of Mine, let yourselves be permeated and overcome by the devotion that enters into your lives.  Permit that this manifestation of love be greater than the earthly forces of shame and fear, because God contemplates the sincere intentions of the hearts and knows that which truly goes on in each interior.

Devotion is the manifestation of the love of the soul and each soul has a precious form of expressing itself when it is before God.  Let that your hearts be free in this expression of love and thus allow a holy madness to enter into your lives and to impel you to realize great surrenders of your inner, sincere acts of service to your neighbor, and self-sacrificing service to your little brothers and sisters of the kingdoms of nature.

My beloveds, the devotion that you begin to feel in the heart will open the door so that God will construct in your souls an unshakeable fortress of faith and courage, because through devotion you meet with states of purity that are hidden in your inner world and this, which is pure and that is kept in your essences, reveals to your hearts that which in truth they are, and in this way, strengthened by the truth, nothing is able to deter you on the path to the spirit. Notwithstanding your facing hard trials and powerful enemies, the faith in the truth will always be more powerful, and will pulse to the rhythm of the heart that already fully trusts in God.

Children of Mine, do you understand then My plans for Peace?

My soldiers discover in pure devotion the entry into the great fortress of the spirit.  My Plan is silently manifested in the life of the beings.  To those that open themselves up to live with intensity that which is granted to them to live, a transformation will come without their realizing it, children of Mine, as a result of the grand action of the universal love.

As Mother and Lady of this sacred Figueira I say to you that My plans begin to be manifested in the interior of My little soldiers because the Marian Center, which is the expression of My Love for the beings of the Earth, now begins to spiritually merge itself with the essences of those that walk with Me.

If you walk trusting in My Heart; responding one by one to the celestial indications; you shall understand how our Lord works secretly in your souls and, through you, in all the souls of the world.

On this day I thank you, dear children, for truly opening to Me the doors of the heart, and for allowing that many evils be liberated from your lives and thus from the entire world.

Today I ask you that with greater fervor you accompany Me because My Heart, united to the Kingdoms of Love that pulse in this planet, will liberate a great evil of the world, and will alleviate the suffering of many souls.

Know today that on this hill lives a great channel of planetary liberation that you must sustain through true prayer and the unconditional love of your hearts, so that, in addition to My direct presence in this place, the world will keep being liberated from all the evils because endless is the necessity for liberation of this Earth.

Thus I count on your hearts to be the living extension of My Immaculate Heart in this world.

I love you deeply, I bless you, and thank you for responding each day more to My Call.

Mary, Mother and Lady of the Most Sacred Figueira